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					Michael Fritz
Rebekah Vaughan
                             The Official Story
                            Subliminal advertising doesn’t exist.
                               But if it does, it doesn’t work.
                              But if it does, it’s not a problem.
                                But if it is, it doesn’t matter.
                                   But if it does, ignore it.

                       There’s nothing subliminal about that, is there.

A subliminal message is a signal or message embedded in another object, designed to pass
    through the normal limits of perception. (3:30)
   E.W. Scripture’s New Psychology (1898) summarized subliminal
   One of the first studies done to test subliminal advertising was done by
    James Vicary in 1957, when the message “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Hungry?
    Eat popcorn” at 1/3000 of a second at five second intervals in efforts to
    increase Coca-Cola and popcorn sales.
   The result of this experiment that both Coca-Cola and popcorn sales
    significantly increased.
   In Spring of 2006, KFC
    ran an ad that included
    this frame of a bucket of
    KFC as a promotion for a
    coupon to get a free
    chicken sandwich.
   KFC claimed that there
    was a 40% increase in
    visitors at their website,
    and that 100,000
    coupons were given out.
   ABC soon banned the
    commercial because
    they classified it as
    subliminal advertising.
   Democrats accused Republicans of using subliminal
    advertising as a campaigning technique in 2000.
   In an ad attacking Al Gore during the 2000 campaign for
    president, the word “RATS” flashed continually in 1/20th of a
    second intervals in the last 20% of the advertisement.
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