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                                             Aerospace Project Brief

Learning Objectives                                        Ideas for Speech Topics
  • Learn how airplanes "fly"                                   • NASA and the job of an astronaut
  • Learn about aerospace careers                               • Concerns and issues surrounding local airports
  • Learn how to build a rocket and identify the parts          • What does it take to be an airplane pilot
  • Build your own spacecraft
  • Learn navigation skills                                Critical Thinking
  • Make and fly your own kit                                   • How can building or looking at a model of
                                                                  something help us learn more about the real
  • Interview someone whose career is in aerospace
  • Gather information about different types of planes
                                                                • What skills do you need to work on if you want a
    and their parts                                               job like this?
  • Build other forms of flight such as kites,                  • Where do you see airfoils in everyday life?
    helicopters and hot air balloons
                                                                • There is a saying, "If you can read a map, you
Fair Projects                                                     can go anywhere!" What does it mean?
  •   Edible rocket                                             • What tips can you offer others for quickly
  •   Homemade space helmet                                       getting information you need on just about
                                                                  any topic even when the amount seems
  •   Display of different types of aircraft
  •   Poster on how weather affects flying
                                                                • In what other areas of your life do you
  •   Hot air balloon model                                       experiment and make adjustments to solve
  •   Paper helicopter                                            problems?
  •   Drinking straw and balloon rocket
  •   Paper flight simulator                               Community Service
  •   Balloon shuttle                                       •     Demonstrate or share your aerospace
  •   Model rocket                                                knowledge with young children or older
  •   Flat style box kite
                                                            •     Create a model airplane display for a
  •   Make a star-gazer to view constellations
                                                                  showcase at a public location like an airport,
                                                                  library, museum, nursing home
Demonstration Ideas
  •   How to make your own flight simulator·                •     Help organize a neighborhood aerospace
                                                                  activity like community kite flying day or
  •   How to build a balloon rocket
                                                                  Space Day http://www.spaceday.com/
  •   Hot to build a flat-style box kite
  •   Demonstrate navigation and altitude tracking         Science & Technology
      skills                                               How have you used science and technology in this
                                                           project area?
Field Trips                                                Examples:
  • Local Air port                                            • Build/Construct forms of flight
  • Weather Station                                           • Design a rocket
  • TV Station                                                • Hypothesize about different techniques in
                                                                 enabling your rocket to reach taller heights in
                                                                 the air

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Show Me Character
Trustworthiness - includes honesty, promise                        Caring - promoting the well being of people and
keeping and loyalty.                                               things in a young person's world. It denotes action
    • Always complete your part of the project                     and not just feelings.
   • Be honest with your project leader and your                       • Do what you're good at; others will appreciate
      teammates                                                          your expertise
   • Stand by your project, even if it doesn't work                    • Share your knowledge with others
      the way you wanted                                               • Be empathic - Share your tools and supplies if
    • Don't cheat - claim only rockets that you really                   someone else runs low or has trouble with a
      made or helped with         .                                      rocket
Respect - includes courtesy and proper treatment                   Citizenship - includes making the home
of people and things.                                              community and county a better place to live for
   • Judge people on what they can do, not just on                 themselves and others.
      who you are friends with                                         • Be a volunteer; help out whenever you can
   • Show respect for different views                                  • Play by the rules of your local clubs and fairs
   • Value everyone even if they are not able to                      • Don't use any supplies that are outlawed or
      help you with your project                                         not allowed
   • Treat others' projects the way you want your                      • Don't try to cut corners - follow the rules
      project treated
Responsibility - includes the pursuit of excellence,               Show Me Standards
accountability and perseverance.                                   Missouri 4-H members will acquire the knowledge
   • Complete your project on time; remember,                      and skills to gather, analyze and apply information
      deadlines are a major part of Aerospace                      and ideas, communicate effectively, recognize and
   • Work hard - Put out the best effort possible                  solve problems, make decisions and act as
   • Do what you say you will do; be where you                     responsible members of society.
      say you will be
   • Do your part when working in groups                           4-H members will acquire a solid foundation which
Fairness - involves consistently applying rules and                includes knowledge of:
standards appropriately for different age groups                   • Mathematics- data analysis, probability and
and ability levels.                                                     statistics.
   • Don't try to change results of flight tests - Use             • Science- processes of scientific inquiry and
      them to make you better                                           impact of science, technology and human
   • Allow everyone to speak before making group                        activity on resources and the environment.
      decisions.                                                   • Communication Arts- participating in formal
   • Be consistent in recording information                             and informal presentations and discussions of
                                                                        issues and ideas.

811 Aerospace Unit 1                                         813 Aerospace Unit 3
Y620 4-H Project Record                                      Y620 4-H Project Record
Y8110 Pre Flight                                             Y8130 Reaching New Heights
LG8150 Aerospace Helper's Guide                              LG8150 Aerospace Helper's Guide
812 Aerospace Unit 2                                         814 Aerospace Unit 4
Y620 4-H Project Record                                      Y620 4-H Project Record
Y8120 Lift Off                                               Y8140 Pilot in Command
LG8150 Aerospace Helper's Guide                              LG8150 Aerospace Helper's Guide

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