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                                    The Bishop Carroll and Madonna All-Publics Newsletter
                                    Fall 2009, Vol. XIX, No. 3

                                    Mission Statement:
                                    The mission of Bishop Carro ll Catholic High School is to assist parents in forming Disciples of
                                    Christ who enrich the culture as stewards of God’s gifts.

President Leticia Palacio z Nielsen
Chaplain Rev. C. Jarrod Lies 92 ........                                           8/25/9Tues
Principal Vanessa Wiseman Harshberger 79
Assistant Principals Slade LaMunyon, Alan Schuckman 83
Athletic Director Larry Dostert
Counselors Janet Neville, Debora Aluise, Steve O’Hair, Lloyd Robinson
Develop ment Director Karen Sch midt Go mez 67
Registrar Marsha Haag

Building The Tradition – Turf Project
      Construction is complete on the artificial turf at the Bishop Carroll Family Stadium. The unexpected opportunity came to light
late in May when Andover-based ATG sports approached the BCCHS Administration with “a very fair bid on a great product,”
according to Alan Schuckman. After receiving permission from the Bishop and pastors, superintendent, Sch ool Council and Building
Co mmittee, gifts were solicited and $665,000 was raised by June 30. Removing the existing grass, grading and other prep work began
in June, and the underlayment and artificial turf were laid Ju ly. The pro ject was co mplete in time for Band Camp which began August
      Many will benefit fro m the new addit ion: not just football and physical education classes, but also soccer, band, and the Pa rochial
League will utilize the BCCHS Family Stadiu m. We are gratefu l for the 242 individuals and families that have given to the project to
date, and we look forward to sharing our new multi-purpose facility with the diocesan community. President Leticia Nielsen
comments, “We are so blessed to have such a generous community. Bishop Carroll now has a multi-purpose playing surface that is state
of the art, a showcase for all other schools across Kansas. Bishop Carroll Catholic High School is dedicated to developing and
maintaining programs and facilities that will meet the needs of the families of Bishop Carro ll Catholic High School and the Wichita

2009 Homecoming Week: September 21 -26
   Monday – Trophy cases due, donuts
   Tuesday – Care packages
   Wednesday –
   Thursday – All School Mass – Dress uniforms
       Freshman Beanies, trophy cases judged, Powderpuff, Bonfire
   Friday – Pride Day, Pep Assembly 2:15p m
                Tailgate Party 5:30 p m, west of gym
       Football Game 7p m
       Class of ’89 Reunion
   Saturday – Students’ Dance 8:30p m, The Cave

BC Bag S ale Underway
    The Bishop Carroll Parents Organization Academics Co mmittee's annual trash bag sale began August 28, and all of us have the
opportunity to either sell or buy our famous trash bags. 100% of the proceeds go directly back to Bishop Carro ll and the cla ss treasuries,
so everyone benefits! Due to the high cost of oil, the cost for all bags this year is $15 per roll of yellow yard, wh ite kitchen, and all the
biodegradable packets. Order turn-in dates are Sept. 4, 11, and 18. Distribution in small gym will be Oct. 6, 7, and 8. Money turn-in
dates are Oct. 13, 20, and 27.

May They Rest in Peace
     Remember in your prayers these members of our Bishop Carro ll co mmunity who have died recently : Ruby Abel, Ryan Beal,
Gertrude Christensen, LaVerne Dold, Irene Dreiling, Catherine J. Dugan, Clara Erker, Luv ina Fisher, Dorothy Fortin, Patricia Funke,
Bill Gorges, Sr., Hermina Hendricks, Norman Klein, Leo Landwehr, Delbert Leiv ian, Leon Lies, Kathleen McDonald, Anna M inko,
Charles Newso m, Pauline Oh l, Ted Pelt zer, Dan Persons, Pete Perry, Rita Simon, Mary Urban, Lewis West.
     Memorial gifts were g iven to Bishop Carroll in honor of Tony Beugelsdijk 67, Rita Bieker, Winona Du ling, Terry Hines, David
Kessler 74, Doug Manion 73, Joel McNatt 76.
     We pray, too for those who died one year ago: Paula Bro wn, Cayetana Casanova, Pete Chavez, Marlene Chew, Ann Corrigan,
Emily Deitchler, Cletus Dold, Marv in Dreiling, Peyton Duling, Lucille Edgington, Haro ld Fawcett, Werner Friess, Nancy
Frischenmeyer Fager, Edna Goetz, Irene Healy, Russell Hendricks, Francis Ho ff, Leota Miller Howard, Velma Jacobs, Jay Keeling,
Dick Kline, Dennis Lesh, Daniel Lies, Rev. David Linnebur, Ch ris Maurer, Dorothy Mermis, Gilbert Moser, Susan Phelps 72, John
Poston, Cecelia Robl, Margaret Rucker, Patricia Salber, Ed ward Sanders, Ray Saunders, Floyd Seidl, Ron Sinclair, Kathy Snodgrass 70,
Geneva Sweet man, Peggy Vanley, Joseph Werner, and Ted Zogelman.

From the Director’s Chair
By Karen Sch midt Go mez 67
    We finished our 2008-09 Annual Fund Drive raising $292,500, a litt le short of our $350,000 goal, but we’re still in the black, due
to our staff’s frugal spending and stewardship. With about 60% of our parents also giving to our Building The Tradition and Turf
Project, over and above their parish stewardship commit ments , we are so blessed. Our entire school community is grateful to each and
every donor --- all our generous constituents that share our commit ment to make Bishop Carroll an excellent school, helping to form
Discip les of Christ. Included in this issue is the Donor List for our fiscal year 2008-2009. All donors to the Annual Fund Drive and
Building The Tradition are listed for gifts received fro m Ju ly 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009.
    Our 2009-2010 Annual Fund Drive is underway, kicking off on Sept.16 with the Faculty & Staff Division. In early November all
members of our BCCHS family will again receive a letter of invitation to participate in this year’s appeal; all will be asked to prayerfully
consider a gift to BCCHS at a level appropriate to each. We so appreciate the volu nteers who have said “yes” to leading this year’s
appeal. The div ision chairpersons for this year’s Annual Fund Drive are
    Leadership Di vision Earl & Kathy Mies 79
    Faculty & Staff Greg Krotz and Aubrey Logsdon 00
    Parents Jerry & Cindy DeRee 73 and M ike & Jennifer Hybl
    Alumni Ann Stephen Weller 74 and Cliff Smith 87
    Past Parents Larry & Mary Malone and Carlos & Betty Trujillo
    Grandparents Dory & Irene Tro ilo
    Friends Rick & Ashlie McKay

                            Don’t forget Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in your will o r family memorials!

 BCCHS School Council
     Members of the 2009-2010 School Council are Laura Beck, Sherry Bell, Sherry Berger, To m Depperschmidt, Ann Dorn 77, Dick
Dwyer, Deanna Girrens, Karen Go mez 67, Vanessa Harshberger 79, Janet Koester, Rev. Andy Kuykendall 70, Rev. Jarrod Lies 92,
Dottie Miller, Bethany Mills, Let icia Nielsen, Greg Sanders 85, Manuel Silva, Jim Ubert 87, and Walter Zemanick. Their meet ings are
the second Mondays of the month in the office conference room.

Matching Gi ft Companies List (updated 8/21/9)
     Co mpanies such as Boeing, Pepsico, and Occidental Petro leu m, match their emp loyees' donations to Carro ll. If you work for one,
please contact the human resources office for the necessary form when you give to BCCHS! The usual minimu m g ift is $25 in order to
qualify for matching funds.
     Some other matching companies are Aetna, A merican Exp ress, Amgen, Anheuser Busch, Avery Dennison, Bank of A merica,
Bankers Life, Bemis, Black & Decker, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Case, Cessna (through Text ron), Circuit City, Coca-Cola, Conoco
Phillips, Delu xe, Du ke Energy, Eco lab, Eli Lilly, Equiva, First Horizon Ho me Loans, FM Global, Gannett, Gap, GlaxoSmithKline,
Go ld man Sachs, Grainger, H&R Block, Hallmark Cards, Hewlett-Packard, Ingersoll-Rand, Intel, Kellogg, Knight Ridder, Lyondell
Chemical, McDonalds, Merck & Co., Merrill Lynch, M icrosoft, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, No rthrop Gru mman, Oracle, Pfizer, OXY,
Pitney Bo wes, PPG Industries, Prudential, Raytheon (but not Hawker Beechcraft), Rockwell Automa tion, Sherwin-Williams, Sprint,
Textron, TriCon, Teledyne Technologies, Toyota Motor Sales, Union Pacific Railroad, UPS, Vu lcan, Wells Fargo, and most
pharmaceutical co mpanies.

Class Reunion News
     The Cl ass of ’84 moved their reunion to October 9-10. Tailgate party at 5:30p m, football game at 7, and additional Saturday
activities will be announced later. Contacts are Brian Schulte, or, and Michael
Pietrzak, p or wxwarrior@co
     The Cl ass of ’85’s 25 reunion year is fast approaching. If you would like to help plan a reunion, contact Philip Frangenberg at m.
     The Cl ass of ’89 reunion is set for September 25-26, 2009. Classmates can visit the Class Reunion Website at Friday night is the tailgate party and football game at BC. Saturday features golf at
8am, tour of BC at 2p m, and dinner and dance at Exp loration Place. Contacts are Troy Evans, Craig Lashley and Julie Sanders St uckey
     The Cl ass of 2000's 10-year reunion will be next year. Anyone who would like to help organize it can contact Katie Rech
Reichenberger at m.
  Alum Eng agements
  Scott Steele 86 to Angela McDav itt                9/26/9
  Jerrad Silke 95 to Deena Co leman                  11/ 21/ 9
  Angela Rodriguez 98 to Franklin Shane              10/ 3/9
  Valerie Emming 99 to David Eschbacher              9/26/9
  Lisa Farmer 03 to Timothy Garcia                     ?/10
  Jenna McAnarney 03 to Brad ley Scott               11/ 28/ 9
  Will Sh ideler 03 to Kara Parrish                  6/26/10
  Casey Kennedy 05 to Chad Lager 05                  1/30/10
  Rachel Meether 06 to Ryan Lies 05                  5/21/10
  Jessica Palmo re 05 to David Pianalto 05           4/24/10
  Daniel Reif 05 to Cassandra Meyer                  8/7/10
  Elisabeth Neises 06 to Curt is Goebel 06           4/17/10
  Jose Gonzalez, BC theology teacher, to Mary Beth Glo mski

Alum Weddings
Annette DeRee 78 & Aaron Anderson                     4/6/9
Amanda Horsch 93 & Steven Oakleaf                     7/25/9
Sara Kollmai 96 & M ichael Wright
Kathryn Young 97 & Brad ley In man                    5/9/9
Margaret Mohr & Craig Schroeder                       10/ 25/ 8
Sara Poell 99 & Gerardo Guzman                        6/12/9
Kristy Hanson 00 & M ike Sandbo                       8/22/9
Matt Mavec 00 & Catherine Pettay                      6/27/9
Jessica Stuhlsatz 00 & David Fu ller                  6/6/9
Cori Meyer 01 & Luke Broddle                          4/25/9
Heather Reif 01 & Justin Bloo mer                     7/25/9
Carla Torres 01 & Christopher Brannon                 8/22/9
Kevin Kurtz 03 & Kelli Kilian                         7/18/9
Christina Gross 04 & Dylan Klaus                      8/1/9
Bret Kotrba 04 & Jill Reiff                           6/27/9
Lorie Rech 04 & Jordon Kohl                           8/3/9
Kali Werner 04 & Joel Leh man                         9/12/9
Lyndsey Winters 04 & Shane Organ                      6/6/9
Cole Meyer 05 & Andrea Chavez                         8/8/9
Jonathan Scrafford 05 & Diane Santos                  6/09
Cecilia Winter 05 & Samuel Hanson
Stacy Benefiel 06 & Camden Roach                      8/1/9
Sara Cash 06 & Travis Meeks                           5/16/9
Dustin Downing 06 & A manda Dobson                    7/25/9

  Baby Eagles
  Isabelle Grace, born 11/ 17/ 8, to Ann & Tony Neises 82
  Landon Jude, born 11/ 20/ 8, to Jeremy & Heather Rosales DeVore 90
  Katherine Dolores, born 5/ 21/ 9, to Evan & Diana Ko llmai Frederick 93
  Kassandra Annabelle, born 5/30/9, to Yo landa & Bill Kirkpatrick 94
  Reise Kenneth, born 7/22/ 9, to Rob & Holly Meiergerd Tanner 94
  Maylea Brenae, born 4/ 15/ 9, to Josh & Lea Meyer Hamlin 97
  Kylie Mae, born 6/1/ 9, to Cliff & Ju lie Diekemper Johnson 97
  Evelyn Rose, born 8/4/ 9, to Andrew & Kati Ware Ho ward 97
  Michael Evan, born 6/4/9, to Ryan & Kelly Goebel Walker 98-98
  Cooper Mac, born 6/ 17/ 9, to Cale & Julie McAnarney Carson 00
  Brendan Michael, born 4/ 14/ 9, to Jake & Lauren Kuckelman Go ldsborough 01
  Charles Peter, born 2/5/9, to Charlie & Chrissy Brown Kissling 01-01
  Dorian Christian, born 1/ 19/ 9, to Drew & Stephanie Young White 01
  William Rowdy, born 1/25/9, to Jonathan & Sharon Minihan Carpenter 02-02
  Caro lyn Shelby, born 7/ 27/9, to Lee & Gina -Ann Axman Cole 02
  Olivia Ann, born 6/23/9, to Lisa & Joe Metzen 02
  Ashtyn Rae, born 12/ 17/ 5, to Alex & Taryn Roberts Acosta 03-03
  Aedyn Alejandro, born 11/1/ 8, to A lex & Taryn Roberts Acosta 03-03
Class Notes
     Bob Heffley 66 has tapes from the ’65 football games and is willing to put onto DVDs for those interested. So far, he has abo ut 6
orders, and cost would be less per copy if more orders co me in. If you’d like one or mo re, contact Bob at 316.258.5025 o r
    Jim Scott 66 is the Director of Indiv idual and Family Support Policy and Deputy Executive Director of the Depart ment of Defense
Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. He’s been “very busy
getting to know the new administration and their political appointees. “ He says, “I have made the decision to retire, fo r real this time.
March 12, 2010 will be my last day of duty at the Pentagon.” We wish him and Loretta well.
    Sr. Nyl as Moser 68 is the liturgist for her fello w Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Ch rist. She served on the Steering Co mmittee as
Hospitality Chairperson for the Wichita convention of the American Gu ild of Organists (AGO) Region VI last June. A variety of
musical venues featuring the organ was presented: organ recitals and concerts with choir and brass, with percussion, and with flute.
    Pam Tiemeyer Jones 75 and husband Bill have opened a learning center, Lightpoint Learn ing and Tutoring, in Alpharetta, GA .
They also have a consulting and training co mpany, Lightpoint Consulting and Training. Contact her at,
visit or, or Facebook and Linked ln. “Pam and Bill have two children (Sydney,
21, senior at the Un iversity of South Caro lina, and Sienna, 12, 7th grade) who co mpete and perform as Irish step dancers, and Sienna
competes with the AllStar Panthers, a competit ive cheer squad. They all live in harmony with their t wo dogs, two cats, fish and other
critters who happen into their life. Sydney just returned home fro m her study abroad semester in London and is looking forward to her
senior year at USC. Mo m is relieved and happy to have her home again.”
    Pat & Sherrie (Faber) Dohrer 76-79 have lived in Eden, Utah for five years and own and operate the Snowberry Inn Bed &
Breakfast. Pat is also employed by Dal-tile in Salt Lake City and Sherrie is Innkeeper. Children A manda (00) lives in Salt Lake City
with her daughter Caroline & is employed by an area youth center as a case manager; she will be going back to get her Master’s in 2010.
Tyson (Northwest 03) is employed by Sprung International in Salt Lake City, Samantha 06 is employed by the Catholic High Scho ol in
Ogden and attends Weber State University pursuing her education degree, and Kaitlyn graduated fro m St. Joseph High School in Ogden
this year and will be attending Friend’s University in the fall. The Dohrers can be visited online at or in person
    Denise Stump Maus 79 is one of ten individuals nationwide to be recognized for her efforts to promote oral health in the
community. She was honored as a “Hygienist Hero” by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Johnson & Johnson
Healthcare Products Division of McNeil-PPC Inc. To be considered for the recognition program, candidates submitted essays that
described their self-funded activities that enhanced oral health care in their co mmunity. Maus focuses on patient education at the Kansas
Mission of Mercy, a free dental care pro ject sponsored by the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation. After several years of volunteering,
she started advocating for more detailed patient education and in 2005 was asked to create a patient education component for the next
KMOM pro ject. Pat ient education is now a staple of the Kansas Mission of Mercy.
    Tony Neises 82 is a network/infrastructure engineer at Agco Corporation in Hesston. The prior 24 years, he worked for Decisio nOne
as a field engineer and manager. He and wife Ann have three children, Rachel Annemaria, Theodore Matthew, and Isabelle Grace.
    John Kampling 87 is a branch manager fo r Futurity First Insurance Group in W ichita. Call him at 316.491.2920.
    Julie Galuszka Coleman 90 and husband Ron “love liv ing in Arizona where (she) is the Director of Co mmun ity Relations for US
Airways and oversees the airline’s philanthropic and emp loyee volunteer programs.”
    Amy Roberts Price 91 lives in Omaha with husband Brad and three young children Aria (4), Miles (2), Liv iana (1) and one on the
way in January. A my has her own business as a natural-light photographer in Omaha,
     Lori Kautzman 96 graduated fro m a 5-year residency program in surgery at Memorial Health Un iversity Med Center, Savannah,
GA . She has accepted a 2-year liver transplant fellowship at the University of Nebraska Med Center in Omaha.
     Rosa “Sita” Gaytan 01 is a mortgage facilitator with CitiMortgage. She has been the company since early ’09 and has one
     Jarrod Thome 01 is the Director of Co mmunicat ions for Conception Abbey and Seminary’s Development Depart ment. He and wife
Emily have 2 year old twins Sophia Marie and Olivia Grace and live in Ravenwood, MO. He had attended the seminary fro m 2002-2005
and graduated with a BA in Philosophy. He is now working on his MBA at NW M issouri State and takes a few classes here and at
UMKC’s Bloch School of Business toward their non-profit leadership certificate program. He hopes to also attain CFRE certification.
    Sabrina Klutzke 02 graduated May 15 with a Masters in anthropology from WSU. She d id her summer internship at the Museum of
Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, AZ.
    Blake Seiler 02 is a graduate student at KSU, working on his MBA and assisting with the Wildcat football program. He hopes to
someday coach at the collegiate level.
    Lisa Farmer 03 graduated from Newman University in 2008 (Cu m Laude, Sister Claudine A xeman award fo r excellence in b iology)
B.S. in Biology. She is starting work on her Master's degree at Creighton University in Omaha, specializing in Clinical Anat omy.
   Jenna McAnarney 03 received her Master of Occupational Therapy at The University of Kansas Medical School this past May.
    Ryan Purcell 03 is a Focus missionary at the University of Illinois. Email him at
    Tayl or Steven 04 is assistant women's basketball coach at Co lorado State University. She has always wanted to be a coach and to be
able to coach at the Division I level at such a young age is just a great opportunity. Kristen Holt is the head coach there, and she coached
Taylor as an assistant for 3 years during my 4 years at Wichita State. As a guard, she taught me a lot and they agree on coaching style.
She finds Fort Collins to be “an amazing town! There is so much to do and it is beautiful! I feel very g rateful and blessed!”
    Matt Klutzke 05 graduated fro m Purdue University on May 16 with a Bachelor of Science in co mputer engineering and a minor in
    Amanda Lorg 05 graduated from WSU with a degree in Elementary Education May 16. She will be teaching 1 st grade next year at
Rea Woodman Elementary School, Wichita.
     Aaron Sulli van 05 received the Leona J. and Harvey J. Ablah Award upon graduation fro m Newman University in May. The
award was established by Geri and Fran Jabara for a graduate who exemp lifies the spirit of Newman.
     Elisabeth Neises 06 will graduate in May 2010 with a nursing degree fro m WSU.
    Steven Roth 06 comp leted a summer aerospace engineering internship at Stellar So lutions in Palo A lto, CA, where he worked at the
NASA A mes Facility. He is a senior at Notre Dame this year.
    Anthony Neises 08 attends KU, pursuing a degree in pharmacy.
    Jennifer “ Ki m” Datu 09 has joined the US Air Force & graduated fro m basic training in San Antonio August 28. She is now
attending Admin istration Train ing at Keesler AFB, MS.
    Blake Bell 10 was selected to attend to the EA sports Elite 11 Camp for top high school quarterbacks in the US. HE set the GWAL
passing record with 3,240 yards passing and 37 touchdowns last season. He is the first Kansan chosen in the camp’s 11 -year history.
    Alex J ohnson 10 scored a top score of 36 on his ACT, taken in April. He is one of only 268 who achieved this on that national test
    Five new teachers for the CDOW K are BC grads: Cammie Slughter 04 teaches Pre-K at St . Cecilia’s, Amber Slusser 04 teaches
Grade 2 at St. Francis, Katie Sheahon 04 teaches kindergarten at Magdalen, Petra El more 04 teaches math at St. Joseph’s, Bret
Kotrba 04 teaches social studies and business at BCCHS, and Tom Voboril 02 is Christ the King’s tech person. Cheree’ Means 06 &
Cammie are looking for a roo mmate for a house available in October near Maple & Maize. If interested, phone 316.721.9072.
    Several BC alu ms were on Totus Tuus Teams this summer, provid ing religious activities for youth: Ricky Kotrba 05, Britton
Snyder 06, Mi tchell Simpson 06, Teresa Becker 07 and Matt Cott 08.
    Music Theatre of Wichita was selected by the Disney Company as one of the first theatres in the country to mount the
excit ing new stage version of the hit TV film. Featuring dozens of talented young Midwesterners, this high -energy romp was great
for all ages. These 6 Bishop Carro ll students performed: Caitlin Marrereo 10 as Gabriella, Kelly Ufford 11 as Kelsie, Gavi n
Myers 12, Teresa Offerman 11, Mattie Sharp 10, and Bethany Berry 13.
     Email your news to You may also send address & phone updates this way!

    Come pray the Rosary wi th us – Fri day mornings at 9:10 in Madonna Chapel!

Athletic Schedules, KS HSAA & NCAA Rules
      Athletic schedules change frequently and become inaccurate as soon as they are printed. To access accurate schedules, us e the lin k
fro m to www.v There also is a lin k to dynamite sports, m, (login is
bishopcarroll, password eagles). Up-to-date info rmation concerning NCAA Division I, II, and III’s GPA, core classes requirements,
ACT, SAT, NAIA and NJCAA requirements can be obtained through this link. In addit ion to college requirements, this site a lso has a
lin k to every college website in the nation, as well as conditioning and training exercises for every sport.

Di d You Know?
   Bishop Carroll has 1,128 students this year, plus 37 eighth grade m ath students, here for “0” hour. About 33% have at least one parent
who is an alu mnus/a fro m class years 1967 through 1996.
     Entertainment B ooks are on sale for $20 through any BC musician or cheerleader. They are also availab le at the front office; call
      Bishop Carroll and Madonna graduates include 23 priests, 22 sisters, and 2 Christian Brothers. Twenty-five alu ms are currently
in the seminary, 18 for the Diocese of Wichita, making up 40% of the Diocese’s seminari ans, and seven others are in format ion as
priests and monks of other orders.
      BC’s Community J ournalism Class has a full section they produce monthly in the Catholic Advance. They feature stories and
pictures about all the schools and prominent students throughout each semester.
      The BC facul ty & staff include 19 alums this year: Chaplain Fr. J arrod Lies 92, principal Vanessa Wiseman Harshberger 79,
assistant principal Alan Schuck man 83, develop ment director Karen Schmi dt Gomez 67, health aide Kari Kanngiesser Conant 79,
custodian Frances Pritz Lies 74; math teachers Erika Good Berger 92, Andrea Sill Ellsworth 91, Jessica Schippers 01, Jared Vogel
02, and Stephanie Stockemer Yon 96; English & yearbook teacher Tracey Huber Fox 88; music acco mpanist Teresa Peltzer El pers
80, network ad ministrator Ron Horsch 80, social studies teachers Chris Jaax 01 and Bret Kotrba 04; English teacher Aubrey
Logsdon 01; science teacher Jim Nance 80; and theology teacher Sr. Mary Agnes Wasinger 00. has film clips of the BC band and spirit squads.
      In the Wichita Di ocese, 25% of our students are non Caucasian.
      One and all of our B CCHS community are invited to come to any of our All School Masses (see calendar) and/or pray the
Rosary for our school every Fri day at 9:10 am in Madonna Chapel….“Where mo re than one are gathered in My name.…”
      The Eagle Express and Aquila are available on-line at If you need extra copies or calendars, check it out!
      There is NO S MOKING at all City Leag ue events. Our league also has a NO PASS OUT policy – people will not be read mit ted
if they leave to s moke, un less they pay for another ticket.
   Our BCCHS L egends Car Wash code # is 1071, and handy reminder cards ar e available in the front office.

Prayer for Building The Tradition
    Almighty Creator God,
    You sent your Son as the Good Teacher to lead and guide us,
    so that by the power of the Ho ly Spirit, we who are called to be Disciples of Christ,
    might be constructed into an edifice of Liv ing Stones.

    We gather now as stewards of this Body of Christ to ensure the future of
    Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, by building a mo re suitable environ ment
    for the education, formation and sanctification of our youth.

    May each stone laid represent our faith and hope in all who labor and learn within these walls.

    We pray that through our generosity and sacrifice this institution may continue to produce
    those great souled men and wo men who will become, and who are even now,
     the architects and artisans of a more Ch rist-like culture.

    We ask this through the same Christ, Our Lord. A men.

    Mary, Mother of the Church… Pray for us.
    St. Joseph, the Worker… Pray for us.
    All you Saints and Angels… Pray for us.

Check out the Bishop Carroll we bsite at

Calendar –
20     All School Mass, 9:30am
27     Parent Walk-Through
28     “Food” Fall Sports Scrimmages

 4     Football – Heights @ BC 7p m
4-5    Class of ’99 reunion
 5     XC invitational & Alu m Run @ Lake Afton
18     Football – South @ BC 7p m
24     Ho meco ming All School Mass 9:30am
25     Homecoming – Football v. North 7p m
25-26 Class of ’89 reunion

9       Football – KMC @ B C 7 pm on ESPNU-TV
14      Nat’l Testing Day – no pm classes
22-23 Parent-Teacher Conferences
23      Football – Valley Center, Sr. Recognition
30      BC Teacher inservice – no classes

 3    Memorial Mass 9:30am
 4    Wizard of Oz – Fall Musical 9:30am, 1p m
 5    Parents’ Day Mass 8:30am
      Wizard of Oz – Fall Musical 1p m, 7:30p m
 7    Wizard of Oz – Fall Musical 2p m, 7:30p m
 8    Wizard of Oz – Fall Musical 2:30p m
13    Gr. 8 Curriculu m Fair
23-24 Regan Catechetical Institute – no classes
25-27 Thanksgiving break

8      Immaculate Conception – no classes
       Basketball v. South 6 & 7:30p m
21-22 Semester I finals
4       BC Teacher inservice – no classes
6       Classes resume
18      Martin Luther King – no classes

11-12 Parent-Teacher Conferences
17     Ash Wednesday All School Mass 9:30am

15-19 Spring break – no classes

2       Good Friday – no classes
5       Easter Monday – no classes
17      Pro m

23      Graduation 2 p m, Activit ies Co mp lex
26-27   Underclassmen finals – ½ days

Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school, the model of its faculty, the inspiration of its students.

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