Your Baby at Two to Four Months

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					        Your Baby at Two to Four Months
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Development - what to expect between two and            Immunizations
four months                                              HepB If your baby received the first Hepatitis B
                                                           vaccine at birth, s/he should get the second
Now that your baby is two months old, more exciting        Hepatitis B dose at two months. If your baby did
things are starting to happen. Your baby will start        not receive the first dose at birth, then s/he
developing his or her own personality!                     needs to get it at two months and the second
                                                           dose at four months and the third dose at 6
   Your baby may coo at you and make noises               months.
    after you speak. This is baby “flirting!”            DTaP (diptheria, tetanus, pertussis) Your baby
   Your baby will start paying more attention to          needs the first dose at two months and the
    faces, voices, sounds, and objects.                    second dose at four months, and the third dose
   Your baby will start to smile in response to           at six months.
    voices, faces and objects.                           Hib (haemophilus influenza) Your baby needs
   Your baby will start to show pleasure when             the first dose at two months and the second
    interacting with parents or other caregivers.          dose at four months and the third dose at six
   When lying on his or her tummy (while awake)           months.
    your baby may be able to lift up his or her head,    IPV (polio): Your baby needs the first dose at
    neck, and upper chest while supporting with his        two months and the second dose at four
    or her arms.                                           months and the third dose at six months.
   Your baby will start to gain head control.           PCV (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine or
                                                           Prevnar) Your baby needs the first dose at two
Diet                                                       months and the second dose at four months
 Your baby does not need solid food until she or          and the third dose at six months.
   he is six months old.
 Continue to breastfeed your baby on demand,
   or give your baby iron-fortified formula every       Safety Tips
   four hours while awake.                               Use a car seat: rear facing, in the back seat.
 It is important that your baby is gaining weight.      Do not leave a bottle in your baby’s mouth.
   If you are worried, call the clinic and bring him     Never shake your baby
   or her in for a weight check.                         Never have hot liquids around baby. Test your
 Don’t mix cereal in the bottle with formula.             baby’s bottle on the inside of your wrist.
 Do not put the bottle in the microwave.                Never leave your baby alone except safely in
                                                           his or her crib.
Sleep                                                    Do not smoke in the home or in the car.
 Do not expect your baby to sleep through the           Wash your hands frequently.
   night.                                                Do not leave your baby in the sun.
 Most babies will require at least one night            Watch for signs of illness: temp >100.4, seizure,
   feeding.                                                rash, failure to eat, vomiting, diarrhea,
 Put your baby on her or his back to sleep.               dehydration, lethargy.
 Never leave soft bedding or toys in the crib.

Parenting Tips
                                                        NEXT VISIT AT SIX MONTHS
 Play peek-a-boo.
 Show bright pictures to your baby.                    POISON CONTROL 206-526-2121 or
 Read and sing and talk to your baby daily
Other Resources:

Infant and Child CPR and First Aid
 Ask about classes at your local fire station, American Red Cross or American Heart Association Chapter, or local
    health department

Child health and development information and other helpful resources (such as WIC)
 Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Information and Referral Line: 1-800-322-2588 or 1-800-833-6388 (you can ask to
    be added to their mailing list)
 CHILD Profile website:
 Kids Health website:
 Bright Futures website:

Car Seat Questions
 Safety Restraint Coalition: 1-800-BUCK-L-UP

Product Safety – Recalled Products
 Consumer Product Safety Commission: 1-800-638-2772 or

Parenting Skills or Support
 Family Help Line: 1-800-932-HOPE (4673)
 Family Resources Northwest: 1-888-746-9568
 Local Community College Classes

Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance for Children
 1-877-KIDS-NOW

Finding Childcare
 Washington State Childcare Resource and Referral Network: 1-800-446-1114

Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs
 Washington State Parent to Parent Program: 1-800-821-5927

Suggested Books
 Your Child’s Health - Schmitt
 Baby Owner’s Manual - Christopherson
 Infants and Mothers - Brazelton
 Your Baby and Child: Birth to Age Five - Leach
 What to Expect the First Year of Life - Eisenberg
 Your Baby’s First Year - Parish
 Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child – Weissbluth

NOTE: Books can be helpful but trust your own instincts. Call your clinic if you have concerns.

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