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Deliver              (a)     Town            (b)         Ordinary         (c)      Language        (d)
a journalist         (e)     a pilot          (f)        Difficult       (g)       International   (h)
Ordinary            (c)      Perhaps          (i)        Married          (j)      a lawyer        (k)
Horrible             (l)     A professor      (m)        Vegetarian       (n)
(a)     to take goods, letters, etc. to people
(b)     a place with many houses, shops, etc. where people live and work
(c)     normal or not unusual
(d)     the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country
(e)     a person who writes for a newspaper
(f)     a person who flies planes
(g)     not easy
(h)     connected with or involving two or more countries
(i)     possibly
(j)     having a husband or wife
(k)     a person who helps people in court
(l) very bad or unpleasant
(m) a teacher who teaches in a university or the highest rank
(n) a person who does not eat meat or fish

Fill in the blanks below by matching the opposites.
fast                                                     Slow
old                                                      Young / New
expensive                                                Cheap
easy                                                     Difficult
impossible                                               Possible
unforgettable                                            Forgettable
impatient                                                Patient
uncomfortable                                            Comfortable
horrible                                                 Lovely

Write the times by using the traditional way of time telling.

Finish the sentences below by using the verb to “be” and pronouns. (28%)
       1.   Those _are_ (be) my books. They’re _mine_.
       2.   She saw _me_ yesterday but I didn’t see _her__.
       3.   This ball belongs to the children. The children are playing with _it_ now.
       4.   I _am not_ (not / be) from Beijing.
       5.   This key belongs to her. This is _her_ key. It’s _hers_.
       6.   _Is_ (be) this your suitcase? Yes, it’s _mine_.
7.    That child _is not / isn’t_ (not / be) as naughty as you said.
8.    One of my pencils is broken. I can’t use _it_.
9.    My mother has a ring. It belongs to _her__. This ring is _hers__.
10.   It _is__ (be) my car. It’s _mine_.
11.   They saw _you_ yesterday but you didn’t see _them__.
12.   Susana __isn’t / is not__ (not / be) from Shanghai.
13.   They _aren’t / are not_ (not / be) from London.
14.   One of my friends saw you yesterday. But you didn’t see _him / her__.
15.   Victoria has two diamond rings. _They_ belongs to her. These rings are _hers__.
16.   We __aren’t / are not__ (not / be) from London.
17.   We saw _you_ yesterday but you didn’t see _us__.
18.   This bone belongs to my dog. It is eating _it_ now.
19.   These __are_ (be) his books. They’re _his__.
20.   This key belongs to me. This is __my__ key. It’s _mine_.
21.   Look at the time! Christina and Charles _are_ (be) late.
22.   I’m having a meeting with a friend of mine. __He / She__ comes from England.
23.   Christ and Simon own a car. It belongs to _them__. This car is _theirs__.
24.   __Are_ (be) these her suitcases? Yes, They’re _hers__.
25.   He saw __them_ last night but They didn’t see _him__.
26.   This doll belongs to my little sister. She is playing with __it__ now.
27.   __Are_ (be) the policemen on duty today?
28.   I will pick up two friends of mine tomorrow. _They__ come from France.
29.   The child has two model cars. __They__ belong to him. These model cars are __his / hers___.

Rewrite each sentence using an apostrophe ( ’). Use This is or These are.
1.    This room belongs to the children.             _This is the children’s room._
2.    These suitcases belong to Susan.               _These are Susan’s suitcases.__
3.    These dolls belong to my sisters.              _These are my sisters’ dolls._
4.    These potatoes belong to the farmers.          _These are the farmers’ potatoes._
5.    These necklaces belong to the women.           _These are the women’s necklaces.__
6.    This house belongs to my teacher..             _This is my teacher’s house.__
7.    This wine belongs to John.                     __This is John’s wine.__
8.    That ruler belongs to the man.                 _That is the man’s ruler.__
9.    That ball belongs to my little brother.        _That is my little brother’s ball.__
10.   Those keys belong to the firemen.              _Those are the firemen’s keys.__
11.   Those cups belong to the waiters.              _Those are the waiters’ cups.__
Read the profile. Then answer the questions.

         Job           flying doctor                          1. What does Jennifer do?
        Country        Scotland                                  _She is a flying doctor.__
        Languages Hungarian, English,                        2. Does she like cooking?
                  French                                         Yes, _she does.___
        Family         Married to a teacher, two             3. Where does she come from?
                       daughters                                 __She comes from Scotland.__
        Free time      Likes cooking, playing      4.    How many hours does she work?
                       tennis                                      ___She works 12 hours a day._
        Working        12 hours a day

               Ricky                                    1.   What does Ricky do?
  Job          chef                                          __He is a chef.__
Country        China                                    2.   Where does he come from?
Languages Mandarin, English,                                 __He comes from China.__
               Italian                                  3.   Does he like playing tennis?
Family         Not married                                   No, ___he doesn’t.__
Free time      Likes skiing, reading                    4.   How many hours does he work?
               books                                         __He works 10 hours a day.___
Working        10 hours a day

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