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									                   PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT
                         MGT 3371 DAHN

TTh 5:00 pm – 7:15 pm                                     Fall, 2008, Session “A”
FA 12 (Ft. Rucker)                                        Dr. Richard C. Williams

OFFICE LOCATION:          Malone Hall, Room 216-F (Dothan Campus)
                          Admin. Bldg. #4502 (Fort Rucker Location)

OFFICE HOURS:             W: 9:00 am – 11:00 am
                          T/Th: 9:00 am – 12:00 noon (D); 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm (FR)
                          Friday: By Appointment Only

TELEPHONE:                (Office)         334-983-6556, Ext 272

E-MAIL:                   (Office)

PREREQUISITES:            Completion of Lower Division Core

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Richard L. Daft & Dorothy Marcic. Understanding
                   Management, 6th Edition. Cengage, 2009.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course exposes the student to the functions of modern
                   business management (staffing, planning, organizing,
                   directing, and controlling) in a complex, global
                   environment. Students will understand theoretical text
                   readings and case studies that are applicable to practical
                   situations in the workplace. The course will provide the
                   fundamentals necessary for many other courses in the
                   business disciplines.

                   On completion of the course, the student should be able to:

                            1.       List and describe major management theories as
                                     represented through the history of modern
                                     management thought.
                            2.       Define and describe the planning, organizing,
                                     leading, and controlling functions of management.
                            3.       Describe the internal and external environments of
                            4.       Demonstrate written communication skills
                                     appropriate to the profession of management.
                            5.       Discuss ethics and social responsibility in the
                                     context of management.
ASSIGNMENTS:        All class members are responsible for the timely reading of
                    the textbook, active participation in classroom discussion,
                    and answering independently and in a timely fashion, the
                    questions attached to the case studies at the end of each
                    chapter. Each case study will be worth a maximum of 10
                    points each and must be turned in at the beginning of the
                    class session during which they are due. You will not be
                    able to write them out during class or even during the
                    discussion of the case. If you don’t attend class, you must
                    send the case to the instructor before the class meets in
                    order to receive credit. Late submissions, for whatever
                    reason will suffer a penalty.

EXAMINATIONS:       There will be three (3) mutually exclusive examinations,
                    two mid-term examinations and a final given live at the
                    appointed time in the Syllabus. Exams will emphasize
                    content from the course immediately preceding that exam.
                    Each exam will be worth a maximum of 100 points.
                     Cheating or dishonesty of any kind or description, if
                    discovered and proven, will not be tolerated. Discovery of
                    dishonesty will result in dismissal from the course with a
                    grade of “F”.

STATEMENT:          “Your work may be submitted to an on-line plagiarism
                    detection service. Cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly
                    furnishing false information to the University constitutes
                    academic misconduct, and disciplinary procedures
                    specified in the Student Handbook will be followed.”

ATTENDANCE:         You are required to attend all classes. You are allowed to
                    miss one (1) with no deduction in participation points but
                    after that there will be participation points deducted for
                    lack of attendance.

DISABILITIES ACT:   “It is the policy of Troy University Dothan to provide
                    accessible programs, and activities, reasonable
                    accommodations, and a disability harassment-free
                    environment for any student or employee with a
                    documented disability as defined by Section 504 of the
                    Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and by the
                    Amercians with Disabilities Act of 1990.”

                    “Since campus elevators are subject to power outages and
                              mechanical breakdown beyond our control, students who
                              have difficulty negotiating stairs and attending classrooms
                              above ground level should notify their instructor during the
                              first week of class. Consideration will be given to
                              relocating the classroom or making other arrangements.”

                              Additional Services: Students who have or may be
                              Dealing with a disability or learning difficulty should speak
                              with the instructor, contact the Disability Coordinator,
                              Malone 120-B or call 334-983-6556, Ext. 221, or e-mail

SCOB Mission Statement: Through operations that span the State of Alabama, the
United States, and the world, Sorrell College of Business equips our students with the
knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies to become organizational and community
leaders who make a difference in the global village and global economy. Through this
endeavor, we serve students, employers, faculty, and Troy University at large as well as
the local and global communities.

SCOB Vision Statement: Sorrell College of Business will be the first choice for higher
business education students in their quest to succeed in a dynamic and global economy.
Sorrell College of Business will create the model for 21st century business education and
community service.


       Examinations                  3 @ 100 points each            =      300 points
       Case Study Questions          15 @ 10 points each            =      150 points
       Participation                                                =       50 points
                                                    TOTAL           =      500 POINTS


       Grade                  Percentage            Points

          A                   90-100                450-500
          B                   80-89+                400-449
          C                   70-79+                350-399
          D                   60-69+                300-349
          F                   59+ and Below         0-299

                              TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

DATE           TOPICS                                        ASSIGNMENTS
Tues, 8/12    Syllabus, Course Intro., etc.

Thurs, 8/14   Changing Paradigm                          Chapter 1
                                                         Electra Products (41-41)

Tues, 8/19    Environment & Corporate Culture            Chapter 2
                                                         Rio Grande Supply Co. (77)

Thurs, 8/21   Global Management                          Chapter 3
                                                         Shui Fabrics (113-114)

Tues, 8/26    Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility   Chapter 4
                                                         Empress Luxury Lines (147-

Thurs, 8/28   Planning                                   Chapter 5
                                                         HID (193)

Tues, 9 /2    FIRST EXAMINATION                          REVIEW CHAPTERS 1-5

Thurs, 9/4    Decision Making                            Chapter 6
                                                         Pinnacle Machine Tool Co.

Tues, 9/9     Structure & Fundamentals of Organizing     Chapter 7
                                                         FMB & T (283)

Thurs, 9/11   Innovation & Change                        Chapter 8
                                                         Southern Discomfort

Tues, 9/16    Behavior in Organizations                  Chapter 10
                                                         Reflex Systems (406)

Thurs, 9/18   Human Resource Management                  Chapter 9
                                                         Waterway Ind. (365)

Tues, 9/23    SECOND EXAMINATION                         REVIEW CHAPTERS 6-10

Thurs, 9/25   Leadership                                 Chapter 11
                                                         Mountain West Health Plans,
                                                         Inc. (439-440)

Tues, 9/30    Motivation                                 Chapter 12
                                                         Kimbel’s Dept. Store

Thurs, 10/2   Communicating                Chapter 13
                                           Hunter-Worth (515)

Tues, 10/7    Teamwork & Control Systems   Chapters 14 & 15
                                           Acme Minerals Extraction
                                           Co. (552-553)
                                           Lincoln Electric (589-590)


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