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									69O-150.101 Purpose.
The purpose of these rules is to provide prospective purchasers with clear and unambiguous statements in the advertisement of Life
Insurance and Annuity Contracts, and to assure the clear, truthful and adequate disclosure of the benefits, limitations and exclusions
of policies sold as Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts. This purpose is intended to be accomplished by the establishment of
guidelines and standards of permissible and impermissible conduct in the advertising of Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts to
assure that product descriptions are presented in a manner which prevents unfair, deceptive and misleading advertising and is
conducive to accurate presentation and description of Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts to the segment of the insurance buying
public through the advertising media and material used by insurance agents and companies.
Specific Authority 624.308(1), 626.9611 FS. Law Implemented 624.307(1), 626.9541(1)(a), (b), (e), (k), (l), 626.9641 FS. History–New 9-1-73,
Formerly 4-35.01, Amended 6-12-88, Formerly 4-35.001, 4-150.101.

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