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									Voice Over Actor Gets Cult Following
Voice over talent D.C. Douglas garners a cult following due to several high-profile voice over roles, including Albert Wesker in "Resident Evil 5," GEICO announcer campaign, and multiple roles on "Family Guy".
Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 13, 2009 -- In a city where an actor's dramatic close-up may make or break a star, character actor D.C. Douglas is getting fans with just his voice. With the recent release of the cult hit "Resident Evil 5," gamers can't stop talking about the ultimate villain, Albert Wesker, and his new voice over performed by D.C. Douglas.

A passionate and vocal community, gamers take their obsessions seriously, and often take up forum space discussing plot, effects, characters and even voices in detail. When Capcom brought Douglas on board for the voice of Wesker, debate about that decision erupted. But since the release of RE5, fans have embraced Douglas' performance. Capcom took note and now Douglas is back in "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles" as Wesker, though only in a flashback. But Albert Wesker fans will have to make room for the new fans Douglas will undoubtedly get with the release of "Tekken 6" and "Mass Effect 2" in which he voices major roles (to be unveiled later). The virtual world isn't D.C. Douglas' only voice over venue. A different community of fans formed out of his work as the announcer for the popular GEICO celebrity campaigns that starred famous people interpreting regular folk's GEICO experiences. Some of those stars included Joan Rivers, Little Richard and the late, great voice over God, Don LaFontaine (this one being a particular treat for Douglas). Upcoming in September, a new fan base will have a chance to hear Douglas voice multiple characters on FOX's animated cult favorite, "Family Guy". "Voice over has always been my bread and butter and on-camera film and TV work has been my primary passion," says Douglas, who has an extensive list of film and television credits. "But after the GEICO campaigns helped me buy a house, and after hundreds of RE5 fans reached out to thank me for my work as Albert Wesker, I just had to take a moment and really appreciate how wonderful this aspect of my career has been. I'm extremely grateful." In addition to his film and television career and high-profile voice over work, Douglas still provides voice over services from his home studio to national and international businesses. Projects range from single market commercials to corporate video narration and even IVR systems (on hold voice mail greetings). D.C. Douglas is represented by Abrams Artists and Associates in Los Angeles for voice over. He can also be reached for voice over work via My Voice Over Guy. Fans of D.C. Douglas can stay up-to-date with his latest projects via his Facebook page. This press release was prepared by Writing To The Rescue. ###

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