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									          2011 ATRS World Conference: Concurrent Sessions and Presenters
          Preliminary - subject to change
We will try to schedule 4 papers per session as a norm. The sessions with five papers or more will most likely to be adjusted.

          Concurrent Sessions I (June 30, Thursday, 13:30-15:00)

I-A       Air Travel Demand I
          Chair: Martin Dresner - University of Maryland, the United States

      134 An Investigation of Airline Brand Equity                                Ayudh Nakaprasit, Keith J. Mason                 Cranfield University
       23 The effect of service quality, perceived value, satisfaction, brand     Shih-Yao Kuo, Shu-Chuan Chen                     Aletheia University
          equity and brand preference on air passengers‟ behavioral intentions

        2 Impact of an Economic Crisis on the Role off Mileage Programs and       Andreas Wittmer                                  University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
          the Passengers' Choice of an airline
       47 The importance of frequent flyer programmes in the selection of a       Berendien Lubbe, Anneli Douglas, Lesley Wieme    University of Pretoria
          preferred airline
      250 Investigating International passengers‟ Characteristics and Choice      Ali Rezaei, Mohammadreza Ebrahimpour, Mohsen     Sharif University of Technology
          Behavior in a Low-Frequency Market                                      Rezaei

I-B       Airline Econmics I
          Chair: Anming Zhang - University of British Columbia, Canada

      167 Price Unbundling, Airline Fees And Surcharges And Consumer              Andreas Knorr, Melanie Nofz
      190 An empirical analysis of the effect of multimarket contacts on air      Hideki Murakami, Ryota Asahi                     Kobe University
          carriers‟ pricing behaviors: A case of the U.S.
       20 On Airline Pricing Behavior During The Downturn And Recovery            Christian Hofer                                  Sam M. Walton College of Business
          Phases Of Financial Turnarounds
      191 Competitor Anallsyis And Competitive Rivary Matrix Of Airline           Navatasn Kongsamutr                              Kasetsart University
          Industry In Thailand
      129 Paying for Status? The effect of frequent flier program status on air   Christiaan Behrens, Nathalie C McCaughey         VU Amsterdam, Monash University
          fare choice over time

I-C       Airline Strategy and Management I
          Chair: Yeong Heok Lee, Korea Aerospace University, Korea

      288 Providers‟ partner choice behavior of airfreight services in emerging   Jung Kyu Choi, Cheng-Lung Wu                     The University of New South Wales
          business structure
       61 The importance of completeness and clarity in air transport             Rico Merkert, David A. Hensher                   Cranfield University, The University of Sydney
          contracts: an international comparison
       32 A Hybrid Model for Selection of an Outsourcing Provider in Airline      James J.H. Liou, Chao-Che Hsu                    National Taipei University of Technology
       36 Outsourcing of Flight Operations as Business Model Innovation for       Nicolas Dilger, Patrick Spieth                   EBS Business School
          the Airline Industry – The Current Academic View on Outsourcing in
          the Airline Industry
      252 US Legacy Carriers, Frequent Fliers Programs and Credit Card            Blaise Waguespack, Steven Foley, Joshua          Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
          Partners                                                                Hirschheimer, Martin Peter Moses, Thomas Simms
      271 Passenger Driven Airline Brand Design                                   E. G. Kefallonitis & J. Barnes                   State University of New York
I-D       Environmental Issues I
          Chair: Paul Hooper, Department of Transport, UAE

      316 The environmental and economic impact of slower commercial flight        Sveinn Vidar Gudmundsson, Moshe Givoni                 Toulouse Business School, University of Oxford

      140 A Study on the influence of CO2 constraints to airlines on passenger     Baek-Jae Kim, Kwang-Eui Yoo, Youn-Chul Choi            Korea Aerospace University
      306 A Comparative Analysis of Fuel Efficiency and CO2 emission in the        Sang-Yong HAN, Tae Seung KIM                           Korea Transport Institute, Inha University
          Aviation Industry among OECD Countries
      145 Exploring airline passengers‟ willingness to pay for carbon offset       Jin-Long Lu, Joel Z. Y. Shon                           Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan
                                                                                                                                          University of Technology
      185 Is there an optimal size of an airport? ~ including externalities in a   Cherie Lu, Peter Morrell                               Chang Jung Christian University, Cranfield
          comparison of marginal benefit and marginal cost                                                                                University

I-E       Safety and Security I
          Chair: Ann Williamson - University of New South Wales, Australia

       10 United States Federal Aviation Administration Research for               James R. White                                         United States Federal Aviation Administration
          improvements in Airport Safety
      133 The Hidden Dangers of Runway Excursions                                  John Gadzinski                                         Four Winds Consulting
      121 Airport Airside Fuzzy Safety Index                                       Ricardo Rodrigues Pacheco, Elton Fernandes, Eduardo    Empresa Brasileira de Infraestrutura
                                                                                   Domingos                                               Aeroportuária, Universidade Federal do Rio de
       42 Airport Risk Assessment through FMECA and Fuzzy Logic Control            Cheng-Min Feng, Chi-Chun Chung                         Janeiro Chiao Tung University
       63 Method for assessing third party risk around aircraft flying area        Olja Čokorilo, Petar Mirosavljević                     University of Belgrade

I-F       Airport Operation I

      132 Aircraft‟s Off-Block Time During Irregular Turn-Round Operation: The     Matthias Groppe, Romano Pagliari                       Cranfield University
          Influence Of Cooperative Information Sharing On Off-Block Time
          Prediction Accuracy
       93 Derivation of Representative Peak Hour Air Traffic Scenarios as a        Gerald Öttl, Philipp Böck, Nadja Werpup, Malte         Technische Universität München
          Standard Input for Airport Related Simulation                            Schwarze
      169 An Erlang Approach To Stochastic Spreadsheet Simulation Of Airport       Alexandre G. de Barros                                 University of Calgary
          Check-In Operations
      218 Scenario Tree-based Stochastic Programming for Integrated Airport        Wenbin Wei, Minnie H. Patel, Mingfeng Tan, Amy Choy    San Jose State University
          Surface Operations under Uncertainties

       51 Simulation models to analyze different scenarios of international        Giovanna Miceli Ronzani Borille, Anderson Ribeiro      Aeronautics Institute of Technology /ITA
          arrival at airports                                                      Correia

I-G       Aviation and Tourism
          Chair: Peter Forsyth, Monash University, Australia

      178 Air transport capacity and tourism demand interaction: an error          Tay R. Koo, David Tan, David Timothy Duval             University of New South Wales, The Australian
          correction model approach                                                                                                       National University, University of Winnipeg

       27 Airports as venues for business tourism                                  Anne Graham, Nigel Halpern                             University of Westminster
       83 Sustainable Tourism Development: A Study on Brazilian Airport            Sergio de Castro Ribeiro, Marcio Peixoto de Sequeira   Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
                                                                                   Santos, Carla Conceição Lana Fraga
      319 Air transport and tourism – a developing nation perspective              Eric Tchouamou Njoya                                   University of Applied Sciences
      212 Air Transport & Tourism: The contribution of low cost carriers           Jocelyne Napoli                                        University of Toulouse III
       90 Enhancing Traveller‟s Experience Inside Airports                         Olivier Plante                                         Université de Montréal
          Concurrent Sessions II (June 30, Thursday, 15:30-17:00)

II-A      Air Travel Demand II

          Chair: Narjess Teyssier, ICAO

   112 This is the least my company can do for me‟ Attitudes and             Nathalie C McCaughey, Dr. Keith Mason FRAeS             Monash University, Cranfield University
       willingness-to-pay of business travellers towards Frequent Flier
    77 Factors affecting overseas travel choice behavior for Person with     Yu-Chun Chang, Ching-Fu Chen                            National Taiwan Ocean University, National
       Reduced Mobility                                                                                                              Cheng Kung University
    39 The influence of flight delays on business travellers: a first step   Berendien Lubbe, Colette Fourie                         University of Pretoria
       towards measuring the cost to corporations
   152 The Changing Perceptions Of Airline Business Travelers And Its        Willem J Homan                                          Western Michigan University
       Implications For Future Travel Demand And Marketing
   162 Investigating the structural relationships among factors affecting    Yu-Chiun Chiou, Yen-Heng Chen                           National Chiao Tung University
       behavioral intensions of business and leisure air passengers

II-B      Airline Economics II
          Chair: Yimin Zhang, China Europe International Business School, China

    18 Market Entry and the Evolution of the U.S. Airline Industry, 1995-    Kai Hüschelrath, Kathrin Müller                         ZEW Centre for European Economic Research
   184 Airline Competition from an Economic Perspective: A Case of Routes    Hidenobu Matsumoto                                      Kobe University
       between Japan and Europe
   183 The Impact Of The Entrance Of A New Airline Company In The            Fabiene Cristina de Carvalho da Costa, Marcela Rubert
       Brazilian Market
    34 Airlines' Cooperation in the US Domestic Market: Measuring the        Raquel Sampaio, Miguel Urdanoz                          Toulouse Business School
       Evolution of Price Gaps
   160 The Way of Offering Vertically Differentiated Airline Services        Tomohiko Kawamori, Ming Hsin Lin                        Osaka University of Economics

II-C      Airline Strategy and Management II
          Chair: Kostas Iatrou, Hellenic Aviation Society, Greece

   273 Flight Delay And The Supply Of Air Transportation Service: An         Bo Zou, Mark Hansen                                     University of California, Berkeley
       Investigation Of The Us Air Transportation System
    45 Measurement of key decision factors in the management strategy of     Wouter Dewulf, Hilde Meersman, Eddy Van de Voorde       University of Antwerp
       air cargo carriers
   118 Structure and performance of US O&D markets: Market clusters and      Alex Cosmas, Robert Love, Dr. Marco Linz                Performance and Policy Analytics, Aviation
       market types                                                                                                                  Management Institute

   203 Impacts Of Internationalization Of Front Line Personnel               Kristian A. Hvass, Lise Kristensen                      Department of International Economics and
       71 The possibility of operating smaller aircrafts in Japanese skies   Daniel Mabazza                                          Management (INT)
                                                                                                                                     Muroran Institute of Technology
   196 What Do Chinese Passengers Expect from Domestic Airlines?             Yahua Zhang                                             University of Southern Queensland

II-D      Environmental Issues II
          Chair: Sveinn Vidar Gudmundsson - Toulouse Business School, France

   304 Carbon Emission Trading Scheme and the Aviation Sector: An               Anthony T.H. Chin, Zhang Peng                           National University of Singapore
       experimental analysis on allocation of allowances
    70 The Effects of Auctioning Allowances Allocated to Aviation in the EU     Annela Anger                                            University of Cambridge
   230 The review and applications of market-based measures in the air          Cherie Lu, Kindy Yong                                   Chang Jung Christian University
       transport industry
   293 Carbon Taxation Responses In The Aviation Industry                       Mehmet Özmen                                            Monash University
   221 Relationships Between New ATM Developments And The European              Gustavo Alonso, Arturo Benito, Javier Tafur             Technical University of Madrid
       Emission Trading Scheme
    46 European air traffic facing raising fuel prices and carbon permits: an   Tuba Toru                                               Toulouse School of Economics/EHESS
       empirical analysis

II-E      Safety and Security II
          Chair: Jason Middleton, University of New South Wales, Australia

     8 Effect of Commercial Airlines‟ Cabin Crew Training to their Flight       Yu-Hern Chang, Meng-Yuan Liao, and Chien-Chen Kuo       National Cheng Kung University
       Safety Performance
   142 PILOT COLLUSION: The hazards of the status quo                           J. Bryan Burrows-McElwain, I.K. Dabipi, Joseph Dodoo    University of Maryland Eastern Shore
                                                                                & Chris Hartman
   166 The Effectiveness Of Cabin Safety Communication - An Example Of          Yueh-Ling Hsu, Chao-Che Hsu                             Kainan University, Tamkang University
       Boeing 747-400 Safety Briefing Card
   209 The Effectiveness Analysis of Safety Management System (SMS)             Sadegh Aghaee, Mohsen Eini, Masood Rezaee               Safety & Quality Assurance Specialist
       Establishment and Implementation in an Iranian Airline Safety Level
   237 Safety Assessment Methodology of the Communication Network               Fernando de Oliveira Gil, Joao Batista Camargo Junior   University of São Paulo
       Delay Impact in Terminal Areas with Controller-pilot Data Link
       Communications (CPDLC)

II-F      Airport Operation II
          Chair: Alexandre G. de Barros, University of Calgary, Canada

   124 Supporting Airport Process Improvements By Simulation Of Solutions       Tim Alers, Holger Appel, Kerstin Büker, Sebastian       German Aerospace Center Cologne, RWTH
       To Bottlenecks                                                           Kellner                                                 Aachen
    40 Towards the development of airport operation value model using           Wan Mazlina Wan Mohamed, Ahmed Jaffar, Adibah           Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
       bayesian networks approach                                               Shuib
    29 Curfews at international airports - a study of current practice          Jana Schroeder                                          Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Ltd
   161 Level Of Service Analysis Of Sao Paulo - Congonhas Airport               João Carlos Medau, Nicolau D. Fares Gualda              Universidade de São Paulo, Cidade Universitária
       Passenger Terminal
    57 Prediction of airport delays based on methods of non linear physics      Andreas Deutschmann                                     German Aerospace Center
       and the impact on total airport management
   192 Transfer passenger‟s evaluation of airport service quality: a case       Jin-Woo Park, Se-Yeon, Jung                             Korea Aerospace University
       study of Incheon International Airport

II-G      Aviation and Economic Development I
          Chair: Tay Koo - University of New South Wales, Australia

       38 Impact of airports on regional economic competitiveness               Nigel Halpern, Svein Bråthen                            Molde University College

   127 The Generation Of Accessibility By Air Traffic And Its Economic          Florian Allroggen, Robert Malina                        University of Muenster
       Effects: Causality And Spatial Spread
   245 Developing the Conceptual Model of the Airport Financial Operation       Mahmoud Saffarzadeh, Poorya Zanganeh Ranjbar,           Tarbiat Modares University
       Using Input-Output Method                                                Shahab Hassanpour, Babak Mirbaha
   274 Entrepreneurship, Innovation And Regional Development: A Study Of Isabel Cristina dos Santos, Antonio Henriques de         Institute of Aeronautical Technology
       Regional Technology-Based Industries                              Araújo Júnior
   179 The Sources of Economic Growth in China‟s Civil Aviation Industry Zheng Xingwu                                             Civil Aviation University of China

        Concurrent Sessions III (July 1, Friday, 9:00-10:30)

III-A   Air Travel Demand III
        Chair: Dieter Wilken, German Aerospace Center, Germany

   295 Daily Demand Distribution & Flight Programme Attractiveness For       Daniel Sallier                                       Aéroports de Paris
       The Passengers On A City Pair
   224 Airport ground access mode choice behavior for elderly air passengers Yu-Chun Chang, Ching-Fu Chen                         National Taiwan Ocean University

    30 The Impact of National Expatriate Communities on Air Travel            Nadine Itani, John F. O‟Connell, Keith Mason        Cranfield University
       Demand in a Liberal Market with Political Volatility – A Case Study on
   205 Simulation Based Estimation Of Origin-Destination Matrix Of            Kazuyuki Takada, Norio Tajima, Makoto Fujiu         Tokyo Denki University, The University of Tokyo
       International Air Passenger Demand

III-B   Airline Economics III
        Chair: Cristina Barbot, University of Porto, Portugal

    85 Airline Scheduling and Aircraft Size in Hub-Spoke Networks with        Yimin Zhang, Ming Hsin Lin                          China Europe International Business School,
       Traffic Growth                                                                                                             Osaka University of Economics
    53 Barriers to entry into European aviation markets revisited –
 review   Jan Willem Kappes, Rico Merkert                     Cranfield University
       and analysis of managerial perceptions
    64 The impact of competition on consumer surplus in the Philippine        Wilfred S. Manuela Jr.                              Ateneo de Manila University
       domestic airline industry
   317 Airline Schedule Competition                                           Emine Yetiskul, Kiyoshi Kobayashi                   Middle East Technical University, Kyoto
   249 The (Market) Power Of European Airlines – Implications For             Adél Németh                                         University of Applied Sciences Bremen
       Competition Policy And Airline Strategy

III-C   Airline Strategy and Management III
        Chair: Robert Windle, University of Maryland, USA

    66 Airline financial strategies and the effects of leverage on carrier    Richard D. Gritta, Bahram Adrangi, Brian Adams      University of Portland
     4 Airlines and the Mounting Expense of Fuel - THE QUINTESSENTIAL         Nauman Hashmi                                       (CAE?)
   199 Aircraft Life Cycle Costing To Determine Operation And Acquisition     Zeliha Akca, Omer Saka, Cengiz Polat                Ataturk Airport
   259 An Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Crisis Management On Brand       Michael Grundy, Richard Moxon                       Cranfield University
   298 An Exploratory Study: Effectiveness Of Mission Statements On The       Serap Benligiray, Gamze Özsoy, Cengiz Mesut Bükeç   Anadolu University
       Airline Web Sites
   126 Flexibility in airline business models with core competence as an      Sujith Nair, Miguel Palacios, Javier Tafur          UPM (Technical University of Madrid)

III-D   Environmental Issues III
        Chair: Annela Anger, University of Cambridge, UK
   286 Environmental & Prospective Tools - GAMMA (Generator of Aircrafts       Jean Bresson                                            Ecole Nationale de l‟Aviation Civile
       and Motors required to Manage the Air transport demand)

   186 Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases Of The Brazilian Air Transportation       Bruno Luis de Carvalho da Costa, Fabiene Cristina de    Cidade Universitária
       Sector                                                                  Carvalho da Costa
   188 Inventory Of Pollutant Emission From Brazilian Commercial Aircraft      Rogéria de Arantes Gomes Eller, Gustavo Medeiros        Technological Institute of Aeronautics
                                                                               Souza, Alessandro Vinicius Marques de Oliveira
   163 The Air Cargo Industry and Global Warming - Present & Future            Thomas J. Bommer
       Greenhouse Gas Emissions of The Maindeck Freighter Fleet
   200 The Environmental Cost Implications of New Generation Aircraft on       Cherie Lu, Henry Chiu                                   Chang Jung Christian University
       Airport and Airline Operations

III-E      Safety and Security III

    48 Financial Health and Airline Safety                                     Sunder Raghavan                                         Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
    41 The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Evaluation      Liang Zeng, Jing Li                                     Center of Aviation Safety Technology, CAAC
       for Risk Assessment in Civil Aviation
    76 Safety Indicators for General Civil Aviation in Brazil                  Hilton Notini, Bruno Hidalgo Rodrigues                  National Civil Aviation Agency (Brazil)
   135 Analysis Of Aircraft Accident Model In Taiwan                           Yu-Hern Chang, Hubert J. Chen & Pei-Chi Shao            National Cheng Kung University
   227 Root Cause Study and Analysis of Air Accidents in Iranian Civil         Shahrokh Zohrabzadeh Bozorgi, Pedram Keshavarzian,      Arapi System Engineering Consultants, The
       Aviation Industry                                                       Rouzbeh Yousefi                                         University of New South Wales
    12 The Evaluation of Cabin Safety Education Program to Children:           Meng-Yuan Liao                                          Aletheia University
       Knowledge and Attitude                                                  Alex, Y. L. Lu
                                                                               Yu-Wei Chang

III-F      Airport Operation III
           Chair: Anderson Correia, Aeronautics Institute of Technology, Brazil

   275 Analysis Of Truck Congestion At Brazilian Air Cargo Terminal            Luiz Antonio Tozi, Michelle Silvia Salazar, Erick dos   Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Faculdade
                                                                               Santos Cristovão                                        de Tecnologia de São José dos Campos
   315 Trends In LED Technology And Its Impact On Aviation Lighting            Raghuveer Desai, Vasuki Prasad                          Honeywell Technology Solutions

   300 Modeling Airport Gate Operation to Estimate Airport Gate Capacity       Zhang Chen, Xiong Jie                                   General Administrator of Civil Aviation of China
   228 Modeling Small Regional Airport Operations using FlexSim and            I.K. Dabipi, Joseph Dodoo, J. Bryan Burrows-McElwain, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
       Google tools: An undergraduate research project                         Chris Hartman
   280 Comparative Study Of Ground Access To 24-Hour Airport                   Makoto Fujiu, Kazuyuki Takada                           The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Denki University

III-G      Aviation and Economic Development II
           Chair: Joel Shon, Tainan Unviersity of Technology, Taiwan

   258 Airport and Airport City Business Models in Regional Context            Stephen J. Appold, John D. Kasarda                      Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise

         9 The Impact of Aviation-related Growth on Urban Development in the   Khaula A. Alkaabi, Keith G. Debbage, and Ahmad Bin      UAE University
           United Arab Emirates                                                Touq
        17 Cities and Air Services: The Influence of the Airline Industry      Prof. Kurt Fuellhart, Prof. Kevin O‟Connor              Shippensburg State University, University of
    16 Is infrastructure a key element of economic growth in an airport        Mirjam Wiedemann, Professor Kerry Brown                 Southern Cross University
       metropolis‟ region?
   282 Critical Factors For The Development Of Airport Cities                  Vasco Domingos Reis, Mauro José Aguiar Peneda,          Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
                                                                               Maria do Rosário M.R. Macário
          Concurrent Sessions IV (July 1, Friday, 11:00-12:30)

IV-A      Inter-Modal and Air Travel Alternatives

       50 Factors influencing the use of ICTs as a travel alternative for       Anneli Douglas, Berendien Lubbe                      University of Pretoria
          business travel
       56 Air transport inter-modal competition in the Greek domestic market    Ioannis P. Rasoglou                                  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

   195 The Impacts Of High Speed Rail Service On Air Transport                  Chiung-Wen Chang, Pin-Yi Tseng                       Ministry of Transportation and Communications
                                                                                                                                     (Taiwan), Central Police University
   314 Effects of High Speed Rail Development on Chinese Airlines and           Xiaowen Fu, Zheng Lei, Anming Zhang                  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
       Airports                                                                                                                      Cranfield University, University of British
    88 Effects of Dynamic Pricing on the Expected Revenue under Air-Rail        Kimitoshi Sato, Katsushige Sawaki                    Nanzan University
   322 Comparative Analysis of Social Efficiency Performance of Airlines and    Tae H. Oum, Somchai Pathomsiri, Yuichiro Yoshida     University of BC, Mahidol University, Graduate
       Railway in Japan‟s Domestic Intercity Travel Market                                                                           Research Institute of Policy Studies

IV-B      Airline Economics IV
          Chair: Richard Gritta, University of Portland, USA

    52 US-Canadian Air Passenger Traffic: More Than It Appears?                 Omar Sherif Elwakil, Robert Windle                   University of Maryland
   283 The Consumers‟ Perception Upon The Part-Worth Value About The            Seung Chang Lee, Sung Hee Chung, Dong Sook Ko        Korea Aerospace University, Knowledge Service
       Airfare Restrictions                                                                                                          R&D Center, Cheju Tourism College
       86 Monitoring pricing behaviour of airlines in the GCC region            Zain Al Zubaidi, Ahmed Al Ameri, Fatima Al Kaabi     Emirate of Abu Dhabi Department of Transport
   168 Fuel Surcharges: Antitrust And Consumer Protection Issues                Andreas Eichinger, Andreas Knorr                     FRAPORT AG, German University of
                                                                                                                                     Administrative Sciences Speyer
   279 Chances And Risks Of Mobility Pricing - Lessons To Learn From Other      Nadine Roth                                          University of Canterbury
       Traffic Modes

IV-C      Airline Case Studies

    24 Value Stream Mapping in the Air Transport Industry - A Case of Air       Violeta Roso, Kent Lumsden, Antoine Clement and      Chalmers University of Technology
       France                                                                   Muriel Vlody
   173 An Investigation Of Airline Service Quality And Passenger                Hongwei Jiang                                        Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT
       Satisfaction – The Case Of China Eastern Airlines                                                                             University)
   211 Airline Merger and Productivity: Why did JAL go bankrupt?                Jun Mizutani, Muneki Yokomi                          Osaka University of Commerce
   270 Azul Airlines: mapping out its competitive profile and the reactions     Humberto Bettini, Alessandro Oliveira                Latin American Center for Transportation
       triggered                                                                                                                     Economics
    60 The content of employees‟ representatives participation in corporate     Yiannis S. Lainos                                    Aviation Business Consultant
       decision making centers: The case study of Olympic Airways – O.A.

IV-D      Environmental Issues IV
          Chair: Risa Morimoto, Toulouse Business, France

   216 Military Jet Aircraft Noise Impacts: The Problem And Survey Design       John Black, Deborah Black, Takeshi Tokashiki         UNSW, University of Sydney, University of the
       For Communities Around American Air Bases On Okinawa, Japan                                                                   Ryukus
   146 Estimating the noise pollution of IKIA airport and design the land use   Amir Esmael Forouhid , Dr Seyed Gholamreza Shirazian IKIA designing
       around it
       72 Environmental friendly aircraft operations in the vicinity of airports –   Steffen Weidner, Heinrich Mensen, Markus Kreher   Technische Universität Berlin, Hochschule
          possible flight ranges and limits by pilots                                                                                  RheinMain, Lufthansa German Airlines

      157 Airport And Land Use Development Based On Noise Contour Area               Sakti Adji Adisasmita, Tri Harianto               Hasanuddin University
          And Spatial Plan Concepts
      215 The Efficiency Of Noise Abatement Operating Restrictions                   Arturo Benito, Gustavo Alonso, Ana Luengo         Polytechnic University of Madrid, SENASA

IV-E      Safety and Security IV

       89 Agent-Based Simulation of Security Related Logistics Processes on          Uwe Meinberg, Linda Huber, Rüdiger Hyka, Alf      Fraunhofer Application Centre for Logistics
          Airports                                                                   Papproth and Christian Stegner                    System Planning and Information Systems ALI
      106 Sensitivity Analysis For A Future-Oriented Optimization Of Airport         Mara Cole, Maik Maurer, Oliver Schwetje           Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.2, Teseon GmbH
      294 A Study on the Probabilistic Risk Assessment to Runway Sight               Do-Hyun, Kim & Han-Mo, Yang                       Hanseo University
      266 The development of a more-flexible third party risk assessment             Hamed Sheikhpour                                  South Azad University of Tehran-Iran
          around crowded metropolitan airports
       65 Scale development of safety management system evaluation in                Ching-Fu Chen, Shu-Chuan Chen                     National Cheng Kung University, Aletheia
          airline industry                                                                                                             University
      175 Social Skills Training In Flight Schools A Proactive Tool For              Ana Maria Vieira                                  Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica - ITA
          Management Threats And Risks

IV-F      Airport Planning and Management I
          Chair: Chunyan Yu, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

      311 Allocation of passengers‟ dwell time and expenditure budgets at            Wen-Chun Tseng, Cheng-Lung Wu                     The University of New South Wales
          airport terminal
      165 Space Allocation For Commercial Activities At Low Cost Airport             Batari Saraswati, Shinya Hanaoka                  Tokyo Institute of Technology
      208 The Influence of Airport Concession Information Provision,                 Cheng-Lung Wu, Yi-Shih Chung, Wan-Erh Chiang      University of New South Wales, Kainan
          Accessibility and Acquirement on Air Passengers‟ Purchase Behaviour                                                          University, Fu Jen Catholic University
          in a Terminal
      267 Preferences of Passengers towards the Availability of Commercial           Rohafiz Sabar, Rodney Fewings                     Universiti Utara Malaysia
          Facilities at Kuala Lumpur International Airport Low Cost Terminal
          (KLIA LCT), Malaysia
       97 The Effects of Time Pressure between Shopping Motivations and              Yi-Hsin Lin, Ching-Fu Chen, Yu-Hern Chang         Asia University, National Cheng Kung University
          Choice of Commercial Activities at the airport

IV-G      Air Transport Policy and Regulation II
          Chair: Anders Knorr, German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, Germany

      318 Deregulation in air transport and possible futures in intercity         Emine Yetiskul, Metin Senbil                         Middle East Technical University, Gazi University
          transport in Turkey
       58 How Right was Alfred Kahn in his Predictions about the Impacts of       Kenneth Button                                       George Mason University
          the Deregulation of US Domestic Airline Market?
      138 „Unregulated, untaxed and under the radar‟ - A theoretical and          Nathalie C McCaughey                                 Monash University
          empirical investigation of the tax treatment of frequent flier programs

      141 The Enforcement Of Competition Law In The Air Transportation In            Hulya Goktepe                                     Anadolu University
      253 Measuring the Economic Impact of Air Passenger Taxes                       Peter Forsyth, Hans-Martin Niemeier               Monash University, University of Applied
          Concurrent Sessions V (July 1, Friday, 13:30-15:00)

V-A        Market Outlook and Future Development of Air Transport I
          Chair: Anthony Chin, National University of Singapore, Singapore

      130 Global and Regional 20-year Forecasts for Pilots • Maintenance        Narjess Teyssier                                International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
          Personnel • Air Traffic Controllers
       49 Forecasting of Passenger and Cargo in Supporting the Development      Sakti Adji Adisasmita                           Hasanuddin University
          of Air Transport Infrastructures and Services in East Indonesia

       68 Business Aviation in Europe - Current State and Future Outlook        Marco Linz, Yvonne Ziegler, Kathrin Lang        Aviation Management Institute (AMI),
                                                                                                                                University of Applied Sciences,
      251 An Evaluative Comparison Of The BTS T-100 And OAG Database            Kevin H.-J. Lin, Mark Azzam, Uwe Klingauf       Technische Universität Darmstadt, ECAD GmbH
          Through Data Mining
       54 Estimating and forecasting Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo air transport                                                    National Civil Aviation Agency - Brazil
          demand                                                                Hilton Notini, Gustavo Valcorba

V-B       Low Cost Carriers and Airline Competition I

          Chair: Christian Hofer, University of Arkansas, USA

      307 The Role of the Subsidiary Low Cost Carriers in the Competitive Local Tae Seung KIM, Jinkook LEE                      Inha University, Texas A&M University
          Market; the Case in Korean Air Transport Market
       95 A Framework for Measuring Airline‟s Strategic and Structural          Jost Daft, Sascha Albers                        University of Cologne
      284 Network Expansion Strategy Of Low Cost Carriers In Asia: A            Koichi Tanaka                                   University of Tokushima
          Challenge For Long-Haul Flights
      276 Strategy and organization at LCCs: Resources that give cost           Masako Okano                                    University of Tokyo
      263 Passenger perceptions of low cost and full service airlines: The      Colin Diggines                                  University of South Africa
          South African perspective

V-C       Merger and Alliance

       78 Mergers and Acquisitions in Aviation – Management Perspectives and    Rico Merkert, Peter S. Morrell                  Cranfield University
          Econometric Evidence on the Size of Airlines
       67 A network-based investigation of the options for reviving air cargo   Florian M. Heinitz, Peter A. Meincke            FH Erfurt University of Applied Sciences, DLR
          alliances                                                                                                             German Aerospace Center
      110 Strategic Airline Alliances: Advantages For Major Airlines Being      Jorge J. Villa, Javier Tafu, Guozhu Jia         Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Beijing
          Aligned                                                                                                               University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
                                                                                                                                (Beihang University)
      105 The Determinants Of Airline Alliances                                 Alberto A. Gaggero, David Bartolini             University of Pavia, Polytechnic University of
       15 The Age of Virtual Alliances The Age of Virtual Alliances             Jörg Troester                                   Hahn Air Lines

V-D       Airport Economics I
          Chair: Xiaowen Fu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

       37 Airport pricing and capacity decisions under imperfect competition    Joyce M.W Low, Loon Ching Tang, Xue-Ming Yuan   Korea Aerospace University, National University
                                                                                                                                of Singapore, Singapore Institute of
                                                                                                                                Manufacturing Technology
      149 Landing Fees in Portuguese Airports: Proposal for a Scheme based on Frederico Morgado, Rosário Macário                Universidade do Algarve, Instituto Superior
          Marginal Costs of Runways Use                                                                                         Técnico
      243 Vertical Collusion Between Airports And Airlines: An Empirical Test    Cristina Barbot, Tiziana D‟Alfonso, Paolo Malighetti,   University of Porto, University of Bergamo,
          For The European Case                                                  Renato Redondi                                          University of Brescia, Sapienza Università di
      238 How Can a New Airport Compete in a Multi-Airport System: A Case        Seyed Taha Fehri, Yashar Zeiynali Farid, Ehsan          Tarbiat Modares University, Islamic Azad
          Study of Tehran                                                        Shirazinia                                              University
       14 A Europe-wide approach for the estimation of airport market power      Dr. Sven Maertens                                       German Aerospace Center (DLR)

V-E       Human Factors I
          Chair: Brett Molesworth, University of New South Wales, Australia

       13 Measuring Ability to Adapt to the Stress Caused by Centrifuge          Pei-Chun Lin                                            National Cheng Kung University
          Equipment for Taiwanese Military Aircrews
      154 A Study of Job Stress and Turnover Tendency among Air Traffic          Chung-Wei Kuo, Rong-Chang Jou                           Aletheia University, National Taiwan University
          Controllers −The Mediating Effects of Job Satisfaction and Job
       84 Measuring the Effects of Automation on Human Motor Responses           John R. Griffin, Christian Wilder                       Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
      233 Modeling and analysis of grouping behavior in air traffic controller   Yanjun Wang                                             Nanjing University of Aeronautics and
          communication activities                                                                                                       Astronautics
      241 Dimensioning Human Resources For Airspace Control Centers Based        Walter Nogueira Pizzo, Paulo Sérgio Cugnasca            University of São Paulo
          On Availability Assessment Simulations

V-F       Airport Planning and Management II
          Chair: Anne Graham, University of Westminster, UK

      122 Identification Of Aircraft And Operational Key Parameters Affecting    Kay Plötner, Philipp Wesseler, Peter Phleps             Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.
          Airport Charges
      187 Differences and Comparison between FAA and ICAO Obstacle               Sze-Wei Chang                                           China University of Science and Technology
          Restriction Regulations
      125 LCC Impact On The North American Airport‟s Business                    Nadezda Volkova, Jürgen Müller                          German Airport Performance (GAP) Project,
                                                                                                                                         Berlin School of Economics and Law
      207 Stakeholder Risk Management In Aviation: The Case Of Airport           Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz, Triant Flouris                       Hellenic American University, Anadolu University
          Ground Handling
      217 Requirements for Implementing Integrated Airport Management in         Khalil Zamani, Hamidreza Bahramian, Alireza Giyahi      Transportation Research Institute, Pars Masir
          Iran                                                                                                                           Gostar Consultant Engineers

V-G       Air Transport Policy and Regulation II
          Chair: Hans-Martin NIEMEIER ,University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany

      120 European Liberalization And The Evolution Of „Low Cost‟ Airline        Dr. Keith Mason, Dr William G. Morrison                 Cranfield University, Wilfrid Laurier University
          Business Models
      297 Air fares and pricing in the East African Region: Concerns and         Batilda E. Moshy, Paul Isolo Mukwaya, Hannington        Sokoine University of Agriculture, Makerere
          opportunities for Airline deregulation across the East African         Sengendo, Nigel Denis                                   University, University of Westminster
      320 The Air Transport Agreement Between The Asean States And China:        Alan Khee-Jin Tan                                       National University of Singapore
          Breaking New Ground?
      289 Are the “Open Skies” agreements pillars for the future of aviation?    Natalia Roj, Dr. Keith Mason, Kostas Iatrou             Cranfield University, Hellenic Aviation Society
          Analysis of the liberalised air transport market between the EU and
          USA – case study of London Heathrow
      310 The Impact Of Government Policy On Regional Aviation                   Tarryn Kille, Paul Bates, Patrick Murray                Griffith University

          Concurrent Sessions VI (July 1, Friday, 15:30-17:00)
VI-A      Market Outlook and Future Development of Air Transport II
          Chair: Blaise Waguespack, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

       35 Measuring innovativeness of aircraft innovation portfolios             Christian Urhahn, Patrick Spieth                      EBS Business School
       43 Outsourcing decisions and product characteristics: Airbus vs: Boeing   Andreas Kuhlmann, Christoph Stoeckle                  Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.

   255 Economic And Financial Performance Of The Brazilian Aeronautics           Antonio Henriques de Araujo Jr., Carlos Vinícius de   Rio de Janeiro State University, Taubate
       Industry: The Embraer Case                                                Morais, Caroline de Lima Borba, Isabel Cristina dos   University
                                                                                 Santos, Jose Glenio Medeiros de Barros
   277 Sustainable business design for futuristic air transport system: A        Nobuaki Minato                                        Keio University
       case of hypersonic air transporter using liquid hydrogen fuel
   115 Air Transport Development In A Volatile Market Environment – A            Oliver Schwetje, Axel Becker, Peter Phleps            Bauhaus Luftfahrt, Airbus Operations GmbH,
       Scenario-Based Approach                                                                                                         Technische Universität München
    55 Estimating and forecasting Brazilian passengers yield                     Hilton Notini, Luciene Torres                         National Civil Aviation Agency - Brazil

VI-B      Low Cost Carriers and Airline Competition II
          Chair: Keith Mason, Cranfield University, UK

   158 Airline Alliances with Low Cost Carriers                                  Tomohiko Kawamori, Ming Hsin Lin                      Osaka University of Economics
   148 Low Cost Carrier‟s Network Design Strategy: Model Analysis                Mikio Takebayashi                                     Kobe University
    11 The Airline Business Model Spectrum                                       Gui Lohmann                                           Southern Cross University
   308 The Development Strategies for the Korean Low Cost Carriers               Ki-Chan PARK, Jeong-Tae LEE, Tae Seung KIM            Inha University

   232 Econometric Analysis Of Airfare Pricing In Thai Domestic Market With      Somchai Pathomsiri                                    Mahidol University
       The Presence Of Low Cost Carrier Services

VI-C      Airline Operation I
          Chair: Cheng-Lung Wu, University of New South Wales, Australia

    21 International Standard Aviation Collection Code (ISACC) and               Li Weigang, Daniel Li                                 University of Brasilia, Duke University
       Information Management Systems
   102 The importance of expertise in managing airline operational               Dr. Peter J. Bruce                                    Swinburne University of Technology
    31 The Relationship between Airline Service Recovery and Customer            Chi-Ruey Jeng                                         Shu-Te University
    81 Gradient Methods for Binary Integer Programming for Problems in           Chien-Yuan Huang, Ta-Chung Wang                       National Cheng-Kung University
       Aviation Industry
   214 Airline Crew Rostering Using Particle Swarm Optimization                  Varis Limlawan, Boontariga Kasemsontitum and          Thammasat University
                                                                                 Chawalit Jeenanunta
   242 An Integrated Model For Flight Scheduling And Fleet Assignment            Daniel Jorge Caetano, Nicolau D. Fares Gualda         Universidade de São Paulo
       Based On The Ant Colony Meta-Heuristic

VI-D      Airport Economics II

   236 Air traffic distribution in dual-airport systems                          A. Mamdoohi, M. Zabihi Tari, E. Shirazinia            Tarbiat Modares University, Islamic Azad
   113 Airports traffic performance and catchments area in Europe                Malighetti Paolo, Paleari Stefano, Renato Redondi     University of Bergamo

   223 Competition And Cooperation Between Two Neighboring Airports In           Yi-Shih Chung, Wen-Chien Yeh, Jinn-Tsai Wong          Kainan University, National Chiao Tung
       Northern Taiwan                                                                                                                 University
   180 Airport-Airline Vertical Relationship with Risk Sharing Contract under    Katsuya Hihara                                        University of Tokyo
       Asymmetric Information Structure
     5 Does market concentration of downstream buyers squeeze upstream           Cristina Barbot, Carlos F. Alves                      Universidade do Porto
       suppliers‟ market power?
VI-E      Human Factors II
          Chair: Victor Ujimoto, University of Guelph, Canada

       69 Fostering Innovative Work Behaviour in the Aviation Industry       Adriana Abstein & Patrick Spieth                         Aviation Management Institute
    98 Linguistic Analysis of English Phraseology and Plain Language in Air- Pr. A. Condamines, Dr. A. Josselin-Leray, S. Lopez, M.   CLLE-ERSS1 & University of Toulouse-le-Mirail,
       Ground Communications                                                 O'Donoghue, R. Salmon                                    ENAC
   143 A Study on the impact of human factors for the Student Pilot's in ATO Kang-Seok, Lee, Eun-Suk, Seol                            Hanseo University

   235 Human Factors Associated With UAV In A Non-Segregated Air             Ricardo Alexandre Veiga Gimenes, Jorge Rady de        Safety Analysis Group, School of Engineering
       Navigation System                                                     Almeida Junior
   229 Influences of technology on cockpit scan: A case study of             I.K. Dabipi, Joseph Dodoo, J. Bryan Burrows-McElwain, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
       undergraduate flight students                                         Chris Hartman

VI-F      Airport Planning and Management III
          Chair: John Black, University of New South Wales, Australia

   201 Managing Airport Regions: A global survey of airport management      Robert Freestone, Rodney Jensen                           University of New South Wales
       encounters with planning systems
    28 What's in a name? Global analysis of airport brand names and slogans Uttam Kumar Regmi, Nigel Halpern                          Molde University College

   234 Airport Simulation Software Comparison and Selection of Appropriate   M. Safferzadeh, A. Yazdanpanah, M. Zabihi Tari           Tarbiat Modares University, Islamic Azad
       Software for IKIA                                                                                                              University
   177 Influence Of Geographic Location And Local Demand On The              Alexandre G. de Barros, Lily Hu, Richard Tay             University of Calgary, University of Toronto,
       Attractiveness Of Airports To Transfer Traffic                                                                                 LaTrobe University
   153 Study on the optimization of public access and egress system of       Wang Lu, Liu Yu Mei, Li Hong Tao, Zhu Yao Wen            China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and
       airports in China                                                                                                              Technology

VI-G      Air Transport Policy and Regulation III
          Chair: Michael Li, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

     6 Northeast Asian open skies: lessons to be learned from other single   Yeong Heok Lee, Jae Woon Lee                             Korea Aerospace University
       aviation markets
   302 The Impact Of Recent Horizontal And Open Skies Agreements On The      Lida Mantzavinou, Kostas Iatrou                          Aeronoticias, Hellenic Aviation Society
       European Aviation Market
   189 Impacts of Full Liberalizaiton of Air Cargo Service in ASEAN          Araya Sakburanapech                                      Kasetsart University
   128 International Bilaterals As Barriers To The Formation Of Efficient    Tobias Huld                                              University of Muenster
       Airline Size By Mergers And Acquisitions
   151 An Integrated Air Transport Market for China, Japan and Korea–III     Koki Nagata                                              University of Maryland
   137 A Fuzzy Multi-Objective Programming Of Flight Quota Allocation        Sui-Ling Li                                              National Penghu University of Technology and
       Between Cross-Strait Air Routes                                                                                                Science

          Concurrent Sessions VII (July 2, Saturday, 9:00-10:30)

VII-A     Airport Performance I
          Chair: Bijan Vasigh, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USA

       59 Operational efficiency of Asia Pacific airports                    Wai Hong Kan Tsui, Hamish Gow, Andrew Gilbey, Ozer- Massey University
                                                                             Balli Hatice
    44 The impact of the economic downturn on airports‟ cost efficiency       Juan Carlos Martín, Héctor Rodríguez-Déniz, Augusto   Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    75 Estimating the Malmquist Productivity Index of Airports in Greater     Clement Kong Wing Chow, Michael Ka Yiu Fung           Lingnan University, Chinese University of Hong
       China: A Parametric Output Distance Function Approach                                                                        Kong
   292 Factors of Efficiency Performance Changes in Major Northeast Asian     Hun-Koo Ha, Anming Zhang, Yuichiro Yoshida            Inha University, University of British Columbia,
       Airports                                                                                                                     National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
   321 Financial Analysis of Airport Terminal Building Companies in Japan     Nobuo Akai and Munekatsu Usami                        Osaka University

VII-B   Revenue Management and Pricing

        Chair: Ian Douglas, University of New South Wales, Australia

   309 Joint Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control for Two Parallel Flights   Michael Z.F. Li                                       Nanyang Technological University

   220 Application of the Dynamic Discrete Choice Modeling Framework to       Uzi Freund-Feinstein, Shlomo Bekhor                   Technion Israel Institute of Technology
       the Flight Product Choice Problem
   116 A Multi-Fare Dynamic Pricing Model For The Low-Cost Carriers           Kuancheng Huang, Yi-Ya Peng, I-Wen Wu                 National Chiao Tung University
   287 The Application of Inventory Transshipment Modeling to Air Cargo       Li Zou, Chunyan Yu, Martin Dresner                    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University,
       Revenue Management                                                                                                           University of Maryland
   264 Driving Transactions One Passenger At A Time: A Transactional          Ryan Leick                                            Utah Valley University
       Passenger Choice Model

VII-C   Airline Operation II

   213 Airline Crew Rostering Using Ant Colony Optimization                   Soroj Sivapaiboon, Sirapak Likitsajjakul, Tiptidee    Thammasat University
                                                                              Thongyeesun, Boontarika Kasemsontitum, Chawalit
    96 A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm For The Airline Crew Assignment Problem     Wagner de Paula Gomes, Nicolau D. Fares Gualda        Universidade de São Paulo

   194 Calculation Of Direct Costs Of Flight Delays                           Fardad Sarkeshiki, Abdolreza Rezaee Arjroody          Tarhe Mandegare Arya Co., Transportation
                                                                                                                                    Research Institute (Iran)
   240 Survival analysis for fight delay exploration                          Jinn-Tsai Wong, Shy-Chang Tsai                        National Chiao Tung University, China
                                                                                                                                    University of Science and Technology
   176 Speed Schedule Optimization Of A Jet Airplane                          Rolando Antonio Corradini Neto, Carlos Muller         Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica

    80 Weekly Fleet Assignment with Continuously Adjustable Flight            Ching-Mei Li, Ta-Chung Wang                           National Cheng-Kung University

VII-D   Aviation Infrastructure Ownership and Regulation I
        Chair: David Chin, Federal Aviation Administration, USA

   312 Air Traffic Control From Two Governing Perspectives: A Comparison      Mo Mansouri, Matthias Finger                          Stevens Institute of Technology
       Between United States And European Countries
    19 Airport employees‟ attitudes toward corporatization and                Joel Zhengyi Shon                                     Tainan University of Technology
       commercialization: The changes of employees‟ rights, interests,
       benefits, and organization trusts
   219 An Optimal Privatization Structure For AENA                            Pelin Akin                                            Istanbul Ataturk Airport International Terminal

    87 Contemporary challenges in financing the world‟s airports              Paul Hooper                                                                                              0
   281 State of the Art of Public Private Partnerships in Airports Construction Vasco Reis, Rosário Macário                         Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
       and Development
    33 The Drivers of Airport Quality                                           Juan Luis Jiménez, Ancor Suárez                     University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
VII-E   Air Transport Developments
        Chair: Cheng-Min FENG, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

   226 Domestic Air Transportation in India: A Study of Past Experience,      B. Kodanda, Ashish Verma                                  CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL),
       Present Status and Future Trends                                                                                                 Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
   222 Iranian aviation industry: prospects for growth                        Pedram Keshavarzian, Tay TR Koo                           The University of New South Wales
   262 Evolution Of The Structure Of Airline Routes In Brazil                 Fernando Meziat                                           National Civil Aviation Agency - Brazil
   100 Sustainability of Expansion in an African Airline                      Sisay Asefa, Allen Batteau, Lisa Whittaker                Western Michigan University, Wayne State

   265 Costs of delays in air transport in Brazil - 2000 to 2008              Erivelton Pires Guedes, Aurélio Ferreira Braga, Rogério   Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA),
                                                                              Pecci Filho                                               National Land Transport Agency (ANTT),
                                                                                                                                        National Civil Aviation Agency - Brazil (ANAC)
   103 An Analysis of Imbalanced Traffic Flows in China-EU Air Cargo Market Wei Lu, Xingwu Zheng, Matthias Finger                       Civil Aviation University of China, EPFL - Ecole
                                                                                                                                        Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne

VII-F   Airport Planning and Management IV

   104 Land-Use Planning And Management At Airports – Opportunities And       Melanie Murphy, Alexandra Leipold                         German Aerospace Center (DLR)
       Limits Of An Instrument Within Icao‟S Balanced Approach To Aircraft
       Noise Management
   303 People‟s Participation In Land Use And Occupation In The Vicinity Of   Gustavo Sobreiro dos Santos, Emmanuel Antonio dos         Technological Institute of Aeronautics
       Airports                                                               Santos, Rogéria de Arantes Gomes Eller

   290 Acting strategies for a sustainable land use planning in airport regions Dr Stephan Zass                                         Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and
                                                                                                                                        Urban Development (Germany)
   301 Airport Master Planning Implementation At Small Airport: The Case      Ünal Battal, Savaş S. Ateş                                Anadolu University
       Of Anadolu University Airport
    62 Santos Dumont Airport – SBRJ surrounding land use and occupation       Felipe Santana Lopes, Ronaldo Alves de Medeiros           Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica
                                                                              Junior, Emmanuel Antonio dos Santos

VII-G   Airline Network Development I
        Chair: Katsuya Hihara, University of Tokyo, Japan

    22 Going the long way – an analysis of the world‟s ultra long-haul non-   Wolfgang Grimme                                           German Aerospace Center (DLR)
       stop air routes
   305 The Making And Braking Of Waves - Using A Pattern Recognition          Axel Budde, Guillaume Burghouwt, Jaap de Wit              University of Amsterdam
       Algorithm In The Analysis Of Hubbing And De-Hubbing Effects On
       Indirect Temporal Connectivity
   246 Future Growth in the Airline Industry – Identification of potential    Simon Herkenhoener, Andreas Wald                          EBS Business School
       Hubs and important Airports
   285 Analysis Of Air Cargo Demand Between The U.S. And China                Yu Zhang, Makarand Gawade                                 University of South Florida
   114 The accessibility of European regions and airport network              Renato Redondi, Paolo Malighetti                          University of Brescia, University of Bergamo

        Concurrent Sessions VIII (July 2, Saturday, 11:00-12:30)

VIII-A Airport Performance II
       Chair: Shinya Hanaoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
   239 Do Low Cost Carriers influence Portuguese airports‟ efficiency?        Sérgio Domingues                                       MIT-Portugal
   159 Efficiency Analysis of Major Airports in Asia - With Emphasis on DEA   Seock-Jin Hong, Je-Gu Lee                              Bordeaux Management School, Korea Maritime
       and Super-efficiency Analysis                                                                                                 University
   170 The Use Of Econometric Methods For Efficiency Analysis Of Regional     Rico Merkert, James Odeck, Svein Bråthen, Romano       Cranfield University, The Norwegian University
       Airports - A Meta Analysis                                             Pagliari                                               of Science and Technology, Molde University
   247 The Importance Level of Effective Factors on Airport Efficiency and    Shahab Hassanpour, Majid Zabihi Tari, Yashar Zeinali   Tarbiat Modares University
       Level of Services                                                      Farid
   278 Benchmarking & Forecasting Airport Airside Operations by Simulation Branko Bubalo                                             Berlin School of Economics and Law

VIII-C Air Traffic Control

   204 Implementation of Air Traffic Management Operational Concept in        Hamidreza Bahramian, Khalil Zamani, Fardad             Transportation Research Institute (Iran), Tarhe
       Iran                                                                   Sarkeshiki                                             Mandegar Aria Consultant Engineering
   123 Using The MIPv6 Protocol For Communication With UAV, Aiming To         Magali Andreia Rossi, Jorge Rady de Almeida Junior,    University of São Paulo, FATEC Carapicuíba
       Update Embedded Weather Forecast Models                                Mario Corrêa, Francisco Ravier Ramirez-Fernandez

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