Press Kit Cover Letter Template by dwc17962

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									                         Band Logo Here in Bit map as header for pages
 Address: Street, City, State, Zip Code Website: WWW.XXXX.XXX (Cell) XXX-XXX-XXX

                                                                                 Today’s Date

From:         Manager of Band
              Street Address
              City, State Zip

To:           Name of person or company
              Street Address
              City, State Zip

Subject:      (Name of Band) Band Performance

Enclosed:     1) (Name of Band) Band Press Kit
              2) Demo CD (three song titles, and e-copy of press kit)

The band (Name of Band) is providing you with the enclosed press kit and demo CD for your
consideration for musical engagements. Their music is (describe music style). They are
available for booking (describe when band is available and stage show for audience). As part of
their commitment to your engagement of (Name of Band), (describe what the band will do to
attract people to the event).

You may arrange for (Band name) to perform by contacting (managers name), at Phone numbers
xxx-xxx-xxxx or by e-mail at or by mail at the above address.


                                           Any band member or managers

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