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									                          Interactive Products Division – Numonics Corporation

                          Presentation Tools Newsletter
                         Volume 3, Issue 1           July 9, 2004

Digital Presentation Appliance—
Now Available in TWO Sizes!
The Digital Presentation Appliance,             Upgrade                    SRP
also known as the DPA, is Numonics
                                               Active 14 Softkey Editor    $250
answer to the demand for interactive
whiteboard technology that is afford-          VWB upgrade                 $200
able and easy-to-use. The DPA family
began with the DPA 1000, a 62” diago-      The Active Editor for the DPA allows
nal, Windows -based digital interactive    the user to redefine the Softkeys to
whiteboard. Received with arms wide-       launch various multimedia files, web-
open, it became a hit with our custom-     sites, individual files or whole applica-   Inside this issue:
ers. As time went on, our customers        tions, in addition to accessing various
and resellers came back to us with         Presentation Tools.                         IPM 500—Stand Now
feedback about the DPA. As we lis-                                                                              2
                                                                                       A Standard
tened, they made two things clear:         The Virtual WhiteBoard (VWB) upgrade
                                           adds a range of a great features to the
1. They love the “easy to use” Digital     DPA’s Virtual WhiteBoard that were          IPM Release 8.0          2
Presentation Appliance                     previously only available in the IPM
                                           version of the VWB software.
2.   They would like it in a larger size                                               Announcing the PI-1500   3
                                           Our website and education grant have
Numonics agrees and is pleased to          been updated to reflect the new prod-       New Look for Web-Based
announce the new DPA 2000 with all                                                                              3
                                           uct and our pricing strategy:               Training
the features that teachers and present-
ers need bundled in an easy-to-use
package. DPA requires little training                                                  Customer Testimonial     4
because it was designed with the aver-
age Windows-user in mind, not a power
user or technical guru. In the new 77”     grant_program.html
diagonal size, the DPA 2000 completes
the DPA family.

We have priced the DPA family to be
the most competitive large format inter-
active whiteboard on the market:

         Product            SRP

        DPA 1000          $1,399

        DPA 2000          $1,599

Since this new addition to the DPA
product line, Numonics has taken a
different approach to software up-
grades for the DPA family. The new
approach is easier and less expensive.

There are two software upgrades avail-
Presentation Tools Newsletter
                                                IPM 500’s Height Adjustable-Stand is Now Standard
                                                The IPM 500 TM, our 47” diagonal board,
    Having Technical                            has become very popular among our re-
    Support Issues?                             seller partners and, to some degree, our
                                                educational customers. We have seen
   Call our FREE Tech                           the interest in and the sales of the IPM
                                                500 TM grow dramatically over the past
   Support Hotline for                          year.

            at                                  One of the major issues raised by our
                                                customers was their dislike for the trian-
     1-800-523-6716                             gular-shaped metal legs. We have re-
                                                sponded by designing new retractable
                                                legs that fit neatly on the board and pro-
                                                vide for three different height positions on
                                                a tabletop.

                                                We have decided to include the new
                                                stand as a standard accessory with the
                                                500 TM without any price increase.

 IPM Software Release—Whoa, 8.0!

 IPM 8.0 software release was just re-          accessed with through the Format \ Op-         feature greatly enhances the usability of
 leased on June 14th. Packed with great         tions pull down menu selection. Now the        the Editor.
 new features that are simple to implement      toolbar can be easily accessed from ei-
 and, of course, easy to use, 8.0 is certain    ther the top or bottom of the board.
                                                                                           Lastly, a new file named IPM.mpg has
 to be a crowd-pleaser.
                                                                                           been added. This file provides an over-
                                                Internet shortcuts to web sites that con-  view of the features and capabilities of
 One major feature that 8.0 touts is its new    tain teaching content (Resource Files) are the IPM product. The product overview is
 “Playback” feature in the Virtual White-       also part of the IPM 8.0 release. The con- presented in a visual and audio format
 Board Application. Now after writing out       tent folders are grouped as follows:       that uses the Windows Media Player.
 a brainstorming session or lesson plan,        • Environment and Ecology
 the presenter or teacher has the option of
                                                •   General                                    You can download this new FREE
 playing back the entire session or individ-
 ual VWB slides in real-time or in specified    •   Language Arts                              software upgrade from our website at
 time increments.                               •   Maps
                                                                                               /support/drivers.htm . Just be sure to
                                                •   Mathematics                                uninstall any older versions of IPM soft-
 In 8.0 VWB now accepts the following
                                                •   Science                                    ware before downloading this new ver-
 image formats for importing: .bmp, .jpg,                                                      sion!
 .wmf, .emf, .gif, .dib, .ico, .cur and .rle.   •   Social Studies
 In addition, VWB allows the user to save       With easy access to teaching tools like
 his or her VWB session in html format for      the Resource Files, the IPM is one
 easy web posting. Posting homework,            teacher’s aid that is sure to become a
 projects or class notes is now a breeze!       teacher’s pet!

 The default location for the VWB toolbar       “Drag and Drop” capability has also been
 can be set to the top position (normal         added to the Softkey Editor. Files, fold-
 default) or along the bottom section of the    ers, applications and shortcuts can now
 VWB application. This option is added to       be “dragged and dropped” onto the Soft-
 the Session Properties window which is         key Editor’s Define button. This new

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                                                                                                                     Volume 3, Issue 1

 Announcing an Addition to Our Family: The PI-1500 15” LCD Tablet Monitor
 The newest member of our award-winning         It also incorporates features that end-users   The PI-1500 is priced to be the most
 collaborative communications products is       will love.                                     competitive LCD tablet monitor on the
 a 15” LCD Tablet Monitor.                                                                     market.
 In keeping with our “pen centric” philoso-     •    No software installation required on
 phy and product family, the PI-1500 com-            your computer to use the product as               Product          SRP
 bines the latest in LCD technology with             a Windows navigation device
                                                                                                      PI-1500          $1,995
 the best of electromagnetic technology. As
 one of the pioneers and acknowledged           •    It is a USB device that is compatible
                                                     with the latest in computer technol-      Our Educational Technology Grant
 world leaders in electromagnetic technol-                                                     webpage has been updated to reflect
 ogy, we believe our product is superior to          ogy
                                                                                               the new product:
 analog resistive devices.
                                                •    Built-in speakers make it perfect for
 The Numonics PI-1500 arrives at the right           multimedia presentations                  /grant_program.html
 time since schools and corporations are
 investigating the use of this technology. Of   •    The electronic pen is pressure sensi-
 course, the PI-1500 is compatible with              tive lending itself to various artistic
 either our IPM or DPA products in those             applications
 situations where both products add a di-
 mension to the presentation.                   The Applications software is bundled at no
                                                charge. It provides access to many easy-
 What makes the PI-1500 unique is that as       to-use presentation tools and a virtual
 a pointing device there is no training and     whiteboard for note-taking, drawing and
 no software to install on your computer.       making a point graphically.

 New Look for Numonics Free Web-Based IPM Training for Windows

 Our web-based training has received            phone! You don’t even need to have             Minimum Requirements to partici-
 a face-lift, so sign up for training and       your board hooked up to participate.           pate in training:
 check it out! If you have an Interac-          Review the exciting updates to Virtual
 tive Presentation Manager (IPM) or a           WhiteBoard, explore the possibilities          •   Touch-tone phone
 Digital Presentation Appliance (DPA),          available through user-definable Soft-
 you can sign up for FREE web-based             keys and experiment with how to                •   Computer with 28.8 kbps Internet
 training.                                      make your next presentation captivat-              connectivity (56 kbps or better
                                                ing with tips and pointers gained from             recommended)
                                                attending these training sessions.
                                                                                               •   Java-enabled browser
                                                To register for our IPM training, visit
                                                                                               •   Any Intel Pentium-class chip, 266
                                                our brand new registration and train-
                                                                                                   MHz or equivalent (Pentium II at
                                                ing website at
                                                                                                   500 MHz or better recom-
                                                and look under “View Scheduled                     mended)
  What is web-based training you may            Events” to select from our list of avail-
 ask? This form of training is easy             able sessions.
 and economical. In fact, you can
 stay right in your office or classroom         If you have a Digital Presentation Ap-
 as long as you have an Internet con-           pliance (DPA), you can also receive
 nection and a phone (preferably a              free training! Simply email us at
 speaker phone). Our Numonics          to set up a
 trainer will show you how to use the           time for training.
 board via the Internet and you can
 hear the explanations over the

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Interactive Products Division –                              "The Interactive Whiteboard People"
Numonics Corporation
101 Commerce Drive                                   Numonics Corporation is located in Montgomeryville, PA, just
PO Box 1005                                          outside of Philadelphia. We have been manufacturing com-
Montgomeryville, PA 18936                            puter peripheral equipment for over 30 years. In 1994, the
Phone: 215-362-2766                                  Interactive Products Division of our company was formed and
Phone: 800-523-6716                                  we entered the presentation graphics and education markets
Fax: 215-361-0167                                    with an innovative product designed to revolutionize interac-
Email:                         tive computer generated presentations. Numonics has won
                                                     industry awards for product innovation, design engineering
                                                     and computer productivity.

                                                     Numonics products are available through an international net-
                                                     work of systems integrators, OEMs, resellers and distributors
                                                     throughout the United States, North and South America,
                                                     Europe, Africa and the Far East. International sales are sup-
                                                     ported by a full range of capabilities from offices in Europe.

Customer Testimonials
                                        and his daily teaching schedule has
Philadelphia Performing Arts
Charter School (PPACS) is a             been streamlined.
unique school. In fact, it’s the only
                                        By using the IPM’s Virtual White-
grade school in the Commonwealth        Board software, he can write out the
of Pennsylvania to have a classical
                                        notes for the first class of the day,
arts program incorporated into its
                                        and then he can repeat the sessions
curriculum. Currently, the school       for each successive class without re-
has 450 students from kindergarten
                                        writing the entire thing. Since VWB
through eighth grade enrolled.          software automatically saves every-
                                        thing he writes as he writes it, he
                                        can reopen that session and flip
                                        through the slides much like a pres-
                                        entation while adding notes or delet-
                                        ing notes as he chooses.                   Pen, and then through out the year
                                                                                   he has them using the IPM with him.
                                        Since Mr. Falcione uses his IPM            When working on the Internet, he
                                        everyday, he has become very               uses the IPM like a large monitor,
                                        knowledgeable about it. He even            and using the Softkeys allows him to
                                        trains other teachers at the school        annotate over websites. He also
                                        on how to use their IPMs.                  uses the IPM as a large screen for
                                                                                   playing science videos.
                                        As for the students, they are usually
Joseph Falcione, 5th Grade Math
                                        intimidated by the whiteboard at first,    To submit your comments or your
and Science Teacher at Philadelphia
                                        but after they get used to it, they like   own testimonials, please contact
Performing Arts Charter School, has
                                        it. He continues that in this day and      Mandy Childs at
been teaching 11 years, but he
                                        age kids are used to using com-  
doesn’t use a blackboard and chalk.
                                        puters at school and at home, so the
He has replaced his blackboard with
                                        IPM “really keeps their attention.”
an IPM and his chalk with a Multime-
                                        For the first day or two of class, he
dia Pen. Now he says his
                                        has his students come up to the IPM
“classroom is clean” from chalk dust,
                                        and get used to using the Multimedia

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