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					7th Annual Pricing Conference
Advanced Pricing Strategies
Developing advanced customer-centric pricing strategies to maximise
profitability and customer retention

Sydney Harbour Marriott                                                       “A fool is someone who knows the price of
                                                                               everything, but the value of nothing.”
                                                                                                                                                                     Oscar Wilde
1st – 2nd August, 2007
                                                                              High levels of competition, decreased margins and changes in consumer behavior are pushing
                                                                              executives to search for the new ways to boost profits without significant investment. Developing an
                                                                              effective pricing strategy begins with determining the true value of your offerings to customers.
                                                                              Value-based pricing based on competitive intelligence and customer insight can give you sustainable
                                                                              competitive advantage by diminishing costs, avoid price war, and attract and retain valuable
                                                                              customers. Even the smallest change in price can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

And a workshop on the latest strategies,                                      Attend this exclusive event to gain insight into:
tactics and case studies in global pricing                                    • Strategies and tactics in value-based pricing for profit
development facilitated by:                                                   • How do customers respond to price changes?

Jon Manning                                                                   • Integrating a uniform company approach to set price
Sans Prix Pty Ltd.                                                            • Using pricing and value concept as a key element in creating strategic advantage in service
                                                                              • Using Internet as an effective CI tool for pricing
Leading case studies and expert insights                                      • Pricing mistakes and how to avoid them
from:                                                                         • Adjusting and optimising value-based pricing strategies in product or service life cycle
Om Kundu VP-Global Consumer                                                   • Building brand emotion and determining brand value
Citigroup USA                                                                 • Price Wars: What are the non-price alternatives?
Steven Shepherd GM – Market Intelligence & Chief Economist                    • Pricing for market share and customer retention, or profit and revenue – balancing the needs of
Sensis Australia                                                                shareholder and organisational objectives
Dr. Brian Monger Executive Director                                           • The effect of discounting and baseline sales volume and profitability
The Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand                        • Devising pricing strategies to target different market segments
Michael Heyward Director – Pricing & Revenue Management
Accor Asia Pacific                                                            Testimonials from attendees at 2006 marcus evans
Giovanni Di Noto Group Sales Manager – Direct Sales                           pricing event:
Sony Australia
Michael Walmsley GM - Market Intelligence & Search Marketing                  “Brought a multiple of different topics together and provided clarity on the end to end process of
Services                                                                       pricing. I will be able to trace this back to my business and drive improvements in the area of
Hitwise Australia                                                              pricing.”
                                                                               Paul Trotman Commercial Manager
Phillip Everett Head of Portfolio & Pricing - Business & Financing Products    Express Couriers Ltd
National Australia Bank
                                                                              “Great speakers and I can apply the knowledge gained in my work.”
Mark White Chief Operating Officer                                             Paul Lee Technical Support Engineer
iiNet                                                                          Isuzu Australia Ltd
Christine Wagner Product Marketing Manager
                                                                              “A thought provoking conference with speakers from a wide variety of industries that enabled me
Ford Australia
                                                                               to take away some interesting perspectives.”
David Nicol Product Strategy Manager                                           Richard Klapf Manager, Pricing & Revenue Management
Lenovo Australia                                                               Air New Zealand
Ravi Muthiah Senior Manager – Pricing                                         “Excellent for providing rigorous framework for pricing process.”
Westpac                                                                        Richard Varnai Commercial Services Manager
John Staunton Business Manager – Pricing                                       Powertel Ltd.
Coles Liquor

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Conference Programme Day One

Wednesday, 1st August 2007
0830       Morning coffee and registration                                                              1235       Luncheon

0850       Welcoming address from the Chair                                                             1335       Session Five – Expert Insight
           Dr. Brian Monger Executive Director                                                                     Using Internet as an effective CI tool for pricing
           The Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ)                                      •   Going beyond Google - monitoring and predicting the competitors’ next pricing
                                                                                                                   behaviours and responses through corporate official websites and corporate blogs
0900       Session One – International Keynote                                                                 •   Assessing customers’ value perception through price-comparison websites
           Strategies and tactics in value-based pricing for profit                                            •   Discovering the best online resources for specific types of information
           As price setting decisions move from corporate-driven to customer-driven, companies                 •   Determining how to evaluate the reliability and quality of online information sources
           must adjust accordingly. Value-based pricing involves a comprehensive series of activities              Michael Walmsley GM – Competitive Intelligence & Search Marketing Services
           designed to create and capture perceived value in the marketplace. In this session,                     Hitwise Asia Pacific
           delegates will learn how to use pricing strategies based on customer research and
           competitive analysis as powerful weapons to achieve maximum profitability.
                                                                                                        1420       Session Six – Panel Discussion
       •   Using value-based pricing strategies to create profitable market share                                  Pricing mistakes and how to avoid them
       •   Leveraging your value-based pricing of product and service lines to meet higher profit                  Choosing wrong pricing strategies can lead to costly mistakes for businesses.This
           goals                                                                                                   session highlights critical key errors businesses made and discuss methods to avoid
       •   Redefining the idea of customer value including: total cost of ownership, economic                      them.
           value added, psychographics modeling and others                                                     •   Examining the most common pricing mistakes in the market
       •   Employing sophisticated pricing techniques to build your key account relationships                  •   Setting and monitoring KPIs in the pricing world for risk assessment
       •   Maximising profits through channels while avoiding channel conflict                                 •   Demonstrating the basics of pricing research methods to avoid pricing mistake
           Om Kundu VP – Global Consumer                                                                       •   Stemming price erosion – how to evaluate pricing problems, and find out their
           Citigroup USA                                                                                           antidotes
                                                                                                               •   Discovering a remedy for pricing mistakes
1000       Session Two – Case Study                                                                                Dr. Brian Monger Executive Director
           How do customers respond to price changes?                                                              MAANZ
       •   Examining three “reference points” that customers use to determine whether a price                      Ravi Muthiah Senior Manager – Pricing
           is acceptable and valuable                                                                              Westpac
           - What is the product or service price in the past?                                                     More panelists to be advised
           - What the competitor charge for similar product and service?
           - The potential costs                                                                        1505       Afternoon Refreshments and Networking Break
       •   Understanding how customers perceive and process price information, how emotions
           influence price evaluations, and how biases skew customers’ price evaluation
                                                                                                        1530     Session Seven – Case study
       •   Understanding how customers can be convinced they are getting better value by price                   Adjusting and optimising value-based pricing strategies in product or
           changes                                                                                               service life cycle
       •   Identifying customers’ switch costs                                                                 • Setting different pricing goals through the product or service life cycles, technology life
       •   Predicting the potential profitability and loss of price changes                                      cycles, and competitive turbulence
           Steven Shepherd GM – Market Intelligence & Chief Economist                                          • Pricing new products and services to early adopters to maximise the profit, and build
           Sensis Australia                                                                                      cutting-edge brand image
                                                                                                               • Pricing products and services in fast growing market to penetrate the market rapidly
1045       Morning refreshments and networking break                                                             Christine Wagner Product Marketing Manager
                                                                                                                 Ford Australia
1105       Session Three – Case Study
           Integrating a uniform company approach to set price                                          1615       Session Eight – Case study
           This session will address importance of creating a culture, in which the productive                     Pricing for market share and customer retention, or profit and revenue
           creation and delivery of value to target customers drives the activities of all employees               – balancing the needs of shareholder and organisational objectives
           regardless of organisational structure.                                                             •   Applying different pricing objectives in different industries with:
       •   Developing a “pricing culture” within the organisation – your biggest challenge as a                    - Smallish or tight profit margins
           pricing professional                                                                                    - Seasonal demands
       •   Linking your pricing objectives to other corporate objectives to gain other                             - Perishable products or products with a limited shelf life
           departments’ supports
                                                                                                                   - Very fast technology changes
       •   Integrating pricing into the back end of R&D and innovation
                                                                                                                   - Low brand loyalty and customer retention
       •   Getting the organisation's commitment to adopting the pricing improvement
                                                                                                               •   Pricing your product and service carefully to reward brand-loyal (versus brand-
       •   Creating internal buy-in to drive pricing strategies execution                                          switching) behaviour
       •   Connecting different corporate functions for more effective pricing evaluations                     •   Leveraging profitability in low-margin markets
           David Nicol Product Marketing Manager                                                               •   Maximising profits & achieving target sales volumes through price optimisation
           Lenovo Australia
                                                                                                                   Michael Heyward Director of Pricing and Revenue Management
                                                                                                                   Accor Asia Pacific
1150       Session Four – Expert Advice
           Using pricing and value concept as a key element in creating strategic
                                                                                                        1700       Closing Remarks from the Chair and End of Day One
           advantage in service marketing
           Many managers have difficulty in understanding pricing in a services marketing
           environment. Price is just a part of:
       •   Pricing development and value
       •   Perceptions, valuescaping and pricescaping                                                   Endorsed by
       •   Understanding where the value is
       •   Pricing the bundled service product
       •   Pricing the performed service product
       •   Understanding value concepts in the core service product
       •   Pricing and augmented services
           Dr. Brian Monger Executive Director
           The Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ)
                                                                                                        Formed over 15 years ago The Marketing Association is one of the most influential and highly
                                                                                                        respected professional and educational bodies for marketers in the Asia Pacific Region.

                                                                                                        MAANZ offers both Personal and Corporate membership packages to provide you with the
                                                                                                        opportunity to achieve career advancement and enhanced credibility in the profession
                                                                                                        through profession development programs and access to the latest information on marketing
                                                                                                        practice. Membership of MAANZ also gives you substantial discounts on many major
                                                                                                        marketing conferences.
                                                                                                        More Information
                                                                                                                                                       Register Now
Conference Programme Day Two
                                                                                                                                                       Contact Marketing at marcus evans
                                                                                                                                                       Tel +00 60 3 2723 6736
                                                                                                                                                       Fax +00 60 3 2723 6699
  Thursday, 2nd August 2007                                                                                                                            Email

0830       Morning coffee and registration                                                                Workshop
                                                                                                          Global Pricing Development
0850       Opening address from the Chair                                                                 This workshop is designed to give delegates an update on the latest “ideas” from the world of
                                                                                                          pricing. These ideas include not only the latest pricing strategies and tactics used by companies
                                                                                                          around the world, but also practices worth avoiding. It will appeal to pricing professionals, from
0900       Session One – Award Winning Case Study
                                                                                                          beginners to veterans, who are looking for new and innovative ideas when it comes to pricing.
           Building brand emotion and determining brand value
           Branding can lead to less price-sensitivity among valuable customers. How well does            •    Module 1: The transferability of pricing
           price motivate us? A renowned human motivation study shows that, “economy” or                       Why re-invent the wheel when pricing is transferable from one industry to another?
           “saving money” was one of the weakest motivators. While motivators that had                         Case studies: Byd: Sign (JP), Value Software (US)
           emotional ties were dominant. Take the focus off from money and shift it to a unique,
           pleasurable experience. A place that the customer is wowed; relationships are built;           •    Module 2: Value-based pricing
           purchasing becomes an unforgettable journey.                                                        Complimenting one of the themes of the conference that precedes this workshop, we take a
       •   Cracking the pricing code to deliver a strong brand value, applying innovation pricing              look at the value-based approach to pricing that a number of companies have taken.
           as a key element of positioning brands                                                              Case studies: Norwich Union (UK), General Motors (US), Ford (US), Matsushita (JP), Canon
       •   Tapping into major consumer motivations to build an emotional brand                                 Copiers (JP), ABB (CA), SMH (CH)
       •   Establishing a winning brand and promoting a brand’s emotional benefit by applying             •    Module 3: Product pricing
           profound customer knowledge                                                                         In this module, we look at pricing opportunities in product markets, through the eyes of Indian
       •   Generating revenue from “brand equity” – the amount of money that customers are                     Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies, a Spanish clothing manufacturer and an American
           willing to pay just because it’s your brand                                                         technology company.
           Giovanni Di Noto Group Sales Manager - Direct Sales                                                 Case studies: Zara (ES), P&G (IN), Hindustan Lever (IN), Apple (US)
           Sony Australia
           Award winner of Business / e-Commerce Award                                                    •    Module 4: Confronting price competition
                                                                                                               Everything seems to be getting cheaper these days, see how companies are using price
                                                                                                               guarantees, fighting price wars, and competing against low cost competitors.
1000       Session Two – Case Study
           Price Wars: What are the non-price alternatives?                                                    Case studies: Carphone Warehouse (UK), British Gas, Bajaj Auto (IN), Premier Travel Inns (UK),
                                                                                                               Fomula 1 (FR), QB House (JP)
           Pricing to avoid a price war is not an “attack/defense move”, it is an integral part of
           creating value, sustaining customer loyalty and ensuring brand equity. It is for this reason   •    Module 5: Pricing to unique markets
           that companies can avoid price wars by adopting professional and profitable marketing               Niche markets, emerging markets and customised products offerings for local markets are
           stance. This process calls for management decisions on branding, product design,                    proving profitable for a growing numbers of companies. Find out how in this module.
           distribution, promotion, and customer service.                                                      Case studies: Best Buy (US), JC Penny (US), Manila Water (PH), Global Telecom (PH), B&Q (CN),
       •   What factors can spark a price war and how can executives incorporate these factors                 MIRS Communications (IL)
           with their contingency plans?
       •   To what extent can a price war be predicted by market dynamics?                                •    Module 6: Price changes & communications strategies
       •   Differentiation to avoid product and service commoditisation                                        The success of failure of your price changes is often a function of your pricing communication
                                                                                                               strategy, both of which are examined in this module.
       •   Partnering with channel distributors to get out of a price war
                                                                                                               Case studies: Norwich Union (UK), Index (TH), AOL (US), UPS (US), Disney (US), The US Petrol
       •   Offering a low-end product or service to compete the price war without damage the                   Retailing industry, Oriental City Food Court (UK), General Motors (US), Scottish & Southern
           brand image                                                                                         Energy (UK)
           Mark White Chief Operating Officer
           iiNet                                                                                          •    Module 7: Price experiments
                                                                                                               Pricing innovators and best practice companies are increasingly associated with a willingness
                                                                                                               to experiment when it comes to pricing. This module will show you who’s doing what.
1045       Morning refreshments and networking break
                                                                                                               Case studies: Freeserve (UK), Hapag-Lloyd (DE), Capital One (US), Ostfiiresland Hotel (DE)
1105     Session Three – Case Study                                                                       •    Module 8: Pricing & disruptive business models
         The effect of discounting on baseline sales volume and profitability                                  A round-up of how pricing is playing a role in tackling disrupted business models.
       • Increasing reliance on discounting and drive sales volumes                                            Industries covered include: Newspaper & Print Advertising, Music, Telephony & Photography
       • Declining baseline sales and the increased investment in resource and funds by the
                                                                                                          •    Module 9: Conclusion
                                                                                                               A wrap-up of the workshop and a quick look at the latest pricing resources available.
       • The affect of discounting on customer’ loyalty, trust, quality perception and purchase
         intention                                                                                             Jon Manning
                                                                                                               Sans Prix Pty Ltd
         John Staunton Business Manager – Pricing
                                                                                                               Jon Manning is the founder and principle consultant of Sans Prix Pty Ltd, an independent
         Coles Liquor
                                                                                                               strategic pricing consultant based in Melbourne Australia. Jon is experienced in all the major
                                                                                                               pricing methodologies, with unique expertise in dynamics and value-based pricing. Jon has
1150       Session Four – Case Study                                                                           been involved in the pricing of a wide variety of products and services, in numerous countries
           Devising pricing strategies to target different market segments                                     and industries for almost two decades.
           Customers do not buy features and benefits, they buy value. Value is a benefit but a                Jon is member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIMM), the US-based Professional
           benefit is not necessarily valuable to all market segments. As companies should position            Pricing Society and the Economic Society of Australia.
           the same product and service offering to target different market segment in many cases,
           value-based pricing strategies must be devised to suit different segments’ perceptions.
       •   Meeting the price challenges of competing in different customer segments
       •   Evaluating price sensitivity in different market segments – which segments are usually
           the most price sensitive customers? Is there any distinction by size or vertical?                  What past delegates had to say:
       •   Investigating the unique purchase procedures of different customer segments                        “Great presentation … The case studies presented were simply fantastic … The in-depth study
       •   Attracting and rewarding the right customers with compelling offerings                             of pricing methodology and strategies were excellent … Great amount of info exchanged
       •   Innovative pricing for high-margin segments and its impact on returns                              throughout the programme … I liked the pricing models presented. Thoroughly enjoying …
                                                                                                              The content of the programme was great … Jon is very knowledgeable on the subject …
       •   Encouraging low-end customers and generating profits from them through dynamic
                                                                                                              Good cross-communication and clear, precise explanations … ”
           Phillip Everett Head of Portfolio & Pricing -- Business & Financing Products
           National Australia Bank
                                                                                                              Workshop Schedule
1235       Luncheon                                                                                           1335       Opening and start of workshop
                                                                                                              1500       Afternoon Tea
                                                                                                              1515       Workshop resumes
                                                                                                              1730       Close of workshops and end of conference
7th Annual Pricing Conference
Advanced Pricing Strategies
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The conference is developed for Directors, VPs, Managers, Heads of:
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• Branding, Brand images and building • Product Planning, Development and Management                         Sponsorship opportunities including lunch and documentation also exist. Please contact
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• Financial Analysis and Control,         • Portfolio Management
• Supply Chain Management                 • Wholesales and Channel Management
• Demand Planning and Forecasting, etc                                                                       I would like to thank everyone who has helped with the research and organisation of this event,
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