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									                     Alameda County Arts Commission
                     P.O. Box 29004
                     Oakland, CA 94604-9004
                     t (510) 208-9646 f (510) 271-5192

                                              ALAMEDA COUNTY ARTS COMMISSION
                                                     REGULAR MEETING
                                                     ANNUAL RETREAT
          MONTHLY MEETING:                            Wednesday, April 8, 2009
                                                      Business Meeting: 9:30am – 10:30am
                                                      Annual Retreat: 10:30am – 2:30pm

          MEETING LOCATION:                           1401 Lakeside Drive, Conference Room 201, Oakland, CA 94612
Any member of the Audience desiring to address the Alameda County Arts Commission: Complete a speaker form and give it to the ACAC staff prior to
the start of the meeting, or as soon as possible. After receiving recognition from the Chairperson, please state your name for the record prior to your
presentation. Only matters on the agenda may be acted upon. If you wish to speak on a matter not on the agenda, please wait until the Chairperson
calls for public input. Only matters within the Arts Commission’s jurisdiction may be addressed. Time limitations shall be at the discretion of the

Complete copies of the written reports related to the voting items listed on this agenda are available to the public by contacting the Office of the Alameda
County Arts Commission, phone number 510-208-9646 or website

I.   A. Call to Order                                                                  Brian Laczko, Chair 9:30pm
     B. Roll Call
     C. Approval of ACAC February 11 Meeting Minutes and Summary of Actions                    VOTING ITEM
     D. Public Forum (Time Limit: 3 Minutes Per Speaker)
     E. Foundation for the Arts in Alameda County
        1. Upcoming Meetings: May 4, June 1, 2-3pm, 1401 Lakeside Dr., 11th fl.
    F. Executive Committee Report                                                      B. Laczko
        1. Overview of Executive Committee Meeting
    G. Staff Report                                                                    R. Osajima, Staff
        1. Statement of Economic Interest – CA Form 700
            a. Due Date for Submission to PWA: April 1, 2009
        2. Submission to the Alameda County’s Personnel, Administration and
           Legislation Committee for Review of State Assembly Bill AB 700
II. Program Reports
    A. Public Art Program                                                              B. Laczko, PAAC Chair
        1. Current Projects
            a. Castro Valley Library Project
                i. Bridge Installation on Saturday, April 18; Estimated Time: 7:00-9:00am
            b. Juvenile Justice Center Small Scale Commission Program
            c. Sobering and Detox Centers Small Scale Commission Program
            d. Artwork Purchase Program
            e. Highland Hospital Acute Care Tower Replacement Program Master Plan and Schedule
                i. Plan developed by PAAC during Four Meetings, Feb. 26, March 26, April 23 and May 28
                ii. Plan presented to Highland Hospital Steering Committee on May 22
                iii. Plan approved by PAAC on May 28
                iv. Plan reviewed and approved by ACAC on June 10
    B. ARTSFUND Grants Program                                                         R. Osajima
        1. 2009 Grant Review Committee: Ted Bresler, Jodie Gordon,
            Rudy Johnson, Karin Nelson and Valerie Snart
        2. Meeting Date: Friday, May 1, 9:00am-5:00pm

Agenda - Alameda County Arts Commission Regular Meeting and Retreat, April 8, 2009                                                               Page 1 of 2
     C. Exhibitions in Public Spaces Program                                         R. Osajima
          1. Exhibition: 1221 Oak Street, 1st & 5th floor, Oakland
             January 16 – April 29, 2009:
             Art IS Education Exhibitions: Artwork Created by Youth at Washington High School, Fremont
             and through the Attitudinal Healing Connection’s ArtEsteem Program, Oakland
             May 4 – October 6, 2009:
             Berkeley Art Center Artists: Group Exhibition of Center Members
     D. 2009 Arts Leadership Award Program Plan (Report: ACAC_4-8-09_1)              VOTING ITEM
III. Arts Commission Committees
     A. Arts Education Committee                                                     A. Wettrich
          1. March 2009 is Art IS Education Month
          2. Upcoming Meetings: May 21, Sept. 17, Nov. 19; 11:30am-1:00pm at
             CCA’s Center for Art and Public Life, 5275 Broadway, Oakland
IV. Commissioner Check-Ins – Individual Reports Regarding Recent or Upcoming Arts Related Events
V. Next Regular Meeting May 13, 2009, 4-6pm at 1401 Lakeside Drive, Rm. 1107
VI. Adjournment                                                                                        10:30pm

                                                        ANNUAL RETREAT AGENDA

       Lisa Caretto, Executive Director, California Arts Advocates
       Brad Erickson, Board President, California Arts Advocates; Director of Theater Bay Area, SF

10:30-10:45          Welcome, Agenda Overview and Introductions

10:45-11:15          About California Arts Advocates and other Advocacy Organizations
                     National News: Economic stimulus money and funding to the NEA and CAC
                     CAA’s Current Project: State Assembly Bill AB700

11:15-Noon           Connection Between Arts Advocacy and Changes in Law and Public Funding
                     Communication about the Extrinsic Value of the Arts
                     Lobbying: What Commissioners Can and Can’t Do

12:00-12:45          LUNCH

12:45 – 1:15         Creating an Arts Advocacy 5 Year Action Plan
                            Break-out groups to discuss:
                            What issues does ACAC want to focus on?
                            What advocacy activities will ACAC do as a group?
                            What advocacy activities will Commissioners do as individuals?

1:15-1:25            Break

1:25-2:00            Report Back to Full Group

2:00 – 2:20          Next Steps: ACAC staff to create written document to share at May 13 ACAC meeting

2:30                 End Session

Founded in 1996 as a nonprofit statewide advocacy organization by leaders in the arts field, the California Arts Advocates
(CAA) has been the collaborative force behind the battle to protect arts funding in California, as well as the successful
passage of several bills that return arts programs to schools and laws that positively impact the arts. CAA provides
advocacy services for California’s arts community. CAA provides professional advocacy for all arts stakeholders in
California, from the smallest troupe to the largest institution, from the solo artist to the largest organization, from the most
diverse to the most mainstream, regardless of cultural segment or economic standing. Lobbying efforts have had
significant influence on the legislative process in areas of state funding for the arts, energy, censorship, charity integrity
and fundraising and education.CAA is supported and funded by its members.

Agenda - Alameda County Arts Commission Regular Meeting and Retreat, April 8, 2009                                      Page 2 of 2

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