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									National Coupling Co.                                                                                                                                                                 Date:1.19.10
Revision: 1.1                                                    Document Title: SF - 109 Hydraulic Coupling Design Criteria Template                                                 Page: 1of 1

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Coupling Type
   Coupling Series (if known):
   Size -4 (1/4"), -8 (1/2"), -16 (1"):
   Male (-A) or Female (-B) Coupling:
   Mating Coupling:
   Cv: Flow Capacity:
   Metal Seal Required (Yes/No):
   Poppet (Std., Bleeder, No Poppet):
   Poppet Cracking Pressure: 200 psi (Std) or 800psi:
   Crown Seal Material: PEEK, Fluorotrel, GTFEN:
   Poppet Seal Material: PEEK, Delrin:
   Similar Coupling/exceptions:

Application (HFL, tubing hanger, SCM, running tool,
parking plate etc.):

Mounting Configuration
   Plate Mounted (Yes/No):
      Hole Dia (Note 1):
      Plate Thickness:
   Other Mounting Configuration (sketch no):
   Plate to Plate Dimension (fully mated) inch:
   Front/Rear Mounted (See Note 2 below):
   Max Allowable Shoulder Separation (std, 0.200, 0.400):
   End Connection (weld prep, NPT, SAE, JIC, autoclave):
   Cathodic Protection Grounding Connection (Yes/No):

Operating Conditions
   Design Pressure (psig):
   Design Temperature, max/min (° F):
   Water Depth (ft):
   Internal Fluid:
   External Fluid:
   Compatible Elastomers:

If your coupling will be part of a welded assembly,
please provide the following:

   Adapter Material (Nitronic 50 HS standard):
   Tubing Material (Be Specific):
   OD or ID:
   Wall Thickness (inch), avg or min wall:
   Finished Stub Length from bearing shoulder of

Functional Design Specification # / Rev if so:
Interface Drawings Available? # / Rev if so:

Coupling Part Number:


1. Plate hole diameter is 0.025 inch larger than coupling tail diameter. Standard coupling tail diameters for each coupling series are listed below. Non-standard tail diameters can be provided if needed
  AS-4 & UO-4: 3/4", RS-4: 3/4" & 1", AS-8, RS-8, TO-4, TO-8, & UO-8: 1-1/4", AS-16 & RS-16: 1-13/16" & 2-3/16", UO-16: 1-13/16"
2. A front mounted coupling is installed by inserting the rear of the coupling in the front of the mounting plate. A rear mounted coupling is installed by inserting the front of the coupling in the
  rear of the mounting plate.

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