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					                                         September 2004 - Page 1

                                                                          Dr. Earl E. Hansen, CIE,
                                     President's Corner                   President , Northeastern Illinois
         September 2004              By Dr. Earl Hansen                   ASSE Chapter
        Volume 7, Issue 9
                                     As we move into the Labor Day
    DON’T FORGET THE                 Weekend we are reminded of the
                                                                          New Member?
   CHICAGOLAND SAFETY                need to drive safely and to be       For all new members, the first
  CONFERENCE SEPT 20-24.             aware of not only of our own         meeting attended by a new
                                     actions but those of the other       member is free! We are
                                     highway users. So we need to         confident that you will learn
  Inside this Issue                  refresh ourselves in                 something and take away more
                                     remembering that basic concept       than what you came with. Just
      PRESIDENT’S CORNER             that we were exposed to in           contact our Membership Chair,
1     MEMBER INFORMATION             driver education years (many for
                                     some of us) ago. That is the
                                                                          Linda Hiser. (See the box on the
                                                                          next page). We hope to see you
                                     IPDE concept. For those that
                                     may have forgotten; IPDE refers
                                     to Identify, Predict, Decide and
      LEADERSHIP CONF. +             Execute.
                                                                          Chapter Rosters
      TENTATIVE CHAPTER                                                   Chapter rosters are available at
                                     Still using the IPDE concept, I
      2004-5 ANNOUNCED
                                     am asking that we all Identify
                                     our role as a safety professional,
                                                                          chapter meetings for any
                                                                          member who wishes to have a
      SPY AWARD NOMINEES                                                  printed copy of the roster.
                                     Predict our needs in improving
                                     and/or maintaining our
                                     professional skills, Decide that
                                                                          Please note that you can go to
                                                                          the ASSE web site and search
                                                                          the member database at any time
                                     we need to improve/maintain of
                                     professional skills and to
                                     Execute that improvement and
                                                                          for contact information if you
                                                                          are looking for a specific chapter
      ASSE GOVERNMENTAL              maintenance by attending the
                                     Joint Safety Conference. The
                                     Conference is September 20-24        Newsletter Articles
                                     at the NIU Naperville Campus
                                     and detailed information is          Please send your newspaper
                                     found here in the newsletter or      articles, list of job openings, or
      SAFETY EMPLOYMENT                                                   other information of interest to
                                     by going to the Conference Web
                                     Site at        our chapter to Joe Islinger at
18    ASSE NEIL 2004-5 MEETING
                                     A number of dedicated
                                     professionals from all of the        Change of Address?
20    CALENDAR                       chapters and agencies involved
                                     in putting on the conference         If your contact information has
      THERE IS NO MONTHLY            have put in place an excellent       changed, please notify ASSE
      MEETING IN SEPTEMBER.          program. So come out and be          headquarters (email:
      COME TO THE CSC!!              exposed to not only the content or
                                     of the program itself; but to the    phone: 847-699-2929 and ask
ASSE Northeastern Illinois Chapter   knowledge and insights that can      for customer service).
PO Box 72698                         only be gained by interacting
                                     with professionals in both a         The chapter officers can access
Roselle, IL 60172-0698
                                     formal and informal atmosphere.      directly the contact information
                                                                          from headquarters.
                                             September 2004 - Page 2
                                        will receive an award at the        125 students attended this very
                                        Awards Presentation dinner next     successful conference last year
                                        December 2004. Please submit        from colleges and universities
   2004-2005 Officers &                 best practices to Joe Islinger or   throughout the Midwest.
                                        Andy Tudor for publication in
   Committee Chairs                     this newsletter.                    If you are interested in
                                                                            participating, presenting,
   PRESIDENT: Earl Hansen
   815-753-0579                                                             promoting, or supporting this
   PRESIDENT-ELECT – Michael            Leadership Confe-                   conference, please contact Dr.
   Sarlitto 708-514-5386                                                    Hansen at
   TREASURER: Tony Weber 630-           rence October 7-9,                  or by phone at 815-753-0579.
   SECRETARY: Sara Gibson CSP           2004                                As more information is received
   847-925-6923                         I received an announcement
   PAST PRESIDENT Elizabeth                                                 on this conference, it will be in
   Cunningham 847-482-2747
                                        from Chris Patton, Regional         your newsletter, so please „stay
   DELEGATES TO THE 2005 PDC:           Vice President with the ASSE        tuned.‟
    Dr. Earl Hansen, Michael Sarlitto   for our region, about this
                                        upcoming conference. It is being
                                        held in the Chicago area and        Tentative NEIL
   MEMBERSHIP: Linda Hiser              best of all, it is FREE for all     Chapter Meeting
   773-467-0797                         ASSE members. While its
   FOUNDATION: Alex Garcia 847-         content mostly deals with           Schedule for 2004-
   413-9102 x297                        leadership on the ASSE Chapter
   Diana Franck 800-818-1079
                                        management level, there are
                                                                            5 Announced
   AWARDS/HONORS: Rich Rapacki
   630-879-3006                         many good take-aways in             For those of you who consider
   STUDENT SECTION: Dennis Ce-          general to be had by attending      yourselves among the ranks of
   sarotti 630-726-2180                 this conference.
   NEWSLETTER – Joe Islinger                                                “Busy 21st Century
   312-930-2538                                                             Professionals” here is a chance
   COPS (Practices & Standards)
                                        The conference will be held at
                                                                            to mark your calendars in
   Robert (Bob) Harcar 847-205-6171     the Marriott O‟Hare Hotel, 8535
                                                                            advance with the proposed
   Tony Zoia, 847-719-5379              W. Higgins Rd. Chicago, IL
   JOBS Liz Cunningham 847-482-                                             meeting schedule for your ASSE
                                        60631, their phone is
   2747                                                                     Chapter for 2004-5. Some of
   PUBLIC RELATIONS: Andrew                                                 these dates and activities are
   Tudor 847-824-3600                                                       subject to change, particularly
   2004 CSC: Mike Sarlitto              An agenda for each day was
   708-514-5386                         included in the August chapter      those activities in italics. So
                                        newsletter. Contact Joe Islinger    please check your monthly
   WEBMASTER: Mia Hannon                if you did not get a copy of this   newsletter in advance for the
   HANNON@EIGER.CEET.NIU.EDU                                                latest chapter activities.
       CHAPTER WEB SITE                 newsletter. Thank you.                                        Here is the list right now, as
   neilasse/index.html                  Student Safety                      presented to me by Past
                                        Conference 2005                     President Liz Cunningham and
Chapter Best                                                                President Dr. Earl Hansen.
Practice Award                                                              . Sept 20-24 8:00 a.m.
                                        Dr. Earl Hansen, Chapter            Chicagoland Safety Conference,
By Andy Tudor                           President and Director of the       NIU, campus, Naperville
                                        Office of Ergonomics and Safety
We began a new, successfully            at Northern IL University, just     . Oct. 13, 6:30 p.m. Jobs: How
demonstrated practice feature           informed me that the 5th annual     to Network, Searching for Jobs,
with the January newsletter.            Regional Student Leadership         What ASSE Offers to Members
You are invited to submit an            Conference has been scheduled       Location TBD possibly ASSE
article, 300 words or less, for         for Feb. 11-12 just ahead of the    Headquarters Des Plaines.
publication in the Chapter New-         Construction Safety Conference
sletter. Any best practice or suc-      on Feb. 15-17, 2005 (which is       . Nov. 10, 1PM, Lunch
cess stories that may provide           held in the Chicago area)           followed by Facility Tour,
incentive and guidance to Chap-         Attendance at the Student           Argonne National Laboratory,
ter members are welcome. Each           Leadership Conference in            Argonne, IL
member submitting will receive          DeKalb IL can piggy-back
a Certificate of Appreciation and                                           . December 7 6:00 p.m. Cash
                                        nicely with plans to attend the
the article voted most effective                                            Bar / Reception,. Chandlers',
                                        Construction Safety Conference.
                                        September 2004 - Page 3
Schaumburg IL 7:00 p.m.             Safety Professional of the Year      4. Meetings, would be held in
Dinner & Awards Joint meeting       (SPY) Award. For details check       Libraries which would be
with ASSE Greater Chicago and       the chapter website,                 centrally located to the
AIHA Chicago Section.           attendees. For example, I live
                                    e/neilasse/index.html , or contact   near Grayslake. If another
..Jan 12, 2005, 7:00 am, Indoor     Rich Rapacki at 630-879-3006         attendee lives in Vernon Hills
Air Quality, Harper College         or by e-mail,                        we would meet at the
                                 Libertyville library.
. Feb 9, 12 Noon Registration &     m
Lunch ASSE Headquarters Des                                              5. If interested, contact Pat
Plaines IL.                         2004 SPY Award Selection             Arkins at
½ day seminar 12:45-4:45                                                 MENTORS: If you are a CSP or
Seminar topics: Accident            9/25/04 Nominations submitted        would like to help in this area,
Causation, Costs of Accident        to the committee                     the group could use your
Prevention, Implementing an                                              assistance as a Mentor. Please
Effective Safety Program,           10/15/04 Candidate information       contact Pat. Thanks much.
Workers Compensation                submittals due
                                    11/01/04 Award Selection             Safety Happenings
. Mar 9, 7:00 a.m. Hot Topics
                                    12/01/04 Chapter Award Winner
                                                                         Around Town
in Safety (at Harper College)
                                    submittal to National                Your NEILLETTER is always
. Apr 13, 7:00 a.m. Student                                              happy to publish information on
EHS Presentations, Chapter          12/04 Chapter Holiday Party
                                                                         upcoming meetings and events
Elections. Harper College           Chapter Award Presentation
                                                                         in the safety environment in the
                                                                         Chicago area. Moving forward,
. May 11, 1pm, Lunch followed
by Facility Tour, TBD
                                    ASP Study Group                      I‟ll try to consolidate that
                                                                         information under one headline
                                    Planned                              so it can be found easier.
. June 8, 6:00 p.m. Planning
Meeting; Installation of New        By Pat Arkins, Chapter Member
Officers; New Officer                                                    Next SCSE meeting
Orientation Harper College,         1. Looking for interested safety     September 15th
Palatine, IL                        professionals and recently
                                    graduated students to hold group     By Rick Pokorny
Please see the display at the end   studies for the ASP examination
of this newsletter for a schedule   in and around the Northern           Dear SCSE (Society of Casualty
to post at your workplace so you    Suburbs of Chicago.                  Safety Engineers) Members and
and your colleagues will not                                             Guests:      Wow how the
miss an important meeting.          2. Group will study one night a      summer flies. We have an
Thanks and we‟ll see you there.     week for two-three hours, for        exciting program of meetings
                                    three months. starting either the    this fall for SCSE so mark you
                                    final week of September or the       calendars for the September,
Chapter Seeking                     first week in October 2004.          October, November, and
SPY Award                                                                December meetings. A
                                    3. Study topics would primarily      newsletter will be out shortly
Nominees                            focus on the needs and wishes of     and I have includes some of the
                                    attendees, that is, one week the     times, topics, and meeting
2004 SAFETY                         group will work together on IH       details for these meetings.
PROFESSIONAL OF THE                 equations or safety management
YEAR (SPY) AWARD                    problems. The topics for each        When - Wednesday, September
NOMINATIONS                         week will be discussed and           15, 2004
                                    agreed to during the previous
NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS               meetings. For example, the first     Event/Presenter: O'Hare Annual
CHAPTER, AMERICAN                   week the group will discuss a        Safety Exposition.
SOCIETY OF SAFETY                   topic and at the end of each
ENGINEERS, (NEIL-ASSE)                                                   Where - O'Hare AMC Building
                                    session, the group will decide
                                                                         (off Mannheim Road west of the
                                    what the next week‟s topic
The Northeastern Illinois                                                airport)
                                    should be.
Chapter of the ASSE is now
accepting nominations for the
                                       September 2004 - Page 4
Time - 12pm. The Exposition         •       Anatomy and                 Location: Harper College
runs from 10am to 2pm. You          Physiology of Hearing               Wojcik Conference Center,
are welcome to come at any time                                         1200 West Algonquin Road
during the exposition hours.        •        Audiometry                 Palatine, IL 60067, Phone: 847-
COST/RSVP - $10 Please              •        Hearing Protection
respond by September 5, 2004
to or 847-       •        Physics of Sound           How to Get to the Harper
735-0293. No "walk ins" can be                                          College Wojcik Conference
                                    •       Noise Measurement
taken for this meeting. You                                             Center
                                    and Evaluation
must pre-register so security can
let you in.                                                             From the North: Take
                                    •       Noise Control
                                                                        Highway 53 south to Algonquin
Upcoming SCSE Meeting                                                   Road exit. Go west on
Dates -                             Our Speakers: Elliott Berger,       Algonquin Road to Harper
                                    M.S., INCE.Bd.Cert., Senior         College. Turn north on Roselle
October 2, 2004 Meeting                                                 Road for the main entrance to
                                    Scientist, E.A.R./Aearo, Inc.
                                                                        the Wojcik Conference Center.
Dan Brockman, Safety
                                    Beth A. Cooper PE,
Recruiter/Headhunter,                                                   From the South: Take
                                    INCE.Bd.Cert., Manager,
Barrington, IL-                                                         Highway 53 north to Algonquin
                                    Acoustical Testing Laboratory,
                                    NASA Glenn Research Center          Road exit. Go west on
“Furthering your Safety Career”                                         Algonquin Road to Harper
                                    Tom Thunder, AuD, FAAA,             College. Turn north on Roselle
Tony Spavones Restaurant - 266
                                    INCE, Forensic Audiologist and      Road for the main entrance to
West Lake Street Bloomingdale,
                                    Acoustical Engineer, Rush           the Wojcik Conference Center.
                                    University, Chicago, IL,
                                    Acoustic Associates, Ltd.           From the East: Go west on the
November 5, 2004 Meeting
                                                                        Northwest Tollway (I-90) to the
Perry Myers, Myers                  Schedule:                           Roselle Road exit. Go north on
Investigation Services, Chicago,                                        Roselle Road to Harper College
IL-                                 8:00am Registration and             Wojcik Conference Center
                                    continental breakfast               entrance.
“WC Investigation/Surveillance
cases”                              8:30am Program begins               From the West: Go east on the
                                                                        Northwest Tollway (I-90) to
Fountain Blue Restaurant, 2300      12:00pm Lunch provided              Highway 53. Go north on
Mannheim Road, Des Plaines,                                             Highway 53 to the Algonquin
                                    4:30pm Program concludes            Road exit. Go west on
                                                                        Algonquin Road to Harper
                                    Cost: Members $160 Non-             College. Turn north on Roselle
December 2, 2004 Meeting and
                                    members $190 (includes
Christmas Party – Wellington in                                         Road for the main entrance to
                                    Chicago Section membership for      the Wojcik Conference Center.
Arlington Heights 7pm
Chicago AIHA Chapter                ABIH CM Points applied for.         DMEC Meeting
Noise Seminar October                                                   September 16th: ―Ancillary
13th                                Reservations: Contact Joanne at     Benefits – Gaining Speed as
                                    RAECO, 815-464-6200 Ext.            the ―Good News‖ Benefits‖
Advances in Noise                   200, or E-mail:
Measurement and Control                                                 The Disability Management
                                    Make checks payable to:             Employer‟s Coaliti8on (DMEC)
Wednesday, October 13, 2004         Chicago Section AIHA. You           & ISCEBS are excited to have
                                    may also pay by Visa, MC,           you join us for an interesting
Our speakers will share their       AMEX or Discover credit cards,      discussion about the increasing
unique perspectives and special     or by personal check, company       demand for ancillary benefits.
expertise on the latest             check or cash at the door.          We will hear two benefit
advancements and developments                                           professionals discuss their
in industrial noise. Topics         Registration Deadline: October      experiences with ancillary
Include:                            1, 2004, No shows will be           benefits, including dental,
                                    billed. Substitute attendees will   vision, disability, life and other
                                    be cheerfully welcomed!             benefits. Nancy Thurber,
                                       September 2004 - Page 5
director of benefits at W.W.        Name on
Grainger will discuss the           Card______________________
                                                                          ASSE Governmen-
struggles and solutions W.W.        Expiration                            tal Affairs Update
Grainger has found for its          Date__________________
employees. In addition, Lance                                             Dave Heidorn, Manager of
Erickson, vice president of Aon     Flagger Certification                 Government Affairs and Policy
Consulting‟s elective benefits      Course Nov. 10, 2004                  American Society of Safety En-
practice, will discuss the                                                gineers
strategies he has recently          PSST 30-001 Flagger
employed to help Aon‟s clients      Certification and Work Zone           OSHA Proposes New VPP for
recognize the positive effects of   Safety, at College of Lake            Construction
ancillary benefits.                 County, Grays Lake, IL
                                                                          In today's Federal Register,
Date: September 16, 2004            11/10/04, 6 pm - 10 pm                OSHA has asked for comments
                                                                          on a proposed new Voluntary
Cost: $35.00 Member $45.00          For more information please           Protection Program for Con-
Non-Member                          contact 847-543-2026                  struction (VPPC). OSHA's
Place: University Club of                                                 stated intent is to create greater
                                    Illinois Department of
Chicago, 76 East Monroe St.,                                              opportunity for construction
                                    Transportation (IDOT) requires
Chicago, IL                                                               employers and employees to
                                    that flaggers on IL State
                                                                          participate in and obtain the
                                    roadways be state certified.
Presenters: Nancy Thurber,                                                benefits of OSHA's VPP.
Director of Benefits, W.W.          This 4-hour course will reduce        Comments are due November 1,
Grainger, Inc.                      corporate and personal liability,     2004.
                                    prepare the novice flagger and
Lance Erickson, Vice President,     re-certify seasoned flaggers, as      OSHA's Compliance Assis-
Elective Benefits Practice, Aon     is required. Successful               tance Webpage Updated
Consulting, Inc.                    completion of this course will
                                    meet Federal Highway                  Part of the reason OSHA created
Time: 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –      Administration (FHWA)                 alliances was to create a network
Registration, 8:00 a.m. to 9:30     requirements. The American            of information sharing in the
a.m. – Continental Breakfast and    Traffic safety Services               safety and health community. In
Presentation                        Association (ATSSA) will issue        furthering that purpose, the fol-
                                    successful students a certificate.    lowing message from OSHA
PLEASE RESERVE YOUR                                                       provides updated information on
SEAT BY September 13, 2004          Course fee: $99.00, which             its Compliance Assistance Web-
                                    includes all certification fees and   page. From OSHA --
Send reservation and check to:                                               OSHA's Compliance Assis-
                                    material fees.
Chicago Chapter – ISCEBS,                                                 tance webpage is an excellent
P.O. Box 350, Kenilworth, IL                                              resource for the public. We are
60043                               Wisconsin Council of
                                                                          striving to continually update
                                    Safety offers Safety /
                                                                          and improve the page.
If you do not expect your check     Compliance training                      The following are some of the
to arrive by September 13 call
                                                                          recent updates to the Com-
847-251-1400 to register by         The Wisconsin Council of
                                                                          pliance Assistance web page
telephone, or fax to                Safety offers a full selection of
                                                                          available at
847.256.5601. Contact Winnie        safety / compliance training
Lu at 847.251.1400 ext. 0 if you    courses. There is truly
have any questions.                 something for everyone on their
                                    calendar, and many of the
Please provide the following                                              A new Hispanic Employers and
                                    training courses are quite
information: Name, Title,                                                 Workers page provides quick
                                    reasonable. They are held at
Organization, Street Address,                                             access to OSHA's compliance
                                    locations throughout Wisconsin.
City, Zip Code, Email, Phone,                                             assistance resources for Hispanic
Fax, are you a Member or Non-                                             employers and workers. This
Member, Will pay On-Site, or                                              page includes success stories,
Charge my American Express                                                listings of OSHA's Spanish-
                                    for a full list of training courses
card if we need an Acct                                                   language publications, training
                                    in the coming months.
#_________________________                                                videos, and other compliance
_______                                                                   assistance resources. While this
                                                                          site includes links to Spanish-
                                          September 2004 - Page 6
language resources, it is in-          from University of Nebraska at     1910.134). Comments are due
tended primarily for English-        Kearney -- On August 30, the         October 29, 2004.
speaking and bilingual users.        Federal Motor Carrier Safety
   A new Success Stories page        Administration (FMCSA) filed a       The Respiratory Protection
highlights some of the measures      motion with the DC Circuit           Standard information collection
that employers and other organi-     Court of Appeals seeking to stay     requirements require employers
zations have implemented to          further action on the hours-of-      to develop a written respirator
improve workplace safety and         service (HOS) lawsuit filed by       program; conduct employee
health.                              Public Citizen, Citizens for Reli-   medical evaluations and provide
   We have posted several new        able and Safe Highways, and          follow-up medical evaluations to
Regional Showcase stories,           Parents Against Tired Truckers.      determine the employee's ability
which highlight outreach efforts     If the stay is granted, the new      to use a respirator; provide the
taken by OSHA's Regional and         HOS rules would remain in ef-        physician or other licensed
Area Offices. These stories re-      fect for the time being. The         health care professional with
view Region V's roadway work         compliance date for the new          info about the employee's respi-
zone safety initiative, efforts by   rules was January 4 of this year.    rator and the conditions under
an OSHA Compliance Assis-                                                 which the employee will use the
tance Specialist in Montana to       After consultations with federal     respirator; and administrator fit
reach out to local businesses,       and state officials, the FMCSA       tests for employees who will use
and Region VI's efforts to reach     believes a stay is necessary to      negative- or positive-pressure,
out to oil and gas companies in      avoid substantial disruption in      tight-fitting facepieces.
south Texas.                         the enforcement of HOS re-
   An updated Posters page in-       quirements. Staying the court's      Employers must also ensure that
cludes links to the required         decision would allow the agency      employees store emergency-use
OSHA poster and other OSHA           time to address and to correct       respirators in compartments
posters, such as the new fire-       the concerns expressed by the        clearly marked as containing
works safety posters developed       court about the new HOS rules.       emergency-use respirators. For
as products of the OSHA-             FMCSA is asking for a stay of at     respirators maintained for emer-
American Pyrotechnics Associa-       least 6 months.                      gency use, employers must label
tion Alliance.                                                            or tag the respirator with a cer-
   We have updated the General       In a unanimous July 16, 2004,        tificate stating the date of in-
Industry Quick Start to include      decision, a three-judge panel        spection, the name of the indi-
links to new fact sheets and         said the new federal HOS rules,      vidual who made the inspection,
Quick Cards. The Library sec-        as issued in April 2003, are "ar-    the findings of the inspection,
tion has been redesigned to          bitrary and capricious" because      required remedial action, and the
make the information easier to       the agency failed to consider the    identity of the respirator. Em-
find.                                impact of the rules on driver        ployers must ensure that cylind-
   The Industry-Specific Re-         health, as it was required to do     ers used to supply breathing air
sources page compiles OSHA's         by Congress.                         to respirators have a certificate
compliance assistance resources                                           of analysis from the supplier
targeted to specific industries.     The FMCSA was given until            stating that the breathing air
This page now includes a Quick       August 30 to determine how to        meets the requirements for Type
Links box to help you find addi-     respond, either by requesting a      1--Grade D breathing air; such
tional industry-specific informa-    rehearing, appealing the deci-       certification assures employers
tion and links to Target Industry    sion, or initiating a new rule-      that the purchased breathing air
Profiles.                            making process. A decision from      is safe. Compressors used to
                                     the court is expected soon.          supply breathing air to respira-
  We hope you will share this                                             tors must have a tag containing
information with others in your      August 30, 2004 OSHA Asks            the most recent change date and
organization as part of our ef-      Paperwork Comments on                the signature of the individual
forts together through the Al-       Respiratory Protection Stan-         authorized by the employer to
liance Program.                      dard                                 perform the change. Employers
                                                                          must maintain this tag at the
 Thank you.                          OSHA has asked for comments          compressor. These tags provide
 Lee Anne Jillings                   on its request for an extension of   assurance that the compressors
 Director, Office of Outreach        the information collection (pa-      are functioning properly.
Services and Alliances               perwork) requirements con- 
                                     tained in the Respiratory Protec-    ocs/fedreg/a040830c.html
FMCSA Seeks to Keep                  tion Standard (29 CFR
Hours of Service in Effect                                                August 27, 2004
                                         September 2004 - Page 7
OSHA-7 Form Comments                 barriers be erected to limit em-     part 1919). These maritime regs
Sought                               ployee access to the post-           require employers to have an
                                     tensioning area during tension-      OSHA 71 Form issued for
OSHA asks for comments con-          ing operations.                      equipment found to be in a safe
cerning its request for an exten-                                         condition and the OSHA 72
sion of the information collec-      Paragraphs (a)(2) and (j)(1) are     Form issued to equipment that is
tion (paperwork) requirements        two general requirements to use      unsafe. These forms are issued
specified by the OSHA-7 Form         lockout/tagout measures to pro-      by third parties who have ap-
(Notice of Alleged Safety and        tect workers from injury asso-       plied to OSHA, on the OSHA 70
Health Hazards). Comments are        ciated with equipment and ma-        Form, for accreditation to certify
due October 26, 2004.                chinery.                             gear used in maritime employ-
                                                                          ment. Comments are due Octo-
Under the OSH Act, employees         Paragraph (a)(2) of Sec.             ber 26, 2004.
may notify an OSHA area direc-       1926.703 requires employers to
tor or an OSHA compliance            make available, at the jobsite,      ocs/fedreg/a040827c.html
officer of safety and health ha-     drawings or plans for: the jack      August 19, 2004 Limits on Is-
zards regulated by the Agency        layout, formwork (including          suing CDLs with Hazardous
that they believe exist in their     shoring equipment), working          Materials Endorsement
workplaces at any time. This         decks, and scaffolds, as well as
notification must be in writing      any revisions to these docu-         FMCSA has issued a rule to
and ``shall set forth with reason-   ments. Paragraph (a) of Sec.         amend the compliance date in its
able particularity the grounds for   1926.705 requires employers          May 2003 interim final rule
the notice, and shall be signed      engaged in lift-slab operations to   (IFR) on limitations on state
by the employee or representa-       have specific designs and plans      issuance of a commercial driv-
tives of the employee.'' Along       detailing the lift-slab operation.   er's license (CDL) with a ha-
with providing specific hazard       Drawings, plans and/or designs       zardous materials endorsement.
information employees are per-       are developed and kept available     States must not issue, renew,
mitted to request an inspection      at the jobsite as a usual and cus-   transfer or upgrade a CDL with
of the workplace. Also ad-           tomary business practice to be       a hazardous materials endorse-
dressed are situations in which      used by the various contractors      ment unless the Transportation
employees may provide the in-        during construction; therefore,      Security Administration (TSA)
formation directly to the OSHA       OSHA assumes there are no            has first conducted a background
compliance officer during an         burden hours or costs associated     records check of the applicant
inspection. An employer's for-       with preparing drawings, plans       and determined the applicant
mer employees may also submit        or designs and having them on        does not pose a security risk
complaints to the Agency. The        the jobsite.                         warranting denial of the hazard-
OSHA-7 Form is used for this                                              ous materials endorsement.
hazard-reporting process.            Section 1926.705(b) requires         FMCSA is changing the date by       that jacks used for lifting opera-   which states must comply with
ocs/fedreg/a040827c.html             tions be marked to indicate their    TSA regulations from April 1,
                                     rated capacity. Manufacturers of     2004, to January 31, 2005. This
August 26, 2004                      jacks rated the equipment as a       rule is effective September 20,
Concrete and Masonry Con-            usual and customary practice;        2004.
struction Paperwork Re-              therefore, OSHA assumes there
quirements                           are no burden hours or costs to      ocs/fedreg/a040819c.html
                                     employers for these marking
OSHA has asked for comments          requirements.                        August 20, 2004 Highway
on its request for an extension of       Traffic and Construction
the information (paperwork)          ocs/fedreg/a040826c.html             Noise Prediction Method
collection requirements con-
tained in the Standard on Con-       August 27, 2004 Comments             The Federal Highway Adminis-
crete and Masonry Construction       Sought on Gear Certification         tration (FHWA) has proposed
(29 CFR part 1926, subpart Q).       Standard Paperwork Re-               amending the FHWA regulation
Comments are due October 25,         quirements                           that specifies the traffic noise
2004. The following are the                                               prediction method to be used in
paperwork requirements that          OSHA solicits comments on its        highway traffic noise analyses.
OSHA is asking to continue:          proposal to extend OMB ap-           The revision would require the
                                     proval of the Information Col-       use of the FHWA Traffic Noise
Paragraph (c)(2) of Sec.             lection Requirements in the Gear     Model (FHWA TNM) or any
1926.701 requires signs and          Certification Standard (29 CFR       other model determined by the
                                        September 2004 - Page 8
FHWA to be consistent with the      with this regulation will affect     for stationary combustion tur-
methodology of the FHWA             242 facilities and that it will      bines: lean premix gas-fired
TNM. The FHWA also propos-          reduce the discharge of total        turbines and diffusion flame gas-
es to update the specific refer-    suspended solids by about 0.5        fired turbines. Pending the out-
ence to acceptable highway traf-    million pounds per year and the      come of EPA's proposal to de-
fic noise prediction methodology    discharge of biochemical oxygen      lete these subcategories from the
and remove references to a noise    demand (BOD) and nutrients by        source category list EPA is stay-
measurement report and vehicle      about 0.3 million pounds per         ing the effectiveness of the emis-
noise emission levels that are no   year. EPA's estimated annual         sions and operating limitations
longer needed. Comments are         cost for commercial facilities is    in the stationary combustion
due October 19, 2004.               $0.3 million. The estimated an-      turbines NESHAP for new      nual cost to federal and state       sources in the lean premix gas-
ocs/fedreg/a040820c.html            hatcheries is $1.1 million. EPA      fired turbines and diffusion
                                    estimates that the annual mone-      flame gas-fired turbines subca-
August 20, 2004 FMCSA               tized environmental benefits of      tegories. This final rule became
Rules for Waivers, Exemp-           the rule will be in the range of     effective August 18, 2004.
tions, and Pilot Programs           $66,000 to $99,000. The effec-
                                    tive date is September 22, 2004.     ocs/fedreg/a040818c.html
The Federal Motor Carrier Safe-
ty Administration (FMCSA) has       ocs/fedreg/a040823c.html             August 23, 2004 EPA External
adopted a final rule establishing                                        Review Draft Available on Air
procedures applicants must fol-     August 18, 2004 Pipeline Safe-       Quality Criteria for Particu-
low to request waivers and apply    ty: Installation of Third-Party      late Matter
for exemptions from the             Data Acquisition Devices on
FMCSA Regulations and Com-          Underground Pipelines                EPA's National Center for Envi-
mercial Driver's License re-                                             ronmental Assessment (NCEA)
quirements as well as procedures    The Office of Pipeline Safety        has made available for public
governing pilot programs. The       (OPS), Research and Special          review and comment a revised
final rule is effective September   Programs has issued an advisory      draft of Chapter 9 of EPA's draft
20, 2004. Petitions for Reconsi-    bulletin to owners and operators     Air Quality Criteria for Particu-
deration are due the same date.     of gas and hazardous liquid          late Matter (EPA/600/P-      pipeline systems on the potential    99/002bD). This incorporates
ocs/fedreg/a040820c.html            for unauthorized excavations         revisions made in response to
                                    and the unauthorized installation    earlier public external and Clean
August 23, 2004 Fish Farm           of acoustic monitoring devices       Air Act Scientific Advisory
Effluent Limit Guidelines and       or other data acquisition devices    Committee reviews. Under sec-
New Source Performance              on pipeline facilities. These de-    tions 108 and 109 of the Clean
Standards                           vices are used to obtain market      Air Act, the purpose of the Air
                                    data on hazardous liquid and gas     Quality Criteria for Particulate
EPA has published a final rule      movement within the pipelines.       Matter is to provide an assess-
setting Clean Water Act effluent    These devices have been physi-       ment of the latest scientific in-
limitations guidelines and new      cally installed on pipelines with-   formation on the effects of air-
source performance standards        out the owners‟ permission. This     borne particulate matter (PM) on
for concentrated aquatic animal     advisory bulletin emphasizes the     the public health and welfare for
production facilities. The ani-     need to ensure that only autho-      use in EPA's current review of
mals are raised in a variety of     rized and supervised excavations     the National Ambient Air Quali-
production systems. The produc-     are undertaken along the nation's    ty Standards (NAAQS) for PM.
tion of aquatic animals contri-     pipeline systems.                    Comments are due September
butes pollutants such as sus-       30, 2004. The revised draft is
pended solids, biochemical oxy-     ocs/fedreg/a040818c.html             available on CD ROM from
gen demand, and nutrients to the                                         NCEA-RTP. Contact Ms. Diane
aquatic environment. The regu-      August 18, 2004                      Ray by phone (919-541-3637),
lation establishes technology-      EPA Stays Stationary Com-            fax (919-541-1818), or e-mail
based narrative limitations and     bustion Turbine NESHAP      You must
standards for wastewater dis-                                            provide the title, Air Quality
charges from new and existing       In a final rule, the EPA has         Criteria for Particulate Matter,
concentrated aquatic animal         stayed the effectiveness of two      and the EPA number for the
production facilities that dis-     subcategories of the National        revised chapter (EPA/600/P-
charge directly to U.S. waters.     Emission Standards for Hazard-       99/002bD, August 2004 Draft),
EPA estimates that compliance       ous Air Pollutants (NESHAP)          as well as your name and ad-
                                          September 2004 - Page 9
dress, to properly process your      ries resulting from rear-end, run-     366-0168,
request. It can also be down-        off-road, and lane change crash-
loaded from the NCEA home            es.
page at                                                                     Dave Heidorn            According to NHTSA, crash              Manager of Government Affairs       statistics from 2003 show there        and Policy
ocs/fedreg/a040823c.html             were approximately 3.8 million         American Society of Safety En-
                                     police-reported rear-end, run-         gineers
August 25, 2004 Pesticides and       off-road, and lane change crash-       1800 E. Oakton Street
the Implementation of Global-        es on U.S. roadways (about 60          Des Plaines, IL 60018
ly Harmonized System                 percent of all crashes). These         847.768.3406
 EPA has issued for comment a        crashes accounted for 54 percent
White Paper entitled, The Glo-       of the people injured in all motor
bally Harmonized System of           vehicle crashes and about 52
Classification and Labeling of       percent of all related fatalities.
                                                                            Workplace Humor
Chemicals: Implementation            Preliminary analyses have              If you just made it through the
Planning Issues for the Office of    shown that individual rear-end,        entire Governmental affairs up-
Pesticide Programs. It describes     run-off-road, and lane change          date you deserve a little humor.
the background and context of        crash countermeasure systems           And that‟s all you get here.
the international Globally Har-      could collectively prevent about
monized System (GHS) for             17 percent of all motor vehicle        “Thoughts on the workplace.”
chemical hazard classification       crashes. Integration of these
and labeling and describes           individual systems is expected to      My first job was in an orange
EPA's proposed approach to           increase the safety benefits, im-      juice factory, but I got
implementing this system for         prove overall system perfor-           canned…couldn‟t concentrate.
pesticide products that are regis-   mance, and reduce system cost.         Then I worked in the woods as a
tered under the Federal Insecti-     There is an extensive body of          lumberjack, but I couldn‟t hack
cide, Fungicide and Rodenticide      knowledge on countermeasures           it, so they gave me the ax. After
Act (FIFRA). EPA also is mak-        addressing each of these three         that I tried to be a tailor, but I
ing available a side-by-side         types of crashes individually but      just wasn‟t suited for it. Next I
comparison document summa-           little on their integration. In this   tried working in a muffler facto-
rizing current hazard classifica-    program, performance specifica-        ry but that was exhausting. Then
tion and labeling policies and       tions and objective tests for in-      I tried a job in a shoe factory; I
the corresponding elements of        tegrated crash warning systems         tried but just didn‟t fit in. I be-
the GHS. Comments are due            addressing rear- end, run-off-         came a professional fisherman
October 25, 2004.                    road, and lane change crashes          but discovered I couldn‟t live on       will be developed.                     my net income. I managed to get
ocs/fedreg/a040825c.html                                                    a good job working for a pool
                                     The public meeting and work-           maintenance company but the
August 25, 2004NHTSA's New           shop will be held on Tuesday,          work was just too draining.
Program on Integrated Ve-            September 21, 2004, from 8:30
hicle Based Safety Systems           a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Doubletree      So I got a job in an gymnasium
                                     Hotel Novi, 27000 Sheraton             but they said I wasn‟t fit for the
The National Highway Traffic         Drive, Novi, Michigan 48377.           job. I finally got a job as a histo-
Safety Administration will con-      This meeting is open to the pub-       rian until I realized there was no
duct a public meeting and work-      lic. It is being held to introduce     future in it. SO I RETIRED
shop to present its new vehicle      the program and obtain feedback        AND FOUND I WAS A
safety research program called       from all interested parties, in-       PERFECT FIT FOR THE JOB!!
``Integrated Vehicle Based Safe-     cluding light vehicle, heavy
ty Systems'' (IVBSS). One of the     truck, and transit bus original        HOW EXCITING!
goals of the program is to work      equipment manufacturers, first-
cooperatively with industry to       tier suppliers, and fleet opera-
accelerate the introduction and      tors. For questions and further
commercialization of effective       information contact Raymond
integrated safety systems for        Resendes, Federal Highway
light vehicles, commercial ve-       Administration (FHWA), (202)
hicles, and transit buses. These     366-2182, Ray-
systems will assist drivers in
avoiding crashes and will reduce     or Jack Ference, NHTSA, (202)
the number and severity of inju-                                            OSHA Quick Takes
                                         September 2004 - Page 10
                                     position. The risk of injury or       tion is an employee leasing
OSHA has initiated a biweekly        death from hydraulic excavators       company representing more than
newsletter “Quick Takes” that        with quick coupling devices is        130 area construction companies
many of you may receive elec-        the reasoning behind the bulletin     that primarily employ Hispanic
tronically. You can email            Hazards of Unintended Release         workers to be add-        of Buckets from Quick Couplers
ed to the direct mailing list. Be-   on Hydraulic Excavators. Since
low is excerpts from the most        1998, 15 incidents of the release
                                                                           Redefining Opera-
recent edition.. Thanks to chap-     of buckets have resulted in the       tional Safety Excel-
ter member Rich Dresser for          deaths of eight workers. The
sending this along.                  bulletin alerts workers and em-       lence
                                     ployers about this hazard, de-
OSHA Administrator An-               scribes a recent accident investi-    By Larry L. Hansen, CSP, ARM
nounces New Initiative at            gated by OSHA's Madison, WI
VPPPA Conference                     Area Office, and offers detailed      This article appeared in the
    VPP for Construction             actions and safety measures to        most recent Safety Exchange of
(VPPC), the last of three new        prevent such accidents.               America E-Newsletter. You can
Voluntary Protection Programs                                              subscribe to the newsletter
initiatives raised by OSHA two       Fact Sheet on Medical Cathe-          through
years ago, was announced by          ters Provides Valuable Infor-
OSHA Administrator John Hen-         mation
shaw, Aug. 30 in Las Vegas             Healthcare workers who use          (Larry Hansen, CSP, ARM, is
during his keynote address at the    medical catheters, including          principal of L2H Speaking of
20th meeting of the Voluntary        vascular access devices and           Safety Inc., a safety excellence
Protection Programs Partici-         chest tubes, face a serious risk of   facilitation company. He is
pants' Association (VPPPA)           hazards associated with needles-      creator/author of "The Architec-
conference. VPPC joins VPP           ticks. To help eliminate or mi-       ture of Safety Excellence" and
Corporate Pilot and OSHA             nimize those hazards, OSHA            author of the book: "ROC Your
Challenge Pilot as the newest        recently revised its fact sheet,      Organization: Fifty-two Ways to
member of OSHA's premier             Securing Medical Catheters.           Instigate Radical Organization-
cooperative program. The agen-       Information includes a general        al Change for Safety Excel-
cy is seeking public comment on      discussion of the hazards posed       lence." He resides in Syracuse,
the proposal, published in the       to healthcare workers, options to     N.Y. and can be reached (when
Aug. 31 Federal Register. VPPC       safely secure catheters, and          not shoveling) at (315) 383-
creates two categories of partici-   highlights of the agency's re-        3801, via e-mail at
pation; one for long-term, site-     quirements pertaining to medical
based construction projects, and     catheters under the bloodborne        and online at
the other for companies, divi-       pathogens standard. The medical
sions, and other business units      catheters fact sheet is one of six    I recall a telephone conversation
that employ mobile workforces.       related to bloodborne pathogens       I had some time ago with a long-
                                     that's accessible from OSHA's         time friend, a highly respected
New Safety and Health Bulle-         bloodborne pathogens website.         peer, and perhaps one of the
tins Focus on Elevator Wiring,                                             most progressive thought leaders
Hydraulic Excavators                 New Alliances Focus on Sheet          in our profession today. He
  OSHA published two new             Metal/Air Conditioning Con-           spoke of the challenges (and
Safety and Health Bulletins last     tractors, Construction Work-          frustrations) he faced as the
month to highlight specific          ers                                   "safety executive" of a major
workplace hazards. Hazards of          OSHA signed a national Al-          Fortune 500 company, and how
Improper Elevator Controller         liance Aug. 16 with the Sheet         difficult it was to function at that
Wiring outlines recommenda-          Metal and Air Conditioning            level, as the issues were so
tions regarding proper mainten-      Contractors National Associa-         unique and complex. At that
ance and wiring procedures, and      tion (SMACNA) to focus on fall        level of practice, success is all
identifies potential hazards asso-   protection, motor vehicle safety,     about diagnosing cultural prob-
ciated with elevators. OSHA's        and personal protective equip-        lems and creating transforma-
Houston South Area Office in-        ment issues within the industry.      tional change in values, structure
vestigated a worker fatality         OSHA's El Paso, TX Area Of-           and leadership practices. He
caused by the improper wiring        fice formed an Alliance Aug. 13       acknowledged that there were
of an elevator controller panel      with El Paso-based 21st Century       few who could offer insight and
that allowed the elevator to         Resources, Inc. to promote con-       credible advice, and was kind
move with the doors in an open       struction safety. The organiza-       enough to grant me such privi-
                                         September 2004 - Page 11
lege, an honor for which I re-        their scars of conviction and         behave as they believe; people
main most grateful today.             kept on ticking!                      behave as they believe their
                                                                            bosses, the level of fear, the per-
At that time, I was pursuing a        The 12 organizational truths that     formance metrics, the compensa-
career in safety management           follow are an evolved set of core     tion structure and the recogni-
consulting, and had discovered        beliefs forged over 30+ years of      tion and reward systems want
that he was indeed correct.           observation, research, practical      them to behave... and then they
There were but few (in my own,        experience and interaction with       go home and change.
or my clients', organizations)        these progressive thinkers...on
who were willing to take the          what works, and equally as im-        Covenant #3 – Accidents are
organizational risks, confront the    portant, what does not, in gene-      not the problem; the problem(s)
status quo, instigate organiza-       rating safety excellence results.     are the problem.
tional change (for the better), or    These foundational truths com-
incur the political battle scars of   prise those critical beliefs which,   Accidents are not unplanned,
"doing the right things." When I      when embraced by an organiza-         unforeseeable, fortuitous process
met such a person, it was an          tion, can enable it to re-define      outcomes. Accidents are pat-
amazingly refreshing experience.      operational safety excellence         terned and predictable perfor-
They all had names... D. A.,          and achieve operational safety        mance symptoms; the final visi-
Keith, Dan, Ray, Paul, Pierre,        success. These "Covenants of          ble evidences of systemic fail-
Kelly, Hank, Don, (a lengthy list     Excellence" are as follows:           ings and organizational deficien-
now), but more importantly they                                             cies. If there are accidents in an
had unique minds... free spirits      Covenant #1 – Safety is not           organization, there are systemic
that refused to be shackled by        about preventing accidents, aka       organizational problems. To
the conventional "myth-               "end-of-pipe" reactive activities     achieve excellence, focus on the
conceptions and wiz-dumbs" of         devoted to finding process prob-      systems, not the symptoms of
the trade, aka wrong-headed           lems, physical hazards and at-        accident causes.
thinking that impeded progress        risk work practices via com-
in the right direction!               pliance inspections, job observa-     Covenant #4 – The business
                                      tions and progressive discipline      process defines, drives and ulti-
Over time, these individuals          policies.                             mately determines all business
became a loosely knit network                                               outcomes, of which safety is but
of excellence; a network that has     Safety excellence is all about        one.
grown in number, as I have inte-      proactively designing, aligning
racted with many in this trade        and improving the operational         All organizational outcomes
across four continents. Those         process; i.e., identifying up-        (good or bad, complying or non-
who got it were far and few be-       stream opportunities to minimize      complying, on time or late, prof-
tween; however, they were rich        exposures, defects and variances      itable or unprofitable and safe or
in knowledge and experience           by implementing organizational        unsafe) originate from common
and, as time would prove, were        changes that improve operation-       headwaters and are delivered by
those who ultimately would be         al effectiveness, increase prod-      a common system. Accidents are
successful. It is from this enligh-   uctivity and minimize loss cost.      an organizational design, admin-
tened group, some of whom had                                               istration and maintenance issue;
such strong convictions that it       Covenant #2 – At-risk em-             seek to remedy organizational,
cost them their jobs (an event        ployee behaviors do not cause         managerial and leadership errors
they now look back upon with          accidents. Accidents are caused       of co-mission and omission.
pride) that the "Royal Order of       by the reasons for at-risk em-
the ROSE (Redefining Opera-           ployee behavior – these causes        Covenant #5 – Employees work
tional Safety Excellence)" has        are organizational and cultural in    in the system; managers work on
evolved, and the Covenants of         nature... issues of management        the system; the system produces
Excellence, a belief system for       and leadership.                       accidents; employees sustain
safety excellence, has been                                                 injuries. Manage one to minim-
forged.                               At-risk behaviors (people) are        ize the other.
                                      not the problem; all behavior is
The Royal Order of the ROSE           caused. To achieve excellence,        Accidents and their causes, cor-
recognizes those in this profes-      seek, expose, understand and          rection, control and costs, are
sion who have stood tall to the       remedy the good reasons for           the responsibility of mid-line
challenge, stiffened under bu-        poor performance, the problems        managers and topside leaders,
reaucratic pressure, fought the       embedded in the management            not the fault of frontline work-
good fight, proudly displayed         systems and leadership practices      ers. It is unrealistic and unrea-
                                      of the organization. People don't     sonable to ask people to fix a
                                         September 2004 - Page 12
system that they do not design or     don't count, but every other          Covenant #11 – Discipline, the
control. The functions of plan-       number does!"                         most common performance
ning, organizing, directing, con-                                           management technique em-
trolling, measuring and monitor-      It is easier (more expensive, but     ployed by managers, does not
ing work and process are (by          easier) to neglect workplace          increase the level of safe em-
definition) components of the         health and safety than it is to       ployee behavior in a workplace.
management system.                    manage it effectively. Line man-      Only reinforcement, a far "used-
                                      agers in under-performing or-         less" management practice,
Covenant #6 – To increase the         ganizations follow the Law of         does.
bottom line, managers must ef-        Least Resistance: "Given the
fectively manage the middle           opportunity to do nothing, most       "Whack a Mole" sometimes
lines, of which the cost of L.O.      will." Excellence companies           produces winners at carnivals
S. S. (Lack Of Safety Strategy)       don't abide by this law!              and state fairs, but is always sub-
is significant. Safety excellence                                           optimizing in the workplace.
is ultimately measured below the      Covenant #9 – Achieving safety        People strive to achieve higher
line, but must be proactively         excellence is requisite upon          levels of performance when they
managed above the line.               measuring and managing the            "wanna" – are motivated to do
                                      right things. Most organizations      so. When they are told they
Minimizing, and at every oppor-       fail to effectively do either.        "gotta...or else," people divert
tunity eliminating, operational                                             the greater part of their energy
loss, cost and expense is a man-      Measurement based solely on           away from being productive to
ager's primary responsibility.        loss outcomes (i.e., accidents,       one single objective – getting
This is also called productivity!     injuries, claims and loss cost) is    even! And they generally will,
                                      regressive practice, and impedes      without your having the slightest
(Note: This is Peter Drucker's        an organization's performance.        clue. If some morning your cof-
position. The only things a man-      Excellence requires measure-          fee tastes really strange, don't
ager can manage, i.e., plan, or-      ment of all four performance          say I didn't warn you!
ganize, direct, control and moni-     parameters: (predictors, leading
tor, are the middle lines – losses,   indicators, trailing metrics and      Covenant #12 – Excellence is
costs, and expense, aka acci-         results), and at all four levels of   attainable NOW! Any organiza-
dents, injuries and claims).          organizational responsibility:        tion can be a safety excellence
                                      (executive, manager, supervisor       organization; most however, will
Covenant #7 – Safety perfor-          and front-line).                      defer to 'L.A.M.E.' (Lethargic,
mance is a clear, accurate and                                              Antiquated, Mediocre, Em-
reflective measure of the             Covenant #10 – Safety must            ployee-focused) excuses and
strength of an organization's         never be the responsibility of a      whine a lot!
leadership values, management         staff function; safety must al-
competencies and operational          ways be the obligation and key        Excellence requires two critical
systems.                              responsibility of line managers.      elements: knowledge and hard
                                                                            work. In safety, most organiza-
"How leaders lead, determines         Excellence is achieved when an        tions resist developing the first,
how managers manage, and how          organization builds unified busi-     and are unwilling to expend ef-
managers manage, directly im-         ness systems in which safety is       fort on the second. In business
pacts how employees per-              integrated into core operational      (and safety), there is no such
form...including safe vs. unsafe.     processes; line and staff roles       thing as a quick fix. However,
All organizational outcomes           and responsibilities are effec-       when strategy is sound, leader-
(including negative ones) are a       tively designed and aligned; and      ship is strong, resources are ade-
function of: leadership (values),     collaborative partnerships across     quate and efforts are meaningful,
management (practices) and            the organization replace sub-         there is great potential for rapid
organization (structure and sys-      optimizing, inter-functional          returns. Unfortunately, most
tems). These are strategic busi-      competition. Eighty percent of        organizations have an antiquated
ness issues and form a scorecard      work performance in an organi-        "No Returns" policy!
of operational effectiveness.         zation is shaped not by the writ-
                                      ten rules (the safety program         Of course, for those not willing
Covenant # 8 – A core truth is        developed by staff), but by the       to accept these covenants, make
deeply embedded within the            unwritten rules – the conse-          the necessary commitment or
structure, policy and value sys-      quence delivery system (actions       implement the transformational
tem of all organizations which        or inactions) administered by         changes requisite to succeed,
repeatedly generate poor safety       line managers.                        there are still a number of op-
performance, and it is: "People
                                        September 2004 - Page 13
tions available. Among the more                                            •         Coordinates implemen-
common are:                          If you know anyone who is in-         tation of safety rules, policies,
                                     terested, please have them con-       safe work practices, and proce-
Increase the annual workers'         tact me, thanks.                      dures.
compensation premium budget.                                               •         Provides liaison and
Beef-up orientation and training     Jack Schill, CIH CSP                  coordination between plant
expense to cover turnover.           Black & Veatch                        managers and Division Regula-
Add staff to the claim adminis-      1944 Back Road, Belvidere,            tory Manager concerning safety
tration function.                    Vermont 05442                         and compliance activities; re-
Increase the personnel depart-       802-644-2841 (voice), 802-644-        views and inspects operations;
ment's recruitment budget.           5503 (fax), 816-718-5779 (mo-         recommends actions to ensure
Hire more lawyers (my cousin is      bile)                  safety and compliance for all
looking for work).                                                         assigned plants and areas.
Set higher production quotes to      HSE MANAGER-                          •         Plans, coordinates, su-
offset loss costs, and               WHEELING IL                           pervise, and review the record-
Lower the bar on profit margin                                             ing of safety data and com-
projections!                         This position is responsible for      pliance information.
                                     implementing safety and com-          •         Assists with the pro-
Mediocrity, indeed, has its price!   pliance programs at multiple          curement of contractual services
                                     sites within a division. Also it is   or materials and supplies for
                                     responsible for coordination          safety and compliance activities.
Safety Employment                    with Division Regulatory Man-         •         Supervises and/ or con-
                                     ager in developing new pro-           ducts safety and compliance
REGIONAL HSE MANAGER                 grams as necessary.                   training for all responsible plants
                                                                           and areas.
Westway Terminal Company             Knowledge required-                   •         Manages OSHA,
has an opening in their Health,
                                                                           SARA Title III, RCRA, CAA,
Safety and Environmental De-         Either one of the following-          CWA, DOT and other regulato-
partment for a Regional HSE          •         Bachelor Degree in          ry requirements.
Manager to be based out of our       sciences, i.e., chemistry, biolo-     •         Develops trial or pilot
Chicago, IL area office. The         gy, geology or engineering and        safety and compliance programs.
ideal candidate will have a min-     either of the following               •         Collects, analyzes, and
imum of 3-5 years experience in      •         Professional certifica-     arranges information to fulfill
HSE and have direct knowledge        tion e.g. CSP or CHMM or QEP          plant management‟s decision-
and experience in compliance         or CIH                                making needs.
with RCRA, CWA, CAA, US              •          5 years experience and     •         Assists management by
Coast Guard regulations, DOT         extensive knowledge of:               originating and developing poli-
regulations and OSHA regula-         o         Chemistry,                  cy recommendations, operating
tions.                               o         Toxicology                  plans, programs, and measures
                                     o         Regulations such as         and controls which will permit
Westway is a very dynamic cor-       OSHA, TSCA, CWA, CAA,                 the effective accident-free use of
poration and a growing corpora-      DOT;                                  human and material resources
tion. Westway is an Equal Op-        o         Fire prevention;            and assure compliance with all
portunity Employer.                  o         Root cause techniques       applicable regulations.
                                     i.e. TAPROOT                          •         Reviews Safety and
If you have the qualifications,      o         Behavior observation        Environmental Review docu-
please submit a resume to: ja-       techniques i.e. STOP                  ments for Appropriation Re-                      o         Safety program imple-       quests (AR‟s).
                                     mentation (preferably in a manu-
SAFETY MANAGER / IRAQ                facturing environment)                Traits-
(For those seeking a challenge)
                                     Responsibilities-                     •         Excellent communica-
Black & Veatch is looking for a
                                                                           tion skills
safety manager to work in Iraq.      •         Conducts independent        •         Good interactions with
We are looking for a junior level    work activities based on broad        people
person to serve as part of a joint   directives.                           •         Able to work indepen-
venture team performing wa-          •         Manages safety, envi-       dently
ter/power related work in Iraq.      ronmental, and health activities
Our objective is to                  for all assigned plants and areas.    Please contact Keith Robinson,
have someone in Iraq by late
                                                                           Division Regulatory Manager
                                         September 2004 - Page 14
for Valspar, at krobin-              •          Plans and implements       corrective action steps to all                      programs to train managers,           incidents. Ensures the corrective
                                     supervisors, leads, and em-           action steps get completed in
SAFETY MANAGER                       ployees in work site safety prac-     timely manner.
                                     tices, fire prevention, and the       •         Prepares materials and
Banta Corporation is a market        correct handling techniques for       evidence for use in hearings,
leader in printing and global        hazardous waste, chemicals,           lawsuits, and insurance investi-
supply-chain management ser-         toxins, equipment, and other          gations.
vices. We offer an innovative        materials.                            •         Ensures the compila-
suite of world-class capabilities    •          Provides leadership and    tion and submission of accident
that streamline the capture, man-    direction in the administration of    reports required by regulatory
agement, and distribution of our     the organizations total safety        agencies.
customers‟ print and digital in-     program.                              •         Partners with HR Man-
formation. To this end, we seek      •          Manages waste dispos-      ager in the administration of the
to attract, develop and retain the   al, maintains appropriate             workers‟ compensation program.
highest quality employees and        records, generates required re-       •         Partners with HR Man-
invite you to consider a career      ports.                                ager and the insurance carrier to
with us. At Banta, we are not        •          Manages record collec-     reduce employee lost time, temp
just preparing for the future. We    tion, report generation and per-      work assignments, etc.
are creating it!                     mit applications for air emis-        •         Maintains all safety
This position is located at our      sions, sanitary sewer and other       files, records, MSDS sheets, and
Elk Grove Village facility. For      environmental requirements.           labeling of Chemicals.
more information regarding           •          Inspects the facility to   •         Participate in Conti-
Banta, our website is                detect existing or potential acci-    nuous Improvement tasks force                        dent and health hazards and de-       meetings and groups.
JOB SUMMARY:                         termines corrective or preventa-      •         Performs additional
Plans, manages, and implements       tive measures where indicated.        duties as assigned by Pressroom
the facilities safety program.       Follows up to ensure that pre-        Engineer, HR Manager, and
Responsible for procedures,          ventative measures have been          General Manager.
equipment and techniques that        implemented.
solve environmental problems.        •          Conducts periodic in-      SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE:
Ensures that this facility has a     dustrial hygiene assessments and
safe, healthy and accident-free      ensures proper records manage-        •         Three years of profes-
work environment.                    ment per Corporate guidelines.        sional safety experience or
                                     •          Manages the EAP for        equivalent training/education.
Supervises and manages the           the facility and keeps the plan       •         Five years experience
safety program in accordance to      up-to-date.                           in the printing industry in both a
the Banta Safety Management          •          Ensures that First Res-    web and sheetfed environment
System Guidelines and Process        ponders are trained and certified     •         Familiarity with web
Guides. Provides safety man-         in CPR, Bloodborne Pathogen,          and sheetfed presses and the
agement leadership, consulta-        and First Aid. Conducts quarter-      safety features of the equipment
tion, and oversight to facility      ly training and review for all        is preferred.
EH&S process owners and safe-        First Responders.                     •         Ability to work both a
ty committee. Responsible for                                              day or evening shift as needed.
ensuring on-going education and      Additional Responsibilities:          •         The ability to interact
professional development of site                                           effectively with all levels of em-
level EH&S program owners,           •         Prepares studies and        ployees and management.
safety committee members, and        analyses of industrial accident       •         Ability to work inde-
those individuals with specific      causes and hazards to health for      pendently and efficiently.
department level EH&S respon-        use by company personnel and          •         Strong problem-solving
sibilities.                          outside agencies.                     skills and interpersonal commu-
                                     •         Determines and pro-         nication skills.
ESSENTIALS DUTIES AND                vides information, signs, posters,    •         Ability to read and in-
RESPONSIBILITIES:                    barriers, and other materials to      terpret documents such as safety
•        Plans and implements        warn of potential and actual          rules, operating and maintenance
safety policies and procedures in    safety hazards and to prevent         instructions and procedure ma-
compliance with local, state, and    access to hazardous conditions.       nuals.
federal Occupational Safety and      •         Leads the investigation     •         Ability to prepare safe-
Health Administration (OSHA)         of accidents and injuries. Com-       ty reports, presentations, and
rules and regulations.               pletes follow-up reporting and        safety training.
                                        September 2004 - Page 15
•         Ability to organize       Location: Indianapolis, IN (relo-
safety training and meetings.       cation package provided)            Regional Safety & Environ-
•         Ability to speak effec-                                       mental Coordinator
tively before groups of em-         Industry: Manufacturing
ployees.                                                                Required Degree: BS degree in
•         Computer skills:          Challenging opportunity to join     Occupational Safety & Health,
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, E-         a multi-billion dollar manufac-     HR or directly related, with ASP
mail                                turing company as the HSE
                                    Manager for a 100 employee          Required Years of Exp: 3-5
                                    chemical processing facility. The   years of proactive safety, securi-
TO APPLY FOR THIS JOB:              chosen candidate must be self-      ty and environmental experience
Please e-mail your resume to        directed EHS Professional with      Salary Range: $45,000-$65,000
Dawn Hill at        previous experience and/or          (depends on level of experience)
or fax your resume to 847-709-      knowledge of OSHA VPP or
2162                                similar recognized management       Location: Omaha, NE area
COMMERCIAL LINES-                                                       Industry: Light Manufacturing
ILLINOIS LOSS CONTROL               To be considered for this posi-
CONSULTANT                          tion the following requirements     Excellent opportunity to join a
                                    must be met:                        multi-billion dollar company,
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:                                                   responsible for providing tech-
Bachelor's Degree majoring in       BS Occupational Safety degree       nical assistance/support to (12)
Safety/Health. Five to ten years    or directly related degree from     plants to promote an
of insurance loss control field     accredited safety school            accident-free work environ-
work. Experience with all           Minimum of three years of in-       ment.. This position requires a
commercial lines coverages.         plant, hands-on safety and          safety professional who is high
CSP certification is desired.       health, with working knowledge      energy, able to work in a fast
Must have an acceptable driving     of environmental compliance,        paced role which requires 50%
record. Could involve some          including some permitting           travel.
overnight travel. Must have         Proven experience developing
good P/C skills. Responsible        programs that have reduced inju-    To be considered for this posi-
for visiting insured premises to    ries and workers compensation       tion the following requirements
conduct inspection and engineer-    costs                               must be met:
ing activities which result in      Coordinate and conduct com-             BS Safety, HR or directly
recommendations for improve-        pliance training                    related degree with ASP or able
ment of the insureds operation      Self-directed and motivated with    to
and promote safety.                 the ability to manage programs          Minimum of three years of
                                    with limited supervision.           industrial safety experience pro-
Contact Mindy Albrecht at                                               viding support/guidance to mul-
Frankenmuth Insurance Compa-        Our client offers a competitive     tiple locations
ny, at 1-800-234-1133 ext 2205,     compensation package that in-           Developing and delivering
or by email at min-                 cludes salary plus medical, den-    training programs Thank         tal, tuition reimbursement,             Proven experience in
you.                                pension, matching 401K with         PSM/RMP
                                    bonus eligibility. If you are in-       Facilitating security policies
HS&E Manager Position               terested in this challenging ca-        Ability to travel 50%.
                                    reer opportunity and meet the
Required Degree: BS Occupa-         above requirements, please          Our client offers a competitive
tional Safety degree from accre-    email your resume and salary        compensation package which
dited safety school with            history to:                         includes salary plus major medi-
ASP/CSP                                                                 cal, dental, matching 401K, tui-
                                    Bethany Brevard Harned, Prin-       tion reimbursement, etc.. If you
Required Years of Exp: 3+ years     cipal EHS/HR Recruiting Spe-        are interested in this challenging
of safety management in manu-       cialist, Professional Outlook,      career opportunity, and are cur-
facturing                           Inc.,                               rently a Safety Professional who
                               is capable of promoting safety
Salary Range: $50,000-$57,000                                           and security through personal
+ bonus potential (depends on       Below is another position           enthusiasm and creativity to
level of experience)                through Bethany Brevard             ensure active participation from
                                    Harned:                             all levels of personnel, please
                                        September 2004 - Page 16
email your resume and salary        rience with delivering plant floor   years of safety experience Un-
history for consideration: Be-      and classroom safety training        derstanding of federal / DoD
thany Brevard Harned, Principal     ·     Performing job hazard          safety and program requirements
EHS/HR Recruiting Specialist,       analysis and risk assessment         Understanding of field data col-
Professional Outlook, Inc.          ·     Successful candidate will      lection and analysis Familiarity     have the ability to lead change,     with common computer soft-
                                    with exposure to ISO/QS sys-         ware.
Below is another position           tems, and familiarity with Du-
through Bethany Brevard             Pont STOP program mainten-           3. Project Manager 3-5 years of
Harned:                             ance and workers compensation.       experience in project manage-
                                                                         ment. Federal contracts pre-
Environmental, Health, and          Our client offers excellent op-      ferred. Experience in coordinat-
Safety Specialist                   portunities for personal and pro-    ing a team of seasoned profes-
                                    fessional growth as well as a        sionals. Experience in develop-
Required Years of Experience:       competitive compensation pack-       ing periodic progress report and
2-5 years EHS in a manufactur-      age, relocation assistance and       managing project budgets. Fami-
ing environment. Prefer from        benefits programs. If you are        liarity with project management
unionized plant.                    interested in this career opportu-   software and common computer
Required Education: BS Envi-        nity, please email your resume       software.
ronmental, Safety or Chemical       and salary history to:
Engineering                                                              Company Profile: The Zoldak
Location: Ottawa, Illinois area     Bethany Brevard Harned, Prin-        Group, Inc., (ZGi) an equal op-
(relocation assistance provided)    cipal EHS/HR Recruiting Spe-         portunity employer, has
Industry: Manufacturing             cialist, Professional Outlook,       provided risk management and
                                    Inc.,                                technical information systems
Salary range: $65,000 - $72,000     662 Butternut Drive, Holland,        support to a wide range of feder-
                                    MI 49424                             al / DoD and private sector
Solid company looking for an      clients since 1988. This work
environmental, health and safety                                         includes assisting clients with
professional to support com-        Senior Occupational Safety           development of risk-based occu-
pliance initiatives for a 190 em-   Professional/ Program Analyst        pational safety and health pro-
ployee unionized manufacturing                                           grams, validating program re-
facility. Responsibilities will     The Zoldak Group, Inc., 7209         quirements, field risk assess-
include leading implementation      Burtonwood Drive, Alexandria,        ments, training, data analysis,
of OHSAS 18001 Safety Sys-          VA 22307, 703.768.8615 (fax)         and re-engineering support. ZGi
tem, managing environmental         703.768.5210                         also develops custom technical
reporting and permitting to in-                                          information management sys-
clude Title V, Sara 312 and 313,    Washington, D.C. area (some          tems in addition to its risk man-
Hazardous Waste, NPDES and          travel anticipated) Availability:    agement / operational risk man-
DMR compliance. Will also           Nov. 2004 (anticipated)              agement product line known as
provide health and safety train-    Full Time or Part Time               the Facility Management Assis-
ing including maintaining Du-       Contact: The Zoldak Group,           tant (FMA) Risk Management
Pont STOP training program,         Inc.,          Suite. The FMA Risk Manage-
conduct IH monitoring, auditing     submit your letter of interest and   ment Suite includes PDA-based
and reporting as well as workers    resume.                              data collection tools, workgroup
compensation.                       Salary: Commensurate w/ abili-       and thin client risk-based inspec-
                                    ties and experience.                 tion/audit management, incident
Requirements:                                                            analysis, and process risk analy-
·      BS in Environmental,         Position / Qualifications:           sis.
Chemical or Safety Engineering      1. Senior Occupational Safety
with 3-5+ years of hands-on         Professional/ Program Analyst        Safety, Health and Environ-
experience in unionized manu-       10 or more years of safety expe-     mental Job Openings
facturing plant                     rience Management experience
·      Current responsibilities     Understanding of federal / DoD       Following is a list of some of the
must include EPA compliance;        safety and program requirements      available job openings in the
Title V permitting, SARA re-        Familiarity with common com-         Environmental, Health and Safe-
porting                             puter software.                      ty area that I am working on.
·      Hazardous material train-                                         Should you know of anyone that
ing and usage, as well as expe-     2. Senior Occupational Safety        might be interested in learning
                                    and Health Professional 3-5          more about these positions
                                        September 2004 - Page 17
please have them contact me,        Safety Manager for this 450          ty/environmental experience in
Paul Shrenker, directly or feel     employee union manufacturing         manufacturing and a BS degree.
free to contact me yourself and I   facility of this Fortune 500
will give you more details. My      Company located in South cen-        Safety Manager for this further
phone number is 413-267-4271;       tral Michigan. This position         food processing manufacturing
email address                       reports to the plant manager and     plant in South Central MN with fax 775-      there will be one direct report      400 employees (non-union facil-
743-3274. Thanks for your help.     into this position. The candidate    ity). This position reports to the
                                    should have 5+ years of safety       Plant Manager and has 1 direct
   New website with up-to-date      experience in a manufacturing        report (nurse). The candidate
job openings                        environment and a BS in Safety       should have 5+ years safety ex-             or related.                          perience in manufacturing and a
                                                                         BS degree.
Safety Manager for this small       Safety Manager for this 800
chemical company that is based      employee unionized heavy man-        Safety Engineer for this 300
in MD. The candidate would          ufacturing facility located in the   union employee food manufac-
either be based out of MD or        Southeast. This person will          turer (Fortune 500
TN. This position reports to the    have 7+ years safety experience      Company) located in Nebraska.
VP of Ops at both mfg facili-       in a manufacturing environment       The position reports to the Plant
ties. The company has approx-       (prefer foundry, metal or ma-        Manager with no direct reports.
imately 230 employees between       chining background). Supervi-        The candidate should have 5+
the 2 plants and the corporate      sory experience is a plus. The       years safety experience in any
office. The ideal candidate         position reports to the Plant        manufacturing industry and a BS
should have 7+ years safety ex-     Manager and will have 2 direct       degree.
perience some of which should       reports (safety professional and
come from the chemical indus-       a nurse). BS safety or related.      Positions are added weekly. If
try, BS in safety or related and                                         you or someone you know
be able to travel 30-50% of the     Safety Manager for this 315          would like to be informed of
time.                               employee unionized facility lo-      future job opportunities as they
                                    cated in Utah. This person will      become available, please for-
Safety Specialist for this global   have 7+ years safety experience      ward their name and email ad-
producer of specialty polymers      in a manufacturing environment       dress to
and chemical additives for con-     (prefer foundry, metal or ma-        Additionally I usually have a
sumer and industrial products.      chining background). The posi-       few other openings that I can't
This person will coordinate the     tion reports to the Plant Manag-     "publish" so please give me a
activities at 2 NC facilities for   er. BS Safety or related.            call or email me if interested.
Personal Safety and Health pro-
grams, PSM programs, Risk           Assistant Safety Manager for         Safety Consultant
Management programs and other       this heavy manufacturer located
functions delegated by the          in the Southeast. The plant has      Full time consulting position
HS&E Manager. The ideal can-        approximately 300 employees          available with a national Safety
didate should have safety expe-     with a machine shop and foun-        and Occupational Health con-
rience in a mfg environment         dry. The client is looking for       sulting company. The job will
(preferably chemical mfg) and       someone with 2+ years of safety      primarily consist of performing
excellent knowledge of OSHA         experience in a manufacturing        underwriting assessments on
and EPA safety regs. BS in          experience, and a BS degree in       new business and working with
safety or related.                  safety or related.                   existing clients to improve safety
                                                                         and health programs. Job will
HSE Manager for this mfg fa-        Safety Engineer for this auto-       involve day trips and overnight
cility (SC) of a global producer    motive supplier located in           travel in the region, and may
of specialty polymers and chem-     Southeast Michigan. The person       include some travel to other
ical additives for consumer and     will be responsible for safety       areas.
industrial products. The ideal      and environmental compliance
candidate should have safety and    in 3 small plants (120, 50 and 80    Our ideal candidate would have
environmental experience in a       employees), 2 of which are in        5 - 10 years or more of loss con-
mfg environment (preferably         Southeast Michigan (driving          trol experience working in the
chemical). BS in safety, envi-      distance apart) and the 3rd in       insurance industry. You must
ronmental science or related.       Louisiana. The candidate             have good knowledge of indus-
                                    should have 4+ years of safe-        trial safety and health AND of
                                                                         commercial insurance coverag-
                                        September 2004 - Page 18
es: workers' compensation, fleet,   with our clients are the key to       •         When backing out of a
premises/operations liability,      our success, and for our em-          driveway or leaving a garage,
products liability and property.    ployee partners, we offer com-        watch out for children walking
You must be able to write con-      petitive salaries, cash incentives,   or bicycling to school.
cise, coherent insurance-           great support for education and       •         When driving in neigh-
company-style narrative under-      professional development, excel-      borhoods with school zones,
writing information and service     lent benefits, and more. To join      watch out for young people who
reports.                            the team of service professionals     may not be thinking of getting to
                                    in the Lisle office, e-mail your      school safely.
Prefer CSP. Work from your          resume to Jstein-                     •         Drive slowly. Watch
home. Must be computer lite- or fax to          for children walking in the
rate in a Microsoft Windows         248-615-8548. EOE. NO                 street, especially if there are no
environment, including Micro-       THIRD PARTY APPLICANTS.               sidewalks in the neighborhood.
soft Word, Excel, and Power-                                              •         Drive carefully around
Point. Must have computer and       Loss Control Manager—West             school bus stops where children
Internet access. Pluses include     Chicago Suburbs                       may be playing.
experience in IH, construction,                                           •         Be alert. Children arriv-
ergonomics and training activi-     Loss control manager for a            ing late for the bus may dart into
ties.                               western Chicago based retail          the street with out looking for
                                    store chain. Main focus is work-      traffic.
We have a current opening for a     ers compensation and damage to        •         Learn and obey the
field rep in the Chicago area.      customer‟s cars. If interested,       school bus laws in your state.
This is an actual job with our      please contact Chapter Member         Learn the "flashing signal light
company. We are not an em-          Joe Beemster at beem-                 system" that school bus drivers
ployment agency.                              use to alert motorists of pending
Send detailed resumes to Hugh                                             o         Yellow flashing lights
P. Bagwell, Risk Consultants,
                                    School Bus Safety                     indicate that the bus is preparing
Inc., 2084 McGee Road, Snell-                                             to stop to load or unload child-
ville, GA 30078-2911; or by fax     The article below was sent in by      ren. You should slow down and
to 770-978-6131; or by e-mail to    Liz Cunningham. I believe this        prepare to stop your vehicle.            information was put together by       o         Red flashing lights and
                                    chapter member Kevin Murphy.          extended stop arms indicate that
More info about the company -       Many thanks.                          the bus has stopped, and that
visit out website at                                                      children are getting on or off.              Its that time of year again when      You must stop your car and wait
                                    our children begin to return to       until the red lights stop flashing,
Amerisure—Loss Control              school. It may be one or a com-       the extended stop sign is with-
Consultant                          bination of Grammar, Middle,          drawn, and the bus begins mov-
                                    High and/or Secondary Schools.        ing before you can start driving
Amerisure Insurance, the #1         For some of us it is a reveled        again. (source, NHTSA)
rated property/casualty insur-      time and for others it signals the
ance company in the U.S., seeks     end of the lazy days of summer.       For some 22 million high
an experienced Consultant to        No matter which signals click         school, or younger students na-
service the Lisle/Chicago area.     your clock, its time to pay atten-    tionwide, the school day begins
                                    tion to your driving skills. More     and ends with a trip on a school
We require 3 years experience in    CHILDREN are out and about            bus. The greatest risk isn't riding
field consulting; the ability to    in the early morning and after-       the bus; it's approaching or leav-
independently manage assign-        noons hours. Busses increase,         ing the bus. Unfortunately, each
ments to meet high standards for    cars increase, people increase so     year many children are injured
timeliness, quality consulting,     therefore your time increases.        and several are killed in school
and production; strong presenta-    So we must increase our de-           bus incidents. Over the past six
tion and training skills; profi-    fenses while driving.                 years (National Safety Council
ciency with Windows, CadZone                                              statistics), about 70% of the
and laptop operations; and a        Know the school bus safe driv-        deaths in fatal school bus related
bachelor‟s degree in safety engi-   ing rules. Each state may be          crashes were occupants of ve-
neering, occupational health, or    different but all follow general      hicles other than the school bus
equivalent. CSP or ARM desig-       traffic rules. These are those        and 20% were pedestrians.
nation is desired. Quality cus-     rules for driving around school       About 4% were school bus pas-
tomer service and partnership       buses.                                sengers and 2% were school bus
                                          September 2004 - Page 19
drivers. Of the pedestrians killed    least ten feet ahead of the bus
in school bus related crashes         along the side of the road, until
over this period, approximately       you can turn around and see the
77% were struck by the school         driver.
bus, were school bus passengers,                Make sure that the
9% were school bus drivers, and       driver can see you.
another 43% were occupants of                   Wait for a signal from
other vehicles.                       the driver before beginning to
Although drivers of all vehicles                When the driver sig-
are required to stop for a school     nals, walk across the road, keep-
bus when it is stopped to load or     ing an eye out for sudden traffic
unload passengers, children           changes.
should not rely on drivers to do                Do not cross the center-
so. Because of this the National      line of the road until the driver
Safety Council encourages par-        has signaled that it is safe for
ents to teach their children these    you to begin walking.
rules for getting on and off the                Stay away from the bus'
school bus.                           rear wheels at all times.
                                      Correct way to cross the street
School Bus Safety Rules for                     Children should always
getting on and off the school bus     stop at the curb or the edge of
           When waiting for the       the road and look left, then right,
bus, stay away from traffic and       and then left again before cross-
streets, avoid roughhousing or        ing.
other behavior that can lead to                 They should continue
carelessness. Do not stray onto       looking in this manner until they
streets, alleys or private proper-    are safely across.
ty.                                             If students' vision is
           Line up away from the      blocked by a parked car or other
street or road as the school bus      obstacle, they should move out
approaches.                           to where drivers can see them
           Wait until the bus has     and they can see other vehicles -
stopped and the door opens be-        - then stop, and look left-right-
fore stepping onto the roadway.       left again.
           Use the handrail when
stepping onto the bus.                School bus safety Zones
Behavior on the bus
           When on the bus, find a
seat and sit down. Loud talking
or other noise can distract the
bus driver and is not allowed.
           Never put head, arms
or hands out of the window.
           Keep aisles clear --
books or bags are tripping ha-
zards and can block the way in
an emergency.
           Before you reach your
stop, get ready to leave by get-
ting your books and belongings
           At your stop, wait for
the bus to stop completely be-
fore getting up from your seat.
Then, walk to the front door and
exit, using the handrail.
Getting off the school bus
           If you have to cross the
street in front of the bus, walk at
                                          September 2004 - Page 20

               Northeastern Illinois Chapter ASSE
                 2004-2005 Meeting Calendar
                                           (Tentative Agenda)

Meeting Date                   Location                  Topic
September 20-24,               NIU-Naperville            Chicagoland Safety Conference
2004                           Naperville, IL

October 13, 2004               ASSE Headquar-            Jobs: How to Network, Searching for
6:30 p.m.                      ters                      Jobs, What ASSE Offers to Members
                               1800 E. Oakton Street
                               Des Plaines, IL 60018

November 10, 2004              Argonne National          Facility Presentation & Tour
1 p.m.                         Laboratory
December 7, 2004               Chandler’s Restau- Awards & Honors Joint Meeting with
6:00 p.m. Cash Bar/Reception
7:00 p.m. Dinner & Awards
                               rant               Greater Chicago ASSE and Chicago
                               Schaumburg, IL     AIHA

January 12, 2005               Harper College            Indoor Air Quality
7:00 a.m.                      1200 W. Algonquin Rd
                               Palatine, IL

February 9, 2005               ASSE Headquar-            Injury Causation and Management:
12 N Registration & Lunch      ters                       Accident Causation
12:45-4:45 Seminar
                               1800 E. Oakton Street      Costs of Accident Prevention
                               Des Plaines, IL 60018
                                                          Implementing an Effective Safety
                                                          Workers Compensation Manage-

March 9, 2005                  Harper College            Hot Topics in Safety
7:00 a.m.                      1200 W. Algonquin Rd
                               Palatine, IL

April 13, 2005                 Harper College            NIU Student Chapter Presentations
7:00 a.m.                      1200 W. Algonquin Rd      Election of New Officers
                               Palatine, IL

May 11, 2005                   TBD                       Lunch followed by Presentation &
1:00 p.m.                                                Plant Tour
(light lunch will be served)

June 8, 2005                   Harper College            Installation of New Officers
6:00 p.m.                      1200 W. Algonquin Rd      2005-2006 Programs & Activities
                               Palatine, IL
                                                         Orientation for New Officers and
                                                         Committee Chairs
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