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									June 18, 2009

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger          U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer           U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
State of California                 501 "I" Street, Ste. 7-600           One Post Street, Suite 2450
State Capitol Building              Sacramento, CA 95814                 San Francisco, CA 94104
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor and Senators:

I am writing to request your assistance in getting the water pumps that bring water to the farmers in
Central Valley, California from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta turned on. I understand that
these pumps have been turned off or the water flow has been significantly reduced to protect the
threatened delta smelt, a two inch fish. As a result, farms have shut down or have been significantly
reduced, and many are out of work. The result is that 60,000 plus farmers, landowners, laborers, and their
families are affected. In some rural areas, I understand that there is a 40% unemployment rate. The farms
have been receiving water for many years even during drought years, and it is unfair that our federal
government through the US Fish and Wildlife Service has effectively been able to shut off the water flow.
60,000 plus people are more important than a two inch fish and furthermore, the US FWS' action is
unconstitutional. The delta fish and the water flow are wholly within the borders of California. The
federal government has no authority. I also understand that the delta smelt survives in a tidal marsh
around Liberty Island in the northern delta which should negate their "threatened" status and that the
biological opinion issued to put the delta smelt on the endangered list is significantly flawed.

I live in Southern California. Because we will no longer be getting our food supply from the Central
Valley, food prices have risen and so our dependence on foreign food supply. Because of the artificial
man-made "drought" our water costs will go up significantly, too, besides the fact that water rationing is
occurring throughout Southern California. Our pursuit of happiness that our US Constitution guarantees
us is being trampled upon by the federal government. This must stop.

I understand there are two lawsuits challenging the US FWS, one by three farmers from the Central
Valley being represented by the Pacific Legal Foundation and another by the State Water Contractors. I
urge you to do whatever you can to assist in getting the water pumps turned on. I will be watching Fox
News and listening to talk radio for your action and voice on behalf of the people. It is a shame that you
and the mainstream media are not exposing this atrocity perpetrated on the American citizens of


                                         P rint Name
Rep. Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House
US Senator Harry Reid – Senate Majority Leader

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