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									                                                         our clients        praise

  Daiek Woodworks
creates architectural
   millwork in the
  finest tradition of
    the craftsman
                                                     “I FEEL COMING ON
aesthetic: HIGH QUALITY     40835 mound Rd.
                            Sterling heights        A STRANGE DISEASE –
 MATERIALS HONORED              MI 48310

                               P 586 268 1144             HUMILITY”
                               F 586 268 1184
                                                       FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT
       our clients               praise
                                                           Our goal is ultimate quality and
                                                           the highest levels of customer
                                                           satisfaction. We are proud to share
                                                           our passion for excellence with
                                                           others who demand the very best.

                                                           “As is so rarely seen in the
                                                           construction industry, Daiek
                                                           Woodworks combines all the
                                                           attributes of a fine millwork shop.
                                                           Starting with fair and appropriate
                                                           pricing, Daiek presents accurate
                                                           shop drawings, outstanding
                                                           workmanship, care and expertise
                                                           in material selection, refined
                                                           finishes, and courteous,
                                                           professional salesmanship and
                                                           problem resolution.”
                                                           Mosher, Dolan, Cataldo and Kelly, Inc.
                                                                                                    Above (top): At
                                                                                                    Daiek Woodworks,
                                                           “Taking a proactive approach             experienced
                                                           ensures the success of a project         craftsmen have the
                                                                                                    tools they need to
                                                           and Daiek Woodworks’ attention           produce work of
                                                           to detail has been a great asset.”       uncompromising
                                                           Frank Rewold and Son, Inc.               quality.

                                                                                                    Above: Ongoing
    Daiek Woodworks is                                     “Woodworking is a craft where            investment in plant
fortunate to work with the    Above: This church                                                    and equipment puts
                              interior makes use of        the artisan attempts to build a
                                                                                                    new technology to
   very finest architects,    thousands of square feet     product that is not only                 work for you while
  designers, construction     of custom-veneered           aesthetically pleasing, but one that     it enhances our
                              panels. They were all                                                 craftsmanship and
     managers, general                                     is practical, sound and meets the
                              formed, cut, built and                                                improves our
                              finished in the Daiek        standards of those who are to use        productivity.
contractors and builders.                                  the work in their everyday lives.
                              Woodworks shops.
   All have a passion for     Careful measurements         Daiek Woodworks has proven to
                              were taken in the field to
excellence and clients that
                              verify dimensions and
                                                           me over the years that they
demand nothing less. we are   prepare detailed shop        surpass those thresholds of
  pleased to share more of    drawings. The finish         excellence in woodwork and
                              carpenters were pleased      millwork.”
  their impressions of the    with the accuracy of the
                              units and the clients were   Michael Willoughby and
     daiek woodworks          thrilled with the results.   Associates - Architects
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