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									        Day 01 - Tuesday 20 November 2007

 9.30   Official Opening
10.15   Hall 3 (7th floor)              The Official Opening sees SEF organisers welcoming all participants and drawing attention to the main topics to be discussed during the event. The Prime
                                        Minister of Bulgaria, Mr. Sergei STANISHEV, will address the public on behalf of the Government, which holds the rotating CEI Presidency for 2007. The
                                        Bulgarian Minister of Economy and Energy, Mr. Petar DIMITROV, will address the public on behalf of the Ministry, the event’s co-organiser. Other notable
                                        speakers include Amb. Harald KREID, Director General, CEI Executive Secretariat, Mr. Gugliemo ARDIZZONE, Minister Plenipotentiary, Italian Ministry of
                                        Foreign Affairs, Mr. Guido Paolucci, Head of the CEI Project Secretariat, Mr. Christos KATSANIS, Executive Director, United Bulgarian Bank, Ms. Gergana
                                        MANTARKOVA, Managing Partner, KPMG in Bulgaria, and Mr. Richard SHEARER, Chief Executive Officer, vivatel. Finally, the representatives of the CEI
                                        Secretariats and the Bulgaria Economic Forum will welcome participants and provide practical information on the eventb

        Welcome Address                 H.E. Sergei STANISHEV, Prime Minister, Bulgaria (invited)

        Speaker                         H.E. Petar DIMITROV, Minister, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria

        Speaker                         Amb. Harald KREID, Director General, CEI Executive Secretariat

        Speaker                         Mr. Guglielmo ARDIZZONE, Minister Plenipotentiary, Directorate General for European Countries, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

        Speaker                         Mr. Christos KATSANIS, Executive Director, United Bulgarian Bank, Member of NBG Group, Bulgaria

        Speaker                         Ms. Gergana MANTARKOVA, Managing Partner, KPMG Bulgaria

        Speaker                         Mr. Richard SHEARER, Chief Executive Officer, Vivatel, Bulgaria

        Speaker                         Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI, Programme Manager, CEI Project Secretariat

        Moderator                       Mr. George TABAKOV, Chairman, Bulgaria Economic Forum

        Coordinator                     Ms. Vessela BAYRAKTAROVA - Mr. George TABAKOV - Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI
        1.1                         Focus on Bulgaria - Supporting Businesses, Growth and Reforms Consolidation
12.00   Venue: Hall 8 (5th floor)
                                    Following 17 years on the challenging road of transition the hard work is now paying off. Bulgaria joined the EU on January 1st 2007 as a result of a
                                    decade of coherent and prudent economic policies and structural reforms. Bulgaria today demonstrates sustained growth rates, falling inflation, declining
                                    unemployment and robust FDI. EU membership has now placed the country in a new environment and single market pressures will further stimulate
                                    competition. EU membership in itself, however, is not a guarantee that economic conditions will continue to improve and that the country will attract
                                    sufficient investment levels to enable it to further stimulate productivity growth. Continuation of prudent economic policies and the perseverance on the
                                    reform agenda are essential for Bulgaria to make full use of accession opportunities. This assembly provides an opportunity to share experiences,
                                    exchange views and propose specific actions to help address the post-accession convergence challenges going forward.

        Moderator                   Mr. James HYSLOP, Director for Bulgaria, EBRD
        Welcome address             H.E. Petar DIMITROV, Minister, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria
        Keynote Speaker             Mr. Yavor KUIUMDJIEV, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy
        Speaker                     Mr. Stoyan STALEV, Executive Director, InvestBulgaria Agency, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Bulgaria - The Right Investment Location
        Speaker                     Amb. Michael B. HUMPHREYS, Head, Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Growth and Jobs - EU Structural and Cohesion Fund in Support of the Lisbon Strategy
        Speaker                     Mr. Cormac MURPHY, Head, Division Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus, South East Europe Department, European Investment Bank (EIB)
        Presentation Title          EIB and Financing of Bulgaria's Investment Needs
        Speaker                     Mr. Andrea CASINI, Chief Business Officer, Management Board, Unicredit Bulbank
        Presentation Title          Financial Institutions: Backbone and Engine of Business and Economic Growth in Bulgaria
        Speaker                     Mr. Bojidar DANEV, Chairman and Executive President, Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Simplification of Regulatory Framework (in line with Lisbon Agenda and EU Policy to Reduce Administrative Burdens by 25 per cent)
        Speaker                     Mr. Dieter WAHL, Financial Director, Miroglio Bulgaria EOOD, Miroglio Deutschland GmbH, Ulmia Stoffe GmbH
        Presentation Title          Miroglio’s Investments in Bulgaria: History and Actual Situation
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat

        Officer in Charge           Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Mr. Yannis ARVANITIS
        2.1                         A New Vision of the Capital Markets in Central and Southeast Europe - the European Securities Landscape
12.00   Venue: Hall 9 (5th floor)
                                    In recent years a new EU regime for regulation of the European securities markets has been developed. The new directives and implementing measures
                                    entail very extensive changes that will affect the development in the capital markets. In some areas, the new EU regulatory regime introduces completely
                                    new opportunities, while in others the focus is first and foremost on greater harmonisation of national legislation, so that EU regulation supports the
                                    continued progress towards a fully integrated securities market in the EU. The new regulatory regime is expected to augment competition among the
                                    various trading platforms in Europe, strengthen cross-border competition among securities dealers, and further harmonise the approach to investor
                                    protection.                                                                                                                Markets in Financial Instruments
                                    Directive (MiFID) - a catalyst for change in Europe's market structure.

        Moderator                   Mr. Christos KATSANIS, Executive Director, United Bulgarian Bank, Member of NBG Group, Bulgaria
        Speaker                     Mr. Hannes HUHTANIEMI, Policy Officer, DG Internal Markets and Services, European Commission
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Victor PAPAZOV, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Capital Market in Bulgaria after MiFID
        Speaker                     Mr. Gilbert McCAUL, Partner, KPMG in Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          A Financial Advisor’s Perspective on the Development of Capital Markets
        Speaker                     Mr. Heinrich SCHALLER, Joint Chief Executive Officer, Vienna Stock Exchange, Austria
        Presentation Title          Vienna Stock Exchange – International Expertise and Know How in the Modern Capital Markets
        Speaker                     Mr. Henry VON BLUMENTHAL, Senior Capital Markets Officer, European Investment Bank (EIB)
        Presentation Title          EIB and Capital Markets Development in Central and Eastern Europe
        Speaker                     Mr. Stere FARMACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Romania
        Presentation Title          Bucharest Stock Exchange Development and Capital Market Integration
        Speaker                     Mr. Luciano MONTI, Managing Director, APRI Sviluppo Private Equity S.p.A., Italy
        Presentation Title          Early Stage Financing
        Coordinator                 Bulgaria Economic Forum

        Officer in Charge           Mr. George TABAKOV - Ms. Christina DIMITROVA
        IBA 01                      Real Estate Market and Infrastructure. The Bust of the Real Estate Boom or Imminent Surprises?
12.00   Venue: Hall 7 (5th floor)

        Moderator                   Mr. Ivo PASKALEV, Project Manager, Balkan Consultancy Centrer, Bulgaria

        Keynote Speaker             Mr. Milosh POTSKOV, Secretary General, Acting Executive Director, Road Executive Agency, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title
        Project Promoter            Mr. Strahil IVANOV, Manager, Yavlena Ltd., Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Outlines of the Bulgarian Real Estate Market
        Project Promoter            Mr. Miroslav YAZOV, Financial Manager, Yazov Group, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Sky Buildings – the New Face of Business and Living in Plovdiv
        Project Promoter            Mr. Atanas GAROV, Managing Director, Colliers International, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title
                                    Ms. Oksana TSEDRIK, Deputy Director CUE “Ecocomplex”, Minsk Region Executive Committee, Belarus // Mr. Vladimir SOBOLEV, Counsellor, Foreign
        Project Promoter
                                    Economic Cooperation, Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
        Presentation Title          Organization of the Modern System for Separate Collection and Processing of Solid Domestic Waste
                                    Mr. Vladimir VASILCHENKOV, Deputy Director General, Belarusian National Dispatcher Centre of Power Industry, Belarus // Mr. Vladimir SOBOLEV,
        Project Promoter
                                    Counsellor, Foreign Economic Cooperation, Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
        Presentation Title          Reconstruction of Mozyr Heat Power Plant
        Coordinator                 Bulgaria Economic Forum & BALREC - Balkan Real Estate Conference

        Officer in Charge           Mr. George TABAKOV - Ms. Christina DIMITROVA
        1.2                         Energy Infrastructure
15.00   Venue: Hall 8 (5th floor)   One of the three main objectives of the EU energy policy for Europe is to 'increase the security of energy supply'. This could be achieved with the provision
                                    of reliable energy sources (traditional fossil as well as renewables, clean and alternative form of energy) and the building of the necessary infrastructure for
                                    the supply and transfer of energy resources. The three-year action plan, adopted in March this year, envisages effective diversification of energy sources
                                    and energy supply routes. Having in mind the increasing energy dependence of EU, which is expected to reach 70% (if no measures are taken),
                                    strengthening inter-regional commercial ties between EU, Central Asia, Caspian and the Black Sea Regions is key to ensure diversification of energy
                                    sources and energy supply routes. The presence of adequate energy infrastructure is an important prerequisite to guarantee the reliability of energy
                                    supplies and the effective functioning of competitive energy markets. The second main objective of the European energy policy is to guarantee the
                                    competitiveness of European economies and provide energy at affordable prices. Again, this can be ensured also through the Energy Community, which
                                    includes non-member countries from the Balkans. This panel will consider the ever-changing role of Southeast Europe as an important link in the energy
                                    resources routes and will stress the valence of ensuring investments in large infrastructure projects to strengthen the links between European consumers
                                    and energy suppliers.
        Moderator                   Mr. George GIAOURIS, Principal Banker, Power and Energy, EBRD

        Keynote Speaker             Ms. Galina TOSHEVA, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          The Bulgarian Energy Policy in the Context of the European Energy Policy - Challenges and Opportunities
        Speaker                     Mr. Charles FEINSTEIN, Energy Sector Manager, Europe and Central Asia, Sustainable Development Department, World Bank
        Presentation Title          SEE (Security, Environment and Economic Growth) in SEE: A World Bank Energy Sector Perspective
        Speaker                     Mr. Alistair McLEISH, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mmd Group
        Presentation Title          Guaranteeing and Communicating Transparency for Major Energy Projects
        Speaker                     Mr. Carlo Riccardo MERIGGI, Program Manager South Stream, Eni SpA Gas & Power, Italy
        Presentation Title          Increasing Energy Security in Europe? Key Update on the planned South Stream Gas Pipeline project
        Speaker                     Mr. Enrico VIALE, Manager for the Balkans, ENEL, Italy
        Presentation Title          Energy balance, Capacity Increase and Investments in Southern Eastern Europe
        Speaker                     Mr. Mardik Rupen PAPAZYAN, Executive Director, NEK AED, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          The Electric Power Infrastructure in Bulgaria and Prospects for its Development
        Speaker                     Ms. Rositsa TANEVA, Head of Department, Bulgartransgaz EAD, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Vladimir VASILCHENKOV, Deputy Director General, Belarusian National Dispatcher Centre of Power Industry, Belarus
        Presentation Title          Belarus Energy Sector Development for Increasing Energy Security
        Speaker                     Gottfried STEINER, Head of International Affairs, OMV, Austria
        Presentation Title          Nabucco Gas Pipeline Project

        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat, BEF Bulgaria Economic Forum

        Officer in Charge           Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Ms. Gaia PERACCA - Mr. George TABAKOV
        2.2                         Internationalisation of SMEs: Support Services and Financing
15.00   Venue: Hall 9 (5th floor)   SMEs find it more difficult than large enterprises to have cross-border activities within the European Internal Market and in third countries markets. In
                                    Europe significantly only 24% of small and 25% of medium enterprises claim to be prepared to go to another country. In this scope it is necessary to help
                                    SMEs to face more and more demanding markets and CEI Member States policies should support SME internationalization to third markets. This session
                                    will focus on how to support Governments, public institutions and the private sector in CEI Countries to improve their capacity to design policies and to
                                    implement support programmes specifically aimed to SME internationalization. There is clear evidence of market failure that creates barriers preventing
                                    SMEs from achieving their full potential. In particular, obstacles hampering SME access to international markets include: shortage of working capital to
                                    finance exports; lack or low level of human resources with sufficient knowledge on foreign markets and specific technical skills; identifying foreign business
                                    opportunities; limited information to locate and analyze markets; inability to contact potential overseas customers. In order to achieve permanent results,
                                    new strategic alliances have to be established between SMEs and policy makers to remove barriers that small enterprises face in their internationalization
                                    process. Particular attention will be given to business match-making and to activities aimed to identify cross-border partners and business opportunities.

        Moderator                   Ms. Daniela FIORI, Permanent Representation of Italy to the European Union, State Aid attaché, Brussels
        Presentation Title          Internationalization of SME, a European Strategy in the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Program 2006/2013
        Speaker                     Mr. Stanimir BARZASHKY, Executive Director, Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA), Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          The Government Supporting Programmes for SME sector in Bulgaria
        Speaker                     Mr. Antonio FANELLI, Deputy Head, OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe
        Presentation Title          SME Policy in the Western Balkans: Strengths and Weaknesses
        Speaker                     Mr. Raffaele BOLDRACCHI, Principal Manager, Official Co-financing Unit, EBRD
                                    Enhancing Access to Credit and Providing Innovative Services to Strengthen the Competitiveness of the Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) sector. The
        Presentation Title
                                    Role of the Donors funded EBRD Technical Cooperation Programme
        Speaker                     Mr. Daniel IVARSSON, Chief, Office for Arab States, Europe and CIS, International Trade Center UNCTAD/WTO
        Presentation Title          Export Strategies, Trade information, and Trade Support Institutions - Three Means for Supporting SME Internationalisation
        Speaker                     Ms. Valentina ALEXANDROVA, Director, Investment and Legal Services Department, InvestBulgaria Agency, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Bulgaria – Unique Investment Location
        Speaker                     Ms. Slavica SINGER, Board Chair, CEPOR - SMEs and Entrepreneurship Policy Centre, Croatia
        Presentation Title          Croatian Efforts in Internationalization of SMEs: Support Services and Financing
        Speaker                     Mr. Francesco D'APRILE, President of the Italian Association of Management Consultant (APCO), Partner, P&D Consulting Srl., Italy
        Presentation Title          Managing Internationalization process and win in the global market. Human Capital and SME Internationalization. Case History
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat
        Officer in Charge           Ms. Elisabetta DOVIER
        IBA 02                      How to Implement the Next Wave of Economic Reforms in South Eastern Europe
15.00   Venue: Hall 7 (5th floor)
                                    In most transition countries the initial-phase reform is almost complete: institutions supporting market structures and political-democratic pluralism have
                                    been in place for a number of years and are, to varying degree, operational. For the countries of South East Europe, major reforms have been
                                    implemented in investment policy, tax and trade. Achievements on the economic front include an average GDP growth rate of 5%, stable inflation, and FDI
                                    inflows in the region that have increased from EUR 4.6 billion in 2002 to over EUR 12 billion in 2006. However, the first wave of policy reforms and
                                    economic growth has not reduced unemployment that is over 20% in the Western Balkans. The financial infrastructure is still weak with interest rate
                                    spreads averaging 7%. Corruption is still high and competition is limited in certain product sectors. This workshop will outline a second wave of reforms for
                                    SEE to increase growth and competitiveness and suggest ways to implement those reforms most effectively.

        Moderator                   Mr. Anthony O'SULLIVAN, Head, OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe
        Presentation Title          How to Implement the Next Wave of Economic Reform in SEE
        Speaker                     Ms. Marie-Laurence GUY, Projects Officer, Global Corporate Governance Forum, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
        Presentation Title          Corporate Governance Reform Efforts in Southeast Europe
        Speaker                     Mr. Gian Piero CIGNA, Principal Counsel of Corporate Governance, Legal Transition Team, EBRD
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Ms. Dana ARMEAN DENIS-SMITH, Managing Director, Marker Global Ltd., United Kingdom
        Presentation Title          Making the Small Count – SMEs, Regulation and Economic Reform in South - East Europe
        Speaker                     Mr. Fadi FARRA, Principal Administrator, OECD
        Presentation Title          Targeting Reforms through a Sector Specific Approach
        Speaker                     Mr. Eugenio BETTELLA, Managing Partner, Roedl & Partners, Italy
        Presentation Title          CEI Countries’ Legal Framework Changes to West European Standards
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat

        Officer in Charge           Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Mr. Yannis ARVANITIS
        Parallel event              Bulgaria - Italy: Entrepreneurial Challenges
15.30   Venue: Hall 3 (7th floor)
                                    As in past years, economic operators will be provided with broader information and in-depth studies on the opportunities granted to small businesses. The
                                    Italian expertise in the execution of projects co-financed through structural funds will be presented as a model of successful governance.
                                    This year’s seminar by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria will focus on how SMEs can benefit from Structural Funds and Measures assistance,
                                    in particular through the Operational Programmes (OP) for Competitiveness and OP Human Resources Development. The discussions will be
                                    accompanied by the presentation of a number of infrastructure projects and business initiatives under Corridor VIII.

        Moderator                   Mr. Marco MONTECCHI, President, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
        Speaker                     Amb. Gian Battista CAMPAGNOLA, Italian Embassy in Sofia
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Edoardo POLLASTRI, President, Assocamerestero - Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, Italia
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Antonio PAOLETTI, President for Eastern and Central Europe, UNIONCAMERE - Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, Italy
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Ms. Tiziana VECCHIO, General Department for Foreign Trade Promotion, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Italy
        Presentation Title          European Structural Funds: an Opportunity for the Italian Enterprises
        Speaker                     Mr. Fabrizio CAMASTRA, Director, Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) in Sofia
        Presentation Title          Promoting SMEs´ Competitiveness
        Speaker                     Mr. Michele GRIMALDI, General Manager, Pan-European Corridor VIII Technical Secretariat, Italy
        Presentation Title          Corridor VIII as a Strategic Axis for Trade and Investments: the Initiatives of the Secretariat
        Speaker                     Mr. Pier Paolo VECCHI, Association of Italian engineering, Architectural and Technical-economic Consulting Organizations (OICE)
        Presentation Title          Italian Engineering, a Contribution to CEI Region Development
        Speaker                     Mr Giulio GUARRACINO, Executive Manager, Italian Construction Contractors Federation (ANCE)
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Pietro BACCARINI, President of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Italy
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Jean TALMON, Special Adviser for Central and Eastern Europe, Astaldi Spa
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Ms. Daniela KONOVA, Chair of Management Board, Generali Bulgaria Holding AD
        Presentation Title          Generali Bulgaria Insurance Companies - Taking Advantage of A Strong Brand In Competing For Insurance Business
        Speaker                     Mr. Alex CAR, Director General, Italcementi Bulgaria

        Presentation Title          Italcementi, Sustainable Development and New Investments
                                    Mr. Marco CASASOLE, Attorney, Legal department // Mr. Giovanni Battista CALI', Attorney, Tax Department, CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni,
        Presentation Title          Bulgarian Tax and Legal Issues

        Speaker                     Ms. Iolanda CONTE, Project Manager, Uniontrasporti

        Presentation Title          Intangible Barriers along Corridor VIII: main results survey
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat; Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria
        Officer in Charge           Mr. Marco MONTECCHI - Ms Tiziana CARLINO - Ms. Stefania DEL MONTE

        1.3                         The World Bank Group: Mobilising Resources for the Future
16.45   Venue: Hall 8 (5th floor)   The countries of Central and Eastern Europe have achieved tremendous economic progress in the past decade. The countries of the region need to fully
                                    mobilize their available resources to maintain the growth momentum and to converge more rapidly to the development level of Western Europe. In this
                                    context, this session will begin by presenting the key challenges for the region with regard to human resource development. It will then present the findings
                                    of a study on regional integration and growth in South East Europe. The role of PPPs in resource mobilization will also be presented. The World Bank will
                                    inform about its strategic goals and areas of activity in South East Europe, and about its engagement in EU Member States through the case study of
        Moderator                   Ms. Sandra BLOEMENKAMP, Special Representative for South East Europe, World Bank

        Keynote Speaker             Mr. Dimcho MIHALEVSKY, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria

        Presentation Title          Project for Development of Municipal Infrastructure
        Speaker                     Mr. Arup BANERJI, Sector Manager, Human Development Department, World Bank
                                    Human Resource Issues in CEI Countries - Presentation of Key Findings from WB study "From Red to Gray: The Third Transition of Aging Populations in
        Presentation Title
                                    Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union"
        Speaker                     Mr. Ivailo IZVORSKI, Senior Economist, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Sector, World Bank
        Presentation Title          Avoiding the Middle-Income Trap: Integration and Growth in the Western Balkans

        Speaker                     Mr. Angelo DELL'ATTI, General Manager, Private Enterprise Partnership, Southeast Europe Infrastructure, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

        Presentation Title          PPPs and Resources Mobilisation
        Speaker                     Mr. Marco MANTOVANELLI, Country Manager for BiH, World Bank
        Presentation Title          The World Bank's Strategic Goals and Areas of Activity for the Region
        Speaker                     Mr. Florian FICHTL, Country Manager for Bulgaria, World Bank
        Presentation Title          Regional and Strategic Challenges - Bulgaria as a Case Study of Engagement with an EU Member State
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat

        Officer in Charge           Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Ms. Gaia PERACCA
        2.3                         Roundtable on Freight Services: Supporting Business through Transport Infrastructure Development
16.45   Venue: Hall 9 (5th floor)
                                    The focus of the roundtable will be on the changes necessary in service models and organisation of railway undertakings to respond to market needs,
                                    rather than purely on the infrastructural investments in rail networks. The panel will discuss how to fill the gap between customer expectations and service
                                    provided, to enhance the use of infrastructural assets and, as a consequence, stimulate the interest of financial and institutional investors on infrastructural
                                    development. In particular, case studies on improving efficiency and effectiveness in the railways offering will be examined, such as: efforts to achieve
                                    locomotives interoperability; need for on board staff and loco drivers interoperability; logic behind the construction of a terminal network; development of
                                    advanced logistic services integrating rail transport in a door-to-door logic.

        Moderator                   Ms. Luisa VELARDI, Director, Strategy Department, Trenitalia, Italy
        Presentation Title          Roundtable on Freight Services: Supporting Business through Transport Infrastructure Development
        Keynote Speaker             H.E. Asen GAUGAZOV, Minister, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Development of Regional Road Infrastructure to Provide for Traffic of People, Goods and Services
        Speaker                     Mr. Georgi PETARNAICHEV, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transport, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Development of Intermodal Transport and Logistics – Priority Task in the Ministry of Transport’s Schedule.
        Speaker                     Mr. Giuseppe RAZZA, General Manager, Pan-European Corridor V Technical Secretariat
        Presentation Title          Corridor V Development
        Speaker                     Mr. Paul GUITINK, Senior Policy Adviser, Central and Eastern Europe, Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)
        Presentation Title          Market Demand for Reliable, High Quality Transport Services: Constraints and Opportunities for Rail Freight
        Speaker                     Mr. Pencho POPOV, Director, Central Freight Division, National Railway Operator (BDZ), Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Perspectives for Development of the Railway Freight Transports in Bulgaria
        Speaker                     Mr. Paolo CELENTANI, Director, Marketing Department, Cargo Division, Trenitalia, Italy
        Presentation Title          The Rail Cargo Business Lifecycle
        Speaker                     Mr. Karl MOHNSEN, Chief Executive Officer, TX Logistik, Germany
        Presentation Title          The Role of a New Comer in the Perspective of Market Liberalization
        Speaker                     Mr. Günther ENGELHART, Head, Cargo and Logistic, Rail Cargo Austria
        Presentation Title          Cooperation between Trenitalia and RCA to create Efficient Rail Services between Eastern and Western European Hubs
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat
        Officer in Charge           Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Ms. Gaia PERACCA
        IBA 03                      Eco-innovation and Alternative Sources of Energy: Opportunities for SMEs
16.45   Venue: Hall 7 (5th floor)
                                    This session will focus on environmental technologies and intelligent energy, two tools identified by the EU for enhancing innovation and competitiveness in
                                    Europe. Eco-innovation is any form of innovation aiming at significant and demonstrable progress towards the goal of sustainable development, through
                                    reducing impacts on the environment or achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources, including energy. Speakers will also examine,
                                    with a specific focus on SMEs, prospects and opportunities for the use and production of “intelligent energy”. The promotion of eco-innovation and
                                    technologies as well as the use of alternative sources of energy through the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) aims at
                                    contributing to the achievement of environmental objectives and creation of economic opportunities. These themes will be presented by EC
                                    representatives and discussed by referring to best practices in the field.

        Moderator                   Mr. Fausto SANTANGELO, Representative of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, BEST Groups to the European Commission, Brussels

        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Ms. Marinella LODDO, Director, Industrial Co-operation and Relations with Intl. Org., National Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), Italy
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Pierpaolo DETTORI, Industrial Area Manager, CONSER sccpa, Italy
        Presentation Title          Energetically Self-sufficient Industrial Areas: Economic and Environmental Sustainability. The Case Study of Prato (Italy)
        Speaker                     Ms. Svenja BARTELS, Attorney, Roedl & Partner, Italy
        Presentation Title          Case Study of a Geothermal Project in Hungary
        Speaker                     Mr. Vittorio GHINASSI, General Secretary, Association for Italian-Moldavian Trade (ACIM), Italy
        Presentation Title          Project “S.E.E.M” - Systems for Energy Efficiency in Moldova

        Speaker                     Mr. Andrea VALCALDA, Chief Coordinator, Environment and Innovation Project, ENEL, Italy
        Presentation Title          Gaining Technological and Environmental Leadership: Enel’s “Environment and Innovation Project”
                                    Mr. Riccardo HONORATI BIANCHI, Expert - Resident Twinning Adviser, Development and Cohesion Policies Department, Ministry of Economic
        Speaker                     Development of Italy
                                    Special focus on Environmental and Competitiveness Programmes (Energy, Innovation Projects) - Overview of the Structural Funds in Bulgaria in the
        Presentation Title
                                    Programming Period 2007-2013: stakeholders, opportunities for SMEs

        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat

        Officer in Charge           Ms. Elisabetta DOVIER
        1.4                         Technical Assistance Needs in the Region
18.30   Venue: Hall 8 (5th floor)   This session will outline the rationale as well as take stock of the achievements of grant-type assistance (in the form of technical cooperation and
                                    investment co-financing in support of specific components of investment projects by IFIs and other international organisations) in the South-Eastern
                                    European region, including Romania and Bulgaria, and in the European Neighbourhood Policy countries members of the CEI. The EBRD will provide
                                    presentations on existing funds, such as the multilateral Western Balkans Fund, and on the specific pipeline for the coming months in key sectors and
                                    regions. Special emphasis will be given to the discussion of technical cooperation projects in the areas of Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure and
                                    Small Business, where assignments have a strong focus on enhancing corporate governance practice, transferring technical knowledge, creating
                                    employment and investment opportunities. Those are fundamental to ensure further harmonisation and integration into internationally recognised
                                    standards of best practice, thus enhancing companies' creditworthiness and access to banking and capital markets. The session will be of benefit to
                                    consultancy houses looking for business opportunities as well as civil servants wanting to learn more about funds’ availability and related operations across
        Moderator                   Mr. Gary BOND, Director, Official Co-Financing Unit, EBRD

        Keynote speaker             Mr. Lyubomir DATZOV, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          The Transition in Bulgaria – Status and Challenges
        Speaker                     Mr. Engin GOKSU, Senior Manager, Official Co-Financing Unit, EBRD
        Presentation Title          EBRD’s Technical Cooperation Programme in South East Europe
        Speaker                     Mr. Henry RUSSELL, Deputy Director, Municipal Environmental Infrastructure, EBRD
        Presentation Title          Case Studies from MEI projects - where TC has been crucial
        Speaker                     Mr. Eivind TANDBERG, Public Financial Management Advisor for South East Europe, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Slovenia
        Presentation Title          Public Financial Management Reform Priorities for South East European Countries
        Speaker                     Mr. Daniel IVARSSON, Chief, Office for Arab States, Europe and the CIS, International Trade Center (UNCTAD/ WTO)
        Presentation Title          Enhancing the international competiveness of SMEs - trade development challenges and the ITC response
        Speaker                     Mr. Anthony O'SULLIVAN, Head, OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe
        Presentation Title          Technical Assistance Priorities in SEE to improve the business climate

        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat

        Officer in Charge           Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Mr. Yannis ARVANITIS
        2.4                         Women in Action - The Driving Force of the United Europe
18.30   Venue: Hall 9 (5th floor)
                                    In the past, being a leader or a manager was something common for a man. Nowadays women are equal to men and are active in all society and
                                    community areas. In 2007 – the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All – we would like to present the readiness and willingness of women to take
                                    part in policy and decision making. Women entrepreneurs are numerous and the success of the organizations run by female entrepreneurs is recognized
                                    but not widely enough. Access to finance is one of the main driving forces of a company and women are facing problems in obtaining financial resources
                                    for their businesses. Women entrepreneurship calls for: raising the visibility of existing women entrepreneurs, creating a climate that is favourable to
                                    woman entrepreneurs; increasing the number of new women entrepreneurs; increasing the scale of existing women run businesses. The organizations,
                                    presenting and standing behind the rights of women entrepreneurs and women are important players on European and worldwide level.

        Moderator                   Ms. Ingrid SHIKOVA, Information, Public & Relays Adviser, Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria

        Keynote Speaker             H.E. Emilia MASLAROVA, Minister, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Ms. Ewa RUMINSKA-ZIMNY, Senior Social Affaires Officer, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
        Presentation Title          Gender Gap and Economic Policy
        Speaker                     Ms. Radka STAMENOVA, Manager, Meridian 22 - Company for Education and Training, Bulgaria

        Presentation Title          Lifelong Education – Challenge and Reality for Women
        Speaker                     Ms. Etta CARIGNANI, Secretary General, World Association of women Entrepreneurs (FCEM), Italy
        Presentation Title          Women in economic decision-making
                                    Ms. Jasminka KESER, Head, Project Preparation and Implementation Section, SME Directorate, Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship,
        Presentation Title          Croatian Women in Business
        Coordinator                 Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria

        Officer in Charge           Ms. Mariana STEFANOVA
17.00   IBA 04                      SME Development Projects co-funded by the EU in the CEI Region
18.30   Venue: Hall 7 (5th floor)

        Project Promoter            Ms. Sandrine CARLIER-WIART, Marketing and Communication, CORDIS Contractor, Brussels
        Presentation Title          CORDIS: The Gateway to FP7 Participation
        Project Promoter            Mr. Mauro BIANCHI, Managing Director, Teseo Sprl., Belgium
                                    Transfer EAST: Transferring Government to Business - IST Good Practices to Eastern European New Member States // SECURE FORCE: Pro-Active
        Presentation Title
                                    Intelligence and Support Programme to stimulate European SMEs faced with Research issues in the Security
        Project Promoter            Mr. Giuseppe SAIJA, Project Manager, TESEO Sprl, Belgium

        Presentation Title          INDIA MENTOR: Catalyst for Euro-India ICT Resarch // FASTER: Fostering Alliances for Sustainable Transport in European Research

        Project Promoter            Mr. Claudio DI GIORGIO, Head, Information Services & Innovation Department, Informest, Italy // Ms. Boriana MINTCHEVA, Head of Division, SME
                                    Internationalization, Bulgarian Small and Medium Entreprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA), Bulgaria

        Presentation Title          IDEA - Interactive Database for Enterprises and Associations: an interactive platform to promote Business Support Services in the CEI Countries

        Speaker                     Mr. Hristo MIHAILOVSKY, Chief Executive Officer, Bulgarian Credit Rating Agency (BCRA), Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Assessment and Transparency of Creditworthiness as a Tool for Enhancing the Competitiveness and Support SMEs Internationalization
        Speaker                     Ms. Giorgia GIOVANNETTI, Professor, University of Florence, Italy
        Presentation Title          The Increasing Importance of Internationalized SME in the CEI Region

        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretatiat

        Officer in Charge           Ms. Elisabetta DOVIER
        Day 02 - Wednesday 21 November 2007

 9.00   1.5                            Moving Energy Efficiency Forward
10.30   Venue: Hall 8 (5th floor)
                                       This session will introduce the debate on the importance of extending the benefits of energy efficiency projects to the residential sector and the area of built
                                       environment. The EBRD has had a long-standing success in guaranteeing loans to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon intensity in the corporate
                                       sector. Now, moving transition forward in the energy field will require expanding energy efficiency credit lines to local banks for on-lending to support small
                                       energy efficiency and renewables energy projects in the residential sector. In this respect, the newly established credit line in Bulgaria is a successful case
                                       study, whose structure can be replicated elsewhere. The EBRD will also present the results from the latest sustainable energy market study in the Western
                                       Balkans, supported by the CEI Trust Fund at the EBRD.

        Moderator                      Mr. Jacquelin LIGOT, Director, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Team, EBRD

        Presentation Title             Financing Energy Efficiency in Transition Countries; EBRD’s Experience

        Keynote Speaker                Ms. Kostadinka TODOROVA, Director, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Directorate, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria

        Presentation Title             Energy Efficiency in Bulgaria – Present situation, Legal Framework, Measures for Energy Efficiency Increase
        Speaker                        Mr. Tasko ERMENKOV, Executive Director, Executive Energy Efficiency Agency, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title             Trends and Measures for Energy Efficiency Improvement of Bulgarian Economy
        Speaker                        Mr. Gueorgui HOROZOV, Director, Energy and Infrastructure Department, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB)
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                        Mr. Paul WAIDE, Senior Policy Analyst, Energy Efficiency and Environment Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)
        Presentation Title             International Energy Efficiency Developments in the Buildings Sector: Opportunities and Issues
        Speaker                        Mr. Gianpiero NACCI, Senior Engineer, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Team, EBRD
        Presentation Title             EBRD Approach to Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sectors: Stand Alone Projects and Credit Lines
        Speaker                        Mr. Zdravko GENCHEV, Executive Director, EnEffect, Center for Energy Efficiency, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title             New Energy Efficiency Funds will support Climate Change Mitigation
        Speaker                        Mr. Mario LAZZERI, Business Development Manager, D'Appolonia S.p.A, Italy
        Presenation Title              Energy Benchmarking: a Tool developed for EBRD for Assessing Energy Efficiency Performance and Carbon Credit Opportunities
        Coordinator                    CEI Project Secretariat

        Officer in Charge              Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Ms. Gaia PERACCA
 9.00   2.5                         ICT in SEE: Strategic Issues in Research, Technology and Deployment
10.30   Venue: Hall 9 (5th floor)


        Moderator                   Mr. Joze GRICAR, Chairman, Department of Informatics, University of Maribor, Slovenia
        Presentation Title          Innovative eRegion Development: Opportunities for the Cross-border Collaboration
        Keynote Speaker             H.E. Nikolay VASSILEV, Minister, Ministry of Public Administration and Administrative Reform, Bulgaria

        Presentation Title          With our Face to the People
        Speaker                     Ms. Despina ANASTASIADOU, Director, South Eastern Europe Telecommunications & Informatics Research Institute S.A., Greece
        Presentation Title          Insights and Recommendations on IST Research & Development Policies in Eastern Europe - The GREAT-IST Project Perspective
        Speaker                     Ms. Aleksandra RAKOVIC, Expert, Working Table II - Economy, Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
        Presentation Title          Policy and Regulatory Challenges for the ICT Sector in South Eastern Europe

        Speaker                     Mr. Richard SHEARER, Chief Executive Officer, Vivatel, Bulgaria

        Presentation Title          The Business Perspective: the Telecommunication Market in SEE
        Speaker                     Ms. Sasha BEZUHANOVA, General Manager, Hewlett-Packard Bulgaria Ltd.
        Presentation Title          Economic Growth Based on Innovation
        Speaker                     Mr. Plamen VATCHKOV, Chairman, State Agency for ICT, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          State Policy for ICT Development – an instrument for fostering R & D
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat
        Officer in Charge           Ms. Slavena RADOVANOVIC
11.00   1.6                         EBRD Transition Report 2007: People in Transition
12.30   Venue: Hall 8 (5th floor)
                                    The EBRD Transition Report provides an overview on progress in structural reform and economic performance in the 29 countries of the postcommunist
                                    transition region, detailed assessments for each country, as well as a special focus each year on a selected aspect of transition. The leading theme for this
                                    presentation of the 2007 Transition Report is People in Transition. Drawing heavily from the results of the EBRD/World Bank Life in Transition Survey
                                    (LiTS), conducted in autumn 2006, the Transition Report will look at how peoples' experience in the labour market has affected their life satisfaction and
                                    views on reforms, the variation across and within countries in attitudes toward the economic and political aspects of transition, and peoples' perceptions of
                                    the impact of transition on public service delivery. Discussants from other IFIs will introduce work conducted through their institutions as a basis for opening
                                    up a debate on the transformations achieved in the CEI region of operation through transition.

        Moderator                   Mr. James HYSLOP, Director for Bulgaria, EBRD
        Keynote Speaker             H.E. Plamen ORESHARSKI, Minister, Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Mr. Fabrizio CORICELLI, Director for Policy Studies, EBRD
        Presentation Title          EBRD Transition Report 2007: People in Transition
        Speaker                     Mr. Christoph ROSENBERG, Senior Regional Representative Central Europe and Baltics, International Monetary Fund in Poland (IMF)
        Presentation Title          Economic Trends and Challenges in the New Member States
        Coordinator                 CEI Project Secretariat

        Officer in Charge           Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI - Mr. Yannis ARVANITIS
11.00   2.6                         Mobilising Actors for Environmental Governance
12.30   Venue: Hall 9 (5th floor)


        Moderator                   Mr. Henry Richard JACKELEN, UNDP Resident Representative and UN Resident Coordinator for Bulgaria
        Keynote Speaker             Mr. Yordan DARDOV, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Environment and Waters, Republic of Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Economic Growth and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
        Speaker                     Mr. Mllan STEGIC, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia
        Presentation Title
        Speaker                     Ms. Anne BURRILL, Deputy Head of Unit, Enlargement & Neighbouring Countries, DG Environment, European Commission
        Presentation Title          Environment Policy -- Motor for a Better Future
        Speaker                     Ms. Teia CATANA, Head of Unit, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Romania
        Presentation Title          Sustainable Development and the Business Sector – the Romanian Perspective
        Speaker                     Mr. Philippe ROMBAUT, Chairman, Board of Directors, Ecobulpack JSC, Bulgaria
        Presentation Title          Separate Waste Collection Management
        Speaker                     Mr. Gianni CATALANO, Managing Director Environmental Control Systems Southern Europe, ALSTOM Power
        Presentation Title          Maritza East 1 - Desulphurization Plants for a Better Environment
        Speaker                     Mr. Augusto PRETNER, Chief Executive Officer, SGI Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A., Italy
        Presentation Title          Environmental Governance in the Water Sector
        Speaker                     Mr. Mike FOSTER, Executive Director, Bulgarian Representation of Energy Conglomerate, ENEL
        Presentation Title          Sustainable Environmental Programme of Enel in the Rehabilitation and Improvement of Maritza-Est Power Plant
        Coordinator                 Bulgaria Economic Forum
        Officer in Charge           Mr. George TABAKOV - Ms. Christina DIMITROVA
12.45   SEF Closing Ceremony and Press Conference
13.30   Hall 8 (5th floor)
                                         The Closing Ceremony will provide participants with a summary of the outcomes from the forum sessions and will present the conclusions of the
                                         Roundtable of CEI Ministers of Economic Sectors. The CEI representative will close the Summit Economic Forum 2007 and will invite participants to the
                                         next edition of the SEF, which will take place in Moldova next November under the Moldavian CEI Presidency for 2008. The Minister of Economy and
                                         Energy of Bulgaria, Mr. Petar DIMITROV, will address the public on behalf of the host Government and will invite the participants to the closing reception.

        Moderator                        Mr. George TABAKOV, Chairman, Bulgaria Economic Forum

        Speaker                          Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI, Programme Manager, CEI Project Secretariat

        Speaker                          H.E. Petar DIMITROV, Minister, Ministry of Economy and Energy, Bulgaria

        Coordinator                      Ms. Vessela BAYRAKTAROVA - Mr. George TABAKOV - Mr. Guido PAOLUCCI

15.00   Roundtable of the CEI Ministers of Economic Sectors
17.30   Hall 7 (5th floor)

17.40   Ministers' Press Conference
18.15   Hall 7 (5th floor)

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