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A Better Place by David Selby                                          12.95
A is For Appalachia                                                    16.95
Affair at Boreland Springs                                             19.95
All Fall Down by Carlene Thompson                                       6.99
All the Way to Morning      by Marc Harshman                            7.95
Alledged Evil Genius: Life of Judge James H. Ferguson                  16.95
Ambassador's Son by Homer Hickam                                        6.99
And the Beat Goes On….                                                 15.95
Annals Of the Great Kanawha                                            19.95
Appalachia: A History                                                  24.95
Appalachia: Voices of Sleeping Birds                                    7.00
Appalachian ABC Christmas                                              16.95
Appalachian ABC's                                                      16.95
Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings Vol 2                            15.95
Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters                12.95
Appalachian Christmas Stories                                           9.95
Appalachian Coal Field Stories: Sago Mine Disaster                     16.95
Appalachian Ghost Stories & Other Tales                                12.00
Appalachian Home Cooking paperback                                     26.00
Appalachian Winter Hauntings                                           14.95
Appalachians 3 DVD Set           As seen on PBS                        44.95
Appalachians CD Soundtrack From the PBS Series                         16.98
Arch: The Life of Governor Arch Moore, Jr. PAPERBACK                   32.95
Armadillo Recon Unit and Other Tall Tales by Bil Lepp                   9.95
Ashes of Roses and War ( prequel to Mammy Jane)                        18.95
Back Country: Contemporary Writing in WV paperback                     26.95
Backpocket Bluegrass Songbook                                           6.95
Backpocket Old Time Songbook                                            6.95
Bastard Battalion: History of 83rd Chemical Mortar Battalion in WWII   39.95
Battle of Blair Mountain paperback                                     16.95
Beautiful Mind (bio of John Forbes Nash )                              17.99
Best of the Best of West Virginia Cookbooks                            16.95
Best Tent Camping in West Virginia                                     14.95
Beyond the Apple Orchard by Dolly Withrow                              12.95
Beyond the Grave: Ghost Stories & Ballads CD                           14.95
Big Coal                                                               14.95
Billion Dollar Coalfield: McDowell County                              75.00
Bingo Cheater's by Belinda Anderson                                    14.95
Birds of West Virginia: Field Guide                                    13.95
Black For Remembrance                                                   6.99
Blackwater Chronicles paperback                                        19.95
Blair Mountain War: Battle fo the Rednecks                             12.50
Bloodletting in Appalachia                                             12.00
Blue Jacket: War Chief of the Shawnee        by Eckert                 15.00
Border Settlers Northwestern Virginia by McWhorter                     17.95
Braxton Co. Monster: Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster                 29.95
Bridge At Remagen trade $12.95                  Paperback      7.99
Bringing Down the Mountain                                    27.50
Brooks Birding Guide to WV                                    15.95
Buck Meets the Monster Stick CD         by Bil Lepp           16.95
Buckle Up, Buttercup by Belinda Anderson                      14.95
Buckskin Boys: History of the Buckskin Council, 1919-2004     24.95
Buffalo Creek Disaster                                        11.95
Buffalo Creek: Valley of Death by Dennis Dietz                29.95
Buried Treasures of the Appalachias                           11.95
Butterflies of West Virginia                                  24.95
Cabin Vol 1-4                each                              7.99
Cabin 5                                                       12.50
Campaign in Western Virginia by Gen. George McClellan          8.95
Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to West Virginia 5th ed.            17.95
Capitol City Illustrated                                      10.00
Catty-Cornered Venola series volume 2                          4.25
Central Appalachian Wildflowers                               24.95
Child of the Appalachian Coalfields by Robert C. Byrd         35.00
Children at the Hearth                                         5.95
Chronicles Of Border Warfare                                  16.95
Civil War and Northwestern Virginia                           35.00
Civil War Ghost                                               16.95
Civil War in Greenbrier County        by Tim McKinney         29.95
Civil War in the New River Valley: 3- 1 Day DrivingTours      19.95
Civil War In West Virginia: A Pictorial History               15.95
Civil War Medical Instruments : Volumes 1, 2 & 3               9.95
Civil War Memoirs of Two Rebel Sisters                         9.95
Civil War Musical Instruments & Military Bands                12.95
Civil War Paper Items: Rosanna Blake Confederate Collection   14.95
Civil War Woodworking                                         24.95
Coal Camp Memories DVD                                        20.00
Coal Country Companion Book paperback                         25.95
Coal Country: CD Soundtrack                                   14.98
Coal Country: DVD                                             24.98
Coal Miner's Wives: Portraits of Endurance                    22.50
Coal River                                                    25.00
Coal Towns of West Virginia Vol 1                             15.95
Coal Towns of West Virginia Vol 2                             23.95
Coal: A Human History                                         15.00
Coalwood Way          by Homer Hickam                          7.99
Coalwood: WV Mining towns Coalwood, Coretta & Six             50.00
Coffin Hollow & Other Ghost Tales                             17.00
Coffin Quilt                                                   6.95
Colored People: A Memoir                                      15.00
Complete Gd. To Edible Plants, Mushrooms, Fruit & Nuts        14.95
Conquerors        by Alan Eckert book 3                       17.00
Cookin' From Scratch                                           5.95
Cookin' in a Coal Camp By Glenna Pack                         11.95
Court Marshall of Daniel Boone paper by Allan Eckert          18.00
Crawdads, Doodlebugs, & Creasy Greens                          4.95
Crum by Lee Maynard                                           16.95
Cry of the Banshee: Tales of Hauntings along the Ohio         15.95
Curing the Cross-Eyed Mule                                  12.95
Dark Hollows of West Virginia                               12.95
Dark Tales of Terror                                        18.95
Dave Trippin': by Dave Lavender                             14.95
Day and Overnight Hikes in the Monogahela National Forest   12.95
Devastating Hand of War: Romney, WV During Civil War        19.95
Dinosaur Hunter                                             25.99
Divine Bovine CD         by Bil Lepp                        12.95
Dont Close Your Eyes        by Carlene Thompson              7.99
Dooryard Herb Cookbook                                       9.95
Early American Cookery or Ye Gentlewomans's Housewifery     12.95
Elk River Ghost, Tales and Lore          by Mack Samples     9.95
Emily's Ghost by Denise Giardina Hardcover 24.95 Paper      14.95
Escape From Indian Captivity: The Story of Mary Ingles       5.00
Every Living Thing        by Cynthia Rylant                  5.99
Fall Color Finder                                            5.95
Fall Color Woodland Harvest                                 18.95
Far Appalachia: Following the New River North               16.00
Far Reaches        by Homer Hickam trade paperback          14.95
Fascinating West Virginia by James Haught                   14.99
Feud: Hatfields, McCoys, and Social Change in Appalachia    25.95
Feuding Hatfields and McCoys by Coleman Hatfield            18.95
Fifty Hikes in West Virginia by Leonard Adkins              16.95
Fire! Fire! Pant's on Liar CD by Bil Lepp                   12.95
First American Cookie Lady                                  12.95
Flea Circus Summer           by Cheryl Ware                  3.99
Folk Medicine in Southern Appalachia                        22.00
Follow The River                                             7.99
Foxfire 40th Anniversary Book                               17.95
Foxfire Books volumes 1-12                                  18.95
French Harding: Civil War Memoirs                           16.95
From Sea To Shining Sea                                      7.99
Front Porch Old time Jokes and Songs                         5.95
Frontiersmen        by Allan Eckert                         19.00
Garden Supper Tonight                                       12.95
Gary Hollow: Hist Largest Coal Oper. In the World           60.00
Gateway to Empire        by Allan Eckert Book 5             17.00
Glass Castles                                               16.00
Golden Delicious: A Cinderella Apple Story                  16.99
Golden Horseshoe Volume 1 and 2              each            9.95
Goldenseal Book of WV Mine Wars                             10.95
Goldenseal Magazine (quarterly)                              4.95
Good Earth        by Pearl Buck                             15.00
Gooseberry Park           by Cynthia Rylant                  4.99
Granny Will Your Dog Bite & Other Mt Rhymes                  9.95
Great Bridge-Building Contest                               16.95
Great Kanawha Navigation by Emory Kemp                      18.95
Great Rope Swing Misadventure CD by Bil Lepp                12.95
Greenbrier Ghost volumes 1, 2 & 3                   EACH     9.95
Greenbrier River Trail: Through the Eyes of History          9.95
Growing Up in the Last Small Town: A WV Memoir              15.00
Guide to Haunted West Virginia                              22.95
Guide to Rail Trails in West Virginia                         12.95
Half Broken Horses by Jeanette Walls                          16.00
Half Dollar: A Novel by Bil Lepp                              14.95
Hatfields & McCoys       by Otis Rice                         22.00
Haunted Valley:& More Folk Tales of Appalachia                12.00
Haunted WV:Ghosts & Strange Phenomena of the Mt. State        10.95
Hawks Nest Tunnel: An Unabridged Biography                    22.95
Hawks Nest: A Novel by Skidmore                               24.95
Helvetia: History of a Swiss Village in the Mts. of WV        22.95
Hero of the Rhine         by Ken Hechler                      14.95
Hiking West Virginia                                          15.95
Hill 'n Holler Expressions                                     2.95
Historic Photos of West Virginia                              39.95
Historic Springs of the Virginias by Stan Cohen               22.95
Historical Atlas of West Virginia by Frank Riddel             30.00
History of Barbour County                                     45.00
History of Braxton County                                     45.00
History of Logan County West Virginia                         29.95
History of McDowell County                                    45.00
History of the Early Settlement & Indian Wars                 16.95
History of the Greenbrier, America's Resort                   29.95
History of West Virginia       by Anna Smucker                 6.95
Hollows, Peepers & Highlanders                                20.95
Homesick For the Hills        by Alyce Fay Bragg              12.95
Homestead & Warm Springs Valley                               12.95
Hot Dogs from Almost Heaven                                    6.95
House Calls In The Hills: Memoir of a Country Dr.             10.95
Hymns of the Old Campground:Old time Gospel Songs              5.95
If She Should Die by Carlene Thompson                          6.99
If You Ever Tell        by Carlene Thompson                    6.99
Images of the Civil War in West Virginia                      19.95
Inept, Impaired, and Overwhelmed by Bil Lepp                   9.95
Jerry West: Biography                                         28.00
John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry (graphic novel)              7.95
John Henry by Lester (Caldecott Honor Book)                    7.99
John Henry:An American Legend                                  6.99
Johnny Logan                                                  24.00
Keeper's Son by Homer Hickam                                   7.99
Kelley Creek Chronicles                                       24.50
King Coal: A Pictorial Heritage of WV Coal Mining             13.95
King of Little Things CD by Bil Lepp                          12.95
Kissin' Wears Out, Cookin' Don't                              18.95
Lark and Termite HC 24.00 paperback                           14.95
Last Seen Alive      by Carlene Thompson                       6.99
Last Whisper by Carlene Thompson                               6.99
Laughter From the Hills by Alyce Faye Bragg                   12.95
Laughter in Appalachia                                         9.95
Legend of Mammy Jane by Sybil Jarvis Pischke                  16.95
Legends of the Mountain State : Volume 1 & 3                  18.95
Legends of the Mountain State: Volume 2                       14.95
Legends of the Mountain State: Volume 4                       18.95
Letters To A New President by Sen. Robert C. Byrd Paperback   14.95
Life and Times of Ann Bailey                               9.95
Lincoln & McClellan                                       27.00
Log Cabin Cooking: Appalachian Recipes…                    5.95
Log Cabin Pioneers:Stories,Songs,& Sayings                14.95
Long Night Moon        by Cynthia Rylant                  17.99
Longknife      by James Alexander Thom                     7.99
Losing America      by Robert C. Byrd paperback           13.95
Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy                           5.95
M is for Mountain State a WV Alphabet Book                17.95
Mail Pouch Barns of West Virginia                         14.95
Mama's In The Kitchen:Weird & Wonderful Home Cookin        5.95
Man Who Wanted 7 Wives cloth at 22.95          paper      12.95
Marking Our Past: WV Historical Highway Markers           12.95
Matewan: Before the Massacre                              28.95
Mayhem Dressed Like an 8 Point Buck CD                    12.95
Melungeons Out of the Dungeon                              9.95
Missing May by Cynthia Rylant                              5.99
Moccasin Tracks and other Stories                         15.00
Mom & Ramps Forever                                        4.95
Monongah: Tragic Story of the 1907 Mine Disaster          33.95
Monongahela National Forest Hiking Guide 8th ed           14.95
Monster Stick & other Appalachian Tall Tales               9.95
Moonshine!                                                14.95
More Laughter in Appalachia                               11.95
More Than Anything Else                                   15.95
More Than Beans & Cornbread: Traditional WV Cooking       14.95
More Than Moonshine                                       15.95
More Than Penny Candy         by Dolly Withrow             9.95
Mothman Behind the Red Eyes                               19.95
Mothman Prophecies                                         6.99
Mothman Prophecies DVD                                    14.98
Mothman: Facts Behind the Legend                          19.95
Mountain Biker's Guide to West Virginia by Robin Boyd      8.95
Mountain Fiddler : Senator Robert C. Byrd CD              15.98
Mountain Midwife: Life & Times of Isabella Brown Neal     12.95
Mountaineers Are Free: History of the WV National Guard   16.95
Mountains of Magic                                        18.95
Mountains of Music (from Goldenseal magazine)             32.95
Moving Mountains                                          27.95
Murder in Shawnee: A Novel                                18.00
Mushrooms of WV and Central Appalachias                   35.00
Music in the Air Somewhere         paperback              22.95
New River Gorge Rock Climber's Guide 3rd Ed.              29.95
Night Comes To the Cumberland                             17.00
Nitro: The World War I Boom Town                          15.95
No Star Nights                                             7.99
Nowhere to Hide                                            7.99
Notes On The Settlement & Indian Wars                     16.95
October Sky DVD                                           12.98
October Sky paperback                                      7.99
Old Time Farmhouse Cooking: Rural Recipes & Lore           5.95
Old Time Gospel Songbook                                  12.95
Old Woman Who Named Things                                    7.00
On Beyond Leatherbark: The Cass Saga                         35.00
Once Upon a Baby Brother by Sarah Sullivan                   16.99
One Room Schoolgames                                          9.95
Only One        by Marc Harshman                             16.99
Only One Neighborhood by Marc Harshman                       15.99
Outhouse Papers: Country Humor and Trivia                     9.95
Outlaw Ballads, Legends, & Lore                               5.95
Pale Light of Sunset by Lee Maynard                          23.95
Panther In The Sky        by James Thom                       7.99
Pictorial History of McDowell County 1858-1958               45.00
Pioneer Village Cookbook                                     12.95
Preacher Joke Book                                            8.95
Princess Aracoma and the Settling of WV by GT Swain          12.95
Profiles of West Virginias Who Made a Difference              8.00
Punching the Lard        by Bil Lepp    double cd            19.95
Purpose & Passion by Bobby Pruett 55.00 collector /cloth     28.00
Rail Trails: Mid-Atlantic                                    15.95
Recipes From the Old Mill Cookbook                           15.95
Red Are The Apples by Marc Harshman paperback                 6.00
Red Heart       by James Thom                                 7.99
Red Helmet by Homer Hickam             paperback             14.99
Reekin' Ramp Recipes by Barbara McCallum                      6.99
Relatives Came         by Cynthia Rylant                      7.99
Rocket Boys       by Homer Hickam                            16.00
Rocks in My Pocket by Marc Harshman                           6.95
Rootbeer & Banana's by Sarah Sullivan                        16.99
Rousing Songs and True Tales of the Civil War                 5.95
Rural Roots of Bluegrass                                     14.95
Saints and Villians     by Denise Giardina                   14.95
Saving Shiloh          by Phyllis Naylor                      5.99
Scenic Driving West Virginia                                 14.95
Scotch Irish :A Social History                               22.95
Screaming With the Cannibals          by Lee Maynard         25.00
Secret Life and Brutal Death of Mamie Thurman new edition    15.95
Secrets of the Great Old-Timey Cooks                          5.95
Seeing is Believing DVD by Bil Lepp                          20.00
Shadow of the Alleghenies by Edwin Micheal                   18.95
Share No Secrets          by Carlene Thompson                 6.99
Shawnee Captive: The Story of Mary Draper Ingles              9.95
Shiloh       by Phyllis Naylor                                6.99
Shiloh Season                                                 5.99
Sign Talker        by James Thom                              7.99
Sky of Stone by Homer Hickam                                  7.99
Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread & Scuppernong Wine               29.99
Somethings Rising: Fighting Mountaintop Removal              28.95
Sorrow in our Hearts        by Eckert                         8.99
Specters in the Coal Dust                                    18.95
Spring Wild Flowers of West Virginia                         16.95
State Parks of West Virginia        by Steve Shaluta          8.95
Stories of a West Virginia Doctor      by Harold Almond MD    8.95
Storming Heaven by Denise Giardina                            7.99
Strange As The Weather Has Been by Ann Pancake                    15.95
Super Marine: The Sgt. Buddy Jones Story         by Ken Hechler   14.95
Take Me Home Country Roads hardcover w /cd 19.95 paperback         8.95
Take Two & Butter Them While They're Hot                           5.95
Tale of the Devil: The Biography of Devil Anse Hatfield HC        29.95
Tale of the Elk by W.E.R. Byrne                                   29.95
Talking 'Bout the Relatives                                       12.95
Telltale Lilac Bush: & Other WV Ghost Stories                     17.00
Tender Loving Care: Stories of a WV Dr. Vol 2                      9.95
That Dark and Bloody River                                        20.00
The Big Wave         by Pearl Buck                                 4.95
The Ohio River in American History                                29.95
The Tolls Must Go by Scott Burgess                                12.95
This Holler Is My Home                                            12.95
Thunder in the Mountains                                          14.95
Trans Allegheny Pioneers           paperback                      15.00
Tree Army by Stan Cohen                                           14.95
Trophies You Can't Hang on the Wall       by Dr.Jay Banks         12.95
Tumult on the Mountains: Lumbering in WV, 1770-1920               37.50
Twilight of Empire by Allan Eckert Book 6                         17.00
United States of Appalachia by Jeff Biggers HC $26.00 trade       16.00
Unquiet Earth Paperback                                            6.99
Valley Called Canaan 1885-2002                                    14.95
Venola in Love by Cheryl Ware                                     15.95
Venola The Vegetarian by Cheryl Ware Hardcover $16.95 paper        6.95
Warrior Woman         by James Thom                                7.99
Waterfalls of Virginia and West Virginia                          16.95
Way Out in West Virginia: A Must Have Guide NEW 3rd edition       14.95
Way You Look Tonight                                               6.99
We Are Not Afraid by Homer Hickam                                 12.95
Well Ain't Dry Yet                                                12.50
West Virginia        by Otis Rice                                 40.00
West Virginia A History     by John A. Williams                   20.00
West Virginia Atlas & Gazetteer 4nd Edition                       19.95
West Virginia Beauty: Familiar & Rare ( coffee table size)        29.95
West Virginia Birds: An Introduction to Familiar Species           5.95
West Virginia Civil War Sites                                     10.95
West Virginia Curiosities by Rick Steelhammer                     15.95
West Virginia Disasters                   was $24.95 now          19.95
West Virginia Encyclopedia                                        44.95
West Virginia Farm Stories by Cordelia Figgatt                    14.95
West Virginia From Sea to Shining Sea ( kids series)               7.95
West Virginia Impressions                                          9.95
West Virginia In Pictures      by Steve Payne                      6.95
West Virginia Off The Beaten Path                                 14.95
West Virginia Rider's Guide: Motorcycling in the Mt. State        18.87
West Virginia Tough Boys                                          19.95
West Virginia Wonders & Light                                      9.95
West Virginia: A Film History DVD (2 discs, 6hrs)                 29.95
West Virginia: History For Beginners paperback                    22.50
Wheeling Suspension Bridge                                        12.95
When I Was Young In The Mountains                                  6.99
When Miners March : Story of Coal Miners in WV                  21.95
Where It All Began                                              40.00
White Grass Café: Cross Country Cooking                         13.95
White Grass Flavor Cookbook                                     19.95
Wilderness Empire      by Alan Eckert book 2                    19.00
Wilderness War     by Allan Eckert book 4                       17.00
Wildflowers and Trees of West Virginia                           9.95
Witches, Ghosts and Signs                                       19.95
Witness To Hawks Nest: A Novel                                  13.95
Work and Pray: Historic Negro Spirituals & Work Songs CD        16.98
WV UFO's: Close Encounters in the Mt State                      16.95
WV Butterflies & Moths An Introduction to Familiar Species       5.95
Yeager: An Autobiography                                         7.99
You Can Run….. By Carlene Thompson                               6.99

                Railroad Titles
Chessie Systems in West Virginia                                22.95
Chessie the Railroad Kitten                                     11.95
C & O at Thurmond, WV                                            9.95
C&O in West Virginia: Photos 1940-1960                          19.95
C&O Railway in the Coalfields of WV &KY                         29.95
C & O Railroad at Hawks Nest                                     6.95
C&O Steam in Color as Modeled                                   39.95
Durbin Route                                                    14.95
Kanawha & Michigan Railroad                                     35.00
Norfolk & Western's Powhatan Arrow                              24.95
Norfolk & Western's Y-Class Articulated Steam Loco              29.95
Railroad Fever                                                   5.95
Singing Rails: RR Songs, Jokes & Stories                         5.95
The West Virginia and Pittsburgh Railroad by A. Clarke          29.95
West Virginia's Last Logging RR Meadow River                    19.95
West Virginia Logging Railroads                                 22.95
West Virginia Railroads: Railroading in the Mt. State           19.95
Western Maryland Railway in West Virginia : Broadwater photos   29.95

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