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									                                                Presentation schedule

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Thursday, July 29
   Time             Presenter                               Title                                    Sponsor
                                  Neurocognitive late effects seen in pediatric brain
2:00          Claire Fraley                                                                Bruce Compas
                                  tumor survivors
                                  Caretaking Behaviors in Adolescents
2:15          Kelsey Hudson                                                                Bruce Compas
                                  of Depressed Parents
                                  The construction of mammography as a tool for breast
2:30          Avi Baehr                                                                    JuLeigh Petty
                                  cancer screening
2:45          Katy Menges         4-Year-Old Children's Beliefs About Puppets' Mind        Georgene Troseth
                                  Synthesis of 4PyrrolidineQuinBAM and Its Application
3:00          Aspen Chun                                                                   Jeffrey Johnston
                                  as a Catalyst in the aza-Henry Reaction
3:15                 Break
                                  Easily Frustrated Infants: Implications for Emotion
3:30          Nikita Rodrigues                                                             Julia Noland
                                  Regulation Strategies and Cognitive Outcomes
                                  Establishing Regional Style in 10-13th Century Shanxi
3:45          Lydia Ohl                                                                    Tracy Miller
                                  Viability of Wolbachia bacteria in Nasonia insects       Seth Bordenstein
4:00          John Chen
                                  postmortem                                               Robert Brucker
                                  Geographic Variation in Eating Behaviors in the
4:15          Nicole Gunasekera                                                            David Schlundt
                                  Southern Community Cohort Study
                                  Constructs of Masculinity in the Cold War Era Musicals
4:30          Emily Green                                                                  Jim Lovensheimer
                                  Li'l Abner and The King and I
                                  Effects of channel constriction on upstream flow in a
4:45          Grace Loy           multi-thread river: Locke Island, Columbia River,        David Furbish
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Monday, August 2
  Time             Presenter                               Title                                Sponsor(s)
                                 Vulnerable Refuge: Challenges to Refugee
2:00         Alex Sweet                                                                Carol Swain
                                 Assimilation in Nashville, TN
                                 Preventing the Return of Disgust in Humans: A
2:15         Shivali Sarawgi                                                           Bunmi Olatunji
                                 Learning Based Approach
2:30         Ben Wyatt           Electric Field Switching of Vanadium Dioxide          Richard Haglund
                                 The Effect of Media Campaigns on HIV/AIDS Health
2:45         Kelly Tobakos                                                             Terence McDonnell
                                 Behavior in Accra, Ghana: A Spatial Analysis
3:00         Daniel Cunningham   Whose History?                                        Idit Dobbs-Weinstein
3:15                 Break
3:30         Skyler Jacobs       Intuition, Affect, and Moral Judgment                 Craig Smith
                                 Comparative susceptibility of Anopheles gambiae and
3:45         Sara Coggins                                                              Julian Hillyer
                                 Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
                                 Integrating Medical Analyses through a High-
4:00         Kelsie Covington                                                          Bennett Landman
                                 throughput Bundled Resource Imaging System
                                 Trade Liberalization and Economic Development in
4:15         Will Johnson                                                              Joel Rodrigue
                                 Investigating Telomerase Activity at a Telomere       Katherine Friedman
4:30         Shira Paul
                                 Addition 'Hotspot'                                    Margaret Platts
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Tuesday, August 3
    Time            Presenter                                Title                                Sponsor(s)
                                     Context cues help preschoolers learn words by
                                                                                          Megan Saylor
2:15         Michelle Doscas         differentiating between reliable and unreliable      Maria Vazquez
2:30         Melanie Gault           Infrared Neural Stimulation in Aplysia californica   E. Duco Jansen
                                     Lost Voices? Political and Civic Engagement Among
2:45         Rebecca Long                                                                 Jonathan Hiskey
                                                                                          Donna Ford
3:00         Sam Pomplon             Summer Reader's Workshop for urban youth.            Jeff King
                                                                                          Frank Dobson
3:15                 Break
                                     Effects of BMP Signaling on Parapineal Asymmetry in
3:30         Eszter Szentirmai                                                           Joshua Gamse
3:45         Cameron Neely           The Neural Basis of Inferred Face Perception        Frank Tong
4:00         Krzysztof Zienkiewicz   Cloud Computing on Mobile Devices                   Douglas Schmidt
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Wednesday, August 4
    Time          Presenter                             Title                                     Sponsor(s)
2:00         Jane Hirtle       Infant Cognition                                            Amy Needham
                               Growing Proton-Conducting Polymer on Nanoporous
2:15         Noel Zulkifli                                                                 G. Kane Jennings
                               Structure Determination of the Alzheimer's Disease
2:30         Adrianne Eyman                                                                Gerald Stubbs
                               Associated Protein A
2:45         Craig Turner      Bach, Michelangelo, and Their Cryptic Signatures            Carl Smith
                               Characterization of Perceptual Expertise Using Bird         Thomas Palmeri
3:00         Patrick Louis
                               Expertise                                                   Michael Mack
3:15                Break
                               A biphasic functional electrical stimulator (FES) for use   Michael Goldfarb
3:30         Chris Heelan
                               in a therapeutic orthosis                                   Hugo Quintero
3:45         Tristan Barsky    Variorum Chaucer: The Friar's Tale                          John Plummer
                               (Mis)Adventures in Priming: Toward testing a process
4:00         Laura Fritzsche                                                               Leslie Kirby
                               model of emotion-eliciting appraisals
4:15         Tyler Whittle     A Study of Optical Resonant Devices                         Sharon Weiss
                               The Effect of Current State Budget Policy on Mental
4:30         Gracie Smith      Health Services for Transition-Age Youth in                 Craig Anne Helflinger
                                              Presentation schedule

                                         All presentations in 100B Hobbs

Monday, August 9
  Time             Presenter                              Title                                   Sponsor(s)
                                                                                          Judy Garber
2:00         Kathryn Fox          Correlates and predictors of recurrent depression
                                                                                          Matthew Morris
                                  Measuring Deflation-Induced Protectionism During
2:15         David Schenck                                                                Mario Crucini
                                  the Great Depression
                                  Circadian Regulation of Learning and Memory in
2:30         Spandana Jagannath                                                           Terry Page
                                  Leucophaea Maderae
                                  The Effects of Consolidation and Strategy on            Bruce McCandliss
2:45         Jeci Wise
                                  Learning an Artificial Orthography                      Yuliya Yoncheva
                                  The Function of WASP Related Protein A (WrpA) in
3:00         Nicole Mandel        Relation to F-actin Assembly during Chemotaxis in       Chang Chung
                                  Dictyostelium discoideum
3:15                 Break
                                  Emotion Recognition and Social Judgment in
3:30         Lindsey Gilling                                                              Sohee Park
                                  An Experimental Simulation Study of Thermoelectric
3:45         Zach Smith           Engines for Waste Heat Recovery in Aerospace            A. V. Anilkumar
                                  Preschoolers use non-verbal cues to identify reliable   Megan Saylor
4:00         Lauren Krensky
                                  informants for word learning                            Maria Vazquez
4:15         Kasey Leach          Expression of Drs2p in the Yeast Pichia pastoris        Todd Graham
                                  Regulation of the Extracellular Environment by Mind-
4:30         Kalie Deutsch                                                                Kendal Broadie
                          Fellows Excused from Presentations because off-campus for Project

     Presenter                               Title                                    Sponsor(s)
                   Multi-component magma mingling revealed in a
                                                                              Guilherme Gualda
Evan Kelly         rhyolite-dacite-andesite coulee, southern Highland
                                                                              Calvin Miller
                   Range (southern Nevada)
                   Midwifery and Medical Conflict in Early Modern France:
Danielle Kruglak                                                              Holly Tucker
                   The Case Against Louise Bourgeois
Patrick McGovern   Inanga: Music and Tradition in Post-Genocide Rwanda        Gregory Barz
                   Investigating along the speciation continuum with
Tim Thurman                                                                   Daniel Funk
                   Timema walking sticks
Laura Verwest      Palestinian Communist and Socialist Political Parties      Richard McGregor

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