ACG Chicago Sponsorship 2011-2012

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       Sponsorship 2011-2012
     Reach Deal-Makers, Decision-
       Makers, Corporate Executives, and
     Key Advisors Through ACG Chicago
     Connecting the Middle Market
     Networks of Corporate Growth
        The                                 Mission
                                                               ACG Chicago Executive Committee / Board
            ACG Chicago is the premier network in
         Northern Illinois of experts & decision-making
       professionals focused on strategies for increasing
                sustainable stakeholder value.
                                                               The            The            The          The
       ACG Chicago will continue to build the strongest      Private      International
       member base (measured by expertise, growth and                                     Corporate     Venture
                                                             Equity          Growth
           retention) in the organization through
         unparalleled opportunities for networking,          Network        Network        Network      Network
             deal making, personal growth &
                 professional development.

        This network of leading authorities on corporate
       growth will expand its prominence by developing a
       diverse membership, strong educational programs,     Membership    Membership      Membership   Membership
        offering its members ACG exposure, and through       Programs      Programs        Programs     Programs
        unique access to industry leaders and expertise.    Curriculum    Curriculum      Curriculum   Curriculum
                                                           Marketing     Marketing       Marketing    Marketing
                                                                         The Annual Awards Committee

       Your Sponsorship Opportunities
               Annual ACG Chicago Sponsorships
               The Midwest Capital Connection
                  and A Double Diamond Package
               Targeted Conferences with Discounts like
                  the 2011 Healthcare M&A Conference
               The ACG Chicago Annual Awards Gala
          The 2011 – 2012 Annual ACG Chicago Sponsorships
                   Covering	
                       Level                                   Diamond                  Platinum                 Gold                    Silver
                       Cost                                    $15,000                  $10,000                 $5,000                   $2,000
Company logo posted on ACG Chicago website
homepage                                                    most prominent              prominent                   -                        -

Company name posted on ACG Chicago website
homepage                                                            -                        -                 prominent          less prominent

Logo on all regular event signage                           most prominent              prominent                   -                        -

Name on all regular event signage                                   -                        -                 prominent          less prominent

Logo on event announcements                                 most prominent              prominent                   -                        -

Name on event announcements                                         -                        -                 prominent          less prominent

Shared literature table at regular events                         yes                      yes                      -                        -

Prominent Seating at Speaker's Table for one
registered guest                                                  yes                        -                      -                        -

Junior page ad in one edition of The Journal
Newsletter                                                        yes                        -                      -                        -

Half page ad in one edition of The Journal
Newsletter                                                          -                      yes                      -                        -

Quarter page ad in one edition of The Journal
Newsletter                                                          -                        -                    yes                        -

Complimentary registrations for regular events                     20                       20                     10                       5

Complimentary registrations for conferences                        4                         -                      -                        -

Banner ad on home page ¹	
  *                                 one month             one month group                 -                        -

Article in one edition of The Journal Newsletter           1200 word article        1200 word article               -                        -

June 2012 Golf Outing: Complimentary
Registrations                                                      4                        4                      2                        1

June 2012 Golf Outing: one major raffle prize in
honor of                                                          yes                        -                      -                        -

June 2012 Golf Outing: Logo on promotional
products bag                                                      yes                      yes                      -                        -

June 2012 Golf Outing: Exclusive right to include
promotional product                                               yes                      yes                    yes                        -

June 2012 Golf Outing: hole sponsor                                 -                      yes                    yes                  group listing

Advance regular events attendee list upon request
(2 days prior)                                                    yes                      yes                      -                        -

The 12th Annual October Chicago M&A Conference featuring the

Midwest ACG Capital Connection
2010 marked our 11th year ACG Chicago has hosted a nationally recognized
M&A conference in October. Over 1100 attendees from over 40 states drove
greater dealmaking at the nation’s largest Capital Connection including 156
private equity firms and lenders representing over 80 billion of capital.

October 18, 2011 will again provide
Unparalleled Networking, Dealmaking, & Relationship Building

Sponsorships are tiered as Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze for the
Midwest Capital Connections.

Benefits spanning these various levels include (Not all apply to each level):
Your Company posted on ACG Chicago website Conference page
Your Company on all Conference signage
Your Company on Sponsor Conference page in Binder
Your Company on Conference announcements
A Literature table at Conference
Private (pipe & drape) meeting room on balcony with logo signage
Color ads in Conference Binder
Complimentary registrations for Conference
Complimentary registrations for Opening Reception
Opening Night Signage and Recognition (this is an invitation only event)
Right to Host Opening Night Wine Table
Company logo on Conference lanyard
Company logo on Refreshment Break signage, napkins and cups
Company logo on DealSource signage / name on napkins & cups
Company logo on Conference Closing Reception napkins & cups
Company Powerpoint for continual exposure in the sponsor lounge
Advance PDF Conference Attendee List upon request (5 days prior)
First right of refusal for 2012 Capital Connection Sponsorship
Double Diamond Bonus Package
All the extended benefits our all-star sponsors receive for
this commitment to our team>

Capital Connection Highlights:                                                   Value
  ▲ A Private Meeting Room (pipe & drape room on the balcony) with              priceless
      your logo proudly emblazoned on a hanging banner;

  ▲ 3 minute PowerPoint visuals running throughout the day in the               priceless
    sponsor lounge;
  ▲ Exclusive right to host a wine-tasting table at the invitation only         priceless
    private equity/investment banking Opening Night reception with
    investment bankers from the DealSource sessions and other
    Diamond Sponsors;

  ▲ Featured placement of wine-tasting table at the Opening Night              Even more
     reception                                                                  priceless
  ▲ Featured placement of your table in the sponsor lounge including              $200
     supplied power and monitor if desired;
  ▲ Choice of inside front cover or inside back cover of program guide for       $3,500
     full page ad (as available; full page bleed ad otherwise); and
  ▲ Industry Exclusivity at the Diamond level of sponsorship for the            priceless
     Capital Connection.

Annual Sponsorship Highlights:
  ▲ Primary logo placement on most print and electronic                         priceless
  ▲ Thought Leadership Podcast (video or audio) featured on the                 priceless
  ▲ A seat at the speakers’ table of all regular events;                        priceless
  ▲ Many additional items outlined on the Annual Sponsor benefits page          Priceless

  ▲ 4 additional conference complimentary passes                             $780 - $2,000+
  ▲ 4 additional regular event complimentary passes                           $140 - $260
  ▲ First right of refusal for sponsorship of special feature conferences       priceless
     (e.g.; venture, international, corporate, and sector specific);
  ▲ Second Thought Leadership Article featured in The Journal (biannual         priceless
     publication) including brief corporate and author descriptions;
  ▲ upgrade to full page (full bleed) ad in Journal publication;                priceless
  ▲ Complimentary annual dues of 2 members (must be current member           $600 (after 9/1 -
     or qualify under current standards); and                                    $650)
  ▲ Introduction of key event / program (to be jointly determined for fit       Priceless
     and availability)
                                           Total Double Diamond Benefits     $5,220 - $6,610
                                                                              plus featured
                                            Cash Discount (5% of total)           $1500
                                    TOTAL DOUBLE DIAMOND BENEFITS            $6,720 – 8,110
                                                                              plus featured
                     CASH COST of DOUBLE DIAMOND SPONSORSHIP                    $28,5000
Targeted Conferences provide focused opportunities to reach the
professionals that can drive strategic efforts and efforts of expertise.
The 2nd Annual Healthcare Conference being held on April 7, 2011 is
a great example of these extra opportunities:

Healthcare M&A Conference
2011 Sponsorship
Maximize Your current or 2011-
2012 ACG Chicago Sponsorship
We would like to thank all of our sponsors who
have stepped up to the Platinum & Diamond
levels with a 50% discount and our Gold &
Silver levels with a 25% discount off the
program below!
                      [Contact us by March 7th
                 to take full advantage of this deal]

As a part of this conference development, we would like to offer all
those who excel in corporate growth in this segment the opportunity
to sponsor this program.

Unlike our annual or other conference programs, this event will
feature just one level of sponsorship at $2500.
Included in this sponsorship will be:
• Your logo on the conference materials
• A slide of your logo on conference screens
• Full-page in electronic conference materials (this can be an ad, profile of expertise, article,
tombstones, etc. in full color)
• Exclusive right to provide promotional items at the event
• Sponsors’ literature table at the conference for your materials
• 2 Tickets to conference ($380 member / $580 non-member value)
• Attendance list provided at least 2 days in advance
• Opportunity to post relevant white paper on healthcare in this event’s ebook.

For more information or to secure your sponsorship please contact:

      Craig Miller                                      Terry Cobb                  
      877-224-6389 ext. 101                             877-224-6389 ext. 102
Deal Maker Tables @
The ACG Chicago Annual Awards
Join the Leading Firms in Chicago & the Midwest as they Salute the Leaders in
our Industry – Jack Levin – Walgreens – KeHE Distributors - with a table for 10
plus a full page ad in the program for $2000.
      AwardsSign.pdf   10/13/10   2:49:41 PM



                                               2011 Awards Gala
       March 10, 2011 - Chicago Cultural Center





                                                       Join us in honoring
                                                 the Midwest’s growth leaders...

                                                   Emerging Growth Award
                                                   Corporate Growth Award
                                                 Lifetime Achievement Award

  Your ACG Chicago Sponsorship Committee (& Board of Directors)

Executive Committee              Stefan Timms                          Thomas E. Jones
                                 Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP          Concord Financial Advisors, LLC
Daniel P. Howell                 Corporate Network                     Brian P. Kerwin
Mesirow Financial                David G. Heinke                       Duane Morris LLP     Grant Thornton LLP          
Executive Vice President                                               David Laverty
Dustin R. Weinberger             Brian Crannell                        International Counsel
GE Corporate Lending             Littelfuse, Inc.                                                           Gordon C. Liao
Secretary                                                              Baird Capital Partners
Murray R. Lessinger                                          
White Oak Group                  Directors                             Frank R. Mack      Raymond C. Anderson                   AS Capital Partners
Treasurer                        Huron Consulting Group      
Thomas M. Turmell      
                                                                       Lawrence C. Manson, Jr.
TMT Capital Partners             Jason Apple                           NexGen Capital Partners, LLC          Riveron Consulting          
Past President         
                                                                       Ada C. Nielsen
James A. McNair                  Kathryn M. Carter                     BP America Inc.
Corinthian Capital Group, LLC    Ernst & Young LLP           
                                                                       Richard W. Porter
Chief Executive Officer          Joseph P. Davisson                    Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Craig A. Miller                  Capital One Leverage Finance
ACG Chicago                      Corp.
                                                                       Andrew W. Rice 
                                                                       The Jordan Company
                                 Steven M. Dresner
                                 Dresner Partners
Committee Chairs       
                                                                       Saul E. Rudo
Awards                                                                 Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
                                 William R. Durkin
John C. Bintz                                                
                                 The Synergy Companies, Inc.
Valuation Research Corporation                                         Suzanne L. Saxman
                                                                  Seyfarth Shaw LLP
                                 Venita E. Fields
Andrew L. Weil                                               
                                 Smith Whiley & Company
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP                                            James K. Vargo
                                                                         HomeDirectUSA, Inc.
                                 Walter C. Florence
Michael Gruber                                               	
                                 Frontenac Company
Independence Equity    
mgruber@independence-            David Gaito                       PNC Business Credit
M&A / PE Network       
Charles A. Gonzalez              James J. Greenberger
Albion Investors LLC             Private Equity Law Advisors
Ryan Rassin                      Mark R. Grossmann
OFS Capital                      Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP                   Contact us @:
Venture Network                  Ankur Gupta
Alexander D. Tang
                                 Winston & Strawn LLP
Invention Bridge       
                                                                                   or         William G. Harlan, Jr.                    877-ACG-Network
International Network            Prism Mezzanine Fund, L.P.                 [ 877-224-6389 ]
James A. Valderrama                                    or
Grant Thornton LLP               Karen L. Johnson                                                    181 W. Madison, #3350
                                 Harris Bank, N.A.
                                                                           Chicago, IL 60602