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					                      Minnesota Chapter                                                               MINNESOTA
                    Public Risk Management
                                                                                                    CHAPTER PUBLIC
The Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) is North
America’s largest Risk Management Association dedicated
                                                                                                   RISK MANAGEMENT
solely to the practice of risk management in the public sector.
PRIMA provides education, training, professional
development, and publications.

Minnesota PRIMA is the Minnesota chapter of this
organization. Our members are comprised of staff from
Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Public Works,
Risk Management and Safety Departments. They are
responsible for benefits coordination, claims contracts,
insurance, and loss control and safety programs for cities,
counties, and school districts.

                                                                                                   Front Desk Security
If you would like more information or a membership
application, please contact any Board Member listed in this

flyer. We also invite you to attend our meetings and learn
how risk management can make your organization better
and safer for your employees and the public you serve.
                                                                                                   Disruptive Behavior
                      Board Members
                                                                                                        October 9, 2008
  President, Ron J. Guilfoile
                                                                                                      11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
                                                                  MINNESOTA CHAPTER PUBLIC RISK

      City of St. Paul                  651-266-8888
  Vice President, Amy Larson
                                                                                                         MCIT, Third Floor
                                                                  MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION

      City of Bloomington               952-563-4932                                                    Meeting sponsored by
                                                                  145 University Avenue West
                                                                  League of Minnesota Cities

                                                                  Saint Paul MN 55103-2044

                                                                                                         Wells Fargo
                                                                  Chris White, Loss Control

  Secretary, Wayne Estenson
      City of Eden Prairie              952-949-8359
  Treasurer, Chris White
      League of Minnesota Cities        651-215-4069
  Director, Tom Suppes
      City of Brooklyn Park             763-493-8184
  Director, Phil Waljasper
      Metropolitan Council              651-602-1787
  Director, Marlys Williamson
      ADMN Minnesota                    651-201-2591
  Chapter Liaison, Ellen Velasco-Thompson
      City of Minneapolis               612-673-3994
      e-mail: ellenvelascothompson@
11:30 Grab Your Lunch                              12:45–1:30 Disruptive Behavior                      - REGISTRATION REQUESTED -
Your meeting sponsor, Wells Fargo, invites         Learn how to arrive at a satisfactory solution        Pre-registration by October 6 is required.
you to a tasty lunch during the presentations.     through recommended training practices that
                                                   emphasize understanding conflict management        Name: _____________________________
Who Should Attend?                                 and de-escalation methods.
Anyone associated with customer service that                                                          Title:   _____________________________
has direct contact with the public, including:     Disruptive Behavior Presenters
 Licensers / Utility & Billing Personnel             Art Thomas                                     Employer: _________________________
 Receptionists / “Counter” Personnel                  Art has 28 years work experience in the
 Information / Complaint Personnel                    Security Industry. Art is a 20-year veteran    Phone: (_____) _____________________
 Facility Managers                                    of the United States Air Force, including
 Beach / Pool Attendants or Lifeguards                security of nuclear missile sites, launch
                                                                                                      E-Mail: ____________________________
 Ice Arena Attendants                                 missions, and air craft operations. As the      Non-Member: $15.00 payable to MN PRIMA
 Clerks / Administrators / Supervisors                Minneapolis Security Manager, Art is            Co-Worker of Government Member: $10.00/
 Risk Managers / HR Personnel                         responsible for planning, development and        co-worker (if 1-4 co-workers); $7.50/co-worker (if
                                                                                                        5+ co-workers) payable to MN PRIMA
                                                       implementation of the city’s enterprise
11:45–12:30 Front Desk Security                        physical security program for 155 municipal    To register contact Chris White
                                                       facilities and 4,000 employees.                       Mail:       See address on other side
Learn what has worked and what hasn’t in the
                                                      Mark Anderson                                         Phone:      651-215-4069
implementation process of delivering quality
                                                       Mark is Founding Executive Director of the            Fax:        651-281-1296
service to County clients while improving the
                                                       Barbara Schneider Foundation. Previously,             E-Mail:
safety of their employees.
                                                       he was policy advisor on health care,            MN Counties Insurance Trust, Third Floor
                                                       mental health, human rights and related                   100 Empire Drive, St. Paul 55103-1885
Front Desk Security Presenters                         issues in the office of U.S. Senator Paul                            651-209-6400
   B. J. Battig                                       Wellstone, including work on substance
    B. J. is Risk and Homeland Security                abuse treatment parity.
    Manager for Dakota County. B.J. has been
    involved in the implementation of
    employee security training, physical
                                                       Future Meetings
    security systems, and development of
    Personal Safety Policies for the County.
                                                       November 6        Understanding Required
   Julie Sorrem
                                                                         Insurance Contract Lingo
    Julie is Risk Manager for Washington
                                                                         and Election of Officers
    County and has been involved in county
                                                                         plus Annual Updates
    building security audits and security
    enhancements (i.e., physical barriers, court
    screening process, etc.). She also has               Visit your MN PRIMA web page
    implemented employee security training,            Find up-to-date meeting information, reviews
    emergency procedures, and a countywide             of past meetings, Board contact information,
    business continuity plan.                          member job openings, and much more!              Directions:


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