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Presentation on Introducing Company - DOC


Presentation on Introducing Company document sample

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            Business 92


Course Syllabus & Materials Handout

                      Instructor: Michael Dean
                        SOLANO COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                     FALL 2007
                          BUS 92, BUSINESS COMMUNICATION
                                   SECTION 1051
                       FRIDAY / 6:00 PM – 9:50 PM / ROOM 506
                      SATURDAY / 9:00 AM – 3:20 PM / ROOM 506

Instructor: PROFESSOR MICHAEL DEAN           Phone: (707)864-7000 EXT 4744
E-mail: Michael.Dean@solano.edu

Purpose of the Course.

To study communication theory in planning and preparation of various types of letters, reports,
resumes and oral presentations, along with analysis of group dynamics, symbolic communication,
interview techniques and listening skills. To stress audience analysis style, appearance and the
importance of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. Focus on gender and cultural
communication issues and strategies in the workplace. Critical thinking is encouraged through
written and oral assignments and case studies on business communication and ethical issues. It
is hoped that this improved understanding will increase your appreciation of the importance of
communication and will assist you in planning both your academic program and future career.

Goals of the course.

1.      To improve your ability to plan and write business letters, memos and short reports
2.      To improve your ability to prepare and deliver presentations effectively.
3.      To improve your career development skills and strategies, including personal assessment,
        resume preparation and interview techniques.
4.      To improve your understanding of cultural and cross-cultural communication problems
        and solutions.
5.      To improve your awareness and understanding of the numerous subtle, and often
        subconscious, messages and symbolic statements we communicate daily.

Method of Instruction.

1.      I plan to use a combination of any or all of the following instructional methods: lecture,
        discussion student case analysis, controversial topic debates, and films.

2.      Lectures will not merely repeat information from the text. Some concepts in the text will
        be emphasized to the exclusion of others, and considerable additional material will be
        presented which is not in the text.

3.      This is a CSU transfer course. I will teach this course with the same reading and writing
        requirements and the same grading standards. CSU level academic ability and
        performance is expected from each student in the class.

4.      Students are responsible for the information presented and/or assigned in class.
        Although listed in the Course Syllabus, the assignments and related due dates are subject
        to change as the course progresses. If you miss a class, get the information from
        another class member. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed.
Class Attendance and Participation.

Students must attend class in order to participate in student-involvement activities. I expect each
student to be prepared for each class lesson. That is, be prepared to ask questions, answer
questions, and otherwise participate in discussion of the topics for that class.

Consistent and timely attendance is expected. Past experience indicates a direct relationship
between regular attendance and passing grades.

Read and understand the attached page titled Student Responsibilities, Attendance and
Participation extracted from the Solano Community College Catalog.

Please turn off all cell phones and pagers before entering the classroom. Activation of these
devices disrupts the class and the learning process


All written assignments, with the exception of Assignments #1, #2, and #7, are found in the
Course Syllabus & Materials Handout.

All written assignments are due on the dates assigned and must be turned in order to receive
credit for the course. In fairness to those students who turn in the written assignments on time,
students will be assessed a grade penalty for those assignments turned in late. Late assignments
will lose one full grade for each class session that they are late.

The Oral Presentation must be presented during the period assigned. As there will be no time for
a make-up period for the presentations, a student’s failure to make his or her presentation at the
assigned time will result in no points earned for the presentation.


Examinations will be taken when scheduled. If you miss an exam and wish to schedule a make-
up, you must submit the request in writing via e-mail. For all exams, you will need a Scantron
with a No.2 pencil. If an Scantron is filled out in other than pencil, it will not be graded and you
will lose all points for that Exam.
Grades and Grading Criteria.

Grades will be based on your performance on the following:

1.     Attendance and Participation----------- 100 Points

2.     Written Assignments -------------------- 600 Points
              #1 – 100 points
              #2 – 100 points
              #3 – 200 points
              #4 – 200 points

3.     Individual Oral Presentation #1--------- 100 points

4.     Individual Oral Presentation #2--------- 200 points

5.     Team Presentation-------------------------200 points

6.     Mid-Term Examination-------------------- 200 points

7.     Final Examination ----- ------------------- 200 points

A total of 1600 Points can be accumulated for the class.

The following grading criteria will be in effect for this class:

       A = 1440 – 1600 points

       B = 1280 – 1439 points

       C = 1120 – 1279 points

       D = 960 – 1119 points

       F = 959 points & below
             Bus 92 Course Schedule – Fall 2007

DAY   DATE                        DISCUSSION        ASSIGNMENTS DUE

                                  CHAPTER 1
                                  CHAPTER 2
                                  CHAPTER 3

SAT   8 SEP 2007    3 STEP        CHAPTER 4
                    WRITING       CHAPTER 5
                    PROCESS       CHAPTER 6

FRI   14 SEP 2007   BRIEF         CHAPTER 7         Written Assgt #1 due
                    MESSAGES      CHAPTER 8
                                  CHAPTER 9
                                  CHAPTER 10

SAT   15 SEP 2007                 Individual
                                  Presentation #1
                                  MID-TERM EXAM

FRI   21 SEP 2007   SUPPORTING    CHAPTER 11        Written Assgt #2 due
                    MESSAGES      CHAPTER 12

SAT   22 SEP 2007   REPORTS &     CHAPTER 13
                    PROPOSALS     CHAPTER 14
                                  CHAPTER 15

FRI   28 SEP 2007   ORAL & ONLINE CHAPTER 16        Written Assgt #3 due
                    PRESENTATIONS CHAPTER 17

                    MESSAGES      CHAPTER 19

FRI   5 OCT 2007                  Individual        Written Assgt #4 due
                                  Presentation #2

SAT   6 OCT 2007                  Team
                                  FINAL EXAM
            WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS, Bus 92 Fall 2007

Written Assignment #1: Writing An Introductory Assignment
      Write an essay on “Where Do I Want to Be in Five Years.”

Written Assignment #2: Writing a Bad-News Message
      “Notifying A Program Director That A Film Is Not Available”

Written Assignment #3: Creating a Presentation
      Create a basic PowerPoint presentation

Written Assignment #4: Resume and Cover Letter

        PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENTS, Bus 92 Fall 2007

Individual Oral Presentation #1: Personal Introduction
      Introduce yourself to the class

Individual Oral Presentation #2: Company Introduction
      Create a PowerPoint presentation introducing a company to investors

Team Oral Presentation: Request For A Line Of Credit
      Create a PowerPoint presentation requesting a $1M line of credit
Written Assignment #2


You’re the Energy “Information Specialist” for the local gas and electric company. As
a public relations strategy, you offer films and speakers free to any organization.
These films and talks present you in a good light to the public and help you get your
points across. Many people do not feel very positively about their utility companies,
and you want all the goodwill you can get.
Today you’ve received a letter from Carolyn Minocha, Vice-President of the
Central High School Parent-Teacher Association, asking to reserve the film The
Energy-Efficient Home for the PTA’s meeting on the sixth of next month.
Unfortunately, The Energy-Efficient Home is your most popular film, and all three
copies are booked for the first two weeks of next month. Indeed, it is so popular
that people who need a specific date would do well to request it six to eight
weeks in advance. Already, one copy has been reserved for the first week of the
month following next month.
You do have two films on somewhat related topics which are still available for
the sixth of next month: Landscaping for Energy Savings (two copies) and The
Heat Pump: Is It for You? (one copy). However, you allocate films on a first-
come, first-served basis, and you don’t know how long they’ll be available.

Assignment: Write a letter to Ms. Minocha.

   Should you recommend an alternative film to Ms. Minocha when you cannot
    guarantee that it will still be available when she gets back to you?

   Are you justified in holding one or both films for her? For how long?

   How long is it until the PTA’s meeting?

   What implications does that length of time have in terms of finding a program?

   What can you do in your letter to build goodwill?

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