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					   Team Alarm Clock:
   User Needs Report

Product Design & Devlopement,
      October 10, 2007
• Explore snapshot of prior art (focus on
  methods of alarm)
• Explore collected data
  – Methods
  – Data
  – Analysis
• Resultant Specifications
                      Clock           Price   Alarm          Power     Display      Use
Prior Art: snapshot   Advance Alarm   $9.93   Beeping        Wall/     Red LED      Standard bed
                      Clock                                  9V                     stand ; roll through
                      Shake Awake     $24     Beep/ Vibrate 2xAA       Reflective   For use in pillow
                                                                       LCD          case or pocket;
                                                                                    travel size
                      Timex Nature    $80     CD/ preset     Wall/     Adjustable   Set multiple alarms
                      Sounds                  sounds/        3xAAA     light LCD    with individual
                                              radio/ beep                           sounds
                      Travel Alarm    $17     Beep           1xAA      Analog w/    Small and portable
                      Clock                                            backlight    – knob setting
                      Flying Alarm    $25     Loud beep –    Wall      Reflective   Must return
                      Clock                   flying                   LCD          propeller to base
                      Alarm Clock     $20     Beep/ visual   Wall/     LCD/ wall    Few button – cycle
                      Projector                              9V        projector    through; measures
                                                                                    temp; M/D/Y
                      Cell phone      $50+    Beep/ music    Battery   LCD          Varies – difficult to
                      Clocky          $50     Beep/          4xAAA     LCD          2 button – runs in
                                              running                               circles
                      iHome           $50     iPod/ Beep     Wall      LCD/ iPod    Click-wheel setting,
                                                                                    radio, weekly alarm
Statistics of note:
                                                                    Alarm Type, Percent Use By Group
Olin students’ use of cell phones as
alarms is significantly less than the                   70.00%
bulk of college students.

                                        Percent Using
Women are more likely than men to                       50.00%                                              Olin
use cell phones, either alone or with                   40.00%

clock backup.                                                                                               Male

                                                        30.00%                                              Female



                                                                 Clock   Cell Phone          Both   Other

                                                                                Alarm Type
Statistics of note:                                Common Behaviors, Percent by Group
Olin students nap significantly more
than other college students.           30.00%

Olin students have more irregular      25.00%

schedules and reset their alarms
more often.                            20.00%                                                                    Total

Women take more naps and have          15.00%                                                                    External
more regular alarm schedules than
men.                                   10.00%


                                                Frequent use of snooze   Frequent naps with   Infrequent alarm
                                                                               alarm              resetting
• Surveyed 107 college students, 60% from non-Olin colleges
• Interviewed 9 off-campus students and 1 Olin student
• Visited retailers and conducted internet research on existing
Link to survey:
People blame themselves, not
   their alarms for failure
                User Values
Packing space

                                      Self Expression

                  Relationship with
Saving Money

                     Enough Sleep
              Things That Piss Users Off

Unsympathetic to user habits
  Confusing 11:00 or 7:00 for 1:00, etc. (esp. for people who need glasses)
  Resetting the alarm when you’re sleepy (2 different wake up times for people sleeping together)

Ambiguous design
  Am/pm wrong or hard to tell
  Arbitrary snooze timing

Annoying repetition
  Resetting the Alarm every day
  Cycling through all the minutes

Invisible device states
  Alarm is silent when phone is on silent
  Alarm not working when radio or cd turned on

Ungraceful failures
  Battery dying on the cell phone when used as alarm
  Auto reset to 12:00 am when unplugged
         Interesting User Behaviors
         Sneaky Tricks                             Failures

• People making their clocks “lie”    • Forgetting to set the alarm at
• Multiple snooze hits built into       night
  original wake up time               • Other people waking up due to
• Setting up physical challenges        alarm but not them not waking
  (clock far away from bed, etc)        up
• Setting multiple clocks/alarms      • Turning off the alarm because
• Fear causing the body to wake up      they think they will “wake up”
  minutes before the alarm goes off   • Staying in bed after waking up
• Have other people check to see if   • Resetting alarm instead of hitting
  they’re awake                         snooze
• Learning to turn the alarm off in   • Hitting every button
  their sleep
• Giving themselves incentive for
  getting out of bed (tv, shower)
          Resultant Specifications
• The alarm should be reliable and testable, the user should be
  able to trust that the alarm will go off
• The alarm should be easily adjustable for a schedule without
• The alarm should be easy to pack, not unnecessarily big or
• The alarm should involve an interaction that will bring the
  sleeper into a full state of awakeness
• The alarm should embrace the students’ continual need for
  self expression and choice
• The alarm should support napping without detracting from
  the regular alarm settings
• The alarm should prominently display its current state

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