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					Press Release 010 Dahon - Dahon and Lee Jeans Partner on Bikes

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Jean fashion firm giving bikes away in European promotion
DUARTE, California — June 21, 2010 — Dahon, the world leader in folding bicycles,
announced the launch of special edition co-branded bicycles and carrying bags with
Lee jeans. The limited-edition bicycles and bags are being offered in Lee retail stores
throughout Europe as part of a special sales and promotion campaign titled “Urban
“Lee wanted to emphasize the modern, sophisticated, urban image that it has in
Europe, so given our experience in urban commuting, partnering with Dahon made
perfect sense,” said Joshua Hon, vice president of Dahon. “Aside from being just
environmentally friendly, urban cycling is increasingly being viewed as progressive
and fashionable.”
The co-branded Vitesse D7s and Jetstream P8s are on display in many of Lee’s
urban boutiques across Europe and consumers purchasing a pair of jeans can enter
a drawing to win a special edition bike and carrying bag. In Italy, the bikes are
featured in 14 large-scale department stores throughout the country and in addition
to a chance of winning a bike, consumers can also download a mobile game where
the user must navigate a folding bike around obstacles in a cityscape.

“Lee’s European marketing director first heard about Dahon through Dahon's S.O.S
bike program, where a special edition Dahon folding bicycle was made available to
relief organizations around the world,” stated Tiziana Barbavara, Dahon’s Italian
distributor. “He was impressed with the concept of urban mobility that Dahon
promoted and felt that the corporate and social responsibility of the company were
such that he wanted to bring Dahon and Lee together for this project."

The promotion campaign kicked off in mid-May and will last through June.

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