A2A Trading srl Joins APX-ENDEX TTF Gas Futures Market by wulinqing


									For Immediate release                                                      23.02.
                                                             PRESS RELEASE 23.02.2011

A2A Trading srl Joins APX-ENDEX TTF Gas
Futures Market

AMSTERDAM/BRUSSELS/LONDON, 23 February 2011 - APX-ENDEX, the Anglo-Dutch
energy exchange, today announces the new membership of A2A Trading srl.

A2A Trading, the Milan-based trading firm, joins the APX-ENDEX TTF Gas futures market. With the
new membership of A2A Trading, APX-ENDEX TTF Gas futures market now has 46 members.


Note to editors – About APX-ENDEX
APX-ENDEX is Europe’s premier provider of power and gas exchange services for the wholesale
market, operating transparent platforms for short term and futures trading in the Netherlands, the
United Kingdom and Belgium. Established in 1999, APX-ENDEX provides exchange trading, central
clearing & settlement and data distribution services. APX-ENDEX has over 390 memberships from
more than 15 countries. APX-ENDEX offers benchmark data and provides industry indices.
Belpex is a 100% subsidiary of APX-ENDEX.
APX-ENDEX’s offices are located in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Nottingham.
For more information please visit www.apxendex.com and www.belpex.be

Press Contacts
Eric-Jan Hadderingh
Head of Communications, APX-ENDEX
E e.hadderingh@apxendex.com | T +31 20 305 4062 | M +31 6 5249 2676

Sanna-Maaria Mattila
Communications Officer, APX-ENDEX
E s.mattila@apxendex.com | T +31 20 305 4060 | M +31 6 1003 3647

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