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P. O. Box 397                                                                Tel.: (970) 728-2173
500 E. Colorado Ave.                                                         Fax: (970) 728-9645
Telluride, CO 81435

                               REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

                             Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

A.       SCOPE OF WORK/PROJECT DESCRIPTION:                   The Town of Telluride seeks
qualifications and proposals from interested individuals, companies, or corporations for snow
and ice removal on sidewalks on various Town of Telluride properties (bus stops, Main St.
malls, and Town buildings) AND on-demand private snow removal for the 2008-2009 winter
season. Specifications and a map detailing the sidewalk locations are included in this proposal.

Snow removal bids should reflect the following:
      1. Provide a primary bid for sidewalk snow and ice removal per location.
      2. Provide a secondary bid for on-demand private snow removal per hour (rate for
         personnel and equipment combined).

Interested respondents must provide their own insurance.          Documentation of insurance
coverage is required.


1. Responses to the RFP deadline                           November 7, 2008
2. Interview Respondents (if necessary) /Selection         Week of November 10
3. Execution of Contract                                   Week of November 17

C.    INSURANCE: It is desirable that respondents carry insurance in the approximate
amounts set forth below. Responders who carry lower limits should state so in the proposals.

1.     Worker’s Compensation        (as required by State of Colorado law)

2.     Comprehensive General Liability
       Limits:     $1,000,000 per occurrence for Bodily Injury
                   $1,000,000 per occurrence for Property Damage
                   $2,000,000 aggregate

3.     Automobile Liability:
       Limits:       $1,000,000 per person
                     $1,000,000 per occurrence
                     $1,000,000 per occurrence for property damage

       3. Selected respondent will be required to submit a policy endorsement naming the
          Town of Telluride, Colorado, as an additional insured.

D.     QUALIFICATION SUBMISSION: One (1) copy of responses to this RFP must be
received on or before 5:00 p.m. MST on November 7, 2008. Expensive and elaborate
submissions are discouraged. The Town will not accept proposals by fax or e-mail.
Respondents must allow sufficient delivery time to ensure receipt of materials by the time and
date specified. Proposals should be addressed to:

       Rick Herrington, Parks and Recreation Director
       Town of Telluride
       500 E. Colorado Ave.
       P.O. Box 397
       Telluride, CO 81435

For Inquiries or information, contact Rick Herrington:
Telephone #: (970) 728-7926 Fax #: (970) 728-9645

A duly authorized official of the firm must sign the submittal.

Please include the following information:

1. Qualifications: Please provide related work experience, references and qualifications.

2. Approach: Commitment to environmentally sound practices, including a description of
   existing environmental practices;

3. Equipment: Provide a list of available equipment.

4. Fee: Use the attached Bid Sheet (Attachment A) for submittal of pricing.

E.     ILLEGAL ALIENS AS LABORERS: Any potential Contractor must certify, pursuant to
Colorado law, that the Contractor does not knowingly employ or contract with an illegal alien
and that the Contractor either has participated or is attempting to participate in the Basic Pilot
Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in order to verify that the
Contractor does not employ any illegal aliens.

F.      REJECTION OF SUBMISSIONS:               The Town reserves the right to do the following:
reject any or all submissions, waive informalities and irregularities in the submissions received,
and accept any portion of any submission if deemed in the best interest of the Town.

G.     OWNERSHIP OF RESPONSE MATERIAL: All materials submitted regarding this RFP
become the property of the Town and will only be returned at the option of the Town.
Information submitted is subject to the Colorado Open Records Act.

H.     INCURRING COST: The Town is not liable for any cost incurred by entities prior to
executing a contract or purchase order.

A. Early morning snow and ice removal on sidewalks IS VERY IMPORTANT TO AVOID ICE/SNOW
BUILD-UP (not to start before 5:00 a.m., with a desired completion time of 9:00 am). Snow removal
begins at 1” accumulation and is complete when concrete is exposed.

B. Snow removal on HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS on Main St. should be finished first.

C. Snow accumulations of 3” or more may require mechanized snow removal equipment.

D. All town-owned picnic tables, benches, and ashtrays along Main St. and Pacific St. must be swept
   off/cleared following each snowfall.

E. The use of snow melt (environmentally friendly) on the sidewalks must be approved by the Parks and
   Recreation Director.

F. Contractor must have approval by Parks and Recreation prior to providing additional services on
   heavy snow days. Additional visits will be scheduled by 1pm.


1. Elk’s Park (south Oak St.)
        ~front sidewalk & east sidewalk south (not heated sidewalk next to pharmacy or sport shop;
        ~bench area walkway;
        ~two sets of steps (south alley & west rock staircase to Elk’s building); and
        ~all benches and ashtrays.

2. North Oak St. Mall
              ~front sidewalk;
              ~east sidewalk from Colorado Ave to alley (not the six feet next to the Sheridan); and
              ~all benches and ashtrays.

3. Clear snow from benches and ashtrays on north side of Colorado Ave. (Pine St. to Oak St.)

4. North Spruce St. Park
              ~front sidewalk;
              ~east sidewalk to alley; and
              ~all benches and ashtrays.

5. South Spruce St. Park
              ~front sidewalk;
              ~ west sidewalk to alley; and
              ~benches and ashtrays.

6. Sidewalk at Alder St. wetlands to River Trail near Town Park Bus turn around.

7. Rebekah Hall, 113 W. Columbia
      ~front sidewalk;
      ~downstairs door;
      ~stairway to front door; and
      ~back door.

8. Town Hall, 135 W. Columbia
      ~front and west sidewalk past parking area on Fir St.;
      ~stairs to front door;
      ~back door ADA entrance to sidewalk.

9. The Blue Building 160 S. Fir (Previous Marshal’s Office located on Pacific St. & Fir St.)
       ~west sidewalk to alley;
       ~south sidewalk east to alley.

10. Community Room, 231 E. Pacific Ave. (sidewalk and steps)

11. Marshal’s Office, 134 S. Spruce (west sidewalk along Spruce, courtyard, and sidewalk that runs north
       from Pacific to front door)

12. Youth Link (sidewalk east towards Willow St. & then north to alley)

13. Pacific St. Bus stop & benches at Medical Center

14. Pacific St. bench area by Cornet Creek

15. High school Bus stop (full length of sidewalk)

16. Roundabout
       ~sidewalk on southeast portion of roundabout along Mahoney (1/2 of sidewalk width)
       ~sidewalk connection between crosswalk and bike path on north side of highway and center lane

17. Shandoka Bus Stop sidewalk at turn-around on Mahoney Dr. (from south end of river trail to where
    sidewalks bisect)

18. Mahoney Street Bridge sidewalk – along railing on east side of Mahoney Street

19. Coonskin Bridge (to Lift 7) Bus Stop sidewalk & benches on Pacific St. (stop at river trail).

20. Carhenge Bus Stop
       ~clear bathroom doors
       ~area from restroom west to river trail intersection
       ~east sidewalk along bridge to parking lot.

21. Sidewalk from Davis St. to Visitor Center on Colorado Ave. (Visitor Center is responsible for their

22. W. Columbia St. sidewalk – 25 feet west of 555 W. Columbia (from picket fence west to fire hydrant)

23. Coronet Creek bridge on south side of W. Columbia (from street sign to street sign)


The Contractor shall be directed to remove snow from sidewalks when private property
owners fail to meet the requirements of the Town’s Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal
Ordinance. In general, private property owners who fail to clear sidewalks abutting their
property within 60 hours of snowfall will have the snow removed by the Contractor.

      1. The Contractor shall remove snow completely from sidewalks at the direction
           of the Town.

      2. Following proper noticing of property owners, per the ordinance, the Town
         Chief Marshal shall provide the Contractor, by 9 A.M. the day removal is
         required, with a list of properties to have snow removed.

      3. Contractor shall remove snow completely from all listed properties by 6 P.M.
         on the day the list is provided.

      4. Contractor shall be required to remove snow from no more than 10 properties
         in a day. There shall be no minimum number of properties to be done per

      5. Contractor shall make every attempt to protect sidewalk from damage. No
         motorized equipment is to be used for removal without prior permission from
         the Town Chief Marshal.

      6. Prior to snow removal, Contractor shall take a digital picture of the subject
         property. The digital picture shall show the date and time the picture was

      7. Contractor shall provide the digital camera and all necessary associated

      8. Contractor shall provide the Town Chief Marshal with a disk or disks
         containing all pictures taken, for download onto Town computers.

      9. Contractor shall provide a minimum of one (1) picture per property from which
         snow is removed.

                                              ATTACHMENT A

                        SNOW REMOVAL BID SHEET

1                    Primary Bid - Snow Removal                         Price Per Location

1    Elk's Park                                                                    $

2    North Oak St. Mall                                                            $

3    Benches & Ashtrays on N. side of Colorado Ave. Pine to Oak                    $
4    North Spruce St. Park-Front & East Sidewalks                                  $
5    South Spruce St. Park-Front & West Sidewalks                                  $
6    Sidewalk along Park Bus Turnaround & Ped Bridge                               $
7    Rebekah Hall                                                                  $
8    Town Hall                                                                     $
9    Blue Building                                                                 $

10   Community Room                                                                $
11   Marshal's Office                                                              $
12   Youth Link Sidewalk                                                           $
13   Pac. St. Bus Stops at Medical Center                                          $

14   Pac. St. Bench Area by Cornet Creek                                           $

15   High School Bus Stop                                                          $
16   Roundabout                                                                    $

17   Shandoka Bus Stop                                                             $

18   Mahoney St Bridge Sidewalk                                                    $

19   Coonskin Bridge Sidewalk & Bench                                              $

20   Carhenge Bus Stop                                                             $
21   Davis St. sidewalk to Visitor Center                                          $
22   Vacant Lot W. of 555 W. Columbia (25')                                        $
23   Cornet Bridge on W. Columbia                                                  $
                                                             Total                           $0.00

2                Secondary Bid - On Demand Services                       Price Per Hour
                                                                     (equipment and labor combined)

                                                                        $ _________ / hour

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