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									                                       Sample Press Release for Winners

Contact:            (Contact Name)                                                     (Date)
                    (Firm Name)
           Jocelyn Luciano - Executive Director
           Summit International Awards
           +1(503) 297-9979

                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

               (Firm name) Places in Top International Award – 2011 Summit Creative Award

(Winner's company name) is a (top agency, best of show, gold, silver or bronze) winner in the 2011 Summit

Creative Award® competition for its creative work for (Client's name).

(Quote from winning firm about the honor, creative strategy, team's approach)

The Summit Creative Award recognizes and celebrates the creative accomplishments of small and medium

sized advertising agencies and other creative groups with annual billings under $30 million. Over the

seventeen years, the competition has established itself as the premier arbiter of creative excellence for firms

of this size and has become a coveted honor worth touting.

This year's panel of international judges included:

          Baron Manett, Sr. Vice President, Ariad Custom Communications – Canada

          Charles Van Vechten, President/Chief Creative Officer, Jabob Taylor Creative Group – United


          Daniel da Hora, Presidente, Clube de Criação de Pernambuco – Brazil

          David Ross, Creative Director, Media Arts, Coinstar, Inc. – United States
      Gary Rozanc, Columbia College Chicago – United States

      Gregg Bernstein, Visiting Lecturer | Graphic Design, Georgia State University – United States

      Kevin Hersh, Creative Director, MFX, Inc. – United States

      Jack Adamson, Senior Creative, Crackerjack – United States

      Louai Alasfahani, Managing Director/Creative Director, Paragon Marketing Communications –


      Juan Pablo Valencia, Creative Director, TBWA\Central Asia & Caucasus – Kazakhstan

      Louai Alasfahani, Managing Director/Creative Director, Paragon Marketing Communications –


      Mervyn Tan, Creative Director, Autumn:01 – Australia

      Michael Pan Sin, Associate Director, World Wide Web Domination – Malaysia

      Poul Bjørn, Owner, Entegrate Creative – Denmark

      Richard Taylor, Principal, RT Strategic – Canada

      Roy Matich, Executive Creative Director, Cypress Consulting – United States

      Thomas Bjerregaard Bonde, Direktør/Partner, RECREATIVO – Denmark

      Tom Roychoudhury, Chief Innovations Officer, Middle East Communications Networks – Dubai

Entries in 23 major categories are judged against a stringent set of standards. During the blind judging

events (entering company names withheld.) Judges search for innovative and creative concepts, strong

executions and the ability to communicate and persuade.

“Winning a Summit Creative Award is a significant accomplishment in ones career. The combination of

scrutinizing judges and tough judging criteria ensures that only deserving entries receive Summit

recognition.” Said Jocelyn Luciano, Executive Director for the Summit International Awards. “What a
year to see creativity bounce back from the doldrums, and with such strength. Watching the judges’

debate the details of individual entries in the run-off for the tops spots was inspiring.”

(Additional firm information as well as link to winning portfolio)

(Quote from client about the recognition)

(Additional client information)

This year's creative competition included companies from the following twenty-two countries: Australia,

Austria, Canada, China - Hong Kong, Denmark, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand,

Northern Ireland, Oman, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Spain, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine,

United Arab Emirates, United States and United Kingdom

Winners were selected in a wide-range of categories from print and broadcast to, emerging media and viral


The Summit International Awards (SIA) organization was founded in 1994. The organization conducts the

Summit Creative Award, the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award and the Summit Emerging Media

Award. The 2011 competition is the 17th year for the creative competition. Additional information about the

Summit International Awards organization, its competitions and winning firms can be found on the Summit

Awards web site at

Twitter: @summitawards;

(Background about winning company including what it means to win award, clients, market niche, history.)

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