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					Accounting : text & cases                                                Robert N. Anthony, David F. Kawkins & Kenneth A. Muchat    12th ed     2
Accounting : text & cases                                                Robert N. Anthony, David F. Kawkins & Kenneth A. Muchat    12th ed     2
Advanced accountancy : Volume 1                                          Maheshwari S. N. & S. K. Maheshwari                        10th ed.   10
Advanced accountancy : volume 2                                          Maheshwari s. N. & S. K. Maheshwari                        9th ed.     1
Advanced accounts : volume II                                            Shukla M. C. & T. S. Grewal & S. C. Gupta                              1
Advertising & Salesmanship : with Sales Promotion & publicity            Saravanavel P. & S. Sumathi                                           10
An introduction to management science : quantitative approaches…making   David R. Anders on, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. william               2
An introduction to management science: quantitative approaches..making   David R. Anders on, Dennis J. Sweeney, Thomas A. william               2
Basic Business Communication: Skills for Empowering…Generation           Raymond V. Lesiksr & Marie E. Flatley                                  1
Basic financial management                                               Khan M. Y. & Jain P. K.                                    2nd ed.     1
Basic financial management                                               Khan M. Y. & Jain P. K.                                    2nd ed.     1
Business Communication : Business Correspondence                         Kathiresan & V. Radha                                                  2
Business Economics                                                       Sankaran S.                                                           10
Business Environment                                                     Sankaran S.                                                           22
Business Environment : Policy & Strategic Management                     Sankaran S.                                                           13
Business environment : text and cases                                    Francis Cherunilam                                         19th ed.    2
Business management                                                      Gupta C. B.                                                            2
Business Management                                                      Gupta C. B.                                                7th ed.     5
Business Mathematics                                                     Vittal P. R.                                                           5
Business Mathematics and Statistics                                      Vittal P.R.                                                            2
Case studies in finance managing for corporat e value creation           Robert F. Bruner                                                       2
Cons umer behavior                                                       Jay B. Lindquist & M. Joseph Singh                                     2
Cost Accounting                                                          Pillai R. S. N. & Bagavathi V.                                         3
Cost accounting                                                          Reddy T. S. & Hari Prasad Reddy Y.                                     1
Cost Accounting : Principles & Practice                                  Jain S. P. & K. L. Narang                                              2
Economic principles and applications                                     Geroge Mankiw N.                                                       2
Electronic Commerc e                                                     Gray P. Schneider                                          4th ed.     1
Electronic Commerc e : a manager's guide                                 Ravi Kalakota & Andrew B. Whinston                                     2
Elements of insurance                                                    Murthy A.                                                             10
Entrepreneurial development                                              Khanka S. S.                                                           2
Entrepreneurial development                                              Jayashree Sures h                                                     10
Entrepreneurial development                                              Gupta & Srinivas an                                                    7
Essentials of business environment                                       Aswathappa K.                                              8th ed.     2
Essentials of Business Environment                        Aswathappa K.                         10th ed.   10
Essentials of Management : an International perspective   Harold Koontz & Heinz Weihric h       7th ed.     4
Essentials of Management : an international perspective   Harold Koontz & Heinz Weihric h       8th ed.     3
Financial & Management accounting                         Reddy T. S. & Y. Hari Prasad Reddy               19
Financial management                                      Palanivelu V. R.                                  1
Financial management                                      Pandey I. M.                          9th ed.     4
Financial Management : Principles & practice              Maheshwari S. N.                      9th ed.     2
Financial management : text problems & cases              Khan M. Y. & Jain                     5th ed.     8
Financial Management : theory & Practice                  Prasanna Chandra                                  1
Financial management : theory, problems & solutions       Ramachandran R. & R. Srinivasan                   3
Financial Management text, problems & cases               Khan M. Y. & Jain P. K.                           3
Financial management with CD                              Pandey I. M.                          9th ed.     2
Foundations of Marketing                                  David Jobber & John Fahy              2nd ed.     1
Fundamentals of financial management                      Eugene F. Brigham & Loel F. Houston   10th ed.    3
Graph Theory: with applications……                         Narsingh Deo                                      5
Human Resource management                                 Prasad L. M.                                      5
Human resource management                                 Gupta C. B.                                       5
Human resource management                                 Garay Dessler                         11th ed.    4
Human resource management                                 Biswajeet Pattanayak                  3rd ed.     4
Human resource management                                 John M. Ivangeuch                     10th ed.    2
Human resource management                                 Gary Dessler & Biju Varkey            11th ed.    2
Human resource management : an experiential approach      John Bernaroin H.                                 3
Human resource management : text & cases                  Aswathappa K.                                     4
International Business                                    Subba Rao P.                                      5
International business                                    Michael H. Mottett                    7th ed.     2
International business : environments & operations        John D. Daniels                       12th ed.    2
International Business : text & cases                     Francis Cherunilam                    4th ed.     1
International marketing                                   Michael R. Zinkote & Ronkanen         8th ed.     3
International marketing : text & cases                    Justin Paul & Ramneek Kapoor                      3
Introductory methods of Numerical analysis                Sastry S. S.                          4th ed.     8
Introductory methods of numerical analysis                Sastry S. S.                                      1
MA 1251 Numerical Met hods                                Singaravelu A.                                    1
Macro Economics : theory & policy                         Dwivedi D. N.                                     6
Management                                                             James A. F. Stoner, Edward Freeman & Daniel R. Gilbert   6th ed.     4
Management a global & ent repreurial pers pective                      Heinz Weihrich, Mark V. Cannice & Harold Koontz                      4
Management Accounting                                                  Pillai R.S.N. & Bagavathi                                            1
Management Accounting                                                  Jain P. K.                                                           1
Management accounting theory and practices with CD                     Pandikumar M. P.                                                     2
Management Information Systems                                         James A Brien & George M. Marakas                        7th ed.     1
Management information systems                                         Effy Oz                                                              2
Management Information Systems : Managing & digital firm               Kenneth C.Laudan & Jane P. Laudon                                    1
Management information systems : text & cases, a digital perspective   Waman S. Jawadekar                                                   2
Management Information Systems: Conceptual Foundations……               Gordon B. Davis, Margrethe H Ols on                      2nd ed.     2
Managerial Economics                                                   Dwivedi D. N.                                            7th ed.    15
Managerial Economics                                                   Sankaran S.                                                         10
Managerial economics                                                   Gupta G. S.                                                          4
Managerial economics concepts & applications                           Christopher R. Thomas & Charles Maurices S.              8th ed.     3
Marketing                                                              Rajan Nair N. & Sanjith R. Nair                                      1
Marketing                                                              Michael J. Etzel & Bruce J. Walker                       14th ed.    3
Marketing management                                                   Ramaswamy V. S. & Namakumari S.                          4th ed.     5
Marketing management                                                   Gupta C. B. & Rajan Nair N.                                          5
Marketing management                                                   Rajan Saxena                                             4th ed.     3
Marketing management : a south Asian perspective                       Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane                               13th ed.    3
Marketing Management : Planning……………..& control                        Ramaswamy V. S. & S. Namakumari                                      1
Marketing Management : text & cases                                    Rajiv Lal & John A. Quelet                                           3
Operation management                                                   William J. Stevs enson                                   9th ed.     2
Operation management for competitive advantage                         Richard B. Chas e, F. Robert Jacobs & Nicholas                       1
Operations management with CD                                          Norman Gaithen & Greg Frazier                            9th ed.     2
Organisational behavior                                                Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge & Seema Sanghi                  8
Organisational behavior                                                Rajan Saxena                                                         2
Organisational behavior : text & cases                                 Umasekaran                                                           2
Organisational behavior :concepts, skills & practices                  Angelo Kinicki & Robert Kreitner                                     4
Organisational behaviour                                               Rajan Saxena                                                         2
Organisational behaviour : text & cases                                Umasekaran                                                           2
Organizational Behavior                                                Prasad L. M.                                                         1
Organizational Behavior                                                Fred Luthans                                             11th ed.    2
Organizational Behavior                                              Jayasankar J.                                                          5
Organizational behavior                                              Steven L. Mcshave & Mary Annvon                                        2
Organizational behavior : text & cases                               Khanka S. S.                                                           5
Organizational Behavior : text, cases & games                        Aswathappa K.                                                         12
Principles & Practice of Management                                  Prasad L. M.                                                           2
Probability and Statistics                                           Murray R. Spiebel                                                      1
Production & Materials management                                    Saravanavel P. & Sumathi S.                                            5
Production & operations management                                   Paneerselvam R.                                             2nd ed.    5
Production & operations management                                   Nair N. G.                                                             2
Production & operations management : concepts, models & behavior     E verette Adam & Ronald J. Ebert                            5th ed.    1
Quantitative Tec hnique in Management                                Vohra N. D.                                                 3rd ed.    1
Quantitative Tec hniques :applied Business Statistics ……..research   Vittal P. R.                                                          10
Research Methodology : methods and Techniques                        Kothari C. R.                                               2nd ed.    5
Resource management techniques ; operations research                 Sundares an V., Ganapathy K. S. & Ganesan K.                           3
Risk Management & insurance                                          Scott E. harrington & Gregory R. niehaus                    2nd ed.    1
Sales management : decisions strategies and cases                    Richard R. Still, Edward W. Cundiff & Norman A. P. Govoni   5th ed.    3
Services marketing integrating customer focus across the firm        Valarie A. Zeithaml, Mary J. O. Bitner…..                             10
Statistical Methods                                                  Gupta S. P.                                                            2
Statistics : theory & practice                                       Pillai R. S. N. & Bagavathi                                           19
Statistics for business and economics                                Anderson Sweeney & William                                             2
Statistics for Management                                            Richard I. Levin & David S. Rubin                           7th ed.    4
Strategic management & business policy                               Azhar Kazmi                                                 3rd ed.    4
Strategic management & business policy                               Azhar Kazmi                                                            3
Strategic management formulation implement ation & control           John A. Pearce, Richard B. Robins on & Amita Mital                     1
The management and control of quality                                James R. E vans & William M. Lindsay                        6th ed.    2
Theory & problems in production & operations management              Chary S. N.                                                            3
Total quality management                                             Mukherjee P. N.                                                        3

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