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					           Information Visit to Germany, January 2006

Introducing Internationally Recognised Quality Assurance:
Key Challenge for Universities in East Africa and Germany


17.01.06       Tuesday

Evening        Arrival at Amsterdam Airport
               Transfer from Amsterdam Airport to Oldenburg by Bus

Part I         Oldenburg

18.01.06       Wednesday

10.30am        Guided Tour of Oldenburg’s Historic City Centre
12.15pm        Transfer from the Hotel to the University of Oldenburg
12.30pm        Lunch at the University’s Visitors’ Refectory

1.45pm         Meeting at University Senate Hall, A 14, 1st Floor for Group Photo


2pm            Welcome Reception
               - Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, President, Oldenburg University
               - Prof. Dr. Chacha N. Chacha, Inter-University Council of East Africa
               - Christoph Hansert, Higher Education Management Division, DAAD
               - Dr. Jörn Alphei, Co-ordinator, Project Quality Assurance, HRK
               - Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoll, University of Leipzig
3pm        Introduction and Presentation of the Programme
           Ina Grieb, Director Centre for Scientific Training, Oldenburg University,
           Former Vice-President for Academic Affairs
3.30pm     Presentation of Participants’ Experience in Quality Assurance
           Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoll, University of Leipzig, Isabel Müskens, University of Oldenburg

           A: Quality Assurance in Germany and Europe

4.30pm     Introduction into the German Higher Education System and its Reform Process
           Prof. jun. Dr. Heinke Röbken, Oldenburg University

5.30pm     Return to the Hotel

6.45pm     Walk to the Museum (3 minutes from the hotel)

7pm        Dinner with Members of the Oldenburg University Society at the
           Dinner Speech by Dr. J. Bleckmann, President of the Oldenburg University Society

19.01.06   Thursday

8.00am     Transfer from Hotel to University, Senate Hall, A 14, 1st Floor

8.30am     The European Bologna-Process and its Consequences for Higher Education in
           Germany. Focus on Quality Control
           Dr. Marion Rieken, Vice-President of Vechta University and Isabel Müskens,
           Oldenburg University
           The German Quality Assurance System in Higher Education
           Dr. Jörn Alphei, Co-ordinator, Project Quality Assurance, HRK

10.10am    Coffee Break

10.30am    Synopsis of European Models: Securing the Base Line or Developing Quality?
           Prof. Dr. Ton Vroeijenstijn, Dutch Higher Education Consultant, Former Secretary
           of the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education
           (INQAAHE), Founder of the European Consortium of Accreditation (ECA)

           B: Consequences for German Universities – Example Oldenburg

11.20am    Consequences for Oldenburg University: the Process of Building a Mission Statement
           and a Target Agreement
           Prof. Dr. Uwe Schneidewind, President of Oldenburg University

12.30pm    Gathering into Workshop-Groups for the Afternoon Session

12.45pm    Lunch at the University’s Visitors’ Refectory

2.15pm     Group 1: New Course Structure, Faculty Management, Master of Education
           Visit to the School of Education
           Dean, Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty Director

           Group 2: Development of Internal Structures and Quality Control at a Research
                    Oriented Faculty
           Visit to the Faculty of Mathematics and Science
           Dean, Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty Director

           Group 3: Structural Organisation of the University Presidency, New Models for
                    University Governance
           Visit to the Vice-President for Administration and Finances
           Vice-President for Administration and Finances, Heads of Department

5.30pm     Return to the Hotel – Optional: Guided Walk to the City Centre (Shopping,…)

8pm        Dinner at the Gaststätte Steffmann
           Dinner Speech by Mr. David Otieno, Student in the Renewable Energy Programme,
           on his Experience as a Master Student from Kenya at Oldenburg University

20.01.05   Friday

9.30am     Walk to Oldenburg’s City Hall (10 minutes from the hotel)

10am       Reception in the Council Chamber by
           Dietmar Schütz, Mayor of Oldenburg

11am       Transfer from City Hall to University, Senate Hall, A 14, 1st Floor

           Feed Back Loop

11.30am    Higher Education Policy in Europe. Changes and Perspectives
           Prof. Dr. Michael Daxner, President Em. Oldenburg University

1pm        Lunch at the University’s Visitors’ Refectory

           C: Inter-University Co-operation as a Quality Strategy

2pm        International Inter-University Co-operation in Education and Research
           The Hanse Law School Experience – International Co-operation with a Regional
           Focus (Dutch-German Joint Master Programme)
           Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schiek, Oldenburg University, Colleagues of Groningen University

3.15pm     National Inter-University Co-operation
           The Nordverbund (Consortium of North-German Universities)
           Members of the Association of North-German Universities

4.15pm     Coffee Break

4.30pm     Debriefing and Questions and Answers Session with Regards to Part II

5.15pm     Return to the Hotel

6pm        Walk to the Restaurant (5 minutes from the hotel)

7pm        Festive Farewell Dinner at the Klinkerburg

Part II    Weekend in Berlin

21.01.06   Saturday

8am        Bus Transfer to Berlin

1pm        Arrival at Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

1.30pm     Lunch at the Hotel

3.30pm     Oldenburg Staff can organise small Tours or Shopping Trips

7.30pm     Dinner at the Hotel

22.01.06   Sunday

10am       Opportunity to attend church service at the Berlin Cathedral or
           Cultural programme (e.g. visit to Pergamon Museum)

12.30pm    Lunch at Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

1.30pm     Berlin guided city-tour

4pm        Bus Transfer to Leipzig

7.30pm     Dinner at Novotel Hotel Leipzig

Part III   Leipzig

           D: How to organize Accreditation?

23.01.06   Monday

9am        Volkshochschule Leipzig - Auditorium
           Welcome at the Alma Mater Lipsiensis
           Prof. Dr. Martin Schlegel, Vice-President for Research and Scientific Young
           Professionals, University of Leipzig
           Wolfgang Zimmermann, Saxonian Ministry of Science, Dresden
           Karola Kunkel, Student Council of the University of Leipzig

9.45am     The University – Institutional Management:
           Strategy and Experience of the Vice-President’s Office for Teaching and Studies of
           the University of Leipzig
           Dr. Michael Lorenz, Vice-President’s Office for Teaching and Studies, University of

           Case from East Africa

11am       Break

11.30am    The Ministry – Higher Education Sector Management
           New Tasks of the Ministry in the Processes of Accreditation
           Wolfgang Zimmermann, Saxonian Ministry of Science, Dresden

           Case from East Africa

1pm        Lunch at the University’s Refectory

1.45pm     Guided Tour through the City Centre of Leipzig
           Leipzig: A University City in Transformation

3.45pm     Break

4pm        The Accreditation Agency - Process Management
           Experiences with Accrediting Study Programmes at the University of Leipzig
           Henning Schaefer, ZEvA, Central Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Lower
           Saxony, Hanover

7pm        Dinner at Historical Restaurant „Auerbach’s Cellar“

           Africa and Leipzig: meeting the Institute for African Studies of the
           University of Leipzig

           Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Wolff, Director and Scientific Staff of the Institute

           E: How to prepare for Accreditation?

24.01.06   Tuesday

9am        Volkshochschule Leipzig - Auditorium
           Organizing Evaluation
           The System of Reports of Study Programmes at the University of Leipzig
           Prof. Dr. Joerg Knoll, Chair for Adult Education, University of Leipzig

           Evaluation of Teaching – Problems, Challenges and Prospects
           Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hoppe-Graff, Chair for Pedagogical Psychology of the University
           of Leipzig

10.30am    Break

11am       Dialogue: Perspectives, Problems and Solutions with Respect to Evaluation from the
           Experience of Universities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda
           Speakers from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

1pm        Lunch at Pinocchio Restaurant

2pm        University of Leipzig – Faculty of Education (C 61)
           Organizing Quality Management
           The Micro Level: the Chair of Adult Education of the University of Leipzig
           Prof. Dr. Joerg Knoll and team

3pm        Break

3.15pm     Quality Development and Quality Management in Practice
           The Key Role of the “Clients”
           Coordination: Prof. Dr. Joerg Knoll

           - Quality Manual at the Chair of Adult Education, Irene Ebert M.A. (B 34)
           - Services: Counseling by Students for Students, Urte Graba (B 38)
           - Higher Education Didactics: Qualification of Student Tutors, Andrea Müller (B36)

5pm        Summary of the Workshops

7.30pm     Dinner at the “Moritzbastei”
           Living and Studying in Leipzig: the International Office of the University
           Experiences of Foreign Students in Leipzig.
           Sabine Klimmek, International Office, University of Leipzig

           F: Interacting with the Outside World - Key for Quality Assurance

25.01.06   Wednesday

8am        Bus Transfer to the BMW Plant

9am        BMW Plant Leipzig (Z12)
           Development of Quality, Human Resources and Organization in the Industry
           The Example of BMW and Co-operation BMW - University of Leipzig
           Guided Tour through the BMW Plant
           Esther Londrigo, Learning and Development Consulting Manager, BMW Plant,
           Juergen Hagenbuch, Quality Management, BMW Plant, Leipzig

12.30pm    Lunch at BMW Casino

2pm        The University serving Region and Society
           Perspectives from inside and outside the University
           Prof. Dr. Martin Schlegel, Vice-President for Research and Scientific Young
           Professionals, University of Leipzig
           Dr. Fritz Jaeckel, Division Head for Parliamentary, Cabinet and Federal Affairs,
           Saxionan Ministry of Environment and Agriculture
           Siegfried Ziegler, Human Resources Marketing and Recruiting, BMW Plant, Leipzig

3.45pm     Break

4.15pm     Summary and Outlook:
           Development, Assurance and Management of Quality: Impressions and Insights from
           the Universities of Oldenburg and Leipzig
           Prof. Dr. Joerg Knoll, University of Leipzig

5.30pm     Bus Transfer to the Hotel

7 pm       Farewell Dinner at the Panorama Restaurant

Part IV    Berlin

           G: The Potential of International Co-operation

26.01.06   Thursday

9am        Bus Transfer to Berlin

12.30pm    Lunch at relexa Hotel Stuttgarter Hof Berlin

           Meeting the Participants of the International DIES-Seminar on Training in University
           Management at the University of Kassel

2pm        TU Berlin Main Building
           Increasing Autonomy - Introducing Quality Management: Tactics and Strategies of a
           University President - Internationalisation as a Quality Tool
           Prof. Dr. Kurt Kutzler, President of the Technical University of Berlin

4:15pm     BMZ Berlin Office, Europahaus, Stresemannstraße

           German Development Co-operation with East Africa: Status Quo and Perspectives
           Thomas Albert, Federal Ministry of Economic Co-operation and Development
           (BMZ), Director for Africa and the Middle East

6:30pm     Official Reception and Buffet

           Parliamentary State Secretary Karin Kortmann, BMZ
           Dr. Christian Bode, Secretary General of DAAD

           Dinner Speach:

           Supporting Development of African Societies. The Key Role of universities
           Prof. Dr. Chacha N. Chacha, Secretary General of the Inter-University Council of
           East Africa

           Guests: Members of Parliament, Federal Ministries, Ambassadors, DIES-Partnership
           Co-ordinators, DAAD, HRK, University Authorities and Professors

           Music by DAAD Scholarship Holders

27.01.06   Friday

9am        Wissenschaftsforum at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin-Mitte

           Scientific Support for East African Universities

           University Co-operation with East Africa
           Dr. Roland Weiß, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Head, Africa Division
           Christoph Hansert, DAAD, Head, University Management (DIES) Division
           Harald Schraeder, German Rectors’ Conference (HRK), International Department
           Felix Streiter, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH), Programme Director
           Europe II, Near East, Africa, Latin America

           Research Co-operation with East Africa
           Ulrike Dolezal, Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Berlin Office

11am       Building an Internationally Recognized Accreditation System. Good Practices

           Moderation: Harald Schraeder, Project Quality Assurance of HRK

           Building a Federal Accreditation System in a Decentralized State. The German
           Accreditation Council (Akkreditierungsrat)
           Dr. Achim Hopbach, Managing Director of the German Akkreditierungsrat

           Building an European Accreditation System? The European Consortium of
           Accreditation (ECA)
           Dr. Rolf Heusser, Director of the Swiss Accreditation Agency (OAQ) and President
           of ECA

           Building a Central American Accreditation System. From a University based
           Evaluation System (SICEVAES) to a Society based Accreditation System (CCA)
           Francisco Alarcón, Central American University Council, Academic Director

1pm        Buffet Lunch at Berlin Science Forum

2pm        Perspectives for a Joint IUCEA-DAAD-HRK Project Supporting Regional Quality
           Assurance Initiatives in East Africa. Planning Workshop

           Prof. Dr. Chacha N. Chacha, Secretary-General of IUCEA
           Dr. Helmut Blumbach, Director South, DAAD
           Ina Grieb and Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoll, German Universities


4:30pm                  Conclusion: Next Steps of Co-operation

5:00pm                  Evaluation of the DIES-Information Visit
                        Prof. Dr. Joerg Knoll, University of Leipzig

5:30pm                  Official Closure

7pm                     Closing Dinner

28.01.06                Saturday

                        Departure from Berlin
1pm                     Bus Transfer from the Hotel to Berlin Tegel Airport


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Lehrstuhl für Erwachsenenpädagogik                             04229 Leipzig
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Norma Wucherpfennig                                            Tel. 0341–97-31587, Fax –31479
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