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					Support UCB Classics …

Target audience: potential donors and supporters, community members curious
about Classics at UCB, also of secondary interest to prospective students.

Text: invitation to support classics through monetary donations, volunteerism, etc.
Brief description of projects UCB Classics is involved in that need support, where
financial donations go, and any other ways to support Classics, linked to “action
items” such as “volunteer opportunities” “join Friends of Classics” and “How to Make
a Donation.” If there’s any kind of “love offering” or “reward” for support, like special
receptions with faculty or guests, note that here as well.

   Join Friends of Classics (depending on amount of “there” there, may be subcat or
only a link to “join” form)
   Volunteer Opportunities
   How to Make a Donation (covers both electronic and pen-and-paper methods)
   Photo Gallery
   Department Newsletter
       Newsletter Archives

Programs …

Text: brief mention of graduate and undergraduate programs of study available,
good place to elaborate on personal attention and collaborative spirit of the
department, give people a sense of what kind of community they would become part
of as a Classics major or grad student.

  Graduate Study
  Undergraduate Study

Graduate Study

Text: Description of texture, tone of graduate study in classics at UCB with
information regarding student/teacher ratio, access to resources, and opportunities
to study abroad. Brief description of UCB graduate degrees offered, plus summary of
the Joint Program in Ancient Philosophy and the Graduate Group in Ancient History
and Mediterranean Archaeology. Summary of prerequisites for admission. Each
degree summary linked to more thorough description of degree requirements.

   o   Classics (MA, PhD)
   o   Classical Archaeology (MA, PhD)
   o   Joint Program in Ancient Philosophy (PhD) … brief description, link to
   o   Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (MA, PhD)
       … brief description, link to AHMA web site.

    MA in Classics, Greek or Latin (detailed information)
    PhD (detailed information)
Classical Archaeology
    MA (detailed information)
    PhD (detailed information)
PhD Reading list
Graduate Study Brochure
How to Apply
   Request for admission and fellowship application
   Applicant’s Reading List (supplemental to application)
    UCB graduate admissions online application (link)
Funding Resources
   GSIships and Student Jobs
   Fellowships and Scholarships
   UCB financial aid office (link)
Graduate Diversity Outreach Program (link)

Undergraduate Study

Text: Describe value of majoring in Classics and for what each Classics major
prepares the student. Mention opportunities for undergrads to participate in
research, talk about character of the program—accessibility, student/teacher
relationships, resouces. Suggestions for those wanting to become more familiar with
the department, such as the Classics Undergraduate Association (what is status?)
and undergraduate e-news with link to signup form (form needs revision)

  Major in Classical Languages … description of prereqs & major requirements
  Major in Classsical Civilizations … description of prereqs & requirements
  Major in Greek or Latin … description of prereqs & requirements
  Honors in Classics (also linked to from major descriptions)
  Minors related to Classics
  Undergraduate Opportunities for Research and Study Abroad
  FAQ for Prospective Undergraduates
  How to Declare the Major (link to L&S)
  How to Apply for Admission to UC Berkeley (link to UCB admissions)
  Classics Undergraduate Association (link)

People: …

Text: general description of quality and characteristics of faculty, mention of wide
range of areas of focus. Emphasize accessibility and interdisciplinary collaboration.
Might mention student/teacher ratio here for both undergraduates and graduate
students. Could promote Sather professor here also.
   The Sather Professor
     Brief description of Sather Lecture history (truly brief), current SP’s bio and
description of topic area. Link to events for lecture schedule, note a future Sather
professors, link to Sather History and past professors list.

    by name, title, and area of interest. Selection dynamically generates page with
name, title, specialty or key area of interest, office location, office hours, phone
number, email address, special status notes (on sabbatical, etc.), and link to
personal site or CV

   Visiting Faculty
     Include above with notation “visiting” under special status notes.

     By name and title, selection dynamically generates page with title, office
location, phone number, email address, link to personal site if desired

   Graduate Students
     By name and area of interest; selection dynamically generates page with
name, area of interest, email address, link to personal site if desired

Note: all listings are dynamically generated from database information entered by
the faculty, staff, or graduate students themselves OR the department designees,
except for the Sather Professor.

Resources at Home and Abroad …

Text: Brief description of variety of resources and holdings of the Department.
Longer linked graphs on Nemea, Tel Dor and Tebtunis Papyri (or whatever the
Department would like to emphasize)

  Nemea (description of UCB involvement and link to the Nemea Center site)
        (Who maintains this site? It needs some serious redesign)
  Tel Dor (description of UCB involvement and link to site)
  Tebtunis Papyri (description of UCB involvement and link to site)
  Libraries (description of holdings)
  Affiliated Groups and Programs (such as … ?)