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                                                     The ARMAdilla is published by the Houston
Dates of Interest:                                        Chapter of ARMA International
   January 26, 2011 Monthly
                                 Volume 32, Number 3              Newsletter Date       November-December 2010
   February 23, 2011 Monthly
                                       Member Spotlight
Inside this issue:
                                 Skai Shadow
ALHEF News                5
 Chili Cook-off           14
                                                             career nine years ago, and
ARMA International                                           like most RIM profession-      The future of RIM is a bur-
 Awards                   16                                 als, he is an accidental       den that we Records Man-
 Awards                   23                                 records manager.               agers do not take lightly.
Ask The CRM               4                                                                 Skai’s vision for RIM is
Board of Directors        3                                  Skai started his career        selling the value of RIM to
                                                             with a degree in English,      global markets which in-
Chapter Highlights
  Holiday Social          5
                                                             so he was a creator of         cludes “building a case for
  Old ARMAdillas          11                                 content right away! He         records management so
  Meetings                17                                 helped edit and publish        that people can see its
  Meetings                21                                 written works and later        value all within the cost
  Vendor Appreciation/    22
  Stevenson Elemen-                                          began working for a print-     constraints of a shrinking
  tary/Holiday Social                                        ing company. He dabbled        budget”. To that, most
Community Service                                            in records at two other        RIM professionals would
Projects                                                     companies before landing       say, “Yes, please.”
  Project S.M.I.L.E.      20        by: Jennifer Walker-     at Shell, including docu-
                                       Ostertag, CRM         ment management at an          Skai has been a member of
Editor                    24
                                      Houston Chapter        engineering firm and           ARMA for five years, and
Educational News                                             managing an archiving          he is currently serving on

  2011 Spring Confer-
  ence                 9
                                                             department for a pharma-       two committees. First, he
  ALHEF Conference     19             he name Skai           ceutical company. In           keeps us all coming back
  Sponsorship                    Shadow might make one 2006, he joined Shell                for more as the Committee
  IT 101 for Legal/RIM 13                                    Trading to help imple-         Manager for the Member-
                                 think that he or she is
                                 reading an article about a ment a global Records           ship Retention committee.
Financials                16     double agent or the hu-     Management Program.            He is also an Awards Com-
Feature                          man persona of a super-     Skai was not hesitant to       mittee member. When
  A Special Thank you     8      hero, but really, it’s much share who his mentors          asked what he would like
  to our Vendors                 better than either of       have been throughout his       to explore further in the
  Historic Court Papers   10
  What are Your State     8      those! Skai Shadow is       RIM experience. Barbara        ARMA Houston or
  Legislators Doing              one of ARMA Houston’s Tang and Chris Zabienski             ARMA International com-
                                 busy young professionals. -Stepp were two of his           munity, he said he would
Leadership News           6
                                 Skai (pronounced sky) is original mentors and              like to know more about
Member Spotlight          1      an Information Advisor      Debra Mestemaker-              how ARMA works within
 Skai Shadow                     and Business Records        Buzby, CRM, ermm, has          the local community and
Membership News           3      Manager for Shell. He       been and is still one of his   how ARMA gives back –
 Returning Members        17     started his Records and     mentors. Others include        particularly, how he can
                                 Information Management Bruce Jablonski and Kirk            give back through
New Regulations           7                                  Kendrick.                               (see MEMBER page 7)
President’s Message       2
RIM Corner                15
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                   Page 2

     President’s Message

ARMA Envisioning the Next 50 Years
                                    shook), similarly engraved. Un-        past Houston Chapter recipients
                                    familiar with the Inukshuk, I          are any indication, I think it also
                                    looked up its meaning online.          helps to be a little wild and crazy.
                                    One internet site I visited said       With Conference, celebrations,
                                    that “The Inukshuk symbolizes          and the holidays behind us, we
                                    co-operation, balance and unself-      can now refocus our attention to
                                    ishness; the idea that teaching        the goals we have set for ourselves
                                    and group effort is greater than       this year. Kick start 2011 by at-
                                    individual effort. Each stone is a     tending the January Chapter
                                    separate entity, yet each sup-         meeting and be ready to take ac-
                                    ports, and is supported by the         tion. The exciting second half of
                                    one above and the one below it.        our Chapter year has just begun
                                    No one piece is any more or any        and the Spring Conference is just
 by: Judy Vasek Sitton, CRM         less important than the other. Its     around the corner! Looking for-
                                    strength lies in its unity. Its sig-   ward to seeing you at HESS on
    Wrapping up a Golden Year       nificance comes from its mean-         January 26th!
                                    ing as a whole.” Perfect! Thank

I   am so proud to be a member
of ARMA Houston! We have
                                    you, Calgary for standing by us
                                    through the years!

been around for a long time and    Three of us – Mica Hanchey,
I’m thankful that we have con-     Everis Mollon and I – had one
sistently chosen to grow and in-   final experience in store before
novate instead of become stag-     we left San Francisco. We were
nant and rest on our laurels.      inducted into what one Cal-
Our latest awards are good ex-     garian refers to as the “Royal           Bernita Cogswell, Region Man-
amples: Chapter of the Year for    Legion of the Canadian Goose”.            ager, Canada Region; Barbara
the second year in a row, News-    Yes, we were GOOSED! After                 Bellamy, President ARMA
letter of the Year, and Chapter    being told that we would be part            Calgary; Trevor Mitchell,
Participation Award. These         of an announcement that would             ARMA International; Judy Sit-
awards boil down to strong lead-   be made at the Canadian party            ton, President ARMA Houston;
ership, a tradition of innovation  about the 30 year anniversary,                Everis Mollon, Region
and quality, and a whole lot of    the Calgary contingent (with the           Manager, Southwest Region
people working together for the    assistance of Jim Dixon and
common good. Well done!            Brenda Clements) led us unsus-
                                   pectingly to the ceremony. The
Also at Conference we cele-        sense of the goose was explained
brated thirty years of friendship and we each, along with the
and sisterhood with the Calgary other inductees, received a
Chapter. We presented the Cal- lovely silver goose-in-flight stick
gary delegation with a metal       pin to commemorate the occa-
sculpture of an armadillo en-      sion. If you want to know more
graved with the words “ARMA about the Canadian goose tradi-
Houston/Calgary 30 Years of        tion of teamwork and coopera-
Friendship 1980-2010”. Their       tion, you can go to http://                  Armadillo and Inukshuk
gift to us was a small stone Inuk-
shuk (pronounced in-ook-           -goose to read all about it. If
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                       Page 3

                                                                    ARMA Houston Chapter
                      Membership News                             2010-2011 Board of Directors
                                                              ARMA Envisioning the Next 50 Years
         ARMA Houston Closes out
          2010 with 420 Members!                              President        
                                                              Judy Sitton, CRM           Phone:(713) 688-0404
                  by: Robin Thompson                          Executive VP               Tad.Howington
                    VP Membership                             Tad Howington, CRM,
                    Houston Chapter                           CA, FAI                    Phone:(713)207-7147
                                                              Immediate Past President
                                                              Louis Buzby CRM            Phone:(713) 241-4498

                                                              Past President   
                                                              James Dixon                Phone:(713) 869-8756
    hank you ARMA Houston for helping us con-
    tinue to grow and reach our goal of 501 members           Secretary                 Jenni-
                                                              Jennifer Walker-Ostertag,
by 5/01!                                                                                Phone: (281) 814-9985
Don’t forget about our contest: Any member, who               Treasurer                  victor.lamas
refers a new member, is eligible to have their name           J. Victor Lamas Jr.
placed in a hat for a drawing at our May meeting to                                      Phone:(281) 654-7665
receive $500 in gift cards! And … your name is placed         VP Chapter Conference
in the hat for each member you refer! Notify Laurie           Pamela Sankey              Phone:(281)210-7338
Harris,, Committee Manager            VP Chapter Meetings        dmdunham@texaschildrens.
for Membership Growth, when you refer a new                   D'Anderia Dunham           org
member.                                                                                  Phone:(832)824-2456
                                                              VP Communications
Since our last ARMAdilla, we’d like to                        Regina Corey               Phone:(713) 547-4544

WELCOME the following new members:                            VP Marketing     
                                                              Mica Hanchey               Phone:(832) 630-6812
                      Paul Doty
                   Camilla Schleifer                          VP Member Education        michelle_lopez
                     Joni Huerta                              Michelle Lopez   
                     John Collins                                                        Phone:(832)667-9080
                      Rob Davies                              VP Membership              rthompson@ consult-
                   Esther Coronado                            Robin Thompson   
                    Nicole Beaveer                                                       Phone:(713) 547-4425
                   Barbara Compton
                 Brenda Law-Whitfield
                    Windle Martin
                  Lydia Washington
For further information on Membership please con-
Robin Thompson
Laurie Harris
Skai Shadow
Michelean Love                                Mica Hanchey, D'Anderia Dunham, Pam Sankey, Victor
                                                               Lamas, Jim Dixon, Jennifer Walker-Ostertag, Michelle
 For a complete list of ARMA Houston Committee Managers,      Lopez, Tad Howington, Robin Thompson. Louis Buzby,
 please visit                Judy Sitton, Regina Corey
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                               Page 4

          Ask the CRM

                                                           ICRM® Examination
                                                               Schedule 2011
                                    Winter: Parts 1-5, February 7-11, 2011 | Part 6, February 10, 2011
                                    Registration Open: November 19, 2010 - February 3, 2011

                                    Spring: Parts 1-5, May 2-6, 2011 | Part 6, May 5, 2011
                                    Registration Open: February 25, 2011 - April 28, 2011

                                    Summer: Parts 1-5, August 1-5, 2011 | Part 6, August 4, 2011
by: W. Allan Heath, Jr., CRM        Registration Open: May 20, 2011 - July 28, 2011
     Houston Chapter
                                    Fall: Parts 1-5, November 7-11, 2011 | Part 6, November 10, 2011

                                    Registration Open: August 19, 2011 - November 3, 2011
    hope all of you had a Merry
Christmas and Happy New
                                    Charles H. Garrett, Jr., CRM       majority of those using the sys-
Year! Speaking of the New
                                    from Houston. WAY TO GO!           tem.
Year, have you made those New
Year Resolutions yet? Need
                                    During 2011, there will be four   Remember, I provided “an” an-
help thinking of something? I
                                    exam cycles. See the box above    swer, not “the” answer. I would
can certainly help with that. If
                                    for dates.                        love to discuss this topic with you.
you aren’t a CRM, apply now.
If you are a CRM, then assist                                         Also, please send more questions.
                                    And now for the question: What You can call them in at 832-603-
someone in achieving this mile-
                                    are the purposes of using a pilot 1860, send them via email at
stone. The examination sched-
                                    when implementing a new re-
ule for 2011 is listed below. So,
                                    cords system and why is it im-    or pass them along to me at the
no need to think about it another
                                    portant to use a pilot?           next records and information
minute. Call or email me if you
need help with any stage of the                                       management function.
                                    The pilot is used to improve the
                                    chances that the policy, proce-
                                    dures/guidelines/work instruc-
Now I would like to congratu-                                              December 6, 2010 Harris
                                    tions, processes, technologies
late our most recent Texas col-                                         County started the demolition
                                    and training tools will be suc-
leagues to receive the CRM des-                                         of the Records Archives/Iron
                                    cessful when used by the entire
ignation. They are Peggy J.                                               Mountain records storage
                                    organization. When conducting
Fischer, CRM from Austin and                                             building at San Jacinto and
                                    the pilot, I recommend utilizing
                                    your most critical customers.         Baker Streets. Quite a few
                                    My thinking here is that if you     ARMA Houston members got
    Congratulations to              can win their approval, you will      their start in that facility.
     Peggy J. Fischer,              have the hardest part of the job
          CRM                       behind you. The importance of
                                    a pilot includes identifying any
      Austin, Texas                 problems or things you might
    Charles H. Garrett,             have overlooked in the design
        Jr., CRM                    process and ensures that the new                # 191935
                                    system will be accepted by the
     Houston, Texas
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                      Page 5

            ALHEF News

                                              at the Chapter’s Annual             2011. The article should be
                                              Holiday Social which                based on your experiences
                                              included ARMA mem-                  at the conference including
                                              bers and guests.                    what you learned from ses-
                                                                                  sions attended, networking
        ALHEF Updates                 What a great year of fund raising           experiences, information
                                      and public awareness this has               gained from vendor exhib-
          by: Jim Dixon               been.                                       its, etc.
         ALHEF Trustee
         Houston Chapter              Now, let’s look toward 2011 for               Chapter Highlights
                                      continued opportunities. Feb

A      lice L. Haltom Educational
Fund is a vibrant organization
                                      19th is the date set for the Annual
                                      ALHEF Chili Cook Off. Plan to
                                      join us for a day of fun and fund
                                                                                Holiday Social 2010

                                      raising. Please find details at       by Frank Lerma and Kathy Fabra
promoting educational opportuni-
                             .                              Houston Chapter
ties throughout the RIM commu-
nity. The fall months of 2010
have allowed the ALHEF Trus-
tees the following opportunities to
                                      Thanks for all your support.

                                     APPLY NOW FOR PAID AT-
                                                                            ollowing the craziness that
                                                                      was Autumn 2010, ARMA’s an-
place the fund in the eyes of oth-                                    nual Holiday Social on Saturday,
                                     TENDANCE TO THE 2011
ers outside of the normal ARMA                                        December 4, once again ushered in
                                     ARMA HOUSTON SPRING
Houston gaze:                                                         the holidays with everyone who
                                                                      attended enjoying themselves. Ulti-
      The Annual ARMA              TO APPLY:                        mately, it was about a great group
        Houston Golf Tourna-            1. Complete and submit an of people like ARMA Houston get-
        ment exposed the Hous-             application form avail-    ting together to celebrate the sea-
        ton’s Golfing community            able from son. It was a time to sit back, kick
        to ALHEF’s Silent Auc-
                                        2. Submit a 300-500 word      up our heels and enjoy each other
        tion fund raising efforts.
                                           essay discussing why you while also enjoying some good
      The Houston Hospitality            want to attend the         food in the process.
        Suite at ARMA San Fran-            ARMA Houston Confer-
        cisco 2010 featured                ence and what benefits     The Holiday Social was held once
        nightly donation opportu-          you will derive from       again at Café Adobe in the MarqE
        nities for all international       your participation.        Center. The crowd was somewhat
        attendees who joined in         3. Attend the ARMA            smaller than in years past, but the
        on the networking, includ-         Houston Chapter Con-       enthusiasm and merriment cer-
        ing members of our sister          ference (2 days) sched-    tainly was not lacking. Throughout
        chapter in Calgary.                uled April 26-27, 2011.    the evening, door prizes were given
      At the November Chapter            If you are selected, your ranging from magnetic puzzles to
        meeting, the fund exposed          registration fee will be   candle-holders and various other
        the honored, valuable lo-          paid. Travel and all other little prizes. ALHEF held its silent
        cal vendors to the AL-             expenses will not be cov- auction organized by Tad Howing-
        HEF Silent Auction Table           ered.                      ton with many items available for
        in full force.                  4. Submit one article (300- bid and there were some interesting
      The Trustees now report            400 words) appropriate     battles on various items. The
        that the Silent Auction            for publication in the     Christmas tree was inundated with
        was extremely successful           ARMAdilla by June 1,       donations for Project S.M.I.L.E.
                                                                                           (see HOLIDAY page 20)
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                     Page 6

          Leadership News            ment, implementation and man-          sion, ARMA International?
                                     agement. We have a strong,             Without much hesitation, I con-
 Grow and Evolve: The                unique skill set and knowledge         cluded that these Rules of the
                                     base we bring to the table. One        Road did indeed apply to each
 Rules of The Road for               of our biggest challenges is incor-    and every one of us. With minor
      Our Future                     porating those skills and knowl-       changes, here they are:
                                     edge into the evolving nature of
 by: Tad C. Howington, CRM,          our profession.                        1. The position of Records and
           CA, FAI                                                             Information Manager has no
         Executive VP                 After an exceptional thirteen-           innate right to exist.
       Houston Chapter                year tenure, the General Man-
                                      ager of one of my previous em-        We earn our way every day by
“A bend in the road is not the end of ployers resigned to pursue new        providing value to our organiza-
                                                                            tions. If we fail to provide quality
  the road…unless you fail to make challenges and opportunities.
               the turn.”             The outpouring of genuine admi-       services, which add value, we can-
              -Unknown                ration, appreciation and respect      not and should not continue to exist.
                                      among both the employees and          The multi-award winning ARMA

W        hether one is new to the
field or has decades of experi-
                                      the community-at-large was
                                      something I shall probably not
                                      witness again during my career.
                                                                            Houston Chapter has strategically
                                                                            positioned itself to provide the
                                                                            education and professional net-
ence, it is readily apparent that     He was truly a visionary, a           working necessary in this new en-
the records and information           leader and a motivator…               vironment. Multi-track confer-
management (RIM) profession           transforming the company into a       ences with both CRM and CLE
has undergone, and continues to dynamic model of a 21st century             credits, innovative monthly pro-
undergo, rapid and unprece-           organization.                         gramming and timely seminars
dented change. Where once                                                   offer an abundance of educational
there were distinct lines drawn       Before his final departure, he left   opportunities. Our newly re-
between RIM and other infor-          an interesting document in his        vamped website and internet pres-
mation-related professions, there desk for his successor. He titled         ence will eventually allow us to
is now a blurred metamorphoses it “The Rules of the Road.” It               offer a wide variety of additional
taking place in which the records laid out in two short statements          resources to access. Our collabo-
and information manager is be- a philosophical roadmap that                 rative efforts with other informa-
ing called upon to address a vari- transcends all organizations. A          tion-rated groups have afforded us
ety of issues outside the             managerial credo, if you will.        the opportunity to expand and
“traditional” scope of RIM. En-                                             share our skills and knowledge as
                                      I read the “Rules” for the first      professionals. The list goes on
terprise content management,
                                      time as they were published in        and on.
inter/intranet management, e-
                                      our weekly organizational news-
commerce, workflow manage-
                                      letter. Having made a definite        2. Never forget that Records and
ment, microblogging…the list
                                      impact on my frame of refer-             Information Management is a
continues to grow. With this
                                      ence, I posted them in my office         verb.
rapid change comes numerous
                                      as a reminder of my relationship
challenges and opportunities for                                            We are judged by what we ac-
                                      and responsibilities to my com-
us as professionals. While still                                            complish and how we affect peo-
                                      pany/employer. As the days
holding fast to our “roots” in                                              ple and organizations. RIM is a
                                      passed, I began to reflect on
basic records management theo-                                              dynamic and rapidly changing
                                      where records and information
ries and practices, we must stand                                           profession. We must all be strate-
                                      was as a profession. Did these
ready to carry a vision for RIM                                             gic players in the development of
                                      rules of the road apply to us? If
throughout our organizations                                                              (see LEADERSHIP page 7)
                                      they did, should they be part of
and be an active participant in
                                      our collective culture on a pro-
program/application develop-
                                      fession-wide level and by exten-
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                     Page 7

                                                          taking part in the kids’ school activities. Creativity
                    New Regulations                       is a birth right for this family! Skai plays the hand
                                                          drums at church and local events, and he used to
       Proposed and Adopted Rules                         tour with a band. Skai also enjoys biking, hiking
  From October 22, 2010 through December 17,              and researching his Native American roots.
               Texas Registers                            Skai has several people who were important influ-
          Compiled by: Frank Lerma                        ences in his life. His wife is his biggest supporter
              Houston Chapter                             and his grandmothers set the standard of excel-
                                                          lence that he follows. His other mentor is Anthony
A      s a service to the RIM Community, ARMA
Houston has reviewed recent issues of the Texas
                                                          Sanchez who organized the Eagle Eye Institute in
                                                          Peru, Massachusetts where inner-city kids are in-
                                                          troduced to nature.
Register and has identified the following notices of
proposed or adopted changes to the Texas Admin-           Thank you, Skai, for being a dedicated Records
istrative Code (TAC) as being of special interest. It     Management professional, family man and com-
is not a complete list and only shows a small por-        munity supporter! ARMA Houston is glad and
tion of the regulation to allow the reader to deter-      very lucky to have you as part of our family!
mine if they need to review it in detail. To access
excerpts of these notices, please go to the ARMA
                                                          LEADERSHIP continued from… 6
Houston website at
                                                              our profession and not merely tactical. Stan-
Persons concerned about these regulations can get
                                                              dards development, legislation and advocacy,
more information by reading the Texas Adminis-
                                                              benchmark studies, trends analysis, educa-
trative Code at
                                                              tional offerings which cover not only the cur-
pub/readtac$ext.viewtac and the Texas Register                rent aspects of the profession but the visionary
at                         aspects of the future are but a few of the areas
ARMA’s Community Outreach programs.                           in which we must maintain an awareness. We
                                                              must move quickly, strategically and deci-
 MEMBER continued from… 1                               sively.
                                                          Those are the two simple rules with powerful im-
Skai grew up in Washington D.C. and went to
                                                          pact on the RIM profession. Two rules we must
school at the University of Maryland-Eastern
                                                          all be committed to and continue to follow. It’s an
Shore. He informed me (and I’m so glad that he
                                                          exciting time to be part of this profession and a
did) that the Delmarva Peninsula where he went to
                                                          part of ARMA International. Together, standing
school was one of the easiest places in the world to
                                                          united, we hold the key to our collective future.
get a job as a Chicken Catcher. I, for one, am glad
he chose the more sanitary Records and Informa-           So is there a bright future for us? Yes, an ex-
tion Management over that career option. He fell          tremely bright future…a future full of exciting op-
in love in D.C., then when his native-Texan wife          portunity if we are willing to grow and evolve as
brought him to visit her hometown of Houston; he          professionals. Effectively and efficiently managed,
decided then that he’d like to live and raise his chil-   information is power. However, our future de-
dren here. Someone get this man a “...I got here as       pends upon each of us being proactive in continuing
fast as I could...” bumper sticker!                       to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to
                                                          harness that power. We cannot afford to be reac-
The Shadow household is never short on excite-            tive to the trends “du jour”, philosophies or other
ment! Skai has four kids, and he mused that his           changes as they come our way. We must be at the
wife has five kids (counting him). The girls out-         center of change…a strategic player rather than a
number the boys 2:1. The Shadow family enjoy              tactical one. We have the power to make a difference.
visiting local museums, doing art projects and                                          (see LEADERSHIP page 13)
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                 Page 8

                       Feature                                                  Feature

   What Are Your State Legislatures                                  A Special Thank You
      Doing With Their Time?                                           To Our Vendors

             by: Paul Scott, CRM, CA                                   by: D’Anderia Dunham
                 Houston Chapter                                            VP, Meetings
                                                                          Houston Chapter

T     he Texas State Legislature goes into session
on January 11, 2011 and as of December 7 our              S   ometimes the phrase “Thank You” is not
hard working senators and representatives had             enough but these are the only words that can ex-
filed some 600 bills. Fifty-four of the pre-filed bills   press how grateful we are for your support. I
have records and information management impli-            would like to take this time to thank our many ven-
cations—mostly minor.                                     dors that make what we do in the ARMA Houston
                                                          chapter possible. “Thank You” for participating in
As is the norm, the proposals reflect the issues of       our Vendor Appreciation Luncheon. Your pres-
the day—and last session. Several would regulate          ence was greatly appreciated. “Thank You” for
the use of “wireless communication devices” in a          your dedication and commitment to the chapter.
motor vehicle and others address the problem of           From participating in the Chili Cook-off or spon-
cyber bullying. HB 325 by Todd Smith would re-            soring our annual Golf Tournament to being a ven-
quire a woman undergoing an abortion to sign a            dor at our local Spring Conference, you have al-
document acknowledging that she had seen an ul-           ways been there for us and we are very apprecia-
trasound of the embryo and for that document to           tive. We are thankful for your willingness to help
be retained in her medical file for at least 7 years.     us do what we do by giving your time, talent and
Similarly, HB 296 would establish a state require-        financial support.
ment for employers to obtain verification of an em-
ployee’s legal status and retain it on file for the     Thank you Access Sciences, Cintas, CompuData,
length of employment, or three years of the last        Crown Records, Data Shredding Services of Texas,
date of employment.                                     Doc2e-file, Inc., Document Management Group,
                                                        Fugro, Gimmal Group, Global DCC, IBM, INI,
Perhaps the most startling and commented upon           International Document Service, Iron Mountain,
proposal is HB 295 by Leo Berman which would            Munters, PacoTech, Pioneer, Recall, SafeSite,
require presidential and vice presidential candi-       Inc., Scarab Consulting, Shred Pro Services,
dates to present their “original” birth certificates to Southwest Solutions Group, The Common Source
the Texas Secretary of State to establish their status and The Willis Group for all you do to help us
as native born U. S. Citizens. As written, certified make our chapter a success.
copies would not suffice and it is doubtful that the
second carbon copies that some of our parents re-
ceived when we were born would be acceptable.
Representative Berman apparently is not aware                   OUR PARTICIPATING
that “original” birth records are normally held by
local or state registrars who are unlikely to allow                       VENDORS
them to leave their depositories.                                 ARE WHAT HELPS
Members of the Houston Chapter will be watching               MAKE ARMA HOUSTON
the Legislature and will bring to the attention of                 THE BEST
the Board any that the Chapter should support or
 Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                Page 9

                                                Chapter Education

                                ARMA Houston 2011 Spring Conference
                                  “Envisioning the Next 50 Years”

                                             by: Pam Sankey
                                              VP Conference
                                             Houston Chapter

I f you are a vendor supporting ARMA, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to sponsor the 2011
ARMA Houston Conference April 26 & 27, 2011! We have an exceptional program lined up for attendees
and vendors with 4 educational tracks:
     Basic Records Management
     eRecords
     Legal
     Professional Development.

The Conference will begin with panel of renowned RIM professionals discussing the future of the Records
Information Management profession. There will be a scavenger hunt for attendees to find answers to ques-
tions that our Vendors will be invited to submit about their services. Attendees will have ample time to
visit with Vendors to learn about the tools we need as Records and Information Management Profession-

The costs for attending or exhibiting at the Conference will remain the same as last year:

Attendee Registration

Early Registration:
    Full Conference & Exhibit Show - Member: $375.00 Non-member: $450 Student: $150
    One Day Conference & Exhibit Show – Member: $200 Non-Member: $250 Student: $75
Regular Registration:
    Full Conference & Exhibit Show – Member: $425 Non-member: $500 Student: $175
    One Day Conference & Exhibit Show – Member: $250 Non-member: $300 Student: $100
Vendor Exhibitor Booth Pricing:

     8’X10’ Booth Space – Registration prior to February 11, 2011 – $595
     16’X20’ Booth Space - Registration prior to February 11, 2011 – $1,190
Official Sponsorship Opportunities: (Partial Listing)

 Exclusive Platinum Sponsorship
 Company Name and Logo on the Chapter Website Home Page up to 90 Days after the conference
 A link to vendor company website from the ARMA Houston Conference webpage
 Company Brochure placed in the conference registration packet
 Two conference registrations
 Opportunity to speak to the attendees for 5 minutes. (Thank attendees for their attendance and let
   them know where your booth is located.)
                                                                              (see SPRING CONFERENCE page 15)
 Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                 Page 10


Reprinted from

                 Historic Court Papers Presented to Commissioners Court
                        Help Draw Picture of Early Harris County

                    (From left: Commissioner Steve Radack, County Judge Ed Emmett, Commissioner
                         Sylvia R. Garcia, Judge Tom Sullivan, County Archivist Sarah Jackson,
                             Commissioner El Franco Lee, and Commissioner Jerry Eversole)

When County Court at Law Judge Tom Sullivan took office in 1980 he found a small set of about 500 very
old court documents in a box in his courtroom. No one knew why they were there or seemed to care about
them, so he took personal custody and retained them until October 2010 when he formally presented them
to Judge Emmett and Commissioners Court.

Judge Emmett asked the County Archives to preserve and make them available to the citizens of Harris
County—the actual owners. The county archivists were pleased and surprised by what they found. Initially
believing all to be from County Court, they were gratified to find a fair sampling of cases from the Justice
and District Courts and even one petition addressed to Republic of Texas Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court Thomas J. Rusk.

While most case documents are from the Republic of Texas (especially 1838), there are several from the
1850s and a small sampling from Reconstruction. With cataloguing now at the half-way point, none have
been found that originated in the Confederate era, although there is one 1867 case stemming from a debt
before the Civil War (including a note recording a partial payment made in 1864 as a result of the debtor’s
making a pair of pants and a coat).

The files are like a jig-saw puzzle missing most of its pieces. An incomplete picture of early Harris County
is presented, although some images are clear and dramatic. Lawsuits over the loss and spoilage of goods
shipped from New Orleans illustrate that in 1837 the escalating population of Houston could not feed itself
or even purchase sufficient produce from other Texas communities and had to import corn and other pro-
visions from the United States.

Some findings are especially gratifying. Someone threw out the 19th Century District Court criminal files
so long ago that everyone has long since forgotten when or why that happened. But the archivists have dis-
covered the sole known surviving District Court Criminal Case: a Grand Jury True Bill charging Josiah
Pilout with assaulting Eliza Terry in 1842.

The documents also show old examples of modern problems. Speculators and settlers eagerly purchased
land that they could not pay for, so the creditors and subsequent holders of the debt hauled them into court
to force payment or seize the property.
                                                                             (see HISTORIC COURT PAPERS page 12)
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                             Page 11

                                              Chapter Highlights


      The Common Source has completed the project of scanning all the issues of the
      ARMAdilla since 1967. This was done by their state-of-the-art robotic book scan-
      ner . This scanner handles even the most rare and fragile of books without causing
      any damage to the spine or pages.

      The Common Source is the only company in Texas that owns this technologically
      advanced machine.

      They spent 172.75 hours, which they donated to our chapter, on the scanning of
      354 past issues of the ARMAdilla.

      These newsletters will be added to the new website in the near future. Take time to
      stroll down memory lane or just compare the ideas/issues/dress….

                            1967 ARMAdilla Forward
                          Available for On-line Reference

ARMA Houston is extremely grateful for the support of our sponsors of the 2010 Hospitality Suite at
the 55th International Conference in San Francisco. As in years past, the ARMA Houston Hospitality
Suite provided a place for the Houston chapter members to congregate and network with attendees
from around the world. It was especially a great setting for celebrating our awards as Very Large
Chapter of the Year, Newsletter of the Year and Member Participation Award.

The ARMA Houston Hospitality Suite was opened Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights
and was rated a tremendous success by all those who attended. Monday it was the location for our 30
Year Celebration as a Sister Chapter with the folks from Calgary.

Please join me in a special effort to thank the following vendors who made this year’s hospitality suite a
 Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                   Page 12

HISTORIC COURT PAPERS continued from … 10

Thus there are several promissory notes representing the first sales of lots and blocks in the oldest sections
of Houston—some of the property that is now owned by Harris County, including the land between Que-
bedeaux Park and the old District Attorney building at Fannin and Franklin

Similarly, purchasers, especially failed merchants, were also frequently unable to pay for goods obtained
on credit. As a result there are a few mercantile accounts listing items purchased (Click here.) or seized by
the sheriff. From those inventories it can be learned what consumer goods were available to early Texans
and at what cost. This includes an amazing quantity and variety of liquor—a not especially earth-shaking
revelation—but one that provides contemporary evidence to reminisces of our earliest citizens. (Click

Economists and historians will find examples of the resourcefulness of citizens during Reconstruction
when dealing with money they had learned not to trust. In 1867 Adolph Klein promised to pay a debt to
George Morgan in Mexican silver dollars or “its equivalent” in United States paper dollars. And, in the
same year, Alfred Margoratti promised to pay a debt to Cark Körtge in U. S. gold coins. The pleadings
showed that a gold dollar was worth $1.35 in paper currency.

Perhaps the largest series of documents reflects a conflict between District Clerk Dewitt Clinton Harris and
Sheriff John W. Moore. Harris filed and won a series of suits in County Court against Moore and Moore’s
securities. (There were so many, in fact, that the printer ran off a special set of customized legal forms for
the occasion.) It is not yet known exactly what was going on, but this was an era in which fee officers did
not draw a salary but were paid for each official service performed. And when a judgment was issued the
sheriff seized and sold property to satisfy the judgments and the costs of the case. It seems likely that for
some reason Moore withheld payments due Harris who had to resort to a series of law suits to collect his
due. The judgment, the records show, was collected by Moore’s successor in office.

As noted above, however, this gives an incomplete picture of society of the era. The principals in these le-
gal dramas are overwhelmingly men—and white men of property at that. Other sources reveal that society
included many women, numerous blacks, a few Mexicans, and Native Americans. Yet the women who
have appeared in the documents inspected so far are secondary players except for Eliza Terry—a victim.
(Click here.) The only Hispanic citizen has been Lorenzo De Zavala (son of the more famous Lorenzo De
Zavala, first vice president of the Republic of Texas), who translated during a deposition for Francis Ar-
nau, who spoke English “imperfectly.” The black Houstonians have all been slaves, either the subject of a
suit or property seized to satisfy a judgment. And Native Americans have not appeared at all. Still, ac-
counts of the era seldom mentioned minorities, so these bits of information, although unsatisfying, add to
the little that we do know.

Over the years much of the original order had been lost. Indeed, the documents resembled a deck of new
cards shuffled by a novice card player. Papers related to a single case may be all together or scattered
throughout the collection. Even the documents in an envelope may or may not be related. A major chal-
lenge for the archivists will be to arrange the files in a usable fashion as closely as possible resembling the
manner in which they were initially filed.

A greater challenge will be conservation. Many of the papers are in amazingly good condition, having been
manufactured of high quality material, mostly rags and hemp. But some of them have been subjected to
water and insect damage and contaminated by acid migrating from inferior paper, especially envelopes that
someone placed them in, probably near the turn of the previous century.

                                                                            (see HISTORIC COURT PAPERS page 13)
   Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                  Page 13

                   Chapter Education                   HISTORIC COURT PAPERS continued from… 12

         IT 101 for Legal and RIM                      There is also evidence of vandalism in the form of torn
                                                       corners where stamp collectors probably took post-
           Professionals Seminar                       Civil War revenue stamps. Fortunately, paper conser-
                                                       vators can stabilize the damage and reinforce and/or
               by: Jessica Guajardo                    encapsulate even the most damaged documents so that
                 Houston Chapter                       they can be handled.

A     RMA is dedicated to providing the best possi-
ble education for our members! So what better way
                                                       As cataloguing the second half of the documents con-
                                                       tinues, county archivists hope and expect to find more
                                                       unexpected treasurers. But what they (and Judge Sulli-
than with lessons in Information Technology?           van) really hope for is that other former employees
ARMA Houston and John Collins, JD, from The            and officials and their descendants come forth with
Ingersoll Firm, presented a 1-day professional de-     additional troves of documents that they have stored
velopment seminar on Friday, October 29th, IT 101      and protected when they feared that they would be lost
for Legal and RIM Professionals. CenterPoint Energy    forever.
hosted the venue for our event. The seminar pro-
vided attendees an opportunity to learn all the ba-    LEADERSHIP continued from… 7
sics of the IT infrastructure, Microsoft Exchange/
Outlook Email Systems, Disaster Recovery and           It’s up to each of us to accept this challenge and con-
Backup Systems.                                        tinue to grow as professionals, developing new skills
                                                       and knowledge to add to our “RIM toolbox”.
The seminar began with a simple review, identify-
ing the basic elements of a computer, giving insight   As a leader in the field, ARMA Houston is continually
to key components and their function from hard-        seeking avenues to effectively meet the challenge of
ware to operating systems and everything in-           change by developing and maintaining an innovative
between. It progressed to the more complex, IT         and practical approach in addressing the needs of you,
infrastructure, covering the purpose and elements      the member.
of computer networks, including file servers and
ESI/Data storage. The seminar concluded with a         But that is only half of the story. Professional develop-
discussion of the fundamentals of a Microsoft Ex-      ment begins with each of us and is a never-ending
change/Outlook E-mail System and its different         journey. We must continue to seek out avenues where
server roles, how email is organized on a database,    we can develop new skills and acquire new knowledge
and backup systems versus disaster recovery. In        we can bring back to our organizations. Seminars,
addition to learning the nuts and bolts of IT sys-     publications, workshops, conferences and even vendor
tems, attendees were provided with the tips of the     presentations can provide quality professional develop-
trade in decoding IT language and received a better    ment opportunities. The ARMA Houston Spring
understanding of the different perspectives of IT      Conference or our monthly meetings and workshops
versus Legal.                                          are just a couple such resources, bringing together the
                                                       best the industry has to offer.
This truly was an interactive seminar filled with
highly valuable information. It turned out to be a
huge success and was very informative. So if you       The road to our future may indeed be winding and
ever have an opportunity to attend one of John         curving. But with commitment and dedication to
Collin’s seminars, you will not be disappointed!       grow and evolve, we will make the turns and move
                                                       forward far stronger than we have ever been before.
Thank you to ARMA Houston, John Collins, and
CenterPoint Energy for an enlightening day!
Volume 32, Number 3                                                 Page 14

                  Make Sure You Saved The Date

                      Saturday, February 19, 2011

                          8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Come on out and enjoy delectable chili tasting and other sea-
  sonal food offerings; Refreshments; Silent Auction; Kiddee
Land; Fire Engine; live music by Cypress Creek; and a visit to
 the Mavis Eppes Memorial Social Circle to view ARMA Hous-
ton History through the historical collection from this special
           Past ARMA Houston Chapter President.
                 This year’s Cook-Off will be held at
                        Pioneer Records and
                      Information Management
                            (Parking Lot)
                           8810 Clay Road
                           Houston, Texas
                      Team Entry Fee $100.00*
                         Per 20’ x 20’ Booth
         For Team Entry or Sponsorship Information, Contact:
         Gayle Page, 713-688-0404, or
               Debra Mestemaker-Buzby, 713-241-5979
                             PLEASE NOTE
       Due to health risks, no pets will be allowed at the event!
For more information, go to or
   Volume 32, Number 3                                                                            Page 15

                                                  RIM Corner

      Geotags: What You Should Know Before You Post Photos on the Internet
                                   by: Beverly B. McMahan, CRM, ermm
                                             Houston Chapter

Y    ou moved or got a new car or new puppy and want to let your friends and family know. So, you take a
     photo with your cell phone and share it with others, or you post it on your Facebook page.

How lucky you are!

Maybe not, you may have just told thieves about their next “score”.

With advancements in technology, enhanced GPS capabilities and smartphones with built in GPS, managing
privacy and security is a fulltime job. Today it is vitally important that users understand what kind of data
they are broadcasting and what they can do to protect themselves.

Thanks to our friends in the U.S. Army who have published this information, we can get better informed.

       “In August of 2010, Adam Savage, of ‘MythBusters’, took a photo of his vehicle using his smart-
       phone. He then posted the photo to his Twitter account including the phrase ‘off to work’. Since the
       photo was taken by his smartphone, the image contained metadata revealing the exact geographical
       location the photo was taken. So by simply taking and posting a photo, Savage revealed the exact lo-
       cation of his home, the vehicle he drives and the time he leaves for work.”

    Did you know that smartphone images contain metadata revealing the exact location the photo was
    Did you know that iPhones embed geodata into photos that users upload to Flickr or Picasa – iPhone
      shots can be automatically placed on a map?

What is geotagging?

    Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification to photographs, video, websites and
      SMS messages.
    Geotags are automatically embedded in pictures taken with smartphones. Many people are unaware
      of the fact that the photos they take and then post to the internet have been geotagged.
    Photos have used geotagging for quite some time. Certain formats like the JPEG format allow for
      geographical information to be embedded within the image and then read by picture viewers. This
      shows the exact location where a picture was taken.
                                                                                          (see GEOTAGS page 18)
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                Page 16

                       Financials                           ARMA International Awards

  ARMA - HOUSTON CHAPTER                                  HOUSTON CHAPTER
        Balance Sheet
            As of December 31, 2010                      Large Chapter of the Year
                                             Total           1980, 1984, 1993,
                                                                2004, 2005
   Current Assets
     Bank Accounts
      100 CASH-CHECKING                       8,712.50   Very Large Chapter of the
      101 CASH-MONEY MARKET                  89,349.27
      103 INVESTMENT H. D. Vest          142,723.39                Year
      105 Certificate of Deposit                  0.00    1998, 2000, 2009, 2010
     Total Bank Accounts                $240,785.16
     Accounts Receivable                                     Chapter Newsletter
      1200 A/R Account                         -800.00
     Total Accounts Receivable          -$     800.00            of the Year
     Other Current Assets                                1988, 1990, 1996, 2000, 2002
      1499 Undeposited Funds                      0.00
     Total Other Current Assets         $         0.00    2008 (Honorable Mention),
   Total Current Assets                 $239,985.16
  TOTAL ASSETS                          $239,985.16       Large Chapter Website of
   Liabilities                                                    the Year
     Current Liabilities                                  2004 (Honorable Mention)
       Accounts Payable
        2000 A/P Account                          0.00
      Total Accounts Payable            $         0.00   Very Large Chapter Website
      Other Current Liabilities
        2200 Pre-payments                         0.00           of the Year
      Total Other Current Liabilities   $         0.00               2002
     Total Current Liabilities          $         0.00
   Total Liabilities                    $         0.00
     2999 Opening Bal Equity                 81,284.41
     3900 Retained Earnings              166,242.47
                                                           The ARMA Houston 2009-2010
     Net Income                              -7,541.72         Annual Report is now
                                                                   available on
   Total Equity                         $239,985.16  
  TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY          $239,985.16
                                                                   Check it out
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                          Page 17

                     Membership News               2. In order to be listed in the conference brochure,
      Returning Chapter Members                       sponsorships must be confirmed and paid by
                                                      March 11, 2011.
                by: Robin Thompson                 3. Sponsors will be required to provide camera
                   VP Membership                      ready digital artwork of their desired logo no
                  Houston Chapter                     later than March 11, 2011.
                                                   4. Sponsorships are awarded on a first come first
                                                      served basis.
                                                   For more information, or to make your sponsor-
                   Barbara Stepp                   ship commitment, please contact:
                   Deborah Boles                   Todd Brown @ 713-554-7541 or by email at
                  David Culbertson       

 Spring Conference continued from… 9
 Recognized during opening remarks
 Ribbon denoting “Platinum Sponsor” on the               Chapter Monthly Meeting
   badge for each of the vendor company’s at-                   and Workshop
 The vendor must have paid booth space for
                                                              January 26, 2011
   this sponsorship
                                                    10:00 - 11:00 Workshop: Chapter Member
GOLD CONFERENCE SPONSOR - $1,250.00                         Orientation/Regional Activities,
 Exclusive Gold Sponsorship                               Presented by: Robin Thompson, VP
 A link to vendor company website from the                Membership
   ARMA Houston Conference webpage
 One conference registration
 Opportunity to introduce a conference            11:00 - 11:30 Networking/Registration
 Recognized during opening remarks
 Ribbon denoting “Gold Sponsor” on the            11:30 - 1:00 Program: Home Media
   badge for each of the vendor’s attendees                 Preservation Guide
 The vendor must have paid booth space for                Presented by: Megan Peck
   this sponsorship

                                                                 February 23, 2011
 Name listed in Conference Brochure if pur-
                                                    10:00 - 11:00 Workshop: Business Ethics,
    chased before March 11, 2011
                                                            Presented by: Amy Lily, CenterPoint’
 Sign with company name and logo posted at
                                                            Director of Corporate Ethics
    conference near exhibit area
 Ribbon denoting “Corporate Sponsor” on
    the badge for each of the vendor’s attendees    11:00 - 11:30 Networking/Registration
 Recognized during opening remarks

Sponsorship Requirements:
1. The vendor must have a paid booth space at       11:30 - 1:00 Program: Disaster Recovery/
   conference to be eligible for Platinum or                Private Sector Preparedness Act
   Gold Sponsorships                                        Presented by: Ellie Myler, CRM
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                Page 18

GEOTAGS continued from… 15                             the platform.

       Most modern digital cameras do not                Why are these applications potentially dan-
         automatically add geolocation metadata              gerous?
         to pictures. Camera owners should study
                                                           Establishes patterns: location based social
         their camera’s manual and understand
                                                             networking applications allow strangers to
         how to turn off GPS functions.
                                                             track your movements every day. If they
       On photo sharing sites, people can tag a
                                                             watch someone long enough, they will
         location on their photos, even if their
                                                             know exactly when and where to find that
         camera does not have a GPS function.
                                                             person on any given day.
       Tagging photos with an exact location on
         the internet allows random people to              Exposes places of work and home: By
         track an individual’s location and corre-           tracking movements and putting the infor-
         late it with other information.                     mation together, strangers can determine
                                                             where someone lives and works.
Location-based Social networking
                                                           How to avoid giving away too much:
       Foursquare – Foursquare is a location-
                                                           Users deciding to utilize location –based
         based social networking website for mo-
                                                             networking sites should be aware of the de-
         bile devices. Users “check-in” at various
                                                             fault setting for the services and devises they
         places using a mobile website to share
         their location with friends, meet new peo-
         ple and get coupons. Users can also con-          Avoid geotags on photosharing applications.
         nect and publish their “check ins” with             Many photosharing applications give the
         Facebook and Twitter. If someone is not             user the opportunity to geotag a photo. Us-
         a friend on foursquare, they can still track        ers can delete geotagged photos later, but
         your whereabouts through Facebook.                  once the information is out there, it is out of
                                                             the user’s hands.
       Facebook places – Facebook places is
         similar to Foursquare in that it gives an         Turn off GPS function on phones. One of
         individual’s location when the users posts          the simplest ways to avoid displaying too
         information using a mobile application.             much information is to disable the geotag-
         This feature is available by using the              ging function on smartphones. Since most
         Facebook application for iPhone,                    smartphones automatically display geo- and Android. The                 graphical information, it takes a little more
         function is automatically active on all             effort on the user’s part to protect their pri-
         Facebook accounts until disabled.                   vacy.
       Gowalla – is another location based so-
         cial networking application that functions
         much like Foursquare and Facebook
         places. Users can build a Passport which
         includes a collection of stamps from the                  Smart phone
         places users have been.                             images contain metadata
       SCVNGR – (a game about doing chal-                   revealing exact location
         lenges at places) is a location-based social
         networking application that takes                      a photo was taken.
         “checking in” a step further by allowing
         companies, educational institutions and
         organizations to build challenges inside
Volume 32, Number 3                       Page 19

                      Chapter Education
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                               Page 20

                Community Service Projects               HOLIDAY continued from… 5

 Gift Wrapping for Project S.M.I.L.E.                    Of course, we had the traditional ARMA Houston
                                                         ornament exchange. It wasn’t the same without
            by: Judy Vasek Sitton, CRM                   Brenda Clements being there to lead the way, but, it
                 Houston Chapter                         was still fun nonetheless. We sure missed you,
                                                         Brenda and Jim!!!

T    here were over 500 families on the waiting list
for Project S.M.I.L.E. this year, up from 350 last
                                                      Of course an evening like this couldn’t have hap-
                                                      pened without the help of a number of people:
year, and those families were the recipients of our        Kathy Fabra for all her ideas, including the
toys and donations. The parents were moved to                fun door prizes and the candles at each place
tears by your generosity as they “shopped” the               setting;
stacks for just the right gifts for their children and     Nancy Ramirez for updating the ornament
brought them to the volunteers to be gift wrapped.           exchange story;
                                                           Mica Hanchey for guiding Kathy and me,
The shopping/gift wrapping event took place on               making sure the contract with Café Adobe
December 23rd at Bethel Ministries in Stafford, TX.          got to the right people and making sure the
Our donations were combined with gifts donated by            donations for Project S.M.I.L.E. were deliv-
others to create an amazing array for parents to se-         ered to the right place;
lect from as they chose three gifts for each child in      Regina Corey, Gayle Page and Pam Sankey
their family. A helper walked around with each               for seeing that the evening was publicized on
parent as they made selections. Then as the parents          the ARMA Houston website, in the ARMA-
watched and spontaneously shared their stories,              dilla, and on LinkedIn in the ARMA Hous-
each gift was wrapped in festive paper, adorned              ton group;
with a bow, and tagged with a specific child’s name.       Maggie Lerma, my mom, for providing the
The tears turned to smiles as the worry about gifts          cake continued from page
                                                       SHAREPOINTfor the evening; 20
lifted and one parent even burst into song.                Judy Sitton for her encouragement and occa-
                                                             sional reminders;
Although there were quite a few gift wrap tables to        Those who donated to the silent auction and
facilitate the process, I personally wrapped several         Project S.M.I.L.E., and
items early on that I recognized from our donations.       Those who attended to make such an eve-
Not only are you generous but obviously you know             ning a success.
what kids like.
                                                         May all of you have a wonderful holiday season and
Thank you for contributing to this worthwhile            a prosperous New Year!

                                    Items donated            Lerma
                                       to Project
                                      S.M.I.L.E.             Kathy
                                         At the              Fabra
                                    Holiday Social
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                                Page 21

                                               Chapter Highlights

   Are you determined to make your RIM program more compliant this year?
                           Let ARMA Houston help
   Join us February 23, 2011 for our exciting workshop and luncheon meeting.

                          Ethics on Trial: Does the individual corrupt the system
                                 or does the system corrupt the individual?
                        Presented by Amy Lilly, Director of Ethics and Compliance
                                            CenterPoint Energy
                                                 10:00 AM

“Does the individual corrupt the system or does the system corrupt the individual?” This discussion is
based upon the collapse of Enron and focuses on a variety of issues that range from human resource sys-
tems, compensation issues, concerns about retaliation and how CEOs and other senior leaders influence
company culture. The discussion is framed around a courtroom setting. Ethics is on trail. You be the

Don’t worry, this brief discussion will not make you more ethical or less ethical, nor will it tell you how to
judge the ethical behavior of others. Ms. Lilly hopes to stimulate your thinking about how your every day
decisions are impacted by your values, the company values, your convictions and the people you work
with on a daily basis. As an added bonus all attendees will be entered into a drawing to win a Starbucks
gift card!

                                       Monthly Meeting/Luncheon
                           Disaster Recovery/Private Sector Preparedness Act
                   Presented by Ellie Myler, CRM, CBCP, Corporate Records Manager
                                      CITGO Petroleum Corporation
                                               11:30 AM

It is not enough for organizations to have a disaster recovery plan. Reliance on critical infrastructure sys-
tems and information assets is a new focus to mitigate threats to business continuity. This interactive
workshop enables you to build a framework as outlined by the Private Sector Preparedness Act.
Compliance is voluntary today; however, industry experts are preparing corporate America for
DHS’ (Department of Homeland Security) future enforcement of best practices proposed. All attendees
will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Houston Spring Conference Registration! Winner will be
announced at the March meeting.
Volume 32, Number 3                                                             Page 22

                      Vendor Appreciation/Stevenson Elementary/Holiday Social
Volume 32, Number 3                                                                              Page 23

                                              ARMA International

For those of you who missed the Awards Ceremony at ARMA International in San Francisco ARMA
provided the script for the awards the Houston Chapter won. Each Houston ARMA member should feel
some pride in the job the Chapter has done for 2009-2010. Following is what was said about the Houston

Chapter Participation Award
The Chapter Participation Award recognizes those chapters that have increased membership participation
in the chapter and on the board over the fiscal year. This year we would like to recognize the recipients in
each of the size categories with the Chapter Participation Award.

In the Very Large Chapter Category – with an average of 22% of member attendance at monthly meetings
and 2 new board members the award goes to the Houston Chapter.

Very Large Category
Our final category in the Chapter Newsletter of the Year is for the very large chapter.

The Chapter Newsletter of the Year in the very large category goes to the Houston Chapter. Would news-
letter editor Gayle Page or a chapter representative please come forward?

This newsletter is outstanding. The articles that spotlight a member are great in allowing the membership
to get to know other members than just the board. The other articles focusing on current trends and other
educational needs are not only relevant but also entertaining.

Very Large Chapter Category
I know every one of you has been waiting for this, our last award! The very large chapter of the year...

The winner of the Very Large Chapter of the Year award is the Houston Chapter! Would chapter presi-
dent Louis Buzby or a chapter representative please come forward to accept this award on behalf of your

This chapter accomplished many great things over the year, in addition to its program and schedule. They
revised their chapter website to enhance the member experience, sent 12 members to the Southwest Re-
gion Leadership Meeting, focused on honoring members and past board members as a way to say thank
you, and celebrated their 50th anniversary.

                         Louis Buzby, CRM

                            Chapter of the
                             Year Award

                                                                       Judy Sitton, CRM and
                                                                   Beverly McMahan, CRM, ermm
                                    Houston Chapter of ARMA International

                                    The Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) Interna-
                                    tional is an organization of over 15,000 members in over 170 local chapters. It
                                    is a not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Lenexa, a suburb of Kansas
                                    City, Kansas.
                                    Our Objective is to promote and advance the improvement of records and infor-
                                    mation administration and management and related fields through study, educa-
                                    tion, and research.
The Armadilla is published by the
     Houston Chapter of ARMA        Our Mission is to advance professional knowledge and techniques by sharing
                   PO Box 1391      and exchanging experiences and information related to the field of records and
            Houston, Tx 77251       information administration and management.
                     Gayle Page         Our Responsibility is to develop and advance standards of professional compe-
                   713-688-0404     tence in the field of records and information administration and management.

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                                    FROM THE EDITOR
                                              by: Gayle R. Page                chapter gains your knowledge and
                                               Houston Chapter                 expertise needed to run a dynamic
                                                                               chapter like ARMA Houston.
Lucky Number Search                 This ARMA year is half over and as a
   Each issue of the                chapter we have many activities yet to     Look for opportunities where your
 ARMAdilla features                 organize and participate. The month        knowledge can be valuable and
 an ARMA Houston                    of January brings a monthly meeting        VOLUNTEER!
  member’s number.                  on the 26th, then February follows
  Find your member                  with the Chili Cook-off supporting
   number and win.                  ALHEF, our educational fund, on the
Contact Gayle Page @                19th, followed by the monthly meet-                ARMAdilla Team:                  ing on the 23rd.                           Editor & Publisher:
                                                                                   Gayle Page
                                    The Spring Conference is slated for        Team:
                                    April 26 & 27, 2011 at the Norris              Blake Denney
                                    Center. Plan to attend, this is the best       Allan Heath, CRM
                                    education and exhibit show next to             Julie Prochnow, ermm
                                    the International Conference in the            Beverly McMahan, CRM, ermm
                                    world.                                         Judy Sitton, CRM
                                                                                   Jennifer Walker-Ostertag, CRM
                                    Being involved in your chapter will        Contact any of the above members
                                    serve two fold, you gain knowledge             for an opportunity to contribute.
                                    and networking opportunities and the

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