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                                          Dated: April 30, 2010

The Housing Authority of the City of Arlington (AHA) is seeking a response to this Request for
Qualifications (RFQ) from vendors interested in providing Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection
services to select multi-family and single family rental housing units in the City of Arlington. The
purpose of the HQS inspection is to determine if the rental housing unit meets the US Department of
Housing and Urban Development’s Housing Quality Standards for the Housing Authority of the City of

The Housing Authority of the City of Arlington (AHA) is a public housing authority serving the City of
Arlington, Texas.    The AHA administers numerous federally funded programs including programs
that provide rental housing assistance to qualified persons. The AHA seeks qualified personnel to
provide professional inspection services. The AHA expects the inspector to provide HQS inspections
services to AHA Housing Choice Voucher program clients for approximately three months starting on
or about June 1, 2010.

Qualifications, in accordance with the specifications and scope of work below, will be accepted
until 1:00pm on May 17, 2010.


The Housing Authority of the City of Arlington reserves the right to accept or reject any or all
qualifications and to accept those qualifications that are in the best interest of the AHA.

There is no expressed or implied obligation for the AHA to reimburse responding firms or individuals
for any expenses incurred in preparing responses to this request.

To be considered, one (1) original (so marked) and two (2) copies of the response must be received
prior to the due date and time.

During the evaluation process, the AHA reserves the right, where it may serve the AHA’s best interest,
to request additional information or clarification from responders, or to allow corrections of errors or
omissions. At the discretion of the AHA, firms submitting responses may be requested to make oral
presentations as part of the evaluation process.

The AHA reserves the right to retain all responses and to use any ideas included in a response
regardless of whether that response is selected. Submission of a response indicates acceptance by
the firm or individual of the conditions contained in this request for qualifications (RFQ), unless clearly
and specifically noted in the response and confirmed in the contract between the AHA and the firm or
individual selected.

The AHA requires that Historically Underutilized Businesses have a maximum opportunity to
participate in the performance of HUD-funded contracts.

The prospective contractor certifies by submission of their qualifications that neither it nor its principals
are presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily
excluded from participation in this transaction by any Federal, state, or local department or agency.

The Housing Authority of the City of Arlington is soliciting qualifications from qualified professionals to
provide Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections for the AHA’s Housing Choice Voucher


HQS Inspection Services include providing thorough, accurate and timely HQS inspections to
approximately 10 rental housing units per day in Arlington, Texas. HQS inspection services shall
include completing initial, annual or re-inspections on occupied assisted units and vacant units being
considered for assistance. HQS inspection services shall included following HUD guidelines for
HQS/Housing Code regulations.

Inspectors must be able to determine if a unit meets HQS. If a unit does not meet HQS the HQS
inspector must be able to describe and document the reasons the dwelling unit failed the HQS
inspection, specify the HQS violations and identify what items need to be corrected in order for the unit
to pass HQS.

Inspectors must be able to differentiate between life/safety fail conditions and other regular HQS fail

Inspectors will be required to use forms and or computers provided by the AHA to record and report
HQS inspection results.

HQS inspection services shall include documenting current condition of unit and providing enough
documentation to complete a rent reasonableness assessment. Photographic documentation may be
required for some inspections.


The consultant will furnish all required labor, materials (other than forms), supplies, and transportation.
Travel is required in connection with the project. The AHA expects that the project staff will include
individuals with appropriate expertise, certification, and/or licensing in HQS or a related field.


The AHA will make available copies of any relevant reports, studies, or other resources as may be
needed for the completion of the project. The AHA will complete rent reasonableness for all initial

The AHA’s Contract Administrator for this project is David Zappasodi, Executive Director of the
Housing Authority of the City of Arlington. The Contract Administrator or his designee will be the
primary contact and will coordinate the services to be provided by the AHA to the consultant, and
provide technical information regarding the project. The Contract Administrator or his designee shall
be the Contractor’s primary contact for information from the consultant to the AHA.


Responses to this RFQ should be provided in the following numbered format as listed below:

        1.   The Housing Authority of the City of Arlington is interested in the experience of the HQS

             If an individual applicant, please provide the following information:
             •   Name and location of any similar inspection experience, including client name and
                 contact information (references)
             •   Resume including certifications/license held and dates of issue or expiration as
                 applicable. Please include volume of inspections performed per day.

             If the respondent is a firm, please provide the information below:

             •   Name and location of any similar inspection work performed by firm, including client
                 name and contact information (references)
             •   Resume of principle of firm
             •   Number of years in related field
             •   Resumes of inspectors anticipated to perform work under this contract, included
                 certifications/licenses held and dates of issue or expiration as applicable. Please
                 include information about the volume of inspections performed per day.
             •   References

             No change in the proposed key personnel or subcontractors will be approved without
             express written consent of the AHA.

        2.   Identify the project’s principal contact and contact information including phone number
             and email.

        3.   Please indicate availability from Monday through Saturday between the hours of 7:30AM
             and 7PM on Attachment A.

        4.   The inspector/firm should list and describe any prior or ongoing engagements of
             professional relationships that would constitute a potential conflict of interest, together
             with a statement explaining why such relationships do not constitute a conflict of interest
             relative to performing the proposed project. The firm covenants and agrees that the firm
             and its officers, employees, and subcontractors will have not interest, including personal
             financial interest, and will acquire no interest, either directly or indirectly, that will conflict
             in any manner with the performance of the services called for under this RFQ.


    •   Professional background and qualifications of inspector/firm and personnel assigned to this project (25
        25 points)
    •   Reputation for personal and professional integrity and competence (20 points)
    •   Quality and timeliness of prior work (20 points)
    •   Licenses, certification and training of inspectors (25 points)
    •   Days and hours of availability (10 points)


Qualifications will be evaluated by AHA. The AHA will select prospective consultants or firms using the
above criteria whose responses best demonstrate the competence and qualifications needed to
perform the service(s).

The AHA reserves the right to contract with more than one firm or individual to meet its needs. Upon
selection, the consultant(s) will be notified of potential projects and will negotiate price, timeline for
completion, and other performance measures required to meet the indicated contractual
responsibilities. The AHA intends to compensate inspectors at a flat rate per inspection. Price is not a
part of the evaluation process however; the AHA is interested in the rate anticipated by contractors.
Any price identified in the response to this proposal is not a commitment by the contractor unless
agreed upon during negotiations with the AHA. Please indicate a per inspection fee on Attachment A.
Following the selection process and negotiations for prices, a formal contract for professional services
will be executed by the AHA.


Submit qualifications (1) original and two (2) paper copies by or before 1:00pm, May 17, 2010, to the
address below:

                                         David Zappasodi
                                         Executive Director
                               Housing Authority of the City of Arlington
                                 501 West Sanford Street, Suite 20
                                        Arlington, TX 76011


All questions concerning this RFQ must be directed to Jessica Parry via email The questions must be in writing and received on or before May
11, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. (central).
The provisions contained herein are intended to ensure a fair and equitable review process so that
there is no actual or potential situation where one RFQ Respondent secures or attempts to secure an
unfair advantage over another RFQ Respondent or creates a situation where there is an appearance
of impropriety in contacts between the RFQ Respondent or RFQ agent or RFQ contractor and AHA
After release of the RFQ, no officer, employee, agent or representative of the Respondent shall have
any contact or discussion, verbal or written, with any members of the Board of Commissioners, AHA
staff or AHA’s consultants, or directly or indirectly through others, seek to influence any Board
member, AHA staff, or AHA’s consultants regarding any matters pertaining to this Request for
Qualifications or the activities related to this RFQ, except as herein provided.
Contacts by the Respondent with AHA staff when such contacts do not pertain to this proposal are
exempt from this provision. Examples include:
    Private (non-business) contacts with the AHA by the Respondent’s employees acting in their
    personal capacity;
    Contact made to conduct business with the Housing Authority of the City of Arlington or City of
    Arlington programs, unrelated to this RFQ;
    Presentations and/or responses to inquiries initiated by AHA Staff; and if a representative of the
    Respondent has a question about any potential contact as described above, the Purchasing Agent
    will be notified in order to make a determination as to whether any contact is allowed in
    accordance with the RFQ.

If a representative of any company or party submitting a proposal violates the foregoing
prohibition by contacting any of these parties, such contact may result in a Respondent being
disqualified from the procurement process.

NOTE: Absolutely no faxed or emailed qualifications will be accepted. The Housing
Authority of the City of Arlington shall not consider any request for extension of the
deadline for qualifications.
                         ATTACHMENT A


Please indicate the number of inspectors that are available
between 7:30 AM and 7:00 PM on each day between Monday and

           Monday    Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday

Per Inspection Fee: $______________

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