; Principles of Marketing 12E Chapter 1
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Principles of Marketing 12E Chapter 1


Principles of Marketing 12E Chapter 1 document sample

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									Part 1 of 2
School of Management                                 Course Introductory Letter
Marketing 330                                        Distance Learning (DL)
Semester Fall 2006                                   Instructor: Professor Kenneth D. Lawrence
September 5 – December 7                             Phone: 973-596-6425
e-mail: carpetfour@yahoo.com                         a:63-330 Fall 2006-letter-1.doc

Dear MRKT 330 Student,

As the faculty mentor for MRKT 330, Principles of Marketing telecourse, I would like to welcome you to
this high technology-based distance learning course using the Highlander Pipeline Communications


The assigned textbooks for this course are required for all students. Every student is expected to read the
textbook. There are PowerPoint slides, Audio Chapter Reviews, the Telecourse Study Guide for Marketing
and the Website will deepen your understanding of the critical role of the marketing function in a globally
competitive organization. There will be two take home examinations for the course. There is an
Introduction to Marketing 330 due September 15, 2006. The nature of the two take-home examinations and
a set of case exercises are included. Additionally you must strictly adhere to return dates and how and
when to return the examinations and other assignments, including the course evaluation (answers and
questions). The dates and processes apply to all students in a uniform fashion. Each student does all work
on examinations totally on an independent basis.

This is a technological advanced course, allowing the student to interact with a professionally-managed and
sophisticated website, as well as professionally-done lecture material (multi-media PowerPoints, and audio
chapter review material). This course requires the student to use highly technologically advanced
instructional materials to maximize his/her acquisition of knowledge-acquisition and knowledge-use. If one
would mistakenly say that this course just requires answering questions on an examination, then one
neglects the facts underlying the construction and development of this course. Those who do not use the
advanced technology of the course are short-changing themselves in terms of knowledge and knowledge-
use. Moreover, student feedback instruments are collected three times during the course to monitor the
student’s progress. This course utilizes the Highlander Pipeline Communications System to enhance the
communication with the student, including board posting opportunities. This course requires that each
student has a UCID and its associated NJIT e-mail account to view it on a regular basis. Important course
messages are displayed on the Highlander Pipeline Board for the course.


A. Web Site for Boone and Kurtz Text, 12th Edition

Continuing Video Case

The End-of-Part Continuing Video Case highlights Major League Soccer. Available on DVD, this special
seven-segment video case and accompanying written cases emphasize strategy, enabling students to follow
one company case throughout the various marketing functions.

End-of-Chapter Video Package

The End-of-Chapter Package includes 19 videos to accompany the cases at the end of each chapter,
enabling students to see how real companies, such as Doc Martens , Wrigley, and Monster.com, deal with
various marketing scenarios.


Xtra! Online includes digitized videos for the Major League Soccer Continuing Case and End-of-Chapter
Videos, Student PowerPoint presentation slides, a Marketing Plan with related exercises, and Extra!
Quizzing to reinforce concepts throughout the text.


MarketingNow for Contemporary Marketing, 12e, is an online assessment-driven and student-centered
tutorial that provides students with a personalized learning plan. Based on a diagnostic Pre-Test, a
customized learning path is generated for each student’s personalized study needs, helping them to
visualize, organize, practice, and master the material from the text. Media resources enhance problem-
solving skills and improve conceptual understanding.

Audio Chapter Reviews

Audio Chapter Reviews on CD-ROM allow students to listen to reviews of chapter summaries and

InfoTrac College Edition

InfoTrac College Edition (ICE) is a fully searchable online database that gives instructors and studetns24-
hour access to full-text articles from a variety of well-known periodicals and scholarly journals. InfoTrac
Exercises provide additional learning experiences for students as well as offer guidance on conducting
online research.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides

PowerPoint Presentation Slides provide chapter objectives, the main chapter objectives outlines and
explained, figures from the text to enhance student learning, and embedded Web links. The expanded
presentation contains a wider scope of embedded Web links and also contains embedded video links. Each
chapter ends with a clearly presented summary of the chapter’s objectives and key concepts.

Collaborative Learning Handbook

Collaborative Learning Handbook includes additional interactive exercises specific to each chapter.
Averaging three per chapter, there are 5- to 20-minute.

Video Package on DVD

In the Video Package on DVD, the End-of-Part Continuing Video Case highlights Major League Soccer,
giving students a familiar topic to kick around. This seven-segment video and accompanying written case
enable students to build on their knowledge as they follow one organization through the various marketing
functions. In addition, a new End-of-Chapter Video Package includes 19 completely mew videos to
accompany in-text cases that illustrate how real companies such as Green Mountain Coffee, Teenage
research Unlimited, and Jiffy Lube deal with various marketing scenarios.

Support Web Site

The array of useful resources includes

    -    Interactive Study Center, includes Quizzes, Internet Exercises, Flashcards, Personal Development
         Information, and a Newsroom
    -    Access to MarketingNow


A. Instructor to Student - All communication must being with the student name and class identification
number, using the Highlander Pipeline Communications System and its associated NJIT e-mail account.
1. Introduction to MRKT 330 and website exercises on DL website under MRKT 330 DL
2. Course syllabus on DL website under MRKT 330 DL
3. Southwestern website for Boone and Kurtz (12th Edition)
4. E-mails to individual students (on administrative and academic matters)
5. E-mails to the class (on administrative and academic matters)
6. Grade report (after the grading of the first exam) is mailed via U. S. mail (for privacy and security
    reasons) to students and generally arrives within two weeks after the scheduled completion date of the
7. Final course grades are posted to the normal NJIT registration-grade system.
8. Important course messages are posted on the Highlander Pipeline Board.

B. Student to Instructor: use e-mail address carpetfour@yahoo.com with student feedback
1. Introduction to Mrkt 330 (on administrative and academic matters) (MUST BE IN TXT READABLE
2. E-mail to the instructor (on administrative and academic matters)
3. Exam #1 - (MUST BE IN TXT READABLE FORMAT) and must contain the student’s name
    and a student statement of independent work with student feedback.
4. Exam #2 - (MUST BE IN TXT READABLE FORMAT) and must contain the student’s name
    and a student statement of independent work.
5. Student feedback form and current and future use of course analyses to the instructor (MUST BE IN
    TXT READABLE FORMAT) and must contain the student’s name.

SPECIAL NOTE: Transmission of computer viruses by attached files is prevented by this procedure
of requiring TXT files being pasted into e-mails. Also difficulties with varying types of files are


1.  Review all course material at the beginning of the course
2.  By September 15, 2006, send a complete and thorough introductory e-mail as Assignment #1 to the
    instructor, along with the exercises Part 4A Hartley and Part 4B Richardson
3. Read the text material on an ongoing basis. (Do not wait till the end).
4. In addition to the text, be sure to use the Knowledge Acquisition:
    a.        Multi-Media Power Points (Lecture Material)
    b.        Audio Chapter Review (Lecture Materials)
    c.        Telecourse Study Guide
    d.        Video Cases
    e.        End of Chapter Review Questions (to measure your knowledge)
    f.        Text Website, including chapter by chapter tests (to measure your knowledge)
5. Do Exam #1 in a thorough and quality fashion and submit it by October 15, 2006 (with attached
completed student feedback form).
6. Do Exam #2 in a thorough and quality fashion and submit it by December 7, 2006.
7. Turn in a completed student feedback form by December 7, 2006

If you have contacted me by any other means, then please specify the means and
frequency of these contacts.


The virtual classroom component of the course requires the use of the e-mail in TXT format. The e-mail
allows class participants to ask question on examinations, exercises, etc., as well as return your
examinations. You must contact me by e-mail by September 15, 2006, so that I can keep in contact with
you regarding class enhancements, etc.


MRKT 330, FALL 2006
Course Introduction to Marketing 330 - Beginning of Term

Note: You must send an e-mail in a TXT readable format, including the student’s
name, course number and answers to questions to carpetfour@yahoo.com by
September 15, 2006.

Part 1 – Introduction to Course
1. You must maintain contact with me. I must have one active e-mail account associated with the
Highlander Pipeline Communications System. In order for me to develop an e-mail address book for the
class, you must send me an active NJIT e-mail to the address by September 15, 2006. The format of this e-
mail must be in a readable TXT-format. NO ATTACHED FILES WILL BE ACCEPTED. (Such files
can cause virus transmittal and may be non-standard.) Also, it must begin with your name and
course number.

2. This introductory message e-mail message must also contain both the questions and the associated
answers to the following:
a. Student name
b. Do you have the course syllabus and introductory letter?
c. Have you thoroughly read the course syllabus and introductory letter?
d. Do you have the Exam I and Exam II and the case exercises”
 e. Have you reviewed Exam I and Exam II and the case exercises?

f. Do you have the Boone & Kurtz text?
g. Have you reviewed the Boone & Kurtz text?
h. Do you have the PowerPoint notes?
i. Have you reviewed the PowerPoint notes?
j. Do you have the case DVDs?
k. Have you reviewed the case DVDs?
l. Do you have the casebook?
m. Have you reviewed the casebook?

n.   Do you have the telecourse guide?
o.   Have you reviewed the telecourse guide?
p.   Do you have the Hartley book?
q.   Have you reviewed the Hartley book?
r.   Do you have the Richardson book?
s.   Have you reviewed the Richardson book?

t. Do you have the audio chapter review materials?
u. .Have you reviewed the audio chapter review materials?
v. Do you have the WebPages, including the automated chapter questions?
w. Have you reviewed the WebPages, including the automated chapter questions?
x. .Do you know when, where and how to send your two exams and term cases to me?
y. Do you know how to send a text file in a readable form via e-mail?
z. Do you know you must keep a cc (carbon copy) of your E-mail with your exams and text cases), and this
is your only receipt for sending in the exams.

A1. What is your major field of study?
A2. What is your minor field of study?
A3. What is your reason for taking this course?
A4. How many credits have you taken at NJIT?
A5. How many college credits have you taken in total?
A6. How many credits of distance learning have you taken?
A7. Do you understand that all work on examinations is done independently?
A8. Do you agree with the following: I understand the material contained in the syllabus for
MRKT 330, and I will fully abide by these procedures. (You need to acknowledge this via e-mail.)
A9. Are you familiar with the various phases of Highlander Pipeline Communications System, including its

Part 2 – Introduction to Course

We would like to know your thoughts of the following items with regard to the class.
Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statements
about your course expectations. Please post your answers in the blanks provided. Some
statements are similar to one another to ensure that we accurately determine your thoughts
concerning this course for questions 1-10. Then complete questions 11-12, and then
complete Part 3 concerning your current level of understanding of course materials.
Next, please complete:
Part 4A from the Hartley text
Part 4B from the Richardson text

Legend for Questions 1-10:
1- I Strongly Disagree with this statement (SD).
2- I Disagree with this statement (D).
3- I Neither Agree nor Disagree with this statement (N).
4- I Agree with this statement (A).
5- I Strongly Agree with this statement (SA).


1. The student expectations of the                    ______
   class was clearly stated.

2. My background for this course                      ______
   was sufficient.

3. My background for similar courses                  ______
   in the program was acceptable.

4. I had strong prior interest in the                 ______
   subject matter and wanted to take
   this course.

5. I learned a great deal in this course.                 ______

6. This course will help me to get                        ______
   a job.

7. The availability of computer and                       ______
   MIS systems provided by SOM and
   NJIT for the undergraduate program
   is acceptable.

8. The cost of books in the school                        ______
   bookstore is competitive.

9. How many hours a week do you                           0-1     2-3       4-5       5+                 ______
   expect to spend in this course?

10. How many hours a week do you                          0-1     2-3       4-5       5+                 ______
   expect to spend on the average course
   in the program?

Please complete the following questions:

11. The expected grade in this class is:                  A        B        C         D        F

12. What is your major? Please specify                    __________.

Part 3 – Introduction to Course

13. For each topic to be covered in the course, please place your answers in the spaces
      A. For each topic to be covered in the course, please detail your current level of understanding by posting
         the appropriate legend in the answer space.

Legend for Questions a-t
4-Very Good
a.   Marketing: Creating Satisfaction through Customer Relationships                                     ______
b.   Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process                                                        ______
c.   Creating an Effective Marketing Plan                                                                ______
d.   The Marketing Environment, Ethics and Social Responsibility                                         ______
e.   E-Commerce: Marketing in the Digital Age                                                            ______
f. Consumer Behavior                                                                                ______

g. Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing                                                   ______
h. Serving Global Markets                                                                 ______
i. Marketing Research, Decision Support Systems, and Sales Forecasting                    ______
j. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning                                         ______
k. Relationship Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and One-to-One Marketing _____

l. Product and Service Strategies                                                                   ______
m. Category and Brand Management, Product ID, and New-Product Development                           ______
n. Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management                                                   ______
o. Direct Marketing and Marketing Resellers: Retailers and Wholesalers                             _______
p. Integrated Marketing Communications.                                                            _______
q. Advertising and Public Relations                                                                 ______
r. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion                                                             ______
s. Price Concepts and Approaches                                                                    ______
t. Pricing Strategies                                                                               ______

     B. With the following legend,

4-Very Good

please note your Overall Level of Knowledge of Topics in Marketing to Be Covered at
this time _____.

Thank you. Your response will help to improve the course.

Part 4A – Hartley, Marketing Mistakes

Chapter 1, Introduction, pages 1-7, questions (1,2,3,4,5), pages 7-8; Chapter 2, Burger Wars pages 11-29,
questions (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), page 29; Hands on Exercises (1,2,3,4), pages 29-30.

Part 4B – Richardson

 Annual Edition on Marketing 06/07; summarize article 4 (Power at Last, Crowed at Last), pages 17-21,
article 5, (Brand Killers), pages 22-25, and article 6, pages 26-33. Read each article and summarize it in
300 words each.


This is a course requirement to respond affirmatively to me by September 15, 2006 in an appropriate
format that I understand clearly that Parts (1,2,3,4) must be completed in total. In order to complete the
course, this message must be received in a complete and through fashion by September 15, 2006 in a TXT

It is expected that you will have only one e-mail address for the course to prevent disruption of
communication. You may receive more help through Faxline 973-639-1891 or DL Home Page

Kenneth D. Lawrence
Professor of Management Science and Marketing Science


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