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Principle Account Exercise with Answer


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									                                                                                                         www.schwarzbeinprinciple.com | Volume 4

                                                                                                               Balanced exercises

                                                    Subscription to the Schwarzbein Principle The aging Process
                                                    Basic Newsletter Program includes six
                                                                                                        Aging is a normal process due to your cells not
                                                    e-newsletters annually. This subscription period
                                                                                                        being able to keep up with the daily repairs
                                                    is October 2007 through August 2008
                                                                                                        needed to maintain you functioning at your op-
                                                    Price: $75.00 annually. If you order before timum. The aging of your metabolism occurs be-

H    appy
                                                    8/20/07 the price is $60.00                         cause your body loses its ability to build as much
                                                                                                        as you use even if you eat well and rest a lot. This
I hope your                                         Hormonally Balanced exercise inability to repair and rebuild gets worse with
summer is going well.                                                                                   time/age. Most of us start to experience some
                                                    The topic of this newsletter is why I recommend signs of aging around age 35 to 40. Some of
If you read my previous
                                                    interval training over the cardiovascular exercises these signs include the loss of the ability to lose
three newsletters, you
                                                    that most health care professionals are advocat- weight as easily as when we were younger, the
should be taking your Vitamin D3 and working
                                                    ing. I chose this topic because I had several re- loss of the ability to awaken unharmed in any
on meal hygiene by now! If not go back and read
                                                    quests regarding my exercise recommendations. way from a few beers/glasses of wine from the
them since taking Vitamin D3 and working on
                                                    Don’t forget to keep sending in your personal night before, and/or the inability to recover from
your GI tract are very important if you are going
                                                    request for topics.                                 exercise as quickly as before.
to achieve optimum health and your ideal body
composition. You will find a link to the past To understand my exercise recommendations,
                                                      you need to recall that my Schwarzbein Principle   Genetic and accelerated
newsletters on the home page.
                                                      Program is a 5-Step lifestyle program that         metabolic aging
newsleTTer announcemenT                               improves your health by healing your               Everyone is born with a preset life span or
                                                      metabolism, if needed. It is NOT a weight loss     genetic age limit. You will reach your preset life
This is the last e-newsletter provided at no-charge plan but rather a way of life designed to slow       span if you do everything right. Though you
as I had to make a decision to either discontinue down and reverse accelerated metabolic aging.          cannot improve your genetic age limit, you can
them because they are so time consuming or Once you balance out your metabolism, you                     control accelerated metabolic aging – that part
continue to provide this service by subscription. can achieve your ideal body composition.               of the aging process that is determined by your
Since I have been getting such great responses You must be healthy to lose weight, not lose weight       daily habits.
from you in regards to them, I decided to carve to be healthy.                                           Accelerated metabolic aging is due to poor
out some time in my ever- increasing lecture and                                                         nutrition and lifestyle habits and overlaps your
writing schedule to continue providing this ser- optimum metabolism                                      normal genetic aging process. It will prevent you
vice. Starting in October 2007, there will be six There are two sides to your metabolism, the            from reaching your genetic age limit because
newsletters each year. As a subscriber, you can using and the building sides. On a daily                 poor nutrition and lifestyle habits will catch up
be part of the decision plan on what you want basis, you are “doing” your life. Doing is using.          with you, causing you to develop diseases and
me to write about by emailing me your personal Being able to function well on a day-to-day ba-           die sooner than your preset genetic life span.
request for topics. I will also be selecting 1 to 3 sis requires you to use chemicals (made by your
medical questions that you email in for me to cells from food) and energy (stored or made by             The influence you have over your own aging
answer each month in a section in the newsletter your cells from food) to be able to work, play,         process is determined by your daily habits.
called Dr. Schwarzbein Explains.                                                                         In other words, you have the final say over
                                                      take care of others and keep your body alive
                                                                                                                          how much you do and con-
There are two ways that you can subscribe. through oxygen ex-                                                             sequently use on a daily basis
You can join the Schwarzbein Principle Family change, the beating of                                                      and you can decide what you
Newsletter Program and enjoy savings on your heart and main-                                                              put into your body in terms
supplements, books, exercise items and audio taining normal blood                                                         of good nutrition as building
lectures (coming soon) or you can just subscribe pressure. In order to                                                    material and how many hours
to receive the newsletter itself.                     keep doing/using, you
                                                                                                                          of rest you get each day. If you
                                                      need to rebuild and
Subscription to the Schwarzbein Principle                                                                                 eat poorly, don’t sleep well,
                                                      replenish. This is ac-
Family Newsletter Program includes six                                                                                    ingest too many toxic chemi-
                                                      complished when you
e-newsletters annually and 10% discount off any                                                          cals (sugar, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.), and/or
                                                      eat and rest. How well your metabolism works
supplements, books, exercise items and audio                                                             over-exercise, you will be using your energy and
                                                      is determined by how well you replenish what
lectures (coming soon) purchased. The discount                                                           cellular chemicals at a faster rate than your body
                                                      you use on a daily basis. As long as you can
applies to any sales price as well. This subscription                                                    is able to rebuild them. This can occur at any
                                                      build as much as you use, you have an optimum
period is October 2007 through August 2008.                                                              age, but most people notice the consequences
                                                                                                         when the “bad” habits they have had for years
Price: $125.00 annually. If you order before
                                                                                                         catch up with them after the age of 35.
8/20/07 the price is $100.00
Hormones, Habits and aging                         It feels good to do these kinds of exercises because circuit weight training gyms, then this would be
                                                   they also stimulate the release of endorphins.       considered a stimulating form of exercise, NOT an
Now that you understand that aging is due to
using more than you are capable of building, you   All cardiovascular exercises are stimulating. adaptive one. An example of this would
                                                   Unfortunately after the age of 35                    be Curves, the circuit training program that is
need to know that using and building are under
                                                   stimulating exercises break you                                      designed to keep your heart rate
hormonal control. There are hormones that help
                                                   down more than build you up. A                                       up continuously by rotating
you use and hormones that help you build. It is
                                                   good example of this is in women                                     between weight stations and aero-
the ratio between the using and building hor-
                                                   who run long distances – they end                                    bic stations. You could, however,
mones that determines whether you are building
                                                   up with osteopenia (bone loss) or                                    easily modify your Curves workout
or using your body’s chemicals, energy and cells
                                                   osteoporosis (severe bone loss with                                 to make it adaptive by resting at the
at a given moment.
                                                   increased fractures). A better way                                  aerobic stations. You can change
What determines your hormone levels is your                                                                            any type of stimulating exercise into
                                                   to run would be interval or adaptive
daily habits. A habit that elevates the level of                                                        an adaptive one by doing it in intervals.
                                                   training (see below).
the using hormones higher than the building
                                                   When you are younger than 35 years old, the          Interval running is better for you than
hormones communicates to your body to
                                                   using-up phase triggers a rebuilding phase and       continuous running because it triggers building
literally use itself up. A habit that lowers the
                                                   that is why these types of exercises have gotten a   hormones, whereas continuous running releases
levels of the using hormones below the level of
                                                   good name. However, when you are older than          using hormones.
the building hormones conveys to your body
that this is the time to rest and rebuild.         35 years old, these types of exercises use you up    You can actually see this by noticing the body
                                                   more than trigger rebuilding and you end up          composition of the different types of runners.
Nutrition, sleep, stress, chemical ingestion
                                                   aging faster by doing them. This may be hard         A sprinter has more lean body tissue (bones and
and exercise are the habits that influence your
                                                   to believe but you need to trust not only what       muscles) compared to a marathon runner! Also
hormones. This newsletter focuses on how
                                                   I am saying but to understand why                    this type of exercise is very good for your heart
different types of exercise change the ratios
                                                   this occurs after the age of 35 years old. At this   and in fact the latest studies are saying not only
between your building and using hormones,
                                                   time in your life, you are already into the normal   does interval training build more lean body tissue
causing you to break down/use or help you
                                                   aging process when it is harder to keep up with      and burn off fat but it also improves the function
rebuild. For more information on how nu-
                                                   rebuilding (remember this is normal).                of your heart better than cardiovascular exercises.
                   trition, sleep, stress and
                                                   Therefore anything you do that causes you to
                    chemicals affect your build-
                                                   use yourself up at a higher rate puts you in a       Very Few exercises
                    ing and using hormones,
                                                   rebuilding deficit. This is the definition of        calm you down!
                     I refer you to either my
                                                   aging. Therefore, the older you are, the faster      Calming exercises are those that lower the
                      latest book, The Pro-
                                                   you age if you do stimulating types of exercises.    using hormones, such as restorative yoga, Tai
                      gram or my second book,
                                                   As you get older it is better to do adaptive or      Chi, Qigong and light stretching. These types of
                       The Transition (this one is
                                                   calming exercises to help you improve your           exercises are ideal if you are under stress or are be-
                       more technical for those
                                                   capacity to build.                                             ginning to get back into exercise. They
                        of you who want to know
                        which hormones are                                                                        help to decrease the using side of your
                                                   adaptive exercises                                             metabolism and that in turn makes it
                        actually involved).
                                                   Build you up                                                   easier for you to catch up with rebuild-
The Hormonal effects of exercise                   Adaptive or Interval training exercises                        ing. You can do these types of exercises
                                                   increase the release of building hor-                          every day.
You may have heard the terms cardiovascular,
                                                   mones (as long as you are eating and
resistance and stretching to describe the different
                                                   sleeping well). Therefore, these are the                      clearance
types of exercise. I have renamed and reclassified
                                                   types of exercises I advocate you do,                         You always need medical clearance if
exercise as stimulating, adaptive and calming.
                                                   especially after the age of 35.                      you are over 50 and/or you have a medical con-
This is a different way of classifying exercise that
takes into account how different exercises affect To be a true adaptive exercise, you need to get       dition and have not been exercising.
your hormone levels.                                 your heart rate above 90 beats per minute and
                                                     keep it there for a few minutes, then, you need    when not to exercise
• Stimulating exercises break you down               to stop and cool down and get your heart rate      Too many people think that any type of exercise
• Adaptive exercises build you up                    back down below 90 beats per minute for a few      is good for you. Well it is not. Here are some
                                                     minutes and then restart again. Your workout       times when exercise actually does more harm
• Calming exercises slow down the using side of
                                                     should last a total of 30 minutes to 2 hours at    than good.
   the metabolism
                                                     the most. This includes the rest periods.
stimulating exercises                             In general resistance types of exercises such as • When you are sick
Break you down                                    weight training, calisthenics and Pilates would • When you haven’t slept
                                                  be classified as adaptive, but only if they were
I have named the exercises that increase the us-                                                   • When you are overly stressed (can do calming
                                                  done in an interval manner.
ing hormone levels higher than the rebuilding                                                        exercises)
hormone levels, stimulating exercises. These are Not all resistance types of exercises are adap- • When you haven’t been eating enough
exercises that you do continuously for 15 minutes tive and that is why this category has been re-
or more that keep your heart rate higher than named. If you weight train continuously with- • If you are already in the mode of using more
90 beats per minute and cause you to sweat. out a break in between sets, such as in most             than building, then any amount of exercise
   will cause you to use even faster. This sPecials                                                    • Three a Day Antioxidant – contains several
   accelerates the aging process.                                                                        different antioxidants that help combat the
                                                     For the month of August you will receive a          effect of oxidation that occurs with exercise.
• If you have a damaged metabolism
                                                     10% discount off each item separately or            Take 1 with each meal.
If you have a severely damaged metabolism, are 15% discount off available packages listed • Vitamin D3 – a hormone that is important in
tired and/or sleep deprived, listen to your body and below.                                              improving insulin resistance and it is also fat
rest. Exercise does not give you energy, it requires                                                     burning. Take 1 to 3 daily. This one requires
                                                     supplement Packages
energy – an exception is restorative yoga.                                                               that you follow your Vitamin D3 levels to as-
                                                     Insulin Sensitive with Healthy Adrenal Gland
                                                                                                         sure you are getting enough and not too much.
summary                                              Package contains:
                                                                                                       • Ultrapreventative III – a balanced and com-
                                                        Ultrapreventative III (a multivitamin)
Hormonally balanced exercise is Step 4 of                                                                prehensive high potency multivitamin/min-
                                                        Omega Synergy (omega 3 and 6)
my Five-Step Schwarzbein Principle Program                                                               eral that could be your best ally in supporting
                                                        Calcium and Magnesium
because it should not be addressed without first                                                         your body’s natural defenses and overall good
                                                        B supreme (B complex)
working on good eating and sleeping habits.                                                              health. Take 2 with each meal.
Step 3 – Avoiding or tapering off of toxic chemi- These are the core vitamins recommended for • Omega Synergy – a combination of Omega
cals and Step 4 – Hormonally balanced exercise everyone on The Schwarzbein Principle Program.            3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to decrease inflam-
can be addressed at the same time but again only                                                         mation and support your organs. Take 1 with
                                                     To this you tailor your supplement regimen by
after Steps 1 and 2. See my book The Program for                                                         breakfast and dinner.
                                                     adding in other supplements, dependent upon
more information on how
                                                       your specific needs.                            • Calcium and Magnesium – work together for
and when you should start
an exercise program.                                  To support your exercise regime you can add in     healthy nerve and muscle function. They are
                                                      the Exercise Supplement Package or the indi-       often used together as a nighttime supplement
It is important to under-                                                                                for better sleep. They help calm the nerves and
                                                      vidual supplements listed below
stand that different types                                                                               muscles. Best to take 1 at breakfast and 2 at
of exercises trigger differ-                         Exercise Supplement Package contains:               bedtime.
ent types of hormones                                   Three a Day Antioxidant
in your body that de-                                                                                              • B-Supreme – a Vitamin B com-
                                                        Carnitine                                                      plex. B vitamins are essential for
termine whether you                                     Lipoic Acid
will use up proteins, fats                                                                                             healthy amino acid metabolism,
                                                        Coenzyme Q-10                                                  neurotransmitter balance, heavy
and energy or build proteins                            Phosphatidyl Serine
while using up fats and energy. The latter is                                                                          metal detoxification and immune
what the goal is and is achieved more by doing individual supplements                                                  function. Take 1 with breakfast.
adaptive/interval types of exercises. Only with
                                                     • Carnitine – used to preserve lean
                     these types of exercises can
                                                        body tissue and help you burn off
                      you build muscle and bones
                                                        fat. Take 2 before a workout and 2
                      and burn off unwanted fats.
                                                        after a workout for maximum effect,
                       Conversely, stimulating ex-
                                                        on an empty stomach.
                       ercises break down muscles
                        and bones along with fats, • Phosphatidyl Serine – lowers the
                         especially after the age       release of the using hormones. Take 1 to 2
                          of 35.                        before a workout on an empty stomach.
                          Exercising more or any • Lipoic Acid – improves the building side
                           amount of exercise when      of your metabolism. Take 1 at breakfast and
                          you are not eating well       lunch with food.
            or sleeping enough can initially cause • CoQ-10 – a good antioxidant that is good for
weight loss because you use yourself up when            your heart. Take 1 at breakfast and lunch with
you do so. But weight loss is not the best way          food.
to achieve health. You need to improve your me-
                                                     • Vitamin C – helps to build collagen. Take 1 at
tabolism first and then you can burn off excess fat
                                                        breakfast with food.
weight. This is the only way to be healthy and to
achieve your ideal body composition.                 • Vitamin E – a good antioxidant. Take 1 at
                                                        breakfast with food.
For a great adaptive workout consider my latest
exercise video Strengthen, Stabilize and Stretch.
I challenge you to exercise smarter, not harder.
To your health and happiness,
Diana Schwarzbein , MD

The information contained in this newsletter has not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. All material provided is for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your
physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health program.

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