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									                                                  15 th    INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARKINSON’S
                                                                 DISEASE AND MOVEMENT DISORDERS

Sunday, June 5, 2011
1105 Therapeutic Plenary Session                   1106 Therapeutic Plenary Session                       Recommended Audience: Clinical
                                                                                                          Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
     Evidence based medicine and                        Parkinson’s disease therapy for                   Physician Health Professionals;
     practice parameters: How to                        the advanced patient: What are                    Students/Residents/Trainees
     treat Mr. Jones                                    the options when conventional
                                                                                                   1108 Therapeutic Plenary Session
        8:00 – 10:00                                    treatments have failed?
Chairs: Cristina Sampaio                                     10:30 – 12:30                              Hot topics in experimental
        Lisbon, Portugal                           Chairs:   Angelo Antonini                            therapeutics in Parkinson’s
        William Weiner                                       Venice, Italy                              disease
        Baltimore, MD, USA                                   K. Ray Chaudhuri                              16:30 – 18:30
8:00 The principles of evidence based                        London, United Kingdom                Chairs: Olle Lindvall
        medicine and the Cochrane                  10:30     The preclinical evidence supporting           Lund, Sweden
        collaboration: How to use evidence                   continuous drug delivery in                   C. Warren Olanow
        to treat an individual patient                       patients with advanced Parkinson’s            New York, NY, USA
        Cristina Sampaio                                     disease                               16:30 Neuropharmacological treatment:
        Lisbon, Portugal                                     M. Maral Mouradian                            Present and future
8:40 An update from the MDS EBM                              Piscataway, NJ, USA                           Heinz Reichmann
        Task Force 2011: Review of                 11:10     Comparative effects on motor                  Dresden, Germany
        treatments for movement disorders                    symptoms with advanced therapies,     17:10 Options for modifying the disease
        Shen-Yang Lim                                        including LCIG, apomorphine or                process
        Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                               deep brain stimulation                        Anthony Schapira
9:20 Practice parameters in movement                         Carl Clarke                                   London, United Kingdom
        disorders: Principles and an update                  Birmingham, United Kingdom            17:50 Gene and cell therapy: How far are
        for 2011                                                                                           we from a clinical treatment and
                                                   11:50     Effects on non-motor symptoms
        Theresa Zesiewicz                                                                                  which are the critical issues for
                                                             and quality of life with advanced             future trials?
        Tampa, FL, USA                                       Parkinson’s disease therapies                 Roger Barker
        Recommended Audience: Basic                          Lisa Shulman
        Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
                                                                                                           Cambridge, United Kingdom
                                                             Baltimore, MD, USA                           Recommended Audience: Basic
        Practitioners; Non-Physician Health                  Recommended Audience: Basic
        Professionals; Students/Residents/                                                                Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
                                                             Scientists; Clinical Academicians;           Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
        Trainees                                             Practitioners; Non-Physician Health          Professionals; Students/Residents/
                                                             Professionals; Students/Residents/           Trainees
                                                                                                   2103 Opening Ceremony and
  Special Meeting theMe:                           1107 Therapeutic Plenary Session
  Behavioral and motor interfaces of
                                                                                                        Welcome Reception
                                                        Deep brain stimulation: New                       19:00 – 21:00
  movement disorders: From laboratory
  to patient care                                       developments
                                                           14:00 – 16:00
  At each annual International Congress,                                                           Monday, June 6, 2011
                                                   Chairs: Joachim Krauss
  the Congress Scientific Program Com-                                                             2103 Plenary Session V
                                                           Hannover, Germany
  mittee selects a theme that is highlighted
  throughout the meeting. This year’s                      Andres Lozano                                The mysterious motor function
  theme, “Behavioral and motor interfaces                  Toronto, ON, Canada                          of the basal ganglia: Reconsid-
  of movement disorders: From laboratory           14:00 New technology: Hardware and                   ering David Marsden’s Robert
  to patient care” will be showcased on two                stimulation algorithms                       Wartenberg Lecture of 1981
  Plenary Sessions, six Parallel Sessions, one             Peter Tass                                      8:00 – 10:00
  Skills Workshop, one Teaching Course,                    Jülich, Germany                         Chairs: Mark Hallett
  and two Video Sessions. International            14:40 Multiple target strategies                        Bethesda, MD, USA
  experts will serve as faculty, and the                   Joachim Krauss                                  Anthony Lang
  presentations will run the gamut of the                  Hannover, Germany                               Toronto, ON, Canada
  field, from new research to practical ap-        15:20 MR imaging: Preoperative and              8:00 The mysterious motor function of
  plications. Meeting participants can elect               postoperative issues                            the basal ganglia revisited
  to attend any or all of the sessions.                    Philip Starr                                    Jose Obeso
 These sessions are designated with a         .            San Francisco, CA, USA                          Pamplona, Spain

    Monday, June 6, 2011
    8:40   The influence of David Marsden’s      15:30 Gene delivery of trophic factors:       15:30 Do non-dopaminergic neurons
           Wartenberg lecture on models of             Strategies for future clinical trials         degenerate in Parkinson’s disease?
           basal ganglia function                      Jeffrey Kordower                              Lessons from postmortem studies
           Peter Redgrave                              Chicago, IL, USA                              Glenda Halliday
           Sheffield, United Kingdom             16:10 Other gene therapies for                      Randwick, Australia
    9:20   The role of oscillations in normal          Parkinson’s disease                     16:10 Animal models for the
           and abnormal basal ganglia                  Stephane Palfi                                understanding of dopaminergic
           function                                    Créteil, France                               resistant symptoms in Parkinson’s
           Peter Brown                           16:50 Stem-cell based therapy: Will it              disease
           Oxford, United Kingdom                      work?                                         David Grabli
           Recommended Audience: Basic                 Olle Lindvall                                 Paris, France
           Scientists; Clinical Academicians;          Lund, Sweden                            16:50 L-Dopa resistant symptoms in
           Practitioners; Non-Physician Health           Recommended Audience: Basic                 Parkinson’s disease patients: The
           Professionals; Students/Residents/            Scientists; Clinical Academicians;          needs of the clinicians
           Trainees                                      Practitioners; Students/Residents/          Andrew Hughes
    2104 Plenary Session VI                              Trainees                                    Melbourne, Australia
         Cognitive decline in movement           2207 Parallel Session                                Recommended Audience: Basic
         disorders                                                                                    Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
                                                      Movement disorders                              Practitioners;Non-Physician Health
            10:30 – 12:30                             emergencies                                     Professionals;Students/Residents/
    Chairs: David Burn                                   15:30 – 17:30                                Trainees
            Newcastle upon Tyne, United          Chairs: Helio Teive
    Kingdom                                                                                    2209 Parallel Session
                                                         Curitiba, Brazil
            Dennis Dickson                               Steven Frucht
                                                                                                    Seminal topics in movement
            Jacksonville, FL, USA                        New York, NY, USA                          disorders as identified by the
    10:30 Anatomical substrate of cognitive      15:30 Motoric emergencies in                       late David Marsden
            decline in parkinsonian disorders            parkinsonism                                  15:30 – 17:30
            Kenji Kosaka                                 Marco Onofrj                          Chairs: Stanley Fahn
            Yokohama, Japan                              Chieti, Italy                                 New York, NY, USA
    11:10 The clinical spectrum of dementia      16:10 Dystonic and ballistic emergencies              Yves Agid
            in parkinsonian disorders                    Helio Teive                                   Paris, France
            Bruno Dubois                                 Curitiba, Brazil                      15:30 The role of neuromelanin
            Paris, France                        16:50 Acute psychosis and delirium in                 Andrew Lees
    11:50 Current and future treatment of                movement disorders                            London, United Kingdom
            cognitive deficits in Lewy body              Kelvin Chou                           16:10 Neuroplasticity and dystonia
            dementias                                    Ann Arbor, MI, USA                            Angelo Quartarone
            Murat Emre                                   Recommended Audience: Clinical                Messina, Italy
            Capa Istanbul, Turkey                        Academicians; Practitioners; Non-     16:50 Descending pathways and motor
           Recommended Audience: Basic                   Physician Health Professionals;               control
           Scientists; Clinical Academicians;            Students/Residents/Trainees                   Roger Lemon
           Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
                                                 2208 Parallel Session                                 London, United Kingdom
           Professionals; Students/Residents/
           Trainees                                                                                   Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                      Non dopaminergic systems in                     Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
    2206 Parallel Session                             Parkinson’s disease: From                       Practitioners; Students/Residents/
                                                      bench to bedside                                Trainees
         Cell and gene therapies for
                                                         15:30 – 17:30
         Parkinson’s disease
                                                 Chairs: Stephen Kish
            15:30 – 17:30
                                                         Toronto, ON, Canada
    Chairs: Jeffrey Kordower
                                                         Etienne Hirsch
            Chicago, IL, USA
                                                         Paris, France
            Anders Björklund
            Lund, Sweden

                                               15 th    INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARKINSON’S
                                                              DISEASE AND MOVEMENT DISORDERS

Monday, June 6, 2011
2210 Parallel Session                           2308 Teaching Course                               2403 Skills Workshop
     Gilles de la Tourette syndrome                  Update on myoclonus                                Bedside evaluation of cognition
        15:30 – 17:30                                   15:30 – 17:30                                   in movement disorders
Chairs: Jonathan Mink                           Chairs: Robert Chen                                      18:00 – 19:30
        Rochester, NY, USA                              Toronto, ON, Canada                              Thomas Bak
        Paul Sandor                                     Marina AJ de Koning-Tijssen                      Edinburgh, United Kingdom
        Toronto, ON, Canada                             Amsterdam, Netherlands                           Karen Marder
15:30 The circuitry of behavioral               15:30 The clinical features of myoclonus                 New York, NY, USA
        disorders: From animal models to                Philip Thompson                                  Recommended Audience: Clinical
        Tourette syndrome                               Adelaide, Australia                              Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
        Yulia Worbe                             16:10 The neurophysiology of                             Physician Health Professionals;
        Paris, France                                   myoclonus: Asking the right                      Students/Residents/Trainees
16:10 Clinical features of Tourette                     question                                   2404 Skills Workshop
        syndrome                                        Robert Chen
                                                                                                        Pumps for Parkinson’s disease
        Mary Robertson                                  Toronto, ON, Canada
                                                                                                         18:00 – 19:30
        London, United Kingdom                  16:50 How to treat myoclonus and
                                                                                                         In this interactive session, the speakers
16:50 Update on treatments in Tourette                  hyperekplexias
                                                                                                         will review the efficacy and limitations
        syndrome                                        Marina de Koning-Tijssen                         of the established and new forms of
        Jonathan Mink                                   Amsterdam, Netherlands                           injective therapy in advanced Parkinson’s
        Rochester, NY, USA                                Recommended Audience: Clinical                 disease.
          Recommended Audience: Basic                     Academicians; Practitioners; Students/
                                                                                                         Fabrizio Stocchi
          Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
          Practitioners; Students/Residents/
                                                                                                         Rome, Italy
                                                2309 Teaching Course                                     Per Odin
                                                     Non-motor features of                               Bremerhaven, Germany
2211 Parallel Session                                Parkinson’s disease cognition                       Recommended Audience: Clinical
     Psychiatric features of genetic                      15:30 – 17:30                                  Academicians; Students/Residents/
     movement disorders                                                                                  Trainees
                                                Chairs:   Bob van Hilten
          15:30 – 17:30                                   Leiden, Netherlands                      2405 Skills Workshop
Chairs:   Valerie Voon                                    Pablo Martínez-Martín                         Assessment and management of
          Cambridge, United Kingdom                       Madrid, Spain                                 swallowing dysfunction in
          Sylvain Chouinard                     15:30     The spectrum of non-motor                     movement disorders patients
          Montreal, QC, Canada                            symptoms in Parkinson’s disease                18:00 – 19:30
15:30     Huntington’s disease                            Charles Adler                                  In this interactive session, techniques
          Michael Orth                                    Scottsdale, AZ, USA                            that allow accurate identification and
          Ulm, Germany                          16:10     Sleep, sleepiness and nocturnal                assessment of swallowing dysfunction
16:10     Genetic parkinsonisms                           complaints in Parkinson’s disease              will be discussed and demonstrated as a
          Meike Kasten                                    Isabelle Arnulf                                foundation for instituting appropriate
          Lübeck, Germany                                 Paris, France                                  management.
16:50     Genetic dystonias                     16:50     Pain, constipation and orthostatic             Norma Leopold
          Mateusz Zurowski                                hypotension in Parkinson’s disease:            Upland, PA, USA
          Toronto, ON, Canada                             Basic strategies for therapy                   Yael Manor
          Recommended Audience: Basic                     K. Ray Chaudhuri                               Tel Aviv, Israel
          Scientists; Clinical Academicians;              London, United Kingdom                         Recommended Audience: Clinical
          Practitioners; Students/Residents/              Recommended Audience: Clinical                 Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
          Trainees                                        Academicians; Practitioners; Non-              Physician Health Professionals;
                                                          Physician Health Professionals;                Students/Residents/Trainees

    Monday, June 6, 2011
    2406 Skills Workshop                                  2508 Video Session                                       Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                                                                                   Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
         Meet the expert: Problematic                          Gait and cognition                                  Students/Residents/Trainees
         DBS cases                                              18:00 – 19:30
          18:00 – 19:30                                         In this interactive session, participants
          In this interactive session, problematic              will be able to describe the different      tuesday, June 7, 2011
          DBS cases submitted by the audience                   alterations of parkinsonian gait and
                                                                                                            3103 Plenary Session VII
          and by the faculty consisting of a                    understand the relationship between
          neurologist and a neurosurgeon will be                freezing of gait, cognition and anxiety.         Impulsivity, addiction and
          discussed and algorithms to improve                   Jeffrey Hausdorff                                reward mechanisms in
          outcome will be reviewed.                             Tel Aviv, Israel                                 movement disorders
          Jens Volkmann                                         Robert Iansek                                       8:00 – 10:00
          Würzburg, Germany                                     Elsternwick, Australia                      Chairs: Andrew Lees
          Andres Lozano                                         Recommended Audience: Clinical                      London, United Kingdom
          Toronto, ON, Canada                                   Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                   Marie Vidailhet
          Recommended Audience: Clinical                        Physician Health Professionals;                     Paris, France
          Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                     Students/Residents/Trainees                 8:00 Neurochemistry and circuitry
          Physician Health Professionals;                                                                           involved in reward mechanisms
                                                          2509 Video Session
          Students/Residents/Trainees                                                                               T. Celeste Napier
                                                               Lessons from my patients
    2507 Video Session                                          18:00 – 19:30
                                                                                                                    Chicago, IL, USA
         The phenomenology of                                                                               8:40 Genetic factors in ICD and
                                                                In this interactive session, the
         movement disorders: An                                                                                     addiction disorders
                                                                participants can learn from and engage
                                                                                                                    James Kennedy
         approach using the Fahn-                               with the speakers regarding some of
                                                                their memorable cases with movement                 Toronto, ON, Canada
         Marsden video assessment                                                                           9:20 Clinical manifestations of ICDs
                                                                disorders where diagnosis becomes
         methodology                                                                                                and dopamine dysregulation
                                                                apparent in hindsight.
          18:00 – 19:30                                                                                             syndrome in Parkinson’s disease
                                                                Yves Agid
          In this interactive session, the faculty will                                                             Andrew Siderowf
          review an approach to movement                        Paris, France
                                                                Daniel Tarsy                                        Philadelphia, PA, USA
          disorders by phenomenology using the
                                                                Boston, MA, USA                                    Recommended Audience:
          principles suggested in the teaching video                                                               Basic Scientists; Clinical
          done by the late Prof. David Marsden                  Recommended Audience: Clinical
                                                                                                                   Academicians;Practitioners; Non-
          with Dr. Stanley Fahn. The faculty will               Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
                                                                                                                   Physician Health Professionals;
          present their own cases and also videos of            Physician Health Professionals;
                                                                Students/Residents/Trainees                        Students/Residents/Trainees
          cases of Prof. Marsden.
          Stanley Fahn                                    2610 Scientific Discussion                        3104 Plenary Session VIII
          New York, NY, USA                                                                                      Clinical trials in movement
                                                               What is meant by the synaptic
          Kailash Bhatia                                                                                         disorders: Lessons learned from
          London, United Kingdon
                                                               pathology of Parkinson’s
                                                               disease?                                          the past and a glimpse into the
          Recommended Audience: Basic                                                                            future
          Scientists; Clinical Academicians;                    18:00 – 19:30
                                                                In this interactive discussion, two                 10:30 – 12:00
          Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
          Professionals; Students/Residents/                    leading scientists will focus on the        Chairs: Olivier Rascol
          Trainees                                              synaptic function and dysfunction                   Toulouse, France
                                                                pivotal to the pathophysiology of                   Karl Kieburtz
                                                                Parkinson’s disease with allusions to               Rochester, NY, USA
                                                                their implications for developing new       10:30 Trial design issues in
                                                                therapies. The dopaminergic and non-                neurodegenerative disorders: What
                                                                dopaminergic systems will be discussed              have we learned?
                                                                and participants are encouraged to enter            Steven Piantadosi
                                                                into the discussion with their views and
                                                                                                                    Los Angeles, CA, USA
                                                                Maria Grazia Spillantini
                                                                Cambridge, United Kingdom
                                                                Anders Björklund
                                                                Lund, Sweden

                                             15 th    INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARKINSON’S
                                                            DISEASE AND MOVEMENT DISORDERS

tuesday, June 7, 2011
11:15 Important clinical trials in            16:20 Molecular pathophysiology of                15:40 Hunting for genes in essential
      Movement Disorders of 2010-                   hereditary primary dystonia                       tremor: The challenges
      2011 and ongoing trials                       William Dauer                                     Eng-King Tan
      Olivier Rascol                                Ann Arbor, MI, USA                                Singapore
      Toulouse, France                                  Recommended Audience: Basic             16:20 Is cognitive impairment a
       Recommended Audience: Basic                      Scientists; Clinical Academicians;            component of essential tremor?
       Scientists; Clinical Academicians;               Practitioners; Students/Residents/            Elan Louis
       Practitioners; Non-Physician Health              Trainees                                      New York, NY, USA
       Professionals; Students/Residents/
                                              3209 Parallel Session                                     Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                                                                        Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
                                                   Clinical and translational                           Practitioners; Students/Residents/
3207 Parallel Session                              aspects of atypical parkinsonian                     Trainees
     Mechanisms of cell death in                   disorders
     neurodegeneration                                  15:00 – 17:00                           3211 Parallel Session
        15:00 – 17:00                         Chairs:   David Williams                               An update on psychogenic
Chairs: Serge Przedborski                               Melbourne, Australia                         movement disorders
        New York, NY, USA                               Gregor Wenning                                  15:00 – 17:00
        David Park                                      Innsbruck, Austria                      Chairs: Kapil Sethi
        Ottawa, ON, Canada                    15:00     Clinical features of multiple                   Augusta, GA, USA
15:00 Cell death mechanisms in                          system atrophy (MSA), progressive               Joseph Jankovic
        neurodegenerative movement                      supranuclear palsy (PSP) and                    Houston, TX, USA
        disorders                                       frontotemporal dementia with            15:00 An update on clinical features and
        David Park                                      parkinsonism (FTDP)                             diagnostic criteria of psychogenic
        Ottawa, ON, Canada                              David Williams                                  movement disorders
15:40 Molecular imaging methods for                     Melbourne, Australia                            Anthony Lang
        monitoring cell death                 15:40     MSA, PSP and FTDP as models for                 Toronto, ON, Canada
        Steven Finkbeiner                               the study of specific proteinopathies   15:40 The pathophysiology of conversion
        San Francisco, CA, USA                          Wassilios Meissner                              disorders
16:20 Novel mediators of cell death                     Bordeaux, France                                Valerie Voon
        Valina Dawson                         16:20     Current management of MSA, PSP                  Cambridge, United Kingdom
        Baltimore, MD, USA                              and FTDP and future targets of          16:20 Modern management of
       Recommended Audience: Basic                      therapeutic intervention                        psychogenic movement disorders
       Scientists; Clinical Academicians;               Gregor Wenning                                  Jon Stone
       Students/Residents/Trainees                      Innsbruck, Austria                              Edinburgh, United Kingdom
3208 Parallel Session                                   Recommended Audience: Basic                     Recommended Audience: Clinical
                                                        Scientists; Clinical Academicians;              Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
     Phenotype, genotype and                            Practitioners; Non-Physician Health             Physician Health Professionals;
     pathophysiology in hereditary                      Professionals; Students/Residents/              Students/Residents/Trainees
     dystonia                                           Trainees
        15:00 – 17:00
                                                                                                3212 Parallel Session
                                              3210 Parallel Session                                  Hallucinations and psychosis in
Chairs: Susan Bressman
        New York, NY, USA                          Essential tremor: Challenges                      Parkinson’s disease
        David Grimes                               and future strategies                                15:00 – 17:00
        Ottawa, ON, Canada                            15:00 – 17:00                             Chairs: Gilles Fénelon
15:00 From phenotypes to genes: An            Chairs: Rodger Elble                                      Créteil, France
        overview of diagnostic approaches             Springfield, IL, USA                              Oscar Gershanik
        in hereditary dystonia                        Günther Deuschl                                   Buenos Aires, Argentina
        Emmanuel Roze                                 Kiel, Germany                             15:00 Epidemiology and phenomenology
        Paris, France                         15:00 Towards a working definition of                     of psychosis in Parkinson’s disease
15:40 Monogenic primary dystonia: Is                  essential tremor: Promises and                    Gilles Fénelon
        neuroimaging related to clinical              limitations                                       Créteil, France
        features?                                     Günther Deuschl
        Bogdan Draganski                              Kiel, Germany
        Lausanne, Switzerland

    tuesday, June 7, 2011
    15:40 Is there something you aren’t           15:00 Understanding tau-protein                          Recommended Audience: Clinical
          telling me? Detecting psychotic               dysfunction and pathways to                        Academicians; Practitioners; Students/
          symptoms in Parkinson’s disease               curative                                           Residents/Trainees
          Nico Diederich                                Rohan de Silva                               3405 Skills Workshop
          Luxembourg City, Luxembourg                   London, United Kingdom
                                                                                                          Freezing of gait: Practical
    16:20 Treatment of psychosis in               15:40 The anatomical source of the signs
          Parkinson’s disease: Current agents           and symptoms of Parkinson’s
          and future directions                         disease                                            17:30 – 19:00
          Joseph Friedman                               Maria Rodriguez-Oroz                               In this interactive skills workshop, the
          Warwick, RI, USA                              Pamplona, Spain                                    basic mechanisms of posture, gait, and
                                                                                                           balance will be discussed and how
              Recommended Audience: Clinical      16:20 Current concepts of dyskinesias,                   this knowledge may be applied to the
              Academicians; Practitioners; Non-         and new therapeutic strategies                     management of freezing of gait
              Physician Health Professionals;           M. Angela Cenci
              Students/Residents/Trainees                                                                  Mariella Graziano
                                                        Lund, Sweden
                                                                                                           Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
    3309 Teaching Course                                 Recommended Audience: Clinical
                                                                                                           Margarita Makoutonina
                                                         Academicians; Practitioners; Students/
         Impulse control disorders                       Residents/Trainees                                Melbourne, Australia
         (ICDs)                                                                                            Recommended Audience: Clinical
              15:00 – 17:00                       3403 Skills Workshop                                     Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
    Chairs:   Janis Miyasaki                           Dystonia and spasticity: What’s                     Physician Health Professionals;
              Toronto, ON, Canada                      the latest in botulinum toxin
              Daniel Weintraub                         therapy?                                      3406 Skills Workshop
              Philadelphia, PA, USA                      17:30 – 19:00                                    Sleep and fatigue in Parkinson’s
    15:00     The clinical spectrum of ICDs and          In this interactive session, clinical            disease
              dopamine dysregulation syndrome            vignettes and videos will be presented
                                                                                                           17:30 – 19:00
              (DDS)                                      to illustrate new clinical indications
                                                                                                           In this interactive session, the faculty will
              Mark Stacy                                 for botulinum toxin therapy, effects of
                                                                                                           focus on fatigue and sleep in Parkinson’s
              Durham, NC, USA                            botulinum toxin therapy in early and
                                                                                                           disease and give useful clinical pearls
    15:40     How to detect ICDs in Parkinson’s          late cases of dystonia and spasticity,
                                                                                                           to differentiate these from apathy and
                                                         and use of EMG, nerve stimulation,
              disease                                                                                      depression. Management issues will
                                                         and ultrasound in administration of
              Daniel Weintraub                           botulinum toxin therapy.
                                                                                                           be discussed by showing illustrative
              Philadelphia, PA, USA                                                                        examples.
                                                         Dirk Dressler
    16:20     How to manage ICDs in                                                                        Jau Shin Lou
                                                         Hannover, Germany
              Parkinson’s disease                                                                          Portland, OR, USA
              Andrew Evans                               Raymond Rosales
                                                                                                           Carlos Gaig
              Parkville, Australia                       Manila, Philippines
                                                                                                           Barcelona, Spain
                                                         Recommended Audience: Clinical
              Recommended Audience: Clinical                                                               Recommended Audience: Clinical
                                                         Academicians; Practitioners; Students/
              Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                                                            Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
              Physician Health Professionals;                                                              Physician Health Professionals;
              Students/Residents/Trainees         3404 Skills Workshop                                     Students/Residents/Trainees
    3310 Teaching Course                               The many faces of Parkinson’s
         From bench top to bedside:                    disease
         Current topics in translation                   17:30 – 19:00
         research in movement disorders                  In this interactive session, the speakers
            15:00 – 17:00                                will review the differences in terms of
                                                         risk factors, clinical features (motor
    Chairs: Charles Adler                                and non-motor) and response to
            Scottsdale, AZ, USA                          pharmacological therapy between the
            Keith Josephs                                akinetic-rigid and tremor-dominant
            Rochester, NY, USA                           forms of Parkinson’s disease.
                                                         Mario Zappia
                                                         Catania, Italy
                                                         Ruth Djaldetti
                                                         Petah Tikva, Israel

                                                  15 th   INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARKINSON’S
                                                                DISEASE AND MOVEMENT DISORDERS

tuesday, June 7, 2011
3407 Skills Workshop                                3509 Video Session                                8:45      Junior Award Lecture: Basic
     Non-motor problems in                               Psychogenic movement                                   Science
     Parkinson’s disease patients                        disorders: Video                                       To be announced
                                                                                                      9:30      C. David Marsden Lecture:
     receiving deep brain                                demonstrations and evaluation
                                                                                                                Parkinson’s disease: Models and
     stimulation                                         techniques                                             mechanisms
      17:30 – 19:00                                        17:30 – 19:00                                        Serge Przedborski
      In this interactive workshop, the focus              In this interactive session, the                     New York, NY, USA
      will be on the non-motor problems,                   phenomenology and methods of
                                                                                                                Recommended Audience: Basic
      including behavioral and autonomic,                  examining subjects with psychogenic                  Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
      that may be helped or exacerbated by                 movement disorders will be presented                 Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
      DBS. The discussion will also focus on               using video case examples.                           Professionals; Students/Residents/
      non-motor pre-surgical issues that may               David Riley                                          Trainees
      determine whether Parkinson’s disease                South Euclid, OH, USA
      patients are good candidates for DBS.                                                           4104 Plenary Session X
                                                           Mark Edwards
      Participants are encouraged to bring
                                                           London, United Kingdom                          Mitochondrial biology on the
      cases or problematic issues to discuss with
      the faculty.                                         Recommended Audience: Clinical                  move
                                                           Academicians; Practitioners; Students/             10:30 – 12:30
      Karsten Witt                                         Residents/Trainees
      Kiel, Germany                                                                                   Chairs: Mark Cookson
      Beom Jeon                                     3610 Scientific Discussion                                Bethesda, MD, USA
      Seoul, Korea                                       Motor learning and movement                          Anurag Tandon
      Recommended Audience: Clinical                     disorders                                            Toronto, ON, Canada
      Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                    17:30 – 19:00                              10:30 Mitochondria dynamics in health
      Physician Health Professionals;                                                                         and disease
                                                           In this interactive session, an overview
      Students/Residents/Trainees                                                                             David Chan
                                                           of the principles and investigation of
3508 Video Session                                         motor learning in normal subjects will             Pasadena, CA, USA
                                                           be reviewed. The pathophysiology of        11:30 Mitophagy and its importance to
     The spectrum of cranial                               movement disorders related to motor                neurodegeneration
     movement disorders                                    learning will be discussed.                        Heidi McBride
      17:30 – 19:00                                        M. Felice Ghilardi                                 Ottawa, ON, Canada
      In this interactive session, participants            New York, NY, USA
      will learn to diagnose and differentiate                                                         4208 Parallel Session
                                                           Alfredo Berardelli
      the various cranial movement disorders,                                                               Ataxia update
      their underlying pathophysiology
                                                           Rome, Italy
                                                           Recommended Audience: Basic                          15:00 – 17:00
      and treatment through video case
      presentations.                                       Scientists; Clinical Academicians;         Chairs:   Thomas Gasser
                                                           Students/Residents/Trainees                          Tübingen, Germany
      Marie Vidailhet
      Paris, France                                                                                             Nicholas Wood
                                                    Wednesday, June 8, 2011                                     London, United Kingdom
      Susanne Schneider
                                                                                                      15:00     Hereditary ataxias: Relevant new
      Lübeck, Germany                               4103 Plenary Session IX                                     genes
      Recommended Audience: Clinical
      Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                  Presidential Lectures                                  Nicholas Wood
      Physician Health Professionals;                       8:00 – 10:00                                        London, United Kingdom
      Students/Residents/Trainees                   Chairs: Philip Thompson                           15:40     Movement disorders in ataxias
                                                            Adelaide, Australia                                 Bart van de Warrenburg
                                                            Günther Deuschl                                     Nijmegen, Netherlands
                                                            Kiel, Germany                             16:20     Treatment of hereditary ataxias:
                                                    8:00 Stanley Fahn Lecture: Locura                           From physiotherapy to drugs
                                                            Manganica                                           Ludger Schöls
                                                            Anthony Lang                                        Tübingen, Germany
                                                            Toronto, ON, Canada                                 Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                    8:30 Junior Award Lecture: Clinical                         Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
                                                                                                                Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
                                                                                                                Professionals; Students/Residents/
                                                            To be announced                                     Trainees

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011
    4209 Parallel Session                              4211 Parallel Session                          4213 Parallel Session
         Autoimmunity, behavioral and                       New targets for deep brain                     The non-dementia associated
         movement disorders                                 stimulation                                    cognitive and behavioral
              15:00 – 17:00                                    15:00 – 17:00                               features of Parkinson’s disease
    Chairs:   Angela Vincent                           Chairs: Elena Moro                                       15:00 – 17:00
              Headington, United Kingdom                       Toronto, ON, Canada                    Chairs:   Dag Aarsland
              Francisco Cardoso                                Alim Benabid                                     Stavanger, Norway
              Belo Horizonte, Brazil                           Grenoble, France                                 Roger Barker
    15:00     Stiff-person syndrome                    15:00 Functional anatomy of the basal                    Cambridge, United Kingdom
              Hans-Michael Meinck                              ganglia: Rationality for new targets   15:00     Dopamine and cognition: What
              Heidelberg, Germany                              Jerrold Vitek                                    have we learned from experimental
    15:40     Sydenham’s chorea                                Minneapolis, MN, USA                             studies?
              Francisco Cardoso                        15:40 PPN and zona incerta as targets for                Roshan Cools
              Belo Horizonte, Brazil                           Parkinson’s disease                              Nijmegan, Netherlands
    16:20     Anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis                  Marwan Hariz                           15:40     Mild Cognitive Impairment in
              Angela Vincent                                   London, United Kingdom                           Parkinson’s disease: What does it
              Headington, United Kingdom               16:20 New targets for dystonia: Is there                 mean?
              Recommended Audience: Clinical                   still a place for other nuclei other             Dag Aarsland
              Academicians; Practitioners; Students/           than GPi?                                        Stavanger, Norway
              Residents/Trainees                               Pierre Pollak                          16:20     Cognitive and behavioral problems
    4210 Parallel Session                                      Grenoble, France                                 related to STN DBS in Parkinson’s
                                                               Recommended Audience: Basic                      disease
         Autosomal recessive Parkinson’s                       Scientists; Clinical Academicians;               Paul Krack
         disease and emerging                                  Practitioners; Students/Residents/               Grenoble, France
         mitochondrial pathways                                Trainees                                         Recommended Audience: Basic
              15:00 – 17:00                            4212 Parallel Session                                    Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
    Chairs:   Edward Fon                                                                                        Practitioners; Students/Residents/
                                                            Movement disorder nurses:                           Trainees
              Montreal, QC, Canada
                                                            How to expand the delivery of
              David Chan                                                                              4307 Teaching Course
              Pasadena, CA, USA                                                                            Neurodegeneration: The role of
                                                               15:00 – 17:00
    15:00     The role of Parkinson’s in                                                                   environmental factors
              mitochondrial quality control            Chairs: Janine Long
                                                               Toronto, ON, Canada                            15:00 – 17:00
              Mark Cookson
              Bethesda, MD, USA                                Cathi Thomas                           Chairs: Caroline Tanner
                                                               Boston, MA, USA                                Sunnyvale, CA, USA
    15:40     PINK1 modulation of
              mitochondrial function                   15:00 Education challenges in newly                    Louis Tan
              Charleen Chu                                     diagnosed patients with Parkinson’s            Singapore
              Pittsburgh, PA, USA                              disease                                15:00 A frequent question: The role of
    16:20     Do we know what DJ-1 is and                      Christine Hunter                               smoking, caffeine and nutrition in
              does?                                            Houston, TX, USA                               Parkinson’s disease
              Rejko Krüger                             15:40 Management challenges in the                     Louis Tan
              Tübingen, Germany                                cognitively impaired patient                   Singapore
              Recommended Audience: Basic                      Julie Carter                           15:40 Toxin induced parkinsonism: The
              Scientists; Clinical Academicians;               Portland, OR, USA                              manganese cases
              Students/Residents/Trainees              16:20 How to support the patient, family               Pille Taba
                                                               and caregiver                                  Tartu, Estonia
                                                               Cathi Thomas                           16:20 Herbicides and pesticides in
                                                               Boston, MA, USA                                Parkinson’s disease
                                                               Recommended Audience: Practitioners;           Caroline Tanner
                                                               Non-Physician Health Professionals             Sunnyvale, CA, USA

                                                   15th   INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARKINSON’S
                                                                DISEASE AND MOVEMENT DISORDERS

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
       Recommended Audience: Clinical               4404 Skills Workshop                                     Jie Shen
       Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                                                                     Boston, MA, USA
       Physician Health Professionals;                   Eye movements and ophthalmo-
                                                                                                             Maria Rosario Luquin
       Students/Residents/Trainees                       logic exams: A door for a precise                   Pamplona, Spain
4308 Teaching Course                                                                                         Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                          17:30 – 19:00                                      Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
     New Unified Parkinson’s                              In this interactive session, an                    Students/Residents/Trainees
     Disease Rating Scale: MDS-                           approach to the use and application
     UPDRS                                                of eye examinations for diagnosis and        4507 Video Session
        15:00 – 17:00                                     management of movement disorders will             Huntington’s disease and other
Chairs: Anette Schrag                                     be presented.                                     chorea
        London, United Kingdom                            R. John Leigh                                      17:30 – 19:00
        Christopher Goetz                                 Cleveland, OH, USA                                 In this interactive video session, video
        Chicago, IL, USA                                  David Zee                                          cases of various forms of primary and
15:00 Similarities and differences                        Ellicott City, MD, USA                             secondary choreas will be shown;
        between the MDS-UPDRS and                         Recommended Audience: Clinical                     emphasizing key signs that may help
        the original UPDRS                                Academicians; Practitioners; Students/             in leading to a more precise diagnosis.
        Anette Schrag                                     Residents/Trainees                                 The use of diagnostic tools and the
                                                                                                             interpretation of results that support or
        London, United Kingdom                      4505 Video Session                                       refute specific diagnoses will be included.
15:40 Key characteristics of the MDS-                    Phenotypic clues to the correct                     Participants may contact the faculty to
        UPDRS with emphasis on difficult                 diagnosis of genetic movement                       arrange to present specific problematic
        items                                                                                                cases for group discussion.
        Glenn Stebbins                                                                                       Adrian Danek
        Chicago, IL, USA                                  17:30 – 19:00
                                                          In this interactive session, the audience          Munich, Germany
16:20 Application of the MDS-UPDRS                                                                           Mohit Bhatt
                                                          should be able to recognize the phenotypes
        Pablo Martínez-Martín                             of genetic movement disorders and                  Mumbai, India
        Madrid, Spain                                     interpret the clinical, biological or              Recommended Audience: Clinical
       Recommended Audience: Clinical                     neuroimaging clues in order to identify            Academicians; Practitioners; Non-
       Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                  the main etiologies of these diseases.             Physician Health Professionals;
       Physician Health Professionals;                                                                       Students/Residents/Trainees
       Students/Residents/Trainees                        Christine Klein
                                                          Lübeck, Germany                              4508 Video Session
4403 Skills Workshop                                      Asha Kishore
                                                                                                            Pediatric movement disorders
     Measuring the right things                           Trivandrum, India
                                                                                                             17:30 – 19:00
     right: Use of assessment tools                       Recommended Audience: Clinical
                                                          Academicians; Practitioners; Students/             This interactive video session, will
     and interpretation of results                                                                           demonstrate a variety of movement
       17:30 – 19:00                                                                                         disorders in children and review an
       In this interactive session, keys for        4506 Video Session                                       ordered diagnostic and examination
       selection of the appropriate rating scale         Parkinson’s disease: What                           approach to pediatric movement
       and parameters for interpretation of                                                                  disorders. Treatment will also be
       change will be discussed.
                                                         animal models tell us
                                                                                                             discussed through video examples.
                                                          17:30 – 19:00                                      Participants are encouraged to contact
       Peter Hagell
                                                          This interactive video session will                the faculty if they wish to present difficult
       Lund, Sweden
                                                          focus on a variety of animal models                cases or particularly interesting examples
       Barbara Tilley                                     used for different purposes in the study
       Houston, TX, USA                                                                                      of disorders for group discussion.
                                                          of Parkinson’s disease. The faculty
       Recommended Audience: Clinical                     will demonstrate video examples of
                                                                                                             Roser Pons
       Academicians; Practitioners; Non-                  the animal behaviors and open the                  Athens, Greece
       Physician Health Professionals;                    discussion to participants for their views         Lillian Lee
       Students/Residents/Trainees                        on the strengths and weaknesses of these           Quezon City, Philippines
                                                          numerous models. Participants with new             Recommended Audience: Clinical
                                                          animal models may contact the faculty to           Academicians; Practitioners; Students/
                                                          include their models for presentation and          Residents/Trainees
                                                          group discussion.

 thursday, June 9, 2011
 4509 Video Session                                           Recommended Audience: Basic                           Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                              Scientists; Clinical Academicians;                    Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
      Startle, stereotypies and                               Practitioners; Non-Physician Health                   Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
      mannerisms: Video cases                                 Professionals; Students/Residents/                    Professionals; Students/Residents/
        17:30 – 19:00                                         Trainees                                              Trainees
        In this interactive session, the               5102 Controversy
        phenomenology, clinical features and                                                                5205 Parallel Session Type
        neurophysiology of abnormal startle,                The gloves come off: Two
        stereotypies and mannerisms will be                 current controversies in                             Fragile X Associated Tremor/
        reviewed using video examples.                      Parkinson’s disease                                  Ataxia Syndrome [FXTAS]
        Marie Saint-Hilaire                                    10:00 – 11:00                                        15:00 – 17:00
        Boston, MA, USA                                Chairs: Matthew Stern                                Chairs: Deborah Hall
        Kapil Sethi                                            Philadelphia, PA, USA                                Chicago, IL, USA
        Augusta, GA, USA                                       Werner Poewe                                         David Riley
        Recommended Audience: Clinical                         Innsbruck, Austria                                   South Euclid, OH, USA
        Academicians; Practitioners; Students/         10:00 Camptocormia is a myopathic                    15:00 Clinical features: Archetypes,
        Residents/Trainees                                     disorder                                             formes frustes, and “gray zone”
 4610 Scientific Discussion                                   (YES)                                                 carriers, treatment strategies, and
                                                             Georg Ebersbach                                        ongoing research perspectives
      Role of innate and adaptive                            Beelitz-Heilstatten, Germany                           Deborah Hall
      immunity in neurodegeneration                    10:15 (NO)                                                   Chicago, IL, USA
        17:30 – 19:00                                        Joseph Jankovic                                15:40 Molecular basis of FXTAS and
        In this discussion, the faculty will discuss         Houston, TX, USA                                       other Fragile X associated disorders
        and present evidence on the deleterious                                                                     Paul Hagerman
                                                       10:30 Continuous dopaminergic
        and positive roles of neuroinflammation                                                                     Davis, CA, USA
        in neurodegenerative diseases.                       stimulation is a useful therapeutic
                                                             strategy                                       16:20 Epidemiology, other Fragile X
        V. Hugh Perry                                                                                               associated disorders, diagnostic
        Southampton, United Kingdom                                                                                 testing, and genetic counseling
                                                             Angelo Antonini
        Howard Gendelman                                     Venice, Italy                                          Sébastien Jacquemont
        Omaha, NE, USA                                                                                              Lausanne, Switzerland
                                                       10:45 (NO)
        Recommended Audience: Basic                                                                                 Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                             John Nutt
        Scientists; Clinical Academicians;                                                                          Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
        Students/Residents/Trainees                          Portland, OR, USA
                                                                                                                    Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
                                                              Recommended Audience: Basic
                                                                                                                    Professionals; Students/Residents/
 5101 Plenary XI                                              Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
      Emerging pathways in genetic                            Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
      movement disorders
                                                              Professionals; Students/Residents/            5206 Parallel Session
         8:00 – 9:30                                                                                             Genetic testing in Movement
 Chairs: Peter Todd                                    5103 Blue Ribbon Highlights                               Disorders: Approaches and
         Ann Arbor, MI, USA                                    11:00 – 12:00                                     controversies
         Christine Klein                               Chairs: Christopher Goetz                                    15:00 – 17:00
         Lübeck, Germany                                       Chicago, IL, USA                             Chairs: Oksana Suchowersky
 8:00 Molecular pathways in dominant                           Susan H. Fox                                         Calgary, AB, Canada
         parkinsonism                                          Toronto, ON, Canada                                  Vincenzo Bonifati
         Darren Moore                                         This session will provide a critical review           Rotterdam, Netherlands
         Lausanne, Switzerland                                of the best poster presentations by a panel   15:00 Approaches to genetic testing in
 8:30 Hereditary dystonias: Emergence                         of experts, highlighting the relevance,               movement disorders
         of shared mechanisms                                 novelty, and quality of both clinical and             Andrea Nemeth
         Thomas Warner                                        basic research presented by the delegates.            Oxford, United Kingdom
         London, United Kingdom                               Etienne Hirsch                                15:40 Controversies in genetic testing in
 9:00 Repeat expansion disorders: RNA-                        Paris, France                                         movement disorders
         mediated neurodegeneration                           Marcelo Merello                                       Vincenzo Bonifati
         Peter Todd                                           Buenos Aires, Argentina                               Rotterdam, Netherlands
         Ann Arbor, MI, USA

                                                15th   INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PARKINSON’S
                                                             DISEASE AND MOVEMENT DISORDERS

thursday, June 9, 2011
16:20 Genetic counseling in movement             16:20 Pain and dystonia: A clinical                 Recommended Audience: Practitioners;
      disorders                                        perspective                                   Non-Physician Health Professionals;
      Susan Bressman                                   Bob van Hilten                                Students/Residents/Trainees
      New York, NY, USA                                Leiden, Netherlands                    5307 Teaching Course
          Recommended Audience: Basic                   Recommended Audience: Basic
          Scientists; Clinical Academicians;            Scientists; Clinical Academicians;         Chorea, athetosis, and ballism
          Practitioners; Non-Physician Health           Practitioners; Students/Residents/            15:00 to 17:00
          Professionals; Students/Residents/            Trainees                              Chairs: Daniel Tarsy
          Trainees                                                                                    Boston, MA, USA
                                                 5209 Parallel Session                                Kathleen Shannon
5207 Parallel Session                                 To sleep, perchance to dream:                   Chicago, IL, USA
     Human-derived cell lines to                      REM sleep behavior disorder             15:00 Approach to chorea, athetosis and
     study pathogenesis of                            and movement disorders                          ballism
     Parkinson’s disease                                 15:00 – 17:00                                Kathleen Shannon
          15:00 – 17:00                          Chairs: Ali Rajput                                   Chicago, IL, USA
Chairs:   Ted Dawson                                     Saskatoon, SK, Canada                15:40 Management of Huntington’s
          Baltimore, MD, USA                             Ron Postuma                                  disease
          Carolyn Sue                                    Montreal, QC, Canada                         Roberto Weiser
          Sydney, Australia                      15:00 Pathophysiology of RBD: Is the                 Caracas, Venezuela
15:00     The value of human-derived cell                “what” or the “where” that counts?   16:20 Updates on Huntington’s disease-
          lines in studying Parkinson’s                  Jean-François Gagnon                         like diseases (HDL-1, HDL2,
          disease                                        Montreal, QC, Canada                         DRPLA, SCA 17, etc.)
          Carolyn Sue                            15:40 What does RBD tell us about the                Vitor Tumas
          Sydney, Australia                              Parkinson’s disease phenotype?               Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
15:40     The use of skin fibroblasts to study           Ron Postuma                                 Recommended Audience: Basic
          pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease            Montreal, QC, Canada                        Scientists; Clinical Academicians;
          Aleksandar Rakovic                                                                         Practitioners; Non-Physician Health
                                                 16:20 Advances in diagnosis and
          Lübeck, Germany                                                                            Professionals; Students/Residents/
                                                         treatment of RBD                            Trainees
16:20     The use of induced pluripotent                 Paul Reading
          stem cells (iPS) as a Parkinson’s              Sunderland, United Kingdom           5308 Teaching Course
          disease cell model                            Recommended Audience: Basic                Update on gait disorders
          Ole Isacson                                   Scientists; Clinical Academicians;            15:00 to 17:00
          Belmont, MA, USA                              Practitioners                         Chairs: Bastiaan Bloem
          Recommended Audience: Basic                                                                 Nijmegen, Netherlands
          Scientists; Clinical Academicians
                                                 5210 Parallel Session
                                                      Mood changes in Parkinson’s                     Nir Giladi
5208 Parallel Session                                 disease: Depression, anxiety                    Tel Aviv, Israel
     Pain and sensory disturbance                                                             15:00 Gait disorders: Features and
                                                      and apathy
     in dystonia                                                                                      differential diagnosis
                                                         15:00 – 17:00
        15:00 – 17:00                                                                                 Bastiaan Bloem
                                                 Chairs: Jaime Kulisevsky                             Nijmegen, Netherlands
Chairs: Kailash Bhatia                                   Barcelona, Spain
        London, United Kingdom                                                                15:40 Gait issues in normal pressure
                                                         Paolo Barone                                 hydrocephalus and vascular
        Ruth Djaldetti                                   Naples, Italy                                parkinsonism: Diagnosis,
        Petah Tikva, Israel                      15:00 Depression in Parkinson’s disease              neuroimaging, and management
15:00 Sensory abnormalities in dystonia:                 Paolo Barone                                 Amos Korczyn
        What we have learned from basic                  Naples, Italy                                Ramat Aviv, Israel
        science                                  15:40 Anxiety in Parkinson’s disease         16:20 Physical therapy in gait disorders
        Yoshikazu Ugawa                                  Jaime Kulisevsky                             –evidence based?
        Fukushima, Japan                                 Barcelona, Spain                             Quincy Almeida
15:40 Are sensory abnormalities relevant         16:20 Apathy in Parkinson’s disease                  Waterloo, ON, Canada
        to the pathogenesis of dystonia?                 Sergio Starkstein                           Recommended Audience: Practitioners
        Michele Tinazzi                                  Crawley, Australia                          Non-Physician Health Professionals;
        Milan, Italy                                                                                 Students/Residents/Trainees


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