; Presentation on Human Rights in 1973 Constitution of Pakistan - Excel
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Presentation on Human Rights in 1973 Constitution of Pakistan - Excel

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Presentation on Human Rights in 1973 Constitution of Pakistan document sample

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									                                                          March 2, 2010
                                  New Holdings List from 02/01/2010 to 02/28/2010 at TCCEB

Call Number              Title                                                                               Author                      Date
REF DS35.53 .O96 2009    The Oxford encyclopedia of the Islamic world/                                                                   2009
REF JC571 .E673 2009     Encyclopedia of human rights/                                                                                   2009
REF JK1967 .C662 2010    Guide to U.S. elections/                                                                                        c2010
REF PS255.N5 E53 2009    Encyclopedia of the New York School poets/                                                                      c2008
REF R121 .M89 2009       Mosby's medical dictionary/                                                                                     c2008

                         Ghosts of futures past : spiritualism and the cultural politics of nineteenth-
BF1242.U6 M34 2008                                                                                           McGarry, Molly.             c2008
                         century America/
BF456.R2 D36 2009        Reading in the brain : the science and evolution of a human invention/              Dehaene, Stanislas.         2009
BF637.P76 E48 2000       The procrastinator's handbook : mastering the art of doing it now/                  Emmett, Rita.               2000
BF789.C7 P3813 2009      Black : the history of a color/                                                     Pastoureau, Michel, 1947-   c2008
BJ1533.G8 V57 2008       The gift of thanks : the roots and rituals of gratitude/                            Visser, Margaret.           2009
BL2525 .G47 2008         God's democracy : American religion after September 11/                             Gentile, Emilio, 1946-      c2008
BX7795.W7 S53 2008       The beautiful soul of John Woolman, apostle of abolition/                           Slaughter, Thomas P.        2008
                         Freedom's prophet : Bishop Richard Allen, the AME Church, and the Black
BX8459.A4 N49 2008                                                                                           Newman, Richard S.          c2008
                         founding fathers/
CC165 .S23 2008          Archaeology matters : action archaeology in the modern world/                       Sabloff, Jeremy A.          c2008
CT105 .O46 2006          The worst person in the world : and 202 strong contenders/                          Olbermann, Keith, 1959-     c2006
D157 .H69 2008           Fighting for the cross : crusading to the Holy Land/                                Housley, Norman.            c2008
                         The Atlantic world : Europeans, Africans, Indians and their shared history, 1400-
D210 .B46 2009                                                                                               Benjamin, Thomas, 1952-     2009
D424 .B56 2008           The vertigo years : Europe, 1900-1914/                                              Blom, Philipp, 1970-        c2008
D755.7 .H56 2008         The bitter road to freedom : a new history of the liberation of Europe/             Hitchcock, William I.       2008
D769.8.A6 A64 2009       Moving images : photography and the Japanese American incarceration/                Alinder, Jasmine, 1969-     c2008
                         Concentration camps on the home front : Japanese Americans in the house of
D769.8.A6 H69 2008                                                                                           Howard, John, 1962-         2008
                         Jim Crow/
D804.355 .A85 2009       Holocaust denial as an international movement/                                      Atkins, Stephen E.          2009
D810.P7 G7236 2009    The good fight : Battle of Britain propaganda and the few/                          Campion, Garry, 1963-                 2009
DA135 .H38 2008       Folly and fortune in early British history : from Caesar to the Normans/            Henshall, Kenneth G.                  2008
DA209.E6 T87 2009     Eleanor of Aquitaine : queen of France, queen of England/                           Turner, Ralph V.                      c2008
DC151 .E69 2008       Napoleon's wars : an international history, 1803-1815/                              Esdaile, Charles J.                   2008, c2007
DK266 .K456 2009      Master of the house : Stalin and his inner circle/                                  Khlevniuk, O. V. (Oleg Vitalevich).   2009
DL649 .K46 2008       A concise history of Sweden/                                                        Kent, Neil.                           2008
DS119.7 .M497 2009    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict : a people's war/                                  Milton-Edwards, Beverley.             2009
                      48 hours of Kristallnacht : night of destruction/dawn of the Holocaust : an oral
DS134.255 .B37 2008                                                                                       Bard, Mitchell Geoffrey, 1959-        c2008
DS35.63 .A57 2009     Destiny disrupted : a history of the world through Islamic eyes/                    Ansary, Mir Tamim.                    c2008
DS62.23 .C66 2008     From Egypt to Babylon : the international age 1550-500 BC/                          Colliins, Paul (Paul Thomas).         2008
DS79.76 .W359 2009    The war in Iraq/                                                                                                          c2008
DU625 .O37 2008       Island world : a history of Hawai'i and the United States/                          Okihiro, Gary Y., 1945-               c2008
E169 .A45 2008        The power of the zoot : youth culture and resistance during World War II/           Alvarez, Luis, 1972-                  c2008
E179.5 .N84 2008      Habits of empire : a history of American expansion/                                 Nugent, Walter T. K.                  2008
                      How race survived US history : from settlement and slavery to the Obama
E184.A1 R642 2008                                                                                         Roediger, David R.                    2008
                      The snake dance of Asian American activism : community, vision, and power in
E184.A75 L58 2008                                                                                         Liu, Michael, 1948-                   2008
                      the struggle for social justice, 1945-2000/
E184.I6 D59 2008      The Irish Americans : a history/                                                    Dolan, Jay P., 1936-                  2008
                      Voices of emancipation : understanding slavery, the Civil War, and
E185.2 .V65 2008                                                                                                                                c2008
                      Reconstruction through the U.S. Pension Bureau files/
                      Lincoln's lost legacy : the Republican Party and the African American vote, 1928-
E185.6 .T67 2008                                                                                          Topping, Simon.                       c2008
                      Delaying the dream : southern senators and the fight against civil rights, 1938-
E185.61 .F485 2008                                                                                        Finley, Keith M., 1973-               c2008
E185.615 .J68 2007    Waiting 'til the midnight hour : a narrative history of Black power in America/     Joseph, Peniel E.
                      Living as equals : how three white communities struggled to make interracial
E185.615 .P35 2008                                                                                        Palmer, Phyllis M.                    c2008
                      connections during the civil rights era/
                      African American women's rhetoric : the search for dignity, personhood, and
E185.86 .A89 2009                                                                                         Atwater, Deborah F., 1949-            c2008
                       "We shall independent be" : African American place making and the struggle to
E185.86 .W434 2008                                                                                                                          c2008
                       claim space in the United States/
E185.89.F37 M55 2009   Slaves to fashion : black dandyism and the styling of black diasporic identity/     Miller, Monica L., 1970-         2009
E185.93.T4 B55 2008    Black women in Texas history/                                                                                        c2008
E185.97.B27 T43 2008   Hero of Hispaniola : America's first Black diplomat, Ebenezer D. Bassett/           Teal, Christopher, 1971-         2008
                       The Word of the Lord is upon me : the righteous performance of Martin Luther
E185.97.K5 R54 2008                                                                                        Rieder, Jonathan.                2008
                       King, Jr./
                       America's hidden history : untold tales of the first pilgrims, fighting women and
E188 .D39 2008                                                                                             Davis, Kenneth C.                c2008
                       forgotten founders who shaped a nation/
E280.H2 P38 2008       Nathan Hale : the life and death of America's first spy/                            Phelps, M. William.              2008
E449 .F961 2008        Domestic slavery considered as a scriptural institution/                            Fuller, Richard, 1804-1876.      c2008
E449 .G98 2008         American Mediterranean : Southern slaveholders in the age of emancipation/          Guterl, Matthew Pratt, 1970-     2008
E56 .N36 2008          The National Museum of the American Indian : critical conversations/                                                 c2008
                       Nothing to fear : FDR's inner circle and the hundred days that created modern
E806 .C5925 2009                                                                                           Cohen, Adam (Adam Seth).         2009
E806 .F64 2008         New Deal or raw deal? : how FDR's economic legacy has damaged America/              Folsom, Burton W.                2008
E837.7 .C38 2009       The making of a Catholic president : Kennedy vs. Nixon 1960/                        Casey, Shaun.                    2009
                       The Cold War and the United States Information Agency : American propaganda
E840.2 .C85 2008                                                                                           Cull, Nicholas John.             2008
                       and public diplomacy, 1945-1989/
                       Truth and consequences : special comments on the Bush administration’s war on
E902 .O43 2007                                                                                             Olbermann, Keith, 1959-          c2007
                       American values/
                       The women of the house : how a colonial she-merchant built a mansion, a
F122.1.P48 Z56 2006                                                                                        Zimmerman, Jean.                 c2006
                       fortune, and a dynasty/
                       Coming through : voices of a South Carolina Gullah community from WPA oral
F277.W33 C66 2008                                                                                                                           c2008
G156.5.E26 B838 2009   Ecotourism : principles and practices/                                              Buckley, Ralf.                   c2008
G535 .L44 2009         The invisible hook : the hidden economics of pirates/                               Leeson, Peter T., 1979-          c2008
GC21 .R59 2008         Oceans : exploring the hidden depths of the underwater world/                       Rose, Paul.                      2008
GN20 .T44 2008         Their own frontier : women intellectuals re-visioning the American West/                                             c2008
GN281 .C513 2008       God -- or gorilla : images of evolution in the jazz age/                            Clark, Constance Areson, 1949-   2008
GT2850 .M375 2009         Just food : where locavores get it wrong and how we can truly eat responsibly/       McWilliams, James E.              c2008
GV1041 .C676 2009         Cycle for life : bike & body health & maintenance/                                   Cooke, Nicole, 1983-              2009
GV709 .G26 2010           Girls and sports/                                                                                                      c2010
GV880.7 .R56 2009         Stolen bases : why American girls don't play baseball/                               Ring, Jennifer, 1948-             c2008
                          Soccernomics : why England loses, why Germany and Brazil win, and why the US,
GV943.9.S64 K88 2009      Japan, Australia, Turkey-- and even Iraq-- are destined to become the kings of       Kuper, Simon.                     c2008
                          the world’s most popular sport/
                          Keynes : the rise, fall, and return of the twentieth century's most influential
HB103.K47 C527 2009                                                                                            Clarke, P. F.                     2009
HB801 .C62824 2010        Consumerism/                                                                                                           c2010
                          Where Keynes went wrong : and why world governments keep creating inflation,
HB99.7 .L49 2009                                                                                               Lewis, Hunter.                    c2008
                          bubbles, and busts/
                                                                                                               Skidelsky, Robert Jacob Alexander,
HB99.7 .S58 2009          Keynes : the return of the master/                                                                                      c2008
HC110.P6 P56 2008         A people's history of poverty in America/                                            Pimpare, Stephen.                  c2008
HD6509.H84 D65 2008       A Dolores Huerta reader/                                                                                                2008
HD7791 .H38 2009          America's forgotten holiday : May Day and nationalism, 1867-1960/                    Haverty-Stacke, Donna T.           c2008
HD8085.B33 R63 2009       Scraping by : wage labor, slavery, and survival in early Baltimore/                  Rockman, Seth.                     2009
HD9005 .B628 2008         America's food : what you don't know about what you eat/                             Blatt, Harvey.                     c2008
HD9696.8.U64 G6623 2009   Googled : the end of the world as we know it/                                        Auletta, Ken.                      2009
HF1017 .D65 2003          Business statistics/                                                                 Downing, Douglas.                  c2003
HF5371 .R63 2007          Designing forms for Microsoft Office Infopath and forms services 2007/               Roberts, Scott, 1969-              c2007
HF5381 .E585 2008         Plugged in : the Generation Y guide to thriving at work/                             Erickson, Tamara J., 1954-         c2008
                          The next evolution of marketing : connect with your customers by marketing
HF5415 .G467 2010                                                                                              Gilbreath, Bob.                   c2010
                          with meaning/
                          The silent salesmen : guaranteed strategies for increasing sales and profits using
HF5438.5 .C37 2008                                                                                             Carson, Mitch, 1960-              c2008
                          promotional products/
HF5691 .B666 2006         Business math demystified/                                                           Bluman, Allan G.                  c2006
HF5691 .D66 2009          Schaum's outline of basic business mathematics/                                      Don, Eugene.                      [2009]
HG179 .O7576 2005         The money book for the young, fabulous & broke/                                      Orman, Suze.                      2005
HG181 .O75 2007           Women & money : owning the power to control your destiny/                            Orman, Suze.                      c2007
HM851 .N4765 2008         Networked publics/                                                                                                     c2008
HN79.A127 K45 2008      Reformers to radicals : the Appalachian Volunteers and the war on poverty/          Kiffmeyer, Thomas, 1963-     c2008
HN79.A13 G54 2008       Defying Dixie : the radical roots of civil rights, 1919-1950/                       Gilmore, Glenda Elizabeth.   c2008
                        The decline of men : how the American male is tuning out, giving up, and flipping
HQ1090.3 .G37 2008                                                                                          Garcia, Guy, 1955-           c2008
                        off his future/
HQ1410 .A44 2008        The American new woman revisited : a reader, 1894-1930/                                                          c2008
                        Southern women at the seven sister colleges : feminist values and social
HQ1438.S63 J64 2008                                                                                         Johnson, Joan Marie.         c2008
                        activism, 1875-1915/
HQ734 .M35 2009         Marriage/                                                                                                        c2008
HQ755.8 .I83 2009       Is parenthood a right or a privilege?/                                                                           c2008
                        Youth and subculture as creative force : creating new spaces for radical youth
HQ796 .S49 2008                                                                                             Skott-Myhre, Hans Arthur.    c2008
HQ799.2.V56 L365 2009   Why kids kill : inside the minds of school shooters/                                Langman, Peter F.            2009
HQ799.6 .K56 2008       Guyland : the perilous world where boys become men/                                 Kimmel, Michael S.           c2008
HT1322 .W35 2008        The trader, the owner, the slave : parallel lives in the age of slavery/            Walvin, James.               2008
HV3185.O35 B55 2008     The Black Panther Party : service to the people programs/                                                        2008
HV5135 .D69 2009        College drinking : reframing a social problem/                                      Dowdall, George W.           2009
HV6046 .D39 2009        The delinquent girl/                                                                                             2009
HV6432.7 .W36 2009      The war on terror and American popular culture : September 11 and beyond/                                        c2008
HV6439.U5 G3578 2010    Gangs/                                                                                                           c2010
                        American lightning : terror, mystery, movie-making, and the crime of the
HV6440 .B58 2008                                                                                            Blum, Howard.                c2008
HV6452.N7 C75 2009      The origin of organized crime in America : the New York City mafia, 1891-1931/      Critchley, David.            2009
HX36 .P7345 2009        The red flag : a history of communism/                                              Priestland, David.           2009
JA85 .H37 2008          The information revolution and world politics/                                      Hanson, Elizabeth C.         c2008
JA85 .M433 2008         Media power, media politics/                                                                                     c2008
JC599.E9 .M47 2009      Human rights matters : local politics and national human rights institutions/       Mertus, Julie, 1963-         c2008
                        Game change : Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the race of a
JK526 2008 .H45 2010                                                                                        Heilemann, John, 1966-       c2010
JV4011 .M356 2009       The rise and fall of the Spanish empire/                                            Maltby, William S., 1940-    c2008
                       When China rules the world : the end of the western world and the birth of a
JZ1734 .J33 2009                                                                                         Jacques, Martin.                  2009
                       new global order/
JZ5584.U6 H69 2008     A history of the American peace movement : from colonial times to the present/ Howlett, Charles F.                  c2008

KF8742 .S585 2009      FDR v. the Constitution : the court-packing fight and the triumph of democracy/ Solomon, Burt.                      2009
                       American original : the life and constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin
KF8745.S33 B57 2009                                                                                      Biskupic, Joan.                   c2008
KF9227.C2 R63 2009     The road to abolition? : the future of capital punishment in the United States/                                     c2008

KK73.5.K47 L56 2009    Kesselring's last battle : war crimes trials and Cold War politics, 1945-1960/    Lingen, Kerstin von, 1971-        c2008
KSK2095 .D83 2008      Exporting American dreams : Thurgood Marshall's African journey/                  Dudziak, Mary L., 1956-           2008
LA217.2 .C755 2008     Smart kids, bad schools : 38 ways to save America's future/                       Crosby, Brian (Brian Franklyn).   2008
                       Why don't students like school? : a cognitive scientist answers questions about
LB1060 .W5435 2009                                                                                       Willingham, Daniel T.             c2008
                       how the mind works and what it means for your classroom/

                       The global achievement gap : why even our best schools don’t teach the new
LB1607.5 .W34 2008                                                                                       Wagner, Tony.                     c2008
                       survival skills our children need - and what we can do about it/
LB1735.5 .A94 2008     The middle school classroom : Rx for success/                                     Averitt, Angela Vaughn.           2008
LB3013.32 .S347 2010   School shootings/                                                                                                   c2010
LC1757 .R34 2008       Bright epoch : women & coeducation in the American West/                          Radke-Moss, Andrea G.             c2008
                       Stones into schools : promoting peace with books, not bombs, in Afghanistan
LC2330 .M66 2009                                                                                         Mortenson, Greg.                  c2008
                       and Pakistan/
LD736.5 .B55 2009      Resisting McCarthyism : to sign or not to sign California's loyalty oath/         Blauner, Bob.                     c2008
ML102.M68 H58 2009     The Disney song encyclopedia/                                                     Hischak, Thomas S.                2009
ML3521 .O415 2009      Barrelhouse blues : location recording and the early traditions of the blues/     Oliver, Paul, 1927-               2009
ML3790 .H329 2009      The music industry/                                                                                                 2009
N6537.R58 A2 2009      Painting below zero : notes on a life in art/                                     Rosenquist, James, 1933-          2009
N7314 .T46 2009        Arts of ancient Viet Nam : from river plain to open sea/                          Tingley, Nancy, 1948-             c2008
N7430.5 .S53 2009      The artist's guide to perspective/                                                Shearer, Janet.                   2009
N7628.W3 H42 2009      The painter's chair : George Washington and the making of American art/           Howard, Hugh, 1952-               2009
NC1001 .R68 2010       Graphic design portfolio strategies for print and digital media/                   Rowe, Robert, 1952-             c2010
ND1535 .G37 2009       Painting for the absolute and utter beginner/                                      Garcia, Claire Watson.          2009
ND553.C33 M26 2008     Cezanne : la sensation a l'uvre = the eye and the mind/                            Machotka, Pavel.                c2008
ND6853.M154 G64 2009   Magritte : attempting the impossible/                                              Gohr, Siegfried.                c2008
NX735 .S65 2008        Money for art : the tangled web of art and politics in American democracy/         Smith, David A., 1966-          2008
P95.82.C6 Z43 2008     Communication in China : political economy, power, and conflict/                   Zhao, Yuezhi, 1965-             c2008
                       The new blue media : how Michael Moore, MoveOn.org, Jon Stewart and
P95.82.U6 H36 2008                                                                                        Hamm, Theodore, 1966-           2008
                       company are transforming progressive politics/
P96.C42 U655 2009      Edited clean version : technology and the culture of control/                      Guins, Raiford.                 c2008
P96.S45 R67 2010       Gendered media : women, men, and identity politics/                                Ross, Karen, 1957-              2009
P96.T42 L39 2009       Media and communication technologies : a critical introduction/                    Lax, Stephen.                   2009
PA4037.A5 R43 2009     Reading Homer : film and text/                                                                                     c2008
PA6395 .K35 2008       The odes of Horace/                                                                Horace.                         2008
PA6522.M2 M44 2004     Metamorphoses/                                                                     Ovid, 43 B.C.-17 or 18 A.D.     c2004
PA8514 .E5 2003        The praise of folly/                                                               Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536.   2003
PC1112 .G46 2007       Schaum's outline of Italian grammar/                                               Germano, Joseph E.              2007
PC1121 .D36 2007       Italian demystified/                                                               Danesi, Marcel, 1946-           c2007
PC2112 .C56 2009       Schaum's outline of French grammar/                                                Coffman Crocker, Mary E.        2008
PC2112.5 .H46 2007     French demystified/                                                                Heminway, Annie.                c2007
PC2445 .C655 2009      Schaum's outlines, French vocabulary/                                              Coffman Crocker, Mary E.        c2008
                       101 French idioms : [enrich your French conversation with colorful everyday
PC2460 .C379 2009                                                                                         Cassagne, Jean-Marie.           2009
PC3741 .S77 2009       Dictionary of French slang and colloquial expressions/                             Strutz, Henry.                  2009
PC4112 .S36 2008       Schaum's outline of Spanish grammar/                                               Schmitt, Conrad J.              2008
                       Everything spanish phrase book for health care professionals : a quick reference
PC4120.M3 R66 2009                                                                                        Rombouts, Saskia Gorospe.       c2008
                       for medical and emergency situations/
PC4121 .P48 2010       Spanish conversation demystified : a self-teaching guide/                          Petrow, Jenny.                  c2010
PC4121 .S345 2009      Schaum's outline of Spanish vocabulary/                                            Schmitt, Conrad J.              c2008
PC4129.E5 P58 2007     Spanish demystified/                                                               Petrow, Jenny.                  2007
PC4445 .L69 2009       Spanish in plain English/                                                          Lowry, Raymond W.               2009
                       101 Spanish idioms : [enrich your Spanish conversation with colorful everyday
PC4460 .C248 2009                                                                                         Cassagne, Jean-Marie.           c2008
                          Ambrose Bierce's Write it right : the celebrated cynic's language peeves
PE1460 .B5 2009                                                                                            Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914?.       2009
                          deciphered, appraised, and annotated for 21st-century readers/
PF3074.73 .W45 2009       Schaum's outline of German vocabulary/                                           Weiss, Edda.                       2009
PF3112 .S95 2007          German demystified/                                                              Swick, Edward.                     c2007
PF3118 .G8 2010           Schaum's outlines : German grammar/                                              Gschossmann-Hendershot, Elke.      c2010
PF3121 .S95 2010          German conversation demystified : a self-teaching guide/                         Swick, Edward.                     c2010
PK6516 .A1 2005           The Quatrains of Omar Khayyam : three translations of the Rubaiyat/              Omar Khayyam.                      c2005
PN1992.6 .S58 2009        Small screen, big picture : television and lived religion/                                                          c2008
PN1993.5.G4 W357 2009     Weimar cinema : an essential guide to classic films of the era/                                                     c2008
PN1993.5.S7 S29 2008      Great Spanish films since 1950/                                                  Schwartz, Ronald, 1937-            2008
PN1993.5.U6 T79 2009      Reinventing cinema : movies in the age of media convergence/                     Tryon, Chuck, 1970-                c2008
PN1995 .P36 2009          Existentialist cinema/                                                           Pamerleau, William C.              2009
PN1998.3.C3545 M38 2007   Jane Campion/                                                                    McHugh, Kathleen Anne.             c2007
PN2287.E37 E45 2009       American rebel : the life of Clint Eastwood/                                     Eliot, Marc.                       c2008
                          The cultural politics of slam poetry : race, identity, and the performance of
PN4151 .S67 2009                                                                                           Somers-Willett, Susan B. A., 1973- c2008
                          popular verse in America/
PN4784.T4 S44 2008        The Al Jazeera effect : how the new global media are reshaping world politics/   Seib, Philip M., 1949-             c2008
PN4867 .W45 2008          Everything was better in America : print culture in the Great Depression/        Welky, David.                      c2008
PN4871 .A57 2008          Muckrakers : a biographical dictionary of writers and editors/                   Applegate, Edd.                    2008
PN4874.B638 A3 2010       My Times in black and white : race and power at the New York times/              Boyd, Gerald M.                    2010
PN5366.A315 P65 2008      China ink : the changing face of Chinese journalism/                             Polumbaum, Judy.                   c2008
PN6165 .C63 2009          I told you so/                                                                   Clinton, Kate.                     c2008
PN6231.L43 C56 2005       What the L?/                                                                     Clinton, Kate.                     c2005
PR2823 .P75 2009          Power in William Shakespeare's Macbeth/                                                                             c2008
PR2831 .C64 2009          Coming of age in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet/                                                            c2008
PR2981 .R93 2009          Shakespeare's comedies/                                                          Ryan, Kiernan, 1950-               2009
PR4854 .K4 1995           Kim/                                                                             Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.       1995
                                                                                                           Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert),
PR6023.A93 W63 1992       Women in love/                                                                                                      1992
PR6052.U638 C5 1986b      A clockwork orange/                                                              Burgess, Anthony, 1917-1993.       c1986
PR9346 .B46 2009          Bending the bow : an anthology of African love poetry/                                                              c2008
PS1631 .R54 2009         First we read, then we write : Emerson on the creative process/                  Richardson, Robert D., 1934-            c2008
PS3238 .C18 2010         Bloom's how to write about Walt Whitman/                                         Casale, Frank D.                        2009
PS3503.R167 S66 2001     Something wicked this way comes/                                                 Bradbury, Ray, 1920-                    2001
                                                                                                          Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott),   2004,
PS3511.I9 G7 2004        The great Gatsby/
                                                                                                          1896-1940.                              c1925
PS3535.A547 A94 2005     Atlas shrugged/                                                                  Rand, Ayn.                              2005
PS3535.A547 F6 2005      The fountainhead/                                                                Rand, Ayn.
PS3551.L35774 W37 2009   War dances/                                                                      Alexie, Sherman, 1966-                  c2008
PS3553.A7894 Z886 2009   Raymond Carver : a writer's life/                                                Sklenicka, Carol, 1948-                 2009
PS3570.A48 J639 2008     Women's issues in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club/                                                                           c2008
PS3572.O5 S6 2009        Slaughterhouse-five, or, The children's crusade : a duty-dance with death/       Vonnegut, Kurt.
PS366.A35 H35 2009       African American journalists : autobiography as memoir and manifesto/            Hall, Calvin L., 1964-                  2009
                         The lineup : the world's greatest crime writers tell the inside story of their
PS374.D4 L56 2009                                                                                                                                 2009
                         greatest detectives/
Q130 .G67 2009           Women in science : then and now/                                                 Gornick, Vivian.                        2009
QA157 .S725 2006         Schaum's outline of college algebra/                                             Spiegel, Murray R.                      2006
QA162 .L56 2007          Schaum's outlines discrete mathematics/                                          Lipschutz, Seymour.                     c2007
QA242 .J33 2009          Solving the Pell equation/                                                       Jacobson, Michael J.                    c2008
QA276.19 .S74 2009       Schaum's outline of beginning statistics/                                        Stephens, Larry J.                      [2009]
QA303 .M387 2008         Schaum's outline of beginning calculus/                                          Mendelson, Elliott.                     2009
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QA76.76.C672 S34 2008    The art of game design : a book of lenses/                                       Schell, Jesse.                          c2008
QA76.76.S46 V75 2008     Standards battles in open source software : the case of Firefox/                 Vries, Huibert de.                      2008
                         Hardware-based computer security techniques to defeat hackers : from
QA76.9.A25 D8152 2008                                                                                     Dube, Roger.                            c2008
                         biometrics to quantum cryptography/
QA76.9.D314 N49 2010     Computer security : protecting digital resources/                                Newman, Robert C.                       c2010
QA9.54 .R63 2010         Introduction to mathematical proofs : a transition/                              Roberts, Charles E., 1942-              2009
QA99 .A23 2009           A mathematical nature walk/                                                      Adam, John A.                           c2008
QB54 .P54 2008           Life in the universe : the abundance of extraterrestrial civilizations/          Pierce, James Newsome, 1948-            c2008
QB981 .C345 2009         The universe : order without design/                                             Calle, Carlos I.                        2009
QB982 .P68 2009          You are here : a portable history of the universe/                               Potter, Christopher, 1959-              2009
QC16.S26456 R45 2009     Plastic fantastic : how the biggest fraud in physics shook the scientific world/   Reich, Eugenie Samuel.                2009
QC7 .S777 2008           Einstein's generation : the origins of the relativity revolution/                  Staley, Richard.                      2008
                         The Manhattan project : the birth of the atomic bomb in the words of its
QC773.3.U5 M27 2007                                                                                                                               c2007
                         creators, eyewitnesses, and historians/
QC981.8.C5 C21967 2009   Climate change : an opposing viewpoints guide/                                                                           c2008
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                             Marketing today's academic library : a bold new approach to communicating
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                             with students/

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CHILD Barton, Chr 2009                                                                                         Barton, Chris.                  c2008
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ELECTRONIC RESOURCE              What are we doing here?/                                                                                    2008
ELECTRONIC RESOURCE              Keeping up appearances/                                                                                     [1999]

MEDIA COLLECTION                 The roots of belief Animism to Abraham, Moses, and Buddha/                                                  c2004
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CVR PN1992.8.S35 L678 Season 2   Lost./                                                                                                      2009
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VIDEO PS3511.I9 G743 2003     The Great Gatsby/                                                                               [2003]

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