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					Bellevue College
Location: Bellevue – close (can live at home) parking is difficult, can take bus

Clients: 5w &H (Who, what, when, where, why and how)

AA degree – 2 year – Associate of Arts
93 credits
    • Digital Video
    • Animation and Graphics
    • Digital Gaming
*Working on developing a converging media program, general training in all areas
Building an articulation with CWU and possibly UW and possibly Digipen

Tuition: 5 credit class is $400

Video/Film/Television Jobs
TV/Movies are boom and bust jobs
Corporate media – long term jobs, need advanced degree – MA
*If you want to get promotions, make a career, get the highest degree possible

Students: 30 students per class

Portfolio – keep them short (5 seconds to 3 minutes)
Looking for: lighting (3 point), composition (rule of thirds), color (warms/cools)
DVD and now online portfolio

Preparing yourself – English classes, journalism

Cameras: Flip cameras, Panasonic, red camera
Fully operation TV station and remote truck

Sports: most major sports

Housing: apartments and are working on building dorms


Instructors: All instructors come out of industry
FIDM – Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Location: LA (biggest), San Diego, San Francisco, Orange Country
Campus: Downtown, office buildings
Largest west coast design school

7000 students

Programs - 2, 3 and 4 year programs
17 Majors from web design, graphic design, movie
Business management end of design

Tuition: Varies between programs but ranges from $20,000 - $40,000

Majority is hands-on learning
All courses relate to field of study

93% of students are employed in their field
Career Fair and Internships in the industry

Professors are industry professionals

Admissions – Focus on portfolio and recommendations
GPA and test scores not as important
Recommendations: give 2 weeks, give list of bragging points

Housing – arrange for housing for students in apartment buildings

Many scholarships:
Full Sail University
Orlando Florida (Park)
Hollywood style back lot and the latest gear and software

The Entertainment & Media World
Music, Film/TV, Video Games, Concerts/live events, art & design, Entertainment
Business, Animation and Visual FX, Web

Degrees: Bachelors of Science
Music and Sound // Concerts and Live Events – 20 -21 (about 2 yrs)
Film & TV/ Animation & Visual FX - BS – 20 months
Game Development, Game Art, Game Design –
Web // Art and Design – Graphic Design, Digital Arts and Design, Web Design
Entertainment Business & Marketing – music, Entertainment and Business, Internet
Music – Recording Arts, Show Production, Music Business
Video Game Industry: Salary plus residuals

What makes them unique?
     Lifetime auditing of courses
     Project Launch Box – Mac book Pro loaded with software
     8 hours of day - 4 hour of lab and 4 hours of lecture
         o Lab 5 students, Lecture 30 students
     Rolling enrollment – you can start at the beginning of each month
     24 hour classes

Housing – no on-campus housing but tons of apartments - assistance
Sports – no teams
Size – 7,000 students but small classes

Admissions – 3 letters of recommendations, GPA 2.5, test scores not important
Interview required – will want to see examples of work, $75 fee

Tuition - $12 – 18 per year but only for 2 years
*Covers all books, lab fees, film, laptop and software

Internships with major companies

Scholarships – merit, specific to Full Sail, and Women in the arts

Career services and services for disabled students

Top school in multiple areas

88 – 91 % job placement in the career field you were trained in
92% graduation rate
Lake Washington Technical College
Focus on workforce skills!

5500 students (median age 29 yrs old)
Located in Totem Lake/Kirkland – beautiful campus

Student Housing – apartments across the street – mostly for international students

Cost: $1077 per quarter, ~$6,000 for the AA (most affordable college in the state!)
$40 per credit

Degree: AAS Associate Applied Science – 18 months – 90 credits
Or Certificate 12 months – 45 credits
BA in Technology – 180 credits

Articulated with DigiPen

Multimedia Design and Production
      Animation Game Design – 3D animation for game design
          o 3D animation with MAYA
          o Unreal Editor
          o ZBrush
          o Character Rigging
      Interactive Digital Media
          o Video (Final Cut)
          o Motion Graphics (After Effects and Apple Motion)
          o Sound (Soundtrack and Pro Tools)
          o Video Production
          o DVD design
          o Little bit of web design
      Print and Web Design
          o Adobe CS Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash
          o Core classes and then focus on advance topics in either web or print

Employment Center – 90% job placement overall
Resume and interviewing service – networking with instructors from industry

Visits: Every Tues 10 am

Hands-on – 70-80% in media classes
Gen ed classes not related to program
Upside down degree – focused course work or major in the beginning

Admissions: High school graduation or GED
Take Compass test – placement test – drop in test at any time – free

Instructors – from industry
Northwest College of Arts Application Essay

          1.   Why are you applying to Northwest College of Art? Prioritize four expectations that you
               have of this program.

          2.   How did you come to focus on the area of concentration that you wish to pursue at
               Northwest College of Art?

          3.   Describe in detail two personal challenges that you have faced and how you met those

          4.   Describe one of the most important people in your life and how they have contributed to
               your success.

          5.   Describe two pieces of work you wish to create, and why.

          6.   What are your artistic career goals for the future, which begin with earning this degree?
               What employment positions do you wish to seek?
Northwest College of Arts
26 acre campus over looking the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound

Small arts school – 90 students!

3 Year
BF – Photography
BF – Visual Communication: Double Major Required
       Fine Arts – Free lance, help develop personal style and build business plan
       Design – Graphic design – advertising, internships in Seattle
       Multimedia – animation/motion graphics (After Effects/Flash/Maya) Rotoscoping

75% Arts Class 25% gen ed classes
Fusion of Fine arts and commercial arts
Develop your own style

Admissions: Whole picture, express passion in essay
Portfolio (must be electronic) 8-16 pieces CD in pdf format
Visual Communication majors have to have sketchbook and 4 - 5 observational drawings

Housing – room mate assistance

2 year job placement support
Percent of graduation getting jobs in field 75%

Seattle Art Institute 2009
18 programs

Admissions: Desire
2.0 GPA for Associate Degree (2 year) – AA 18 – 20 months
2.5 GPA for Bachelors Degree (4 year) – BA 3 years
SAT or take the Art Inst. Test
*Game Art and Design requires a portfolio
All degrees are accredit by the same organization at the UW

Cost: $471 per credit, it takes 180 credits for a BA
Scholarships: Academic, Merit, Competitive

Location: Downtown Seattle, on water front, next to Pike Place

Software/Hardware: Always up dated because they have a business advisory board that
makes sure they have the latest gear
Mac and PC, Apple and Adobe software

Classes: All are career related – history of film, Math – budgeting for a film

Housing: Apartments are furnish and utilities for around $2500 per qrt

Clubs in each program but no sports teams

Employment: 90% of graduates find employment in their field within 6 months
Web design students starting salary average $45,000 per year

Instructors: Industry professionals

Population: 2500 students 19 to one ration
Shoreline Community College
Fall 2009
Why get an college education?
No high school degree $18,000 per year
Masters or higher $75,000

Location Lynwood, just north of Seattle
Tuition: 15 credits is $955
Admissions: You can fill out one application for all the Community colleges in the state
Everyone gets into a CC but it might be difficult getting into a specific class
Housing: none
Sports: Some scholarships
Volleyball, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball and softball

University                                    Community College
4 year degree and certificates                2 year degree and certificates
Selective                                     Open to everyone
UW - $2564 15 credits                         Shoreline 15 credits is $955
Professors are expected to publish            Professors have to make films
Intro classes large (200 – 250)               Intro classes small (30 – 35)

Terminal Degree: highest degree in that field
Not as transferable

Associate of Fine Art (AFA) – Most Transferable
Applied Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAAS)

Digital Filmmaking and Performance Arts
Visual Communication Technology (VCT)

The SCC digital Filmmaking degree is transferable to CWU Film Studies
CWU – focus on studio production – Journalism program, news van, broadcast
SCC – Focus on field production, multi camera setup, studio

Cultural Anthropology
Gender, Race, Class
15 credits in any other area besides film/video

Film Courses
Video Production
Editing Courses both Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro
The Documentary
Screen Writing

Example: Vital Force
Seattle University
Location: Capital Hill in Seattle
Beautiful garden like setting in vibrant Downtown Seattle

Private Jesuit Catholic Mission
7500 students, average class is 20 students

Tuition: $28,260 per year
Room and Board: $8,340 *students must live on campus for 2 years
Other expenses: $5000

Degree: BA in Film Studies
Academic University degree, rigorous
Don’t over emphasis film production – focus on film studies

No employment statistics

Instructors: strong professors – published
Film production classes by Seattle Film community

Sports: All major sports except football
Small school – 900 students
Location: Redmond - #2 largest gaming areas in the world
Next to Nintendo

Competition with USC, MIT, and Carnegie-Mellon
More awards than any other schools

Admissions: 2.5 GPA, will look at SAT but not very important
Need transcripts and recommendations
Mostly Portfolio – 15 drawings (observational) and computer graphics, sculptures
       Don’t use original images, 8.5 x 11 in, plastic sleeves
       Also burn a disc

Prepare for college
BS – focus on math, physics and computer science
BFA – Drawing, sculpture, photography, storytelling, creativity
Know how to write, research, annotate and schedule

No sports teams

Employability: Programmers 90%, Engineers 100%, Animators/Artist 70-75%
Animators can start earning ~$35,000 and programmers start ~$65,000

Art program: 40 – 60 hours a week, 100 sketches per week!

Degrees: BFA and BS (4-5 years) $18,000 per year or ~$70,000 4 yr
Animation, Engineer, Game Design, and Masters programs
Budget around $30,000 per year for everything
144 credits compared with the normal 120 credits
Essentially declaring your major on day one so you have more time to prepare

No student housing but a service to match students in same program and year for room

Instructors from industry – love what they do and assume you love it too

Passion: you have to be passionate to push yourself through this demanding work load
Foundations    Year 1: Tons of art: drawing for animation, biology, anatomy, history
               Year 2: Basic CG, Animation, analysis of movement
               Year 3: Individual Project
               Year 4: Group project (art for a game), Internship,
               .Individual project (cinematic piece)

Summer camps – 2 weeks
Shadow a student for the day