Student group membership and presentation dates by shuifanglj


									Name                               Email
Abuan, Sasha Lee                   Sasha.Abuan@Colorado.EDU
Adams, Zachary Scott               Zachary.Adams@Colorado.EDU
Behm-Meyer, Christopher Scott      Christopher.Behm-meyer@Colorado.EDU
Benjamin, Andrew Sherman           Andrew.Benjamin@Colorado.EDU
Blegen, Chad Joseph                Chad.Blegen@Colorado.EDU
Blumenthal, Eric David             Eric.Blumenthal@Colorado.EDU
Bower, Scott Matthew               Scott.Bower@Colorado.EDU
Brewer, Kyle Patrick               Kyle.P.Brewer@Colorado.EDU
Butler, Gregory Joseph             Gregory.Butler@Colorado.EDU
Byrne, Katherine Manning           Katherine.Byrne@Colorado.EDU
Casarez, Scott Ross                Scott.Casarez@Colorado.EDU
Chagolla, Brison Evan              Brison.Chagolla@Colorado.EDU
Crooks, Lauren Michele             Lauren.Crooks@Colorado.EDU
Dean, Benjamin Michael             Benjamin.Dean@Colorado.EDU
Dirks, Thomas Allen                Thomas.Dirks@Colorado.EDU
Farber, Justin Lee                 Farberj@Colorado.EDU
French, Michael Lynn               Michael.French@Colorado.EDU
Frey, Maximilian                   Maximilian.Frey@Colorado.EDU
Graham, Hunter D                   Hunter.Graham@Colorado.EDU
Greguras, Catherine Elizabeth MA   Catherine.Greguras@Colorado.EDU
Greve, Christina                   Christina.Best@Colorado.EDU
Gubbels, Rachel Elizabeth          Rachel.Gubbels@Colorado.EDU
Gucwa, Damian Wesley               Damian.Gucwa@Colorado.EDU
Gutierrez, Chantal Elise           Chantal.Gutierrez@Colorado.EDU
Hall, Kevin Thomas                 Kevin.T.Hall@Colorado.EDU
Hatcher, Dale Patrick              Dale.Hatcher@Colorado.EDU
Henik, Hilary Danielle             Hilary.Henik@Colorado.EDU
Hittesdorf, Christopher Price      Christopher.Hittesdorf@Colorado.EDU
Hoff, Brian Joseph                 Brian.Hoff@Colorado.EDU
Hoskinson, Alexander Richard       Alexander.Hoskinson@Colorado.EDU
Isham, Michael John                Michael.Isham@Colorado.EDU
John, Tintu Sara                   Tintu.John@Colorado.EDU
Josephson, Eric Howard             Eric.Josephson@Colorado.EDU
Kennedy, Melissa Lynn              Melissa.Kennedy@Colorado.EDU
Kim, Peter Moon                    Peter.M.Kim@Colorado.EDU
King, Kent Cory                    Kent.King@Colorado.EDU
Kowall, Kevin Robert               Kevin.Kowall@Colorado.EDU
Lam, Kevin Siu-Bunn                Kevin.Lam@Colorado.EDU
Law, Conor Mauro                   Conor.Law@Colorado.EDU
Lee, Hunhee                        Hunhee.Lee@Colorado.EDU
Lee, James Changhee                James.Lee@Colorado.EDU
Lenyo, Michael James               Michael.Lenyo@Colorado.EDU
Li, Ruiping                        Ruiping.Li@Colorado.EDU
Mangam, Diana Jeanne               Diana.Mangam@Colorado.EDU
Mc Evoy, Greg Michael              Greg.Mcevoy@Colorado.EDU
Meek, Shane Gregory                Shane.Meek@Colorado.EDU
Mertz, Kimberly Lynn               Kimberly.Mertz@Colorado.EDU
Miller, Ashleigh Marie             Ashleigh.Miller@Colorado.EDU
Miller, Julie Diane                Julie.Kummer@Colorado.EDU
Missio, Sebastian Guenter          Sebastian.Missio@Colorado.EDU
Munholland, Jenna Leigh            Jenna.Munholland@Colorado.EDU
Mushet, Robert Samuel           mushet@Colorado.EDU
Oum, Chanbotra Tony             Chanbotra.Oum@Colorado.EDU
Packard, Brian Christopher      Brian.Packard@Colorado.EDU
Pasha, Adam Ben                 Adam.Pasha@Colorado.EDU
Peinovich, Cody Jacob           Cody.Peinovich@Colorado.EDU
Pellicane, Jessica Lee          Jessica.Pellicane@Colorado.EDU
Polianski, Boris                Boris.Polianski@Colorado.EDU
Ramello, Christine Scoville     Christine.Ramello@Colorado.EDU
Resnick, Andrew Michael         Resnicka@Colorado.EDU
Ross, Taylor Randolph           Taylor.Ross@Colorado.EDU
Rushford, Meagan Louise         Meagan.Rushford@Colorado.EDU
Samples, Tyler Douglas Connor   Tyler.Samples@Colorado.EDU
Schmidt, Eric Stephen           schmidte@Colorado.EDU
Seidel, Walter Charles          Walter.Seidel@Colorado.EDU
Snyder, Christopher Stanley     Christopher.S.Snyder@Colorado.EDU
Surnow, Sam Brant               Sam.Surnow@Colorado.EDU
Taylor, Stephen Bennett         Stephen.Taylor@Colorado.EDU
Thurmer, Patrick Alexander      Patrick.Thurmer@Colorado.EDU
Torrente, Marc Joseph           Marc.Torrente@Colorado.EDU
Treece, Lauren Marie            Lauren.Treece@Colorado.EDU
Unger, Carlyn Dora              Carlyn.Unger@Colorado.EDU
Wadlow, Christopher Martin      Christopher.Wadlow@Colorado.EDU
Weiss, Eric Michael             Eric.Weiss@Colorado.EDU
Wilkinson, Danielle Pfaff       Danielle.Wilkinson@Colorado.EDU
Wilson, Eric Scott              Eric.S.Wilson@Colorado.EDU
Yi, Hanna Sandra                Hanna.Yi@Colorado.EDU
Group Project Membership and Presentation Times.
Presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes.
I will cut you off at 15 minutes in order to assure that each group has a chance to present within the 2-class period timeframe
     This allows a few minutes of set-up time for each group.
     I will get to class early to allow you time to load your presentation on the computer, or you can email it to me in a PC file and I c

                                                      11:00 AM

                                                                                                  Pres. Date
      Team 1                                  Email Address
      Halliburton (Motorola)                                                                      April 29th
  1   Abuan, Sasha Lee                        Sasha.Abuan@Colorado.EDU
  2   Crooks, Lauren Michele                  Lauren.Crooks@Colorado.EDU
  3   Brewer, Kyle Patrick                    Kyle.P.Brewer@Colorado.EDU
  4   Missio, Sebastian Guenter               Sebastian.Missio@Colorado.EDU
  5   Frey, Maximilian                        Maximilian.Frey@Colorado.EDU

      Team 2                                                                                      April 29th
  1   Treece, Lauren Marie                    Lauren.Treece@Colorado.EDU
  2   Blumenthal, Eric David                  Eric.Blumenthal@Colorado.EDU
  3   Isham, Michael John                     Michael.Isham@Colorado.EDU
  4   Pellicane, Jessica Lee                  Jessica.Pellicane@Colorado.EDU
  5   Hall, Kevin Thomas                      Kevin.T.Hall@Colorado.EDU
  6   Miller, Julie Diane                     Julie.Kummer@Colorado.EDU

      Team 3
      The Gap                                                                                     May 1st
  1   Mertz, Kimberly Lynn                    Kimberly.Mertz@Colorado.EDU
  2   Hoff, Brian Joseph                      Brian.Hoff@Colorado.EDU
  3   Mc Evoy, Greg Michael                   Greg.Mcevoy@Colorado.EDU
  4   Hoskinson, Alexander Richard            Alexander.Hoskinson@Colorado.EDU
  5   Peinovich, Cody Jacob                   Cody.Peinovich@Colorado.EDU

      Team 4                                                                                      April 29th
      Timberland (Walt Disney)
  1   Pasha, Adam Ben                         Adam.Pasha@Colorado.EDU
  2   Dean, Benjamin Michael                  Benjamin.Dean@Colorado.EDU
  3   Law, Conor Mauro                        Conor.Law@Colorado.EDU
  4   Adams, Zachary Scott                    Zachary.Adams@Colorado.EDU

      Team 5                                                                                      May 1st
  1   Wilson, Eric Scott                      Eric.S.Wilson@Colorado.EDU
  2   Packard, Brian Christopher              Brian.Packard@Colorado.EDU
  3   Wilkinson, Danielle Pfaff               Danielle.Wilkinson@Colorado.EDU
  4   Miller, Ashleigh Marie                  Ashleigh.Miller@Colorado.EDU
  5   Henik, Hilary Danielle                  Hilary.Henik@Colorado.EDU

    Team 6                                                                                        April 29th
  1 Kennedy, Melissa Lynn                     Melissa.Kennedy@Colorado.EDU
2   Blegen, Chad Joseph                Chad.Blegen@Colorado.EDU
3   Kim, Peter Moon                    Peter.M.Kim@Colorado.EDU
4   Greguras, Catherine Elizabeth MA   Catherine.Greguras@Colorado.EDU
5   Wadlow, Christopher Martin         Christopher.Wadlow@Colorado.EDU

    Team 7                                                                   May 1st
1   Dirks, Thomas Allen                Thomas.Dirks@Colorado.EDU
2   Resnick, Andrew Michael            Resnicka@Colorado.EDU
3   Behm-Meyer, Christopher Scott      Christopher.Behm-meyer@Colorado.EDU
4   Rushford, Meagan Louise            Meagan.Rushford@Colorado.EDU

    Team 8                                                                   May 1st
1   Chagolla, Brison Evan              Brison.Chagolla@Colorado.EDU
2   Gubbels, Rachel Elizabeth          Rachel.Gubbels@Colorado.EDU
3   Josephson, Eric Howard             Eric.Josephson@Colorado.EDU
4   Lee, James Changhee                James.Lee@Colorado.EDU
5   Seidel, Walter Charles             Walter.Seidel@Colorado.EDU
n the 2-class period timeframe.

mail it to me in a PC file and I can load it for you.

                                                                   12:30 PM

                                                                                                   Pres. Date
                               Team 11                         Email Address
                               Coca-cola, Motorola                                                 May 1st
                           1   Polianski, Boris                Boris.Polianski@Colorado.EDU
                           2   Kowall, Kevin Robert            Kevin.Kowall@Colorado.EDU
                           3   Casarez, Scott Ross             Scott.Casarez@Colorado.EDU
                           4   Mushet, Robert Samuel           mushet@Colorado.EDU

                               Team 12                                                             May 1st
                           1   Samples, Tyler Douglas Connor   Tyler.Samples@Colorado.EDU
                           2   Taylor, Stephen Bennett         Stephen.Taylor@Colorado.EDU
                           3   Thurmer, Patrick Alexander      Patrick.Thurmer@Colorado.EDU
                           4   Torrente, Marc Joseph           Marc.Torrente@Colorado.EDU
                           5   Ramello, Christine Scoville     Christine.Ramello@Colorado.EDU

                               Team 13
                           1   Hatcher, Dale Patrick           Dale.Hatcher@Colorado.EDU           May 1st
                           2   King, Kent Cory                 Kent.King@Colorado.EDU
                           3   Schmidt, Eric Stephen           schmidte@Colorado.EDU
                           4   Greve, Christina                Christina.Best@Colorado.EDU
                           5   Snyder, Christopher Stanley     Christopher.S.Snyder@Colorado.EDU

                               Team 14                                                             April 29th
                           1   Munholland, Jenna Leigh         Jenna.Munholland@Colorado.EDU
                           2   Surnow, Sam Brant               Sam.Surnow@Colorado.EDU
                           3   Benjamin, Andrew Sherman        Andrew.Benjamin@Colorado.EDU
                           4   Ross, Taylor Randolph           Taylor.Ross@Colorado.EDU

                               Team 15                                                             April 29th
                           1   Gutierrez, Chantal Elise        Chantal.Gutierrez@Colorado.EDU
                           2   Oum, Chanbotra Tony             Chanbotra.Oum@Colorado.EDU
                           3   Lam, Kevin Siu-Bunn             Kevin.Lam@Colorado.EDU
                           4   Mangam, Diana Jeanne            Diana.Mangam@Colorado.EDU
                           5   John, Tintu Sara                Tintu.John@Colorado.EDU

                             Team 16                                                               April 29th
                             Kimberly-Clark; Halliburton
                           1 Yi, Hanna Sandra                  Hanna.Yi@Colorado.EDU
2   Lee, Hunhee                     Hunhee.Lee@Colorado.EDU
3   Li, Ruiping                     Ruiping.Li@Colorado.EDU
4   Gucwa, Damian Wesley            Damian.Gucwa@Colorado.EDU
5   French, Michael Lynn            Michael.French@Colorado.EDU

    Team 17                                                               May 1st
1   Farber, Justin Lee              Farberj@Colorado.EDU
2   Bower, Scott Matthew            Scott.Bower@Colorado.EDU
3   Byrne, Katherine Manning        Katherine.Byrne@Colorado.EDU
4   Weiss, Eric Michael             Eric.Weiss@Colorado.EDU
5   Unger, Carlyn Dora              Carlyn.Unger@Colorado.EDU

    Team 18                                                               April 29th
1   Butler, Gregory Joseph          Gregory.Butler@Colorado.EDU
2   Graham, Hunter D                Hunter.Graham@Colorado.EDU
3   Hittesdorf, Christopher Price   Christopher.Hittesdorf@Colorado.EDU
4   Lenyo, Michael James            Michael.Lenyo@Colorado.EDU
5   Meek, Shane Gregory             Shane.Meek@Colorado.EDU

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