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Printable Birth Certificates for Babies


Printable Birth Certificates for Babies document sample

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									Practice Nurses Liane Irish, Elaine Whaley                            appointment in the Primary Care Centre at St Marks / Northwick           needs whilst with us. Details of documents required on website or
Practice Manager Amanda Ure Administrator Tracy McDonagh              Park Hospital or if you are unable to leave your house, may              at reception. A map of our catchment area is reproduced below:
Reception Manager Yvonne Tettey                                       arrange for a doctor to visit. If she identifies the situation is more
Receptionists Eileen (senior) Usha, Nora, Sacha, Bhavana, Ciren,      urgent she can call an ambulance.
Hetal, Ranjan
Information Clerks Jas
                                                                      Attending the surgery
Reception /Office Opening Hours                                       Please always check in at reception so we know who is in the
Mon - Frid incl.           8.30 am - 6.30 pm                          building, otherwise the doctor will not know you are here. Our
Mon Extended Hours         6.30pm – 8.30pm                            touch-sensitive auto check in screen just requires your date of
                                                                      birth and saves you queuing.
Sat, Sun, Bank Holidays    Closed
                                                                      Disabled Access
                                                                      If you have difficulty climbing stairs, ask to be seen downstairs.
Appointments / Surgery Hours
                                                                      We have a level access from the Kingsbury Road entrance; ring
To see the doctor or nurse you will need an appointment within the
                                                                      the entry-phone and someone will let you in. There is a disabled
following surgery times:
                                                                      parking space for patients on that forecourt and there are 2               See web-site for
Mon - Frid incl.           9 am - 12 noon      3.30 – 6 pm            disabled parking bays next to the main entrance on Old Kenton               interactive map
Mon Extended Hours                             6pm - 8.30pm           We have a Hearing Loop at reception and a portable one for use
                                                                      in consultations.
We run “Advanced Access” appointments system so there are                                                                                      Antenatal Care
sometimes additional appointments at other times.                     Languages                                                                Although our surgery midwife service was withdrawn by Northwick
All appointments can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance in            If you are not a good English speaker, you may bring someone             Park Hospital, we offer shared antenatal care. Please see one of
person at reception or by phone.                                      with you or we can book a trained interpreter via „GRIP‟ or you can      the female doctors as soon as you find out you are pregnant.
It is best to try and stick to one doctor who will get to know you.   phone for assistance yourself on 020 8962 4532.
                                                                      Some receptionists speak other languages such as Urdu, Gujerati,
You can use the automated system at any time – day or night           Hindi, Arabic.                                                           Baby Clinic & Child Health Checks
- to book, change or cancel appointments with your mobile or                                                                                   Baby Immunisation Clinic is every Tuesday 1 – 3pm. Please only
touch-tone phone. You will need your Date of Birth (eg. if you                                                                                 bring well babies. Our Health Visitors have been withdrawn from
                                                                      Repeat Prescriptions                                                     the surgery by the PCT and you can see them at Stag Lane Clinic
were born on 22nd August 1969, press 220869) and your                 If you take medication which is to be continued, the doctor will
telephone number (so please let us know if this changes!)                                                                                      (appts tel 8901 1053) and contact them at Chalkhill Clinic (8901
                                                                      make it a repeat prescription once stabilised. You can then use          1188). Most child health checks are carried out by the Health
                                                                      the right-hand counterfoil of the prescription to re-order it without    Visitors by arrangement. 8 week baby checks are carried out by
Home Visits                                                           seeing anyone: you can post it with a stamped, addressed                 doctor combined with the postnatal visit
We can visit at home if you are unable to leave the house. If you     envelope if you prefer or collect it after 48hrs. We shall need to
think you might need a home visit, please phone as early as           see you or arrange monitoring tests at regular intervals so please
possible as we need to plan our day. You will be asked to speak to    look out for instructions with the prescription and keep your checks     Well Person Checks
the „duty doctor‟ who will find out how urgent it is.                 up to date. If you go beyond the review date, the computer will not      These are carried out by appointment with the nurse.
                                                                      issue any more.
Emergencies                                                                                                                                    Flu jabs and Pneumo jabs
Be sure to tell the receptionist if you think you have an urgent      Certificates                                                             Flu jabs are available each October free of charge for those
problem or are feeling very unwell and need to be seen quickly. In    Absence from work due to sickness is covered by a self-certificate       recommended groups: lung, heart, kidney or liver diseases,
the case of more sudden, incapacitating illness, such as a            from your employer for the first 7 working days. For a Medical           diabetes, immunosuppressed, everyone over 65yrs and
suspected heart attack, it is usually better to call an ambulance.    Certificate for longer absences you will need to see the doctor. If      Pneumococcal Pneumonia vaccine is available for all those over
                                                                      you have been in hospital, the doctor there should supply it.            65yrs and those in the same disease categories.
Out of Hours
Your out of hours urgent care is provided by Harmoni, an              Registering                                                              Travel Immunisation
organisation run by local GPs. If you have an urgent medical          If you live within the Practice Boundaries and are not already           We administer the full range of travel vaccinations and advice. We
problem that cannot wait until we next open, ring 0300 130 3015       registered with a GP in the area we may accept you. We prefer to         are an authorised Yellow Fever centre. It is recommended you
(this number is played on our answer machine). An operator will       register complete families living at the same address.                   make an appointment to see the Practice Nurse at least 6 weeks
take your details and a nurse will advise you how to manage your      You will be invited to a New Registration Consultation with the          before travelling. You will need to pay for some vaccines such as
problem, or if you need to see a doctor urgently, will arrange an     nurse, which is a good way to identify and plan your medical             Yellow Fever, Meningitis A&C or ACWY, Hepatitis B and Rabies;
                                                                                                                                               the rest are free here.
                                                                                                                                              willow tree
Contraception                                                         Data is submitted to the NHS Data Spine following NHS and data
Our nurses and doctors offer the full range of advice and             governance regulations. You have the right to opt out of this.
contraception and can help you choose the best methods                Please discuss with your doctor or Practice Manager.
including Post-Coital Contraception (morning after pill or coil) –    We submit anonymised data to the GP Research Database
contact the surgery as soon as possible, certainly within 72hours     operated by a government agency to research many aspects of             family doctors
(or 5 days for coil).                                                 healthcare. Though none can be identified with any individual you       A London University Teaching Practice
We will see young people confidentially on their own.                 have the right to opt out of this.                                      Brent Teaching Primary Care Trust
                                                                      If you wish to see your records ask your doctor at the time of your
Cervical Cytology (Smears)                                            consultation if you have a particular question but if you wish to
For any woman who has ever been sexually active, smears should        review your entire record you will need to make an appointment             A Quick Guide to our Practice
be performed every 3 years between the ages of 25 and 49 years,       with the practice manager as it can take a considerable time,                             [Version November 2010]
then every 5 years until age 64yrs. Those aged 65+ should have a      especially if you have extensive or complex records on paper and
smear only if not having been screened since age 50 or have had       computer. There is a charge for this special access and for each
recent abnormal tests. You will be called up by post but need not     copied page.                                                            Welcome to our NHS Family Doctor practice. This is only a
wait if you are due: book with a nurse. If you are under 25yrs and                                                                            brief introduction to our services. Please look at our web-
wish to have a smear, talk to a nurse or doctor.                      Help us to help you                                                     site for far greater detail and lots of other features too:
                                                                      Our obligations to you are detailed on the web-site. You also have      useful links, health advice and news, local contacts and
Minor Surgery / Warts                                                 a responsibility to us and we ask you kindly to:                        travel information, also pictures and details of all the staff
We can remove various lumps and bumps and also stock liquid           • Treat our staff and fellow patients with courtesy and respect and     working here. If you don‟t have web-access, please ask for
nitrogen to freeze warts and verrucas. Please see a doctor first to   not to be rude, abusive or aggressive, no matter what cause you         information – printed if necessary - at reception. Ask if you
make sure it is suitable.                                             feel: we operate a “zero tolerance” policy backed by the PCT. •
                                                                                                                                              require a large print version.
                                                                      Treat our building and property with care. • Cancel unwanted
Counselling                                                           appointments in good time (including those we‟ve made for you at
Currently we have lost our in-house service. Please ask your          the hospital). • Always check in at reception whenever you arrive       Web-site
doctor for a referral to local services.                              in the building. • Look after all children in your care whilst on our
                                                                      premises. • Refrain from smoking in the building, gardens and
Smoking Cessation                                                     paths. • Turn off your mobile phones in the building –they can
Stopping smoking is the most effective health intervention you can    interfere with equipment and cause distress to ill patients. • Arrive   Contact us
make and we are committed to helping everyone to quit. Please         in good time for your appointment. • Inform us straight away of any      301 Kingsbury Road London NW9 9PE
ask nurse or doctor. Our Nurses are trained smoking cessation         change of telephone number or address. • Request prescriptions
counsellors and there are free smoking cessation groups locally.                                                                                     Tel: General / enquiries 020 8204 7456
                                                                      and certificates in good time.• Be patient if you are kept waiting –                Tel: Appointments   020 8204 6464
                                                                      urgent, unplanned problems will always occur and sometimes it
Private Services                                                      causes delays (especially if you are seeing the Duty Doctor): one
                                                                                                                                                                        Fax:  020 8905 0946
Certain items such as private certificates, private letters on your
                                                                      day it might be you, so please try and bear with us. • Tell us when
behalf, medical insurance claim forms, some travel vaccines,                                                                                  Use the General Line for enquiries, test results, home visit
                                                                      things have gone wrong and indeed right. Tell us your suggestions       requests, messages to a doctor or nurse, advice etc .
private medical examinations, copies of medical records, passport
                                                                      for improvements.                                                       The receptionists can help you with most things, so please explain
applications etc are chargeable. See web-site or ask for fees list.
                                                                                                                                              to them what you need. They will need to know the general
Chaperones                                                            Complaints and Suggestions                                              problem, not intimate details.
You can have a relative or friend with you when you see your GP       We are always looking to improve our services and are delighted         If you wish to speak to a doctor or nurse, unless it is urgent,
or Nurse or you can ask at reception for a confidential chaperone.    to have your comments and suggestions; there is a suggestion            the receptionist will add a message to the doctor‟s computer and
The doctor or nurse might offer this when you are undergoing          box near in the downstairs waiting room. Things do sometimes go         they will ring back, so please make sure you tell the receptionist
examinations of an intimate or sensitive nature or when you or the    wrong. It is usually best to talk to the person involved first but if   when you will be available. Speaking to a doctor can be useful for
                                                                      you wish to complain, our complaints procedure is detailed on the       quick queries and advice which may save a trip to the surgery.
clinician might, in other circumstances, feel vulnerable.
                                                                      web-site or a copy can be provided. A formal complaint, in writing
                                                                      or verbally will be acknowledged within 2 working days by the           Doctors and Staff - Partners (P)
Confidentiality                                                                                                                               Dr Alan Selwyn (M) MBBS 1982 London MRCGP DCH (P)
                                                                      Practice Manager who will investigate and give you a response
Everything you tell anyone at the surgery is treated with absolute                                                                            Dr Rhiannon Lloyd (F) MBBS 1986 London MRCGP (P)
                                                                      within 10 working days. If you are not happy with the results of
confidentially. We cannot disclose identifiable information about                                                                             Dr Claire Mitchell (F) MBChB 1990 Sheffield MRCGP (P)
                                                                      Local Resolution, you may complain to the Ombusdsman.
you to anyone without your permission.                                                                                                        Dr Meeta Dodhia (F) MD 1997 Canada CCFP MRCGP (P)
                                                                                                                                              Dr Asif Hirani (M) MBBS 2004 London nMRCGP BSc (P)
Your Medical Records                                                  Further information about local services                                Dr Nehal Patel (F) MBBS 2004 London, BSc, DRCOG, DCH (P)
These are held on computer, though we retain older paper records.     All NHS services locally can be found on NHS Choices                    Dr Tauseef Mehrali (M) MBChB Birmingham MA MRCPCH (P)
We are registered under the Data Protection Act and compliant         www.NHS.UK or NHS Direct tel 0845 46 47. NHS Brent is our               Dr Anna Dentschuk (F) MBBS 2000 London MRCGP DRCOG
with all current data guidance.                                       contract holder: tel 8795 6000, 116 Chaplin Rd, HA0 4UZ                 Dr NishaChandrasenan(F)BmedSci BMBS 2000 Nott. MRCGP

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