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					                          FLYNN MIDDLE SCHOOL
             2899 Fox Hill Dr.                                                Office 586-825-2900
             Sterling Heights, MI 48310                                 Attendance 586-698-4608
             Thomas R. Cassidy, Principal                          Maryann Figurski , Asst. Principal
                          NCA Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and School
                                           August/September, 2006

    MR. CASSIDY. . . . . . . .                               FROM THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL,
WELCOME BACK TO FLYNN!!!                                         MRS. FIGURSKI . . . . .
I hope you had a relaxing summer and are                     My name is Maryann Figurski and I am
preparing for the first day of school, Tuesday ,             delighted to be your new Assistant Principal.
September 5th, which will be a ½ day for                     Prior to coming to Flynn, I spent 10 years
students (dismissal 11:12). Under the direction              teaching Language Arts at Carter Middle
of our Head Custodian, Mrs. Moran, her crew                  School. Before that, I taught 14 years at St.
has done another excellent job getting Flynn                 Anne in Warren. I have an undergraduate
ready for our staff and students. The building               degree from Oakland University and a Master’s
looks great which I’m sure you will notice when              Degree from Wayne State University.
you arrive for our Open House which is
scheduled for Tuesday, September 12th at 7:00                Besides being named Assistant Principal of
p.m. in the Cafeteria.                                       Flynn, I have had many exciting events in my
                                                             life. I was recently married to a wonderful man
I have some changes in personnel to report to                and found out I’m going to be a grandma again!
you for this school year. Our congratulations to             I have a son who teaches at Mott High School, a
Media Specialist, Mrs. Hardy, who has been                   daughter-in-law who is a very busy mom and a
named Principal of Willow Woods Elementary                   granddaughter who will be a year old in
School.                                                      October.

Our Band teacher, Ms. Richmond, will be the                  I am truly honored to be a part of the Flynn
band teacher at Carleton Middle School                       community and am looking forward to an
beginning this school year. We would like to                 awesome year.
thank Mrs. Hardy and Ms. Richmond for their
years of service to the Flynn Community. Our
new Media Specialist and Band teacher will be
announced and introduced in our next                                       MONDAY – SEPTEMBER 11
newsletter. Last but not least is the retirement
of our Assistant Principal, Mr. Woltanski. We                       LATE START MONDAYS WILL ONCE
thank Mr. Woltanski for his efforts and                                 AGAIN BEGIN & CONTINUE
leadership at Flynn Middle School. It is my                          THROUGH MAY 21, 2007, FOR ALL
pleasure to announce Mrs. Maryann Figurski as                         MONDAYS WHEN SCHOOL IS IN
our new Assistant Principal at Flynn Middle                                     SESSION.
School.                                                               STUDENTS REPORT TO SCHOOL
                                                                       BEFORE THE 8:45 A.M. BELL.
                                                                          1ST HOUR BEGINS 8:45
Again this year, Flynn Middle School will be        A group of students have just completed a two
selling Entertainment Books as a fund raiser.       week transition program at Flynn Middle
These books have hundreds of coupons for you,       School. The Flynn Flyers have spent the last
whether it is for dinner, entertainment, sports,    two weeks getting to know some of our staff
shopping, movies, and traveling. The coupons        members, the building and Middle School
are a “buy one- get one free” or purchase           procedures. Students have done several projects
something at full price and receive the second      during this time, including making homemade
item for a reduced price.                           ice cream, planting new flowers in one of the
                                                    courtyards, and participating in team building
With our economy as it is, this is a great way to   activities.
treat yourself and your family to many evenings
of entertainment. We will be selling these          Some of the following are comments from the
books for $20.00 which is $5.00 less than last      students that attended:
year plus many more valuable coupons inside.
                                                    “I had fun – I learned a lot here. We did cool
                                                    things like the rocks and dirty water and clay
DO YOU?                                             pens. I like that we had gym and had fun with
Do you use tissues, cereal, plastic bags, saran     the races.”
wrap, and storage bags in your home? If you                                Ranny Fatohi
do, you can directly help Flynn Student Council
by sending in your labels for education.            “We did so much this weekend at Flynn. We
                                                    worked in the courtyard and learned about the
Some of the products that have the “Boxtops for     teachers. We made scrapbooks and played a lot
Education” labels are:                              of games. We also made three t-shirts. We
General Mills products such as Cheerios, Trix       were so busy. We used agendas and we played
Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms,Fiber One                 and work. Flynn was the best. I want to do it
All Pillsbury Products – cookie dough, Grands       for two more weeks.”
biscuits, breadsticks, Yoplait Yogurt, Kleenex                            Nicolette Sidorowicz
products, Cottonelle, Scott and Viva products,
Ziploc storage and freezer bags, Betty Crocker      “This summer I saw very nice people and I felt
products, and Old El Paso Mexican food              really good to be able to help other kids that are
products.                                           going into sixth grade ad I will always
                                                    remember this summer and the program was so
                                                                           Lakyrd Mercid Hollis

                                                    “I liked when we were working together in gym
                                                    when we were playing Mission Impossible. I
It’s really easy. If you purchase the product       liked it because we were listening to each others
look for the “Boxtops for Education” logo, cut it   ideas. We came in second but we had fun. The
out and send it to school. Last year over a         teachers here got us good snacks to eat. The
thousand labels were submitted, which were          fun flyers is the best.”
then turned in to cash for use at Flynn.                                     Jacob Isho
         DRESS CODE EXPLAINED                                     DIRECTORY INFORMATION

Each year as fads and styles change, the question of      “Directory Information” may be made available to
acceptable school dress arises. District policy states    the public or news media. Student Directory
that nothing should be worn to school that is             information will only include a student’s name,
“indecent, unsafe, unhealthy, cause a distraction, or     address, date and place of birth, major fields of
has the potential to damage school property”.             study, participation in officially recognized school
                                                          activities and sports, weight and height of members
However, the general rule of appropriateness              of athletic teams, dates of school attendance,
should always be applied. For example, tank tops,         certificates and awards received, scholarships, and
short blouses, bare midriffs, and shorts may be okay      phone numbers for use only in school and PTO
for picnics or the beach but are not in good taste for    directories. Directory information is often used in
school and are not permitted. This also applies to        newspapers      and     other    publications     when
school activities such as field trips, funfests etc...    highlighting      school      activities,     student’s
Also, any clothing that displays profanity, offensive     achievements, honors and awards. It is not released
words or symbols, as well as substance abuse              to commercial organizations.
advertising, is prohibited. Nor is it appropriate to
promote the advertising of alcohol or tobacco             If you do not want this directory information made
products.                                                 public, you must complete the Directory Information
                                                          Withholding Form at the beginning of the school
Dress Policy Modified for Shorts: Research indi-          year. It is available in the school office.
cates that student behavior and attitude is affected by
their dress. Parents and staff have always supported      Students may also be videotaped or photographed
Flynn’s “no shorts” policy. However, with the             periodically for school or district newsletters,
increasing hot days in May and September, students        publications, or cable TV programs. You should
will be permitted to wear dress shorts starting on        complete the form mentioned above if you do not
May 1st and ending on September 30th. Shorts              want to have your son or daughter photographed or
must be at finger length with arms hanging down           videotaped for news purposes.
in a relaxed position. Athletic team shorts/pants
(Pistons, Lakers, Miami Heat, etc.) that have an          LUNCHROOM SUPERVISORS NEEDED
elastic waist are not appropriate dress for school. If    If you have approximately 2 hours free at lunch
sandals are worn, they must be secured at the heel.       time and enjoy working with Middle School
Flip-flops are not allowed.                               students, we have a great opportunity for you!
                                                           We are always looking for lunchroom
Parents are urged to maintain a high standard. Don’t
be fooled by, “All the kids wear them”. Call us if        supervisors for Flynn Middle School. If you
you have any doubts, concerns or questions. Flynn         would like the opportunity to work at Flynn,
students and parents are to be complimented for           you may fill out an application on line by going
expecting and maintaining high standards, and have        to our web site www.wcs.k12.mi.us
always taken great pride in their child’s appearance,
behavior, and accomplishments.

                                                             PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR
***Special Note: Oversized pants and shorts
hanging below the hips will not be tolerated.               STUDENT BRINGS IN THE FORMS
Students wearing pants in this manner will be sent          ENCLOSED IN THIS NEWSLETTER
home to change or will be given school sweats to             WITH THEM THE FIRST DAY OF
wear. Clothing that exposes undergarments will not
be allowed. Young ladies are not to wear pants with                   SCHOOL!!
words written across their buttocks.
 FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS TO REMEMBER                                 APPOINTMENTS: Parents are urged to arrange appointments
                                                                     for doctors, dentists, etc. so that only a portion of the school day
RETURN REGISTRATION CARDS: The blue and white                        is missed. A parent's note must be presented to the secretary in
registration cards are to be filled out completely and signed by a   the Student Center first thing in the morning of the appointment
parent or legal guardian. It is essential that these cards be        day. If the student returns, they must sign back in the front
returned the first day. Emergencies may occur the very first day     office.
and school officials must know where to contact parents,
doctors, relatives, or others. Please see that your child returns    SCHOOL AGENDAS: Each student will be given this agenda
the cards the first day. The "Homeroom Teacher", "Room", and         free. If a student loses the agenda they will have to pay $10.00
"Counselor" spaces are to be omitted.                                for the next one. The agenda will show student movement
                                                                     outside of the classroom via the Hallway Pass that is located at
ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY (AUP) & PARENT-                                the front of the agenda. Agendas must be carried at all times
STUDENT-TEACHER COMPACT: Please make sure that                       and kept in good condition.
you and your child read the enclosed Warren Consolidated
Schools Acceptable Use Policy and Parent-Student-Teacher             LOCKERS: All students will be assigned their own individual
Compact. We need you and your child to complete and sign             hall locker. Each locker has a built in lock. Students will be
the student and parent sections (pink sheets) and return to their    given the combination by one of their teachers. Students are to
1st hour teacher the first day.                                      use assigned lockers only! Sharing or switching lockers is
                                                                     prohibited. Locks will be provided for all gym, band, and in-
TARDINESS: At 7:52 a.m. the first bell will ring to allow            dustrial arts lockers.
students to move to their lockers and first hour class.
At 8:00 a.m., the final bell rings and all students must be inside   LOCKER CARE: We would like to keep our lockers
their first hour class. Students arriving after 8:00 a.m. are        looking new as long as possible. Please adhere to the following
considered late and report directly to the front office. THREE       guidelines:
OR MORE TARDIES ARE CONSIDERED CHRONIC                                         Absolutely no stickers, adhesives or writing on the
AND FOLLOW-UP MEASURES WILL BE TAKEN.                                          inside or outside of your locker.
                                                                               The lockers are large and roomy. There is no need for
ABSENCES: Absent students are reported by parents phoning                      additional shelf kits.
the ATTENDANCE NUMBER 586-698-4608. If the office                              You may use magnets on the inside, but you must be
does not have a record of your call by 8:40 a.m. it will be                    careful that they don't slide down and bind the locks.
assumed that the student is going to have an unexcused absence.                It is also important for the students to periodically
You will be phoned at home or at work to verify the absence.                   clean out their lockers. Many times students are
This system has proven to be the most accountable. Your                        unable to open their lockers because of the jammed
cooperation in phoning us will be deeply appreciated by the                    conditions in them.
secretaries, as it will reduce the number of calls they have to
make. If the lines are busy, please try again. No notes are          WARNING NOTE: Please remind your child that radios,
necessary for absences. The absence line is a 24 hour line and       cameras, jewelry or other expensive items should not be
you may report your child’s absence by leaving a message with        brought to school. Unfortunately there are always a few
their name, grade, reason for absence and your name. Please          dishonest students that have little respect for others or their
speak slowly and spell your child’s last name. REMEMBER              property.
                                                                     SCHOOL INSURANCE: The student insurance information
PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCES: If an absence is planned, a                   envelope has been enclosed with this newsletter. You may wish
note from parents should be taken to the Student Center at least     to supplement your own insurance in the event it does not cover
two days before the absence. The request will be verified and        athletic programs. Students are urged to share this information
the student will circulate a form among their teachers to            with parents and return the completed envelope, with premium,
acknowledge and assign any make-up work before leaving.              to their first hour teacher.

EARLY SCHOOL DISMISSALS: Parents should make                         MEDICATION: Medication cannot be given to students
arrangements in the event students are sent home from school         without the proper form completed and signed by a parent and a
early due to an emergency such as a tornado alert. Radio             physician. The “Request for Administration of Prescribed
stations WJR and WWJ carry emergency information regarding           Medication to Student” form is available in the school office.
school closings.                                                     The office staff cannot administer aspirin, cough medicine, or
                                                                     any other over the counter medication. Students are also not
                                                                     able to self medicate themselves with over the counter
                                                                     medication. If a student brings aspirins, cold medicines, etc. to
                                                                     self medicate a parent will be called.
FIRST DAY STUDENT                                REMINDER
     GUIDELINES                                  The Flynn office does not loan money
                                                 for lunch. If a parent chooses, they can
6TH GRADERS: Report directly to                  take advantage of pre-paid lunches. This
the cafeteria to pick up your schedules          guarantees that if a student should forget
and for a brief orientation. Sixth grade         their lunch, there is always a lunch
teachers will escort the 6th graders to          available by prepaying for such an
their classes. Teachers will take as much        emergency. It is suggested that payment
time as necessary to answer questions            be made for at least 20 lunches. If a
and ease concerns.                               child does not use up all his prepaid
                                                 lunch money, it will be refunded at the
7TH GRADERS: The schedules for the               end of the school year.
7th grade students will be issued by their
2nd hour teacher. Posted in the main             Lunches this year for middle school will
hall and on the main hall outside win-           be $2.75, milk will be 50 cents, and
dows will be the class list that will direct     breakfast will be $1.25.
students to the appropriate teacher.
                                                 Parents are asked not to bring in Burger
8TH GRADERS: The schedules for the               King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or any
8th grade students will be issued by their       other outside establishment’s lunches for
1st hour teacher. Posted in the main hall        delivery to the cafeteria.
and on the main hall outside windows
will be the class list that will direct stu-
dents to the appropriate teacher.                SCHOOL PICTURES
                                                 Have those smiles ready for
STUDENT SUPPLIES: It is important                September 14th, 2006.
that your child reports to school the first      Photographers will be in the school
day with paper and a pen or pencil, since        to take student pictures. Please dress
much information will be given. Basic            appropriately.
supplies will be issued to students as
                                                       BOOSTER CLUB MEETS
soon as classes are settled.
                                               The Flynn Booster Club meetings are held the
      LOCKER DECORATIONS                       first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. The
In the past some students have decorated       first meeting however, will be held Monday,
the outside of particular lockers for          September 11th at 7:00 p.m.
birthday, etc. This practice has created a
safety and security problem along with         The 2006-2007 officers are as follows:
extra clean-up for the custodians. As a
result, a decision has been made to not              Frances Hillbom, Co-President
allow outside locker decorations or                    Lorry Ross, Co-President
messages. Students, please leave the                 (Open position), Vice-President
                                                       Laurie Huber, Secretary
streamers, banners, balloons, and silly
                                                         Jody Gazo, Treasurer
string at home.
                                               Come and join us. There is still a position
                                               open on the board and if you would like to
  Student drop-off and pick-up is              take the office, you are more than welcome.
    in the back of our building.               Extra hands and new ideas are always needed.
           Keep the flow
         please drive slow!
         FOOTBALL                                 GIRL’S BASKETBALL

7TH Grade Football Schedule                       7th GRADE PLAYS FIRST ON
9/27 Wed. Richards(B) @ Flynn                     MONDAY
10/4 Wed. Flynn @ Grissom
10/11 Wed. Flynn @ Carleton                       8TH GRADE PLAYS FIRST ON
10/18 Wed. Carter @ Flynn                         WEDNESDAY
10/24 Wed. Flynn @ Richards(3:30)
11/1 Wed. Beer @ Flynn                            9/18    Mon.   Wilkinson @ Flynn
                                                  9/20    Wed.   Flynn @ Page
8th Grade Football Schedule                       9/25    Mon.   Carleton @ Flynn
9/27 Wed. Carter @ Flynn                          9/27    Wed.   Grissom @ Flynn
10/3 Tues. Flynn @ Richards                       10/2    Mon.   Flynn @ Carter
                      (3:30 p.m)                  10/4    Wed.   Beer @ Flynn
10/11 Wed. Flynn @ Carleton                       10/9    Mon.   Flynn @ Richards
10/18 Wed. Beer @ Flynn                           10/11   Wed.   Flynn @ Wilkinson
10/25 Wed. Page @ Flynn                           10/16   Mon.   Page @ Flynn
11/1 Wed. Flynn @ Wilkinson                       10/18   Wed.   Flynn @ Carleton
                                                  10/23   Mon.   Flynn @ Grissom
If teams are ready and officials present,         10/25   Mon.   Carter @ Flynn
games may begin at 4:15.
                                                  If teams are ready and officials present,
                                                  games may begin at 4:15.

               SCHOOLS                                                   from Coach Rovner
                                                       th     th
   2006 - 07 BOARD OF EDUCATION                   All 7 & 8 grade girls wanting to try out
                                                  for basketball, must have a physical on file
Regular meetings of the Warren                    dated after April 15, before they can tryout.
Consolidated Schools Board of education
are held on the first and third Wednesday of      Tryouts will begin September 5th – 6th for
each month at 7:30 p.m.                           8th grade from 3 – 4:30 and 7th grade girls
                                                  from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. in the gym.
       Pamela Arnold, President
  Brendan Paul Wagner Vice-President
      I. Susan Kattula, Secretary
        Brian White, Treasurer
       Sherry Brasza, Trustee
      Loretta A. Crow, Trustee
        Jon L. Green, Trustee
                                                          FLYNN OPEN HOUSE
                                                          SEPTEMBER 12, 2006
                                                              7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
                                               Come in and meet your student’s teachers and
                                               learn about the materials to be covered in class
                                                     and what is expected of your child.
                                                       We will all meet in the cafeteria
                                                        prior to the 7:00 p.m. start.
    CLASS PERIOD TIMES BREAK                                   REMINDER!!!!
              DOWN                                         MONDAY – SEPTEMBER 11

        1st Hour         8:00      -      9:02           LATE START MONDAYS WILL
        2nd Hour         9:06      -     10:05              ONCE AGAIN BEGIN.
        3rd Hour         10:09     -     11:08             STUDENTS REPORT TO
        4th Hour         11:12     -     12:50
                                                           SCHOOL PRIOR TO THE
        “A” Lunch        11:12     -     11:42                  8:45 A.M. BELL
        Class Time       11:46     -     12:46

        Class Time      11:12     -      11:42
        “B” Lunch        11:46    -      12:16       CITIZENSHIP CHECK CONTINUES
        Class Time       12:20    -      12:50
                                                     The Citizenship Check Program will be
        Class Time       11:12    -      12:16       continued for the 2006-2007 school year.
        “C” Lunch        12:20    -      12:50       Students who receive a minimum of two N's or
                                                     one U on their report card will be put on a five-
        5th Hour         12:52    -      1:50        week probation period. If there is no
        6th Hour          1:54    -      2:52        improvement after five weeks, the student will
                                                     not be allowed to attend any social or
                                                     before/after school activities. There are also
FIRM STAND ON ACTS                                   some students whose social suspension is being
          OF AGGRESSION                              carried over from last year.

The majority of Flynn's suspensions are for acts
related to aggressive behavior.                           NOTES FROM THE NURSE
Calling a parent to inform them that their child     A message to "new" students to the Warren
has been injured in a fight at school is not the     Consolidated School District. When a
type of home contact we enjoy at Flynn. The          student moves and changes to a new school
administration and staff at Flynn will continue to   district the local health department reviews
take a strong stand against aggressive behavior.     the immunization records and requires that
                                                     the student be up-to-date.
Any student involved in a fight at Flynn, or any
acts of aggressive behavior, can expect to be        Four doses of DPT/TD are required with the last
suspended from school and given a referral to        dose within the last 10 years or a booster is
the School Resource Officer from the Sterling        needed. Three doses of polio, two doses of
Heights Police Department.                           measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and three
                                                     doses of Hepatitis B (HBV) are also required.
Students suspended during the school year will       This year a Varicella (Chicken Pox) shot will be
not be allowed to attend Flynn's end-of-year         required if your child has not had the disease.
activities.                                          State law requires that these records must be up-
            ENCLOSURES                               to-date by the time the student starts school.
   Please have your child turn in the following
   completed items found in this newsletter to       The Macomb County Health Department will
   their 1st hour teacher the first day:             update the vaccines for a charge of $8.00 per
         White AUP Form(Internet use)               immunization. The Southwest Health Center is
         Pink Compact Sheet                         located at 27690 Van Dyke Ave. in Warren..
         Advisory to Parents –                      The telephone number is 586-573-2090. The
                 Pesticide Notification              hours are     8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday
         White & Blue Registration                  through Friday. The health department is open
          Cards-completed                            until 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Make sure to take
                                                     your immunization records with you for this
                            Warren Consolidated School District
                                Cell Phone and Electronic
                              Communication Devices Policy

Students may be in possession of a cellular telephone, pager/beeper, or other electronic communications
device subject to the terms of this policy. Use of the device shall be limited to the time before and after
the academic day and only when students are outside the building. Electronic Communications Devices
(ECDs) shall not be used during instructional time, lunch times, within the building, passing time, or
on any school bus unless there is a bona fide health or safety emergency.

The use of any picture taking capability or any wireless ability to connect with the internet of any ECD
shall not be permitted.

Students violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

The student who possesses an ECD shall assume responsibility for its care. The District is not
responsible for preventing theft, loss, or damage to ECDs brought on its property.

A.      Electronic communications Devices (ECDs) are defined as cell phones, picture producing cell
        phones, pagers, beepers, wireless internet/e-mail capable PDAs, Walkie Talkies – long or short
        range, portable CB radios. HAM shortwave radios, portable scanning devices, or portable
        games that transmit a signal, or peripherals, e.g., headsets, wireless phones. This policy is not
        intended to limit or exclude the intended use of Adaptive Technology, e.g. units for hearing

B.      “Using” ECDs refers to making or receiving calls, holding the ECD in view, text messaging,
        transmitting pictures, or emitting noises of any kind.

C.      Students are not permitted to wear their ECD clipped to a belt or display them in view during the
        school day. “Use” is only permitted before or after the academic day outside the building.

D.      Students participating or attending extracurricular activities and athletics may not have an ECD
        “on” or otherwise use it in locker/rooms, restrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, or buses
        whether at a Warren Consolidated Schools’ venue or at a site in a different school district. “Use”
        shall be only permitted outside unless otherwise directed by the building principal.

E.      Elementary students possessing an ECD must inform the building principal.

F.      Using an ECD in an unauthorized manner or in violation of the policy may result in disciplinary
        action, depending on the nature of the prohibited activity and/or whether it is a repeat offense for
        that student. Minimally, the ECD will be confiscated at first offense and confiscated
        permanently on the second offense. Use of an ECD capable of transmitting pictures within a
        locker room or changing area are grounds for expulsion and legal repercussions.

G.       Any inappropriate use of an ECD including outside the building will be subject to disciplinary
        measures. Use of picture taking capability of an ECD at any time will result in permanent
The Flynn Booster Club is an essential component of Flynn Middle School. The Booster Club provides
funds for the Flynn staff, as well as assists ad sponsors many school activities throughout the school year.

We started the school year last September with the opening of the school store every Monday,
Wednesday and Fridays as soon as the dismissal bell rang. As the year progressed, the Booster Club
sponsored events such as Dairy Queen Night, an election day bake sale, and provided our services at the
after school fun-fests.

In November, we were very proud to honor our Flynn family veterans with a respectful and emotional
Veterans Day breakfast. Later in November, Ms. Richmond and her talented band students provided us
with great entertainment at Coney Night while parents and guests dined on coney dogs, chips, donuts and
pop. We also showed-off our new line of Flynnwear, including t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, which
were a big hit.

The Booster Club also is a valuable fundraising component of Flynn. In order to sponsor events at Flynn,
we must raise funds. Little Caesar pizza kits, Christmas poinsettia plant sales, in-school Valentine’s Day,
and Sweetest Day carnation sales, and the Fun Run are some of the ways we raised money during the
school year. We did the best we could to provide every student with the benefits of these fundraisers.
Each semester, the Booster Club invited those students who made the honor roll to enjoy either pizza,
donuts/bagels and juice, or ice cream as a reward for their hard work and effort displayed in class. Last
year, we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase sweats for the Athletic Department’s sports teams.

At the end of the school year, the Booster Club organized the “8th Grade Farewell”. This past school year
our theme was a “Beach Party”. The 8th graders enjoyed dancing, winning prizes, fun food items,
miniature golf, and just hanging around on a Friday night with classmates, teachers parents, and of
course, the Flynn Principals.

We can only provide a successful 2006-2007 school year if we have the volunteers and chairpersons
willing to help out. Your students will benefit from your creative ideas and time spent as a Booster Club
member. We desire to provide each and every Flynn Students with life-long fond memories of their
middle school years. We hope you can assist us in achieving this and we can only do this with “YOU”.

Please attend our Booster Club meetings, starting on September 11, 2006. The meetings are held on the
first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. These meetings are also excellent opportunities to exchange ideas
with the principals about current events and situations that are taking place at Flynn. If you are able to
help with any type of activity, please fill out the attached form and return it to the Flynn office.

       I am willing to help with a Booster Club activity


Phone Number ______________________________________

Student_____________________________________________                       Grade _________________
STUDENT ABSENCE                               This is an easy way for you to recycle
CANCELLATION OF STOP:                         your paper and help us raise money for
If your child is the only student assigned    projects like landscaping, books and
to a stop and he/she is absent, please call   other worthwhile activities. Please
the Transportation Office at 698-4441         remember to bring your paper and drop
and let us know so that we can tell the       it in the “Paper Retriever” located in the
driver not to make the stop. If there is      front of the building.
no one at the stop for three
consecutive days and we do not                Just a reminder ------no cardboard or
receive a call to cancel, it will be put      telephone books please. If you place
on "Will Call" and the bus will no            shredding in the retriever, make sure it is
longer stop there. You will have to call      in a plastic bag.
the Transportation Office to resume
                                              LATE CONGRATULATIONS TO . .
                                              Amaris Bakko who took part in Flynn’s
Also please call 698-4441 if you need to
                                              Science Fair. Good job, Amaris!
reach the dispatcher regarding your bus
running late. The dispatch phone is
                                              Ryan Stottlemyre and Daniela Propst
answered daily starting at 6:00 a.m. until
                                              from out TMI class who both
5:00 p.m.
                                              participated in the State Special
If your child leaves an item on the
                                              Ryan was 4th in push-ups, but came back
school bus, have them check with their
                                              to win a Gold medal in sit-ups (42) and
driver the next school day. Most items
                                              bench press (44).
will be kept on the bus for several days,
so that students may claim them. Items
                                              Daniela won a Gold medal in the 100
such as purses, musical instruments, and
                                              meter walk-along with two participation
expensive articles will be removed from
the bus and held in the Transportation
Office or taken to the school office by
                                              Congratulations to Ryan and Daniela on
the bus driver.
                                              a nice job at the State Games.
                                              Alexis Lastomirsky won 2nd place in the
Did you know that you can recycle
                                              Ann Arbor Spring Invitational
newspapers, magazines, shopping
                                              Competition for Figure Skating. There
catalogs, unnecessary mail 24 hours/7
                                              were nine girls in her flights. Alexis is a
days a week at our school? Did you also
                                              a club member of the Troy Academy of
know that we earn money for paper
                                              Figure Skating at the Troy Sports
dropped off at our green and yellow
“Paper Retriever” bin?
                             NCA Accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

FLYNN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                 NON-PROFIT OGANIZATION
2899 FOXHILL DR.                                                                    U. S. POSTAGE PAID
STERLING HTS., MI 48310                                                             STERLING        HEIGHTS,                                           MI
                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 65

                                                      WARREN CONSOLIDATED SCHOOLS

Dr. James Clor, Superintendent                                        31300 Anita                                  Thomas R. Cassidy, Principal
Mr. David Walsh, Assoc. Supt. of                                  Warren, Michigan 48093                         Maryann V. Figurski , Asst. Principal

Warren Consolidated Schools is committed to the concept of equal employment opportunity as a necessary element in its personnel program. It
is the policy of the district to prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, height, weight, marital status,
handicap or other characteristic in accordance with the law. Compliance inquiries should be addressed to the Executive Director for Human
Resources, 31300 Anita, Warren, MI 48093 (586-698-4100)

                                                         WELCOME BACK !

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - - TUESDAY, September 5th, 2006
                            ½ DAY     DISMISSAL 11:12

               FULL DAY OF SCHOOL - - WEDNESDAY, September 6, 2006
                              School begins @ 8:00 a.m.

                  1st LATE START, PLC - -                                 MONDAY, September 11, 2006

             BOOSTER CLUB MEETING – - MONDAY, September 11, 2006 –
                            7 p.m. in the Media Center

              OPEN HOUSE – - TUESDAY, September 12, 2006 - 7-9 P.M.

                         PICTURE DAY - - THURSDAY, September 14, 2006
The only students bussed to Flynn must live   TO BE AT YOUR BUS STOP AT
over 1½ miles from school property. All Bus   LEAST 10 MINUTES BEFORE
students must be pre-approved by the          PICK-UP TIME.
transportation department.

BUS STOP PICK UP/RETURN TIMES                 ROUTE 22                          RETURN HOME
ROUTE 42               PICK –UP               17 Mile & Harrison                      3:04
17 Mile & Harrison           7:35             Westchester & Bedell                    3:06
Westchester & Bedell         7:37             Fox Hill & Westchester                  3:07
Foxhill & Westchester        7:38             Fox Hill & Baylor                       3:07
Fox Hill & Baylor            7:38             5596 Paris                              3:09
5596 Paris                   7:41             Tamarack & Noll                         3:10
Tamarack & Noll              7:41             Metro Pkwy & Almont                     3:11
Metro Pkwy & Almont          7:43             Metro Pkwy & Hacker                     3:13
Metro Pkwy & Hacker          7:44             Metro Pkwy & Highlite                   3:14
Metro Pkwy & Highlite        7:45
                                              ROUTE 29
ROUTE 29                                      Brinston Ave. & Alger                     3:01
Brinston Ave & Alger               7:33       Big Beaver & Roundtree                    3:06
Big Beaver & Roundtree             7:38       Big Beaver & Morel                        3:07
Big Beaver & Morel                 7:39       Sparta & Marcus                           3:08
Sparta & Marcus                    7:40       Rhodes & Sparta                           3:10
Rhodes & Sparta                    7:42       Sparta & Saratoga                         3:11
Sparta & Saratoga                  7:42       Castleton & Berkshire                     3:11
Castleton & Berkshire              7:43       Hempstead & Northampton                   3:13
Hempstead & Northampton            7:45
                                              ROUTE 19
ROUTE 44                                      Hempstead & Chesterfield                  2:59
Hempstead & Chesterfield           7:34       Castleton & Chesterfield                  2:59
Castleton & Chesterfield           7:35       Williams & Langford                       3:00
Williams & Langford                7:36       Milverton & Vermont                       3:02
Milverton & Vermont                7:37       Milverton & Virginia                      3:02
Milverton & Virginia               7:38       John R. & Gabriel                         3:04
John R. & Gabriel                  7:40       John R. & Village Green Apts              3:05
John R. & Village Green Apts.      7:41       Garry & Rhode Island                      3:06
Garry & Rhode Island               7:42       Garry & Milverton                         3:07
Garry & Milverton                  7:42       Milverton & Paris                         3:07
Milverton & Paris                  7:43
                                              ROUTE 51
ROUTE 16                                      Maplewood & Meadowview                    3:00
Maplewood & Meadowview             7:35       Northview Apts. @ Storage Shed            3:04
Northview Apts. @ Storage Shed     7:40       Mound & Dominion Circle                   3:05
Mound & Dominion Circle            7:41
                                              ROUTE 46
ROUTE 18                                      Metro Pkwy & Waltham                      2:59
Metro Pkwy & Waltham               7:41       Metro Pkwy.& Weber                        2:59
Metro Pkwy & Weber                 7:41       Almont & Lewis                            3:00
Almont & Lewis                     7:42       Dickson & Almont                          3:01
Dickson & Almont                   7:43       Dickson & Allison                         3:02
                                              Dickson & Del Ray                         3:03
Dickson & Allison                  7:44       Dickson & Pompano                         3:03
Dickson & Del Ray                  7:45
Dickson & Pompano                  7:45       ROUTE 27
                                              Dequindre & Laurel Valley                 2:59
                                                               10 ft. before entrance
ROUTE 27                                      Dequindre & Autumn Ridge                  3:00
Dequindre & Laurel Valley          7:41       Metro Pkwy & Park Place                   3:01
        10 ft. before entrance                Metro Pkwy & Engleside                    3:03
Dequindre & Autumn Ridge           7:41       Ryan & Jefferson                          3:05
Metro Pkwy & Park Place            7:43
Metro Pkwy & Engleside             7:44
Ryan & Jefferson                   7:46
                                  IMPORTANT NOTICE

                        SCHOOL CALENDAR – 2006/2007
Friday                  September 1       Labor Day Holiday – No School
Monday                  September 4       Labor Day Holiday – No School
Tuesday                 September 5       Classes Resume – ½ day
Wednesday               September 6       First full day of school – 8:00 a.m.
Tuesday                 September 12      Flynn Open House
Thursday                September 14      Picture Day
Wednesday               September 27      Student Count Day – ALL STUDENTS MUST BE IN SCHOOL

Monday                  October 9         M.S. MEAP testing begins
Friday                  October 27        M.S. MEAP testing ends

Monday                  November 6        2nd Card Marking Period begins
Tuesday                 November 7        Teacher Professional Development Day – No School
Tuesday                 November 21       Middle School Parent/Teacher Conf. – Dismissal @ 11:12
Wednesday               November 22       ½ day – Dismissal @
Thursday                November 23       Thanksgiving Holiday– No School
Friday                  November 24       Thanksgiving Holiday – No School
Monday                  November 27       Classes Resume

Tuesday                 December 19       Last class day
Wednesday               December 20       Winter Recess – December 21-January 2, 2007

Wednesday               January 3, 2007   Classes Resume
Monday                  January 15        Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No School
Friday                  January 19        Middle School Records Day – ½ day
Monday                  January 22        3rd Card Marking period begins

Thursday                February 8        Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences – ½ day school
Wednesday               February 14       Student Count Day – ALL STUDENTS MUST BE IN SCHOOL
Monday                  February 19       Winter Break Begins No School February 19- February 23
Monday                  February 26       Classes Resume

Tuesday                 March 20          Teacher in-service - ½ day

Monday                  April 2           4th Card Marking period begins
Thursday                April 5           ½ day – dismissal 11:12
Friday                  April 6           Spring Break Begins-No School April 6-15
Monday                  April 16          Classes Resume

Monday                  May 28            Memorial Day – No School
Tuesday                 May 29            Classes Resume

Wednesday               June 14           Last student day-½ day – dismissal 11:12

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