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After Four Great AOSR Years Mrs. Reykdal Bidding Adios


									                                           AOSR News                                         April-May 2003

       April Calendar
                                             New Principal Beth Pfannl
Tuesday, 1:
  *HS/MS ERB Tests
Wednesday, 2:
                                             Coming to AOSR Next Year
  * HS/MS ERB Tests                                             By Dr. Larry Dougherty, Headmaster
Thursday, 3:
  *HS Spring Concert 7 pm                            As many of you know, Mrs. Joanne Reykdal will be leaving as
  * HS/MS/ES ERB Tests                       Principal of AOSR to become the High
  * MS Faculty Meeting                       School Principal of the American School of
Friday, 4:                                   Madrid. Mrs. Reykdal’s leadership, energy
  *Honor Choir in Portugal, thru the 8th
  *ES/ ERB Test
                                             and organizational skills have made a sig-
  *MS/HS Reports Cards                       nificant contribution to AOSR. As a result
Saturday, 5:                                 of her leadership, we have made great pro-
  *Tennis and Boys Soccer at Livorno         gress updating and coordinating our cur-
Monday, 7:                                   riculum, supporting parental involvement in
  *PTO Meeting 9:15 am
                                             the school and in enhancing the academic
Wednesday, 9:
 *PPAC Meeting, 9:15 am                      reputation of AOSR.
Thursday, 10:                                        Mrs. Reykdal has served on the Col-
  *No School, Parent/Teacher Confer-         lege Board Advisory Committee and has
  ences 9 am-5 pm                            represented our school and the international
Friday, 11:                                                                                     Dr. Beth Kempler Pfannl
  *Gr. 2 Archaeology 9:15 am-5:30 pm                                                                    (Continued on page 23)
Saturday, 12:
  *Tennis at Milan; Soccer at Milan                                           *
Tuesday, 15:
   *5th Grade Play, 7:30 pm                   After Four Great AOSR Years
                                              Mrs. Reykdal Bidding ‘Adios’
Wednesday, 16:
  * 7th Grade Science Fair
  *Students dismissed 3:20 pm
Thursday, 17                                                        By Joanne Reykdal, Principal
 *Spring Break thru the 27th
Sunday, 27:
                                                       The school community of AOSR is very special. There is a
  *Boarders return to residence 3 pm          strong core of values at the school that provides it with a framework
Monday, 28:                                   for the future that builds on the strengths of past traditions. Parents
  *School reconvenes                          who visit our campus find it student-centered or as one parent put it,
       May 1-10 Calendar                      “kid-friendly.” The program is academically demanding, but every
                                              effort is made to provide a program for students with a wide range of
Thursday, 1:
   *No School Italian Nat’l Holiday           abilities and talents. Students learn that if they have a strong work
Friday, 2:                                    ethic built on integrity, they can achieve their goals. Furthermore,
   *No School Italian Nat’l Holiday           parents are partners in the education of their children, and this is one
   *IB/AP Exams thru 23rd (see Page 18)
Saturday, 3:                                                                                             (Continued on page 2)
  *Tennis at Naples; Soccer at Naples
Monday, 5;                                                                        Contents
  *PTO Meeting, 9:15 am                       From the Headmaster    1   ES News             11+ Rome ‘n About            19
Thursday, 8:
  *HS Faculty Meeting                         Principal’s Office     1   PPAC                13 Good Eats and Caffe’      20
Friday, 9:                                    Latest News            3   Sports              14 Pre-K News                21
  *MS/HS 4th Quarter Progress Reports
Saturday, 10:                                 Mayfair Section       5+ Teacher Interview     15 Special Feature           24
  *Mayfair 11 am – 4 pm                       PTO’s Corner           9   HS News             18 At the Movies             25

                                                    (Continued from page 1)After   Four Great...

              This is the                           of the important strengths of the AOSR pro-
                                                            As many of you know, I will be leaving
              last Falcon                           the American Overseas School of Rome at the
                                                    end of this academic year to become the Upper
                  Flyer                             School Director at the American School of Ma-
                                                    drid. I have enjoyed being a part of this special
                 before                             community, and I thank you for giving me the
                                                    opportunity and the privilege to work with you
               MAYFAIR                              during these past four years.

  Don’t miss our special
  MAYFAIR Section on
  Pages 5-8 to find out
       how you can
                                                       The Falcon Flyer is a monthly
     join in the fun                                    publication of the American
                                                     Overseas School of Rome (AOSR)
       — and help!
                                                              Via Cassia 811
                                                              00189 Rome
  Flyer publication                                           Italy
                                                              Telephone: 06-334-381
  Schedule changed                                            Fax: 06-3326-2608
 Through end of year
                                                    To make comments or suggestions, or to submit
        Observant Flyer readers may already         an article to the Falcon Flyer, please call editor
have noted something different about this edi-      Cam Rossie at 06-3324-8295, or send an email to
tion of the Falcon Flyer: the front page defines A Flyer submission box
this as the April-May edition instead of just our   is also located in the Principal’s office.
usual one-month newsletter.
        Due to the late Spring Break this year,     For contributions to:
followed by the May 1-2 holiday, this Flyer edi-    Rome ‘n About, email Igor Yasno at
tion covers school activities and events from
April 1 to May 14. The next Flyer, to be pub-       Good Eats and Caffe’, email Sue Berton at
lished in mid-May, will be the May-June edition
and cover school happenings through the end of
the year.
        Of course, the Calendar of events also           Next Deadline 4-29-03
has been expanded, as you’ll see on Page 1.                The deadline for submission of articles
Meanwhile, for your planning needs the PTO’s        for the May-June Falcon Flyer is Tuesday,
Corner on Page 9 includes a preliminary list of     April 29. We will be looking for news of
important dates for the remainder of the year,      upcoming events through the end of the school
while the HS News page has the AP/IB exam           year.

 Students Can Buy Books                            High School Will Present
  At April 2-3 AOSR Fair
        Students as well as parents are in-
vited to visit the AOSR Book Fair to be
                                                   Spring Concert on April 3
                                                          The High School Choir and the High
                                                  School Ensemble unite for a live musical per-
held in the Elementary School Library on                                     formance on Thurs-
April 2-3 from 8:30 am to 4 pm.                                              day, April 3. The
        The fair will feature English-                                       annual Spring Con-
language books for Elementary and Mid-                                       cert is scheduled for
dle School readers, as well as a nice as-                                    7 pm at AOSR.

sortment of best sellers for adults and ad-                                           All AOSR
vanced readers. A variety of American                                        families and friends
and British publishers will be represented.       are cordially invited to this traditional evening
        Parents, don’t forget to send             of musical entertainment, which Mr. Zimmer-
money with your younger children on               man's and Mr. Reale's classes have worked

those days or, better yet, come along to          hard to prepare.
the fair and share a special book-buying                  Popular music from the Beatles and
moment with your child.                           Duke Ellington, as well as some classical
        Aren’t books just wonderful?!             pieces, will be performed. Don’t miss it!

   MS/HS Report Cards Coming; Teachers Ready to Talk
         It’s that time of the year again. April 4 is none other than “Report Card Day.” The fol-
lowing week there is NO SCHOOL on APRIL 10 due to Parent-Teacher Conferences in all

three schools. Parents, you should have signed up by now for your requested conferences. How-
ever, if by any chance you’ve completely forgotten about this important day, make haste to
Mrs. Reykdal’s office, where every effort will be made to arrange a schedule for you. Time
slots are being assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to
fit in a chat. Teachers, of course, are always willing to talk.

  7th Grade Science Fair
     Set for April 16th
                                                        5th Grade Musical
                                                          Is on April 15
        Science Fair projects give 7th grade stu-
dents the opportunity to gain hands on experi-
ence and knowledge in an independent field of
study of their choice. It is a challenging assign-
                                                                Come one, come all to see our
                                                                                 talented      5th
                                                                                 grade singers and
                                                                                 actors in this
ment that allows the students to express their                                   year’s marvelous
own ideas and have fun at he same time.                                          production     of
        This year’s Science Fair will be held on                                 “The GIGO Ef-
Wednesday, April16. Over 40 students will par-                                   fect.” The won-
ticipate in this event and they will present a wide                              derful play, on

range of topics, including mineralogy, plate tec-                                April 15 at 7:30
tonics, rocket science, astronomy and chemistry.        pm, makes the point that COMPUTERS
        Students will be judged on the following:       MUST OPERATE IN CONJUNCTION
choice of topic, display, oral presentations, and       WITH A BRAIN. And, from what we
handouts. Several faculty members will be ap-           hear, there’s a very good group of singers
pointed to judge our mini scientists.                   in the 5th grade this year — great for the
        Come visit the fair, outside the gym!           challenging musical numbers they will be
                                                        performing. .

  New Security Measures in Place at AOSR
                                  By Dr. Larry W. Dougherty, Headmaster

                                   March 20, 2003        guard who is instructed to inspect any type of bag
                                                         too. Cars not driven by our parents may be subject
Dear Parents,                                            to close examinations, which may include visual
        The war that has just begun in Iraq has          inspections using mirrors, before they can park on
heightened everyone's concerns about safety and          the campus.
security on our campus. We want you to know that                                                     We are in
these issues have been, and continue to be, of vital                                         regular contact
importance to us and that we have implemented an                                             with the Re-
additional series of measures designed to further                                            gional Security
safeguard our students, faculty, staff and the AOSR                                          Office of the
community.                                                                                   U.S. Embassy,
        As you may know, during this academic year                                           and will imple-
the Board of Trustees approved the recommenda-                                               ment further se-
tion of the Security Committee and the Headmaster                                            curity measures
to invest in three major initiatives to improve the                                          if they are war-
security at the school. We installed a video surveil-                                        ranted. Our goal
lance system, changed the fence in the front of the                                          is to ensure a
school (additional improvements to the fence are in      safe teaching and learning environment for your
process) and hired professional security personnel       children and our faculty and staff.
on the campus all night, weekends and at the end of               We are now receiving applications for ad-
the school day.                                          missions from families coming from locations
        Some changes have been made in the proce-        where the schools have recently been closed down
dures as well: The administration has updated our        due to instability or other reasons connected with
Emergency, Safety and Security Evacuation Proce-         hostilities. AOSR will continue to accept students
dures Manual. The student body has been practicing       even at this late date so that children may continue
a number of precautionary drills including fire drills   their education and finish the academic year.
and bomb threat drills. Any unknown visitors to the               Nonstop broadcasts of this war on CNN and
campus must present identification to the security       other television newscasts will bring graphic pic-
guards and portiere, and wear an AOSR visitor pass.      tures of this conflict into your own homes, where
We continue to require the use of the parent identifi-   your children will have front row seats. I strongly
cation card when entering the campus. We also have       recommend that you limit the time that your
a telephone chain in place for contacting you in case    younger children spend watching these pro-
of an emergency.                                         grams. At the same time, you should be prepared
        Now, due to the outbreak of war, several         to address any concerns or fears they may have.
more security measures have been added. We now                    Our faculty and staff have been instructed to
have two professional security guards on campus          answer students' questions in a calm, matter of fact
during the day, and we will continue to have a pro-      fashion and to allow children to raise any questions
fessional security guard on the campus at night and      or concerns they might have during the course of
weekends. In consultation with the American Em-          normal classroom activities. We will not turn any
bassy, we have requested the continuous presence of      of our classes or our school into a forum on the war
Italian police and regular surveillance of the campus    nor will we show news broadcasts in classrooms.
during the night.                                        We have asked all middle & high school students
        Effective immediately, no parent, staff mem-     to avoid wearing any clothing with political sym-
ber or guest will be allowed to enter or exit the cam-   bols, as stated in our student handbook. We will
pus from 3 pm until all school buses leave at 3:33       provide a structured opportunity after school for
pm, and again from 4:45 pm until all late school         students who wish to raise issues and to participate
buses leave the campus at 5 pm. Anyone who enters        in guided, respectful discussions about the war.
the campus and is not affiliated with the school will             I want to thank you for the interest and sup-
have to leave an identification document with the        port so many of you have provided.

 M-A-Y-F-A-I-R Spells Fun On May 10
                                             By Hope Moore
                                         Mayfair 2003 Chairwoman

        What’s your definition of “fun?”                  be a raffle and auction, a book sale, and a vast as-
        A day spent talking and laughing with             sortment of products for sale.
friends? Sampling a tantalizing assortment of foods               It’s a great way to have fun with your fam-
from around the world? Watching children giggle           ily and friends and at the same time help our
with delight as they soak a friend with a wet sponge      school. This year’s profits will be used to upgrade
or fish a prize out of a pond? Discovering an armload     the Science and Math Departments including new
of bargain-priced books you’ve always wanted to           software programs. We have such an excellent team
read? Reveling in the fragrance of a sizzling barbe-      of teachers in these departments and now Mayfair
cue? Winning a cool prize in a raffle? Biting into a      profits will be used to purchase equipment to take
                                         homemade         the teaching of Math and Sciences to a new level.
                                         brownie or a     Additionally, for those of you who have struggled
                                         rich piece of    to read the scoreboard in the gymnasium, the May-
                                         cake? Real-      fair profits will help to purchase a much needed
                                         izing     that   new scoreboard!
                                         you’ve out-
                                         bid all the              PARENT INVOLVEMENT
                                         competition              IS VITAL FOR SUCCESS
                                         in an auction
                                         and will, in-
                                                                     OF MAYFAIR 2003
                                         deed,    take            The success of Mayfair 2003 depends
                                         home      that   greatly on the involvement of parents and faculty.
                                         basketful of     For this big event to be a success, we rely on volun-
                                         goodies you      teers from all our AOSR families. There are such a
                                         wanted?          variety of ways that parents (both Moms and Dads)
                                         Shopping,        and students can help to make this event great.
                                         shopping,                At this time, we ask you to review all the
                                         shopping?        ways that you can participate and ask you to select
                                         Listening to     the areas where your talents and time can be put to
some fantastic live music? Knowing that you’ve            good use. We’re not asking much. If every parent
helped raise a substantial amount of money to im-         would give just an hour or two of his or her time
prove your child’s school?                                before or during Mayfair, this year’s event will be
        By any definition, AOSR’s annual Mayfair          the best ever. However, if you just can’t find the
means fun, fun and, well, more fun! And it’s just a       time, perhaps you would consider making a dona-
little more than a month away. Many parents and           tion to one or more of our many events.
teachers have already been busy preparing for the                 In the articles in this section you will find
school’s largest fundraising event of the year.           more information on Mayfair events and requests
        This year’s event is scheduled for Saturday,      for assistance. Additionally, we’re also looking for
May 10th from 11 am until 4 pm and will again be          volunteers to help with Mayfair publicity, to get the
open to the public. Mark your calendar now and plan       word out about this big event. The Elementary
to come to enjoy a fun-filled day featuring games for     School Games committee also need parents to help
children of all ages, international foods, American       with the children’s games. You may be contacted
baked goods and great entertainment. There will also                                           (Continued on page 6)

(Continued from page 5)
                                                      contribution to this event. So please, take a mo-
by your child’s teacher or the Class Mom to sign-     ment to consider making a contribution.
up. Please contact the Mayfair coordinators of                Donations in the past have included Walk-
your choice to offer your assistance today.           mans, scooters, books, bicycles, t-shirts, jewelry,
       If you have any general questions, please      food baskets, ceramics, wine, airline tickets, meals
contact Hope Moore at 06-3088-0967 or 333-686-        in restaurants, and a wide array of gift certificates
7815 or                      for products and services.
       Thank you and we look forward to seeing
you at Mayfair 2003!!!                                         RAFFLE AND AUCTION
                                                               VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
    Mayfair Needs Donations                                  Working to set up the wonderful prizes in
     For Raffle and Auction                           the Raffle and Auction room the Friday afternoon
                                                      before Mayfair and assisting at the event itself is a
         The Raffle and Auction are always two of     fun and rewarding experience. Please consider giv-
the major highlights of Mayfair, and both are vital   ing an hour or two of your time to this important
to the day’s fundraising efforts. Donations of        Mayfair event.
goods and services -- from people like YOU --                If you would like to make a donation or
make these events successful.                         can volunteer to work please contact Evangeline
         We rely so much on the generosity of         Campos at 06-3324-0011.
businesses and organizations, both big and small,            Donations may also be dropped off in the
as well as families and friends of the school. For    Main Office at school. Thank you!
AOSR families with businesses this is a wonder-
ful way to support your school and also an excel-            Please Give Goodies
lent way to advertise your business, as Mayfair
attracts about 2,000 people.                                  For Theme Baskets
         As a donor your name will be listed as a
sponsor in all Mayfair promotional materials and              Very popular items for the Auction each
the official Mayfair program. As an AOSR fam-         year are Theme Baskets. These baskets are filled
ily, you may have an item at home or a service        with great “goodies with a theme” such as food/
that is uniquely yours that would make a welcome      wine, entertainment items, gardening, spring
                                                      things, etc. If you would be willing to create or
                                                      contribute to a basket or if you have a basket idea
                                                      please contact Evangeline Campos at 06-3324-
                                                      0011. We are also making a special request to
                                                      anyone who can contribute a few American foods
                                                      to the American Foods Basket, as this is always a
                                                      popular basket.

                                                                  Raffle Tickets
                                                                 Available NOW!!
                                                             On May 11 you could be speeding down
                                                      the Appian Way on a brand new mountain bike, or
                                                      having a romantic brunch or dinner for two at one
                                                      of Rome’s great restaurants or hotels. You could
                                                      be sipping a fine reserve wine or treating yourself

                                                                                           (Continued on page 7)

(Continued from page 6)Raffle   Tickets...                Please deliver donations to the Boutique on Tuesdays,
to a yummy American snack in the comfort of               or contact Cam Rossie at 06-3324-8295 or cam-
your own home.                                   to make other arrangements.
        On May 11 you could be enjoying a fantas-         To replenish your bookshelves, stop in early at the
tic Mother’s Day because you’ve received -- or            Mayfair Book Sale on May 10th. We can promise an
given -- a special gift won at the Mayfair 2003           excellent assortment of books to choose from -- at the
Raffle. You could be planning a great getaway be-         best prices in town!
cause you’re holding onto some totally cool travel
vouchers.                                                 Share a Taste of Your Homeland;
        On the other hand, you could just be sitting
home twiddling you thumbs and wishing you, too,           Help International Foods Court
had bought a few Mayfair raffle tickets.                         The International Foods Court is one of May-

               STUDENTS INVITED
                TO SELL TICKETS

        Raffle tickets will be on sale beginning
April 1st! Students from grade 3-12 are invited to
pick up a ticket booklet and sell as many tickets as
possible. To participate, students must return a
signed permission slip to Miss Gangi. The forms
will come home in student backpacks and will also
be available in the main office and with Ms.
        Tickets sell for €5 each or €25 for a book
and will be on sale up to the time of the raffle itself
at Mayfair. Beginning two weeks before Mayfair,
tickets will also be sold before and after school         fair’s most cherished traditions. It always provides
outside the main office.                                  such an excellent opportunity to express our school’s
                                                          international spirit, while at the same time allowing
   Mayfair Book Sale Coming;                              each of us to sample delicious specialties from coun-
                                                          tries and cultures around the world. Don’t miss out on
   MS/HS Book Drive on Now                                this opportunity to bring a taste of your homeland to
                                                          Mayfair this year. Volunteer to coordinate a stand or
In preparation for the Mayfair Book Sale, the PTO         help cook, bring food or staff one of those stands al-
is asking Middle and High School students, fac-           ready claimed. It’s easy. Just call one of the people
ulty, staff and administrators to PLEASE donate           listed here:
their used books, movies and CDS to the current           American Baked Goods: Julia Deptula - 06-3630-8980
book drive, which runs through May 6. We’re col-          Scandinavia: Laila Engesaeth - 06-3031-0635
lecting new and used works of fiction and nonfic-         Italy: Gloria Conteduca - 06-3366-5632
tion for children and adults in English or Italian.       Slovenia: Ana Volk
Recent travel guides, Italian language instruction        Africa/Middle East: Lamyaa Rady -- 06-3035-2031
books, coffee table books, cookbooks and books            Israel: Sharon Morad 06-3619-8500
on art are always very popular sellers. We’re also                We still need volunteers to coordinate stands
looking for audio CDs as well as DVD and VHS              representing other countries in Europe; Asia; and
movies, both formats.
                                                                                                 (Continued on page 8)

(Continued from page 7)                                thank the Middle School for supporting the Bake
Mexico/Central America/South America. Please           Sale again this year. Some Middle School parents
consider volunteering to handle one of these           will be contacted for baked goods by Mrs. Santan-
regions.                                               gelo. REMEMBER: SUNDAY, MAY 11TH IS
       Contact Grazia Deulus at 06-3630-4287           MOTHERS’ DAY. SO PICK-UP A DESSERT
or, or Moshira Zelenka at 06-       FROM THE BAKE SALE TABLE!
3036-1196 or Your                 To sign up to bring in a baked good, work
contributions will help to make this event a suc-      at the table or receive more information, please
cess.                                                  contact Julie Deptula at 06-3630-8980 or
     Quench Your Thirst...
    And Your Desire to Serve
        We have put in our request for a warm                   Mayfair Booster Bar
and sunny day for Mayfair and plan to be well
prepared with plenty of cold soft drinks and                   Needs Workers, Chips
beer throughout the day.
                                                                The Booster Bar will be up and running at
        If you would like to volunteer an hour or
                                                       Mayfair, selling delicious hot dogs, hamburgers and
two of your time to sell drinks, please contact
                                                       chips. As always, we
Debbie Smith at 06-3036-5233 or fams-
                                                       need volunteers to
                                                       make this booth -- one
        Sign up today to help out at this “cool”
                                                       of the busiest of the day
social corner at Mayfair!
                                                       -- a big success.
                                                                We’re looking
        Mayfair Bake Sale                              especially for people to
                                                       grill (as we know there
      Promises Tasty Treats,                           are lots of parents out
        If Everyone Helps                              there who are weekend
                                                       grillers), but we also
        We are all looking forward to the deli-        need volunteers to
cious sweets at the Mayfair Bake Sale. As in           serve the sandwiches
                           previous years we           and to collect money.
                           are looking for vol-        Additionally, we are
                           unteers to donate a         asking for donations of
                           homemade cake or            American-style potato
                           other baked goods           chips (lunchbox size, if possible). Volunteers are
                           and work at the             needed to set up on Saturday morning starting at
                           Bake Sale booth             10:30 am. We’ll sell sandwiches from 11 am to 3:45
                           during the day. Vol-        pm, or as long as our supplies hold out! We also
                           unteers are needed          need volunteers to help clean up. It only takes an hour
on Friday afternoon (2:45 - 3:45) to collect           of your time and it's a great way to meet lots of peo-
baked goods at the Boutique and on Saturday            ple and be in the midst of the action -- so put on your
to work the Bake Sale.                                 aprons and join us!
        It only takes an hour (or two) of your                  If you’d like to volunteer or if you have chips
time and it's a great way to meet lots of peo-         to donate, please contact Carol Atwood at 06-3088-
ple; so put on your aprons and join us! or bring       9705 or or Sabine Neumann at 06-
in one of your favorite sweet dishes. We               3326-6738 or

                            THE PTO’s CORNER
         Members of the PTO were fortunate to be           a new scoreboard for the school’s gymnasium.
among the first to welcome AOSR’s new principal,                   The PTO’s Elementary School Book Pub-
Beth Kempler Pfannl, to our school last month. Dr.         lishing Project is in full swing this month and the
Pfannl, who was visiting campus in preparation for         3rd and 4th grade manuscripts are being con-
beginning her duties in the fall, noted that she is        verted to book form for all of us to appreciate.
looking forward to working with our organization --        See the article on Page 11 for news about that big
and with all of AOSR’s parents. It looks to be an          PTO project.
exciting year ahead
under Dr. Pfannl’s                                            RICHARD TULLOCH IS COMING
leadership. Thanks                                                 Also, you’ll note that the PTO is preparing
to Dr. Dougherty for                                       for its annual Visiting Author event by offering
making the intro-                                          his books for sale. Richard Tulloch is an interna-
duction.                                                   tionally known children’s author/storyteller/
         Dr. Pfannl is                                     workshop instructor who will visit our campus on
replacing Principal                                        May 19 and 20. Mr. Tulloch’s books for Elemen-
Joanne Reykdal,                                            tary students will be on sale during his visit, so
who is off to Ma-                                          we encourage all of you parents with ES children
drid. The PTO                                              to order at least one as soon as order forms arrive
would like to ex-                                          home. It’s a great way to help your child get in-
press its most heart-                                      side one author’s mind. And how very special for
felt appreciation to                                       your children to have signed copies of a book by
Mrs. Reykdal for                                           a writer they know personally! See more about
her years of dedi-                                         Mr. Tulloch’s books on Page 12.
cated service to
AOSR and wish her                                                 PTO IS BUSY, BUSY, BUSY
the best of luck in her new position.                              Meanwhile, all the other ongoing PTO
         As you may have already read on Page 2,           projects continue in full force. Booster Bars are
this issue of the Flyer includes news up to mid-           active through the end of the year, while the Bou-
May, so the PTO must take this opportunity to en-          tique is entering it’s final two months of business.
courage all of you to participate in any way you can       Sales of AOSR logo items continue, both at spe-
toward making this year’s Mayfair a great success.         cial events and each Tuesday in the Boutique. So
PTO President Hope Moore is also the Mayfair               be a real AOSR “booster” and visit the Booster
chairwoman this year, and these are both huge jobs,        Bar and the Boutique -- and get your AOSR t-
so let’s all give her a hand -- or two, or three -- with   shirt now. We hope to see you all at MAYFAIR!!
getting Mayfair up and running.                                    Dr. Dougherty reported in March that he
         Please read the news on Page 5 carefully to       continues to be ever-vigilant about the school’s
find out how you can get involved in the big event,        security needs and has received approval from the
which of course is set for May 10. We’d also like to       board of directors to increase the height of the
encourage you to bring your entire family, and all         security fence out front. The school is only wait-
your friends to the fair, as it is open to the public.     ing on written confirmation from the Italian gov-
This is AOSR’s most important fundraising event            ernment in order to proceed. As precautionary
of the year, and it is one of your PTO’s most labor        measures, students continue to practice fire and
intensive projects -- and all profits go toward im-        bomb-threat drills using various evacuation desti-
provements in our school.                                  nations, Dr. Dougherty reported.
         Based on recommendations from Dr.                         As there are so many school activities on
Dougherty, the PTO voted in March to earmark               the schedule in May and June, advance planning
Mayfair profits specifically for improvements in the
Science and Math departments and to help purchase                                             (Continued on page 16)

       HS and MS Class Day Awards Honor
   Academic Achievement, Excellence and More
                                     By Joanne Reykdal, Principal

        Students in the Middle School and High            Faculty Award for Academic Achievement
School participate in Class Day Awards assem-                 This award is presented to a senior student
blies at the end of each academic year. During        who has shown a sustained effort and a sincere de-
these assemblies, teachers present awards to stu-     sire for achieving excellence during his or her high
dents for academic excellence and academic            school career at the American Overseas School of
achievement in their subjects.                        Rome.
        For example, students in Mr. Mancini’s
geography class may receive an award for aca-            Scholar Award
demic excellence if they have done excellent                  This award is
work in this subject all year long and other stu-     given to the member
dents may earn an academic achievement award if       of the senior class
they have demonstrated significant improvement        who in the judgment
in their understanding of the material in the         of the high school
course.                                               faculty and the head-
        In addition, high school students are         master best exempli-
evaluated by faculty for several other awards.        fies the ideals and
These awards and their criteria are listed below.     practice of out-
                                                      standing scholar-
        Excellence in Academic Progress               ship.
        This award is given to a high school stu-
dent who has show excellent progress in his or           Peace Through
her total academic endeavors during the current        Knowledge Award
academic year.                                               This award is
                                                      presented by the
     Daniel J. Pinto School Service Award             American Women’s
       This award is given to a senior student in     Association of Rome to an American young lady in
recognition of outstanding service to the school.     grade 12 who has shown depth of interest and un-
                                                      derstanding of the Italian language, culture and so-
     Daniel J. Pinto Memorial Scholarship             ciety.
        This scholarship is given to a student in
grade 11 in memory of our former headmaster,            ECIS Award for International Understanding
Daniel J. Pinto, who died tragically in the service           This award is presented to a high school stu-
of the school. The recipient must be a holder of a    dent who is a good representative of his own coun-
school scholarship who also shows the qualities       try, with a positive attitude towards the life and cul-
of character, scholarship and school service that     ture of the host country. The candidate must be able
Mr. Pinto admired.                                    to converse in at least two languages and be a con-
                                                      tributing force in the life of the school with the abil-
       Luther B. Kristjansen Scholarship              ity to bring differing people together into a sense of
        This scholarship is endowed by the friedns    community, thus furthering the cause of interna-
and co-workers of Luther B. Kristjansen, who          tional understanding.
died while serving as chairman of the Board of
Trustees of the Overseas School of Rome. His                       Harvard Book Award
courage and dedication are commemorated by the               This award is present to a student who is a
scholarship recipient who is a student in grade 11    well-read scholar. The award recipient is selected
with an above average academic record and an
interested in student affairs.                                                              (Continued on page 25)

                    Elementary School News

      ES Book Drive                                         Publishing Project
     Set for April 7-11                                       Is A Big Success
                                                                           By Laura Rumpf
         The Elementary School annual book drive                    Publishing Center Coordinator
is soon upon us so please, parents, take some time
to sort through you family’s collections to see                   The PTO would like to thank all the parent
which books, movies and CDs might go toward               volunteers who have helped with the annual Falcon
this important project.                                   Publishing Project -- and the young authors who pro-
         The drive, which pits Pre-K and ES classes       duced such great works of art this year.
against one another to see which can collect the                  Thanks to all of them, the Publishing Center
most goods, runs for five days the week of April          has been operating in full gear over the last month.
7. Every student in                                       The 3rd- and 4th-grade students have been working
the winning grade                                         diligently on writing stories or poems inspired by real
gets a special treat at                                   memories, fantasies, or the “Just So” fables read in
the end of the week.                                      class.
         By the after-                                            The volunteers then helped our fledgling au-
noon of Friday, April                                     thors edit their manuscripts. They then typed and as-
11 we’ll have an an-                                      sembled the stories into a book form. The children
swer to the burning                                       colorfully illustrated their own front and back covers.
question: Can the                                         The books are now in the finishing phase of being
Pre-K be toppled                                          laminated and
from its position as                                      bound. Stop
reigning champion                                         by the 3rd and
of this event?                                            4th grade soon
         We’re collecting new and used works of           to feast your
fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. Re-       eyes      upon
cent travel guides and books, Italian language in-        these beautiful
struction books, coffee table books, cookbooks, art       masterpieces
books and others are always very popular sellers.         proudly dis-
English- and Italian-language books are especially        played in their
desired, but we also always receive books in other        classroom
languages too.                                            windows.
         Plus, for the first time we’re also including
in the drive audio CDs as well as DVD and VHS
movies. Both Pal and NTSB formats are welcome
-- and each donation counts toward your class-                THANKS TO ALL THE
room’s total. These should all be in perfect work-         STUDENTS, PARENTS AND
ing order. We will also take audio cassettes off
your hands, although those are not included in the         TEACHERS WHO MADE THE
book count.
         So please take a few moments set aside
                                                              3RD AND 4TH GRADE
your contributions for the Book Drive and deliver            BOOSTER BAR SUCH A
them to your child’s classroom sometime that
week. All donations will be sold at the Mayfair
                                                              GREAT SUCCESS ON
Book Sale on May 10 -- and all profits go to im-              FRIDAY, MARCH 21ST.
prove our own school.

                 Elementary School News
    Students Can Preorder                                wrestlers. Exciting and happy.

    Visiting Author’s Books                              Barry the Burglar’s Bumper Book
                                                         Three books in one: Barry is the best, the bold-
        On May 19 and 20, Elementary and Middle          est and the brainiest burglar in town. Even when
School students will be educated and inspired by         he s going straight his burglar tricks from the
the entertaining workshops and storytelling of Aus-      old days come in handy. A book for slightly
tralian Richard Tulloch. Mr. Tulloch has written         older children
books and plays as well as scripts for film and tele-
vision for young audiences.
        His popular Bananas in Pyjamas television         Don’t Miss ES Art Displays
series is broadcast in more than 70 countries. Of his
40 children’s books many have been published in a                Most of the work of elementary art is usu-
number of languages.                                     ally displayed in and near the lunchroom, and in
        As part of Mr. Tulloch’s visit, the PTO is       the classrooms. The 5th grade was inspired by the
offering four of his best-selling books for sale to      carnival in Venice to make their colorful papier
our Elementary School students, and will be send-        mache masks. The work of Henri Matisse was
ing preorder forms home soon.                            their motivation in creating the collage figures.
        Parents, these author-signed books are not               Grade 4 is learning about the French Im-
only wonderful stories for your children to read         pressionist painters and their style of painting by
over and over, they also will become a cherished         applying small dabs of color next to each other.
memory of a most exciting day at school. So please                                             Then       they
return your pre-order forms as soon as you receive                                             painted in a
them. Your book choices are:                                                                   s i m i l a r
                                                                                               method. Their
                                                                                               work is on
Bananans Dinner Party                                                                          display in the
The Teddies have invited Rat and the Bananas to a                                              lunchroom.
dinner party at their house. Poor Rat gets in a terri-                                         Grade 3 is
ble mess and the Bananas do some helping time to                                               making many
sort it all out. Very funny.                                                                   whimsical
                                                                                               papier mache
Mr. Biffy’s Battle                                                                             insects       in
Mr. Biffy is a successful street busker; he does                                               preparation
tricks, he can bend balloons into shapes, he can jug-                                          for their play.
gle, do balancing acts and play the mouth organ.                 Grade 2 is drawing and painting large pic-
The crowd loves him.....until the arrival of Fiona       tures of their favourite stories, and animals. They
the Great with her spangly silver suit and top hat,      are also making symmetrical designs with colored
her sparkling ukulele - she is taking his audience!      paper.
What will he do? But the battle of the buskers has a             Grade 1 is drawing, painting, cutting, and
happy ending.                                            pasting dinosaurs to make a collage.
                                                                 Kindergarten has been creating jungle ani-
                                                         mals with colored construction paper and drawing
Cocky Colin                                              large pictures of the zoo.
Colin is the bravest, cheekiest, cockiest cockroach
                                                                                 — Phebe Consentino
in the world and he’s tired of living in the dark. He
                                                                                 Elementary School Art
wants to go where the action is! And he finds plenty
of action in a very funny scenario with some sumo

             The Latest from the PPAC
         Your trusty PPAC (Principal's Parental Advi-      signment early enough and he or she waits until the
sory Committee) met on March 12 and discussed the          day before the due date to begin it. Teachers are
following issues:                                          aware of this problem and try to build in periodic
AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Every                             checks to monitor student progress before the assign-
effort is made to make up any sessions that are can-       ment due date. (Tip from a seasoned parent who's
celed; however, there are no refunds for cancelled         learned the hard way: have your child break up the
sessions missed due to absence.                            assignment into small chunks and write a "due date"
AOSR-GAETA SPORTS EVENTS? A re-                            over several weeks in the family calendar and/or as-
quest for MS sports activities that involve both           signment book for each one of those chunks.) Addi-
AOSR and Gaeta was made by parents whose chil-             tionally, teachers in the Middle School have agreed
dren attend the DODD school in Gaeta. AOSR ad-             not to make lengthy assignments on the evenings that
ministration will explore the feasibility of this. Also,   MS students in the Italian program have their after
Gaeta parents whose children attend AOSR would             school Italian lessons.
like to receive Honor Roll and sports information.         CLASS DAY AWARDS ASSEMBLIES: A
This information can always be accessed through the        request was made for information on the criteria for
AOSR web site at                             the various awards that are given to students at the
HEAVY BACKPACKS REDUX: This has                            Class Day awards assemblies. Mrs. Reykdal will put
been raised before and will probably be raised again,      this information in the new Student Handbook for the
as it's a continuing problem that needs to be ad-          AOSR community. (See her article about this on Page
dressed by parents and teachers. Remember: it is not       10 also).
necessary to carry every book to school every day.         KUDOS AND COMPLIMENTS: An Ele-
In particular, Middle School students should NOT           mentary School parent thanked the ES teachers for
have to carry English, science, mathematics, or so-        their help and support in making their child's transi-
cial studies books back and forth because there are        tion into AOSR so positive.
two books for each student in each of these subjects               The next PPAC meeting will be on 9 April at
- specifically to avoid just this problem! One book        9:15 am in the Boutique. If you have an issue you
remains in the classroom and the other book should         want discussed, please contact the appropriate parent
be kept at home.                                           from the list below.
         Parents should check their child's backpack
periodically to find out what is being carried back             PPAC Members 2002 - 2003
and forth to school that is not needed. Also, they
need to remind their child that only notebooks or          Grazia Deulus: MS / HS
                                                           Phone: 06-3630-4287 (Italian / USA)
books they need for homework that evening should
be put in the backpacks when leaving school for the        Languages: Italian, French, Greek, Turkish
         Additionally, teachers will remind students to    Carolyn Grosso: MS / HS
plan their work carefully and to organize their back-      Phone: 06-3036-1525 or 328-726-4500
packs more efficiently. They will make every effort        E-mail:
to conduct periodic checks of backpacks to reinforce
the guidelines.                                            Susan Haight: MS / HS
LENGTHY ASSIGNMENTS: Another item                          Phone: 06-3031-0876
on the agenda was the amount of time students are          E-mail:
given to complete lengthy assignments. Teachers do
                                                           Francesca Kelly: ES / HS
make every effort to give students enough time to
                                                           Phone: 06-329-0280
complete longer assignments. But we parents all            E-mail:
know the unhappy truth: sometimes a problem oc-
curs when a student does not get started on an as-
                                                                                                   (Continued on page 16)

                        Sports Briefs
                                         With Doug Kneeland

     Falcon Soccer Season                           Erika Nehls, Tjasa Volk, Somer Tullius, Fran-
      Kicking Along Now                             cesca Tutti, Nick Wallen, Oguzhsan Tulun, and
                                                    Anna Grasso competed for the victorious Fal-
        Soccer season is here, which means the      cons.
AOSR Falcons are starting their annual march               The first matches of Barrack Carle, Sean
through Italy on their way to the European fi-      Satterwhite, and Katia Trukhanova were rained
nals. For those of you who are new to AOSR,         out.
when it comes to calcio the Falcons                        The following week against Marymount,
rule. Don’t be surprised to see another trophy      AOSR was victorious in all except the girls’ sin-
in the case at the end of the season.               gles matches.
        The season started with a flight to Sic-
ily where the Falcon boys blasted Sigonella 6 –
1. The girls followed up with a tough 2 – 1             Middle School Students
victory. Both squads looked strong enough to
have a shot at fantastic seasons.                       Play 3-on-3 Basketball
        The next battle was against crosstown
rivals Marymount, where our boys once again         March Madness has spilled over into April in the
took the day, with a final score of 1-0. Girls      AOSR gym on Saturday mornings. Sixteen
lost a heartbreaker, however, when at 2-2 the       Middle School student athletes from AOSR,
game went into overtime. The Falcons lost af-       Marymount and the New School have formed
ter penalty shots 2-3. Coach Sandra says she        four teams for the annual 3-on-3 basketball tour-
lost 10 years of her life on that one, and will     nament every Saturday through April 12. Spe-
now be passing on at age 90!                        cial thanks to Christine Hogan for giving up her
                                                    Saturday mornings to make this ongoing event

                                                        Cheerleaders Compete
                                                        in Mediterranean Finals
      AOSR Tennis Season
        Is Going Well                               Cheerleading is a recognized sport in the Ameri-
                                                    can Schools Italian League. The Falcons sent a
         The High School tennis season got off      very competitive team to Aviano for the Medi-
to a great start with 4 Falcon wins in 5 matches    terranean finals. Although they did not advance
against Sigonella on the first weekend of the       to the European finals, AOSR fielded one of the
season. Bad weather did not prevent rookies         best organized and most creative teams. Those
Nathan Rice and Tucker Burnley from winning         long hours of practice were evident in exciting
their first-ever competitive match.                 routines that brought cheers from the big crowd
                                                    in Aviano.

                 The Teacher Interview
                                           With Heidi Meyer

        Name: Joe Miller                             tend to grow up very fast these days.
Subject: HS Physics, Chemistry                       Q: Do you think it imperative to teach Environ-
                                                     mental Science with emphasis on protection of our
Q: What brought you to AOSR and what do              world?
you teach?                                           A: I think that political and moral issues related to
A: Our family came to AOSR because my wife           science are best done in conjunction with a clear
was very interested in living in Italy. Also a       understanding of the science involved. So I think
good friend of mine, Gordy Stenerson, taught         that it is imperative that science is taught in our
here in the late ‘90s. I teach high school science                               schools so future citi-
and mathematics.                                                                 zens will make in-
                                                                                 formed choices.
Q: I hear you are a cool guy - any idea why?
A: I guess because the heat doesn’t work all                                    Q: What is your favor-
that well in our apartment.                                                     ite book?
                                                                                A: Douglas R. Hofstad-
                            Q:      What makes                                  ter’s “Gödel, Escher,
                            AOSR students so                                    Bach” which is a fasci-
                            interesting and spe-     nating look at the interplay and relationships be-
                            cial?                    tween the ideas of these three geniuses. For
                            A: I love that they      thoughtless reading I tend to grab Anne
                            all think for them-      McCaffrey.
                            selves. I know it is a
                            bit cliché to say that   Q: What is your favorite movie?
                            here everybody re-       A: Probably Begnini’s “Life is Beautiful.” Guido,
                            spects each others       the main character, reminds me of my father in
                            opinions, but it is      many ways. It is pretty sad though. For straightfor-
                            generally true and       ward laughs I would rather grab “A Fish called
                            that allows for more     Wanda” or Monty Python’s “Search for the
                            freedom of thought.      Grail”…
Q: Do you think young people are naturally           Q: What’s your opinion of organizations like
drawn to Sciences or do they need to be encour-      Green Peace?
aged and their interest piqued?                      A: I am very glad that they do what they do to
A: They are naturally drawn. Youngsters are so       raise awareness. I would continue to support such
curious about the world around them. One can’t       radical demonstrations as long as only a small per-
help but wonder why the sky is blue or why big       centage of the population is involved.
heavy ferry boats don’t sink. However, I think       Q: If you could ask yourself any question, what
that as we get older and science seems more          would it be and why would you ask yourself that
abstract that some students do need encourage-       question?
ment.                                                A: I would (and often do) ask myself if my current
Q: As a parent what worries you most about           actions and choices are pushing my life in the di-
teenagers living in the modern world?                rection that I would like it to go. For me, self
A: Not much, most of the students that I see are     evaluation and questioning are very important. The
much more mature and thoughtful than I was at        other question that I ask myself everyday is “What
that age. I guess I do worry that teenagers do       day of the week is it?”

   Gaeta American School                                        Space Still Available for
      Will Hold Bazaar                                        Yearbook Dedication Pages
                                                                   The AOSR Yearbook staff would like to
          The Gaeta American School will hold it’s
                                                          inform all Falcon Flyer readers that space is avail-
 annual Bazaar on May 3 from 10 am to 5 pm, and
                                                          able in this year’s Yearbook to buy a page and dedi-
 the AOSR community is invited -- although proper
                                                          cate it to a friend or family member/s — or to offer
 identification is required.       More than 60 ven-
                                                          congratulations to a
 dors from all over Europe will be on hand offering
                                                          graduating senior.
 such products as antiques, clocks, jewelry, ceram-
                                                                   This would also
 ics, rugs, wrought iron, marble, artwork, leather
                                                          be a golden opportunity
 goods, pearls, Murano glass and more. There also
                                                          to buy a page for a busi-
 will be plenty of food for sale and a variety of
                                                          ness advertisement. Over
 great entertainment.
                                                          1,000 people will read
          Entrance tickets, available at the door, cost
                                                          the yearbook, making it
 €2 each or 3 for €5. Tickets also enter guests in a
                                                          the perfect place to pro-
 raffle for more than 150 door prizes.
                                                          mote your business. mak-
          To enter, guests must present an American
                                                          ing your page widely
 passport or a NATO ID at the door, or accompany
                                                          read. If interested, please
 someone who is carrying one of those two forms
                                                          pick up a form in the
 of ID. The ID holder, however, cannot bring more
                                                          main office and return it
 than two guests. All members of the AOSR faculty
                                                          as soon as possible. The
 and staff have received special permission from
                                                          absolute deadline for submissions is April 30.
 security to attend the Bazaar as long as they have a
                                                          Please contact a member of the Yearbook staff or
 picture ID with them.
                                                          teacher advisor Lori Tibbett for further information.
          No strollers are allowed at the Bazaar and
                                                                   Support the Yearbook!! Thank you
 there is no parking at the school that day, although
 there is plenty of parking nearby and there also
 will be shuttle buses running from all over              (Continued from page 9)PTO’s   Corner...
 town.                                                    is essential. Here are some of the important dates
          For more information, contact AOSR mom          currently on the calendar from mid-May through
 Diane Halloran at 340-149-0454.                          the end of the school year.
(Continued from page 13)PPAC…
                                                                  May 15-17: Mediterranean Tennis Champi-
Millie Kneeland: MS                                       onships at Aviano; Mediterranean Soccer Champi-
Phone: 06-3326-1369                                       onships at Marymount
                                                          May 16: MS Sports Day; Pre-K Mother’s Tea
Bonnie Nault: HS and Gaeta Parents                        May 19-20 ES/MS Author, Richard Tulloch
Phone: 07-7146-0560 or 340-669-1663                       May 21-23: 3rd Grade Trip to Paestum
E-mail:                                   May 22 and 23: MS Shakespeare Festival
                                                          May 29: ES Sports Day -- Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Claudia Ottolenghi (Elkin): MS / HS                       May 30: ES Sports Day -- 3rd to 5th Grades
Phone: 06-8535-7780 or 328-865-8040                       May 30-31: HS Shakespeare Festival
E-mail:                                June 7: MS Prom (7th and 8th grades)
Languages: Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese           June 11: Junior-Senior Prom; Pre-K Family
Cinzia Palana: ES / MS
Phone: 06-558-3316 or 329-300-4340                        June 12: MS Awards Ceremony
E-mail:                                   June 13: HS Awards Ceremony; Commencement
Languages spoken: Italian, Spanish, French                June 14-19: Summer Basketball Camp
                                                                Upcoming PTO meetings are set for April 7
Principal Joanne Reykdal: ES / MS/ HS                     and May 5 at 9:15 am in the Boutique.
Phone: 06-334-38326

   MS Students Get ‘Passion(ate)’
   Tour of Cinecitta Film Studio
                                            By Elena Testi
                                             8th Grade

       Teacher’s Note: The Middle School              setting of the movie and then researches the type
recently participated in a most inspiring tour        of clothing that was worn at that time. I found it
of Rome’s Cinecitta Film Studios. Guides took         very exciting when he told us he was Nicole
students to view the magnificent sets of Mar-         Kidman’s first costume designer.
tin Scorcese’s Gangs of New York and Mel                      As we walked forward to the center of
Gibson’s The Passion.                                 Cinecittà I noticed that the constructions of the
       All students realized how lucky they           buildings were changing. Later on I discovered
were to have this unique opportunity to go            that we were looking at the Gangs of New York
behind the scenes of one of the world’s most          set. It was very
famous film studios. Following is 8th grader          well done. We
Elena Testi’s report on that exciting day in          could see that
her own hometown of Rome.                             most of it was
                           — Ms. Santangelo           made of plaster.
                                                      A few feet
          * * * * * * * * * * * *                     away, the set
                                                      changed. This
        Cinecittà! The place where all the movie      time it was
tricks are revealed. The place where every child      Jerusalem. Mr.
would like to go, to browse around and feel the       McEveety,        a
sensation of being a star.                            member of the
        My class and I had the good fortune to be     crew on        the
able to go there, thanks to Joe Di Pasquale, a        movie The Passion, told us that the movie is
producer, and Ms. Santangelo. He helped us get        about the last 12 hours of Jesus’s life. He
in the most secret places in Cinecitta — places       showed us around the set of Jerusalem and told
where only the cast can go.                           us that it took 90 people 10 whole weeks to set
Excitedly, we got prepared and one by one we          up. It cost $1.5 million to make!
got on the bus that drove us there.                           We got to sit where Pilat sat when Jesus
        My first impression wasn’t positive:          was judged. Then we went to the area where
                                Cinecittà looked      Jesus was whipped 5,000 times. The fake blood
                                like a bunch of       was still on the floor. The movie trick is that the
                                ugly      buildings   man whipping Jesus has only a stick in his hand
                                massed          all   and pretends to whip him. The sound comes
                                together; but that    from behind the set. Afterwards, using
                                was not the case!     computers, they add the straps to the stick to
                                Jerusalem,      the   make a whip. I thought that this was fascinating.
                                Garden and the                The next step was the most exciting! We
                                make-up room,         saw the actors working on a scene: Jesus in the
                                w h a t         a n   garden of Gethsemane. The coolest thing of all
                                experience!           was that one of the greatest stars of Hollywood
                                         The first    stood only a few meters from us. My heart was
                                person we met         flooded with so much joy that tears came to my
was a costume designer named Francesco. He            eyes. It was Mel Gibson! I waved to him but he
talked about his passion for his work and how he      wasn’t even looking at me because he was
loves it although it is hard. He isn’t the one who                                      (Continued on page 27)
actually makes the costumes, he studies the time

     IB/AP May Exam Calendar
                                                     HS Drama Production
Friday, 2:
  *IB English A1and A2 9:30 am-11:30 am
                                                     Was Loads of Laughs
Monday, 5:
                                                          Congratulations to director Kip Hendry, his
  *IB Math 1 pm-3 pm
 *AP English Literature 9 am-1 pm                 High School drama students and the crew on their
Tuesday, 6:                                       fantastic produc-
 *IB Math 9:30 am-1:30 pm                         tion of three one-
  *French Language                                act comedies pre-
Wednesday, 7:                                     sented for the
  *IB Biology 1 pm-4 pm
Thursday, 8:                                      AOSR community
  *IB Biology 9:30 am-12:30 pm                    in March.
  *IB Italian B 1 pm-4 pm                                 Laughter
  *AP Calculus AB and BC                          and applause filled
  *AP Art History 2 pm-5 pm                       the theater as the
Friday, 9:
  *IB English (paper 2) 9:30 am-11:30 am
                                                  zany antics un-
  *AP U.S. History 9 am-1 pm                      folded on stage.
  *AP European History 2 pm-5 pm                  What a wonderful
  *AP Studio Art 2 pm-5 pm                        selection of plays:
Monday, 12:                                       Hard Candy, by Jonathan Rand; The Philadelphia,
  *AP Biology 9 am-1 pm
                                                  by David Ives, and Reese and Babe, by Lew Holton.
  *AP Physics 2 pm-5 pm
Tuesday, 13:                                      And what talent we have in the High School this
  *IB French 9:30 am-12:30 pm                     year! We give the show 5 stars!!
  *IB History 1 pm-4 pm
  *AP Chemistry 9 am-1 pm
  *AP Psychology 2 pm-5 pm
Wednesday, 14:                                             AOSR Freshman
  *IB History (paper 3) 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Monday, 19:
   *IB Italian (paper 1) 9:30 am-11:30 am                  Lands Part in Film
   *IB Physics (papers 1,2) 1 pm-4:30 pm
Tuesday, 20:                                              AOSR 9th grader Zack Wallen is currently
  *IB Physics (paper 3) 9:30 am-11:30 am          working on a film with Italian writer/director Paolo
Friday, 23:                                       Virzig, who has directed a number of popular satirical
  *IB Italian A1 (paper 2)1 pm-3 pm               comedies, including Ferragosto, Ovosodo, and Baci
                                                  Abracci. Virzig often entwines Tuscan folklore into
                                                  his plots.
      Thanks to All For                                   His current film is “Caterina Va in Citta,” in
                                                  which Zack plays an Australian neighbor of Caterina’s
     Booster Bar Support                          in Rome. Zack is a guitar playing, motorino-riding
                                                  “hippie” kid who befriends Caterina, who is experi-
       The National Honor Society would like      encing many problems at home. In one scene Zack
to thank everyone who supported its recent        helps Caterina get away from police. Zack must do
Booster Bars, as 450 euros in profits were do-    his part in Italian, and as he is only in Italian 1, this
nated to the VIS (Voluntari Internazionali        has been a challenge.
Sviluppo) to provide food to starving people in           “Caterina Va in Citta” should be released in
Ethiopia.                                         theatres in October, and like some of Virzig’s other
                                                  films may enter into such film festivals as the Venice
                                                  Film Festival and Sundance. Don’t miss it!

                           Rome ‘n About
                                             With Igor Yasno

        For years I've been walking past the impos-     ily held the deed to Palazzo del Quirinale for just
ing structure of Palazzo del Quirinale trying to peak   over 70 years, when Italy's last king, Umberto II,
inside the gates guarded by tall cuirassiers. How-      went into voluntary exile at the end of World War
ever, the Presidential Palace remained off limits to    II. Interestingly enough, the Savoy family has re-
me until recently, when a friend told us that her un-   cently pledged allegiance to the Republic and was
cle was giving a concert there and invited us to at-    permitted to return to Italy, but the royals will have
tend.                                                                                      to find another
        Shortly thereafter, I                                                              home - Palazzo del
was standing in a short                                                                    Quirinale will re-
queue outside the Palace                                                                   main in the presi-
dressed in my Sunday best.                                                                 dential domain.
Having exchanged a 5 euro                                                                          We     made
bill for a beautiful admis-                                                                our way to the con-
sion ticket I was free to                                                                  cert hall by passing
roam through the endless                                                                   through a succes-
hallways and ballrooms.                                                                    sion of breathtaking
Well, almost free - every                                                                  rooms. Indeed, Sale
room was closely watched                                                                   degli Specchi, di
by a few men in suits and a                                                                Augusto, degli Am-
giant soldier wearing the                                                                  basciatori (among
armor of a 19th century cav-                                                               others) are well
alryman.                                                                                   suited for any type
        Their attention is                                                                 of royalty, not to
understandable considering                                                                 mention the elected
that Palazzo del Quirinale                                                                 officials.
has been giving shelter to 10                                                                      The hour-
presidents of the Republic                                                                 long concert was
since 1946. The president's                                                                performed by La
safety is entrusted into the                                                               Piccola Sinfonica di
hands of an elite Carabinieri                                                              Milano and was
unit called Reggimento                                                                     held in a beautiful
Corazzieri, which consist of                                                               ballroom featuring
about 100 handpicked men,                                                                  the 3-D frescos left
whose height must exceed 190 cm (6’ 2 1/2”).            behind by the most famous visitor from France -
        Palazzo del Quirinale inherits its name from    Napoleon Bonaparte. The concert was broadcasted
the highest of the seven original hills of Rome,        across the country by RAI Radio 3 and, to our de-
which in the 4th century BC housed a temple dedi-       light, our friend's uncle turned out to be a star per-
cated to Dio Quirino, an associate of the legendary     former, especially given his unusual choice of mu-
Romulus. The hill remained one of the most desir-       sical instruments called armonica cromatica.
able locations for the rich and powerful of Rome,               By the way, I should not have waited this
including the Holy Fathers who had converted a          long to visit the Palace -- it is open to the public on
private vineyard into their summer palace in the        Sunday mornings until 12:30 pm. You can also wit-
16th century.                                           ness a colorful Changing of the Guard accompanied
        I Corazzieri replaced the papal Swiss           by a military band, which takes place daily at 4 pm.
Guards in 1870, when Vittorio Emanuele II expro-        For more information, take a look at the Palace's
priated the palace from Pope Pio IX to establish a      website at
royal residence in Rome. However, the Savoy fam-

                              Good Eats and Caffe'
                                              with Sue Berton

        I am amazed at how fast this month has                 I had the good fortune of being able to taste
gone by. It is already time for my second install-     the following delicious cake that came to me from
ment of Good Eats and Caffe’. Where does the           Debbie Smith, mom of Jay in 3rd grade and Cassie
time go? There never seems to be enough. If you        in 5th grade. It was really delicious and so, thank
are anything like me, you are always looking for       you to Debbie for sharing it with the rest of us.
easy things to throw together for the evening
meal. Here is a chicken marinade that your fam-           Debbie Smith’s Company Plum Cake
ily will love and it is oh so easy. If you are
watching your cholesterol and fat intake, (and         Brown Sugar Mixture
hey, who isn’t) remove the skin before marinat-        ½ cup brown sugar
ing. Serve with rice and a green vegetable and         1 tsp cinnamon
you are set.                                           ¼ cup soft butter
                                                               Combine brown sugar with cinnamon and
           Honey-Ginger Chicken                        soft butter. Stir and set to the side for use later.
½ cup soy sauce                                        Cake Batter
3 tbsp dry sherry (I have used Marsala in a pinch)     ¼ cup soft butter
2 tbsp honey                                           1 cup white sugar
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce                            2 slightly beaten egg yolks (whites whipped and set
3 tbsp finely minced ginger                            aside)
5-6 cloves of garlic, freshly minced                   1-½ cups flour
1 chicken cut up                                       1 tsp baking powder
        In a large bowl, combine all ingredients       ½ cup milk
except chicken. Add chicken pieces and toss to         2 cups plums (blue) pitted and quartered (apples may
coat. Marinate for 1 ½ to 2 hours, turning chicken     be substituted)
pieces occasionally.                                           Cream together soft butter, sugar and egg
        Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove            yolks. Gradually add flour and baking powder mix-
chicken from the marinade and place in greased         ture alternately with milk. Finally fold in 2 stiffly
13 x 9 inch baking dish. Bake for 50 minutes or        beaten egg whites. Pour batter into a greased 9 x 9
until the juices run clear when pierced with a fork.   cake pan or 10” circular. Place sliced plums neatly
Baste occasionally.                                    on top. Over this drop spoonfuls of brown sugar/
                                                       cinnamon mixture and bake at 350 degrees for 45
                                                       minutes. After the cake has cooled decorate with ic-
                                                       ing glaze.

                                                       Icing Glaze
                                                       ¾ cup icing sugar
                                                       1 tbsp cream
                                                       ½ tsp vanilla

                                                               Combine icing sugar, cream and vanilla then
                                                       transfer to a small plastic bag. Cut a small hole in
                                                       one corner of the plastic bag to squeeze out icing.
                                                       You can decorate your cake using diagonal lines to
                                                       form a diamond pattern or drizzle swirls carelessly,
                                                       either or it looks and tastes great.

                                       Pre-K News
        The last few weeks have been very busy         dren were great! These three themes will con-
for us and we will continue our busy times into        tinue until the end of the school year as the differ-
the month of April.                                    ent teachers rotate to the different groups.
        Our annual Pre-K Father’s Day Breakfast
was a great success. Those home-baked muffins                            FAIRY TALES
were sure good! Our room was filled with all                   Our 3-year-olds have continued their work
shapes and sizes of Teddy Bears the last 2 days of     on fairy tales and nursery rhymes. To coordinate
March. Teddy Bears are very active creatures as        with our bear unit, they have been working on
they did everything with their little boys and girls   Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Nursery rhymes
in the Pre-K class. They even got to eat with us at    have ranged from Hickory, Dickory Dock to Lit-
our special TEDDY BEAR PICNIC.                         tle Bo-Beep, Baa, Baa Black Sheep and Mary
        We had bear-shaped sandwiches and              Had a Little Lamb. As we move into April, the
brown bear or polar bear cookies that the children     3-year-olds will start looking at types of weather
decorated for dessert.                                 and the change of seasons. They will also be tak-
                                                       ing a nature walk. They will be recording their
              READING BUDDIES                          discoveries with our digital camera. Then it will
        What do 4-year-olds and the 4th graders in     be Easter, time for bunny ears and the song and
Mrs. DePaolis’ class have in common? A LOVE            dance, The Bunny Hop. After Easter will be de-
OF BOOKS. The classes have met every week              voted to baby animals and zoo animals as we get
for 20 minutes since early March to share their        ready for our trip to the zoo or a working farm.
love of books. The teachers helped match the
“buddies” in the beginning. Some of the 4th grad-
ers had two 4-year-old buddies and some had one
buddy. The 4th graders choose a book to read and
then practice reading it during the week. Some-
times they choose a book from the Pre-K collec-
tion or they bring a special book from home that
they liked when they were small. The 4-year-olds
love having an older friend in the school and rec-
ognize them whenever they see them on campus.
It is a special relationship that the buddies cre-
ated. Both classes look forward to their time to-
gether each week.
        We have started three new themes with                 The 4-year-old children are looking for-
our 4-year-olds. Mrs. Faidley is starting a Sea        ward to attending a theater performance about the
Life theme which will include a field trip to a lo-    Grimm's Fairy Tales. We are going with the Kin-
cal pet store that specializes in fish. The octopi     dergarten, 1st , 2nd and 3rd grades to St. Francis
have come to visit the class.                          school to see the English-language performance
                                                       which is sponsored by the Rome International
             BUGS, BUGS, BUGS                          Schools Association (RISA).
        Mrs. Murphy is learning the names of all
the dinosaurs as she starts her Dinosaur Theme.                       HOP, HOP, HOP
The children have been practicing learning how to             The Easter Bunny makes an appearance in
dig up bones. Mrs. Mencarelli is starting a theme      the Pre-K during April. We will be making dyed
on BUGS, BUGS and MORE BUGS. Those                                                         (Continued on page 26)
sparkling antennae headbands made by the chil-

   No April Fools                                       Start Planning Now;
   At the Boutique                                       Basketball Camp
        You'd be foolish to miss the bargains at
the Boutique in April. We are filled to overflow-
                                                         Set for June 14-19
ing with new arrivals of Spring clothing and we               AOSR is offering a golden opportunity for
still have a great selection of Winter clothes on    boys and girls from 9 to 17 years, or 4th grade to
sale. Buy a size larger and put it away for next     12th grade. Take your basketball game to the next
year!                                                level. Come spend 5 days and 1 overnight with us,
        Our Blue tags (January intake) will go       learning, playing, breathing and eating basketball.
half price on April 29th. Vendors who wish to        Wednesday night is Midnight madness. Come test
collect any unsold items should do so on April       your skills in a spirit of friendship that only sport
15th or at 9:30 on April 29th. The Boutique will     can create.    Set your goal high and reach them.
be closed on April 22nd while the school is on       Be surprised how far you can go and grow as an
Spring Holiday.                                      athlete!
        Small                                                 This camp offers total Basketball immer-
bicycles      for                                    sion. Expect quality first rate Basketball instruc-
elementary                                           tion with a personal touch. Each participant will
school children                                      receive a camp T-shirt, training handbook and an
are     plentiful                                    individual evaluation.
right now in                                                  AOSR Facilities include 1 indoor Basket-
the shop. Take                                       ball gym and 2 outdoor mini-basketball courts.
your kids for a                                      Audio/visual feedback will also be part of the
ride on the bike                                     package.
path along the                                       The camp will take place from June 14th – 19th at
Tiber      River.                                    the American Overseas School of Rome. Camp
We have a customer asking for a woman’s bicy-        costs are €200 per participant. For more informa-
cle. Do you have one you'd like to sell?             tion please call 06-3343-8320 or visit
        We are also seeking a charity donation of    ( to download all forms.
infant clothing and a stroller. Please bring any-
thing you might have to donate in next Tues-
        It’s Spring cleaning time so have a look
through those drawers and closets for clothing
and household goods that your family no longer
needs! See you soon in the Boutique!

       Get Your AOSR logo items
        in the Boutique NOW!

(Continued from page 1)New   Principal...
school community most effectively. We will miss
                                                         Dr. Pfannl is ‘Elated’
her and we wish her well in her new role.
        Dr. Beth Pfannl was approved by the
                                                        to be Coming to AOSR
Board of Trustees as the new principal of AOSR.
Dr. Pfannl brings nine years of experience as an       Dear AOSR Parents,
Elementary Principal and one year as Assistant                  I welcome this opportunity to communicate
Director of the American School of Asuncion,           with you for the first time. As you have all learned
Paraguay. Her academic background includes an          from Dr. Larry Dougherty and the Board of Trus-
M.A. and Ph.D. from the Sorbonne, a CAGS in            tees, I will be the new principal at AOSR beginning
Educational Administration from Rhode Island           the next school year. I am most elated with my ap-
College and a B.A. from McGill University.             pointment, and I look forward to working together
        Dr. Pfannl has an outstanding background       with everyone in the community to continue to en-
in curriculum and professional development. She        sure that the very best educational program is of-
will be a presenter at the National Association of     fered to each and every student.
Elementary School Principals in the United States               It was a privilege to have the opportunity to
in the spring. Her program proposal for the U.S.       visit the school last month. I was able to meet with
Office of Overseas Schools led to an educational       a number of staff members, parents, and students,
grant for the school in Paraguay. She has served       and I had the chance to get a real taste of the daily
as President of the Principal’s Group of the Asso-     life at AOSR. It is truly a magical place, full of joy-
ciation of American Schools in South America.          ful students and faculty.
Dr. Pfannl was recently selected for an invitation              The work of offering an effective educa-
only leadership conference for principals spon-        tional program to all students is a never-ending
sored by International Schools Services.               process. It requires an ongoing collaborative and
        Dr. Pfannl is fluent in French and Spanish     dedicated effort and partnership by everyone in a
and she speaks Italian. Living and working in          school community. As school principal, I will do
multi-lingual, multicultural environments in Paris     my best to continue the work of nurturing this part-
and Asuncion has given her first-hand experi-          nership, and I will devote all my efforts to support-
ences as a professional and as a parent in an inter-   ing the strong academic reputation that AOSR
national setting. She has three children, two          maintains under the leadership of Dr. Dougherty
daughters in college in the U.S. and a son, who        and the many talented professionals on his staff.
will be a junior here next year. Her husband Fer-               I wish Joanne Reykdal great success in her
nando is an international economic and political       new position, and in taking her place I hope to be
consultant who will continue his business in           able to count upon everyone’s continued support
Rome.                                                  and participation.
        I believe that Dr. Pfannl brings tremen-                 I extend my gratitude to the entire commu-
dous strengths to our school.                          nity for giving me the opportunity to join the AOSR
        Please give her a warm welcome.                family.
                                                                          Sincerely yours,
                                                                          Beth Kempler Pfannl, Ph.D.

           AOSR Programs Aim to Help Students
              with Special Learning Needs
                                   By Miriam O’Brien, Reading Specialist

         AOSR has always respected students with          styles and levels. On a daily basis they modify and
learning differences. For this reason it was the first    adapt curriculum to maximize students' learning.
school in Italy to develop a resource program. This               When a student needs additional services,
provides a support system for students with learning      parents may pay for private consultants to work with
disabilities in order to ensure their academic success.   their children during the school day. Such services
         A learning disability may be defined as a        include psychological testing, speech and language
discrepency between ability and actual performance.       therapy, and occupational therapy.
These students may have difficulty listening,                     During the application process for admission
speaking,        remembering,                                                   to AOSR parents are requested
reading, writing, reasoning,                                                    to inform the school regarding
or problem solving. Learning                                                    special help their child has
disabilities are seen in                                                        received in the areas of reading,
students who are superior,                                                      special education, ESL and
above average, average, or                                                      tutoring in specific subjects.
below average in cognitive                                                              Results of individualized
ability. Children with                                                          psychological testing, as well as
attention deficits are included                                                 any Individual Educational Plan
in this category.                                                               must be shared with the school,
         The purpose of                                                         so that informed decisions about
resource services is to                                                         placement may be made.
provide direct, individualized                                                  Admission of a student with a
and small-group instruction                                                     learning disability is determined
in specific learning                                                            on an individual basis.
strategies, as well as                                                                  Each case is reviewed by
consultant services with                                                        the Resource Specialist, other
school-based staff. The                                                         appropriate school personnel
instruction services are not solely tutorial, but are     and is approved by the Headmaster. A team decision
designed to remediate specific learning difficulties      is made based on the student's particular needs and
and to develop compensatory skills.                       the services that the Resource Program can provide.
         A student suspected of having a learning         If the Resource Program is unable to provide a
disability may be referred by parents, the classroom      particular service, admission may be contingent upon
teachers, specialist teachers, administrators, the        the agreement that the student's family, company or
school nurse or the students themselves. After a          embassy pays for any additional services, beyond the
child has been referred for evaluation, the school        capabilities of the school. These may include
nurse completes a vision and hearing screening. The       diagnostic testing, counseling, or the provision of a
learning specialist then completes a diagnostic series    classroom aide to assist the student in the regular
of tests to determine elegibility for special services,   classroom. In the case of students with severe
i.e. reading, resource, or learning assistance.           learning disabilities, emotional or behavioral
         The Resource Program has three fulltime          problems, or students with physical disabilities
personnel: Jessica DiCori, the Resource Specialist        requiring wheelchairs or other physical aids, AOSR
for Pre-K to Grade 5, Kathleen Smith, the Resource        may be unable to provide an appropriate program at
Specialist for Middle School and High School, and         this time.
myself, Miriam O’Brien, the Reading Specialist. It               If you would like to learn more about our
also has the support of AOSR’s classroom teachers,        programs, pick up a copy of AOSR’s Handbook of
many who have degrees or special training in special      Services for Students with Special Needs at the Main
education.                                                Office. The information in this article has been taken
         Our teachers cater to a range of learning        from the handbook.

                                       AT THE MOVIES
                                  with Fr. Greg Apparcel

      “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”                       Has Two Faces,” but more realistically. She still has
                                                       her Greek nose and her crazy family, but she meets
Produced by Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Gary               and falls in love with a WASP named Ian Miller.
Goetzman                                                       The comedy comes in how this man and his
Directed by Joel Zwick                                 family interact with the Greeks and the particular
Starring Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Michael Con-      culture of the Portokalos family. Lots of “My Big
stantine, Lainie Kazan, Andrea Martin and Joey         Fat Greek Wedding” has the predictable jokes and
Fatone                                                 the overly predictable stereotypes, but at times it
                                                       really is a lot of fun. Nia Vardalos is a real find as a
         “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is a phe-          screenwriter and an actress, and hopefully she won’t
nomenon that swept the United States then Europe,      be typecast. John Corbett is pleasant as Ian, but it’s
making well over $200 million, before finally          the Greeks who have a field day. Andrea Martin is
reaching the home video market. Based on a one         fabulous as Aunt Voula. And Lainie Kazan and Mi-
woman show by Greek-American Nia Vardalos,             chael Constantine are delightful as Toula’s parents.
this little independant film had audiences coming              Perhaps “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is just
back again and again.                                  a step above a TV sitcom, but it’s a real feel-good
         It’s all about Toula and her funny and fun-   movie and a confection to enjoy.
loving Greek family. Sitting in the car with her
father Nick, he tells her, “You’d better get married   (Continued from page 10) Class   Day Awards...
soon, you’re starting to look old.” Toula always
knew she was different. A swarthy six year, she        by the headmaster.
always brought a Greek lunch to school and stud-
ied Greek so she could go to Greece and find a                              Fine Arts Award
husband. The family house was modeled on the                    This prize, awarded by the art, music and
                                                Par-   theatre faculty, will recognize a high school student
                                                       who has shown exceptional qualities in the field of
                                                       the fine arts. Given the subjective nature of the ar-
                                                       tistic spirit, the faculty’s choice will focus primarily
                                                       upon the student artist who, through a wide range of
                                                       experiences, offers his or her talent for the delight
                                                       of all but also provides a positive example of the
                                                       artist’s potential for elevating and enriching man-

                                                         President’s Award for Educational Excellence
                                                               This award is presented to student in grade
thenon, and her father could take any English word     12 who earn at least a 3.5 grade point average along
and show how the root of that word was Greek.          with the recommendation of teachers in one or
       Proud of their Greek heritage, Toula and        more areas in the school’s core curriculum. Also,
her family run a restaurant called “The Dancing        the student must be involved in community service,
Zorbas.” However, it’s not enough for Toula and        co-curricular activities, and/or demonstrate creativ-
at age 30, she wants to go back to school and          ity and achievement in the visual and performing
change her life.                                       arts.
       Fighting a controlling, stereotypical father,           The President’s Award for Educational Ex-
Toula improves herself. Not like Cher in               cellence is also presented to students in grade 8 by
“Moonstruck” or Barbra Streisand in “The Mirror        the Middle School faculty.

(Continued from page 21)|Pre-K   News...
Easter Eggs and rabbit ears head bands. We will             Sign Up at AOSR;
be hiding many eggs on our playground so we
can have a special Easter Egg Hunt on the last
                                                           Race for the Cure
day of school before our Spring Break.                       Coming in May
        PICTURES CAN BE ORDERED                                  All AOSR families and friends are warmly
         Pre-K parents will have the opportunity         invited to participate in the Susan G. Komen Breast
to order photos of their children during the             Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure on May 18.
month of April. As the class has our own digital                 It's a day of celebration - women and their
camera, we take many pictures of the children at         families gather in the beautiful setting of the Terme
play and work during the regular school day.             di Caracalla to show solidarity and to show what
Parents cannot see their children doing these ac-        information can do for prevention and public
tivities so we make the pictures available to or-        awareness.
der. We try to make pictures available to order                  It's a festive day in a fair-like atmosphere,
three times during the school year.                      plenty to see and do, including the running going
         Think YELLOW for our color day in                                                  for 5 kilometers
April. Mrs. Faidley already has her yellow outfit                                           around the Co-
picked out for that special day. We are sure to                                             losseum, or walk-
see lots of yellow dresses and shirts on that day.                                          ing for a 2 km
Look for those Yellow Day signs leading to the                                              stroll. There are
Pre-K classroom on our special day. A person                                                an overwhelming
with yellow paint on his feet is sure to come and                                           number of "ladies
leave yellow footprints behind leading to the                                               in pink," who are
Pre-K door.                                                                                 the honored breast
                                                                                            cancer survivors,
          BOOSTER BAR COMING                                                                showing         the
        ATTENTION: Look for the Pre-K par-                                                  world their pride
ents and teachers at the Booster Bar on April 4.                                            and optimism.
Come and buy lots of food and Easter treats. We                                                     A fun chil-
are using our profits to add books to our Pre-K                                             dren's area makes
classroom library. Our children love books and                                              it a special day for
always enjoy looking at old favorites and new                                               everyone,       and
books.                                                                                      great goodie bags
                                                                                            plus t-shirts are
                                                                                            guaranteed for at
                                            HAVE         least 15,000 participants. The cost is only €7 for a
                                                         very full morning.
                                            YOU                  AOSR mom Susan Haight has volunteered
                                           HEARD?        to collect money and deliver registration forms for
                                                         this very important event, so anyone wanting to
                                                         register through school should talk to Susan before
                                           MAYFAIR       May 9. She’s at or 06-3031-
                                                         0876. Each participant will be responsible for pick-
                                            IS MAY       ing up his or her own entry number and goodie bag.
                                              10!                Or sign up at Mayfair or any one of the Ko-
                                                         men stands that will be springing up all over Rome,
                                                         check out the Komen website at to
                                                         find the nearest registration point, or call the Ko-
                                                         men office at 06-305-0988.

(Continued from page 17)MS
concentrating on the scene.
                             Students Passion...             Booster Bars
        An actor named Jim Caveziel, who
plays the role of Jesus, spent about 15 minutes
                                                            Bring Big Bucks
talking to the class. He was extremely kind —                  The latest Booster Bars have been very
and very good looking!                                  successful indeed. Everyone is very ready for
        The atmosphere was extraordinary!               warm weather, and that means outdoor grilling!
Olive trees were all over the place and smoke                  The Tennis Team will use their earnings
machines made it foggy. It was so realistic I           to purchase some much-needed equipment, and
loved it!!
        Mr. McEveety also guided us to the
make-up rooms. There were three shelves full
of fake noses and three shelves with swollen
eyes. The make-up artist, Christian, told us that
Jim needed a new nose and new eyes every day
because at the end of each day they were all
worn out.
        Scars were also on all the tables of the
room. They were needed to show how Jesus’s
body looked as he was being whipped.                    the National Honor Society has donated their
Christian told us that he applies the scars one         proceeds to charity. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade
by one all over Jim’s body. Christian                   Booster Bars also offered baked goods along
demonstrated how he applies the scars by                with the usual treats – now who could resist
putting them on two of my friends. They looked          that?
absolutely real and nasty.                                      All Booster Bars are booked until the
        Everything at Cinecittà was amazing             end of the year, so be sure to bring your spare
and all the people were very nice to us to show         change in to school on Fridays so you can get a
us around. I consider myself utterly lucky. This        juicy burger or hot dog, a cold drink, and some
                                                        sweet treats. TGIF!!

                                                                           IL FORO
                                                                    Apartment for Rent: Available
                                                                    immediately is a 3-bedroom, 3-bath
                                                                    apartment on the Via Cassia, walk-
                                                                    ing distance to AOSR. Bright and
                                                                    sunny with balconies on 3 sides.
                                                                    Large entryway, family room, fur-
was one of my biggest dreams come true!                             nished kitchen, marble and wood
Actually I got two dreams in a row: I also saw                      parquet floors. Inside parking for
one of my favorite Hollywood stars.                                 one vehicle. Contact Susan Haight
        I hope someday I will be entering the                       for more information. 06-3031-0876
studios as a director. I will always remember                       or 347-279-0352
that 27th February, 2003, with great pleasure.
                                                                    For Sale: Indesit fridge/freezer, like
                                                                    new, €200. Call Geraldine
                                                                    Fructuoso at 339-813-4130


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