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					  The Magazine for the Royal College of Music I Summer 2009

What’s inside...
Welcome to upbeat...
In this Summer Issue of Upbeat, we are thrilled to unveil the newly refurbished
Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, which opened in March with a spectacular                        Contents
performance of the War Requiem by one of our most famous alumni Benjamin
Britten. The event was conducted by Martin André and truly tested the new                       4   In the news
acoustics with its extremes of emotional and dynamic range. See page 12-13 for                      Updating you on the recent
                                                                                                    goings on of the College from
a pictorial summary and pages 10-11 for details of the completed project.                           the world of research to the
                                                                                                    world of reality television
The reason for the new name for this great performance space is revealed on
page 14 in an interview with Geoff Richards, one of the key supporters of the
project. As Managing Trustee of the Amaryllis Fleming Foundation, he provides
                                                                                                8   RCM Sparks Summer Music
                                                                                                    Our Education and Outreach
an insight into the motivations and character of this outstanding former                            Programme goes from strength
student and professor.                                                                              to strength with a jam-packed
                                                                                                    summer programme
As well as a round up of many other goings on at the College on page 9, you
will also see that we are once again hosting Proms Plus events this summer.
There are over 70 events in the Proms Plus series, providing a fascinating                      9   Events round-up
                                                                                                    Some of the performances
context to the season’s music and artists.
                                                                                                    and other activities taking
                                                                                                    place this term
We are always keen to hear from students and staff past and present – so if you
have anything you’d like us to feature in the next issue of Upbeat, send your
news and pictures in to by 21 September 2009.                                    10 All about Amaryllis
                                                                                                    An insight into the former
                                                                                                    student cellist and professor
 NB: Please note that we cannot guarantee to include everything we receive and that we
 reserve the right to edit submissions.
                                                                                                12 Britten War Requiem
                                                                                                    A pictorial review of the
                                                                                                    spectacular opening concert in the
                                                                                                    Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

                                                                                                14 Introducing the new hall
                                                                                                    Upbeat unveils our new world-
                                                                                                    class performance space

                                                                                                16 Student notes
                                                                                                    Current student success stories

                                                                                                18 Staff notes
                                                                                                    News from professorial, academic
                                                                                                    and admin staff

                                                                                                20 Alumni notes
                                                                                                    A digest of graduate news

 The Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, a stunning venue fit for the 21st century.                 21 Births, marriages & obituaries
Front cover - The newly refurbished RCM Amaryllis Fleming concert hall                          22 A Royal Visit
Inside front cover - The Sound of Perfume, held at the RCM in association with                      HRH The Prince of Wales attended
Clive Christian Perfumes (see also page 4)                                                          the College in May to present a
Inside back cover - Images from the recent production of Handel’s Alessandro, a collaboration       number of prizes and awards
between the RCM and the London Handel Festival

 In the news...
    BBC Symphony Orchestra collaboration                                                                  works through an ongoing relationship
                                                                                                          with the orchestra, its conductors and
    We are delighted to announce a unique        student will be assigned a mentor from                   management team.
    new programme that will build on the         within the orchestra to provide advice,
                                                                                                          Paul Hughes, General Manager of the
    long-standing relationship between           guidance, coaching and feedback.                         BBC Symphony Orchestra commented:
    the RCM and BBC SO, and broaden                                                                       “This scheme is part of an innovative
    the experience offered to student            The BBC Symphony Orchestra has
                                                 had an extensive relationship with                       and adventurous education programme
    instrumentalists aspiring to enter the                                                                which aims to open up the full breadth
    orchestral profession.                       the Royal College of Music and its
                                                 students for more than decade and                        of our work to the widest range of
    Each year up to ten final year RCM           has long offered students the chance                     participants. Within that programme,
    postgraduate students will be selected       to attend rehearsals and concerts and                    investing in the orchestral talents of the
    to participate in the scheme. Starting       work with its musicians. While many                      future is a central and to be making
                                                                                                          that investment in partnership with
    in July 2009 and running throughout          ‘one-off’ sit-in schemes exist, this
                                                                                                          the Royal College of Music, one of the
    the year, they will sit in on BBC SO         year-long programme gives students
                                                                                                          world’s leading music conservatoires, is
    rehearsals covering a wide range of          an opportunity to develop and refine
                                                                                                          tremendously exciting.”
    repertoire and may also perform with         their orchestral performing skills and to
    the orchestra in a special concert. Each     understand better how the profession

 The Sound                                       was selected by a judging panel and
                                                 announced by the two head judges:
                                                                                                          studies. From these three pieces, the
                                                                                                          audience voted Stay Gold – written by
 of Perfume                                      Clive Christian and RCM Chairman
                                                 Lord Winston. Both of the head judges
                                                                                                          Ikuyo Kobayashi and performed by RCM
                                                                                                          pianist Maria Marchant – as the overall
                                                 commented that the pieces had been                       winner.
 A ground-breaking project which saw
                                                 of an extremely high standard and that
 the Royal College of Music join forces                                                                   The innovative project was recognised
                                                 judging was very difficult indeed. After
 with Clive Christian Perfumes (makers                                                                    at the 7th Annual Fragrance Foundation
                                                 much deliberation, the winners were
 of the world’s most expensive perfume)                                                                   ‘FiFi’ awards at the Dorchester Hotel,
                                                 announced as:
 came to a grand conclusion in the Britten                                                                when The Sound of Perfume was
 Theatre in February (see page 2 for             Erick Flores – The Last Rose of 1872                     awarded a ‘Special Commendation for
 images). The invited audience heard nine        Vlad Maistorovici – Transcent                            Education and Innovation’.
 new pieces by RCM composers, three              Ikuyo Kobayashi – Stay Gold
 inspired by each of the three perfumes                                                                   For more information on the project visit
 in the Clive Christian range - 1872, X and      Each of these composers was awarded             (see
 No.1. A winning piece in each category          a substantial cash prize towards their                   also page 2 for images of the event).

    Young Britten
                                                                                                Nigel Luckhurst

                                                 Tuesday to Saturday, 2–5pm; then from
                                                 1 October to 11 December it is open
    A fascinating new free exhibition at         Tuesday to Friday 2–5pm. Admission
    The Red House in Aldeburgh traces            is free.
    the early musical development of one
    of the RCM’s most illustrious students.      Linked to the exhibition is a series of
    Young Britten: schoolboy, composer           four lunchtime lectures about the music
    looks at some of the 730 works that          Britten wrote aged 10–18, with excerpts
                                                 performed by gifted young players of the
    Benjamin Britten wrote between the
                                                 same age. These take place at 12.30pm at
    ages of 6/7 and 1932, the year he left the
                                                 Aldeburgh Church on 24 July, 4 August,
    RCM. It explores the young composer’s
                                                 14 August and 25 August. Admission is
    influences during these formative years,
                                                 £5 per lecture, or £15 for the series - call
    and draws on the latest research for the
                                                 01728 451700 to book, or buy on the
    Britten Thematic Catalogue project.          door.
    Items on display include his fascinating
    RCM reports (pictured).                      See for more
                                                 information about the exhibition and
    The exhibition, which is the Britten -       lecture series.
    Pears Foundation’s most ambitious to
    date, runs from 13 June to 11 December
    2009. Opening hours during the
    Aldeburgh Festival (13 to 28 June) are
    daily from 10am–5pm; from 30 June
    to 30 September the exhibition is open                                                       Britten’s RCM report, 1931

 Rag Week 2009                               During a week in February a number
                                             of RCM students were working hard
                                             - and playing hard! - to raise money
                                             for charity. Events included a football
                                                                                           at the RCM
                                             match, a photo challenge, a comedy            The RCM has been developing an
                                             night and a cake sale and culminated          intense programme of masterclasses
                                             in “Grade 1 Idol”, in which a number          and research seminars via
                                             of students and staff (including RCM          videoconferencing. A doctoral
                                             Director Colin Lawson) took part. We          seminar with the University of
                                             managed to raise a total of £1300 and         Auckland in New Zealand took
                                             the proceeds will be going to a hugely        place in April with presentations by
                                             deserving cause in the shape of David         Carla Rees (Claes Biehl’s Evocazione
                                             Juritz’s charity Musequality, which takes     del Mare, for quarter tone bass flute
                                                                                           and electronics) and Jessica Chan:
                                             music projects to some of the poorest
                                                                                           (Frank Bridge’s Phantasm: Rhapsody,
                                             children in the developing world.
                                                                                           for piano and orchestra). For more
                                             For details visit         information about videoconferencing
                                                                                           contact Dr Tania Lisboa at
A Tudor organ at                             project. More information about the
                                             organ and its smaller companion, the
Holy Trinity, Prince                         ‘Wingfield’ organ, can be found on the
                                             RCO’s website at
Consort Road
Through 2009 the College is collaborating
with Holy Trinity, Prince Consort Road
and the Royal College of Organists to
bring the so-called ‘Wetheringsett’ organ
to South Kensington. Owned by the
RCO, this instrument is a reconstruction
of an early 16th century English organ and
was built by the organ-builders Goetze
& Gwynn in 2002 as part of the Early
English Organ Project (EEOP). It is based
on the soundboard (or windchest) found
in the 1990s at Wetheringsett, Suffolk.
Now housed in the RCM Museum
of Instruments, this soundboard was
actually discovered by chance during
alterations to a farmhouse, where it may
have been used as timber for a dairy
door. According to tree-ring dating the       The ‘Wetheringsett’ organ, owned by
                                                                                            RCM videoconferencing facilities enable us to
                                                                                            reach a range of contacts
tree of which the soundboard was made         the Royal College of Organists
(from Baltic oak) cannot have been cut
down before about 1525. It is likely that
the original instrument was built at a
nearby church.                                Jerusalem                                  this year Parry’s own orchestration will
                                                                                         be performed at the Last Night, and
                                                                                         to celebrate this, we have produced a
As no organs of this period survive           The latest publication from the RCM
                                                                                         colour reproduction of Parry’s original
in the British Isles, Goetze & Gwynn’s        is a timely reproduction of the most
                                                                                         manuscript score, which remains in the
imaginative and scholarly reconstruction      enduringly popular work by Sir Hubert
                                                                                         RCM’s extensive special collection.
allows us to sample something of the          Parry. Jerusalem: And did those feet in
very sophisticated pre-Reformation            ancient time was written in 1916 while                            Copies of Jerusalem
English liturgical repertoire in a way        Parry was Director of the College, and                            are priced at £9.95
hitherto impossible. During its time in       was originally for voices and organ.                              each, and are
South Kensington, the ‘Wetheringsett’ is      Although Parry orchestrated himself, it                           available from the
being used by Holy Trinty on a frequent       is Elgar’s orchestration that has become                          RCM Box Office on
basis for recitals and in services and by     better known as a regular fixture in                              020 7591 4314.
the RCM for teaching, examining and           the Last Night of the Proms. However
also for the V & A Listening Gallery

 In the news...
 A leading institution for Research
 As part of the Higher Education Funding       officially opened by Flemish Minister
 Council for England’s grant allocations       of Economics, Enterprise, Science,
 for 2009-10, research funding has been        Innovation and Foreign Trade Mrs
 announced, determined by the results          Patricia Ceysens. As well as a speech
 of a recent research assessment exercise      from the Minister, in which she outlined
 (RAE). The RCM’s RAE quality profile          the context for research within Europe,
 triggered a rise of £148K to £471K, some      the event featured varied examples of
 £40K ahead of our nearest rival in the        practice-based research in music being
 conservatoire sector confirming the           pursued by members of the ORCiM
 RCM’s position as the No 1 conservatoire.     team. Many Higher Music Education
                                               Institutions and Research Centres (from
 In addition, the RCM’s Graduate School
 is delighted to have been awarded an
                                               Austria, Belgium, France, Norway, The
                                               Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden
                                                                                              Exhibition Road
 Arts and Humanities Research Council
 (AHRC) Block Grant partnership which
                                               and Switzerland) were represented at the
                                               opening. RCM Director Professor Colin
                                                                                              Music Day
 secures AHRC funding for masters and          Lawson attended the event as a special         The RCM this year has further increased
 doctoral studentships for the next five       guest, while two RCM/ORCiM Research
 years. For the 2009/2010 academic year,                                                      its involvement with Exhibition Road
                                               Fellows, Dr Darla Crispin and Dr Tania         Music Day. Music Day 2009 will take
 the College will be making a total of eight   Lisboa, were also present.
 awards; seven awards in the Professional                                                     place around the Exhibition Road area
 Preparation Masters scheme and one for                                                       for a free festival of live, international
 Doctoral study.                                                                              music and culture on Midsummer’s Day,
                                                                                              Sunday 21 June. The College is supporting
 The role of the Royal College of Music                                                       a varied and rich classical music
 as a key institution for practice-based                                                      programme and the Amarylis Fleming
 research in Europe has also been                                                             Concert Hall will showcase exceptional
 underlined by its collaborations with the                                                    RCM musicians of every generation,
 Orpheus Institute in Ghent, Belgium.                                                         with chamber recitals from current
 In February the Institute’s Orpheus
                                                The Orpheus Institute                         students, alumni and Junior Department
 Research Centre in Music (ORCiM) was

    Owain Williams:                            Our American Idol                              The day will culminate with The
                                                                                              Evolution of the Piano, a concert in
                                                                                              which stars of the Keyboard Faculty
    RCM student                                Former RCM student Scott MacIntyre
                                               reached the final eight of the global          perform some of history’s best-loved
                                                                                              piano pieces and trace the story of
    becomes                                    television phenomenon ‘American Idol’ in
                                               April. Scott completed a Masters Degree in     keyboard music from Purcell to the
                                                                                              present day. A stream of prize-winning
    internet star                              Performance Studies here in 2006 where he
                                               focussed on voice and piano.                   international piano students will
                                                                                              perform a number of piano pieces in
    Following a lengthy selection process
                                               His mentor Paula Abdul said of his time        chronological order, ending up with the
    from over 3,000 global entries, RCM
    postgraduate student Owain Williams        in the competition “Of all the contestants     world première of a new work by RCM
    was chosen as one of only two UK           who’ve graced the Idol stage, I’m most proud   composer Gavin Higgins commissioned
    representatives in the YouTube             of you… you’ve been an inspiration to the      specially for Exhibition Road Music
    Symphony Orchestra -the world’s            entire world through your commitment,          Day. The concert will be presented by
    first ever orchestra selected entirely     through your talent.”                          TimeOut “What’s the Score?” columnist
    through online auditions. He took                                                         and RCM alumnus Karl Lutchmayer,
    part in a performance at New York’s                                                       a concert pianist himself, who will
    Carnegie Hall of a new piece specially                                                    introduce each work and illuminate its
    written by Tan Dun and conducted                                                          position in the evolution of piano music.
    by Michael Tilson Thomas. The
    internet phenomenon, which has                                                            RCM performers can also be spotted at
    attracted well over 15 million visitors,                                                  the Goethe Institute, Natural History
    invited applicants to upload a clip of                                                    Museum, Royal Geographical Society
    themselves playing. Owain recorded                                                        and the V&A. In addition to their
    his audition in the RCM percussion                                                        inspirational Sunday Session, RCM Sparks
    studio and was one of just 200 finalists                                                  will offer an open workshop with the
    selected by professional musicians.                                                       Kazoo Collective on the Kensington
    A public vote then confirmed him as                                                       Garden’s stage. For full details of the day’s
    one of the 96 to go to New York. Visit      Former RCM student Scott MacIntyre            programme, go to                    reached the final eight of “American Idol”

 Pianists work with Perahia                                                                                             Malcolm Bilson
 In April we saw the distinguished                                                                                      Workshop
 international soloist and former
 Leeds International Piano                                                                                              Has our understanding of musical
 Competition winner Murray Perahia                                                                                      notation transformed over the course
                                                                                                                        of history? Does a crotchet, a slur, or
 hold a masterclass in the Amaryllis
                                                                                                                        an accent have the same meaning
 Fleming Concert Hall where he
                                                                                                                        as it had 250 years ago? Perhaps,
 worked with advanced pianists from                                                                                     because of the development of the
 the Keyboard faculty. This event                              Meng Yang Pan works with Murray Perahia                  modern grand piano, our relationship
 was extremely well attended and a                                                                                      to articulation, phrasing and musical
 highly memorable experience for the                                                                                    texture has changed radically since
 students who took part.                                                                                                the day of Mozart and Haydn?
 “…it was an absolutely extraodinary                                                                                    These were some of the issues that
 and remarkable event; not only for the                                                                                 Malcolm Bilson raised when RCM
 College but also for musical life in the                                                                               professor David Ward and six students
 whole country (I could see students                                                                                    from the RCM – Hiren Wong, Maggie
 from other colleges and cities in the                                                                                  Ho, Joe Cheung, Alvaro Corral Matute,
                                                               Murray Perahia in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall     Erik Dippenaar and Balder Neergaard
 audience). I am extremely grateful to
 Head of Keyboard Vanessa Latarche                                                                                      – participated in a fortepiano
 and the College for giving me such an                                                                                  workshop in Cossington, Somerset,
                                                                                                                        in April.
 honour and the privilege to take part in
 it, which had an enormous impact on                                                                                    Having given a recital the previous
 my understanding of music. He has just                                                                                 night on a newly built replica of an
 opened my ears!”                                                                                                       Anton Walter fortepiano from c.1800,
                                                                                                                        Bilson gave a talk to the workshop
 Anna Peletsis                                                 From left to right: Konstantin Lapshin, Anna Peletsis,
                                                                                                                        participants on musical notation and
                                                               Murray Perahia and Meng Yang Pan
 Artist Diploma in Performance student                                                                                  performance on historical pianos.
                                                                                                                        The workshop, where the RCM
                                                                                                                        students played music by C.P.E. Bach,
A Parisian Experience                        Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin
                                             and David Graham and the students
                                                                                                                        Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven on the
                                                                                                                        fortepiano was inspiring, thought-
                                             saw a performance of Widor’s Toccata                                       provoking and called for a new and
In April, a number of Organ students
                                             – in the composer’s actual church. “This                                   fresh approach to some of the most
visited Paris for a study trip. Highlights   was a hugely valuable trip providing                                       beloved and well-known music of the
included playing in the chapel at the Palace opportunities to meet and learn from
                                                                                                                        piano literature. After the workshop
of Versailles, a visit to the Basilica of St highly-respected Parisian organists and                                    – which was organised by Julie Anne
Denis (Pierre Pincemaille performed an       to play the instruments for which much                                     Sadie of Cossington Manor who
improvisation) and to La Madeleine, where of the repertoire was conceived, in the                                       offered most generous hospitality –
organist François-Henri Houbart worked       buildings where the composers themselves                                   all students participated in an
with students. All attended Mass at Saint-   worked”. Martin Ford – Masters                                             informal concert in Cossington
Sulpice, performed by RCM professors         Programme in Performance student                                           Church. Without exception their
                                                                                                                        playing was inspired to new levels
                                                                                                                        of insight and vitality by Malcolm
                                                                                                                        Bilson’s energetic and provoking
                                                                                                                        teaching. We hope to welcome him to
                                                                                                                        the RCM before very long.

 RCM professor Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin with PG students Liam Cartwright and Geoff Tuson at St Sulpice        Malcolm Bilson, far right

 RCM Sparks
 Summer Music
 RCM Sparks is the RCM’s groundbreaking
 learning and participation programme,
 which provides training for RCM students
 in running school-based and community
 outreach work and runs an extensive
 year-long programme of events in
 collaboration with local schools, councils
 and other cultural organisations.
 The team have had an exciting term
 of activity. A particular highlight was a
 Sunday session offering teenagers the
 chance to write music for a specially
 sourced Lord of the Rings clip and a trip
 to see the inspirational live performance
 at the Royal Albert Hall. Also the Spring
 Sing! was very much on song with people
 of all ages joining us for a day of great
 music making.
 Summer 2009 sees our most ambitious
 and wide-reaching programme of open
 access events to date. Summer Music is
 a series of free workshops and discovery
 events that enables participants of
 all ages and levels of ability to engage
 with a wide variety of music. It runs
                                              Discovery Sessions: These run on              RCM Learning and Participation Manager
 alongside the BBC Proms season, and
                                              Mondays throughout the summer.                Hayley Clements said “We are very excited
 offers a weekly programme of interactive
                                              Music-lovers of all ages will discover more   to be able to offer such a fantastic range
 creativity alongside the world’s leading
                                              about composers whose works are being         of activities this year that, we hope, offer
 classical music festival. As the RCM is
                                              performed at the Proms through the            something for everyone. The RCM is such
 situated opposite the Royal Albert Hall,
                                              treasure trove of items held in the RCM       an enchantingly musical place and we will
 participants will be able to move directly
                                              Library and Museum – here’s the chance        be thrilled to welcome many new people
 from their workshop to the concert hall
                                              to take a look at Handel’s Last Will and
 to experience live music-making.                                                           through our doors to make music here.”
                                              Testament, Mendelssohn’s letters, and the
 Summer Music comprises three distinct
                                              original autographed score of Elgar’s Cello   To book for Summer Music events call
 strands of activity.
                                              Concerto.                                     020 7591 4314 or visit
 Practical workshops: Every Tuesday                                                All events are
                                              All three strands run in addition to the
 workshops for 6-9 year olds and 10-12                                                      free of charge, but must be booked in
                                              Proms Plus events that are taking place
 year olds will provide practical creative                                                  advance. For all information contact the
                                              every day during the Proms season in
 sessions tied in to particular BBC                                                         RCM Sparks team,,
                                              the RCM’s newly transformed Amaryllis
 Proms concerts. So the RCM Rubbish
                                              Fleming Concert Hall.                         020 7589 3643 or see
 Collective! on 21 July gives participants
 the chance to make and write for their
 own musical instruments ahead of a
 performance of Britten’s Young Person’s
 Guide to the Orchestra in Prom 13; while
 Musical Landscapes gives the chance for
 participants to create their own musical
 responses to landscapes, ahead of the
 Proms performances of the Hebrides
 Overture and Pastoral Symphony.
 Summer Springboard: Three-day
 courses for 13-18 year olds will take
 place at the end of July and August.
 Participants on each course will create
 their own music based on a range of
 pieces performed at the Proms.

Events round-up
                                                                                               The Creative Leadership Showcase
                                                                                               takes place at 7.30pm in the RCM Recital
                                                                                               Hall on 9 July, and admission is free.
                                                                                               Moving into the autumn term, our
                                                                                               collaboration with the Philharmonia’s
                                                                                               ongoing concert series City of Dreams:
                                                                                               Vienna 1900–1935 reaches a climax in
                                                                                               September with two major concerts at
                                                                                               the RCM.
                                                                                               On 23 September you can hear
                                                                                               Schoenberg’s wonderful 2nd String
                                                                                               Quartet, in which a soprano soloist
                                                                                               appears to proclaim the musical
                                                                                               revolution (“I feel the breath of air of
                                                                                               distant planets”), juxtaposed with one of
                                                                                               the finest examples of the “old” Viennese
                                                                                               style, Korngold’s sublime String Sextet,
                                                                                               considered by many to be his finest work.
                                                                                               A week later there is an unmissable
                                                                                               chance to hear a concert of rarities. Egon
                                                                                               Wellesz, Hans Gal, Franz Schreker and
                                                                                               Franz Schmidt may not be household
                                                                                               names today, but in pre war Vienna
                                                                                               they were acclaimed as the finest living
                                                                                               composers – you’ll be able to discover
                                                                                               why in the Recital Hall on 30 September.
                                                                                               Tickets for both concerts are available
                                                                                               from the RCM Box Office on
                                                                                               020 7591 4314.
                                                                                               Finally, book now to ensure sure you
                                                                                               can make it to the London leg of English
                                                                                               Touring Opera’s HandelFest. Between 15
                                                                                               and 24 October you can hear a thrilling
 Images from ETO performances                                                                  group of singers, including many recent
                                                                                               RCM graduates, perform no fewer than
                                                                                               five of Handel’s operas in the Britten
The highlight of the summer term is           The following week sees one of the               Theatre – Flavio, Teseo, Tolomeo, Alcina
always our opera production, but this         most inspiring and entertaining                  and Ariodante.
year we’re particularly thrilled as we        events in the RCM calendar, when the
welcome one of the country’s leading          Recital Hall plays host to the annual            Running alongside this will be a special
Shakespeareans to put together our            showcase by graduating students on               series of masterclasses, talks and
production of Britten’s magical opera         our groundbreaking Creative Leadership           concerts, all adding up to the biggest
A Midsummer Night’s Dream.                    course.                                          ever celebration of Handel’s operas.

Director Ian Judge has brought to life        Launched in 2006, the course trains              Tickets are available directly from the
numerous Shakespeare plays for the RSC        teachers, performers and community               ETO box office on 020 7833 2555.
and has directed several Shakespearean        musicians from diverse backgrounds,
operas, including Macbeth for Opera           helping them to work together, learn
North, Falstaff for Scottish Opera and        from each other and develop their
the Châtelet Theatre, and Sir John in         skills as innovative music leaders. Their
Love for ENO. He therefore promises to        showcase concert presents new works
bring a special insight into his first ever   devised during the year for a mixed
production of any opera by Britten – a        ensemble of professional musicians and
composer he has long admired.                 students, including a DJ, a music teacher/
Performances of A Midsummer Night’s           cellist, a professional violinist, a guitarist
Dream take place in the Britten Theatre       and guest orchestral musicians.
on 29 June and 1, 3 and 4 July. Tickets are
available from the RCM Box Office on
020 7591 4314.

 Introducing the new hall...
 In May 2008, after a stunning                How has all this been done?                  original doors were modified to include
 concert conducted by Vladimir                Of course the first huge challenge facing    acoustic seals. Between the two sets
 Ashkenazy, we waved goodbye to               the College was raising the £5 million       of doors, a custom-built new area was
                                              needed to carry out such an extensive        walled off to allow seat storage and easy
 our much-loved but noticeably                transformation. We were delighted to         wheelchair access.
 flawed RCM Concert Hall. Nine                achieve this through a mixture of RCM’s
 months later the hall shed its               own investment, fundraising and a grant      The air conditioning system for such a
 chrysalis of scaffolding and                 from HEFCE. The support from our large       large space of course requires a great deal
 emerged as the Amaryllis Fleming             number of supporters (see box) has been      of power, and so a brand new housing
                                              truly tremendous. It would be impossible     was built on the roof of the Senior
 Concert Hall, a stunning venue                                                            Common Room. With no vehicular
                                              to thank them enough, as they enabled
 fit for the 21st century. Since              us to engage leading architects              access, the construction materials
 then, many of our admiring                   DarntonEGS to commence work on a             had to be lifted in with an enormous
 visitors have asked the same                 thrilling and ambitious project.             crane, which provided perhaps the
 four questions; to which Upbeat                                                           most dramatic image of the hall’s
 provides the answers…                        In order to undertake such an extensive      transformation – huge metal girders
                                              and complex programme of work                swinging into place just a few feet over
 What work has been done?                     without completely disrupting College        the College clock tower!
 Visitors who are familiar with the hall      life, the contractors had to come up with
 immediately notice the more cosmetic         a number of innovative solutions. They       Back in the hall, the design of the new
 improvements: the white paintwork            established a nerve centre of operations     chandeliers was particularly challenging.
 (which takes the hall back to its 1901       in the courtyard, from where Nadine          They had to be designed to reflect the
 original colour scheme), the carpet that     Boehm, Associate in Charge, could direct     late Victorian use of metalwork, but in a
 matches the Inner Hall, and the new          proceedings.                                 modern style that would be aesthetically
 blue ergonomic chairs. There is also                                                      pleasing within the scale and proportions
 completely new lighting – wall lights        The first procedure was to fill the entire   in the hall. Their ‘bird-cage’ frame
 illuminating both the newly gilded           hall with scaffolding, allowing access to    is made entirely of brass, and they
 cherubs and the recessed plasterwork;        the roof and to the walls at every level     incorporate various special, controlled
 bold, brass chandeliers containing           – a process that took a week in itself!      lighting elements including fluorescent
 a number of individually adjustable          Then, astonishingly, the entire vaulted      luminaries and spotlights that can either
 spotlights; and an extensive white           ceiling was removed to gain safe access      illuminate tables during evening banquet
 lighting rig flush against the ceiling.      to the attic. Electrical cabling, a pulley   events or be used for radical new modes
                                              system for the new lighting rig, and         of concert presentation.
 But beyond all these, by far the most        extensive aluminium ducting for the
 significant and extensive changes aren’t     air conditioning system could then be        After the major construction work
 visible at all. Perhaps most importantly,    carefully woven into place together.         was finished, the decoration could
 the hall has been thoroughly                                                              begin. The architects undertook paint
 soundproofed through a variety of            While this was taking place, a               sample analysis, research into original
 methods, including the isolating lobby,      replacement roof was fashioned, with         drawings, and thorough surveys of
 new doors, secondary glazing, and            many of the sections made in a material      existing elements, in order to carry out
 special acoustic seals throughout. To        called “jesmonite” rather than plaster,      the successful restoration of the hall
 cope with the fact that the windows          because of its greater density and           to its 1901 original livery. Once the
 are now permanently sealed, an air           strength. Each square roof panel had         extensive scaffolding was removed, the
 conditioning and temperature control         to be positioned correctly, because          new chairs and carpets could be brought
 system has been installed.                   although they all look uniform from          in, enabling the hall to open bang on
                                              below, in fact each panel is individually    schedule for its first public concert – the
 Specialist acousticians have worked their    crafted according to its position in         Britten War Requiem on 5 March 2009.
 magic behind the scenes to transform         the hall, being backed with whatever
 the naturally slightly booming sound         combination of mineral wool and              Why has the work been done?
 of a barrel ceiling into a gentle bloom.     cement-bonded particleboard is required      It’s usually a difficult matter for any
 A one-touch state-of-the-art recording       to create the precise acoustic effect        organisation to work out where best to
 system has been introduced alongside         that is required – either reflecting or      concentrate its efforts and resources,
 a computerised, programmable lighting        absorbing the sound.                         but the concert hall transformation was
 control system that offers almost infinite                                                easily decided upon because of the huge
 flexibility to cope with the wide range of   While all these were being installed, work   benefits for the students.
 events that take place in the hall.          was progressing rapidly in the hall below.
                                              Cable routes were laid along the walls       As RCM Chairman Lord Winston has put
 Finally, we’ve attempted some “future-       and control panels were installed, while     it, “The RCM is committed to providing
 proofing”, as new cable routes have          special timber panelling and plaster         the very best education possible for the
 been installed to allow us to cope with      mouldings were designed to keep them         students that come to us from across the
 whatever technological advancements          concealed. A new set of doors was added      world. Performing is a vital component
 take place during the second century of      to create an isolating lobby between         of a musician’s learning experience and
 the hall’s existence.                        the hall and the reception area, and the     thanks to the help of our generous

 The newly refurbished Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall

funders, we have been able to transform                 The Royal College of Music would like
the RCM’s concert hall into a world-class               to thank the many supporters whose
teaching resource as befits the calibre of              generosity has enabled the transformation
our students.”                                          of the Concert Hall in 2009. We would
                                                        particularly like
Happily, the students themselves are just               to thank:
as pleased, and Students’ Association                   The Amaryllis Fleming Foundation
President Mary Kelly has commented
                                                        The Wolfson Foundation
that “The Students’ Association
                                                        The Foyle Foundation
welcomes with delight the Amaryllis
Fleming Concert Hall. Those who have                    Garfield Weston Foundation
already performed in the space are                      Royal Commission for the
                                                        Exhibition of 1851
enthusiastic about the lighting and
acoustics, and those who have attended                  The Hon Richard & Mrs Victoria Sharp
concerts are impressed with the                         The Friends of the Royal College of Music
beautiful, updated décor in addition to                 The Mercers’ Company
the wonderful sounds produced by the                    Professor Lord Winston
various ensembles who have been lucky                   The Orr Mackintosh Foundation
enough to play in it thus far!”                         Newton Investment Management Limited
                                                        The Wyseliot Charitable Trust
Another benefit is of course that external
                                                        Anthony Bolton
organisations will want to make use of
such a tremendous resource. We are                      Alan Parnell
particularly thrilled that the BBC Proms                Michael Steen HonRCM
will this year be holding more than 70                  Honeymead Arts Trust
“Proms Plus” events in the hall – you                   Vernon & Hazel Ellis
can read about those in the Proms guide                 Roger & Stephanie Carr
or at As Lord                       Professor Colin Lawson FRCM
Winston has said “we are excited to be                  & Hilary Birch
taking our outreach work and the RCM                    Mary & David Bowerman CBE HonRCM
experience to an international audience.”               Joseph Williams
                                                        Deloitte & Touche LLP
What’s next?
RCM Director Professor Colin Lawson                     Sally Bott
has spoken of this transformation                       Leopold de Rothschild CBE FRCM
as “emblematic of our ongoing                           Richard & Susan Price
commitment to provide world-class                       Celia Clarke HonRCM
resources for our students and visitors.”               The Hon Simon Windsor-Clive
Of course his word “ongoing” indicates                  Tony Leifer
that while we are delighted with the                    David Lewis
huge success of the concert hall project,               The Marsh Christian Trust
we’re not going to rest on our laurels!                 John Ward                                   Top to bottom:
Already plans are afoot for the next
                                                        Jerry del Missier                           1. Metal girders swing into place
phase of development, so keep an eye                                                                2. Scaffolding fills the concert hall
                                                        Halina Bennett
on future issues of Upbeat as you’ll read                                                           3. A newly guilded cherub
about it here first…                                    Dr Ingrid E Pearson                         4. The new brass chandeliers

     Britten War
     5 March 2009
     “To inaugurate the new concert hall,
     after a nine month, multi million
     pound, refurbishment, the Royal
     College chose one of the largest works,
     and one which would involve most of
     the student body, of one of its most
     famous alumni.

     This new hall, beautiful in its simplicity,
     white plaster walls, complete with
     cherubs, a very large stage, high ceiling,
     with space for an audience of some
     400, fully met all the requirements,
     and even the biggest climaxes were
     heard to full advantage with clear
     and well focused sound. But even in
     the tenderest moments, such as the
     glorious conclusion which brings
     all the performers together for the only
     time in the work, the sound was bright
     and precise.

     The hall is a triumph and the RCM can
     be very proud of it, it was money well
     spent and it will host many superb
     concerts in the years to come and I, for
     one, will always be looking forward to
     my future visits there.”

     Bob Briggs
     Music Web International

 All about Amaryllis
 Why has the concert hall been renamed         I used to sit and listen to her play Bach,    She also had other great causes, such
 the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall?           and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone      as Tibet. She was absolutely transfixed
 Amaryllis Fleming (1925–1999) was             play the way she played – it was just so      by Tibet and by the huge injustice
 an outstanding cellist who won a              moving.                                       perpetrated against the Tibetan people,
 scholarship to the Royal College of                                                         and so we still support the Dalai Lama’s
                                               She had a difficult life. She never knew      school at Dharamsala, and other things –
 Music in 1943, made her Proms début
                                               when her birthday was, just that she          Tibet House in London, for example.
 in 1953 and had a major performing
                                               was born around 1925. Her mother [Eve
 career before returning to the RCM in         Fleming] went off on a long trip, a year      Although we were always dishing out
 the 1970s as a professor. To find out         or more, and came back brandishing a          money from different sources, she never
 more about her private life and her           child, saying “look what I’ve adopted         had much money herself, because as
 commitment to good causes, Upbeat             on the way”. I’m told that everyone was       an adopted child she wasn’t entitled
 spoke to Geoff Richards. Working for the      commenting on her Titian red hair, which      to any of the Fleming Trust. But the
 Robert Fleming bank for many years,           matched that of Augustus John, who had        extraordinary thing about Amaryllis was
 he became a close friend of Amaryllis         the studio in the attic of the Flemings’      that she never asked me for anything for
 Fleming and then Managing Trustee             house in Cheyne Walk. But it’s said that      herself. She lived like a church mouse
 of the Amaryllis Fleming Foundation,          if anyone even whispered a suggestion         really. The whole ground floor of the
 which has supported the concert hall’s        that Eve had had a liaison, or had an         mews house was like a music room: bare
 dramatic transformation. He tells             illegitimate child, they were immediately     boards, a Steinway, a lot of books, two
 Upbeat about her amazing life…                threatened with legal action.                 rickety wooden chairs; nothing grand or
                                                                                             comfortable or sumptuous in any way.
                                               … that was very sad because Amaryllis         She lived simply and she didn’t really
                                               didn’t find out until she was 23 that         have a lot of objects, except that every
                                               Augustus John was her father. He told her     wall was filled, upstairs and downstairs,
                                               and said “don’t tell your mother!” After      with Augustus John’s wonderful pictures,
                                               that, she had a tremendous relationship       which he left her.
                                               with her father, though she had a rather
                                               more tempestuous relationship with
                                               her mother. Her mother was a very             Final years
                                               accomplished violinist and encouraged
                                                                                             Amaryllis continued to teach well
                                               Amaryllis in her music, but I think when
                                                                                             into her seventies. In the latter years,
                                               Amaryllis obviously overtook her, being
                                                                                             when she’d had several strokes and
                                               so talented, it didn’t make her feel very
                                                                                             her mobility was not very good, I used
                                               happy. So there was a bit of rivalry there,
                                                                                             to go round and see her, and take her
                                               and also Amaryllis became very beautiful
                                                                                             Indian or Thai food. Quite often shewas
                                               just as her mother was aging.
                                                                                             giving classes as I arrived and I would
                                               Her half-brother Richard, who was             sit and wait, and I thought they were
                                               chairman of the bank and a wonderful          wonderful, these students, and they
                                               man, was fantastic to her and looked          obviously adored her. Even though she
     Amaryllis Fleming
                                               after her. All her four brothers – Richard,   was incredibly sharp and tough –
                                               Ian [creator of James Bond], Peter and        I mean terrifying!
                                               Michael Valentine – were very fond of
                                                                                             Leading up to her death she had a few
           Well Amaryllis was an               her, and they were very close.
                                                                                             heart scares and was in and out of
 extraordinary person. She was incredibly
                                                                                             hospital. We talked about death, and
 feisty and wasn’t very good at suffering
 fools. She was lovely, and it was exciting    Amaryllis’s                                   she was really frightened. But by chance
                                                                                             the Dalai Lama was here on a tour, and
 to be with her, not least because if
 somebody said something she didn’t like       philanthropy                                  because she’d supported him for years,
 or agree with, she would immediately                                                        he agreed to see her. So she was taken by
 tell them, not in a cruel way but in a very   I saw Amaryllis at least every couple         ambulance to see him, and spent about
 direct way, why she disagreed with them.      of weeks but we talked probably               half an hour with him. Afterwards she
 She did look at things literally, and she     every other day, because she would            told me “It was wonderful, amazing. I’ve
 couldn’t understand why people would          always ring me if she heard of a cause,       got nothing to be frightened of any more
 be slow to take a side if it was obvious      particularly students who couldn’t afford     – he’s told me I’m going to fly like a bird
 that they should. She had amazing             instruments, or had a problem with their      to heaven.” And she went to her death
 principles, and she stuck by them.            accommodation or their tuition fees. She      absolutely serene.
                                               was quite persistent – she would turn
 Amaryllis was beautiful. She was a            up at the bank and ask to see me, and
 stunning woman – very tall, long              say “Look, I’ve had the annual report and
 hair. Even in her seventies she was an        the bank’s made all these hundreds of
 incredibly striking, beautiful woman, still   millions, a lot of this money we should
 feisty and still flirting!                    give away!”

The day before she died I called her and       really appreciate the gesture of selling
said “I’m coming to see you, is there          it to benefit the College, specifically the
anything you’d like?” And she said “do         Concert Hall.
you know, I was thinking Geoff, I’ve never
had caviar”. So I went along to Harrods,       What do you think of the Hall?
and I bought this little tin of caviar – it    I think the hall is wonderful – it’s better
cost me about £250, I couldn’t believe         than I could have imagined. I was
it! – and a little mother of pearl dish and    dreading what they were going to do to
spoon to eat it with, and took it to her in    it, but I think it’s absolutely as it should
the hospital. And she died some hours          be. I think the Concert Hall is fantastic!
after, but she had her caviar. It was the      (I even have no problem with the
only thing she could think of that she         chandeliers!)
hadn’t done!
                                               What do you hope the benefits of the
When she went I wasn’t sad at all. There       Hall will be?
was a feeling of joy, because she was          I want to see exposure for the College,
a real person, who had done so much            particularly through the BBC Proms
with her life. She’d had an amazing life,      usage, which is fantastic. I want
made many friends, had known absolute          Amaryllis’s name to be heard and rung
love and had a lot of lovers (we all know      out everywhere. And I think the RCM
that!), and she was loved by many. She         has an extremely good orchestra, it really
was loved by her students, and at her          does, a tremendously talented group
                                               of students, and so I hope that in these        Geoff Richards and RCM Director Colin Lawson
memorial service at St Bartholomew’s –                                                         admire the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall
I’ll never forget, it was all their idea and   magnificent surrounding it will go
they organised it themselves – they all        from strength to strength and continue
turned up and performed. It was just           to be replenished by students as they          We hope they’ll appreciate it, because it’s
incredible.                                    come through.                                  incredibly important.

How did the Amaryllis Fleming                  What do you enjoy about                        The whole point is to encourage the
Foundation come into being?                    charitable giving?                             creation of excellence in music and in
Towards the end of her life, Amaryllis         The privilege of being involved in making      musicians. We support a lot of different
told me that she wanted me to carry            a difference, that’s all there is to it.       things but this is a very special cause
on supporting the causes that she              Nothing else – it’s a tremendous cause.        because of Amaryllis’s involvement. I
believed in and had always actively                                                           know she’ll be looking down, very happy.
                                               What motivates you to be involved with
supported – students, helping the
                                               the RCM?                                       What is the immediate future of
College, and Tibet; musical, educational
                                               It was Amaryllis’s belief in the place         philanthropy in the current climate?
and humanitarian causes.
                                               and its aims and objectives, which I was       Well I sit on a number of boards, I sit as a
So on her instruction, I sold Augustus         incredibly impressed with. She loved the       member of the Prince’s Charities Council,
John’s paintings at auction after her          College. She liked the College rather than     and it’s a huge worry. The people I speak
death, and the money went into creating        the Academy; she thought the Academy           to who are doing the same sort of thing,
the Amaryllis Fleming Foundation, as did       was for toffs! We all remember that the        we think we’ve got a very difficult time
the proceeds of the sale of her house.         College, when it was founded, really was       ahead for between 7 to 10 years, at least.
That is what is sustaining what we do.         for the benefit of students who couldn’t       And charitable giving is going to be
                                               afford it, and it’s an amazing experience      hit very badly, not least because of the
My absolute objective is never to let her      to give to something that’s going to make      massive depletion of values. I was sitting
name be forgotten. She really did make a       such a difference.                             in a trustee’s meeting last week next to a
difference, in a very quiet way, to a lot                                                     person who had had a third of his wealth
of people.                                     I’d love to help find the money to             wiped out in a matter of months.
                                               improve the whole building, because it’s       So people start to get jittery and
How did you come to support the Hall’s         a lovely building but it needs work and        stop everything.
refurbishment?                                 needs funds desperately, so now the hall
Amaryllis had her favourite students, and      this is done we’ve got to move onto the        So it’s going to be difficult, but people
Raphael Wallfisch was one of them. He          next chunk, a bit at a time.                   who love music and believe in education
was the first person who I encouraged to                                                      will still try and help, will still try and
take the loan of her Stradivarius cello, as    The bottom line in terms of our giving to      give a bit even if they haven’t got a lot.
Amaryllis wanted it to be used by people       the College, which has been over many          Myself, I will continue to do what I can,
who would appreciate it. So Raphael            years – we bought the new pianos for           particularly for the College, because
had it for a while, but then he found          the Recital Hall, we’ve given money to         without education, opening minds,
it too much of a responsibility. Then          the development fund and scholarships          without introducing children to culture,
rather than pass the cello on to another       – is to make it a better place for the         you are lost.
student, I decided that Amaryllis would        students, and to encourage creativity.

 Student notes
 String stars…
 The Kallisto Quartet (violins: Joshua
 Burke, Faidon Miliadis, viola: Natalia
 Czerska, cello: Benjamin Havas) won
 First Prize in the Cavatina Intercollegiate
 String Quartet Competition at the
 Greenwich International Quartet
 Festival… Florian Rago won the Hatfield
 Concerto Competition. Earlier this
 year he appeared at the Royal Concert          Ilya Movchan                                  Kallisto Quartet
 Hall in Nottingham in the centenary
 celebrations of the Carlton Male Voice        with singers from the RCM (David              Green were both finalists in The Battle:
 Choir and appeared for the third time         Webb, Martha Jones) at Woodhouse              a European competition for composition
 by popular demand as soloist with the         Opera followed by a gala performance          and sound design held at last month’s
 Orchestra of the Restoration playing the      with Sir Thomas Allen. Upcoming               Unheard Film Festival in Amsterdam…
 Sibelius Violin Concerto… Ilya Movchan        performances include Acis and Galatea,        Simon Stevens has been offered a place
 won First Prize at the Bromsgrove             to be performed in their walled gardens       on the film scoring course at Thornton
 International Young Musicians                 in November and also Dido and Aeneas.         School of Music at the University of
 Platform… Adelia Myslov won First Prize                       Southern California in Los Angeles.
 and the Audience Prize at the prestigious     Paula Sides has received some
 J&A Beare Solo Bach Competition…              outstanding reviews of her role as
 Joo Yeon Sir performed the Brahms
 Violin Concerto with Ealing Symphony
                                               Pamina with English Touring Opera in          Pianist
                                               The Magic Flute: The Independent said
 Orchestra and received a scholarship
 from the Philharmonia Orchestra/
                                               she was “an outstanding Pamina: her           prizewinners…
                                               singing alone is worth the price of a
 Martin Musical Scholarship Fund. She                                                        Maria Nemtsova won First Prize at the
                                               ticket”, The Guardian referred to her as
 gave lunchtime recitals at the Foundling                                                    VII Concorso di Esecuzione Pianistica
                                               “radiant” while The Times described her
 Museum, London as part of the New                                                           “Rivera di Rimini” in Italy… Alexey
                                               “sheer vocal beauty”.
 London Orchestra Young Performers’                                                          Chernov won First Prize in the XI
 Concert Series.                                                                             Concours International de Musique du
                                               Composer                                      Maroc, in Morocco and First Prize, the
 Singer successes…                             triumphs…
                                                                                             Audience Prize and the special Scriabin
                                                                                             prize at the 11th Scriabin International
 Sarah-Jane Brandon won First Prize                                                          Piano Competition in Grossetto, Italy…
 in the 2009 Kathleen Ferrier Singing          Current and former JD students                Sally Wigan won the Joseph Weingarten
 Competition while Monica Bancos               won every category of this year’s             scholarship (by competitive audition)
 gained Second Prize… Madeleine                Cambridge Young Composer of the               and will study at the Franz Liszt Academy
 Pierard won First Prize in the Royal          Year Competition; Jake Howarth won            in Budapest next year… JD student
 Over-Seas League Vocal Competition            the 16-18 category, Cambridge Young           Asagi Nakata (aged 13) won First
 and gained a place at the National Opera      Composer of the Year Nick White won           Prize in the 2nd International Franz
 Studio… Lukas Jakobski won the 2009           the 13-15 category and Joseph Reynolds        Liszt Competition for Young Pianists
 Intercollegiate Joaninha Trust Award…         was the winner of the age 12 category…        in Weimar (category 1: up to age 13),
 Sadhbh Dennedy has been awarded a             Steven Daverson was a finalist in             and got to perform at the Bayreuth
 Miriam Licette Scholarship in the Maggie      the prestigous Moscow Jurgenson
 Teyte Competition and gained a place at       Competition in the Solo/Ensemble
 the National Opera Studio… Anthony            category. His work was performed in
 Gregory and Susanna Hurrell gained            the Rachmaninov Hall at the Moscow
 MBF Ian Fleming Charitable Trust Music        Conservatoire in June…Tristan
 Education Awards… Martha Jones and            Brookes won the Impuls Composition
 David Webb gained Music Education             Competition in Graz, Austria. Tristan
 Awards… Anna Gorbachyova won                  is one of four composers to win a
 Third Prize in the 15th International         prestigious commission for the Vienna
 Singing Competition Ferruccio Tagliavini      based new music group Klangforum
 in Deutschlandsberg, Austria… Peter           Wien which will be performed in 2011…
 Brathwaite won a major award from             Vlad Maistorovici recently completed
 the Peter Moores Foundation for the           new works for the London Symphony
 2009/2010 academic year… Helen-Jane           Orchestra and London Philharmonic
 Howells performed the soprano solo at         Orchestra. Vlad’s piece for the LPO had
 the world première of Carson Cooman’s:        its first performance at the Royal Festival
 The Revelations of Divine Love (Metaphors     Hall in April this year and was conducted
 from Sea and Sky) at Cadogan Hall in          by Clement Power… Composition for
                                                                                              Florian Rago
 May… A masterclass has been held              Screen students John Chua and Chris

Festspielhaus, in a concert broadcast live
on television… Poom Prommachart
won First Prize in the finals of the
                                                            Spotlight on...
Eastbourne Symphony Orchestra                               Ruby Hughes won First Prize and the
Concert Competition… Aliaksandr                             audience prize in the 2009 Handel
Muzykantau won Fourth Prize at the                          Singing Competition. Opera Today
Jeunesses Musicales International Piano                     commented “Ruby Hughes, soprano,
Competition in Belgrade… Jianing                            showed a professionalism and vocal
Kong won the Derek Butler Prize in
                                                            finish in her programme which
the intercollegiate competition at the
Wigmore Hall in London… Meng Yang                           stood out head and shoulders above
Pan won an MBF award…William                                her rivals. Her larger instrument,
Cale was awarded Second Prize in the                        with a warm, bright tone that was
final of the Christopher Duke Piano                         even through the range, enabled an
Recital Competition 2009 in Watford…                        expressive delivery that drew every
John Paul Ekins won Second Prize in                         bit of drama from her choices from
the San Sebastian International Piano                       Theodora, Giulio Cesare, Jephtha and
Competition in Spain and an MBF                             Samson.” Ruby has been offered roles
award… Christopher Lee Guild has                            in Rossini’s Tancredi and Monteverdi’s
recently won a substantial award from                       Poppea at the Theater an der Wien in
the Hope Scott Trust, and an MBF and                        the autumn of 2009. Anna Huntley
Countess of Munster Award… at the                           also won Second Prize with Opera
RCM and Contemporary Piano Music
                                                            Today also commenting ”…Anna
Competition in February, Alexei Petrov
                                                            Huntley, mezzo-soprano, was the
won the John & Jean Redcliffe-Maud
and First Prize and Sally Wigan won the                     worthy Second Prize winner.”              Ruby Hughes

Frank Merrick Prize.
                                                       contract with Classical Records. His          incoming RCM students were four out
Congratulations                                        début CD is planned for autumn 2009
                                                       and will include works by Tchaikovsky
                                                                                                     of the eight awards made to woodwind
                                                                                                     students; six out of the 11 awards made
also to…                                               and Schumann… a number of RCM
                                                       students who performed extremely
                                                                                                     to violinists (including the main top
                                                                                                     award of £5,000 for Stepan Lavrov),
Organist Martin Ford who has been                      well in the competition for the Yamaha        and six out of the 13 awards made to
appointed Assistant Organist at the                    Music Foundation of Europe Scholarship        singers (including the main top award
Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields…                     Awards. Six of the ten finalists were
                                                                                                     to Eleanor Dennis). We look forward
pianist Michael Ierace, selected to be                 from the RCM and scholarships were
                                                                                                     to welcoming them all to postgraduate
one of the artists on the Phillip and                  awarded to Hannah Morgan (clarinet)
                                                       and Dominic Childs (saxophone)…               study next year.
Dorothy Green Making Music award
scheme… flautist Ben MacDougall                        several RCM students for 2009/10 who
who has presented an early evening                     have also received major awards from the
                                                       Musicians Benevolent Fund through the
                                                                                                     Out and about…
programme for six weeks on BBC Radio
Cumbria 95.6 FM entitled “Simply                       MBF Music Education Awards, which             In May at the Oxford Playhouse six
Classics”… Konstantin Lapshin who                      are designed to assist with postgraduate      premières by RCM composers were held
has signed an exclusive recording                      study. Among the many successes for           in collaboration with choreographers
                                                                                                     from the London Contemporary Dance
                                                                                                     School and Oxford University: Sleeping
                                                                                                     by Pedro Faria Gomes, Shapes of
                                                                                                     Solitude by Fernando Covello, N11bis
                                                                                                     by Steven Nunes, Discord by Adrian
                                                                                                     More, Drop Dead by Gavin Higgins
                                                                                                     and Interlude by Tristan Coelho…
                                                                                                     Violinist Joo Yeon Sir will be performing
                                                                                                     Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy at an open-
                                                                                                     air concert with Sevenoaks Symphony
                                                                                                     Orchestra at Hever Castle in July…
                                                                                                     Pianist John Paul Ekins will perform the
                                                                                                     2nd Rachmaninov Concerto at the July
                                                                                                     Harwich Festival… Violinist Florian Rago
                                                                                                     will be playing with the De Havilland
                                                                                                     Orchestra in October at the University of
 The Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe Scholarship Awards

 Staff notes
     Spotlight on...
     Woodwind professor Paul Carroll’s
     compositions A Royal Commonwealth
     Fanfare (performed by students
     from the RCM) and Harmonic
     Spaces (performed by 30 children
     from Chigwell School) were given
     their world premières in March, at
     Marlborough House in the presence          Madeleine Mitchell with students at Texas Tech University masterclass in January 2009
     of HM The Queen. His composition
     Cantata for the Commonwealth
     recorded by members of LSO with           Andrew Earis (RCM Area Leader for                           choir which recruits undergraduate and
     London Voices, was released in April      Postgraduate Performers) has recently                       postgraduate students from the London
     at the Commonwealth Secretariat.          been appointed Director of Music of St                      conservatoires system. The first, featured
     A percentage of the proceeds from         Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square.                   works by current RCM postgraduate
     each sale of the will be donated to a                                                                 composition student Daniel Saleeb,
     Commonwealth charity. The piece           Florilegium (Ensemble in Association)                       former composition student Stuart
     was given its world première at           have celebrated Haydn’s bicentenary with                    Murray-Turnbull and the London
     Buckingham Palace at an event hosted      a concert in the Newbury Spring Festival.                   première of Salve Regina 2 by renowed
     by HM The Queen, performed by the         The group marked the anniversaries                          choral composer Gabriel Jackson. The
     Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields        of Handel and Purcell in May by giving
                                                                                                           second takes place at St Alfege’s Church,
     with London Voices, solo tenor Steven     concerts with Dame Emma Kirkby in
                                                                                                           Greenwich on 10 July at 7:30pm and will
     Leas and conductor David Rowland.         Chipping Campden, Bath, at the RCM,
                                                                                                           promote choral part-songs written by
                                               and in the town where Handel was
                                                                                                           British art song composers.
                                               born, at the Halle Handel Festival with
                                               countertenor Robin Blaze. The second
                                               (of three) all-Haydn Wigmore Hall                           Violin Professor Berent Korfker is taking
                                               concerts will take place on Wednesday                       up at teaching position at the Purcell
                                               24 June (transmitted BBC Radio 3 on                         School this summer.
                                               Thursday 9 July).
                                                                                                           Composition Professor Jean-Philippe
                                               Deputy Librarian Peter Horton has                           Calvin has held the French première of
                                               given papers at two recent conferences:                     his opera La Cantatrice Chauve (The Bald
     Woodwind Professor Paul Carroll           on the significance of the friendship                       Soprano) at Athénée Théâtre Louis-
                                               between William Sterndale Bennett and                       Jouvet in Paris.
                                               Mendelssohn at New College, Oxford,
 Violin professor and Graduate Pathway
                                               and on Samuel Sebastian Wesley and the                      Michael Mullen (Assistant Curator, RCM
 Leader Madeleine Mitchell has
                                               organ at Wadham College, Oxford. The                        Museum of Instruments) has given a talk
 toured the US and visited a number
                                               first instalment of his two-part article on                 on the popularity of Pardessus de Viole in
 of US Universities (where she gave
                                               the organist and composer Edward John                       pre-revolutionary France at the Oxford
 masterclasses) including Houston, San
                                               Hopkins has been published in the 2009                      Music Faculty (St Aldates).
 Antonio, New Mexico and Midwestern
                                               RCO Journal.
 State. She will be playing music by at                                                                    Rosie Perkins (Research Officer,
 RCM composers in the St Petersburg            Matthew Jelf (Registry Administrator)                       Centre for Performance Science) gave
 Festival in November.                         has been conducting concerts in London                      two papers at the Sixth International
                                               with Sonitus – a sixteen voice chamber                      Research in Music Education Conference
 Violin professor Yuri Zhislin has held
 a recital at the Wigmore Hall (on violin
 and viola) joined by violinist Natalia
 Lomeiko and pianist Ashley Wass. On 11
 July he will be performing the Glazunov
 Concerto with the I Maestri Symphony
 Orchestra at St John’s Smith Square and
 is planning a recording of violin and viola
 duos with Natalia Lomeiko for Naxos in
 the autumn.
 Jeremy Cox will be standing down as
 Dean of the RCM at the end of August.
 He joined the College as Dean of
                                                Yuri Zhislin                                                Jean-Philippe Calvin
 Postgraduate Studies in 1995.

on her research into the learning cultures                                                Gucci launched their ‘Flora’ ad campaign
of conservatoires and redefining success                                                  in May, featuring Donna Summers’
for musicians.                                                                            classic hit ‘I Feel Love’ as well as a choir
                                                                                          of 16 vocal faculty singers under the
Simon Powell (Director of Finance and                                                     direction of Vasco Hexel (Area Leader
Estates) will leave the College at the end
                                                                                          Composition for Screen). The visually
of this academic year.
                                                                                          stunning advert was directed by award-
Dr Ingrid Pearson (Deputy Head of                                                         winning director Chris Cunningham.
Graduate School) has commissioned                                               
a Classical-style basset horn from                                                        news/flora-by-gucci/
Swiss maker Andreas Schöni. This
instrument will be heard in forthcoming                                                   A run of performances of Bizet’s
performances with Ingrid’s recently-                                                      Carmen at the Opéra Comique in
formed ensemble The Shackleton Trio.                                                      Parishas used Head of Graduate School
She will perform with Florilegium and at                                                  Richard Langham Smith’s new
the 2009 BBC Proms as a member of the                                                     edition, published by Peters Edition.
Gabrieli Consort and Players.                                                             The performances, with the Orchestre
                                                                                          Romantique et Revolutionnaire, used
Julian Jacobson recently spent six and                                                    period instruments and were conducted
a half weeks in the Far East. In Hong                                                     by Sir John Eliot Gardiner. Adrian Noble
Kong he was an adjudicator for the                                                        directed and the role of Carmen was
Schools Music Festival, the largest of        Alice in Wonderland
                                                                                          sung by Anna Caterina Antonacci.
its kind in the world. He then travelled
to Changsha, China for a lecture and                                                      Flute Professor Susan Milan has made
                                             Saxophone professor Kyle Horch has
masterclass and to Singapore for a                                                        a recording of Contemporary British
                                             released a new CD recording on the
mixture of concerts, masterclasses and                                                    Flute Repertoire with Keyboard Professor
                                             Big Shed Music label, created with the
private lessons, teaching at the Nanyang                                                  Andrew Ball which will be released in
                                             support of funding from the College.
Academy of Performing Arts and for the                                                    June on the Metier label. This project
                                             Entitled Flotilla, the disc is a programme
School of Young Talents. He also visited                                                  was supported by RCM. Susan is also
                                             of chamber music for saxophones and
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a recital and                                                 closely involved with the Charterhouse
                                             keyboards, connected by themes of echo
masterclass.                                                                              International Music, to be held from
                                             and memory. Works by Elliott Carter, Jan
                                                                                          12-19 July. Six of the ten professors will
Head of Strings Mark Messenger ran his       Dismas Zelenka and William Sweeney are
                                             included, as are première recordings of      be from the RCM.
fourth London Marathon this year in an
impressive 3 hours 45 minutes. He raised     pieces by Liz Johnson, Edward McGuire,       Spring 2009 saw two revivals in the USA
£4,000 giving him a total over the last      Robert Myers, and recent RCM graduate        of the ballet Alice in Wonderland with
four marathons of £16k for the Anthony       Paul Evernden. Other performers in           music by Composition Professor Joseph
Nolan Trust.                                 the ensemble include RCM graduates           Horovitz - in Reno, Nevada, staged by
                                             Alistair Parnell, Naomi Sullivan and         AVA Ballet Theatre and in Ogden, Utah
As English Touring Opera’s recently          Alistair Watson. More information            by IBT Ballet. This full-length ballet
appointed Music Director, Michael            about the ensemble at      was commissioned from Horovitz by
Rosewell received rave reviews for           uk and                London Festival Ballet (now English
performances of JanáČek’s Katya                                                           National Ballet) and premièred in 1953
Kabanova. Hilary Finch in the The                                                         at the Royal Festival Hall. Meanwhile,
Times said “…with Michael Rosewell                                                        Horovitz’s complete revision of Adolphe
in the pit, Katya resonates with all the                                                  Adam’s score for Giselle is again being
rapture, anguish and verdant life of
                                                                                          played this season, having been in the
Janácek’s score”. Michael Church in The
                                                                                          Royal Ballet’s repertoire since 1992.
Independent commented “Accolades
to conductor Michael Rosewell, his
orchestra, and to a strong cast”. To                                                      Staff Developments
celebrate the 30th Anniversary of English
Touring Opera, Michael also conducted a                                                   The RCM is delighted to announce
wonderful cast of leading British singers,                                                the appointment of a Director of
including the College’s very own Justin                                                   Development, Samir Savant, who joined
Lavender, in performances of Bellini’s                                                    the staff at the beginning of May. Samir
Norma in various concert venues around                                                    was most recently the Development
the country. Michael is also currently                                                    Director at Shakespeare’s Globe and his
recording an album of Lehar’s works with                                                  previous roles have included fundraising
The Orchestra of Scottish Opera.                                                          positions at the Royal Academy of Arts,
                                                                                          Handel House and English National
                                              Kyle Horch

 Alumni notes
     Spotlight on...
     The RCM’s Brass Band in Residence,
     Zone One Brass, recently qualified for
     the Championship Section Final of the
     National Brass Band Championships
     of Great Britain to be held at the
     Royal Albert Hall on 17 October. The
     Band which was formed in 2002 by
     seven students of the College, was
     recently invited to perform at the
     All England International Brass Band
     Championship. They will also perform
     alongside current RCM students on
     3 July. Zone One Brass are grateful for
     the continued support of Jane Barker
     and the Royal College of Music.           Zone One Brass

 Composition for Screen alumni have               David Nettle is celebrating 30               the newly re-discovered songs. Muriel
 been achieving industry recognition.             years of successful performance              won a scholarship to the RCM in 1917
 Anna Rice’s score to Irish thriller              worldwide with his piano duo partner         and was taught by Charles Stanford.
 Anton was recently nominated for Best            Richard Markham this season. They            After graduating from the College,
 Original Score at the 2009 Irish Film and        commissioned and premièred a two-            she was introduced to Roger Quilter
 Television Awards whilst Nikhil George           piano concerto by South African              who enjoyed her songs so much he
 played guitar on the Oscar, Golden               composer Hendrik Hofmeyr and their           recommended them to the publisher
 Globe and BAFTA award-winning                    recordings on the Netmark label, most        Augener. His signature even appears
 soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire.               recently Brahms’ Complete Two-Piano          as witness on her contract with the
                                                  Works, Holst’s The Planets (composer’s       publisher. Her music became quite
 Composer David Bruce was                         two piano version) and Stravinsky’s The      popular for a time and as such she gave
 commissioned by Carnegie Hall to                 Rite of Spring & Petrushka (composer’s       occasional broadcasts of her work for the
 write a clarinet quintet for Todd Palmer         piano duet transcription) continue           BBC until 1938. For more details go to
 and the St Lawrence String Quartet.              to receive critical acclaim. They were
 He has also been commissioned by                 featured in the Celebrity Recital Series
 the Chamber Music Society of the                                                              On an entirely different note…
                                                  at London’s Cadogan Hall on 12 June.
 Lincoln Center to compose a piece for                                                         organist Melanie Clegg recently became
                                                  Alumnus Gary Matthewman, has won             the first British woman to take part in
 leading soprano Dawn Upshaw (and                 the prize for Piano Accompanists, at ‘Das    and complete the 500km Finnmarksløpet
 ensemble) for the opening gala concert           Lied - International Song Competition’       Sled-Dog Race. Whilst there wasn’t
 of their 2009 season. Alumnus Julian             in Berlin, performing Schubert and           much scope for organ playing during
 Marshall recently premièred his new              Schumann. Pianist Christopher                the race, Melanie informs Upbeat that
 chamber cantata Out of the Darkness at           Langdown recently gave a piano recital       she did a good deal of singing, which
 Winchester Cathedral. The cantata uses           at the Wigmore Hall. For details of future   apparently keeps the dogs happy!
 text by poet and auther, Gertrud Kolmar.         performance dates, visit
 Kolmar was interned in Auschwitz during
 World War Two, where she perished.
 Further performances will take place this        RCM alumni glittered on the red carpet
 autum. For more details go to                    at the Classical Brit Awards. Baritone                  Gerald Finley and his accompanist Julius
                                                  Drake were nominated for the Critic’s
 Juan Ibanez has been appointed Second            Choice award for their CD Schumann
 Flute and Principal Piccolo of the               Dichterliebe & other Heine Settings.
 Symphony Orchestra of Galicia, Spain.            Soprano Elizabeth Watts and violinist
 Alumna Maria Jose sits alongside him as          Alina Ibragimova were both nominated
 Principal Flute. Adrian Bawtree has been         for the Young Performer/Group of the
 appointed Director of Music at Christ’s          Year Award, with Alina taking home the
 Hospital                   prize.
 Christopher Jepson has successfully
 passed his trial period with the Deutsche        Twenty-five years following her
 Sinfonie Orkester in Berlin and is now a         death, a recording of the songs of
 full member of the cello section.                RCM alumna and HonRCM Muriel
                                                  Herbert is to be released for the first
 Baritone Dawid Kimberg was recently              time on CD through Linn Records.              Anna Rice’s score to Irish thriller, Anton, was
 selected to represent South Africa at the        Visiting Professor David Owen Norris          recently nominated for Best Original Score at
                                                                                                the 2009 Irish Film and Television Awards
 BBC Cardiff Singer of the World.                 provides piano accompaniment to

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Births, marriages & obituaries
Obituaries                                    The RCM is sorry to announce the
                                              passing of Council Member Richard
                                                                                           Alfred Boe (tenor) and his wife Sarah
                                                                                           would like to announce the birth of their
Composer and RCM alumnus, Edward              Findlater in April. A partner in Ernst &     daughter, Grace Elena on 09 May 2008.
Harper passed away in April. Edward           Young since 1970, Richard served in many
                                              different management and client serving      Anthony and Claire Coleman (neé
was known as both an academic and a                                                        Tomlin) are proud parents of Xavier
talented composer and pianist. He joined      roles in both the UK and internationally.
                                              Richard was very committed to the            Benedict – 5lb 3oz and Dominic
the music staff of Edinburgh University                                                    Alexander – 5lb 7oz, born at 12 noon on
in 1964, in the following years he rose to    College and is remembered as a modest
                                              man, despite his many achievements.          Monday 18 May.
the position of reader. His compositions
have been performed by Jane Manning
at the BBC Proms, the Scottish Chamber        Weddings & Births
Orchestra and Scottish Opera – his most       Jana Nováková (violin) and Václav
successful works being the opera Hedda        Vonášek (bassoon) became proud
Gabler and his Second Symphony. He            parents to their son, Matouš on
was the founder and director of the New       October 12 2008. They were married
Music Group of Scotland from 1973 to          on September 04 2005 in Pilsen, Czech
1990. Edward is survived by his first wife,   Republic.
the violinist Penny Dickson, his third
wife, the cellist Louise Paterson and his     Recording Engineer Ben Wiffen married
children, Edward and Alice.                   Jenny Fernandes in May this year in           Alfred and Sarah Boe announce the
                                              Coventry.                                     birth of their daughter, Grace Elena

 A Royal Visit...
 HRH The Prince of Wales visits the RCM
 In his role as President of the Royal                 Honorary Membership of the Royal               included by a special celebratory
 College of Music, HRH The Prince of                   College of Music (HonRCM) was                  performance by the RCM Wind
 Wales spent the morning of Thursday 14                presented to the former Head of the            Ensemble of Haydn’s March in E flat
 May at the RCM, when he was treated to                Graduate School Darla Crispin, the             Major for the Prince of Wales. The Queen
 performances by star RCM performers,                  flautist and orchestra manager Trevor          Elizabeth The Queen Mother Rosebowl
 and presented special honours at the                  Ford, former RCM council member                was awarded in absentia to Andrei
 College’s annual awards ceremony in the               Rosalind Gilmore, NYO Director of              Korobeinikov.
 Britten Theatre.                                      Communications James Murphy, RCM
                                                       Head of Human Resources Sophie Rees            After the ceremony, His Royal Highness
 Fellowship of the Royal College of                    and oboist and Musician’s Answering            moved through to the RCM’s newly
 Music (FRCM) was conferred upon the                   Service founder Richard Smith.                 transformed Amaryllis Fleming Concert
 clarinettist and bass clarinettist Michael                                                           Hall, where he heard a performance of
 Harris, the internationally renowned                  His Royal Highness also presented the          the trio from Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte,
 operatic soprano Rosemary Joshua,                     Tagore Gold Medal to two outstanding           performed by members of the RCM’s
 RCM Head of Strings Mark Messenger,                   students who graduated last year –             International Opera School, and was
 the organist and conductor James                      harpist Daniel de-Fry and soprano Ida          presented to Geoff Richards, Managing
 O’Donnell and the musicologist and                    Falk Winland. They both participated in        Trustee of the Amaryllis Fleming
 writer John Tyrrell.                                  a concert in the Britten Theatre that also     Foundation.

     Daniel de-Fry receives the Tagore medal            The gathered honorands                         Ida Falk Winland is congratulated by the President

     We would like to express our gratitude for         Mr Richard & Mrs Rosemary Millar               Mr John & Mrs Ruth West
     recent donations from the following:               Thom Napper (Pro Musica Ltd)                   Professor Lord Winston
                                                        The estate of Mr George F Thornton             Sir Thomas Ackroyd (The Ackroyd Trust)
     The Amaryllis Fleming Foundation                                                                  Mr Michael Steen HonRCM
                                                        Lord Catto (Thomas Sivewright Catto
     The Garfield Weston Foundation                        Charitable Settlement)                      The estate of Sir Edwin Nixon CBE DL
     The Wolfson Foundation                             The Wall Trust                                 Mrs Jane Barker
     Anonymous donor                                    The Opperby Stokowski Collection Trust         Mr Michael Whittaker
     The Foyle Foundation                               The Georgina Joshi Foundation                  St Marylebone Educational Foundation
     The Leverhulme Trust                               The Worshipful Company of Drapers              Mr Richard Barrett
     BP                                                 The Rosemary Bugden Charitable Trust           The estate of Miss Yvonne M Wells HonRCM
     The estate of Alice B Tunkel                       The Lord and Lady Lurgan Trust                 Mr David & Mrs Jane Novak
     The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851    The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers          The Hon. Mark & Mrs Joanna Palmer
     The Hon. Richard & Mrs Victoria Sharp              Mr Christopher Parish & Mrs Samantha Axtell    Mr Max Engel (The Sudborough Foundation)
     The estate of Freda K Munn                            (Phoebe Benham Trust)                       Mrs Lindie Cook
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     The estate of Mr Derek J Clare                     Mrs Anne Clayton                               in finding out about current projects or
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     The John Lewis Partnership                         The South Square Trust                         Development Team on 020 7591 4320

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