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Annual Report

St. Matthew Lutheran Church
   10390 S.W. Canyon Road
 Beaverton, Oregon 97005-1996
                                 2010 Congregation Board
 John Voorhees, President 503-246-1845
 Dayna Dixon, Vice President 503-649-3046
 Kevin Weichbrodt, Secretary 503-977-7985
 Alan Bauck, Treasurer 503-690-2161
 Evadne Woodside, Member-at-large 503-641-6353
 Shari Byrnes, Member-at-large 503-646-9311
 Forrest Soth, Member-at-large 503-644-4972
 Dawn Schaenzer, Member-at-large 503-629-2141
 Darrel Kraxberger, Member-at-large 503-590-7185

                                          2010 Staff
Senior Pastor                                                     James Doherty
Pastoral Associate                                                    Paul Lyda
Interim Pastor                                                       Dave Farley
Caring for Life Pastoral Leadership                                   Bob Ward
Pastor Emeritus                                               Ervin K. Overlund
Director of Resources and Operations                              Bruce Fivecoat
Minister of Worship and Music                               Eduardo Charbonnier
Minister of Children and Families                                   Janeé Walker
Minister of Youth and Families                             J.D. and Alaina Henry
Bookkeeper and Messenger Publisher                                    Julia Mohr
Pastoral Secretary                                                  Shosh Meyer
Calendar Secretary                                              Susan Heikkinen
Assistant to Ministers of Children and Youth                         Tami Barnes
Hand Bell Choirs Director                                           Shosh Meyer
Nursery Director                                                       Kim Groh
Preschool Director and Preschool Lead Teacher                    Tonia Andersen
Volunteer Coordinator                                            Marcia Johnson

                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

Congregational Meeting
Agenda - Fall Congregation Meeting November 14, 2010 .......................................................4
Congregation Meeting Minutes of June 13, 2010........................................................................5
2010-2011 Proposed Operating Budget ......................................................................................9

Senior Pastor............................................................................................................................ 16
Interim Pastor........................................................................................................................... 17
Minister of Children and Families ............................................................................................ 18
Minister of Youth and Families ................................................................................................ 20
Minister of Worship and Music ................................................................................................ 21
Director of Resources and Operations ...................................................................................... 22
Director of SMLC Preschool.................................................................................................... 23
Nursery Coordinator................................................................................................................. 24

Congregation Board
Board President                                                                                                                      25
Finance Committee .................................................................................................................. 26
Long Range Planning Committee............................................................................................. 27

Congregation Ministries
Caring for Life ......................................................................................................................... 28
Cars Ministry ........................................................................................................................... 29
Decoration Group..................................................................................................................... 30
Fair Trade ................................................................................................................................ 31
Faith Cafe ................................................................................................................................ 32
Foundation ............................................................................................................................... 33
Friendly Club ........................................................................................................................... 34
Habitat for Humanity Yakima .................................................................................................. 35
Handbells ................................................................................................................................. 36
Health Ministry........................................................................................................................ 37
Lay Communion Assistants...................................................................................................... 38
Lay Readers ............................................................................................................................. 39
Library..................................................................................................................................... 40
Loaves and Fishes .................................................................................................................... 41
Lutheran World Relief ............................................................................................................. 42
Men s Retreat........................................................................................................................... 43
Military Ministry...................................................................................................................... 44
Missions Ministry Team........................................................................................................... 45
Mission Prayer Team ............................................................................................................... 46
MOPS Mother s of Preschoolers ........................................................................................... 47
Parish Nurses ........................................................................................................................... 48
Prayer Shawl............................................................................................................................ 49

Processionals............................................................................................................................ 50
ROMEO Retired Older Men Eating Out ................................................................................ 51
SCAT Special Church Action Team ...................................................................................... 52
Small Groups ........................................................................................................................... 53
Special Events.......................................................................................................................... 54
Stephen Ministry...................................................................................................................... 55
Stewardship ............................................................................................................................. 56
Troop 124 Boy Scouts of America ........................................................................................... 57
Visitation Ministry ................................................................................................................... 58
Volunteer Coordinator.............................................................................................................. 59
WELCA - Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America                                                                            .. 60
Women s Retreat                                                                                                                         . 61
Staff, Board, and Ministry Team Roster                                                                                                 .. 62

                                             St. Matthew Lutheran Church

                                      Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting

                                            November 14, 2010                12:15 p.m.


Opening Devotion ......................................................................................................................

          1. Meeting Called to Order .................................................................... John Voorhees

          2. Approval of November 8, 2009 Minutes ...................................... Kevin Weichbrodt

          3. 2010/2011 Budget Review and Approval ................................................Alan Bauck

          4. Pastor s Update......... Pastor Jim Doherty, Pastor Paul Lyda, and Pastor Dave Farley

          5. Consideration of Dave and Susan Farley                                 .               ...    .Pastor Jim Doherty

          6. Lutheran Core                                                                                .. Pastor Jim Doherty

          7. President s Remarks .......................................................................... John Voorhees

          9. Presentation of Foundation Nominees .................................................. Marty Mandt

          10. Mission Possible Update                                                                            Bruce Fivecoat

          11. Recess of Meeting until June 12, 2011 .............................................. John Voorhees

Closing Prayer ............................................................................................. Pastor Jim Doherty


                               St. Matthew Lutheran Church
                 Minutes of the June Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting
                                   Sunday, June 13, 2010

The June Semi-annual Meeting of the Congregation of St. Matthew Lutheran Church was called
to order at 12:15 pm, Sunday, June 13, 2010 in the Sanctuary of the Church by Congregational
Board President John Voorhees.

Board Members Present:
Senior Pastor Jim Doherty, President John Voorhees, Vice-president Dayna Dixon, Members-at-
large Evadna Woodside, Shari Byrnes, Forrest Soth and David Van Sickle, Director of
Operations and Resources Bruce Fivecoat, Secretary Darrel Kraxberger Treasurer Alan Bauck.
Member-at large Dawn Schaenzer were unable to attend and Interim Pastor David Farley also
had other commitments and were excused.

Candidate for Secretary Kevin Weichbrodt was in attendance.
An estimated one hundred fifty members of the congregation attended the meeting.

Opening Devotions:
Pastor Jim pointed out that today s presentation by John Mark was appropriate for the
congregation since we have been going through a time of transition for several months and we
have found that God s plan for St. Matthew is not always the same as our plan. He pointed
specifically to Mark s gospel at the beginning and end to illustrate the point. He than shared a
brief prayer.

Approval of the Minutes of the November 08, 2009 Semi-annual Congregational Meeting :

Secretary Kraxberger pointed out that copies of the Reviewed Draft of the Minutes from the
November 8, 2009 meeting had been passed out prior to the start of today s meeting. He then
asked if there where any corrections or additions. Hearing none he asked for a motion to approve
the minutes.
MSP: It was moved that the minutes be approved as presented. The motion was seconded and
passed by voice vote.

Finance and Budget review:

Treasurer, Alan Bauck was unable to attend the meeting. In his absence President John Voorhees
gave a brief overview of the financial health of the church. He indicated that giving has not met
budget expectations and a growing deficit exists in the General Fund Budget. He praised the
congregation for their great support of the Mission Possible fund drive that has already made
some significant improvements possible. He said that parking lot paving should be done this
coming summer during good weather. He asked the congregation to prayerfully consider what
they might be able to do to increase their General Fund giving to help reduce the deficit.

Pastor s Update:

Senior Pastor Jim Doherty started his remarks with a thank you to the Call Committee for their
hard work and diligence over the past year and a half that they have been meeting in an attempt
to find an Associate Pastor for St. Matthew. In spite of their hard work, the plan just didn t work
out as expected.
He than pointed out that per the directive given to the Board by the congregation, it has always
been the intention of the Board to support Paul Lyda in his education and ultimate ordination as
Pastor and to bring him on board in ministry. He said he has no reservations about Paul s ability
and in fact Paul has been doing pastoral ministry all along. He indicated that bringing Paul on
board at this time is not ideal because it has been the desire of the Board and staff to have a
female member of the ministry staff to meet the needs of that population but if we go back into
the call process it is likely that no candidate could be found earlier than six months from now and
there would be no opportunity to bring Paul on board when he completes his studies and
ordination in about a year if we call an associate during that years time.

One of the key issues was finding a suitable replacement for Paul in Youth and Family Ministries
and a great candidate has been found. J.D. Henry and his wife Alaina, who both have education
and experience in this area and who wanted to move back to our area have accepted our offer for
a position and a half time position.

God seems to be leading us into this plan and truly it seems as though the Holy Spirit is at work
on behalf of St. Matthew.
Pastor Dave has agreed to stay on board until the end of November to help in the interim period.

Paul s title will be Pastoral Associate until he completes his educational requirements and is

Interim Pastor Dave Farley was not able to attend the meeting and had no report.

Consideration of Paul Lyda as Pastoral Associate:

Pastor Jim said it would be appreciated if the congregation would affirm the Board s action to
hire Paul Lyda as Pastoral Associate. He asked if there was a strong interest in having a secret
ballot rather than a voice vote. There was only limited interest in that idea.
Linda Sandberg, Chairperson of the Call Committee indicated that the Call Committee was on
board and enthusiastic with the Board s plan of action. Per a memo delivered to the Board, she
said the Call Committee would hope to see some issues resolved during the interim period.

MSP: Forrest Soth moved that the congregation affirm the Board s action to hire Paul
    Lyda as Pastoral Associate by acclamation. The motion was seconded and
    passed by voice vote.

Comments by Paul Lyda:

Paul indicated that he could relate to John Mark because while he has had a call to ministry his
entire adult life, the road has not always been clear or smooth and in fact has been filled with
many discouraging moments. He said that when these occur, there has always been a Barnabus
to nurture and encourage him to continue. He said he will try very hard to be a good resource for
the women of our congregation and said that since he is married and expecting a forth daughter
and grew up with two sisters he feels he can relate well. He thanked the congregation for their
support and encouragement.

Presidents Remarks:

President John Voorhees kept his remarks short, outlining some of the process that will be
needed for affirmation for Paul once he is ordained. Paul will complete mobility papers for
review by the Call Committee to insure compatibility with the mission of the congregation and a
call process much like the one that was used to call Pastor Jim will take place.

Nomination of Congregational Board Members for open positions:

Dan Gering, representing the Leadership Development Committee presented the list of nominees
for open Board positions for the two year term starting July 1, 2010 and running to June 30, 2012
as follows:
        Vice President        Dayna Dixon, incumbent seeking a second term.
        Secretary             Kevin Weichbrodt
        Member at Large       Forrest Soth, incumbent seeking a second term
        (two positions)       Darrel Kraxberger
Dan called for nominations from the floor for each of the three positions after they had been
announced. None where presented and Dan indicated that the nominations were therefore
declared closed.

Voting by members of the congregation will take place following each of the three services next
Sunday, June 20, 2010 with the results will be announced at the services on the following
Sunday, June 27, 2010.

General issues and Discussion:

Pastor Bob Ward said that the Lutheran Church of East Africa has taken a position to eliminate
fellowship with any church body and persons belonging to that body that has taken a position on
affirming homosexuality as not being sinful and as normal human behavior. He indicated that
this effectively eliminates his ministry in that region. He asked what St. Matthew would do and
have we considered leaving the ELCA and joining one of the other forming synodical groups.

President Voorhees said that the Board position at this time is to not leave the ELCA for the
reason that taking a position to leave has a strong probability of fracturing the congregation and

that would be harmful to the ministry. He said that the Board will continue to pray for guidance
on this issue and that we are watching the development of other synodical groups with interest.
Board member at Large, Forrest Soth said that it is important for each person in the congregation
to educate themselves on the issue and on the emerging new groups such a Lutheran CORE and

Pastor Jim indicated that we are members of Lutheran Core, that he will attend their convention
in August and that we will likely continue our association with them as they move to become a
new Synodical Body.


President John Voorhees declared that the meeting be recessed at 1:00 pm to be reconvened at
the end of the 8:30 am Service on Sunday, June 20, 2010 and at the following two services that
same day for purposes of voting for the Board candidates.

Pastor Jim closed with a prayer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Darrel O. W. Kraxberger, Secretary

Meeting reconvened      June 20, 2010:

Following each of the Sunday morning services on June 20, 2010, the meeting was reconvened
for the purpose of casting ballots for the slate of officers by Vice-President Dayna Dixon. Vice-
President Dixon pointed out that our constitution at St. Matthew does not allow for write-in votes
and only candidates whose names appear on the ballot are eligible to receive votes. Ballots were
made available at each of the Sunday services. All confirmed members of the congregation were
eligible to vote. Ballots were collected after the vote at the end of each service. The ballots were
counted on Monday, June 21, 2010 by members of the church staff. There were 291 ballots cast.
Those elected are as follows:

       Vice President:        Dayna Dixon
       Secretary              Kevin Weichbrodt
       Member-At-Large:       Forrest Soth
       Member-At-Large:       Darrel Kraxberger

Respectfully Submitted,

Darrel O. W. Kraxberger, Secretary

                              Proposed Operating Budget
                                      Fiscal Year
                         December 1, 2010 to November 30, 2011

                                    Budget            Proposed      Percentage
                                        for             Budget    Change from
Description                      2009/2010           2010/2011    2010 to 2011

Fund I                            1,012,900             869,500       -14.16%
Fund II                             116,000             201,000        73.28%
Open Plate                           48,750              35,500       -27.18%
Fees & Rent                           3,000               2,000       -33.33%
SCRIP                                 9,000               5,670       -37.00%
Interest                                800                 200       -75.00%
Total Income                      1,190,450           1,113,870        -6.43%

Admin Pastor
Books Senior Pastor                     500                500          0.00%
Books Associate Pastor                  500                500          0.00%
Travel/Mileage                        1,500              1,500          0.00%
ELCA Conf.                              800                800          0.00%
Expenses Pastors                      1,000              1,000          0.00%
Guest Speaker                         2,000                600        -70.00%
Housing Pastors                      63,300             31,200        -50.71%
Pensions/Health                      55,000             29,250        -46.82%
Salaries Pastors                     65,000             72,800         12.00%
Continuing Ed. Senior                 1,000              1,000          0.00%
Continuing Ed.
Associate                             1,000              1,000          0.00%
Visitation Pastor                     7,200              7,200          0.00%
Totals                              198,800            147,350        -25.88%

Admin - Staff
Administrator Expenses                  300                300         0.00%
Background Checks                       400                400         0.00%
Contract Services                       500                700        40.00%
FICA/Social Security                 35,000             35,000         0.00%
Medical                             148,000            152,000         2.70%
Payroll Services                      3,000              3,000         0.00%

                             Budget      Proposed     Percentage
                                 for       Budget   Change from
Description               2009/2010     2010/2011   2010 to 2011

Pensions Staff               34,250        32,000       -6.57%
Salary Janitorial            23,500        24,000        2.13%
Salary Nursery               15,000        15,000        0.00%
Salary Office               150,000       120,000      -20.00%
Salary Program              235,000       258,600       10.04%
Unemployment                  1,000        14,100     1310.00%
Totals                      654,750       664,300        1.46%

 Board                        1,200         1,200        0.00%
Insurance                    16,000        16,600        3.75%
Night Security Contract       7,200         7,800        8.33%
Vehicles                      2,500         3,500       40.00%
Totals                       26,900        29,100        8.18%

Computers                     4,000         4,000         0.00%
Duplicator                    5,000         2,000       -60.00%
Paper                         1,700         2,100        23.53%
Postage Office                5,000         2,500       -50.00%
Messenger                     8,000         6,000       -25.00%
Church Supplies                 750           750         0.00%
Office Supplies               1,500         1,500         0.00%
Copier Maintenance            4,200         4,200         0.00%
Telephone                     6,000         4,800       -20.00%
Totals                       36,150        27,850       -22.96%

Child. Min
Resources/Equipment           1,500         1,000      -33.33%
Children's Music                100           200      100.00%
Family Events                 2,000         2,000        0.00%
Nursery Supplies              1,200         1,000      -16.67%
Midweek Program                 600           600        0.00%
Child Program                   500           500        0.00%
Milestones                    2,500         2,500        0.00%
Curriculum                    4,500         4,000      -11.11%
Postage                         200           200        0.00%

                           Budget      Proposed     Percentage
                               for       Budget   Change from
Description             2009/2010     2010/2011   2010 to 2011

Supplies/Paper              2,700         2,500        -7.41%
Summer Intern Program       1,200             0      -100.00%
Totals                     21,150        18,450       -12.77%

Adult Ministry
Adult SS                      800           800         0.00%
Discipleship                  300           300         0.00%
Abundant Life               1,500         1,500         0.00%
Library                       500           500         0.00%
Totals                      3,100         3,100         0.00%

Habitat                     1,000         1,000         0.00%
Mission Investment
Fund                        5,000         5,000         0.00%
MOPS                        3,500         3,500         0.00%
Fund I Oregon Synod        50,000        34,780       -30.44%
Fund II Benevolence         5,800         8,040        38.62%
Seminary Student
Support                     4,600         8,000        73.91%
Totals                     69,900        60,320       -13.71%

Coffee                      2,000         1,800       -10.00%
Totals                      2,000         1,800       -10.00%

Synod Convention            2,500         1,500       -40.00%
Reserve Fund               20,400        18,000       -11.76%
Totals                     22,900        19,500       -14.85%

Inside Property
Building Maintenance        6,000         6,000         0.00%
Fire System
Maintenance                 1,500         1,500         0.00%
HVAC Maintenance            1,500         1,000       -33.33%
Alarm Maintenance             650           650         0.00%

                            Budget      Proposed     Percentage
                                for       Budget   Change from
Description              2009/2010     2010/2011   2010 to 2011

Supplies                     3,250         3,250         0.00%
Lighting Supplies              700           800        14.29%
Utilities Electric          25,000        24,000        -4.00%
Utilities Garbage            3,000         2,750        -8.33%
Utilities Gas               16,000        13,000       -18.75%
Utilities Sewer              7,500         8,000         6.67%
Utilities Water              2,000         3,000        50.00%
Totals                      67,100        63,950        -4.69%

Outside Prop.
Maintenance Grounds          4,000         4,000         0.00%
Totals                       4,000         4,000         0.00%

Stephen's Ministry             600           600         0.00%
Evangelism                     750           750         0.00%
Small Groups                   250           250         0.00%
New Member                   1,000         1,000         0.00%
Parish Nurse                   300           300         0.00%
Public Relations            11,500         7,500       -34.78%
Caring for Life              1,600         1,600         0.00%
Totals                      16,000        12,000       -25.00%

Contribution Envelopes       1,200         1,200        0.00%
Steward Postage                800         1,700      112.50%
Steward Program              1,000         1,000        0.00%
Totals                       3,000         3,900       30.00%

Altar Guild                  2,000         2,000         0.00%
Hearing Amplifiers             300           300         0.00%
Bell Choir                   7,000         7,500         7.14%
Choral Music                   500           500         0.00%
Copyright Fees                 800           800         0.00%
Media and Sound              1,000         1,000         0.00%

                           Budget      Proposed     Percentage
                               for       Budget   Change from
Description             2009/2010     2010/2011   2010 to 2011

Tuning                        600           600         0.00%
Salary Music               32,000        28,000       -12.50%
Development                 1,300         1,300         0.00%
Postage/Printing              500           500         0.00%
Supplies                      750           750         0.00%
Teams/Music                   250           250         0.00%
Workshops                     250           250         0.00%
New Equipment               3,000         2,000       -33.33%
Totals                     50,250        45,750        -8.96%

Youth Ministry
New Equipment               1,500         1,000       -33.33%
STEP                        1,000         1,000         0.00%
Middle School Events        1,500         1,500         0.00%
Mission Trip                1,500         1,500         0.00%
Curriculum                    750         1,250        66.67%
SNL                         1,000           750       -25.00%
Summer Intern Program       1,200             0      -100.00%
Senior High Events          1,500         1,500         0.00%
Youth Outreach              1,500         1,000       -33.33%
Summer Events               1,000         1,000         0.00%
Youth Supplies              1,000         1,000         0.00%
Entertainment               1,000         1,000         0.00%
Totals                     14,450        12,500       -13.49%

Total Income            1,190,450     1,113,870        -6.43%
Total Expense           1,190,450     1,113,870        -6.43%
Difference                      0             0

                        Youth, $12,500
                Worship, $45,750
                       $3,900                     Where Each Dollar Goes
         Facility, $63,950
    Finance, $19,500
         Fellowship,                               Pastors,
           $1,800                                 $147,350
   Adults, $3,100
Children, $18,450
 Office, $27,850                                              Program ,


             Health, $152,000                     Support,
                                    Janitorial,   $135,000

                              Benevolence Giving - $96,923

             Dinner, $2,055

                                                SCAT, $35,968

Car's Ministry,
   $4,740                                  SCAT
    Pastor's Fund,                         $4,200
                                        Lutheran World
           Ordination                    Relief, $250
            $1,250                    Habitat for
       Spare Change,                   $2,762
                                     World Hunger,
           Fund II, $6,277               $100

Name of ministry: Senior Pastor
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Pastor Jim Doherty 503-644-9148 -
Brief review of year s activities:
         (You may notice some differences in this publication this year. Bruce Fivecoat, our
Operation Director, formatted this annual report to be more uniform in it presentation which
makes it easier to compile and easier to scan for information. I hope you find it helpful, and
your input, as always is welcome.)
         Annual Reports are primarily documents of record that summarize the year. So here is
the summary. This year, by all accounts, was a very good year for St. Matthew. Maybe that a
little cursory for posterity so lets clarify. This year had some significant challenges as all do,
but God blessed us in two specific ways. With clarity about who we are in ministry personnel
and because in the midst of a dramatic season of economic constraint we kept our focus on the
work and the mission of God s calling on our community.
         St. Ignatius of Loyola suggests that the life of a Christian (and I would include the
church as an institution) is filled with seasons of consolation and desolation. Times of
consolation are times when God feels close and you can see the clear indications of answered
prayer and vision clarified. These are critical to healthy faith because in times of desolation
God is hard to hear and mission direction may get fuzzy. So in times of Consolation, says
Ignatius, mark well the direction and confidence of faith you receive from God that it might
carry you through the seasons of desolation.
         It is my firm conviction that we have been blessed this year with a season of
consolation. The call process that led to hiring JD and Alaina Henry as our new staff in Youth
and Family Ministries and Paul Lyda as our new Pastoral Associate was extremely complex and
challenging, but God worked miracles through the complexity. Throughout the process and
especially at the conclusion the awareness of a provision of wisdom and guidance beyond our
own was clearly evident. And now with the additional opportunity to add David and Suzan
Farley to the mix gives us a staff potential that is awesome and humbling to imagine.
         I do tend to see God active in the world in peculiar circumstances, even in this season of
economic contraction. Maybe I m just an optimistic fool, but in the midst of significant
unemployment and struggling households we saw amazing acts of generosity. A year ago we
began setting out a bucket on Sunday mornings that invited worshipers to lighten the load on
their pockets. Pocket Change to Make a Change has collected more than $1000 over the past
year and provided me the privilege of helping members pay bills, and meet the basic living
expenses through very tough days. The Mission Possible stewardship drive has also seen strong
and consistent support from all of you to the point that we are now 50% of fully financed for
entire three-year project: in just the first year!
         All of this while other congregations in our community (including some of the most
dynamic and vibrant churches in the Beaverton area) are dealing with serious financial and
ministry contraction. We have been blessed by God through you, and your wonderful
        Our theme for this year is Life in Season . In challenging times and abundant times
God is at work with gifts of life. There is no waiting for it to come in season. It is a gift of God
and for that reason it is always ripe, and always read to nourish our faith and belonging. It is a
privilege to share the journey with you and an honor to serve as your pastor. May God fill you
up this year, and may the life he gives to you bring joy, and inspiration for the coming year.

Name of ministry: Interim Pastor
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Pastor Dave Farley - 503 644 9148 -

Brief description of ministry:
Interim ministry is a temporary pause in a line of succession or event.An interim pastor is a
pastor who fills an official role in a temporary basis. I have worked with the congregation on
grieving, the development of new leadership, encouraged discernment for the future of St.
Matthew, worked with the call committee in calling a new Senior Pastor and an Associate
Pastor. I have also helped with leading worship, preaching and teaching and pastoral care.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
There are many things about life which I do not know. But one thing I do know; we are all
living in an interim. We are in time-in-between; we are between what has happened and what
will happen. We are as our theme for the year described on more than just a journey. How we
travel this way is very important.

On one occasion Jesus was telling his disciple about events which were yet to come, and they
asked him, "When shall these things be?" Matthew 24:3. in his response Jesus told them that
there would be wars and rumors and dceit, "but," said he, "the end is not yet" Matthew 24:6 The
end is not yet. This is a truth of our existence and living, the heart of our faith.
That has been a significant part of my ministry this year. When you called a new Senior Pastor
and Associate Pastor you were saying our ministries have not ended. As you began "Mission
Possible" you were saying we are not finished. The remodeling of the SCAT building says we
are not finished. The expansion of the education and youth ministries echoed "we are not
finished." It has been a privilege to be a part of ministries that are filled with expectation and
excitement.In many ways you are saying there are big questions in our future and we don't
know all the answers. All we know to do is live by faith in the God who holds all things
together. That's the "good news," not the pat answer.The role of the Interim Pastor is also to
help the congregation understand the life of a congregation does not depend on the clergy or the
people or the strcture, but apon our Lord Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit.As we
wait for the returen of Christ we work and pray together knowing the task is not finished.

Goals for the future:
The goals for the future of my ministry at St. Matthew are to continue to pray and work for your
future whatever that may be and wherever I will be.I will alsays gilve thanks for my time with
all of you. You have blessed me beyond measure and in faith I am certain you will continue in
the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ.

Name of ministry: Children and Family Ministry
Name(s) of contact people: Janee Walker, 503-644-9148,

Names of ministry members:
This ministry includes hundreds of volunteer ministers. Some of them serve extensively in one
or more capacities throughout the year. The number of those who serve in this capacity is
somewhere around 200.

Brief description of ministry:
The mission of Children and Family Ministry is to enable and equip families to walk with
Christ. This ministry serves children from birth through 5th grade and their families. Our
ministry includes Sunday School (including music ministry), for ages 3 through 5th grade,
Splash (ministry for families of children birth to age 3), Faith 4 Followers (4-key
congregational weekly devotional), St. Matthew Bookstore, Children s Worship Bags, Back to
School blessing, Christmas and Easter give-away, Christian Parenting Seminars, Children s
Christmas Program, Together in Faith (adult/child classes) including First Communion Classes,
Bible Buddies, and Boy Scouts God and Me and God and Country classes. Worship on
Wednesday includes, Choirs (voice for ages 4 through 8th grade and bell choir for 3rd -5th
grade), Friendship Adventure and Christian Martial Arts. Summers include Tilikum summer
camp, Vacation Bible school and Family Camping. We provide a number of outreach events
including Rally Sunday, Fall Festival, Advent Events, Lenten Activities and an Easter Egg
Hunt. We also participate in community awareness and service through relationship with the
Beaverton School District, Love I.N.C., Compassion Beaverton, and through Advent and other
service events.

But this ministry is far from just a collection of programs and events; it seeks to come alongside
individuals and families within the congregational family to promote the development of
disciples through biblically-based learning and hands-on experiences that take place not just
within the church building walls but also in the home. We are committed to raising children in
intergenerational faith relationships that include small group experiences for learners of all
ages. We embrace the principles of the 4-keys (devotions, caring conversations, ritual/tradition,
and service) as practices for faith growth and development. We actively incorporate 5
principles in our ministry: 1) The home is church too, 2)Faith is caught more than it is taught,
3)Faith is passed through personal trusted relationships, 4) The church is a partnership between
congregation and home, and 5) The faith of Christian children and youth depends upon all
Christian adults.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
We consider all of our activities and events significant because they impact the faith growth of
the next generation. Our biggest successes may never be known or recognized by us, but
each child and every one of our interactions with them, and with their parents is a blessing and
has the potential to nurture their faith.

One special event of the year was the opportunity to take Tami Barnes, Administrative
Assistant to Children, Youth and Families, and two integral volunteers in the ministry, Jia
Layman and Vicky Rolph, to the Northwest Ministry Conference in Seattle. It was an excellent

opportunity to invest in growth and learning for our staff and volunteer ministers.

Goals for the future:
  1) To form a Children s Ministry Team: A group of individuals who are dedicated to vision
       and long term outlook of this ministry.
  2) To equip families to practice faith in their homes by providing take-home resources
       from all events and classes.
  3) To equip Christian parents through at least one seminar in the upcoming year.
  4) To engage Children with Biblical content especially by showing young children that the
       stories told to them are in the Bible, and especially with elementary children to have
       them opening their Bibles each week in class.
  5) To encourage families to reach out into the community, discourage isolating their
       families, through events such as the Advent Festival and Service nights, Operation
       Christmas Child, and for 5th grade to plan and execute one local service project.
  6) Upgrading of our facility and equipment including but not necessarily limited to carpet
       replacement in at least the last two preschool wing classrooms, installation of DVD and
       TV in an upstairs classroom, and a cabinet with a usable sound and DVD system for the
       Lower Fellowship Hall, addition of area rugs to two preschool classrooms, and addition
       of a useable and secure data system.

Name of ministry: Youth and Family Ministry
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
J.D. Henry ( Alaina Henry (

Names of ministry members:
Adult Leaders: Jon Bettendorf, Tim Uecker, Keri Lyda, Stacy Lyda, Cliff Fennel, Joy Frisbie,
Steven Linnerooth, Jim and Margaret Keehn, Kristen Bryant, Stephanie Ostrum, Bernice and
Candice Arditi.

Brief description of ministry:
Our ministry focuses on giving students a place to belong. We accomplish this by providing a
variety of activities. Activities range from acts of service, to small groups, to fun activities and
to big group gatherings. These different settings will be the places where kids will learn about
faith. We desire that their faith is the type where they are continually transformed to be like
Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
    We have had a full year of activities with each of them focusing on the 3 Bs of our ministry
(Belong, Believe Become). Our monthly Sunday Night Lives (youth groups) have been packed
with students (ranging from 50-75 students) eating together, having fun, worshipping, and
hearing messages of God s love.
    There has been periodic events giving students opportunities to be with each other outside
the church walls. Monthly P.I.T. Crews (Parent Involvement Team) have organized awesome
grade-specific events where the kids always come back giving positive reports. These events
range from spending time on the Sandberg Farm to Lazer Tag to house parties. We have also
had general activities for middle and high schoolers.
   Our Confirmation program works its way through a three-year cycle of Biblical teaching,
grade and gender specific small groups (besides 8th grade) and Luther s Small Catechism.
   The highlights of the year surrounded the preparing and execution of our mission trips. The
high school students worked very hard doing fundraisers to be able to go to Belize. The Middle
School students spent a week on the Yakima Indian Reservation. They participated in planning
and leading kid s clubs for the local children. We also did some old fashion manual labor on the
church we were staying at and helping out the neighborhood. There was plenty of downtime for
the students to spend time connecting with each other and other youth groups from around the
west coast.

In August, St. Matthew welcomed the new youth ministers, J.D. and Alaina Henry.
Goals for the future:
   J.D. and Alaina bring a passion for youth ministry to St. Matthew s. They hope to build off
the strength of the middle school program and shift some focus to the high school students.
Mission trips will continue to have high importance in the middle and high school programs.
The new ministry team will intentionally reach out to the high school students to give them some
ownership of their own age group. The program hopes to see greater involvement in the
community life and ministry at St. Matthew, Sunday School programs, and Sunday Night Lives.

Name of ministry: Worship and Music
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Eduardo Charbonnier - 503.644.9148 (ext. 115) work - 503.890.9796           cell

Brief description of ministry:
Worship and Music Ministry manages the overall music and worship programs of St. Matthew.
We create and implement a vision for music ministries, participate in worship planning, provide
direction for all music groups and coordinate musical needs for community activities.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
   1. Annual Christmas Concert. Orchestra, choir, soloists, guest musicians. In 2010
       (December 19, 3:00pm) we will bring back Agnus Dei. A wonderful worship
       celebration of Christ s birth. Not only choir and orchestra but also Dan Miller will
       delight and amaze us playing in a beautiful Rodgers Organ.
   2. Afternoon at the Opera and Broadway. What a fun event! You don t want to miss it in
       2011 (March 4 and 5).
   3. Rummage Sale. Once again the church was inundated with donations and with shoppers.
       The community was thrilled to find amazing bargains, you were happy to have a clean
       garage and I was ecstatic to raise money for those things not covered under the general
   4. The Easter Cantata was a wonderful production that included full orchestra, choirs,
       drama and multimedia.
   5. Once again this year we presented a children s musical with the participation of kids
       grades 1 6. We had a lot of fun exploring the depths of the sea!
   6. One of the biggest things accomplished this year was the installation of a new sound
       system. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you, the congregation, for making this
   7. A few months ago I made a list of all those people that in one way or another have
       volunteered to serve in one of our ministries this past year. The list had over 90 names!
       For that I am humbled and give thanks to God for allowing me to do his work here at St.
       Matthew (for 9 years!).
   8. Following are some of our ministries. Thank you SO much for all those who make these
       ministries possible: Lay liturgists, Altar Guild, Drama, Picture Ministry, Lay leaders,
       Theatrical productions, Decorations, Processionals, Tech (sound, lights, clickers),
       Ushers, Worship Team (vocals and band), Logos Choir (adults), Bell choirs (see Shosh
       report), Children s choirs.

Goals for the future:
  1. Those coming to St. Matthew will know that this is a place where God resides.
  2. Through music and worship people will experience God s presence in their lives.
  3. Those involved in our ministries will care for one another, pray for one another and be
       an example of God s love and grace to each other.

Name of ministry: Director of Resources and Operations
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Bruce Fivecoat

Brief description of ministry:
I am responsible for managing all financial resources (income and expenses) of the church to
support the ongoing ministry of St. Matthew, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of
the staff, building and grounds.
    · Report to the Congregation Board on a monthly basis the fiscal health of St. Matthew
    · Provide management and oversight of all purchases by all staff and congregation.
    · Staff liaison to the Finance Committee
    · Provide resources for the Stewardship and Long Range Planning Committees
    · In cooperation with the Senior Pastor and Personnel Committee hire, supervise and
        evaluate administrative staff

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
We installed a new server to facilitate and improve our computer network. This included
developing a better disaster recovery plan for our data base. This also required all office
computers to be upgraded with memory and software to connect to the new server. Since the
upgrade we have had little or no connection failures.

I supported the Long Range Planning Committee and Board in promoting the Mission Possible
Program and overseeing the projects this fund financed. Major projects completed this year
    · Hand rails for the back patio and playground
    · New carpet in the Fellowship Hall and surrounding areas
    · The sanctuary sound system and sound booth
    · Steeple roof was repaired
    · Upper parking paved
    · A new roof was installed over the office area

Hours and hours were spent on landscaping and brush removal along our Canyon Creek
boundary as well as the trimming of trees and vegetation along all parking islands.

Goals for the future:
All the staff use computers on a daily basis and we need to continue to upgrade our system with
better internal and external internet connections. There are many Mission Possible projects yet
to complete as funds become available. New carpets, new roofing, new paving, painting, and
remodeling are needed throughout the facility. A new van is desperately needed for children
and youth and new heaters are needed in the education wing. I am truly grateful for the many
volunteers who give hours of their time helping maintain this great place.

Name of ministry: Preschool
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Tonia Andersen, Director -- 503-644-9148 ext. 122

Names of ministry members:
Teachers Alana Miner, Cindy Hall, Nicole Irwin, Angie Karel, Rose Young, Christine Leyva,
Kristin Kuhlman and Amelia Fivecoat. Subs & lunch bunch teachers Sandee Shultz, Judy
Simkins, and Becky Napier. The director teaches one class session, MWF mornings, to help
keep costs down. The director position is a full-time position.

Brief description of ministry:
SML Preschool opened in 2003. We were able to offer five class session choices for the 2010-
2011 school year and currently have 57 students enrolled. The Preschool ministry focus
continues to be faith in the life of young children and families, as well as early childhood
education and Pre-K curriculum focus. It has always been SML Preschool's mission to provide
quality Christian early childhood education to members of St. Matthew and the community, so
we will continue to offer scholarships as needed and work on more grants to supplement our
scholarship funds.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
To support the faith focus, many opportunities for integrating the preschool families into the life
of the congregation were provided this past school year. The preschool children led the
congregation in the Lord s Prayer on Palm Sunday, the children and some parents met with a
pastor or children s/youth minister in the sanctuary for chapel once a month, and materials and
ideas for The Four Keys for faith formation are provided at regular intervals. We held a Fall
Family Night in November to bring families together and talk about traditions. Also in
November, we participated in an intergenerational activity and the preschoolers hosted a
Thanksgiving Tea for the Friendly Club members here at St. Matthew. In February, the
preschool participated in a food drive for the SCAT program. The preschoolers also had the
opportunity to visit the SCAT building and see first hand what that ministry does and where the
food they collected was going. This past summer we provided two week-long session of
summer camps, and they were very successful! We had an Art & Science camp and a
Children s Literature camp. In January 2010 we held our fifth annual Winter Wonderland
Carnival and Auction as our one big fundraiser for the year. We use these funds to further
enrich the children s learning, provide scholarships for families in need and for some teacher
training to ensure we have a well trained staff. This fundraiser was successful with over $4700

Goals for the future:
We plan to raise tuition slightly in 2011 to provide for teacher and Director raises. The Director
has not had a raise, and we would like to give the Director a raise in 2011. The teachers did get
a small raise for the 2010-2011 school year. We would like to grow the preschool to two 3 s
class choices as well as our current one 4 s class choice, our Jr. Academy and our Pre-three s.
We will continue to look for ways to increase our Scholarship budget. With the state of our
economy, we have a significant amount of families needing tuition assistance each year.

Name of ministry: Nursery
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Kim Groh

Names of ministry members:
Nursery staff includes Kim Groh (coordinator), Nicole Irwin, Lindsey Kaczmarski, Boon Jossa,
and Ashley St. Clair

Brief description of ministry:
The nursery at St. Matthew provides a safe and fun environment for children (infant through
age 4) during worship services, Wednesday night activities, and other special functions or
activities that occur at St. Matthew. It is also used by MOPS and the pre-3-year-old preschool

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The nursery was very busy during the school year last year with an average of 13-16 children
during the 9:45 service. During the 8:30 and 11:00 services, the number of children in the
nursery ranged from zero to 3. There were usually about 3-5 children in the nursery on
Wednesday nights, with higher numbers on the evenings when the MOPS steering committee
met. On Thursday mornings the nursery was used regularly for the pre-3 s preschool class.
Twice a month the nursery was used by MOPS on Friday mornings. During the year we
received several donations of toys and other baby items, which were greatly appreciated.
Parents who used the nursery regularly during the 9:45 service volunteered once per quarter,
and many parents donated snacks, diapers, baby wipes and other items to the nursery. Many of
our nursery regulars will be starting Sunday school this year, but we have a number of new
children, many of whom are 1 year old or younger.

Goals for the future:
We hope to keep the nursery running smoothly this year. We have a new staff member to
replace a long-time employee who started college. The transition should be a smooth one, as
our new employee has quite a bit of experience with children of all ages. One of our biggest
challenges this year will be the number of very young children coming to the nursery who are
not used to being away from Mom and Dad. We hope to help them become more comfortable
with the nursery so leaving their parents will not be such a traumatic event.

Name of ministry: Congregation Board President
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
John Voorhees Intertek []

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
When I was asked to take on the task of congregational president, I thought this would be an
interesting calling with some challenges but for the most part, uneventful. Funny how the Lord
works in mysterious ways! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would take the path that I
have been on for the past 4 years.

Looking back on this past year, I think one of the biggest accomplishments is the stability in our
pastoral staff. The Call Committee was tasked this past year to find an Associate Pastor.
Headed with the leadership of Linda Sandberg, they worked extremely hard. Twice, they felt
they had a viable candidate and for different reasons, they both did not work out. Then, the door
opened to allow Paul to move into the position of Pastoral Assistant. With the hiring of J.D.
and Alana Henry, this allows Paul to concentrate on completing his studies and moving to

And what a gift J.D. and Alana are! I have had the opportunity to work briefly with both of
them, but what a package with have with them. Their passion for St. Matthew is already
showing. Their interest in the kids and wanting to grow the programs are very exciting to
watch. Look out! I really see this ministry exploding in expansion.

I want to commend the congregation of St. Matthew for embracing the Mission Possible
campaign. We have a sealed roof over the altar area, new carpeting, new sound system, new
pavement in the parking lot and much more. I praise you for accepting this challenge and
showing that the building and infrastructure that make up our church is important to you.

We still have many challenges ahead. I want to stress that it has been my belief that St.
Matthew Lutheran Church is a community of faith. Many people attend our church because of
that community we have here. Let s never forget that. It can be very easy to get caught up in
the politics of the church. Whether you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal, we all
make up St. Matthew. That diversity is what makes us so very strong in faith and community.
We may not always agree with our neighbor sitting next to us in the pew, but they are still our
brothers and sisters in Christ and make up OUR church.

It has been a pleasure and honor working and worshiping with you and I look forward to
continuing to serve you this next year.

Name of ministry: Finance Committee
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Alan Bauck, Treasurer - - 503-690-2161
Names of ministry members:
Bruce Fivecoat, Darrell Geymann, Pete Johnson, Tim Myshak, Forrest Soth, Gary St. John,
Judy Sampson, Michael Walker, Dave Van Sickle
Brief description of ministry:
The Finance Committee serves St. Matthew Lutheran Church by providing regular lay review
of the monthly financial statements and communicating relevant financial information to the
Staff and Congregation Board. The Committee is also involved in setting both revenue and cost
guidelines for the annual budget. Finally, the Committee provides general finance and
accounting guidance to the Director of Resources and Operations and the church bookkeeper.
The Committee believes that prudent financial management is vital to support the congregation
of St. Matthew.
Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The economy continued to have an impact on our church s budget in the 2009-2010 budget
year. The finance committee developed a plan for budget cuts which was implemented to better
match expenses to giving. Church staff responded by being even more careful than was asked
which allowed expenses to stay at or below giving for the year to date. The committee
monitored giving and expenses on a monthly basis and communicated with the board and
stewardship committee when giving looked particularly difficult early in the first half of the
year. At the beginning of the budget year, funds from the prior budget year were used to reduce
the debt the church owes itself. The church debt to itself reached its lowest point in more than
five years in January. The debt has increased moderately as of the time of this report (October
2010) but remains below the amount it was at in previous years. This is largely thanks to our
church paying off its mortgage and freeing up those funds to offset a reduction in giving during
this difficult economy. The finance committee supported the director of operations in his
implementation of the recommendations from the independent financial review. The
implementation of those recommendations provides better checks and balances as well as
updated financial procedures. The finance committee also advocated for and supported the
director of operations in a simplification of inactive memorials so that those funds could be
used respectfully for their original intended purpose, while at the same time reducing the
amount of book-keeping time needed to monitor those funds. Finally, the finance committee
would like to thank Bruce (director of operations), Julie Mohr (book-keeper), the Stewardship
committee, and the board for their ongoing dedication to our churches finances and overall
attention to supporting our churches core mission through the tithing that is provided.

Goals for the future:
The finance committee will continue to monitor the monthly finances of the church and make
recommendations to the church board as the need arises. In addition, the committee will
continue to partner with the director of operations, program staff, and the stewardship
committee to offer support. Our continuing goal will be to help our church best use the
resources it is given to support its many ministries in support of our calling to our lord in the
community we serve. The finance committee will continue to advocate for reducing and even
removing the debt that the church owes to itself. Finally, the finance committee will continue to
strive to better understand and make clear the overall finances of our church.

Name of ministry: Long Range Planning Committee
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Pat Reser .503.649-5013
Names of ministry members:
Matt Baker                Cliff Finnell         Bruce Fivecoat (Staff Liaison)
Steve Gordenier           Michael Levelle        Pat Reser (Chair)
Phil Rude                 Forrest Soth           Michael Walker
Ron Willoughby            Vad Woodside           Pete Yazzolino

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
A sub-group (Bruce Fivecoat, Pat Reser and Michael Walker) of the LRPC met in late fall of
 09 at the request of the Board and Pastor Jim to develop a protocol for a capital campaign
   Mission Possible. The Stewardship Committee was represented by Bob Pugh. Our charge
was to develop a plan and strategy by which funds would be raised to address specific facility
needs which were identified by the Board. After a review of the needs and projected costs,
strategies were developed in support of Marketing, Prayer, Project Oversight and Peer Group
Liaison. Designed as a 3-year, $400K campaign, Mission Possible was officially launched Feb
28, 2010. Our prayer is that the campaign target will be reached in less than the three-year
period and the congregation will experience the joy of accepting the responsibility of good
stewardship of our house of worship.

Goals for the future:
Since the LRPC acts solely at the request of the Board and Senior Pastor, we simply await
God s calling through the next request.

In His Service
Pat Reser

Name of ministry: Caring for Life Ministry
Name(s) of contact people:
Evadne Woodside, 503-641-6353,

Names of ministry members:
Caring for Life is the umbrella title under which you will find the caring ministries of St.
Matthew: Stephen Ministry, Visitation Ministry, Health Care ministry, Flower Delivery Team,
Prayer Shawl Guild, Card Ministry, Parish Nurses, In-Touch Prayer team, and the Military

Brief description of ministry:
Sharing Christ s care is the goal of St. Matthew s Caring for Life Ministry. Initiated in the fall
of 2000. We are beginning our 10th year as a Ministry Team. The vision of the Caring for Life
Ministry is the development of a vibrant and well-trained lay ministry to assist those in our
church and community who need Christ s care.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The Caring for Life Ministry teams invite anyone interested in following Jesus message, I tell
you the truth, whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me. (Matthew 35:40) to
contact us for more information.

Goals for the future:
We promote communication between and among the ministry teams within Caring for Life in
the hope that duplication of services will be kept at a minimum.

Name of ministry: Cars Ministry
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Michael and SusanWarrens 503-324-5900 -

Names of ministry members: Bob Brown, Dick and Pam Griffin, Jay Holt, Barbara Johnson,
Michael and Susan Warrens, Susan Heikkenen (church administration)

Brief description of ministry:
While many non-profit organizations solicit donated vehicles, the Cars Ministry is the only one
in the state that re-donates cars back out to the community. Our goal is to provide safe, reliable
cars that last 1-2 years so people can get back on track. Approximately 70% of applications
come from single or 2 parent homes with children. The average income is $981 per month and
many are experiencing temporary unemployment due to the recession. Typically 40-50
applicants are waiting for cars and will wait 12-16 months. Over 85% will use the cars for
transportation to work, getting to classes, job training or managing medical and/or rehabilitation
situations. The ministry relies on the sale of a portion of the donated vehicles to fund repairs,
insurance and DMV/DEQ costs for the remaining vehicles to be given away. Team members
screen and interview and their references, transport cars to church, repair shop or DMV/DEQ
for inspection and paperwork, and sell cars to provide cash to repair the others.
Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The recession continues to impact the number of cars donated to the Ministry and therefore the
number we can donate back out to those in need. In 2009 we dropped to 10 car donations, the
lowest ever in our history. We will do better than that in 2010 (estimation of 12 cars) but still
will be below the 16 car average which we ve maintained over the last 10 years. The wait for
a car has increased to 12-16 months from the 6-9 month period we had worked hard to achieve
in 2008. In addition, over 1/3 of our vehicles are vans which historically have not been the best
match for our applicants. On the plus side, the Ministry will celebrate its 17th year by donating
our 200th car by the end of the 2010! We have 4 vehicles to donate in October and one in
November. The recipients of the October vans are all married couples with children. In
addition, the ministry received a $500 cash donation from a family within the Church and we
have an outstanding gift of a handicap van that we are excited about donating to a needy family
or organization. Our seasoned team of 7 continues to delegate and utilize each member s
strength and skills. Due to the reduction of cars available and because more of the applicants
are undergoing unemployment due to the recession, one of our concerns has been determining if
the applicant has too low of income to support/maintain a car. This year we ve raised the bar on
minimum income and also required that the applicant either have a job or actively pursuing a
job, either through education or temporary work.
Goals for the future:
Our biggest challenge is procuring vehicles. Other non-profit organizations advertise for used
cars and offer a tax write off. Even though we offer a larger tax write off and directly impact
lives with the car, we have not been able to break through and steer some of those donations to
us. We could use a PR type person on our team to help us be more visible to the donor
community. So what we d like to see in our immediate future: Increased donations to 25
cars/year. Increased marketing and communication to increase the number of cars received.
Decreased time of wait down to 9 months. Increased team membership.

Name of ministry: Decorating Group
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Contact Information

Kathy Beebe                               Secelia Holte
503.645.8838                              503.639.7756
503.709.7082 (cell)                       503.248.3656 (wk)             

Barbara Massinger                         Barbara Kohlberg
503.591.7922                              503.681.1111 (wk)              

Bonita Huebner                            Barbara Massinger
503.244.7153                                     503.591.7922           

Brigita Robinson                          Elaine Balon
503.590.2918                              503.524.7844               

Marion Bloch                              Joyce Bock
503.246. 2993                             503.292.4802           

Additional Contacts for Occasional Assistance

Janet Erwin                               Diane Leflar
503.626.9176                              503.641.0430              

Dorothy Smith                             Judith Anderson
503.645.1870                              503.646.9718             

Brief description of ministry:
A team of dedicated individuals who contribute their time and energy to beautify the worship
spaces at St. Matthew during the various seasons of the church year. This assistance behind
the scenes assures that members of St. Matthew will continue to enjoy the colors and traditions
important to worshippers in our sanctuary and fellowship spaces.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The Decorating Group had a very busy 2009-2010. We have updated the procedural guide,
which is current with photos and descriptions. We have established our calendar of activities
for the coming year. We now have banners and special treatments for all seasons of the church
year. Team members are faithful in contributing their time whenever each is able. We
annually enjoy breakfast together to share ideas and experiences. Our expenses are funded by
designated contributions to the flower and decorating fund and will likely stay at the 2009
2010 level. If anyone wishes to join our team or contribute to the beautification of the worship
spaces, please contact Kathy Beebe at 503.645.8838 or at

Name of ministry: Fair Trade
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Contact: Diana Renn; 503.645.7662;

Names of ministry members:
Judy Andersen; Judee & Jim Bradbury; Secila Holte; Marcia Johnson; Diana, Eric & Tom
Renn; Karen Repp; Emily, Kevin, and Jeff Sandberg.

Brief description of ministry:
Brief description: The Fair Trade Ministry Team offers fair trade products on a monthly basis to
the congregation and community. Our goal is to increase awareness of the life changing benefits
to small farmers and their families by choosing to use fair trade products through the Lutheran
World Relief (LWR) Coffee Project.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
We are one of several Lutheran churches supporting the work of LWR through the LWR Coffee
Project. On the second Sunday of each month we offer coffee, tea, and chocolate products. We
have a faithful group of members that purchases these items each month. Occasionally we
sponsor a Fair Trade Handcraft Festival or offer other products that support the fair trade

Our ministry team was formed this year. We also sponsored a series of adult education classes
during May with an emphasis on Missions. We started the month by viewing a movie, Crop to
Cup that took us to Central America to see the entire process of getting the coffee bean from the
farm all the way to ending up in our coffee cups. There were also guest speakers that shared
stories and pictures from their recent travels to Africa: Pastor Bob and Jeanne Ward; Charlotte
Pfeiffer; Greg and Judy Martin; and Kari Tertadian.

Goals for the future:
How can you support Fair Trade? One way is very simple purchase coffee, chocolate, or
handcrafts through LWR s Fair Trade projects, and explore other Fair Trade products. Choose
Fair Trade products over other products that do not meet Fair Trade standards. Then encourage
others to do so. Write letters to the managers of your local grocery store and coffee shop to ask
for Fair Trade products on their shelves and menus. Promoting Fair Trade products to increase
awareness and consumer demand is one of the best things you can do to help small-scale
farmers and artisans around the world. (From LWR website)

Name of ministry: Faith Cafe
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Dave Petersen
503-226-7391 x 332

Brief description of ministry:
The Faith Café Ministry is now in its second year. During the summer of 2009, lunches
provided by the Beaverton School District were served on Saturdays in the carport area at St.
Matthew. The meals were served from the St. Matthew licensed kitchen (in the church
basement). The ministry connected with St. Matthew is staffed primarily by St. Matthew
volunteers with meals being served to anyone who came. This ministry is under Faith Café,
Inc., a non-profit corporation that has been serving meals to help people in need since the
Spring of 2005. Faith Café, Inc. now serves over 100 meals every Sunday Night at space rented
from the Beaverton United First Methodist Church and also serves meals on the last Thursday
of each month. During the Summer of 2010, the St. Matthew facilitated portion of this ministry
was expanded to serve sack lunch meals on Saturdays at Vose Elementary School, as well
continuing to serve Saturday hot lunches at St. Matthew. The meals are now being prepared
totally in the St. Matthew kitchen, rather than being delivered from the School District. The
program was certified to be a part of the State of Oregon administered federal summer lunch
program over the summer. The ministry is now continuing on Saturdays throughout the year
(except Holiday weekends). The ministry is funded independently of the St. Matthew operating
budget, with St. Matthew donating the use of the facilities. During the summer of 2010, over
700 meals were served, including left over sack lunches that were delivered to the homeless and
others in need. However, attendance has been fluctuating significantly from week to week.
The people who are coming are enjoying the boost from a nice meal, many of whom are
extremely hungry.

If you want to volunteer to help in this ministry, there are a number of different tasks that you
can sign up for. A team of seven or so (plus one trained supervisor and cook) will be needed
each week during the school year for meals served at St. Matthew. During the summer, a larger
group of helpers is needed to cover the two sites. Vose Elementary School is located at 113th
and Denny Rd. Vose site workers have shifts from 9:00am to about 1:00pm (lunches are made
at St. Matthew and transported to Vose for serving between 11:00am and 12:00 noon). Most of
the St. Matthew shifts are from 11:00 a.m. to about 1:15 p.m., although a few start earlier.
Meals are served between 11:30am and 12:30pm at St. Matthew. This is a great opportunity for
families and friends to serve the community. People who have or are willing to obtain a food
handlers license (the license can be applied for online), are especially sought-after, because we
need at least one licensed person each week in the kitchen.

Name of ministry: Foundation Board
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Chuck Weswig               503-646-5493    Michael Levelle        503-646-3788
Michelle Pugh              503-246-3823    Cliff Finnell          503-297-2430
Jay Edwards                503-439-9475    Marty Mandt            503-646-0781

Names of ministry members:
Scholarship Committee:
Chairman, Chuck Weswig
Members: Marty Mandt, Foundation Board; Helen Fohl, Brenda Peterson and Nancy Davis,
Congregation Representatives

Investment Committee:
Chairman, Joe Wonderlick
Members: Jay Edwards, Foundation Board; JR Bloch, Walter Huber, Phil Rude, Congregation
Representatives and Rob Schick, Financial Advisor.

Brief description of ministry:
The purpose of the St. Matthew Foundation is to receive and hold gifts as a perpetual
endowment, and to expend the income generated for educational, charitable, and religious
endeavors within the activity of the Lutheran Church. The Foundation Board expends, only the
income from the endowed funds. Although the Foundation is a separate entity from St. Matthew
Lutheran Church, the goals of the Foundation are very much in line with those of St. Matthew.
The Foundation was established in 1986 and since that time its purpose has not changed.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
During 2010 the Foundation revised the original bylaws, to better fit with today s language and
terminology. This was a tedious undertaking, but one which needed to be done. Michael
Levelle spearheaded the process. Our second change came in the implementation of the Finance
Committee. Joe Wonderlick and Jay Edwards were instrumental in getting this off the ground.
Cliff Finnell and Michael Levelle are presently working on some ways to help us better educate
St, Matthew members about the Foundation. We continue to award grants which will enhance
the programs of St. Matthew. Below is a list of the grants through September 2010.
                Scholarships                         $ 4600.00
                Community Thanksgiving Dinner          1455.53
                Laptop for Education Presentations     1264.00
                Christmas Concert                      1200.00
                Children s Musical                      500.00
                Habitat for Humanity May Trip           600.00
                                              Total $ 9619.00

Through the kindness and generosity of members, friends and loved ones the people of St.
Matthew have been greatly blessed. It is an honor to be trusted with your gifts. Thank you!
Marty Mandt, Retiring President

Name of ministry: Friendly Club
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Larry and Donna Blus, 503/265-8256,

Names of ministry members:
Larry and Donna Blus                           Fred and Lois Juilfs
Pat and Loran Smith                            Bill and Marilyn Maslen
Ray and Vera Lewis                             Stan and Coleen Kolberg
Bob and Jeanne Ward                            Erv and Sylvia Overlund
Helen Fohl                                     Rita Schuricht
Dwayne Parmer                                  Margo and Chuck Snow
David and Gene Vorhees                         Borghid Selid
Marie Stoops                                   Duane and Lillian Ohlsen

Brief description of ministry:
The Friendly Club is open to all seniors at St. Matthew. Our primary purposes are social and
educational through potlucks, field trips, and bible study. Our members provide service to the
church and community by serving on a number of committees and organizations.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
A planning meeting was held in August. The club sponsored 7 potlucks including a corn feast
in September; Eduardo and Yvonne Charbonnier entertained us at our December potluck;
Pastor Bob Ward talked about Africa Smile; Michael Walker and Bruce Fivecoat discussed
Mission Possible; Pastors Dave and Suzan Farley talked about their lives and spiritual journeys,
and Dr. Erica Barber, a specialist in senior health at OHSU, informed us of health issues for
seniors. The preschool treated us to coffee and cookies one morning, and our club served as
greeters. We also attended 18 1-hour sessions of bible study.
Our field trips included the Aurora Colony and Museum (with quilt show), lunch at the
Spaghetti Factory, and a trip to Silver Falls State Park and the Glockenspiel Restaurant in Mt.

Regarding attendance, about 8-15 attended the bible classes, 10-15 went on the field trips, and
30-60 attended the potlucks.

Our bank balance stands at $460.
Goals for the future:
We will continue the bible study, potlucks, and field trips as in the past. We plan on going to
Mt. St. Helens, Tillamook Forest Visitors Center, The Spaghetti Factory, and Silver Falls State
Park. Speakers lined up for potlucks include J.D. and Aliana Henry, Bob Ward, Eduardo
Charbonnier, and Forrest Soth from St. Matthew; a representative from the Audubon Society,
and two others TBD.

Name of ministry: Habitat for Humanity - Yakima
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Stan and Carolyn Schell -

Names of ministry members:
Judy Andersen, Adele and Butch Berquist, Barry and Bonnie Eichenberger, Dave Farley, Helen
Fohl, Julie Grenzer, Dick and Pam Griffin, Gary Gross, Secelia Holte, Bill and Marily Maslen,
Rob Maslen, Elaine and Ken Mattson, Chick Mengis, Dale Osten , Dana Osten, and Kevin
 Osten, Eileen Pilkenton, Carolyn and Stan Schell, Chuck and Margot Snow, Jeff Snow, Doug
Sponseller, Stan Stevens, John Stoops, Dick and Sue Ulbrict, James Vandal, Robin and Sue
Voight, Mike and Susan Warrens.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
During the week of May 2-8, 2010 36 volunteers from St. Matthew traveled to
the Yakima Valley to be part of a workcamp sponsored by the Yakima Valley Partners Habitat
for Humanity chapter. This was the St. Matthew team's 23rd trip to the Yakima Valley. Most
volunteers stayed at Central Lutheran Church, sleeping on classroom floors and eating together.
 This year we framed one house and painted another. The majority of our volunteers were able
to frame, roof, and side the new house. . Six women cooked and shopped for the group. A
special dinner prepared by the kitchen included the families of the homes and Yakima Habitat

Each person provided his own transportation and lodging for the week. The Yakima Habitat
chapter requires $150.00 per worker to pay for building materials, and we sent $4500 to the
Yakima chapter.

In order to fund the materials for the house, the St. Matthew Habitat for Humanity team
sponsored a pancake breakfast fundraiser on Sept. 20, 2009. Participants made craft items to
sell at the breakfast. The church budgeted $1000 for the trip. Donations from the breakfast,
craft items, a grant from Thrivant Financial for Lutherans, an INTEL grant and individual
donations were able to cover the remaining costs of the May trip. On Sept. 19, 2010 we had
pancake breakfast fundraiser to help cover the 2011 costs. We thank God for the support of the
congregation in this very special project.

Name of ministry: Handbell and Handchime Ministry of St. Matthew
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Shosh Meyer,, 503-644-9148

Names of ministry members: 40 Adult and high school ringers and substitutes took part in
three adult/youth choirs Adoration, Exaltation and Hosanna. During the year up to 13
children (grades 3-5) were registered in WOW s mid-week bell program, Praise Ringers.

Brief description of ministry:
The Bell Ministry s goal is to involve individuals in a supportive social (small group) Christ-
based setting where they develop and use their God-given musical gifts. Bells play at worship
services but also take on occasional community events (retirement home programs, community
caroling, and concerts). The choirs are open to St. Matthew members as well as community
ringers (a gift to St. Matthew when choir vacancies occur).

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
2009-2010 s ringing season opened in September with four bell choirs involving ages 3rd grade
through 70 s. Oct 30-Nov 1, four ringers traveled to California to take part in the Redding
Handbell Festival. December 6th we held our annual Scandinavian Breakfast Fund Raiser
involving over 50 ringers and bell enthusiasts. Vision for proceeds was to cover registration
costs in 2010 for any of our bell ringers taking part in area festivals and/or workshops. The
proceeds included Thrivent matching funds (last opportunity for these funds). December 20th
Exaltation took part in St. Matthew s Music Ministry s Community Christmas Concert.
February Shosh Meyer attended an Area 10 AGEHR Board Meeting she serves as
Membership Chair. February 26-28, Dee Allaway, Erik Tate and Shosh attended Distinctly
Bronze (Advanced Ringer) Workshop in Bremerton. Jason Wells conducted. The Siskiyou
Summit Handbell Festival (Ashland) was held April 30-May 1 and 12 ringers took part. This
year s director was Tim Waugh. In June we capped the season by taking part in the Area 10
Festival held at George Fox in Newberg June 25-27th. Twelve ringers played in the Coppers
division under conductor Fred Gramann and two in the Bronze division with Stephanie Wiltse.
In July Shosh served on the faculty of the Zephyr Point Handbell Conference on Lake Tahoe.
Special gift to the community -- our bell program, which owns two available loaner sets of
chimes, supported two churches (one in Washington and one in Portland) by loaning sets for
their use during their ringing year.

Goals for the future:
We would like to see more musical opportunities for outreach in the community develop a
stronger St. Matthew/Community relationship. We ll continue to invite non-St. Matthew
individuals into our choirs in order to expand the realm of handbell musicians. We ll also
continue to seek ways to support churches / schools that would like to develop their music
programs but that have little or no financial resources. Ringing is a great way to develop small
groups, teach musical skills and bring the blessing of music into lives both through
performance and listening.

Name of ministry: Health Ministry Team
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Carol Mattson 503-641-5818;
Karen Davis 503-297-0177, ; and Marie Stoops 503-245-1441,

Names of ministry members:
Carol Mattson ,RN, Gayle Campbell, RN retired, Karen Davis, RN, Renee Greco, Barbara
Kolberg, RN retired, Pastor Erv Overlund, Anna Petrov, RD, Marie Stoops, RN, Kelli Runnels,
RN, Jan Tate, RN, Pastor Bob Ward, and David Van Sickle, MD retired.

Brief description of ministry:
The Mission of the Health Ministry Team is to provide assistance to our faith community in
attaining holistic health. The ministry members are health professionals and lay persons who
recognize the importance that health entails wellness of body, mind and spirit. Health
Ministries promote the traditional healing ministry of the Church by encouraging members of
the congregation to care for one another and the larger community.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The activities of the Health Ministry are:
    1. Support the Parish Nurses
    2. Monthly Blood Pressure Screening usually on the 1st Sunday of every month.
    3. CPR classes
    4. Red Cross Blood Drives, 4 times annually
    5. Flu Clinic, October 3rd
    6. Sponsored Adult Sunday School Classes; March 7th Household Mold and on the 14th
Lay members and Health professionals interested in the mission of the Health Ministry Team
are invited to join us. We meet the 4th Monday of the month at 9:45 am in the library.

Goals for the future:
Our goals are to work with the Pastoral Staff to promote a healthy congregation. We are
promoting a Poison control display.

Name of ministry: Lay Communion Assistants
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Julie Cross 503-626-1561 (for 830 and 11) and
Genevieve Smith 503-644-6118 (for 945)

Names of ministry members:
8:30 - Butch and Adele Berquist, Fred Juilfs, Ron Kirsher, Steve Steinbeck, Steven
Linnerooth, Forrest Soth, Dick Ulbricht, Helen Verigan, Barbara Wright, Elaine Balon

11:00 - ApRoberts family; Bettendorf family; Barnes family; Bernice Arditi, Alison Arditi,
Joy Frisbie, Dan, Melia and Jeanne Gering, Lynetta and Chuck Weswig, Pete and Paula
Yazzolino, Vad Woodside; Diana Renn

9:45 - Kathy and David Beebe,Adele and Butch Berquist, Steve Buske, Judy and Mark Dahl,
Chuck and Louanna Eggert, Don and Karin Friberg, Jeanne, Malia and Dan Gering, Madlyn
Gordenier, Ron and Nita Gullion, Marcia Johnson, Paul and Bethlynn Lindstrom, Barbara
Massinger, Carol Mattson, Ken and Elaine Mattson, Linda Meyer, Barbara and Tim Myshak,
Jan Satre, Carolyn Schell, Genevieve Smith, Marsh and Mike Stewart, Sue and Dick Ulbricht

Brief description of ministry:
Provides lay persons to assist with distribution of communion elements. Communion is
celebrated on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.

Goals for the future:
To encourage more people, including youth to participate. Training is provided.

Name of ministry: Lay Reader Ministry
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Julie Cross 503-626-1561

Names of ministry members:
Chris Brown, Charlotte Becker, Jake Doherty, Dick Ulbricht, Joe Wonderlick, Ken Mattson,
Julie Cross, Sean Andersen, Forrest Soth, Kathy Beebe, Rebecca Brown, Nancy Bryant, Noelle
Charbonnier, Mike Crabill, Julie Cross, Joanne Dunatchik, Chris Fowler, Ian Fowler, Kim
Hefty, Marcia Johnson, Cece Kiino, Dewey Kuhn, Steven Linnerooth, Carol Mattson, Ken
Mattson, Shosh Meyer, Rosemary Osten, Mark Pilkenton, Nathan Pilkenton, Pete Yazzolino,
Kyleigh Layman, Devin Layman, Shannon Keehn, Catherine Visintainer, Emily Schultz, Daria
Wonderlick, Sarah Gilstrap, Sylvia Schaeffer, Linda Shanbeck, David Madison, Laura
Madison, Emily Groh, Abby Groh

Brief description of ministry:
Provides lay readers who proclaim the gospel reading lessons during the worship services.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
Highlight of the year was Pentecost, where we had simultaneous reading in 10 languages plus
sign language.

Also this year the readers include 15 youth from 3rd grade to age 91!

Goals for the future:
Continue to encourage youth to participate.

Name of ministry: Library
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Julie Kuhn ( Gener Littell (

Names of ministry members:
Julie Kuhn & Gener Littell

Brief description of ministry:
To promote and provide books and magazines for St. Matthew members and staff use
(including but not limited to reference materials, family matters, fiction, children s books,
etc.). Also to manage use of the library, such as checkout and returns, and maintenance of the

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
With Pastor Jim s help, we completed reviewing all adult books for condition and usage,
donating those removed to the annual church rummage sale or to the Salvation Army. We
also began a green program, taking peoples discarded magazines for use by other

This year we joined the Pacific Northwest Association of Church Librarians, Metro-Portland
Chapter. It provides ideas for library use and promotion, as well as knowledge about new
Christian authors and books.

We receive many donated books, and certainly appreciate them. They are reviewed by
Pastor Jim and it is determined if they are appropriate for our library use. If not, they also are
given to the rummage sale or the Salvation Army. Many come without the donor s name.
Our thanks to all who have donated.

Goals for the future:
We will be refining and reorganizing the children s book section - we have started by putting
the easy readers in a basket without a need for them to be checked out. We will also be
working to promote library use, as we feel it is underused.

Name of ministry: Loaves and Fishes
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Dick Nelson 503-670-4809
Pat Smith 503-626-4606

Names of ministry members:
Drivers: Everett Littell, Loren Smith, Chuck and Margot Snow, Tom and Lorene Hampton,
Dick Ulbricht, Dwayne Parmer, Jack and Diane Leflar, Dick and Sally Larson and Larry

Dinning Room Hostesses:
Aase Barnes, Helen Fohl, Pat Smith, Doug Litjen, Jay and Brigita Robinson.

Hostesses help set up tables and server the prepared meals to the seniors in the dinning room.
Pastor Erv and Sylvia conduct prayer before the dinner is served.

Brief description of ministry:
Each month Dick Nelson and Pat Smith organize a group of volunteers from St. Matthew who
work the first Friday of the month for Loaves and Fishes and their home delivery program. We
are fortunate to have a wonderful group from St. Matthew to serve and take more that a meal to
the hundreds of seniors who rely on these life saving meals. Our list of volunteers is shrinking
and more are needed.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The mission of Loaves and Fishes is to make nutritious food and other resources readily
available to our seniors, to help them lead healthier lives and to remain connected to other
people in our community. Loaves and Fishes have been serving seniors since 1969. If you
have a few hours on the first Friday of the month, give us a call.

Goals for the future:
Our goal for the future is to increase the volunteer list from St. Matthew. The number of
seniors that Loaves and Fishes serves increases every year. Beaverton Loaves and Fishes rely
on volunteers to help make our community a better place.

Name of ministry: Lutheran World Relief
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Clara Maas, coordinator - 503-646-2653
Boni Huebner - 503-244-7153

Names of ministry members:
Kathy Beebe, Joyce Bock, Blanch Ethen, Marion Fish, Helen Fohl, Boni Huebner, Vera Lewis,
Clara Maas, Carol Matson, Barbara Munz, Sylvia Overland, Wilma Peterson, Pearl Randle, Pat
Smith, June Stambough, Louise Strasburg, and Nancy Svela.

Brief description of ministry:
The mission of Lutheran World Relief is to work with international partners around the world;
to help people grow food, improve health, strengthen communities, end conflict, build
livelihoods, and recover from disasters.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
In 2009 we completed 199 quilts. We are grateful to our faithful volunteers who made it
possible for us to reach this goal, especially the four women who pieced quilt tops at home.
Thank you for the response to LWR urgent appeal for kits. We shipped 94 school kits, 361
health kits, 22 sewing kits, 135 layettes, and 118 pounds of toilet soap.

Name of ministry: Men s Retreat
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Gary Heikkinen, 503-293-0514,

Names of ministry members:
Mark Dahl, John Voorhees, Ken Mattson, Butch Berquist, Jack Leflar, Chris Fowler, Phil Rude,
Mike Schaenzer, Chuck Weswig, Steve Seitz.

Brief description of ministry:
The St. Matthew Real Men, Real Christians Men s Retreat is an annual event, typically held
in February, that provides a weekend of spiritual reflection and renewal. It deals with men s
issues and provides a safe place for men to listen, learn, share and grow spiritually.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The 2010 Real Men Retreat was held at Camp Magruder on the Oregon coast. Teaching
sessions were based on the movie Gran Torino and were led by Pastor Jim Doherty, Ken
Ewing, Pete Yazzolino and Gary Heikkinen. The 2011 retreat is scheduled for Feb. 11-13 at
Camp Magruder. The theme will be based on the movie Lord, Save us from your Followers.
In addition to the teaching/sharing sessions, the weekend will again include free time on
Saturday afternoon for rest or recreation, including the always popular skeet shooting at the
local gun club. It will also include a Texas Hold em tournament on Saturday night.

Goals for the future:
Goals for the future include expanding the reach of the retreat to younger men and continuing to
improve on content and relevance. Consideration is also being given to different venues other
than Camp Magruder.

Name of ministry: Military Ministry
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Dave and Kathy Beebe
735 NW Silverado Drive
Beaverton, OR 97006 6314
503.709.7082 (cell)

Brief description of ministry:
This is a Caring for Life team which stays in touch with members of St. Matthew s Church
family who serve in the Armed Forces in all locations in the world. As provided by the family,
and with their permission, we display name, branch of service, and location of service. The
display is at the West CFH entrance. A special greeting is sent at Christmas time.

    Name of ministry: Mission Ministry Team
    Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
    Darrel Kraxberger (503) 590 7185

    Names of ministry members:
    Pastor Bob Ward, Diana Renn, Jeanne Ward

    Brief description of ministry:
    This team has six or seven things it addresses itself to:
            a. Occasional presentations through Ministry moments at congregational services.

            b. Writing the small insert in the Parish News each week entitled Mission Moment.

            c. Writing a selection in the Messenger in a feature called: St. Matthew Mission
               Corner each month

            d.   Maintaining the Mission s Bulletin Board in the churches hallway

            e. Providing information about opportunities of mission travel abroad

            f. Providing Liaison between the organization of African Smile and St. Matthew.

            g. Giving Mission presentations upon invitation.

   Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
    This year has provided multiple opportunities to be involved in all the above activities,
so some at regular intervals, others infrequently but at least once during the year.

    Goals for the future:
    It is It is our plan and prayerful hope to keep an overseas mission emphasis before the St.
    Matthew congregation by using all the above ways to generate mission interest. St.
    Matthew was very instrumental in beginning the Iambi Tanzania medical project which
    was the parent of the formation of African Smile. The original group of eleven seniors
    who were mostly made up of people from St. Matthew are the cause of continued and
    sustained interest in Iambi and in Africa. Because Pastor Jim was one of the earliest
    members in the group s which have gone out, he will feel a kinship to this activity. It
    will also be our greatest hope to see St. Matthew become involved in calling and sending
    out several long term people to serve overseas. This is our long term goal.

Name of ministry: Mission Prayer Meeting
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Darrel Kraxberger (503) 590 7185

Names of ministry members:
Pastor Bob Ward, Diana Renn, Jeanne Ward, Pastor Erv. Overlund, Harriet Mason, Allan
Bakken, Lloyd Meyers, Bill Ergen, Clara Maas, David Van Sickle.

Brief description of ministry:
This team is made up of a group of people varying in number who meet the first Saturday of
each month for the purpose of using intercessory prayer from the group to uphold people and
groups of Christians all over the world. We also pray for many other circumstances like
Governments who are in need of the Lord s help to solve very serious problems like floods,
insurrections, famines and other great wants as they appear.

Obviously we are just a band of sinners bringing many requests before the Lord. To do this we
begin our meetings confessing our own sin and guilt, and upon our confession receive
forgiveness. In that forgiven fellowship we dare to approach the throne of God with our prayers
and intercessions. He has promised to answer such prayer with His power and we believe that
we have seen many answers to our prayers We usually have time to present ten documents
having far ranging subjects brought from many locations in the world.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
So far this year of 2010, we have brought about 80 specific matters before the Lord. They have
come from as close as the Intervarsity activities of FOCUS among foreign students at
Portland State University, to places in the far east, South America, China, India, Mongolia, to
mention just a few. The Apostle Paul was a great guide for leading us in intercessory prayer.
So we pray as he taught us: without ceasing 1Thess 5:17 Not only on the first Saturday of the
month, but in this fellowship daily.

Goals for the future:
We are individual members of this group that encourages and supports us as we pray together.
This leads us to experience a oneness that blesses each of us each time we meet. We pray that
as future days come upon us, the Lord will continually find us about the task He has set before
us of listening to Him and responding in our times of intercession and prayerful labor.

Name of ministry: MOPS of Beaverton
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Co-Coordinators: Kristi Peterson & Sarah Sievert &
Hospitality Co-Coordinators: Judy Turner & Kaitlyn Dykes
MOPPETS Coordinators: Jennifer Fossatti, Kristin Kuhlman, Kim Benedetti & Carrie Collins
Publicity & Web: Carolyn Downey & Lori St. John
Finance: Paige Easterday                      Registrar: Nicole Norby
Small Groups Coordinator: Kim Pranger         Crafts Coordinator: Jenine Greenley
Education Coordinator: Jenny Kam              Outside Activities Coordinator: Colbie Lusted
Mothering Mentors: Judy Richardson & Sue Ulbricht
Espresso Bar Coordinator: Mara Adams

Brief description of ministry:
MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) is an International Organization with over 3900 groups. Our
Beaverton MOPS group, hosted by St. Matthew, is strong at over 70 members, the highest in
many years! We were chartered 15 years ago. We meet the 2nd and 4th Fridays at SMLC from
9:00 11:30 am. Most meetings include a speaker, craft, brunch, devotion and small group
time. While moms meet upstairs, children are enrolled in curriculum-based MOPPETS
program downstairs (similar to Sunday School).

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
Our year just began with the theme of MOMOLOGY. We have many exciting speakers and
outside activities planned to coincide with the idea that we are in Mom-School and are guided
by Psalms 139 Even there your hand will guide me.

Our biggest event will be in February for our MOPS n POPS bunco and silent auction
fundraiser. This event is key to our success as it is our major fundraiser of the year and enables
us to keep dues flat.

Last year Beaverton MOPS celebrated 15 years of ministry at SMLC with a wine tasting event
hosted by Chuck and Louanna Eggert. The entire church was invited to attend and a beautiful
evening was spent sipping wine and sharing memories of MOPS through the years. In honor of
our anniversary, MOPS will be donating the following back to the church:
    · New coffee makers for the kitchen
    · Carpet cleaning of the nursery
    · Contribution toward a new climber for the preschool
Contribution toward a new projector for the UPFH
Goals for the future:
We realize what an essential ministry MOPS is for both the church and the preschool. Many of
our moms come to us with some faith, but not with a church home. MOPS provides these
moms and children an opportunity to get comfortable in a church setting and for the kids to be
comfortable in the nursery/classrooms. Last year many of our MOPS members joined SMLC.
Many of our moms also begun sending their children to the preschool. This year our MOPS
program is welcoming 28 new moms. We hope to provide a program that entices them to
become further involved with SLMC.

Name of ministry: Parish Nurses
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Gayle Campbell RN, Carol Mattson RN, Nancy Seitz RN, & Marie Stoops RN.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
Parish Nurses have completed continuing education training as Parish Nurses. The spiritual dimension is
central to a Parish Nurse. Thus the promotion and maintenance of the health of spirit, body and mind
constitutes Holistic Health Care. The nurses work with the Pastoral staff and are members of the Health
Ministry Team.

Their responsibilities include providing holistic health education in the form of classes, materials, blood
pressure screening and personal contact, providing health care counseling, direction, assistance, visits and
presence on an ongoing basis when a need is identified, maintaining confidentiality and assisting the
congregation in identifying their needs related to health.

The Parish Nurses have provided, and are providing:
v Monthly blood pressure screening
v Monthly health articles in the Messenger
v Visits to members of the congregation and others in hospital, convalescent homes and
   private homes.
v Hope for Healing Support Group
v Health information available
v Office Hour available on Sundays
v As active members of the Health Ministry Team

Name of ministry: Prayer Shawl Guild
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Nita Gullion 503.643.4269 Sandie Baunsgard 503.629.9800
Names of ministry members:
There are 20 to 25 wonderful women who quietly pray and knit or crochet prayer shawls all
year long.

Brief description of ministry:
The Prayer Shawl Guild is an active way to love and care for our family of faith here at St.
Matthew and beyond our doors. Each shawl made is a blend of prayers, talents, gifts and grace.
Each recipient receives the message that many people, some they don t know and may never
meet, have been praying for them and will continue to do so.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The Guild gifted the first prayer shawl in August 2003. This ministry isn't about the numbers
~~ it is about the care, blessings and prayers that have been sent through the time and talent of
the members. With that said, the numbers do show the faithfulness to the call of the prayer
shawl ministry and it is amazing to know that in the last 6 years the guild members have made
1210 shawls to bless those in need of a big hug from God. That doesn't include the pocket
shawls made for two of the Oregon National Guard Units and the World Vision Aides Mission
boxes and the St. Matthew Youth Mission trip to Belize. In October, the members of the guild
completed 415 pocket prayer shawls that were gifted to those who received medical and dental
care at the Beaverton Compassion Clinic. This ministry is doing the work of God's hands and
sharing His love.

If you would like to join this ministry, please join us on the 4th Thursday in the Fireside Room
from 7:00 to 8:30pm. We can teach you to knit or crochet so don t let that hold you back from
joining this active group.

Goals for the future:
God s call leads our ways. He is always presenting us with opportunities to share His love and
grace with others. We have been called once again to provide pocket shawls for the
Compassion Clinic/2011 and this time the prayer card attached will be in both English and
Spanish. We are anxious to see what other missions will be presented to us.

Name of ministry: Processional Ministry
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Julie Cross 503-626-1561

Names of ministry members:
Bob Brown, Rebecca Brown, Chris Brown, Judy Andersen, Charlotte Becker, Jake Doherty,
Dick Ulbricht, Diane Kirsher, Ron Kirsher, Joe Wonderlick, Ken Mattson, Donna Primmer,
Julie Cross, Sean Andersen, Lew Barnes, Tami Barnes, Austin Barnes, Lauren Barnes, Jourdan
Dixon, Steve Peterson, Becky Peterson, Brandon Andersen

Brief description of ministry:
Provides processional personnel for festival worship on Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost,
Reformation, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Goals for the future:
Expand the ministry to include more youth.

Name of ministry: ROMEOS (Retired or Renewed Old Men Eating Out)
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Ken Mattson, Coordinator

Names of ministry members:
At least 28 retired guys. A lot of character in this group.

Brief description of ministry:
ROMEOS meets on the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 a.m. in a restaurant in the
general Beaverton area. The establishment is chosen and arrangements made by a different
 host member each month. The idea is to just get together, not cook or clean, no program, no
fuss. We just want great fellowship. All retirees regardless of age are welcome to join.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
We sign up in December for the next year s hosting duties. (Not much to do actually.)

How great it is!

Name of ministry: Special Church/Community Action Team (SCAT)
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Joanne Dunatchik, Chair, Leadership Team: 503-627-6466 (day) 503-641-9573 (eve.) /
Angie Karel, Bookkeeper & Grant Writer: 503-297-1730 /
Carolyn Schell, Lead Buyer: 503- 579-7825 /

Names of ministry members:
Leadership Team:
Jeanne Carlson
Angie & Tom Karel
Kayla Klingman
Wendy Newton
Carolyn & Stan Schell
Team Members:
Approximately 100 St. Matthew Members
Approximately 30 volunteers from St. Andrew Lutheran Church & Mission of the Atonement

Brief description of ministry:
SCAT is the oldest continuously-operating emergency food program in Washington County.
We are a distribution channel for Oregon Food Bank and a supporting member of Care to
Share. We distribute via deliveries, primarily reserved for disabled, elderly or otherwise unable
to come to us, and pantry operations, where families shop for food from our shelves.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
During the period from September 2009 through August 2010, SCAT served a total of 2,740
families, including 10,891 individuals 4,205 of whom were children under 18. These
numbers include a record number of families served during our Christmas Basket Program in
December 287.

During Fall 2009, we began fund-raising for our building expansion project. Funding was
secured from a number of sources Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Community Foundation,
Thrivent, Oregon Food Bank, and St. Matthew Mission Possible. During the Spring and
Summer of 2010, we worked to secure a zoning variance and then building permits for this
extension, which were far more complicated processes than we had foreseen. Success, finally
was ours, and ground breaking occurred on October 19. Although additional funding must be
sought to complete the project, due to cost overruns created by additional grading and retaining
wall requirements imposed by the county, we anticipate completion in Spring 2010.

Goals for the future:
After completion of our building expansion, we anticipate that SCAT will be able to increase
the number of families served each month to 260-300 dependent, of course, on the continued
support of the St. Matthew congregation and other funding sources. We also anticipate the
integration of volunteers from two additional partner churches ChristChurch and Valley
Presbyterian Fellowship.

Name of ministry: Small Group Ministry Team
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Ron Gullion 503.643.4269

Names of ministry members:
Ron Gullion
Greg Martin
Judy Martin
Michael Walker

Brief description of ministry:
Small Groups provide a place for everyone to cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships
while studying God s Word. Small groups are about 10 members strong who gather in study
and support of one another. St. Matthew embraces the small group concept in all of its

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The small group team strives to support and grow the small groups currently at St. Matthew by
researching and providing group study materials twice a year. The study for the Fall 2010 term
is Divine Conspiracy with Dallas Willard and John Ortberg. There are 10 groups participating
in this study.

The ministry team exists to facilitate and enhance new and existing small groups. We exist for
group support. The team welcomes your ideas, requests and suggestions for topic and study

Goals for the future:
Our team will continue to support small group studies. It is our goal to organize a small group
study library available for checkout and use by the St. Matthew family. We believe that St.
Matthew is a place where people develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and that
small group involvement is one avenue for people to learn and live out their faith.

Name of ministry: Special Event Planning Ministry Team
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Chairman Greg Martin

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The past year has been busy for the Special Event Planning Ministry with our focus being on
our outreach to the community. There were a number of opportunities where we invited in the
community to enjoy our events hosted and created by St Matthew. Our ministry team
members attend the events to welcome in and make our guests feel comfortable along with to
serve refreshments at certain functions. They include the Harvest Festival in October, Big
Brass and Christmas Concerts in December and the Easter Egg Hunt during the Easter season.

We also were involved in a few events off campus where we help provide and serve meals to
the FOCUS International students for their Friday night soup suppers located at the First
Baptist Church in down town Portland. Our team members were also chosen to be on the all
star serving team for the Greater Bible Church Christmas program where we served over 200
meals to the host church and their FOCUS International student guests. This summer for the
first time we invited the FOCUS International students to a potluck picnic at our own backyard
and was very successful with over 150 meals served.

Goals for the future:
New outreach opportunities that we are scheduling for this year involve volunteering to
assemble medical supplies for the Medical Team International on November 5th, and serve
meals to the homeless men for the Blanchet House located downtown Portland.

Name of ministry: Stephen Ministry
Name(s) of contact people:
Evadne Woodside, 503-641-6353,
Barbara Kolberg, 296-648-0266
Glen Kuykendall, 503-292-9792
Sue Ulbricht, 503-643-1812
Judy Richardson, 503-524-0528
Sherrie Saultz, 503-297-7440

Names of ministry members:
Sandie Baunsgard, Kathy Beebe, Fay Clere, Janet & Matt Erwin, Bernadine & Jack Finnell,
Helen Fohl, Marian Geist, Nita Gullion, Carol Hausauer, Mary Heeszel, Walter Huber, Char
Holmgren, Karen Johnson, Angie & Tom Karel, Barbara Kolberg, Glen Kuykendall, Cheryl
Langrell, Marty Mandt, Cadol Massinger, Dwayne Parmet, Anna Petrov, Bob & Judy
Richardson, Judy Rowley, Judy Sampson, Sherrie Saultz, Sue Ulbricht, Michael Warrens,
Evadne Woodside, & Pete Yazzolino

Brief description of ministry:
Christ caring for people through people is the heart of Stephen Ministry. St. Matthew Lutheran
Church is one of 8,000 congregations throughout the world that nourishes the growth and
training of lay people to minister to others. Our ministry, most recently launched in the fall of
2000 as a division of the Caring for Life Ministry Team, has trained approximately 100 people
who work in the Stephen Ministry program, or in other areas of need throughout our church.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
This year s training was held in the winter months with Sherrie Saultz being the leader in
charge of that phase of our ministry. Late January the team learned and fellowshipped at our
annual retreat. Stephen Ministers have made over 60 contacts by mail, 106 by phone, and 128
in person to date this year. We continue to be awed by the ministry to which we have been
called as it brings with it a blessing beyond measure.

Goals for the future:
We work toward a continuing vibrant ministry of compassion and empathy.

Name of ministry or Committee: Stewardship
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Bob Pugh - Home phone 503-246-3823

Names of ministry members:
Stacey ApRoberts, Chris Brown, Matt Erwin, Craig Johanson, Bob Pugh, Jim Doherty, Forrest

Brief description of ministry:
To foster and grow giver hearts through education and communication.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
This past year we added two members to our committee, Stacey ApRoberts and Matt Erwin.
The Fall 2009-2010 Stewardship campaign was based on the Theme A Stewardship
Godyssey that tied into the sermon series for the year. SCRIP continued to be a vital ministry
raising over $5,000 for the general fund as it finished its seventh year. Our third Dave Ramsey
Financial Peace University had a record enrollment of over 20 people when it started in
January. The coordinators for the program were all past graduates of the class.

The biggest endeavor was the launch of Mission Possible, a three-year capital campaign to
repair, replace and restore the church building and grounds. As the first year ended, the
campaign had over $280,000 in pledges and had received over $180,000 in receipts. Most of
all the major projects have now been funded and completed, such as a new sound system and
new carpet in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you to everyone that either worked on the
campaign, or contributed with your donations!

Goals for the future:
For 2010 2011;
1. SCRIP This year Stewardship will take over the marketing aspect of SCRIP in the
attempt to at least double the usage this coming year. The Power of Everyday Stewardship
could have huge benefits to the church s general fund if we had more individuals and families
2. Mission Possible As we enter the second year, remain accountable and focused on
supporting the project.
3. Financial Peace University (FPU) Continue to offer this as an education center piece of
Christian Stewardship.

Name of ministry: Troop 124 - Boy Scouts of America
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Kim Evans, Troop Committee Chair: 503-439-1041
Ken Mattson, Scoutmaster 503-645-4673
Mark Dahl, Chartered Organizational Representative 503-645-2319

Ministry members:
75 Scouts, 30 registered adults, plus supportive families

Brief description of ministry:
 The Mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choices
over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Scouting is a game with a purpose: Fun is the game. Values are the purpose. Learning is the

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
2009 - 2010
Seven scouts earned Eagle Scout this past year for a total since 1982 of 126.
A 124 traditional full year-round program included: camping in various places and weather,
backpacking, snow camping, cycling, a week s summer camp at Camp Baldwin, a 3 day
backpacking trek for 13 year olds, Troop Leader Training (twice) and food gathering as well as
a delivery service project for SCAT in December. For scouts 14 and older there was the
National Scout Jamboree in Virginia, (100th Anniversary), rock climbing at Smith Rocks in
Central Oregon, a week spent cycling the length of the Oregon Coast, attending or staffing
National Youth Leadership Training, along with members staffing two council summer camps.
For everybody we completed Eagle Scout Service Projects through out the area.

Goals for the future:
For full information about the organization of the troop, leadership philosophy, and future
activity schedule go to:

Meetings: Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in the Lower Fellowship Hall. Feel free to contact and visit.

Troop 124 is a boy led troop, supported and guided by trained, experienced adult leaders.

Name of ministry: Visitation Ministry
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Pastor Bob Ward
Darrel Kraxberger    (503) 590 7185

Names of ministry members:
Pastor Bob Ward, Jeanne Ward, Steve Buske, Marie Stoops, Carol Massinger, Pastor Fred
Julifs, Pastor Erv and Sylvia Overlund, Carolyn Selid

Brief description of ministry:
The work of this ministry is to make calls on the sick and shut-ins of St. Matthew. Marie
Stoops keeps a very accurate record of all the calls made by The members which avoids
duplication of effort. It is very desirable for the Church staff to know which sick and disabled
members in our congregation are being visited. Visits are usually made once a month (but in
cases where hospice is operating, calls are made more frequently.) Team members are able to
administer the Sacrament of Holy Communion upon the request of those being visited. The
team holds a meeting once a month to discuss their programs, problems and assignments.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The team s average number of calls each month vary according to the needs we see appearing,
but it usually runs to a total of four or five calls per member. In the case of Pastor & Mrs. Ward,
St. Matthew s visitation Pastor, the number of calls made is higher.

Goals for the future:
We work in co-operation with the Stephen s Ministry primarily to care for those members who
cannot attend services at St. Matthew by reason of health or disability. This is an ongoing
important and appreciated service of our Church.

Name of ministry: Volunteer Coordinator
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Marcia Johnson             503.349.9989  

Names of ministry members:
The congregation of St. Matthew Lutheran Church

Brief description of ministry:
Encourage and promote volunteerism within the mission of St. Matthew Lutheran Church. To
support church staff and attend weekly staff meetings, maintain a membership time and talent
database, recruit or assist in the recruitment of volunteers, work with members helping them to
become connected to the life of St. Matthew through volunteerism and perform other duties as
the senior pastor should request from time to time.

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
The highlight of my ministry this year was Faith in Action Sunday on February 14, 2010. On
that Sunday, during the worship service, everyone in the congregation had the chance to pack a
bright orange hard shell World Vision Caregiver Kit or a soft orange drawstring refill bag with
jars of Vaseline, bars of soap, boxes of latex gloves, washcloths, LED flashlights, AA batteries,
cotton balls, notebooks, pens, Acetaminophen tablets, oral rehydration salts, and a mini prayer
shawl. Families then wrote personalize notes to go in the kits as an encouragement to the
caregivers. The filled kits and refill bags, 400 in total, were stacked up in the altar area creating
a glorious wall of orange. A glory to God, I d say. Following the church services more
volunteers packed the kits and refill bags into boxes and palletized them to ship off to World
Vision on their way to Uganda, East Africa.

Goals for the future:
My goal is to help each member of St. Matthew find a way to serve God with the gifts He has
given them. If there is something you love to do, please contact me and we ll try to find an area
of service for you.

Stay tuned for more information about next year s all-congregation project in March of 2010.

Name of ministry: WELCA
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Carol Mattson, (503-641-5818).

Names of ministry members:
All women of St Matthew are members of WELCA. At St. Matthew we have five circles and
encourage women of the congregation to join one of these circles. Each circle meets at
different times and days so this allows you to join a circle that fits your schedule. We meet to
have a Bible study, fellowship and service for our congregation. The study is usually found in
the WELCA periodical Lutheran Women Today . This year s study is: To God s Beloved:
Paul s Letter to the Romans . Martha Circle meets the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00
am, the chairwoman is: Barbara Nesbitt, (503-246-7290). Mary Circle meets the third Friday of
each month at 10:00am, the chairwoman is Judy Willoughby (503-645-2998). Rachel Circle
meets the fourth Monday of each month at 1:30pm, the chairwoman is Pat Smith, (503-626-
4606). Rebekah Circle meets the third Thursday of each month, at 10:30 am, the chairwoman is
Gloria Everson, (503-646-2465). Sarah Circle meets the second Monday of each month at 1:30
pm, The chairwoman is Helen Fohl, (503-644-4206).

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
Our central ministry is Lutheran World Relief that assist in humanitarian needs world wide.
Our ministry is the sewing of quilts, putting together designated kits, layettes and soap. The
circles help with sewing of the quilts, putting together the kits, and layettes. We invite anyone
to join us the first and third Mondays of the month to help with putting these quilts together.
Our offerings help with the purchase of batting and shipping to LWR warehouse. Shipments to
LWR are made twice a year. The Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 totaled 1,682 lbs. We sent 241
quilts, 104 School Kits, 148 Health Kits, 6 Sewing Kits and 98 Layettes.

Name of ministry: Women s Retreat
Name(s) of contact people with phone number and/or email address:
Chair for 2011 Retreat, Wendy Hoffmann,
Staff liaison, Janee Walker,
Names of ministry members:
2010 Women s Retreat Leadership Team: Tonia Andersen, Gloria Doherty, Kirsten Holt,
Wendy Hoffmann, Marcia Johnson, Shosh Meyer, Elaine Mattson, Wendy Newton, Holli
Shenfield, and Janee Walker

Brief description of ministry:
The annual St. Matthew Women s retreat is a long-standing tradition. Though we have had
many different speakers and locations over the years, some significant aspects of the retreat stay
the same. Women of all ages and stages of life participate and look forward to getting to know
their sisters in Christ. Women feel comfortable inviting friends and family to join us, and all
are welcomed to our sisterhood of Christ. It is truly a blessing to

Brief review of year s activities or significant events:
This year our retreat was once again held at the beautiful Oregon coast, at the Cannon Beach
Christian Conference Center. Our speaker was Barb Boswell, author of Catching Glimpses of
God. Barb shared from her life experience with lots of Biblical content. Small groups were led
by our retreat team where relationships were formed and grew. We had beautiful weather,
ample sleeping, shopping, and relaxation time. Once again ladies at the retreat contributed to
completion quilts to be given to young people who reach adulthood in our congregation this
coming spring. Thank you to all of the women who attended, and to our wonderful leadership
team for making this such a special weekend.

                      Ministry Team, Staff Resource, Board Champion

Ministry Team                     Staff Resource            Board Champion

Discipleship                      Janeé Walker              Dawn Schaenzer

Evangelism                        Pastor Jim Doherty        Shari Byrnes

Fellowship                        Pastor Bob Ward           Forrest Soth

Ministry                          Pastor Jim Doherty        Darrel Kraxberger

Worship                           Eduardo Charbonnier       Evadne Woodside

Personnel                         Bruce Fivecoat            Dayna Dixon

Leadership Development            Pastor Jim Doherty        Dayna Dixon

Long Range Planning               Pastor Jim Doherty        John Voorhees

Stewardship                       Pastor Jim Doherty        Forrest Soth

Finance                           Bruce Fivecoat            Alan Bauck