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									2007 – 2008 Team Presentation
             Kris Szepanski – Science/Team
             Frank Lopes – English
             Katie Pallotti – Social Studies
             Jessica Fisher – Language Arts
             Cindy Barnes - Math/Pre-Algebra
             Emily Marchinkoski – Special Ed
District and Building Improvement

District Strategic Improvement Plan      Strategic Improvement Plan Goal:
   Goal:                                  Over the next 2 years, 25% of
 East Windsor students must                East Windsor Middle School
   have the opportunity to obtain           students who scored at Levels
   academic achievement to the              1, 2, or 3 will improve at least
   highest level of their potential to      one level, as measured by CMT
   ensure that each individual              in the areas of reading and
   becomes a productive and                 writing.
   responsible member of society          Over the next 2 years, 25% of
                                            East Windsor Middle School
                                            students who scored at Levels
                                            1, 2, or 3 will improve at least
                                            one level, as measured by CMT
                                            in the area of mathematics.
Team SMART Goal

    The Team’s Smart Goal is to
    improve Forming a General
    Understanding from 64% mastery
    to 70% as measured on the 2008
Reason for
Choosing SMART Goal

 •   This basic skill impacts all
     subject areas – it is impossible to
     raise other literacy scores until
     students are successful readers.
To Achieve the SMART Goal:

Students need to be able to:
   – Use pre-reading and post-reading strategies to
     improve comprehension in the content areas.
   – Make personal connections to what they read.
   – Summarize and take notes from content
   – Learn new vocabulary in context.
   – Use of a variety of reading materials.
   – Answer questions thoroughly with adequate
Strategies Implemented to Increase
Student Achievement

   Use of CMT released material for practice
   Cross curricular discussions of exemplars,
    scored sample responses, rubrics and other
    criteria for success.
   Similar high expectations across content
   Modeling and direct instruction of skills such
    as summarizing and note taking.
Measures Used to Collect Evidence of
Student Growth Throughout the Year

   The team gathered initial data through the use of
    released items from the State of Connecticut CMT
   Periodic formative assessments are used in each
    content area.
   Further data will be accumulated through the
    common assessments given in February and May of
   Final data collection will occur when the results for
    the 2008 CMT are released.
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