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					                                                     ATS 2010 CHECKLIST
                                              ATS Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc.
                                               1075 First Street, Ste. 6 (upstairs)
                                                       Benicia, CA 94510
                                            Phone: 707.745.1040 Fax: 707.745.0281
Your Appointment is reserved on: Day:                       Date:                            Time:


  We reserve the right to charge a cancellation/reschedule fee of $50.00 without 24 hours advanced notice
Please bring the following items to your appointment:

       The Signed Engagement Letter.
       A $150.00 non-refundable Deposit. We accept cash, check, debit cards and the four major credit cards.
       Documents from Checklist (pages 2 & 3) that apply to you.
       Please bring all property closing statements for purchase, sale, refinance, loan modification and any notices
        regarding foreclosure.
       Voided Check for Direct Deposit of Refund(s).
       Any Federal or State Tax notices or correspondence received during the year.
       Social Security Card(s) or a copy for: you, your spouse and all dependents.
                     o Note: Dependent children must have a Social Security number. If not yet obtained, final
                         completion of your return will be delayed pending issuance.
       If a new Client, your most recently filed Federal and State Tax Returns.

If applicable:
      Death Certificate of Taxpayer or Spouse.
      Marital settlement agreement and final decree.
      A signed Form 8332, if you are the non-custodial parent claiming dependent.

Parking: The rear parking lot can only be accessed from First Street. If full, use street parking on West K Street or First

Entrance: Please use the front entrance on First Street. At top of staircase to your left is Suite 6.
                                                           ATS 2010 CHECKLIST
                                                   ATS Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc.
                                                    1075 First Street, Ste. 6 (upstairs)
                                                            Benicia, CA 94510
                                                 Phone: 707.745.1040 Fax: 707.745.0281

      Attached                                DID YOU?                                          Description of Needed Information:
1.               Earn wages or tips in the U.S. or a foreign country?                  W-2’s from all employers, or a record of foreign
                                                                                       earnings using the exchange rate.
2.               File bankruptcy/have cancellation of debt?                            1099-C & bankruptcy discharge paper.
3.               Earn interest from financial institution(s)                           1099-INT
4.               Redeem U.S. Savings Bonds                                             Bearer name, issue date, amount of principal and
5.               Hold seller financed mortgage note(s) i.e. trust deed.                Name, address, SSN or payer & amount(s)
6.               Earn Dividends                                                        1099-DIV or similar statement
7.               Receive State Refund                                                  1099-G
8.               Receive alimony                                                       Name of payer & amount
9.               Operate a small business or a farm (self-employed)                    1099-MISC. summary of gross income and itemized
                                                                                       list of expenses (refer to page 4)
10.              Sell stocks, bonds or mutual funds                                    1099-B, dates bought, original costs
11.              Sell a home, land or other property                                   1099-S and closing settlement statements for both
                                                                                       purchase, sale and list of improvements to
12.              Loss of property due to foreclosure, voluntary repossession or        1099-A, 1099-C and closing settlement statement for
                 forced sale                                                           purchase. FMV and principle balance at disposition
13.              Have business/capital losses, carryovers or suspended losses          Support documents from prior years
14.              Receive pension/annuity income or IRA/401k distribution               1099-R
15.              Convert an IRA to Roth IRA                                            Dates and amounts of each transaction & 1099-R
16.              Own rental property                                                   Summary of gross rents and itemized list of related
                                                                                       expenses (see page 4) 1098 – Mortgage interest.
17.              Receive royalty income                                                1099-MISC or similar statement
18.              Invest in partnership or S corporation                                Schedule K-1 or similar statement
19.              Receive income as a beneficiary of an estate or trust                 Schedule K-1 or similar statement
20.              Receive unemployment compensation or paid family leave                1099-G from EDD (some have withholding
21.              Receive Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits               1099-SSA or 1099-RRB
22.              Receive income from lottery or gambling winnings                      W2-G or similar statement and proof of gambling
23.              Receive prizes, awards or other income                                1099-MISC
24.              Have a dependent child (children) who received taxable income         Child’s W-2’s, 1099’s, other income statements
25.              Receive income from any other source(s), i.e. barter, jury duty,      Description and amount(s) of each
                 election precinct, insurance proceeds, foreign income, fellowships,
                 grants, scholarships, etc.
26.              Receive nontaxable monies, i.e. VA benefits, housing allowance,       Description and amount(s) of each
                 Workman’s Comp/SDI, child support, loans, gifts, inheritance or
                 life insurance proceeds, etc.
27.              Contribute to an IRA, KEOGH, MSA, SEP, or SIMPLE                      Form 5498 and year-end statement, showing
                                                                                       account value, and date, amount of current year
                                                                                       contribution (each account)
                                                               ATS 2010 CHECKLIST
                                                       ATS Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc.
                                                        1075 First Street, Ste. 6 (upstairs)
                                                                Benicia, CA 94510
                                                     Phone: 707.745.1040 Fax: 707.745.0281
      Attached                             DID YOU?                                          Description of Needed Information:
28.              Make payments on a student loan?                            1098-E or similar statement of interest paid
29.              Pay tuition for college or vocational training              1098-T or similar statement of tuition paid
30.              Move more than 50 miles for business or employment?         List of un-reimbursed moving expenses, dates in or out of state and
                                                                             number of miles
31.              Pay alimony?                                                Name, SSN of ex-spouse and amount paid
32.              Pay medical expenses, i.e., long-term care, health          Description and amount(s)
                 insurance premiums, labs, doctors, dental, prescriptions,
                 co-pays, miles, glasses
33.              Pay income tax to state                                     Tax Year, amount and dates paid
34.              Pay real estate tax                                         County tax statements for both current and previous years and
                                                                             cancelled checks or Form 1098 if paid by lender
35.              Register your vehicle(s)                                    DMV renewal form with breakdown of fees
36.              Buy or refinance a home                                     Final closing settlement statement
37.              Pay mortgage interest on residence, equity line or          1098 or similar statement (if seller financed, show name, address,
                 vacation home                                               and SSN)
38.              Have a Mortgage Credit Certificate                          The certificate (MCC)
39.              Pay interest on other investment property or margin         1099 or similar statement
40.              Make charitable donation(s) cash or non-cash. Do            Itemized list Note: All cash donations require documentation from
                 volunteer work                                              the organization. Non-Cash donation totaling $500 or more require
                                                                             who, when, where, what and value(refer to page 4) & must be in
                                                                             good or excellent condition
41.              Donate a car, boat, RV or airplane                          1098-C
42.              Have a theft, fire, casualty, or other loss                 Description, dates, insurance coverage and summary of value and
                                                                             items lost
43.              Use your vehicle for business                               Travel log, business miles, parking fees, tolls
44.              Have other un-reimbursed business expenses, i.e., travel    Itemized list of expenses and amounts (refer to page 4)
                 lodging, meals, entertainment, dues, publications, tools,
                 equipment, education, licenses, job search, phone,
                 uniforms, supplies, etc.
45.              Have tax or investment related expenses, i.e., tax          Itemized list of expenses and amounts (but not attorney fees for
                 preparation, IRA fees, broker, attorney, consultant, safe   preparation of wills & trusts)
                 deposit box, etc.
46.              Have an employer required business office at home           Business square feet and total square feet of home, utilities (refer
                                                                             to page 4)
47.              Pay for childcare or receive pretax dependent care          Name, address, phone and SSN/EIN of each provider and amounts
                 benefits                                                    paid
48.              Adopt a child during the year                               Name, DOB, SSN and list of related expenses
49.              Have household employees                                    Name, address, SSN amount of wages paid and taxes withheld
50.              Make Federal/State estimated payment(s)                     All cancelled checks including payment #4 that was made in January
                                                                             of this year
51.              Purchase a hybrid car                                       Date purchased, total cost, year, make and model
52.              Made energy conservation improvement to home or             Describe date, cost, make & model of appliances
                                                              ATS 2010 CHECKLIST
                                                      ATS Tax & Financial Solutions, Inc.
                                                       1075 First Street, Ste. 6 (upstairs)
                                                               Benicia, CA 94510
                                                    Phone: 707.745.1040 Fax: 707.745.0281
Business and/or Rental Expenses

                        Accounting/Bookkeeping                                             Janitorial/Cleaning (carpet, supplies, etc.)
             Advertising (business cards, web page, etc.)                                       Laundry (linens, uniforms, etc.)
                        Promotional (marketing)                                                              Legal fees
                             Alarm/Security                                           Licenses (city, state, contractors, professional, etc.)
Auto Expenses – full year (registrations, lease payments, fuel, insurance,           Lodging (hotel, motel, apartment if away for business)
   maintenance, repairing, towing – but not car payments) Mileage
      (personal & business stated separately, odometer readings
                         (1-1-10 thru 12-31-10)
            Bank Charges/Fees (credit card discount fees)                     Meals/Entertainment (record with who, when, where, why and how
                      Computer Software/Supplies                             Office expenses (stationary, printer cartridges, “small supplies”/copies)
Consultants/Contractors (list by name, SSN, address & amount. Copies                                         Postage
                             of 1099’s issued)
              Continuing Education (supplies & fees only)                                Purchases (job materials, merchandise for resale)
                   Dues to Professional Organizations                                                   Refunds to Customers
                        Dump Fees (hauling, etc.)                                       Remodel/Décor (purchase date, cost, description)
                  Employee Benefits (medical, pension)                                             Rent/Lease (equipment, tools)
   Equipment (office, large tools, appliances, computers, with date                   Rent (office, storage, yard, mailbox, safe deposit box)
                      purchased, cost, description)
                               Fees/Permits                                  Repairs/Maintenance Contracts (pest control, gardening, pool service)
                  Freight/Shipping (UPS, Fed-Ex, etc…)                               Taxes (business property, payroll, sales taxes, collected)
         Furniture/Fixtures (purchase date, cost, description)                  Telephones (business line, cellular, voice mail, pager, VOIP, etc.)
                      Gifts (employees, customers)                                                          Tolls/Parking
                Health Insurance (self-employed/owner)                                                      Tools (small)
 Insurance (bonds, hazard, liability, worker’s comp, malpractice, etc.)                              Trade Journals/Publications
               Internet Server (set-up & monthly charges)                        Travel/Transportation (air, bus, BART, shuttle, taxi, rental car)
     Interest (mortgage, credit line, credit cards, and other loans)                                Uniforms, Protective Clothing
       Inventory (wholesale value at beginning and end of year)                               Utilities (PG&E, water, sewer, garbage)
                                     Wages (gross, net, copies of Forms 940, 941’s (4), DE6’s (4), DE7, W2’s, W3)

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