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Principles of Management Textbook - PDF by chh69160


Principles of Management Textbook document sample

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									 BUSI 142 – 58539 Principles of Management
                      Online Syllabus Fall 2009

Instructor: Peter Holland E-mail:

Home Office: College Web page:

Class Presentation

This class is presented online using the Blackboard 8 Learning Management
System. There is no required classroom meeting for this class but the instructor
may organize a voluntary class meeting in Week 2 to assist those studying online
for the first time.

Course Description

The analysis of basic management theory and concepts. The primary functions of
management, planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling, are studied in

Prior Study

COMS 110 Introduction to Computers

Course Objectives:

A. Purpose

Students will examine the importance of management and business today. For
readings and assignments they will learn the value of planning. Students will
examine corporate culture, organizational structures, and the importance of using
the right measures in evaluating the performance of organization. Finally, the
students will examine leadership and its importance in contemporary business.

B. Student Learning Objectives

Student learning objectives are provided on the class Website for each assigned
chapter in the textbook and assignments and assessments in the class are designed
to verify that the student has met those objectives.
Group Work

Group work is an integral part of the class. All students will be expected to
participate in group tasks and make useful contributions to the group activities.

Text and Materials


Your required textbook is: Principles of Management by Mason A. Carpenter, Talya
N. Bauer, and Errin Erogan, Flatworld Knowledge, 2008.

This book is published in a number of editions. The bookstore will stock the colored
print version. However, other less expensive versions are available from the
Publisher at

To access your book at the publisher follow the link below:

You will see the black and white version offered with a study guide as well as the
free e-book. Click at the link at the bottom of the screen for other options.

The textbook provides your basic study material. Your study of the textbook
chapters will be assessed online. You will have access to other study material on
Blackboard. Your understanding of the practical application of management
principles will be enhanced by the completion of case studies and other exercises

Materials and skills

USB Flash Drive is recommended to store class assignments so that you can access
materials away from your home computer. 1GB or greater is preferred, particularly
if used for other classes.

Hard covered notebook to hold class submissions and materials.

A reliable PC and the ability to load, navigate and use software effectively are
essential to complete an online class successfully as is a competent level of

Submissions and Projects

Submissions and projects are due in accordance with the class schedule. Depending
on class progress this schedule may be amended during the class. Computer time
at home or other locations will be necessary to complete required submissions on

Regular log in to the class Blackboard site is necessary to complete this class.
Failure to do this regularly may result in students being dropped from the class.
Late or incomplete submissions will not receive full credit and may earn no credit.

The class will require study of the chapter material and completion of case problems
and other assignments and assessments to enhance understanding of the material.
Additional class requirements may be provided during the class.

Napa Valley College's Academic Honesty Policy

Napa Valley College values integrity, honor, and respect in all endeavors, both
personally and professionally. It is expected that a student's academic work be of
his/her own making. In spite of the increased use of collaborative learning and
other forms of group work, it is important that each student remain accountable for
his/her own work.

Failure to abide by this standard of conduct is considered to be academic
dishonesty. (Full details and consequences of failing to follow this policy are
available at Napa Valley College 2006-2008 Course Catalog, pg. 39).

The college uses testing software to detect copying without acknowledgement from
the Internet.


Campus counseling services are available to you. Please refer to page 42 of the
NVC College Catalog for more information.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students may address specific requests to the Office of Special Services at 707-

Withdrawal from a Course

If you are unable to complete this course, it is your responsibility to drop the class.
See the NVC Credit Class Schedule for the official class drop dates. Failure to drop
may result in an F on your transcript. If you experience a short term problem that
affects your study please consult your instructor to see if special arrangements can
be made to enable you to complete the class.

If you need to drop this class, please inform your instructor immediately by e-mail.

All assessments, assignments and exercises will be given grade points. Grades will
be awarded at the end of the class as follows:

Grade: A 90% or over, B 80 to 89%, C 70 to 79%, D 65 to 69%, F below 65%.

                                Happy Studying

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