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					Chapter 21 Test Bank

Multiple Choice
1. As absolute monarch, ________ brought France to a position of political and military
   preeminence among the European nation-states.
a. Louis X
b. Louis XV
c. Louis XIV
d. Louis V
Answer: c

2. Under Louis’ leadership, the center of artistic patronage and productivity shifted to
a. England.
b. Spain.
c. Italy.
d. France.
Answer: d

3. At ________, Louis’ newly constructed palace emerged as an amalgam of Greco-Roman
   subject matter, Classical principles of design, and baroque theatricality.
a. the Hague
b. Versailles
c. the Louvre
d. Notre Dame
Answer: b

4. In Spain, ________, court painter to King Philip IV, became the country’s most prestigious
   artist, thanks to aristocratic portraits that conveyed the powerful presence of real objects in
   atmospheric space.
a. Goya
b. Rubens
c. Velázquez
d. Titian
Answer: c

5. As court painter to King Charles I of England, ________ produced elegant, idealized
   portraits of his patrons.
a. Velázquez
b. van Dyck
c. Goya
d. Rubens
Answer: b

6. To provide musical entertainments for state dinners, balls, and operatic performances, Louis
   established a
a. permanent orchestra.
b. national chorus.
c. guild of musicians.
d. new system of arranging written music.
Answer: a

7. Lully introduced to opera the “French overture” which essentially means
a. walking and singing simultaneously.
b. an introductory musical instrumental piece noteworthy for contrasts in speed and texture.
c. any introductory musical piece, whether vocal or instrumental.
d. expository material about the opera spoken at the beginning by a chorus.
Answer: b

8. Of lasting significance was Louis’ contribution to the birth of ________ and its
   transformation into an independent art form.
a. gold leafing
b. professional dance
c. portrait painting
d. baroque architecture
Answer: b

9. François de La Rochefoucauld wrote ________ that reflect the self-interest, hypocrisy, and
   greed of human beings—including and especially the aristocrats of his day.
a. song lyrics
b. sonnets
c. maxims
d. moody dramas
Answer: c

10. The French tragedian Jean Racine added unity-of-place to ________’s unities of action and
a. Pythagoras
b. Aristotle
c. Euripides
d. Agamemnon
Answer: b

11. France’s leading comic playwright, ________, brought to life the comic foibles of such stock
    characters as the miser, the hypochondriac, the hypocrite, the misanthrope, and the would-be
a. Rochefoucauld
b. Molière
c. Rubens
d. Racine
Answer: b

12. Like Versailles in France, which of the following were highlighted by the text as epitomizing
    the wealth, absolute authority, and artistic vision of a privileged minority and autocratic rule?
a. the Imperial Mosque at Isfahan
b. the Red Fort at Old Delhi
c. the Taj Mahal in Agra
d. All these answers are correct.
Answer: d

13. The imperial complex at the Forbidden City in ________ stands as a symbol of the
    absolutism of China’s Ming and Qing emperors.
a. Tokyo
b. Beijing
c. Chunking
d. Hanoi
Answer: b

14. The ________ dynasty created a unified central state over which the shogun assumed political
    and economic control.
a. Qing
b. Tokugawa
c. Ming
d. Yulan
Answer: b

15. ________, associated with Zen Buddhist culture, came to define the Japanese way of life.
a. Urbanization
b. Martial arts
c. Meditation
d. Tea-drinking
Answer: d

16. Describe the main characteristics of the aristocratic style in European literature, music, and
    visual arts.

17. Describe Louis XIV’s Versailles in terms of a symbol of royal absolutism and an expression
    of the classical baroque style.

18. Discuss how the aristocratic style manifested itself in areas beyond the West: in Ottoman
    Turkey, Mogul India, Ming and Manchu China, and Tokugawa Japan.

19. Discuss absolutism as a style of rule. What strengths and weaknesses can you identify in a
    country ruled in the absolutist manner?

20. What was the significance of Molière as a comic dramatist?


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