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					                  S.K.H.FUNG KEI PRIMARY SCHOOL
                       Supplementary Exercise (1)

Name:________________( )                        Class: ___P.5(___)

A. Give short answers to the questions.
     1. Are you a boy?                       ________________________________
     2. Have you been in P.5 since September?________________________________
     3. Do you like studying English?        ________________________________
     4. Can you speak English well?          _________________________________
     5. Did you learn the Past Tense in P.4? _________________________________
     6. Was it difficult to learn?            _________________________________
     7. Do you find it easier this year?      _________________________________
     8. Will you and your family go traveling
        this summer holiday?                  _________________________________
     9. Did you travel last summer?        _________________________________
     10.Were you excited when you were
         visiting some other countries?    _________________________________

B.    Fill in the correct preposition.
   Kelly has just come back _________ Hong Kong _________ Canada. She went there
to study when she was ten. She has found many changes _________ Hong Kong.
   Today she went shopping _________ some old friends. They took her _________
the largest department store _________ Hong Kong. Kelly did not know the way at
all. They were on the bus _________ about half an hour and then they walked
_________ another ten minutes. After that, they were __________ the MTR train.
Kelly was saying __________ herself, “Where are they taking me? We seemed to be
going round and round ___________ a circle.”
   At last, they arrived __________ the big department store. They shopped ________
a long time. Kelly’s friends left one __________ one. So Kelly had to go home
_________ herself. Then she found out that the department store was just a few
streets away __________ where she lived.
C. Finish the conversation with suitable question words.
   Alan : _________________ do you go to school?
   Helen : At 7:00 am.
   Alan : __________________ is it from your home to school?
   Helen: About 3 km.
   Alan : ___________________ does it take you to walk from home to school then?
   Helen: I think it takes about 30 minutes. I am not sure.
   Alan : ___________________ do you like your school?
   Helen: I like my school very much. I hope I can still study there in Form One.
   Alan : ___________________is your favourite teacher?
   Helen: I like my English teacher, Mr Lee, the best. He is very nice to us.

D. Fill in the blanks with suitable possessives.
    1. That man never lets anyone drive __________ car. He says, “This car is
       ____________. No one can touch it.”
    2. The two brothers hide all ____________ toys when they know that some
       other children are coming to ____________ house.
    3. They always say, “You play with ____________ toys and we play with
    4.   “Children, you should always listen to ____________ parents,”
         ______________ teachers always told us.
    5.   Mary feeds _____________dog every morning. ____________ dog keeps
         wagging ____________ tail when it eats.
    6.   It enjoys eating ___________ breakfast while Mary enjoys eating
    7.   Ann and _____________ family live in a big house. _____________ size is
        as big as a football pitch.
    8. My mother’s hair is longer than ____________ hair, and hers is softer than
        _____________. I hope that my hair is as soft as and as long as __________.
E. Join the sentences together using the words in the brackets.
    1. Miss Chan is tall. She is pretty. (and)
    2. I can’t hear you. You are speaking softly. (because)
    3. You can’t play games. You can play when you finish the exams.(until)
    4. You should switch off the light. Then you go to bed. (before)

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