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Australia Mid Market ERP Software Market


                SMBs Present MERP Suppliers with Unprecedented Opportunities for Growth

                Small and medium businesses (SMBs) offer mid market enterprise resource planning (MERP)
                suppliers with a plethora of opportunities. Though these businesses do not spend large amounts of
                money on software, suppliers have found their tendency to make quick buying decisions to be
                highly encouraging. With most of the larger companies already having adopted ERP, suppliers are
                now beginning to design software, service, and pricing packages that are particularly suited to cater
                to the varying needs of the SMBs. The potential that this sector holds is evident from the fact that
                out of the 50 ERP packages that are being marketed in Australia, 20 are targeted toward the SMB

                This research from provides an overview of the Australian MERP software market. It provides
                comprehensive insights into the drivers and restraints influencing the market and outlines the
                winning strategies adopted by leading participants. Exhaustive revenue forecasts along with a
                detailed regional analysis help clients to design effective business plans and marketing strategies.
                It also evaluates the current competitive environment and assesses potential growth opportunities.

                ERP Software Finds Increased Usage in Production Management Activities

                Increasingly, SMBs in Australia have begun to examine the potential of ERPs in improving the
                company’s business processes. They are also trying to incorporate the software in a number
                of unconventional areas such as Web-based ordering, information provision, customer relationship
                management, product configuration, and advanced planning and scheduling. Some of these SMBs
                may be servicing extremely demanding customers and participating in long global supply chains
                that require collaborative planning.

                Even while they have sound strategies and are poised for growth, most SMBs lack expertise in
                advanced methods of production and inventory management, notes the analyst. To fulfill the target
                without the risk of failure, MERP suppliers need to adopt a phased approach and pay special
                emphasis on educating users.

                Growing Competitiveness Compels Participants to Invest in MERP Solutions

                Economic performance is anticipated to be an important determinant that drives the growth of
                MERP deployment in Australia. With its mounting population and an increasingly strong local
                economy, the Australian market is poised for phenomenal growth. The fast expansion of sectors
                such as banking, financials, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and distribution,
                and hospitality is expected to boost the uptake of MERP solutions.

                The growing compulsion to stay ahead of competitors by improving customer satisfaction is likely to
                necessitate the adoption of winning-edge technologies, notes the analyst. Moreover, Australian
                companies have always been more open to implement business-process-centric solutions. They
                have also proven to be better exposed to technological advancements and have been among the
                earliest users in the Asia Pacific region to adopt ERP software.

Contents:       1. Executive Summary

                 - 1. Market Overview
                         1. Introduction to Australia Mid Market ERP Software Market
                         2. Revenue Forecast
        3. Demand Analysis
        4. Competitive Analysis
        5. Conclusion

2. Total Australia Mid-Market ERP Software Market

- 1. Overview
        1. Introduction
        2. Research Scope & Methodology
        3. ERP for Small and Medium Business

- 2. Market Dynamics
        1. Key Definitions
        2. Market Segmentation
        3. Market Engineering Measurements

- 3. Market Forecasts
        1. Total ERP Market Forecasts
        2. Mid Market ERP Market Forecasts
        3. Demand Analysis

- 4. Market Drivers & Restraints
        1. Market Drivers & Restraints

- 5. Trends
        1. Technology Trends
        2. End-User Trends
        3. Product Trends
        4. Pricing Trends
        5. Distribution Trends

- 6. What Future Hold's?
       1. Product Life Cycle Analysis
       2. Purchase Decision Criteria

- 7. Competitive Framework
       1. Competitive Structure
       2. Market Share Analysis

- 8. Strategic Recomendations
        1. Strategic Recommendations

- 9. Vendor Analysis
        1. Vendor Analysis
        2. Vendor Core Competencies
        3. Understanding Growth Opportunities
        4. What CIOs Want?

List Of Figures

Chapter 2

Total ERP Software Market: Revenue Forecasts (Australia), 2000-2010
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market: Revenue Forecasts (Australia), 2000-2010
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market: Market Drivers Ranked in Order of Impact (Australia), 2004-2010
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market: Market Restraints Ranked in Order of Impact (Australia), 2004-
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market:   Potential Market by Industry Vertical (Australia), 2000-2010
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market:   Percent of Revenues by Product Type (Australia), 2000-2010
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market:   Price Trends (Australia), 2000-2010
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market:   Percent of Revenues by Distribution Channel (Australia), 2000-
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market: Competitive Structure (Australia), 2003
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market: Market Share Analysis (Australia), 2003
            Mid Market ERP Software   Market: Database of Key Industry Participants by Product Type
            (Australia), 2003

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